Sunday, August 31, 2014

We All Live Here. We All Need to Take Care of Humanity Together.

Title: We All Live Here. We All Need to Take Care of Humanity Together.

Please publish this post now, my friends, and please share this for me with the entire world, both houses of Congress, the Supreme Court, the United Nations, all sympathetic world leaders, all reputable national and foreign presses, etc.

Here is my latest blog post. This post rounds out my epic August 2014 blogging. Please make sure you are all caught up on 03Aug, 05Aug, 07Aug, 09Aug, 10Aug, 12Aug, 14Aug, 16Aug, 19Aug, 21Aug, 22Aug, 24Aug, 26Aug, 29Aug, and now 31Aug2014. Read the ones you have missed or do not remember from oldest to newest. And brace yourself for September.

Syria and Iraq. What the (expletive) (expletive)ing (expletive) does the world need to do about ISIS? How many times FOR YEARS have I told the world to fix the crisis in Syria before it could engulf the entire Middle East in sectarian war because that regional war would surely lead to WW3?

This planet has been increasingly falling apart for years, and no one has ever heeded any global voices of love, logic, reason, truth, and problem solving. We have been trying to prevent all of these crises from going this far since they all began. How often am I wrong (when not pumped full of LSD for years by Obama)?

I published my last blog post at 6:30pm on 29Aug2014 just seconds before I received mixed signals that Obama was pretending I was crazy AGAIN to be able to destroy me in an environment he could totally control. My loved ones took care of it. We really need to lighten their load, my beautiful world. We know Obama will never relent.

At 7:26pm, I walked back to my apartment for dinner and chitchat with my roommates. By 9:09pm, I was curled up in bed after eating a bag of popcorn, a pepper jack quesadilla, and a lightly salted, pepper jack, garlic, white onion, Roma tomato, green pepper, spinach, arugula, two-egg scramble between two tortillas.

Liana had already told me she was happy with the big can of ground Columbian coffee beans I had given her. She owns the only coffee maker in the apartment, and I recently convinced her she would be happier and stop relapsing if she would use clean water instead of our drugged and poisoned city tap water.

I put down my iPad before 9:20pm, turned on my brand new radio to keep me company while I slept, and thought I would be asleep in no time. But, Obama's electrobeams were on and speeding up my heart.

Thank you, my benevolent nerds, for running my SquidStream accurately 24/7. I immediately asked the federal government to shut off Obama's very expensive, taxpayer-funded, failure-to-make-me-upset electrobeams. And, they did.

But the electrobeams kept me awake to hear War Criminal Stephanie consulting with my roommate Agnes in our doorway. There was a lot of, "They are serious!" and "Obama really screwed you!" and "Couldn't you get her committed?" followed by "It all got chopped!" They were really panicking. I am sure we can make a verified podcast of the audio.

Overnight, I decided to blow Keith's cover. I have been convinced for a while now he is Obama's criminal terrorist general leading Obama's terrorists for him in Los Angeles County. The CIA who have been tracking Obama's terrorists can confirm or deny this for us all.

I gave Keith professional courtesy, but he never gave that to me. So, after assessing if I could convert him and after concluding he is too stupid and delusional, I am blowing his cover and turning him in to the world to deal with.

Please, my not-human-trafficker nerds, please release all of our unedited conversations start to finish showing his full face and full stupidity in chronological order. Timestamp every podcast with dates and times.

That is how much Obama respects me. He sent someone as stupid as Keith to lead his Los Angeles County seditious terrorist offensive.

On 30Aug, I was awake, out of the bathroom, and chatting with Liana over coffee before 7:32am. She has decided to start dating again for the first time in years and asked me for advice on an outfit. Liana deserves a good man.

At 8am, I lit some white candles and ate a bowl of granola with vanilla yogurt and sliced fresh strawberries, all groceries my mother had bought for me. And then, standing in my furniture-less slum eating food I could not afford for myself, Agnes non-sarcastically said I really know how to live the good life.

We all already know about Agnes. She also said she hates candles. And Agnes and Tabia are the only two people war-criminals The Gables permit to have access to our mailbox. How much evidence does it take, people?

I walked to my wifi benefactor at 8:36am that Saturday morning. The alarms had started at 7:23am, and I knew I could not let the world fall apart if I could help it. I know my responsibilities in the world.

A torture facility warning went off on my way to my wifi benefactor, and is was 9:20am before my NSA alpha nerds could clean all of Obama's terrorist hackers out of the wifi connection, my iPad, and all my accounts, so I could safely connect to the internet. There are so many heroes. We need to thank them all.

The NBC Nightly News app was not working AGAIN, and neither was their website. Obama was irrationally paranoid all morning. What is wrong with my watching out-of-date news from the day before?

If the NBC Nightly News ever say anything about me, all they do is repeat the news I give them myself when I'm right after they factcheck everything I say. And we all know I need the national and world news to do my job solving global crises. I could not even convince Friday's PBS Newshour to play.

At roughly 10am, I made a visual record of the damage Obama's terrorist libel porn has caused our teenage girls in America, including their mother calling ME "ignorant" because I reported it!

Only deranged lunatics would believe ANYTHING Obama and his criminal terrorists tell them at this point. They deserve to be brainwashed zombies. The devil-mother would not even let me save her teenage daughters by telling them the truth. At 10:20am, those terrorists fled.

And Obama's threats and alarms were blaring through all of it until 10:26am when we received the all clear. But the alarms started again at 10:56am with alarm after alarm nonstop until 11:07am when we received the all clear.

I also reminded my loved ones that Obama and his criminal terrorist conspiracy have the burden of proof for every denial-of-all-reality calumny they allege and that they should be forbidden from spreading at all, at this point.

And Obama's criminal terrorists' compulsive modus operandi of providing nothing but collusion libel videos they produced themselves and showed on their war-crime-level libel porn "network" are proof of nothing but their own compulsively repeated crimes of collusion, conspiracy, calumny, corruption, libel, perjury, possibly human trafficking, attempted torture, attempted quackery, attempted unlawful imprisonment, crimes against women, crimes against their own people, crimes against America, hate crimes, persecution, war crimes, terrorism, and everything else my genius lawyers can think of.

As an added side note, forced public nudity (Showing the real me naked against my will without my knowledge since Obama took office.), forced public humiliation (Showing the real me on the toilet against my will and without my knowledge since Obama took office.), systemic rape (I have been Obama-mandated raped over one hundred times since Obama took office. The evidence is in my hair. And it is because Obama's rules forbid anyone from acknowledging to my face Obama rapes me in my sleep and forbid everyone from investigating and prosecuting ALL of the rapes that we have proven Obama ordered them all.) are all crimes against women that count as war crimes according to the United Nation's ICTY.

I have only been raped only once since fleeing my Obama-mandated rape slavery in Iowa and sneaking out of Del Amo Torture Facility after they told me I was rape-impregnated there.

It is because I reported War Criminal Stephanie for following Obama's orders and giving a key to our apartment to my rapist and because I made a public record of the physical trauma of being raped that the CIA put a chain on our apartment door to prevent it from ever happening again-- the very same chain Direct Threat To America Kyle was instructed to break the door frame off to disable completely. We have verified visuals of all of this.

Please revisit my list of ten demands to make The Gables law-abiding finally from my 22Aug2014 blog post as well as The Gables's documented pathological lies they keep spewing to never EVER have to stop being a direct threat to America by compulsively remaining a direct threat to me.

At about 11:30am, I received a warning that Obama's clinically diagnosable and compulsive pattern of internationally criminal activity including his worn-out, always-fail collusion to lock me in a final torture facility to take my perfect and genius mind away from the world forever with electroshock was going to escalate, so I warned my loved ones and asked them to take preemptive action.

I assume pre-warning worked. People should just have to point out what and where a problem is, especially a worse-than-a-human-rights-abuse international crime, for authorities to fix it. That is how actual governments who genuinely care for their citizens operate.

It lasted over an hour before I received another escalation warning at 12:49pm. There was going to be a torture facility threat in a few minutes if we could not preemptively prevent it. We really need to lighten this load for my loved ones.

The heart attack alarm came promptly at 12:59pm and kept going off until my loved ones were done handing Obama's war criminal bitches their unholy (expletive)es at 1:08pm. It was not a long alarm, but my loved ones never should have been bothered with it to begin with.

There was a torture facility alarm and a police alarm that my loved ones took care of while I watched the Weekend PBS Newshour with Mr. Hari Sreenivasan from 2pm to 2:30pm. We got the all clear at 2:37pm.

I know my loved ones can take care of all of this without me, but if I do not write up our documentation, no one will know what we are all suffering through. This is beyond record keeping for posterity's sake. This is so the whole world knows we have problems in this country that we need their help with.

We cannot save America from Obama, Obama's rules, Obama's iron fist, Obama's terrorists, and Obama's greatest American human rights crisis ever unless we tell everyone everywhere the truth, facts, and reality of what we are all living through in here.

My entire day while I was at my wifi benefactor, Obama's terrorist hackers kept disrupting the wifi service as an attempt by them to prevent the full truth of all of Obama's crimes against his own people from reaching the ether.

I asked my NSA alpha nerds to benevolently fix the intentional-silencing-of-the-fountain-of-truth-in-America-so-Obama-could-replace-it-all-with-his-compulsive-lies and to provide evidence to my benefactors' corporate offices, so my wifi benefactors could press terrorism charges.

At 3pm, after proving I was in the good hands of my loved ones and entire selfless support system, I left the wifi. I asked my beautiful world to stick with my live and verified SquidStream, and I went to my apartment to cook some tasty vittles.

It was Saturday afternoon, and I knew I would be back online catching up with friends that night. If there is no rest for the wicked, there is also no rest for us, the do-gooders who fight the wicked. I really wish I could provide more rest for my loved ones. Their burden is relentless.

Besides fighting off intentionally fabricated false charges all day concerning any fictional mental illness in me at all whatsoever and that I have ever in my life committed a crime, what passive aggressive attack from The Gables did I discover when I arrived back at my apartment?

First of all, none of my demands had been met at all whatsoever, but also, someone had stolen my open bottle of extra virgin olive oil. Luckily, the previous day, I had asked my mother to buy me a new bottle to replace it when it ran out.

Sadly, there was no symbolic action I could take after that like, for example, throwing potatoes against a wall in reverse. But, I did just open my backup bottle of extra virgin goodness, as if they did not know I had backup.

By 4:48pm, I was listening to the radio, delightfully chatting with Liana, and eating a pan-seared and lightly salted pork shoulder blade (that cost me $2.11) with lightly salted fresh green beans and sliced almonds sautéed in extra virgin olive oil on the side.

We had mixed signals at 5:36pm, so I sent my entire beautiful world to hurry and check on everyone. Was Obama trying to break every law possible to shutdown my closed circuit security system which humanity already proved was beyond critical to keeping me physically safe from all of Obama's compulsive crimes against me, the very internationally criminal reason Obama was demanding my SquidStream be shutdown? Or was someone else in danger?

I figured someone would tell me if they needed me. Then, at 6:01pm there was a mixed signal torture facility alarm. Or was Obama calling someone else crazy? Or was the world acknowledging this is mental health genocide in America by Obama forcing a mental break with reality on the masses? There was no way for me to tell, so I asked my beautiful world to check on us all.

The Gables had roofied all my groceries while my roommates were out all day, so I was passed out by 6:45pm. I set a 7:30pm alarm but could not get up until 8pm. I stumbled as quickly as I could to my wifi benefactor, and at 8:48pm I was reporting the roofie to my online justice system.

On my walk to my wifi benefactor, I was told my crosstown lift was blocked again. I hope they remembered to consult my 21Aug2014 blog post if any charges were pressed against them. Obama's rules are completely extragovernmental at this point and are, therefore, the furthest thing possible from being called "laws."

Basically, it is impossible to defend or enforce Obama's rules in a non-corrupt courtroom. We have years of legal precedents. It is a matter of our full 1st Amendment rights still being upheld by the Supreme Court even under Obama's bubble. Please reread 21Aug for my full previous argument. QED is QED.

There were torture facility alarms all night. The moment one denial-of-all-reality threat to America and all of humanity (by being a direct threat to me and my perfectly healthy, genius mind which unconditionally serves my admittedly human heart) would clear, Obama would just compulsively commit the same crime again, as if he would not just fail again. We need to lighten this burden for my loved ones.

There was a torture facility alarm at 10:28pm, and the last one I heard was at 10:39pm. My loved ones took care of everything. At about 11:15pm, I tried to leave my wifi benefactor after a productive and victorious day keeping America as safe as possible from Obama.

Yes, we have been making regular progress, but what we need is resolution. A double torture facility alarm went off at exactly 11:15pm keeping me at my benefactor a little later to report it, and a fire alarm went off at 11:19pm.

I recommended to my loved ones that they ask the courts to make Obama's compulsive criminal activity wait until after they slept, and I sent my beautiful world to rescue whoever needed our help.

I further asked the world not to let Obama murder anyone that night and to do everything possible to keep America as safe as possible from Obama. And then, at 11:25pm, I finally disconnected from the wifi knowing full well I was in good hands.

I was back at my apartment by 12:03pm and quickly made a bag of popcorn. I even had a nice chat with Liana before I dozed off. I woke up at 8:58am on Sunday, 31Aug2014. And after my normal morning grooming, after chatting with Liana, and after trying to explain to Agnes she is the WORST pretender out of all of them, I left for the wifi at 9:59am.

I was so physically exhausted on that last day of August 2014 that I took the bus to the Starbucks at the corner of Atlantic and San Antonio in Long Beach instead of walking 45min one way to my wifi benefactor. As an added benefit, I was plugged into their wall and listening to some neo-Beatles post-millennial music by 10:51am.

Apparently, there were three torture facility theats that morning that no one had to tell me about since my loved ones were fully prepared for any and all denial-of-all-reality threats from Obama due to all of my diligent August 2014 blogging. We are a team, and I trust my loved ones and entire selfless support system blindly.

I still could not make the NBC Nightly News app work, so I was all caught up with all of my online friends at 12:01pm. In the pause, I ordered a turkey pesto pressed panini and some madeleines. Food is so wonderful when it is not roofied!

At 12:33pm, probably because I found safe, un-drugged, un-poisoned food and coffee here, Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy sent a screaming, irrational, and hostile fake Starbucks employee in to "work" behind the counter.

Surprise, surprise, the terrorist was a White woman. I already defended the demographic of White females, but Obama keeps sending them around to brainwash people.

After I turned her in with a visual and audio recording, she screamed "Look at you! You're so cute!" as if treating me like a child instead of a drop dead gorgeous full-grown middle-aged woman would make me like and tolerate her.

And then she started irrationally screaming about my husband being some sort of fictional deadbeat father figure to me (That was how absolutely disgusting she was.) instead of acknowledging the reality that the Mr. Harrison Ford is the only real father figure in my life to replace my genetic, perverted, and deadbeat father who kidnapped me and dragged me to Iowa just to subject me to rape slavery, literal torture, and other war crimes for Obama starting in 2010, all of which I successfully escaped by fleeing Iowa on 01May2014 for mighty and brave California.

Please, my benevolent not-human-trafficker nerds, release her face and screaming, irrational audio, so Starbucks corporate can press terrorism charges against her themselves. Thank you.

While I was proofreading this blog post, Obama's clearly completely delusional and psychopathic deranged lunatic criminal terrorist who me he sent to "work" in the Starbucks started screaming, "Don't worry! We've got shots coming!"

Seriously? If we have to press international charges against all of these terrorists just to get criminal charges at all, that is why we MUST remove these psychopaths from society.

This blog post was published at 1:35pm on 31Aug2014.

And now, my beautiful world, I answer all of your questions for me. Please keep collecting all questions and concerns from all your friends and loved ones and sending them to me through whatever means possible.

Was I the original twerker? No. Never. I have never twerked in my life. That is absolutely disgusting. Why would a full-grown, happily-married, emotionally-healthy woman who HATES being sexually objectified ever twerk?

Please, my beautiful world, think about who I am for real before you listen to anything Obama's criminal terrorist anti-reality machine ever says about me and especially before you are caught repeating it. Propagating war-criminal-level libel is as bad as starting it.

Are the mind-control speakers in all of America's heads as well as the electronics in my own body against my will all part of a "social experiment" that no one ever consented to? Do you mean, "Obama's criminal terrorists claim they are conducting genocidal 'experiments' no one ever consented to just like the 'experiments' Hitler's Nazis conducted at Auschwitz."?

No. As much as Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy probably aspires to the ruthless depravity of the Nazis, there is nothing even loosely scientific, socially scientific, medical, research oriented, nor of any psychological benefit to anyone about any of this.

And, no, I have never consented to any of this until I took legal control of my own body away from Psychopath Obama to be able to serve my country and all of humanity by broadcasting the truth about how absolutely horrifying Obama's bubble is for me to live in.

Why my body is full of electronics against my will and that I am still forbidden from knowing about (but I am no idiot and have a very fast learning curve) was so Obama could make me believe I am a schizophrenic, so Obama could sell me against my will to all of humanity, so Obama can see and hear everything I do for real to be able to persecute me as effectively as possible, to monitor everyone around me to make sure all of his rules are ruthlessly enforced, and so he can use me as an excuse to have totalitarian control over America.

As extra evidence, every time I try to buy a pair of glasses, Obama, mandates the optometrist put a camera I am forbidden from knowing about on the new glasses, too. Again, I am no idiot and have a very fast learning curve.

If you need extra reinforcement on this reality, please ask the Johns Hopkins University, America's premier research university, to give the world including the courts a lesson on what real science is, the Scientific Method, and the amount of paperwork necessary from signed medical waivers to signed and detailed consent forms for actually scientific experiments to be performed legally on humans at all.

If this is not a " research experiment," why does all of America have mind-control speakers in their heads? Is that not obvious? So, Obama can have psychopathic control over all of us. Obama does not mind directly ordering mental health genocide to have power and control over the world.

Why are there earspeakers in people's heads even where I would never go? I assume the zombifying mind-control of all Americans and (if you talk to Mexico and the UK) possibly the world is part of Obama's hidden true agenda behind his rules all along that he has been using me as an excuse all these years to enforce.

We really need the neurologically damaging earspeakers removed from everyone everywhere. Who the hell lets Obama get away with this?

My beautiful world, we need help in here. Yes, Congress and the Supreme Court impeached Obama last year, but no one has taken his power away yet. It was just some sort of symbolic gesture to silence me and my loved ones who were screaming for justice.

I have recommended for months that Congress elect a temporary president to fill the vacuous White House until the nation can have a special election this November for a two-year interim president.

But as hard as the Republicans try, the Democratic Party REFUSES to support human rights, justice, stability, mental health reality, or America by taking down Obama and his ironfisted rules. No, it is not all Democrats destroying America for Obama, but it is enough of them.

My brave rescuers, I was told we are on the verge of full-blown war on US soil right now because Obama refuses to end his rules, go to jail, turn in all of his criminal terrorist conspiracy, disclose his full secret agenda, and set America free of his psychopathic and totalitarian control forever.

Please ask the US Military to arrest the leadership of Obama's seditious extragovernmental criminal terrorist army including but not limited to Unelected Dictator Obama himself to be put on criminal trial by the military in military courts in order to more easily round up all of Obama's deranged lunatics destroying this nation with terrorism for him.

Even I do not know what else to do with all of Obama's terrorists than corral them like animals and put them in pens for the rest of their lives.

SynSyn, Amita, and Ugwuji, please collect all of our evidence against Obama and all his criminal terrorist conspiracy from unrelenting court records to my hair to Obama's complete "Mein Kompf" of rules including explanations of our evidence when necessary, and send a copy of everything to the United Nations and all world leaders sympathetic to our cause: Europe, Asia, Africa, Middle East, Latin America, Australia, Russia, China, everyone.

And, my loved ones, please remind my beautiful world that we need reparations to benefit the Third World, the people who need me most, paid by Obama personally, paid by his entire criminal terrorist conspiracy including but not limited to federal and local prosecutors and Obama's human-trafficker anti-reality machine, paid by the State of Iowa for not taking War Criminal Boeset and Polk County down yet (Do I have control of my finances? Has anyone in Iowa ceased all of their crimes against me yet? Has anyone in Iowa stopped pathologically lying yet to get away with more obvious crimes against me? No. No. No.), paid by clearly-war-criminal-terrorist-controlled The Gables, and paid by Obama's seditious extragovernmental criminal terrorist uprising themselves with federal taxpayer money forbidden to pay it all for them under all circumstances.

We also clearly need international criminal charges filed against all of those psychopaths and deranged lunatics who are still hellbent on destroying America and humanity by destroying me even after they have all been identified. We really need them arrested.

Sweetness, I love and adore you. You promised me an interesting weekend. Do not forget from my 26Aug blog post that I bought an EZ Transit public transportation pass for September.

Darling, I assumed that is why Obama is even more unrelenting trying to lock me in a torture facility ever since I bought the bus pass on Monday, 25Aug. I can actually travel anywhere in the Los Angeles Metropolitan Area I want starting Monday, 01Sep with just my TAP card. Obama is mortified of my reaching a brave rescuer.

Beloved, thank you for dedicating your existence right now to making me safe and free. Your and all my selfless support system's sacrifices are not lost on me. I will make this all worthwhile with my future service to humanity.

Sweetness, problem solving global crises with love and logic is how I will spend the entire rest of my life. Well, that and kissing you. We still need superhuman babies together, not just for us but also for our combined genetic coding to romp and play in the world for generations to come.

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