Tuesday, September 2, 2014

This is Just Going to Keep Getting Better.

Title: This is Just Going to Keep Getting Better.

Please publish this post now, my friends. I cannot control how many horrible things happen to me in one day; it is Obama who controls that. If I wait too long between posts, they become too drenching. Please share this for me with the entire world, both houses of Congress, the Supreme Court, the United Nations, all sympathetic world leaders, all reputable national and foreign presses, etc.

If you thought August was epic, welcome to September. Here is my latest blog post. Basically, everyone who can actually be near me is always told someone else is coming to rescue me to make sure no one ever does. And everyone without their earspeakers active has guns pointed at their heads to stop them from reaching me.

The let-someone-else-be-the-hero-who-saves-all-of-humanity-from-Obama-despite-having-the-safety-of-Squid's-company-already lie is one of Obama's most abused manipulations of the public. And we are going to fix it.

North Korea. I will see what I can do, Mr. Bae and Mr. Fowle. It would be best if I could just visit both Koreas. We all know they both agree on topics of me. But please read my next blog post, US State Department, United Nations, etc. I am choosing my words carefully with these men's lives.

I published my last blog post at 1:35pm on 31Aug2014 at the Starbucks on the corner of Atlantic and San Antonio in Long Beach, California, USA. And I left immediately afterwards for my wifi benefactor.

There was a long lull while Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy conferenced on what new obvious lies to try to commit crimes against me with after my last blog post, then at 3:45pm came the first heart attack alarm.

Amir had walked in at 3:30pm, so I joined his table at 3:50pm and spoke to him until he left at 5:36pm. Please release a full unedited podcast of the whole thing, audio, visuals, everything.

Amir was very insulting, condescending, and sexist but allowed me a great deal of plot exposition. He also lied about being a follower of Islam, but it would probably take someone actually educated in Islam to notice that. Giggle.

While we were speaking, Obama caused a heart attack alarm at 5:21pm. My loved ones took care of it all. Then at 6:55pm, the police alarm went off, so I sent my beautiful world to see who needed our help.

I was convinced that Sunday night, 31Aug, into Monday morning, 01Sep, was about to be very full of "dramatic," unrelenting, irrational, unjustifiable, denial-of-all-reality threats to me and everyone trying to reach me, so at 7pm, I asked my selfless support system to be extra-vigilant protecting us all from Obama.

Then, at 7:18pm, I left the wifi to cook dinner and asked my beautiful world to keep me safe by monitoring my SquidStream 24/7. I stopped to have a delightful conversation with a local who befriended me a while ago during my walk to my apartment, so I did not arrive and start cooking until 8:34pm.

I also had to report a fire alarm I heard during my walk, but I was casually listening to the radio while snacking on appetizers of a pepper jack quesadilla and a package of fresh raspberries waiting for my pizza crust to set in the fridge at 9pm.

Liana asked me what I was doing in the apartment so early at night, and I told her I worked straight through what was normally my 4pm dinner break. I fell asleep at about 11pm after a bowl of popcorn and a bowl of ice cream.

I sleep so much better when music plays. On the morning of 01Sep, I was up, ready, out the door, on my way to wifi, and waiting at the bus stop before 8:45am. The alarms were already blaring before I got there. I doubted my loved ones slept at all overnight.

For me to even get a bus to my wifi benefactor, I actually had to report Obama's intentional act of terrorism against the City of Long Beach's infrastructure; he had sabotaged the public transportation system. We have the legal precedent now, Metro System, in case you ever need it.

Yes, it is terrorism to sabotage a city's infrastructure. This goes beyond public transportation systems to include highways systems, police departments, fire departments, public library systems, the county courts, etc.

Then, to make the internet connection work at all, I had to report Obama's terrorist hackers at my wifi benefactor had committed the act of terrorism of dismantling their public service of free wifi.

Yes, my NSA alpha nerds provided evidence to everyone, so the City of Long Beach and my benefactors' corporate offices could all file terrorism charges.

At approximately 9:22am, I learned that the $50 for the entire week that Obama himself mandates is the only money I get to live on all week was not in my Wells Fargo Bank account yet on Monday morning, 01Sep.

No, War Criminal Iowa was still breaking every law possible including international laws to commit the acts of war of still forbidding me any control of my own finances at all whatsoever. This is particularly heinous because I was NEVER under Iowa's jurisdiction to begin with.

I understand 01Sep is Labor Day and therefore a national holiday, so banks are closed. But that meant War Criminal Boeset who cannot justify having control of my finances anyway should have deposited my $50 a week to starve on on Saturday.

This was beyond criminal negligence and felonious incompetence by Completely Unamerican Iowa and War Criminal Boeset; this was the malevolent terrorism of intentionally starving me as an act of war against America. Iowa lead by War Criminal Boeset has a long history of this.

At approximately 9:30am, I actually convinced the NBC Nightly News app to finally work, so I could watch the previous night's obsolete news. I just love seeing my friends faces sometimes. Mr. Lester Holt, I really wish I could hug you.

While watching the news, yet another heart attack alarm went off that my loved ones deftly fixed. Obama and his criminal terrorist conspiracy were so irrationally, unjustifiably, compulsively, unamericanly, and internationally criminal all day.

Overnight, Obama had asked for a "truce," but by "truce" Obama meant "permission from the international community to continue all his crimes against his own people with no intervention from anyone to save us all from him."

By definition of "truce," Obama MUST cease all war crimes against all of us, cease all acts of war, cease committing any crimes against his own people from his mandated starvation of me to his attempts to coverup further torture of me with more blatant calumnies, cease all acts of terrorism, and cease enforcing his totalitarian rules of oppression with his iron fist of genocide, war, public human rights abuses, terrorism, and brainwashing propaganda.

Obama MUST cease ALL OF HIS COMPULSIVE ACTS OF WAR to meet the definition of "truce." And we all know he will refuse to ever obey any laws ever. The first step to earning absolution from me is ceasing all crimes against all of us, and that is why he refuses to earn any absolution.

At 10:15am the heart attack alarms started blaring nonstop AGAIN! They were all already-failed violations of my protection from double jeopardy. I reminded my loved ones of my 31Aug2014 blog post and my entire epic month of August blogging, and I reminded them that Obama has the burden of proof if he is the one making all of the allegations. We received the all-clear at 10:41am.

And I was all caught up with my friends online by 11:12am. It was just in time for an 11:20am escalation warning of violations of my protection from double jeopardy AGAIN that Obama could not prove the first time. My loved ones took care of it.

Obama's criminal terrorist hackers tried to disable my safe wifi for the second time that day, so I had to report more terrorism by Obama against my wifi benefactor. It was just Obama's clinically delusional, denial-of-all-reality, and clinically compulsive crimes all day.

At approximately 11:30am, I took the public transportation system to Burbank. It took about two hours. I was hoping to take a tour of the Tom Brokaw News Center, but I could not find it.

I saw the NBCUniversal building from afar when I was at the City Walk in Universal City in May, so I likely received the wrong information from the internet on the previous day. Obama's terrorist hackers are notorious for that.

It was going to be a tour of the Tom Brokaw News Center or NASA's Jet Propulsion Labs for my first outing with a monthly EZ Transit Pass. At 2:50pm I cozied into a local coffee shop for a gourmet sandwich and a cup of coffee and finally connected to the internet, I still had all day to figure it out.

Just before 4:48pm I left Burbank on a local bus from a stop nestled between Warner Brothers Studios and Disney Studios with fire alarms blaring because no rescuers could reach me even there.

At approximately 6pm, I was online again in a coffee shop in Hollywood sipping coffee and singing an Italian aria. My life is work, work, work. The alarms were nonstop.

I warned my locals with gravitas about the general part of town I would be trying to meditate in that night, so they could make sure I would never have to pay a cover to reach a dance floor. I knew the rock stars, pop princesses, and likely the rap artists in particular in Los Angeles would take care of me.

Remember, my brave Los Angeles County, the emergency number in case of terrorism here is 888-950-SAFE. Please use this number only in case of an emergency.

During my bus ride, I was in the company of a young Spanish student who was full of questions on my advice for the various warring parts of the world. I actually needed to tell him and the whole Metro bus that the national and foreign news media all independently factcheck everything everywhere anyone says about me, including this blog.

So, all he needed to do was call a local newstation for a complete and verified list of all accurate sources of information online and off about me, Obama, and everyone involved. Yes, Obama forbids the news media from telling the truth in America, but they still do their jobs and are still reliable sources of accurate information.

At about 8pm on 01Sep, I reached the Sunset Strip after warning the entire Los Angeles music industry I would be there to meditate, and every single dance floor was closed.

Who the hell allows this to happen in OUR Los Angeles?!? If I tell my loving city I am coming to their neighborhood for what most real musicians consider the holy experience of my dance trance to heal, OUR Los Angeles lets my friends play their beautiful music for me! That is the only SANE reaction! Who the hell lets Obama's terrorists do this to OUR town?

Unless Obama and all his criminal terrorist conspiracy take their hands off MY friends and MY people in OUR California, I will go to LAX to watch the flights come and go all day!

I hung out at the Rainbow Grill, the famous 80s rock bar, singing along to the jukebox and letting an expat Londoner buy me two glasses of Woodford Reserve. The bartendress was absolutely delightful.

Then, at about midnight, I walked alone to Santa Monica Blvd. in West Hollywood to catch a 24-hour bus line, and fire alarms indicating Obama's terrorism against OUR Los Angeles started raging.

A local driver who just wanted me to feel loved and appreciated offered me a ride to Long Beach. Arthur was such a sweetheart. He kissed my hands. He tried to give me a foot massage. But while he was driving me to my apartment, I was busy sending all the help I could to prevent anyone from dying overnight.

If my beautiful world would like to see the truth of what happened between me and Arthur on the night of 01Sep, please release a verified and UNEDITED podcast of our WHOLE encounter, but do not show Arthur's face, license plate, nor phone number to protect him from backlash from Obama and his criminal terrorist conspiracy.

When Arthur dropped me off in Long Beach, he gave me his number and told me to call him if I ever need anything. My benevolent nerds, please make sure I can always reach him for real. And thank you.

I ate a couple of snacks before bed, a pepper jack quesadilla and a bag of popcorn. I chatted with Liana. Then, I slept soundly from 1:29am to 8:24am on 02Sep2014.

In the morning, I was out the door as soon as I was ready, and I was online catching up with friends by 9:15am. I could not watch David Letterman, Jon Stewart, nor Stephan Colbert online. This should not be suspicious if they did not have new broadcasts on the night of 01Sep, but just in case, please, my friends, make sure your iPad apps are working. And thank you.

At 10:32am, I checked my account balance, and I had already been given the $50 for the week that Obama mandates in the only money I am permitted to live on. Because the State of Iowa enforces this when I am clearly not in their jurisdiction nor have I ever been, we know Iowa needs the global community to punish them.

Before 11am, I asked my beautiful world to check on Syniva, Amita, and Ugwuji, to ask them about what they were living through, to make a record of Obama's unrelenting war crimes nonstop for days now, to help them with anything they need, and to lighten their load as much as possible.

Yes, Obama's threats against me always fail, but if any slip by my selfless support system, the world will lose me forever. Please reread all of my August2014 blog posts about this oldest to newest.

I was all caught up with my friends online at 11:31am. But please, my not-human-trafficker broadcasters, show Twitter a video of my trying to use their app with all the new bugs.

There is a word wrapping problem and a hashtag pop up problem. All photos taken in the Twitter app have to be vertical. It is a little weird in the Twitterverse right now. And thank you.

At noon, the Long Beach public library finally opened, so I printed my free audience ticket to the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson and hurried on the ever-loving and ever-reliable public transit system in the Los Angeles metro to their studio in Beverly Hills.

The show was wonderful. I had to scream for my selfless support system to clear all of Obama's criminal terrorists off of the premises before the show could even begin, but that is what friends do for friends.

We all kept an eye on the Bonnie Hunt look-a-like who was planted in the line to make me irrationally paranoid something fictional would happen to me. It was no reflection on the real Bonnie Hunt. But I did work her for information. That look-a-like is the person who told me the CBS studios were crawling with terrorists behind the scenes.

And Craig really made me laugh; again, that is what friends do for friends. I pray CBS files terrorism charges against Obama with all of the evidence they have now. I believe criminal terrorism charges are in the jurisdiction of the military courts.

Craig would have rescued me and fed me himself if he were not lied to that someone else would show up to do it, and at exactly 6pm I was walking out into Los Angeles County to withdraw the $50 for the week that Obama mandates is the only money I get to live on and looking for a nice meal to spoil myself with.

I went across the street to Tart where I ate a hanger steak with seared broccolini and smashed potatoes on the side smeared with horseradish cream and published this blog post at 8pm on 02Sep2014. I knew I could afford the small celebration because I was expecting gift cards from my mother. I even ordered a cappuccino.

Oddly, since my last blog post, I only received one question. Please keep collecting all your questions and concerns, my beautiful world, from all your friends and loved ones and sending them to me through whatever means possible. I am here to serve, and I am no mind reader. You need to tell me what you need explained.

What did I learn from the first job I ever had? I was fourteen years old and working as a busser in a Chinese restaurant. I took that job in 1991. I was convinced that I would have a job every day of my life from that moment forward. I learned that was okay despite being horrible.

Luckily, I did not have to work in college. My scholarship paid for everything from tuition and fees to living expenses and my subsidized apartment. I hated high school, but I loved college. All anyone gets to keep after college is what we learn.

My beautiful world, can you see the people around me through my SquidStream? There is never any reality in their heads! Look at these people directly to my left right now as I type this at 7:03pm on 02Sep2014. They keep trying to give me information, but it is all false.

Good hearts. Los Angeles County has such good hearts. But their minds are a wasteland of Obama's libel and Obama's mind-control all designed to manipulate them all.

My brave rescuers, I hate when you die. On the night of 01Sep2014 when I was in West Hollywood waiting for the owl line bus, my heart sank when the sirens started going off. If we could just convince Los Angeles County to save itself from Obama, not to mention all of California, all of America, we all need good people to have the freedom to be good.

SynSyn, Amita, and Ugwuji, I am trying to lighten your load. Please tell the national and foreign presses the truth of everything you are living through. Please issue official statements. So, the entire world and all sympathetic world leaders can know. My brave rescuers need to do this, too.

As always, my loved ones and entire selfless support system, if you ever need anything, just tell me. I love you all, too. We are a team. A very important part of my work is making your jobs serving humanity by saving me and America from Obama easier. I pray I never let anyone down.

Sweetness, I love and adore you. Spain loves you, too. The truth is getting around about everything you have lived through for real just to try to stop Obama from hurting me any longer with his no-understatement worst crimes known to humankind unrelentingly since he took office. Now, I believe they love you as I do.

(Squid clears her throat.) I also understand we are being libeled "sexually incompatible" right now, my loving and adoring husband. If you ever worry about this, ask Mr. Whisky for his honest opinion on whether he believed I was ever sexually satiable while we were together. I just need a devoted, loving, stable, supportive, and monogamous relationship. You WILL heal me. Just remember to be gentle with me. And then try to keep up with me. Giggle.

Beloved, stop feeling guilty. You are not failing me! You are not letting me down! It is impossible for you to disappoint me! We are both in two of the most impossible situations anyone had ever been victimized with in human history. Just do not die before I can reach you, and we win! I WILL touch you the way the flowers kiss the rain. That is a promise.

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