Thursday, September 18, 2014

This is What It Looks Like for Real When I get Angry Instead of just Using my "Temper" as a Tool.

Title: This is What It Looks Like for Real When I get Angry Instead of just Using my "Temper" as a Tool.

Please publish this post now, my friends. I cannot control how many horrible things happen to me in one day; it is Obama who controls that. If I wait too long between posts, they become too drenching.

Please share this for me with the entire world, both houses of Congress, the Supreme Court, the United Nations, all sympathetic world leaders, all reputable national and foreign presses, etc.

Here is my latest blog post. We have made a lot of progress since I returned to California. But, Obama still forbids me money. Obama still forbids me food. Obama still forbids me all my friends and loved ones, not just my husband.

Obama just threatened to render me homeless AGAIN on 18Sep2014, as if he could ever explain that to my face. Obama still unrelentingly and compulsively attempts further war crimes against me.

Obama still mandates intentionally fabricated false charges be pressed against me to make all of his crimes against his own people from terrorism to genocide to human trafficking to systemic rape to brainwashing with enforced libel all palatable to the entire world.

Obama still refuses to return full 1st Amendment rights to all of America. The city water supply here is still roofied. All of the bottled water is still roofied. There are still Obama-ordered killings and acts of terrorism just outside of where I can see them all day and all night every day and every night. My people are suffering.

And then, on 17Sep2014, Obama forced an official international war on US soil, so he would never have to stop any and all of his unrelenting crimes against all of us.

So, this is what we do all day every day, now. Where I am right now at 3:32pm on 18Sep2014 is where I will be at intentionally random non-pre-announced times every day to make this facility run like clockwork all day every day until I am rescued.

As a further note about Obama mandating pathological lies to make his crimes against America palatable, if I were ever a murderer, why are Unelected Terrorist Dictator Obama and War Criminal Boeset still alive?

I cannot seem to get any more international news about anything but the crisis and official war on US soil right now, so I am going to have to heavy-heartedly not address other nations' global crises in this blog post. I seem to be all of the international news right now, so I am forbidden from hearing all of it.

I published my last blog post at 9:45pm on 16Sep2014 from my wifi benefactor in Long Beach. Shortly before that, I had received the go-ahead from my selfless support system in the area to proceed to my apartment to sleep. They had successfully secured The War Criminal Gables for me to keep me safe there again.

Because of War Criminal Stephanie's unrelenting crimes against America by victimizing me, the world was very close to losing me that morning, but my selfless support system in the neighborhood and loved ones forbidden from being near me took care of it all after I fled for my life.

I was finally all caught up with my online friends at 10:42pm and had also scribbled a few words of my love to my adoring husband in a new love letter I was working on. So, after singing some Taylor Swift and Carly Simon quietly to myself, I left my wifi benefactor for my re-secured apartment at 10:55pm.

I had to wait for the bus for an hour, but the public transit system eventually figured out where the terrorist suspension of service occurred and sent me a bus. A kind local man walked me from the bus stop to my apartment. And, before I could even make dinner, I opened my mail.

Please see my previous blog post, which I call an appendix, about the mail I received from ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa in the wee hours of the morning on 17Sep2014. Not reported in that appendix from yesterday are also these two little gems...

Page 1/2:

Page 2/2:

And I would like to include this here for all of my genius lawyers. Just color between the lines.

Once I was done documenting and annotating all of the admissions by War Criminal Boeset, all her dirty attorneys, Iowa's dirty judges, the State of Iowa, and Tara Tovarek for aiding and abetting war crimes and attempting future war crimes, at 2:04am, I fried some pork bacon my mother had bought for me while she was in town and made some hot dogs in the oven.

After some friendly chitchat with Liana, we had the radio on, and I was asleep by 2:39am.

I was roofied by the fountain Dr. Pepper at my wifi benefactor, so I was headachy and possibly in opiate withdrawal when I woke up on 17Sep2014. I got ready, so I could kickstart my SquidStream at 8:28am. At 8:36am, I heard who sounded like War Criminal Liz speaking with Agnes downstairs, so I picked up my iPad and left.

In transit, at 8:57am, the first collusion escalation warning went off. My loved ones took care of it. And at 10:01am, I was online in an independent coffee shop sipping coffee made with the roofied and drugged city water. The things I do for caffeine.

There was a torture facility alarm at 11:34am that my loved ones took care of for me. Obama has clearly not learned he needs to surrender, yet, despite how obvious it is.

By 11:37am, I had endured Obama's criminal terrorists' cyber attacks against Google, blogger, gmail, Yahoo! mail, Twitter, and my own obsolete iPad which I named The Constitutional Defender all while trying to publish my appendix blog post for 17Sep2014. Did you read it yet? Do I have my own category in Lexis Nexis yet?

At 11:49am, OUR Los Angeles started showing up at the local, independent coffee shop I was in to show love and support.

Around noon, there was nothing but cyber terrorist attack after cyber terrorist attack by Obama on the AT&T broadband at the local, independent coffee shop I was in, my account, and even

I am sure my NSA alpha nerds collected evidence, so every single one of them could press terrorism charges against Obama.

Attacking my blogger account was one of the most futile terrorist attacks ever! Obama took my blog offline on 07April2014 to prevent me from being able to publish my compassionate and honest legal defense of my husband from murder charges. An argument that worked, I will have you know.

I have only been maintaining my silenced Nobel-Peace-Prize-Winning blog all these months at its original web address for posterity; everybody knows I am the only person who can still see it right now. But that is how much logical sense Obama has always had.

There was another torture facility alarm at 12:04pm that my loved ones took care of. They were having a VERY busy day out there.

At 12:19pm, Obama's cyber terrorism attack still had the AT&T broadband service disabled in the coffee shop, so I walked to a local Macy's. I knew I could not afford any new clothes, but I love to see what designers are making. I even tried on a long red dress with an asymmetrical skirt that I was too hourglassed for.

There was a fire alarm at 1:02pm that told me no rescue could reach me that day, so at 1:22pm, I left the store for a new coffee shop where I did some brief mental math and ordered 770 calories for $2.73 after tax.

I was catching up with online friends when the collusion escalation warning of Obama still pathologically lying to lock me in an institution until I die went off at 3:08pm.

It was followed by a War Criminal Boeset alarm, a dirty judge alarm, and then a torture facility warning at 3:38pm. And the War Criminal Boeset alarms after alarms just kept going off nonstop all afternoon into the evening. My beautiful world, you need to force Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy to stop, or they never will!

Basically, Obama has no way to win but no incentive to stop either. There is no real criminal justice in America anywhere. My beautiful world, you need to do something. And thank you.

After catching up with all of my online friends, War Criminal Boeset's latest crime against America by perjuring herself in court to unlawfully imprison me and completely destroy me in ANOTHER literal torture facility for Obama blared at exactly 5:30pm. My loved ones took care of it. It was just another day at the office.

I left the coffee shop at 5:37pm and took the Metro Transit System to a place of unrelenting terrorism ordered by Obama to enforce safe and "normal" activity there instead. I messaged my friends ahead of time where I was headed, so they could send someone to buy me dinner.

I planned this trip after Obama's Zombie Apocalypse at Disneyland. I was only asking for food. But, since Obama shutdown the restaurant where I was hoping to sit and wait for my friends to send someone to buy me dinner, I caught some of Obama's criminal terrorists then went to the burger place next door to wait for a friend to buy me dinner.

No, I had no money for food because of direct orders by Obama to use conscious starvation of me as an act of war against America. This had been well-documented for months.

At 11:11pm, the terrorism alarms went off telling me nobody could reach me. So, I asked my husband to send me a driver to take me to our house. It was too late for the Metro System trains to be running anymore.

So, Obama had to make a decision. Was he going to enforce normal operations instead of his unrelenting terrorism overnight while I waited for the trains to run, or was he going to allow my husband to send me a lift to our house?

We all knew Los Angeles would take perfect care of me. That is what love and reality does.

Any attempt to pick me up and put me in a torture facility or even jail on false allegations (which I would have to be told for me to be arrested) would have to make it past ALL of my lines of defense from Ugwuji and Amita in the courts to the spy smackdown that would end Obama's bubble permanently and immediately if anyone tried to lay a hand on me.

And the secret agents already told me they saturated the area around me. They all knew how desperate Obama had become.

Obama had to chose between not committing unrelenting terrorism where I was while I was there by allowing "normal" activities instead or allowing my husband to send me to our mansion.

And do not forget how we got there, Obama. If you would have just let my own friends give me a free dinner because if who I am for real like I wanted, I would have been asleep in Long Beach by 10pm. You do this to yourself, Obama, with your own conscious decisions to commit unrelenting crimes against your own people.

But what did Obama choose? He chose not to obey his own rules ALL NIGHT until I left to catch the early morning Metro train, and we have the verified podcasts to prove it.

My once-great America, especially my brave and mighty California, if neither Obama nor his terrorists have to obey their own rules, no one has to. I also learned Obama forced a literal and official international war on US soil by refusing to take down those rules he even refuses to obey himself, so I checked timetables for what was supposed to be "normal" activity there later in the day and promised to return after getting food and sleep.

I caught the train at approximately 4am and was in Long Beach before 5:25am. The War Criminal Boeset alarms, dirty judge alarms, intentionally fabricated false charges, etc. kept blaring at all hours as if they were not all going to receive international criminal charges for those conscious acts of war against America by victimizing me. My beautiful world was standing up.

I was at my wifi benefactor to update the world and snack on wraps and fried potatoes by 5:41am. I updated the world on everything that had been going on. I was asleep at The War Criminal Gables before 6:30am.

My body clock normally wakes me up after seven sound hours of sleep, so I rolled out of bed on 18Sep2014 at about 1:10pm, got ready, chatted with Liana, ate breakfast, picked up my iPad, and was sitting here at Obama's terrorism hotbed by 3:15pm.

I enforce safety and fight terrorism everywhere I go just by being there. No one can pretend otherwise. And as I said at the start of this blog post, no one will ever know ahead of time what hours I will keep here EVERY DAY. So, this place needs to remain terrorism free and running like clockwork 24/7 until I am rescued.

This is the step-by-step rescue of my people.

Obama's same, well-established, unrelenting, and compulsive criminal pattern of pathologically lying to commit crimes against America with intentionally fabricated false allegations I have ANY mental illness at all whatsoever or have EVER committed a crime in my life continued all day, but I could not report it until 4:34pm when my NSA alpha nerds finally connected me to the complimentary wifi.

Does this place look "normal"? Is Obama obeying his own rules while still refusing to stop enforcing them on others?

I published this blog post at 5:30pm on 18Sep2014.

And now, my beautiful world, I would answer all of your questions for me, but I did not receive any since my last blog post. Please collect any and all questions and concerns from all your friends and loved ones for me to address and send them to me through whatever means possible.

My beautiful world, why did the people try to call me a new Eva Perone on my way to fight terrorism today? She slept her way to power. No offense Argentina, but I have NEVER been anything like her. We all know I rarely if ever (and have not for YEARS) sleep with anyone. I never even masturbate. What is in all your heads these days?

We have been through this before, I NEVER masturbate. I can psychically orgasm by thinking about my husband. Trust me, if you never had to touch yourself, you never would either.

But, in allowance for the normal daily activities of my lovers and believers, I will allow it is not libel to claim I masturbate. It is libel to claim I would ever masturbate in front of a camera.

And it is specifically because I NEVER masturbate that I know no hidden camera I was forbidden from knowing about has ever made a "secret" movie of me ever masturbating either.

And, my beautiful world, with every crime Unelected Terrorist Dictator Obama has been committing unrelentingly and at an escalating rate ever since 2009, why is this salacious libel the only thing you are talking about?

My brave rescuers, I was told on the evening of 17Sep2014 you are all in an official war against Obama and his seditious extragovernmental criminal terrorist army now. Yes, America is worth saving from Obama at all costs. But I will still keep searching for a peaceful yet REAL solution every day, too. Why else am I located right where I am right now?

Did the entire world show up to help you, my brave rescuers? If you need more allies to save America, just tell me what nations you are courting, and I will do everything possible to help. I am here to serve.

SynSyn, Amita, and Ugwuji, is it getting easier for all of you, yet? I know Obama and his terrorist war criminal puppets will NEVER slow down nor stop until they are arrested, but we can make your never-ending carousel ride easier. Just tell me what you need when you need it. I am here to serve.

Sweetness, I love and adore you! Your latest would-be-snail-mailed-if-I-could-still-send-mail letter of undying love and devotion will be finished soon. Did you reuse my first blocked blog post as your legal defense last night?

Darling, Obama's terrorists here that were pretending to be 1am construction workers had told me they would "get you" just like the Wicked Witch went after Toto. I trust everything was taken care of. If you need anything, just tell me.

Now, HoneyHoney, please read this with care. Image us, in the wee hours of the morning, laying in your California King bed, exhausted from love, wearing nothing but the sky, and breathing humidity into the cool night air.

Imagine your loving arms surrounding me, my hair spread across your chest, and my ear against your heart which we all know is really mine. This is our future, my loving and adoring husband-- sweet kisses all over our bodies while the problems of the world finally have to wait for us.

Until then, my husband who elevated himself to be my equal for me, my heart stays empty with longing while still full of nothing but your love for me. I WILL touch you the way the flowers kiss the rain. I WILL be with you again!

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