Sunday, September 14, 2014

So Far, Just More of the Same from Obama.

Title: So Far, Just More of the Same from Obama.

Please publish this post now, my friends. I cannot control how many horrible things happen to me in one day; it is Obama who controls that. If I wait too long between posts, they become too drenching.

Please share this for me with the entire world, both houses of Congress, the Supreme Court, the United Nations, all sympathetic world leaders, all reputable national and foreign presses, etc.

Here is my latest blog post. It looks like I am all of the international news right now, so I am going to do my best with what news I can actually receive about the rest of the world. This is my REAL job-- problem-solving major world crises to end suffering and bring peace.

And yes, the global crisis that is Obama's extragovernmental rules enforcing human rights abuses and terrorism over all of America has been my primary crisis to solve since 2009. I have never "transformed." This is just the first time we have been able to get the truth about me to the masses.

France. Air France needs to assess if they will lose or gain more money by meeting its own employees', whom they cannot exist without as a company, demands.

If Air France has happy pilots, they can fly all their flights and will have happier customers. If Air France refuses to meet their employees' demands, the pilots will go on strike, and they might lose €15M a day until those demands are met anyway.

Air France has some math to do. What costs more? Striking pilots or paying pilots?

Nigeria. Faithful readers of my blog already know my policy on ending sectarian strife in Africa. There is no reason Christians and Muslims all over the world cannot live together in peace.

We need symbols like the Red Cross and the Red Crescent working side-by-side doing real, tangible good for the people together that all the people can see. We need messages of love for all themselves and all their neighbors taught in their places of worship.

Technically, Boko Haram believe in a perversion of actual Islam that does not allow for equal rights among all humans, though. And the only way to end such radicalism is to a.) change their culture and beliefs as radical militants, b.) (and I do not recommend this one at all) kill them all, c.) contain and arrest them all, d.) take away their recruitment and let them die off, or e.) take any reason to keep fighting away from them.

Option (a) seems to be the best for fighting Boko Haram. They believe in ideals, so if we can prove their ideals false, we can affect them. Option (c) seems to be the only way to rid the planet of Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy. But take a good look at option (e). It is very powerful and works on peaceful protestors, too.

As an example of (e), I told Obama in Oct2009, if he had made me complacent with full human rights, with no suffering nor terrorized people around me, and with the company of all my loved ones, I probably never would have stood up to him. I never would have fought Obama ever if he did not give me a battle to fight in the first place.

Ukraine. Yes, Ukraine, you have a real national crisis right now, so do not become irrational nor propagate irrational fears right now. Stay grounded in reality. Stick to the facts. Only connect facts for any necessary interpolation.

Ukraine, we know President Putin wants Crimea. We know President Putin is moving troops into eastern Ukraine. So, most likely, President Putin wants a straight path to connect him to Crimea.

We have been through this before, President Poroshenko. Your existence as a nation depends on the international community making President Putin content with the level of control he can legally have over Crimea without tearing the Ukraine to pieces.

President Vladimir Putin is not a psychopath like Obama. He CAN be reasoned with. We just need someone President Putin trusts or a lot of people President Putin trusts to sit down with him and explain to him it is not the end of Mother Russia's navy power in the Mediterranean if he does not control all of the land between him and the Crimea.

I offered to sit down with the President of Russia over a cup of Russian tea myself, touch his hand, and ask him what will make him happy. But, unfortunately for the ENTIRE PLANET, I am forbidden from having enough human rights to do this.

If I could find someone else to delegate this crisis-solving to, I would, but I have no Power of Attorney to spare for this right now. So the entire world, particularly the European Union and the Ukraine who are the most affected by this crisis, need to respectfully ask President Putin with whom he IS willing to speak and whom else he trusts other than me myself.

Syria. I have said this SO MANY TIMES already, but I will say it again. The Syrian civil war had the potential to engulf the entire Middle East in sectarian conflict if we do not fix it, and a region-wide war could drag the planet into WW3. But the solution is so simple. Please listen to me this time, my beautiful world.

The international community just needs to build the structure of a truly democratic government that is actually accountable to and representative of the people Syria to fill the power gap when Assad is removed.

Then, some benevolent nation's special forces just need to get into Damascus, grab al Assad, arrest him, get the hell out, and drag him to prison until he can go on trial allowing the replacement structure of government to take over.

I have been singing this same song since the crisis in Syria began. We are one planet. We must care for each other. There is no excuse for allowing the children of Syria to starve and die in the streets if we can save them.

I understand there is still a lot of irrational racism and discrimination against Muslims and Middle Easterners in the Western nations, but are all children of the same Mother Earth.

Every GOOD people, no matter what race, creed, color, social status, or orientation, deserve full human rights, justice, peace, prosperity, and an accountable government. My beautiful world, we are one planet. If we do not care for each other, who will?

ISIS in Iraq and Syria. Breaking news on 13Sep2014 told me there was another beheading of another civilian, this time an aid worker. It sounds like the media buzz around these beheadings is feeding ISIS and helping them recruit, but it is also very important to get the whole truth to everyone everywhere.

It is possible to tell the whole, honest story without it becoming propaganda for proven terrorists. The truth is too important not to report the news. So, opinions and editorial need to be marked as opinions and editorial and never as facts nor science.

On this topic, I was told I do not need to blog the time and events anymore since the world can now watch my SquidStream. But my blog won a Nobel Peace Prize already from problem-solving major global crises and for offering insight and some of the only trustworthy commentary anywhere on the mundanities of my day-to-day life.

I published my last blog post at 5:15pm on 12Sep2014 as soon as possible after I learned the REAL US government declared war against Unelected Terrorist Dictator Obama.

The heart attack alarms were going off nonstop all afternoon and evening as my loved ones went through their ritual of telling the actual truth in courtrooms all day every day to protect America from what would happen if Obama successfully destroyed me.

And Obama's metaphorical Zombie Apocalypse was raging in the mind-control earspeakers of the schoolchildren who just wanted to be near me.

After warning my beautiful world and selfless support system to be extra-vigilant keeping me safe from increasingly psychopathic Obama and while praying for my country and my beautiful world, I left my wifi benefactor at approximately 5:30pm. The bus came immediately. And I was making toast points in humus in my kitchen in my apartment by 5:50pm.

Apparently, my roommates had been eating my food I have to buy for myself with my Obama-mandated pennies all day still because The War Criminal Gables was still pathologically lying to courts to be able to continue preying on all of us without ever meeting their obligations of our leases to provide us all with all of the nutritious food we can eat all day.

All other tenants were mentally ill; I was the only person non-medically-justifiably libeled mentally ill under a mandate from Obama. The War Criminal Gables "business model" was specifically designed to prey on the mentally ill. They have been nothing but a scam and slumlords from the start, and then they became international criminals AFTER I arrived by consciously obeying Obama to destroy me for him.

And, as everyone knows, if War Criminal Boeset would finally consciously have chosen to NOT commit crimes unrelenting against me and would have consciously chosen to give me back full control of my finances that she NEVER had any legitimate authority to take away from me, I would have moved out already.

Luckily, since none of Unelected Dictator Obama's criminal terrorist puppets, of which The Gables and War Criminal Boeset were only two examples, were willing to EVER cease their unrelenting crimes against me, the world led by the REAL US government had decided to rescue me.

I also made a spinach, arugula, fresh tomato, minced garlic, white onion, diced hard salami, green pepper, lightly salted egg scramble cooked between two tortillas. And at 6:57pm, I was sitting by my radio eating a pan-seared pork shoulder. Except for the eggs, these were all groceries I had to buy for myself.

It was Friday night, 12Sep2014. As was evidenced in my blog post for the day, my meditation from the night before had truly cleared my mind and given me clarity on and spiritual vision of the present and the future.

Between 2002 and 2008, I successfully healed myself from full-blown schizophrenia. Obama's criminal terrorist pathological liars need to stop pretending they know better than I do what I need to be healthy.

I need human rights. I need physical safety. I need protection from any more literal torture facilities parading as psych wards, injections as proven torture, electroshock just to destroy my perfectly healthy and genius mind, well-documented systemic rape, Obama-mandated quackery, unrelenting collusion, and unlawful imprisonment mostly used to keep me in an environment Obama can directly control to destroy me with.

I need live music to meditate to. I need to be able to touch the ocean. I need an abundance of healthy and nutritious food, which War Criminal Boeset in conspiracy with The Criminal Gables were consciously denying me.

I need to be surrounded with a public who GENUINELY loves and supports me. I need honest contact with my own loved ones including but not limited to my own adoring husband. I need my friends.

Basically, I need everything Obama forbids me and NOTHING Unelected Terrorist Dictator Obama, the Evil State of Iowa, War Criminal Boeset, The War Criminal Gables, Obama's criminal terrorist anti-reality machine crap-factory, Obama's dirty prosecutors at every level of government, Obama's entire criminal terrorist conspiracy, etc. have ever broken every law possible to force on me.

At 8pm after eating dinner, I briefly considered crossing town for meditation, but the REAL government of the United States of America had declared war that day. I figured I could meditate on Saturday.

So, after the long hours of my previous day, I just curled up and went to sleep while all of the international-yet-led-by-domestic secret agents who had saturated my neighborhood watched over me from outside.

The radio played into the night.

My body clock woke me up at 3am on 13Sep2014, so, in the complete dark, I used the bathroom, drank some water, and took some ibuprofen to ease the itchiness of the mosquito bites on my legs. I also had a delightful chat with Liana about what Christmas gifts she was planning on buying everyone. I was back asleep by 3:30am.

I rolled out of bed at 9:31am and kickstarted my SquidStream even before changing my clothes from the day before, brushing my hair, or brushing my teeth. I picked up my iPad and was at the bus stop at 9:58am.

There were simultaneous fire alarm and torture facility warnings at 10:24am while I was at the train station. I sent my beautiful world to help whoever needed us. I also trusted my loved ones to protect me from further Obama-mandated war crimes covered up with absolute quackery.

At 10:29am, I put on my makeup while on the train. And at 11:59am I was in a coffee shop who was already an old friend catching up with my online friends. There was an endless-collusion-for-intentionally-fabricated-false-charges warning on the bus ride from the train station and a collusion-escalation-to-coverup-further-war-crimes warning the moment I sat down.

A torture facility alarm blared at 12:17pm while I was watching the previous day's out-of-date NBC Nightly News. My loved ones took care of it in no time.

At 12:48pm, Obama's crap-factory showed up at the coffee shop to condescend to me with derogatory intentional-distortions-of-reality-that-count-as-libel bull(expletive), you know, the sort of crap the "Squid Report" uses to destroy me for Obama. They sat to my right while I had a witness to my left.

I was all caught up with my online friends at 1:04pm. Then, a War Criminal Boeset alarm went off. So far, it had been a pretty normal day of Obama's unrelenting war crime coverups and pathological lying.

My loved ones had a growing prioritized list of charges to press they had been working through for years, so unless some new heinous crimes were ordered by Obama, it looked like they were going to put a real dent in it over the weekend.

I left the coffee shop at 1:22pm, wandered through the Farmers' Market, and roosted in the shade at The Grove at 1:44pm to make myself more approachable by the public who loves and adores me here in California.

At 2:51pm I observed that the public, full of love for me, were not being traumatized by their earspeakers at the time, but they were being lied to and manipulated. They seemed to be eloi that day instead of Obama's typical screaming zombies.

They all believed the message of "Squid will be rescued tomorrow, so do not rescue her today," Obama was injecting directly into their brains to make sure there would NEVER be the peaceful resolution I fight for everyday. At least no one was hostile nor treating me like my own drop dead gorgeous doppelgänger. That was an improvement, at least.

While I was blogging from the lawn, I kept hearing the same worn-out old pathological lie "Squid has too much power," being bandied about the place. Do you remember this from my 05Aug2014 blog post? That old lie Obama uses to manipulate the planet and totalitarianly control America was already disproven...

In the Starbucks, some brainwashed local tried to tell her friends, "Squid has too much power." Yeah, whatever. When Obama surrenders and once the United Nations convicts him and locks him in a Russian gulag for the rest of his life, the world will see in all reality that I finally gained the power to defend myself.

"Having too much power" is NEVER symbolized by a systemic rape victim forbidden all real medical care including but not limited to an acceptable Pap smear and STD panel who lives on a mandated $7 a day in a roach-ridden slum, with no furniture but a twin bed, with only enough groceries to eat one home-cooked meal a day, with no human rights but her freedom of speech which Obama constantly breaks every law possible to silence, forbidden all contact with her own loved ones including her own legally recognized husband, who suffers under a mandated criminal terrorist libel campaign designed only to destroy her, who has to scream all day every day for protection from more torture and more unlawful imprisonments used as acts of war against America, who is surrounded by a population with brainwashing earspeakers in their heads that pump their brains full of lies to make them irrationally hate her, and who will never get a chance for time to heal until her oppressor is overpowered.

No, "having too much power" looks like Obama, the already-impeached psychopath, who does all of this to me at all costs of irreversible time, genocidal public health, valuable taxpayer resources, "God-given" Constitutional rights, and priceless human life to America and to the world.

Obama was repeating his same worn-out lies all day, and they were as accurate as his old stand-by of "Squid is a pregnant man in a wig."

No one came up to me for casual conversation nor to ask me any questions they needed answered. After all, that is why I make myself so approachable all of the time, so my adoring public can meet me. So at 4:24, I left the lawn.

While I was walking to the bus stop, some psychopathic Obama-bitch said to me, "Fine, you get a sandwich." WHAT A (EXPLETIVE)ING PSYCHOPATH!

First of all, Obama will NEVER allow me enough money to eat enough food every day until he is overpowered, no matter how much his criminal terrorist anti-reality machine have ALWAYS pathologically lied about my EVER having money since Obama took office. And they spread those lies to make sure no one EVER helps me nor feeds me.

Secondly, can you comprehend how degrading and demeaning the phrase, "Fine, you get a sandwich," is to people who live every day all day in abject poverty? Who the hell speaks to or about ANYONE like that?

And finally, Obama has been using forced starvation of me as an act of war against America since 2010 when he stole control of my own finances away from me to make sure I could never escape his bubble.

I was sitting in the breezeway of the LACMA at 5:10pm where I caught up with my online friends and blogged where my beautiful world could watch me until 6:52pm. Then, by the glow of the light posts, I left.

At 7:00pm, fire alarms went off informing me no rescue could reach me, so I went off in search of food because no one who claims they love and support me and who is also capable of it is ever willing to feed me.

On the train, at 7:30pm, the Obama's Zombie Apocalypse eloi were all brainwashed through Obama's mind control to falsely believe The War Criminal Gables were cleaned up. That was Obama's method for the night to make sure no one would help me.

And then, at 7:49pm, Obama's Zombie Apocalypse eloi were all being kept complacent with Obama's pathological lie that he and his conspiracy had been "put to death" when everyone knows Obama denies so much justice in America to get away with all his crimes against his own people FOREVER that he forbids us from pressing any criminal charges at all for anything. And, the United Nations' ICC does not believe in the death penalty.

Still in transit, at 8:24pm, I was told by a reliable source that The War Criminal Gables was not a safe place to go for the night yet, but I should spend more time in Long Beach. I could not agree more. Of all the places I had been in Los Angeles County, Long Beach had a grasp of the most reality.

I headed to my wifi benefactor to wait for my loved ones and selfless support system to secure The Gables and, hopefully, to possibly meet someone who would take me out for a platonic Saturday night on the town. It has happened before.

I arrived at my wifi benefactor at 9:17pm. And after brief mental math, I ordered the most calories I could find for the dollar. It was my one meal of the day; Obama mandates I can only afford one meal a day, if one at all. I would not have called it rich in nutrients, but my wifi benefactors really do their best for me.

Sadly, at 9:57pm was a torture facility alarm instead of someone asking me if he or she could entertain me with witty conversation for the night.

I left my wifi benefactor at 11:21pm. From 11:24pm until 12:28am I waited for a Long Beach Transit bus the posted schedule said would run every forty minutes with the last bus at 12:35am.

What could it have been sabotaging the proper functioning of the city infrastructure of the public transit system but terrorism by Obama against the City of Long Beach AGAIN? I pray Long Beach presses terrorism charges for every time Obama orders this to happen.

At 12:28am, a local SquidSwimmer showed up to offer me a lift. That was normal loving activity for Long Beach ever since June2014 when I moved in. I thanked him sincerely, and he was visibly ill when he saw The Gables I am forced to live in with no way to leave for my own house in the Hills nor any accommodations that would respect me as a human.

I arrived at my apartment at 12:31am, and I found mail for me. The LITERAL Del Amo Torture Facility actual put their medical billing and insurance fraud for the PROVEN torture and PROVEN unlawful imprisonment they forced on me including their systemic rape of me which they ADMITTED TO when they claimed I was rape-impregnated by them (just so they could force electroshock on my perfectly healthy and genius mind) in the mail to me.

Here is the hard evidence I received in the wee hours of the morning on 14Sep2014. My loved ones, press every charge you can think of. This is California. This is NOT Iowa. There is NO EXCUSE for this here of their just being backwater hicks who do not know what real medicine is.

Page 1/10:

Page 2/10:

Page 3/10:

Page 4/10:

Page 5/10:

Page 6/10:

Page 7/10:

Page 8/10:

Page 9/10:

Page 10/10:

The radio was flipped on, and I was sitting on my bed at 1:25am having a conversation with Liana. I thought I would be asleep by 2am, but I had to ask my Pentagon nerds to shut off Obama's electrobeams at 1:57am.

All the electrobeams, which cost a fortune of taxpayer money to operate, as Mr. Leon Panetta discovered when he was still Secretary of Defense, ever do is speed up my heart and wake me up. But that never stops Obama and his criminal terrorists from wasting all that taxpayer money.

They were shut off in no time, so I fell asleep quickly.

At 9:27am on 14Sep2014, I rolled out of bed. I was ready with my SquidStream kickstarted by 9:48am when I ate the last if my granola in the last of my vanilla yogurt with the last if my fresh strawberries. My groceries were running low. For protein I ate a plate if turkey bacon, and at 10:08am, I picked up my iPad and headed to the internet.

It was only a twenty-minute wait for the bus, not bad for a Sunday, and I was at my wifi benefactor catching up with my online friends at 10:52am.

Some sort of epic win I was forbidden from knowing about occurred then, but it did not make Obama's bubble more livable for me. I think it just prevented it from getting worse. This has been so horrifying since 2009; I will take any win I can get.

And, at 12:24pm, I was all caught up with my online friends. After doing some of my work solving major global crises, like the one Obama extragovernmentally enforces over America, I left my wifi benefactor and headed to an independent coffee shop at 1:43pm.

The Los Angeles County Public Transit System, as always, safely delivered me to my destination by 3:30pm. The coffee shop of choice was charming and friendly, but the weather was blistering. For the first time since I arrived in Southern California, I broke a sweat from the climate instead of from the dancing.

I sipped on an iced coffee on the patio trying to cool down, but we all know I cannot control the crap-tastic barrage of crimes Obama throws at all of us 24/7 nor the rate at which he commits his crimes. I can only accelerate to keep protecting everyone possible from him. Trust me, my beautiful world, I would have slowed Obama down by now if I had that power.

I was all caught up with my online friends at 4:15pm and had received a request to publish this blog post earlier than I had planned. Please make up your mind, my beautiful world. Are you asking me to slow it down or pick it up? Regardless, I accept all requests.

While further, normal-activity-for-the-day, completely irrational, denial-of-all-reality War Criminal Boeset and torture facility alarms raged from the afternoon into the evening, I published this blog post at 5pm on 14Sep2014.

And now, my beautiful world, I answer all of your questions for me. Please keep collecting all questions and concerns from all your friends and loved ones and sending them to me through whatever means possible.

Would a normal everyday person be punished by Obama for rescuing me? No. Please reread 06Sep2014 and 21Aug2014. As long as my trustworthy rescuer never left my side until we reached someplace Obama could not touch us, my eyecamera and Obama's self-castrating rules would prevent any of Obama's terrorists from ever hurting us.

It has also been very well-documented I can protect anyone who obeys ACTUAL laws, upholds the US Constitution, and defies all of Obama's rules with truth, logic, love, reason, and justice in any court of law. My beautiful world, you can ask anyone in "The Arrow Club" about that from my own loving husband to Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel.

Have I ever had a traffic violation? I have had two speeding tickets I can remember from when I was still in college. And I received a citation for driving on an Iowa license in California in 2004 (I think that was the right year.) after living in California FOR YEARS. In the US, after three months anywhere, according to the law, we become legal citizens and are obligated to update our driver's licenses.

What is my favorite cheese? I have a few. In short, Halluomi, Manchego, and Pecorino. I do like a good Wensleydale, too, as well as Provolone. I have never liked veiny blue cheeses, though.

Do I do yoga? No. I tried it in 2000 and did not like it. I also never play golf, have never surfed, last bowled in high school in 1995, etc. Clowns scare me.

Look, my beautiful world, how many times do I have to tell you? Obama has been pathologically lying about me while human trafficking me ever since he took office while forbidding me from ever knowing about any of it.

Stop listening to ANYTHING Obama's criminal terrorist anti-reality machine crap-factory ever say and NEVER trust any media they produce from the "Squid Report" I am forbidden from knowing about to the unrelenting collusion they use to coverup Obama's war crimes against me, especially if they pathologically lie that I have any "control" over any media of "me" or me except for my blog, my Twitter account, my verified SquidStream, podcasts from sources independently factchecked by reputable news media as accurate, and any media my publicly-acknowledged-by-the-real-me-in-my-real-blog loved ones!

How could I afford an $84 bus pass for the month of September? I am VERY good with money. I pinched my pennies since June to finally be able to afford a bus pass, and without a bus pass, I would have had a complete physical collapse due to War Criminal Boeset in conspiracy with The War Criminal Gables intentionally starving and malnourishing me as an Obama-mandated act of war against America and against the entire world.

But on 13Sep, I learned Obama ordered the Los Angeles County Public Transit systems to raise their fares beyond any affordability. I was going to have to come up with $110 from somewhere by 01Oct, or I would finally have that physical collapse for lack of a bus pass.

Just not going to the internet every day has NEVER been an option; the world needs the REAL me too much.

My beautiful world, please listen to The Doors' "Hello, I Love You" (1968), Linda Eder's "'Til You Come Back to Me" (1994), Cake's "Comfort Eagle" (2001), Billy Joel's "We Didn't Start the Fire" (1989), and Helen Reddy's "I am Woman" (1972).

If music has "always been about Squid," then music everywhere in America can still "always be about Squid." Unelected Dictator Obama, give my people back our 1st Amendment rights!

Also, my beautiful world, did literally Unelected Terrorist Dictator Obama really say he commits unrelenting and well-documented acts of terrorism against America, poisons and drugs the water supply, mandates mental health genocide, wages a terrorist war against America, and extragovernmentally refuses ANY 1st Amendment rights to ANYONE in America anywhere AS WELL AS systemically raped me since he took office, mandates quackery only everywhere I go to be able to torture and unlawfully imprison me, human trafficks me, orders that I live in abject poverty, and destroyed the moral fiber of American culture with pathological lies and libel porn of "me" because HE does not trust ME?

Did Obama really put THAT pathological lie on record? You know all Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy has ever done is lie, right? My beautiful world, you need to stop listening to any of them and definitely NEVER believe Obama nor anyone who propagates coverups to enable Obama's heinous crimes against his own people, our own people, longer ever again!

Finally, my beautiful world, how much of the United States' GDP am I? Obama mandates I live on only $7 a day.

My brave rescuers, my 12Sep2014 blog post was a doozy, huh? Thank you for keeping me up-to-date with all of your developments. Whatever you need, just tell me and my beautiful world.

My selfless support system and my loved ones are keeping Obama's psychopaths at bay as best they can, so I can survive until you reach me, my brave rescuers. If we could just convince the public to rescue me or at least feed me, everything would be easier. They are already protecting and watching over me.

We can do this. Yes, we need better communication, but we can do this. As I tell all of my beautiful world, tell me what you need when you need it. I am here to serve.

SynSyn, Amita, and Ugwuji, if only we could communicate better. Please throw my complete 05Aug2014 blog post, as well as any other blog post you want, in everyone's faces whenever they collude to lock me in another literal torture facility parading as a psych ward or collude to press more intentionally fabricated false charges against me that I am forbidden from knowing about because the crimes never really occurred in reality.

My genius Powers of Attorney, another good harbinger of justice is my accurate and up-to-date résumé. What a great phrase, "Harbinger of Justice." If I had not already named this iPad The Constitutional Defender, that name would be good contender.

My loved ones, your courtroom coliseum victories become more epic every day. My you revel in your own glory just as soon as we can rest. As always, tell me what you need when you need it; I am here to serve. We can do this.

Sweetness, I love and adore you. Remember how you bought an imprint all those years ago just to be able to publish my REAL writing for the world for the first time ever?

I and my Powers of Attorney are the ONLY people with any legal right to my copyrights, after all. That is basic intellectual property law.

Well, beloved, it is time to publish an omnibus of all my finished and unfinished poetry, lyrical prose, short stories, novels, screenplays, etc. But do not publish any of my memoirs. I need to round them out still. I need to give them context. And thank you.

My irrefutably perfect match for me, you might need to ask two of my many Davids (Eggers and Tennant) for electronic file archives and handwritten non-romantic poetry. You might need to scour your love letters from me for my romantic poems and any passages you feel like including.

I think the copyrights on snailmail belong to the person who receives it. So, ask around if anyone wants mail I have written to them included in the omnibus. It is their choice. How do you feel about publishing my landscape photography with it?

Handsome, do not forget my 22Oct2012 and 08Jan2011 blog posts nor The Penumbra which I wrote at the San Francisco Main Public Library the afternoon before the night I read it at The Hotel Utah open mic in 2009. Click here.

HoneyHoney, keep all the profits from the book sales, okay? Obama will continue forbidding me from any and all money NO MATTER WHAT until he is overpowered; other than ending Obama's bubble of war crimes and public persecution, there is nothing we can do about giving me enough money to survive. So, just sell my omnibus for money we can live on when I finally reach you.

Also, darling, here are three selfies of me! I know we have not seen each other since outside the British Embassy in Mexico City in 2010, and this is what I look like right now. My breasts have shrunk to C cups. That is about the only change. Well, that and my lips have become lonelier from not being able to kiss you. I am working on it.

Taken on 26Aug2014 in the early afternoon:

Taken on 13Sep2014 at 9:17pm:

Taken on 14Sep2014 at 9:27am the moment I woke up:

My handsome and adoring husband, how can anyone be upset with our age difference? We are both middle-aged! Giggle. It is not like I am some tall, leggy blonde half your age, or something.

Calm down, Sweetness. I have always known you are very human with very beautiful and heroic human flaws. You know I am not capable of being angry at you, anyway. And all I have ever done is pity her for having to live in my shadow in your eyes every day. We have been through my honest feelings on this so many times.

And, finally, my legally-recognized husband, here is the sestina I wrote on 11Sep2014 during the Zombie Apocalypse Obama caused at Disneyland. I know it is difficult for many people to read my cursive.

The Twin Towers Princess
for the anniversary of 9/11
Text generation began at 5:49pm and ended at 6:01pm with punctuation added after the fact.

As if the lady had an evil twin
to replace her in her torturous towers
or if the world could save the princess
with the light of another silent torch,
it gave me the passionate loving fever
to look in her eyes and on her hand tap.

Without the starving's card to tap
And without the ever encroaching twin,
I suppose there would have been no fever
pitch to remove the hair from the towers
or to enlighten the tunnel with a torch
to slay the dragon and save the princess.

They only say she is a royal princess
in such a derogatory tone full of beer tap
libel and papers to unceremoniously torch.
But the sign of Gemini is the twin,
And with or without her kisses he towers
until he scratches the itch of his fever.

Yes, my man will cure with kisses my fever,
for I am the legend, the saint, the princess
who still suffers chained to her towers
with poisons in every running tap.
But no, there is no drop dead gorgeous twin,
just an ugly pants-wearer under my torch.

My Sweetness still carries for me a torch
despite true love causing the dictator a fever.
I sleep alone on a bed sized twin
with a pea under my mattress fit for a princess.
But soon together, our toes will tap
to music befitting our ivory towers.

Soon, my love, the falling terrorist towers
will extinguish the fires like water to a torch.
And finally my neck will feel your lips' tap
to fill my life with human rights to feel fever,
as if I were the world's only princess
and with no more crimes of an evil twin.

My pass I will tap, for cards have no twin
to parallel my land's fever to fell Obama's towers
or light ablaze with our torches the light of America's princess.

P.S. My beautiful world, please make sure the verified, unedited, not-human-trafficking podcast of my entire process writing this sestina from looking up the word pattern to adding the punctuation reaches all of humanity. And thank you.

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