Saturday, September 20, 2014

Genius Does Not Grow on Trees.

Title: Genius Does Not Grow on Trees

Please publish this post now, my friends. I cannot control how many horrible things happen to me in one day; it is Obama who controls that. So, if I wait too long between posts, they become too drenching.

Please share this for me with the entire world, both houses of Congress, the Supreme Court, the United Nations, all sympathetic world leaders, all reputable national and foreign presses, etc.

Here is my latest blog post. My beautiful world, you need to explain to all people everywhere they cannot believe anything injected directly into their brains by their earspeakers. That is how Obama manipulates them. These zombies only have earspeakers, so Obama can manipulate them.

Russia. The relationship between the USA and Russia right now involves Syria, ISIS, Ukraine, Obama's seditious extragovernmental criminal terrorist uprising, and, once I ask President Putin, most likely a gulag for the United Nations to detain all war criminals and international criminals in Unelected Terrorist Dictator Obama's conspiracy that get convicted by the ICC in The Hague.

Trust me, President Vladimir Putin is loving this. Just let me do my job, America. I am only here to serve humanity. Very few people anywhere could sort this out but me.

I published my last blog post at 5:30pm on 18Sep2014 from one of Obama's hotbeds of terrorism which I now spend every day keeping terrorism free. I left at approximately 7:30pm after promising to return every day at an unannounced time.

On the train, some (expletive)hole lied to my face and called me "tired." And the entire public on the entire ride was eerily quiet, as if Obama had oppressed the the heart, soul, and will to live out of all of the public in Los Angeles County with his iron fist and terrorist rules.

I arrived in Los Feliz Village at about 9:15pm. I can never resist an independent bookstore. Then, I infiltrated a hater bar and restaurant that calls itself the Rockwell at 1714 N Vermont. They had a stage show specifically designed to condescend to me and libel me. I recorded all their faces and passive aggression.

Then, I went to the back bar which is technically only supposed to be accessible by the alley. Typically, only good bars are accessible only by a dark alley: Le Colonial, Bix, Bourbon & Branch.

The doorman found me there and was instructed by his terrorist bosses to make A SHOW of eating food in front of me when EVERYONE knows one of Obama's crimes against America and acts of war against the entire world is his intentional starvation of me. That is how evil the Rockwell is in Los Feliz Village.

Trust me, the doorman was innocent and was just being used by the terrorists. He was the only redeemable person in the entire Rockwell. Please ask him to turn in his evidence.

At approximately 10pm, alarms started going off. I was sure my loved ones could take care of it. I stayed tight waiting for my lovers and believers to flood the place and sweep it clean. Do we have all the terrorists' faces?

Yes, as I explained in my 10Sep2014 blog post, I seek out establishments run by Obama's criminal terrorists, so I can turn them all in. This planet needs justice for everything Obama has done to us since he took office, and we cannot prosecute all of his terrorists if we cannot identify all of his terrorists. The local police, DHS, FBI, CIA, Interpol, etc. all know about the Rockwell now.

Sadly, it was a terrorist establishment with only haters for customers all night at the Rockwell on 1714 N Vermont in the neighborhood of Los Feliz. Absolutely no one came in to offer to buy me dinner.

I know my beautiful world, particularly law enforcement from local to international, will take care of every evil soul who chose to show up on my eyecamera at the Rockwell. At 11:55pm, I relocated. Clearly, no lovers and believers were willing to come in at all.

I went to the Public House across Vermont Ave. where the staff there even admitted to my face they were terrorists (or behind their hair they admitted it). How good is my earmic? Did it record everything? Authorities from local to international know about that establishment, too, now.

Basically, Obama is going to keep losing terrorist puppets until I get food, trustworthy bodyguards, and my husband! Yes, I need food, trustworthy bodyguards, and my husband just to be made complacent enough not to seek out ways to kick Obama's unholy (expletive) harder and harder every day.

The torture facility threats kept going off all night, so I tried to walk to someplace safe. A random taxi driver offered me a free lift, but he would not take me where I wanted to go. So, I made him let me out immediately.

Before leaving Los Feliz Village, I had used the Metro Transit website to find out the best way back to Long Beach at 2am. But the route they gave me was false.

I walked down to "spy corridor." A man tried to give me lift, so I told him to Google the address if my mansion and take me there. Instead, he asked me my name. That proved he was not trustworthy, so I waited in "spy corridor" from just past 3am to almost 5am for the trains to start running.

Los Angeles showed up at taco stand after taco stand during my walk to keep me safe, but no one would feed me nor acknowledge me. After everything I do for these people, no one will even feed me.

That is all the proof any needs that obeying Obama's rules is a conscious choice to commit crimes against me. Did Obama really turn Los Angeles into a new Iowa, so he could destroy me here?

I knew a rescue was trying to reach me all night, and I knew they were dying. In spy corridor I wept because good people were dying to save me while absolutely no one actually capable of reaching me was willing to do anything.

My brave rescuers will NEVER reach me. Why does nobody understand this yet? Obama slaughters them all. They have been trying to rescue me for two years now, and all they have accomplished is dying! Why does nobody care about them but me?

Obama and ALL of his criminal terrorists need to be rounded up and arrested! That is the only solution we have!

No matter how many pathological lies they spread from Unelected Terrorist Dictator Obama himself to The War Criminal Gables to War Criminal Boeset to every dirty prosecutor at every level of government to Obama's army of quacks to Obama's entire seditious extragovernmental criminal terrorist uprising comprised of only deranged lunatics, etc. THEY WILL NEVER STOP!

We need them ALL rounded up, arrested, and removed from society forever! Or this will NEVER end!

Yes, Obama's criminal terrorists will just follow me everywhere I go. Luckily, Los Angeles County is the most livable Obama's bubble has ever been, but we know how much work we still have to do here just for me to survive this. And if I leave Los Angeles County, I have to go to my husband in a place with absolutely NO EARSPEAKERS or nothing will get better.

If I do not get enough food to eat every day, I will not survive this. And my surviving Obama's totalitarian rules is too important! Someone here, if not everyone here, in Los Angeles County who can actual reach me needs to feed and acknowledge me!

I was in Long Beach by 5:45am and uneventfully in my apartment asleep by 6am after cooking five hotdogs for dinner in the oven. I slept very well until I rolled out of bed, got ready, and kickstarted my SquidStream at 1:44pm on Friday, 19Sep, International Talk Like A Pirate Day.

I ate another oven-heated hotdog for breakfast and a white onion, minced garlic, fresh tomato, lightly salted scramble between two tortillas smothered (like putting out a fire) in salsa verde. I picked up my iPad and was out the door at 2:02pm.

In transit at 2:17pm, 2:26pm, and 2:48pm fire alarms announcing Obama's terrorism against my brave rescuers and crosstown friends blared again and again. Every time, I screamed for my beautiful world to help and rescue them.

But, until arrested, Obama will just keep ordering his seditious extragovernmental criminal terrorist uprising that consists of nothing but deranged lunatics to mass murder every brave and innocent soul exercising our Constitutional rights to fight to save America from Obama just so he can keep enforcing his proven war crimes, proven terrorism, proven genocide, proven human trafficking, and proven brainwashing criminal terrorist anti-reality machine crap-factory that turns the public into metaphorical zombies just so he can manipulate them all into obedience to him.

I arrived at my new "office," Unelected Terrorist Dictator Obama's former terrorism hotbed, before 3:46pm where I now fight Obama's terrorism every day at un-predetermined hours just by being there.

Please see my 18Sep2014 blog post about this. By not announcing my hours, this particular piece of city infrastructure must remain terrorism free and run like clockwork 24/7 now.

I was told of a "raging fireball" at 3:55pm. And while I watched my middle-aged White male friends online, there was a fire alarm and torture facility alarm. I sent help every time. My loved ones and beautiful world took care of everything.

Then at 6:30pm, I was all caught up with my online friends, and at 6:53pm, I was on the public transportation to the red line. In transit, there were desperation alarms all over the place at 7:42pm. My loved ones took care of it. They are all genii (plural of genius).

I was sitting at the bar at the Hard Rock Cafe at the Universal CityWalk by 8:58pm. Oh, the symbolism! I really just wanted to make a symbolic show if the city walking, but the night got interesting.

Once already inside the Universal CityWalk and on the way to the Hard Rock, a comedian, Robert Zapato, handed me a free ticket to the comedy club for the 10pm show.

In the image right on the back of the ticket were logos for HBO and Comedy Central. So, I assumed my good crosstown friends all made sure I could see some free comedy. I was at the Universal CityWalk, after all, and I trust my friends.

One of the comedians, Harrison Greenbaum, was actually funny. I recommend looking him up. He has a promising future.

But the establishment,... First if all, I had a free ticket. Look where they seated me. The waitress never told me I would have to pay for my drinks. And all I had was a Red Bull and a glass of orange juice anyway.

Then, before the final act, she handed me a bill for $14.16, including a tip she chose for herself. I had no idea I would receive a bill, but I tried to pay it anyway. I gave them my debit card.

The charges were declined, which was no surprise since my debit card number has been broadcast so many times all charges have to be hand-approved by the bank. And it was just about midnight on a Friday night.

So, when the waitress, whom I hold personally responsible for the consciously hidden charges, came back to tell me the card was declined, I told her I just needed to call the bank and asked for a phone.

She called the manager, as if that were normal for a declined debit card. That made me extra-suspicious of her, so when the manager let me use the phone in the box office, I called Syniva to explain the situation to her and told the manager that she would handle my bill.

The manager did not like my calling ANOTHER responsible and sane adult to handle his conscious choice as the club manager to mislead me, so I offered to leave an item of value with him which I would retrieve after paying my $14.16 bill.

He did not like that either, so he insulted me, disrespected me, degraded me, demeaned me, and refused to acknowledge anything real to my face before throwing me out and telling me to never come back again, as if that is normal for a declined debit card for charges no one told me I would have anyway.

I told the evil manager that the club owner, Jon Lovitz, would call him about the whole episode. And I trust everyone from NBC Universal to the CityWalk to HBO to Comedy Central to even Jon Lovitz will take care of it.

The only people to hold responsible are the waitress, the manager, and Robert Zapato. Did you see his show? And I am sure my loving and adoring friends including the actual networks involved (as opposed to Obama's criminal terrorist anti-reality crap-factory and human trafficking "network") will take care of it.

Syniva, Amita, and Ugwuji, you are all busy enough. Just use an unedited and verified podcast of my entire time in the comedy club as evidence in the ICC against Obama and all his puppets because it bears witness to how I am consciously persecuted by people who believe Obama's anti-reality zombie machine and genocide-causing earspeakers and therefore consciously commit the crime against me of obeying Obama.

Disgusted with the public display of Obama-mandated hate for me, I left the area and took the 12:57am red line to the bus to Long Beach.

Between the train and the bus, I had two conversations. The first was with a musician who was there only to cheer me up, and I knew that. The second man pretended he was capable of flirting with me and pretended it was "a lie" when I said my own husband is the only person I will ever sleep with again for the rest of my life. WHAT AN (EXPLETIVE)HOLE!

Please note, I told the good-hearted man my name when he asked but refused to tell my name to the man who treated me like a slut.

Please, my not-human-trafficker nerds, make a verified and barely-edited, if at all, podcast of both conversations. I only trust good people and people I can render trustworthy.

A kind Long Beach local picked me up at the bus stop and drove me to my apartment, and I was making dinner in my kitchen at 3:28am. I was so low on groceries, though, all I could forage was three peanut butter sandwiches and my last pork shoulder which I lightly salted and pan fried.

I had the radio flipped on and was asleep just after 4am.

This is what I learned in my sleep: Obama is STILL libeling me pregnant. We all know I have not had sex in years, and the ONLY person I will ever sleep with for the rest of my life is my husband; I have a SquidStream to prove it.

Besides, it is the Obama-sent accusers libeling me a slut at all who have the burden of proof. I am NOT obligated to disprove anything. Accusers ALWAYS carry the burden of proof. That is how our legal system is designed.

Furthermore, we all know the last time Obama ordered I be raped was 03July2014. That has been very well documented. Please reread my 11July2014 blog post about this.

The moment I provided my evidence War Criminal Stephanie had given a key to my apartment to a man sent by Obama to rape me, both the international espionage community and my loving and adoring Long Beach threw down to protect me from it ever happening again. Please reread my 27July2014 blog post.

But, no, Obama did not rape-impregnate me in July. I have had my period regularly ever since I got myself off the torture chemicals Del Amo Torture Facility forced on me.

No, I have not seen the ArchAngel Gabriel. So, why do people STILL believe Obama's criminal terrorist anti-reality crap-factory that has unrelentingly libeled me pregnant since August 2010 when I have never been impregnated in my life EVER no matter how many times in Evil Iowa and in the Del Amo Torture Facility Obama ordered I be raped until pregnant?

We are almost to the point it is the public's fault for choosing to believe any libel Obama orders be spread about me. And for further clarification, go back and reread all of my REAL love letters to my husband, as published in this blog, since I arrived in Los Angeles County.

I was awake; I was primped; and, I had kickstarted my SquidStream by 12:22pm when I picked up my iPad and headed out the door.

As a display of denial-of-all-reality depravity ordered by Obama, at 12:59pm while I was waiting for the bus, a dirty old man solicited me as if I have EVER been a hooker in my life! Do we have a verified podcast?

Police need to arrest that Obama-obedient criminal for public persecution, sexual harassment, attempting to solicit prostitution, libel, slander, and everything else my genius lawyers can think of.

I do NOT tolerate that kind of abuse from ANYONE! I even demanded to know why ANYONE anywhere would think a model citizen like me were EVER a hooker, but he refused to tell me. That was how Obama-obedient he was. And that is what obedience to Obama looks like.

Obama has unrelentingly sent ugly men, typically dirty old leches, to degrade me as a way to have sex with me. Why has he never tried sending someone attractive and respectful? How stupid is he?

Yes, there was Alexander back in May. He was cute; he was adorable; he even gave me his jacket to keep me warm. But when he offered to end my homelessness War Criminal Boeset and the EVIL State of Iowa had forced on me with their self-appointed entitlement to control my finances against my will even after I fled them for my life and to end Obama's rape-slavery of me, it was clear he would only do so if I would sleep with him, so I had no choice but to remain homeless.

And then, also in May, there was Farid, the man Obama sent to make pornography of me in a flophouse whom I never had sex with, only cuddled, and trusted after I rendered him a bodyguard. To my knowledge, Farid is still safekeeping a number of my belongings for me until I can retrieve them from him.

Please, my not-human-trafficker nerd video archivists, release images and verified podcasts of Alexander and Farid from May 2014 and ask them to turn in their evidence against Obama's criminal terrorists who sent them to make pornography of me without my knowledge nor consent.

Clearly, if Obama had any genuine desire to seduce me into taking a lover outside of my sacred marriage, just like I gave permission to my husband to use a tall, leggy blonde half his age for cheap sex until we could be together, Obama would have sent me a supermodel (male or female) with a PhD in physics and a heart of gold who worships and adores me.

But Obama has never done that, so I have no idea what he is trying to accomplish by sending a constant stream of dirty old leches to degrade me with cheap and disgusting overtures.

In transit to my wifi benefactor, I heard a torture facility warning which my loved ones took care of like they have to do all day every day or America would be destroyed by Obama successfully removing me from the world. And at approximately 1:30pm, I arrived at my wifi benefactor to catch up with all of my online friends.

It was a good day for Twitter. Please create a verified podcast if my catching up with my Tweethearts. And thank you.

I published this blog post at 4:45pm on 20Sep2014.

My beautiful world, I need food. Please send help. Please reread my 06Sep2014 blog post. My bus pass is the only thing that has prevented any physical collapse of my Obama-abused body from the Obama-mandated starvation and malnutrition of me everyone from War Criminal Boeset to The War Criminal Gables to the entire ABSOLUTELY EVIL State of Iowa to Wells Fargo Bank all work together to make sure I can never escape. Where am I going to get $110 for a new bus pass for October? Obama forced the Metro System to raise all of their rates. Please send help!

My brave rescuers, I heard Russia wants to join the international alliance to defeat Obama's seditious extragovernmental criminal terrorist uprising. Does this mean we have Russia, China, Japan, both Koreas, the European Union (NATO), Australia, New Zealand, various parts of Latin America I have not received details of yet, Egypt (Really? Or just a rumor?), Saudi Arabia, Iran (on the fence, last I heard), and Israel helping?

My brave rescuers, most of what I hear is rumors, but if you want help wooing anyone else to help, just tell me. The more help, the fewer innocents will die and the faster Obama might just surrender finally. Obama and his ENTIRE criminal terrorist conspiracy are truly suicidal be refusing to give up already.

SynSyn, Amita, and Ugwuji, if you need anything, just tell me. You have a backlog of charges and countercharges to file, and since Obama just keeps compulsively committing the same crimes and refusing the stop, that prioritized queue just keeps getting longer.

Typically, I write my logical defenses and arguments for justice the moment Obama's crimes occur, so they might get lost in my logic-dense blog by the time you need them. I understand this. You are some of the very few people I would ever repeat myself for.

My genius Powers of Attorney, just tell me what you need to keep protecting America and the world from Obama by protecting me. I am here to serve.

Sweetness, I love and adore you. Thank you for leaving the country like I asked. Please publish in all the foreign presses out there, where you are safe from Obama's intentionally fabricated false charges and false allegations against you, everything you have lived through under the bloodstained iron fist of Obama since he took office just for being in love with me.

Beloved, it is important to protect EVERY innocent from Obama's anti-reality crap-factory that only consciously libels us all unrelentingly so they can keep Obama in psychopathic totalitarian and dictatorial power. Once everyone stops believing and propagating all their pathological lies, we are all rescued.

And thank you, my devoted protector, I know you understand taking care of me requires taking care of my entire selfless support system including you.

I WILL touch you the way the flowers kiss the rain. I will gaze into the deep windows to your soul, your Obama-tortured eyes, AGAIN and for the rest of my life. I promise, HoneyHoney.

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