Wednesday, September 10, 2014

I Admit, Sometimes I Actually Seek Out Obama's Criminal Terrorists Just to Turn Them In.

Title: I Admit, Sometimes I Actually Seek Out Obama's Criminal Terrorists Just to Turn Them In.

Please publish this post now, my friends. I cannot control how many horrible things happen to me in one day; it is Obama who controls that. If I wait too long between posts, they become too drenching. Please share this for me with the entire world, both houses of Congress, the Supreme Court, the United Nations, all sympathetic world leaders, all reputable national and foreign presses, etc.

Here is my latest blog post. "Squid has too much knowledge," might be their most heinous pathological lie ever. I know what I have lived through, and I have a right to tell the truth about my own life experiences.

And we all have a right to know what directly threatens us, so we can protect ourselves, especially if it is the government threatening us or degrading our reputations. Please revisit the US Constitution about this or my 03Jan2011 blog post.

Iraq and Syria. Now that Obama has addressed the nation about ISIS, the planet needs an actual world leader, as opposed to a self-castrated unelected terrorist dictator, to do something about them. Please, my beautiful world, if we do not care for the Middle East, it might erupt into a region-wide sectarian conflict that risks dragging the whole planet into World War 3.

We all live on this good, green Earth together. We must care for each other. All good people everywhere deserve peace, stability, prosperity, human rights, and an accountable government. Irrational racism and prejudice against Middle Easterners or followers of Islam is no reason to cause the planet WW3.

I published my last blog post at 8:30pm on 08Sep2014 at the very end of the Santa Monica Pier while singing duets with a street musician named Jimmy Rodriguez. And by 9:19pm, I was on the light blue Expo line train headed back into Los Angeles. I waited a little while at the Artesia Station for a Long Beach Transit 61 bus to take me to my apartment.

During the entire trip from the pier to my apartment, alarms and all-clears went off nonstop. We really need to relieve this burden my loved ones carry protecting my life and my body from further torture, rape, and unlawful imprisonment, all as Obama's FURTHER acts of war against America and against all of humanity, in ANOTHER literal torture facility with the war crime coverup that I have some obviously fictional mental illness.

Obama's clinically-diagnosable-as-a-syptom-of-psychopathy COMPULSIVE pattern of always-fail criminal modi operandi needs to be stopped with CRIMINAL charges against Obama and all his criminal terrorist conspiracy finally.

Otherwise, they will NEVER stop and will just keep pathologically lying that they love me (another well-established modus operandi) to be able to commit all their crimes against me longer! And we all know abusing people because you love them is ANOTHER clinically diagnosable symptom of psychopathy, anyway.

That night, after a package of fresh raspberries, a nectarine, and a plate if turkey bacon, I was curled up in bed listening to the radio before 11:42pm.

Liana woke me up at 5:30am on 09Sep just like I had asked her to. She is such a sweetheart. I was out the door at 6:18am and headed to my meeting with the "financial services company" that claimed it could fix my financial crisis. We all knew I have been covering their cover story for a while. I wanted to see what they could accomplish.

While in transit, a torture facility warning went off at 7:12am. I received the all-clear while my loved ones, I was told, were screaming "Damn dirty Iowa judges!" Please remember, my loved ones, whenever a dirty Iowa judge intentionally makes a false ruling, we get to press extra charges against Iowa and Polk County.

And, the world gets to demand further reparations from the Evil State of Iowa to benefit the Third World, the people who need me free of Evil Iowa and Obama, the unelected dictator Iowa consciously chooses to break every law possible to obey, the most.

At 7:33am, I was sitting down with a cup of coffee catching up with my online friends just a few blocks from my 9am meeting. I need to remember not to drink the city water anymore. I was instantly roofied. It was not the coffee shop's fault. It was Obama's fault for committing the act of terrorism of drugging the entire metropolis's water supply.

While I was checking in with all of my friends, the dirty judge alarm kept going off again and again and then the War Criminal Boeset alarm went off at 8:19am.

It was going to be nothing but more of Obama's compulsively committed criminal pattern of his well-established modi operandi of denial-of-all-reality collusion to destroy me all day AGAIN.

Please, my beautiful world, please help relieve this burden my loved ones carry for all of us. Again, we just need Obama and all his criminal terrorist conspiracy arrested finally.

I was at the webinar meeting from about 9am to 11am. I had already converted the Los Angeles "office" into lovers and believers, but I wanted to know what their leadership believed. Eventually, after too much denial-of-all-reality, I just got up and left.

If you want evidence of what that "company" was up to, make a full verified podcast of the "employment contract" they tried to convince me to sign on the previous Saturday, what I did sign, and what I refused to sign. Everyone already knows my Social Security number. There is no reason to fuzz out anything on the paperwork.

That Saturday they also kept asking me questions about credit cards, when we all know Obama mandates I be forbidden any credit card, and trying to find out how I could afford a bus pass. All they ever had to do was read my blog or watch my SquidStream.

I used my last remaining gift card to grab a sandwich and was on the bus to UCLA by 11:27am. At 12:25pm, at a coffee shop in campus town, I tried catching up with my friends online, but the bandwidth was too low there. The delay did allow me to hear another denial-of-all-medical-reality torture facility alarm at 12:49pm, though.

My loved ones took care of it, just like they took care of all the previous torture facility threats from the day without my needing to know about them and just like they will continue to fight Obama's crap-factory with actual medical facts until Obama's bubble of terrorism, war, genocide, war crimes, and human trafficking comes down at last.

The terrorism alarms went off at 12:57pm while I was hopping on a bus, so I was sure I would not be rescued that day. But I knew my brave and mighty California including my selfless support system would at least keep me safe.

My California lovers and believers with all your varying degrees of gravitas, please also make sure Sacramento declares us all free of Obama's extragovernmental rules and terrorist oppression. If we cannot carry me to someplace Obama cannot hurt me anymore, we need to render where I am someplace Obama cannot hurt ANYONE anymore. We need to prevent Obama's crimes against our own people finally.

I was at the Getty Center in no time. I walked through every exhibit I could find, but I know they have nooks and crannies I might have missed. I even broke into tears of joy from the overwhelming love I felt from my time since 01Sep in all parts of the Los Angeles metropolis. I am not used to feeling this loved.

Obama had mandated my life be nothing but horrors and inhumane suffering ever since he took office, and I was finally catching my breath. By 3:35pm, I was sitting in the gardens of the Getty Center blogging where my beautiful world could watch me.

The gardens were very inspiring. And there was wifi, so I looked up the word of the day. On 09Sep2014, it was "pratfall." Luckily, "pratfall" scans. Not every word of the day does.

At 3:44pm in the gardens of the Getty Center I composed a heroic couplet:

The pratfall danger zone was weak with love
and ever falling faster light above.

I was convinced my loved ones were dealing with irrational denial-of-all-reality threat after irrational denial-of-all-reality threat to me the entire time. I know my loved ones kick unholy (expletive) all day every day, but they should not have ever had to in the first place.

We really need War Criminal Boeset, the symbol of Evil Iowa, as well as Obama's entire criminal terrorist conspiracy of whom she is an obvious member commanded to keep their grubby hands off me and my pristine reputation forever. If just one of their collisions makes it through, the world will lose me to Obama's war crimes forever.

I left the picturesque gardens at 4:13pm, took the tram back down the majestic hill, and hopped back on the bus. I was back at my apartment in Long Beach by 7:30pm.

Alarms blared every step of the way, and my loved ones took care of me while my beautiful world took care of everyone else who needed us. When good people are involved, the suffering just need to point out the problem for it to be fixed.

The ride was strange. Everyone had been so celebratory at the Getty Center, but the buses and trains were all artificially silenced, as if everyone had their freedom of speech to even hold a casual conversation with a friend on the bus completely squashed out of them with oppression. WHO THE HELL LETS OBAMA DO THAT TO THEIR OWN HOME?!?

Once I reached the apartment, I snacked on toast points in humus while I cooked what I call Pan Pacific Farm Food for dinner. The pan was in the oven by 7:58pm. I also ate a tasty Fuji Apple that night. I had the radio on and was curled up in bed by 8:30pm.

I did not even make a note of what time I woke up on 10Sep, but I had already primped and kickstarted my SquidStream by the time the alarms went off at 7:35am. I sent all the help I could to whomever needed us. It was clearly a terrorist attack against my brave rescuers. I knew I would have no rescue that day.

I picked up my laundry and went to the laundromat. The man at the closest laundromat told me, "There is no water," while I could see a front loader spinning with water inside.

That is the laundromat where it is just $1 per load to wash and $0.25 per twelve minutes to dry. I was all "Whatever, fine, lie to me. I would not be irrationally denied service if the Asian lady were working," in my head.

By 8am, I had walked to the next laundromat down the street, bought laundry detergent for a front loader since I never use a front loader normally, and paid $1.75 to wash my single load of laundry of all of my dresses and even my bed sheets.

Clearly, Obama was intentionally victimizing me. I do NOT have this kind of money. I do NOT have $3 to waste on Obama stealing my money just so I can wash my laundry!

Please, my beautiful world, remind all of Los Angeles County that I WILL NOT tolerate intentional obedience to Obama's unenforcible and indefensible extralegislative rules just so people can consciously publicly persecute me!

Just before 8:53am, an ugly White woman on the street in front of the laundromat looked me in the face, said, "Take the camera out and get it all done," and then took a photo of a barren street post beside her.

Any real secret agent willing to show up on my eyecamera would have just rescued me, so we know she was a terrorist trying to threaten me with removing my eyecamera against my will.

Please, my not-human-trafficker nerds, submit her face, build, voice, image, and proximity to EVERY agency from the CIA to Interpol for analysis, processing, and her timely disposal. I know you are all cataloging every single terrorist I can catch.

And please, increase my security when I sleep. The terrorist-operated Gables is the only place I can be attacked by any of Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy for them to remove my closed-circuit security system unless I go into ANOTHER literal torture facility where I would be completely destroyed. And this world needs me too much for us to allow that to happen.

At 9:55am, the heart attack alarm went off, and there were dirty cops waiting outside of the Long Beach Public Library on a war-crime-coverup, denial-of-all-medical-reality 5150.

That is how close America came to total annihilation by the furious world on 10Sep2014. If Obama is permitted to remove me from the world with ANOTHER literal torture facility coverup, I will no longer be here to keep the peace, and the world will explode.

Only a dirty cop would be willing to pick me up in obedience to Obama's coverups for acts of war against America. So, my clean law enforcement in the area, please arrest all the dirty cops willing to commit acts of war against America and against the world by even humoring picking me up. And thank you.

At 10:32am, I was at my wifi benefactor catching up with all my online friends. My NSA alpha nerds secure my internet connection with the permission of my benefactors' corporate offices every time I come in.

-----Begin Message Text-----

From: "Squid B. Varilekova"
Date: September 10, 2014 at 10:43:51 AM PDT
To: Dina
Subject: Re: i love you

Mom, I will starve to death without a Von's grocery store gift card and a new Visa gift card. I am not being dramatic. This is basic biology and Obama's bubble designed to destroy me in action. Please help. My beautiful world can provide you with bodyguards and lawyers.

I love you!

Sent from my iPad

-----End Message Text-----

The alarms were nonstop. War Criminal Boeset alarm at 11:43am. Heart attack alarm at 12:09pm. Iowa-tried-to-adult-abduct-me-and-return-me-to-rape-slavery-and-guaranteed-electroshock-to-render-my-perfectly-healthy-genius-mind-a-vegetable alarm at 12:19pm which had an all-clear at 12:43pm at the same time as an escalation warning.

The next Evil-Iowa-self-appointed-itself-the-internationally-criminal-power-to-abduct-and-destroy-Squid alarm went off at 1:13pm. My beautiful world, unless you stop Iowa, Obama, and the rest of Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy, this will never end. And if they get anything more they want, this will get worse.

I was all caught up with my online friends and was listening to old music that still resonated in the world by 3:13pm. It was a good day for Twitter.

Obama was scheduled to address the nation at 6pm PDT about his strategy for addressing the crisis in the Middle East presented by ISIS. The previous day I had asked my beautiful world to livestream it online for me, so I could watch it. Most of the time, though, Obama forbids me from hearing anything he says to the public. Obama just does not have the balls to face me.

I tried to catch the bus to be able to eat some food before Obama's address to the nation and waited from approximately 4pm to 4:30pm, but Obama had committed the act of terrorism AGAIN of sabotaging city infrastructure and denying public transportation to the masses. So, I had to just wait at my wifi benefactor.

It was okay. While the alarms blared outside unrelentingly and while my loved ones protected America by protecting me from Obama as well as my selfless support system is capable of doing so, I did some quality blogging and tweeting for the good of humanity.

I missed the first few seconds of Obama's address to the nation about ISIS in Iraq and Syria because, unlike every other time he has ever addressed the nation before, Obama did not stall to tweak his speech. Did you hear him directly threaten me with "shocks" and "no safe haven"?

My not-human-trafficker nerds, please make sure we have a verified podcast of my real-time response to Obama's primetime pathological lies while he addressed the nation on 10Sep2014. And thank you, my entire beautiful world, for your safe delivery of the truth to the masses.

At 6:47pm, Joe Montano stopped by to say, "Hi!" He is such a sweetheart.

I published the blog post at 7:15pm on 10Sep2014 from my wifi benefactor in Long Beach, California just minutes away from my apartment. My homes, both San Francsico and the house my husband bought with his Edward Scissorhands money decades ago, were still internationally criminally and unconstitutionally denied to me.

And now, my beautiful world, you only asked me one question since my last blog post, so I will answer it now. Please keep collecting all questions and concerns from all your friends and loved ones and sending them to me through whatever means possible. I am here to serve.

Do I believe Scotland should secede from the United Kingdom? No. I have a few reasons, too. To begin with, I worry about Scotland's national defense capabilities and their ability to feed themselves with agriculture.

I have many darlings from Scotland: David Tennant, Craig Ferguson, Andy Murray, Ewan McGregor, and I must have a Scottish woman as a friend, too. But it is Scotland's choice and nobody else's.

Scotland is not a land of idiots. They know how to decide their own future. This world needs fewer (expletive)holes pretending they know better than anyone else what is in the best interests of full-grown adults. Self-determination is a human right.

My beautiful world, please remind the world that my celebrity friends in the area are less terrorized and controlled than the general public. They try to pick me up and save me unrelentingly, but Obama always points his terrorist guns at their heads.

Before general members of the public criticize anyone, please remind them that the public are the only people who actually can reach me. Why are they not doing the rescuing they expect someone else to do?

That is how terrorized and mind-controlled Obama keeps the public in LA County through their earspeakers that have already been proven to cause mental health genocide.

For example, the public are ALWAYS told I am some drop dead gorgeous doppelgänger for myself. These people around me are brainwashed into believing that even now as I write this.

My brave rescuers, I hear some people call us the metaphorical North, and I hear some people call us the metaphorical South. But we all know we are the side that fights to end slavery. Yet, to be completely accurate, we are the Americans fighting the terrorists. Please ask the world and the media to keep their metaphors clean and fact-checked.

If you need anything, my brave rescuers, just tell me. Odds are, it is probably already in my blog. I asked my loved ones to pay some college interns with pizza, college credit, and disposable cash to make this hero blog tag and keyword searchable, so my logical arguments would be easier to find. That, too, is in this blog already. I have been doing my best to protect you all from dying for years.

SynSyn, Amita, and Ugwuji, did we get a breather Wednesday afternoon, 10Sep, or did you just not need to tell me about the threats anymore? I know you all protect this nation by protecting me 24/7.

My loved ones, the world knows Unelected (because he was impeached in 2013) Dictator Obama and his criminal terrorist puppets from War Criminal Boeset to Los Angeles County District Attorney Jackie Lacey to US Attorney General Eric H. Holder, Jr. to the staff of The Gables to the Evil State of Iowa to Obama's criminal terrorist anti-reality machine cable "network" to Obama himself unrelentingly and compulsively commit the same crimes with all of the same collusion- and pathological-lie-based modi operandi for all of them.

We know we need the entire good, green world to take down Obama's extragovernmental bubble of persecution that is enforced by Obama's iron fist of global war on US soil, well-documented terrorism, mental health genocide, unrelenting war crimes due to unrelenting coverups, and clinically-diagnosable psychopathy.

Until then, my loved ones, thank you for your selfless genii (plural of "genius" because my Powers of Attorney are all genii) ways in the courtroom just trying to make Obama's bubble tangibly livable for me for the first time since Obama took office and for my mighty and brave California while we all wait for Obama and all his puppets who prop him up to finally fall.

Thank you, my genii, so much for keeping me out of ANOTHER literal torture facility paraded as a psych ward. That would be the end of me, and, as a result, Obama would destroy America by destroying me. I know if you ever need my help, you will give me details.

Sweetness, I love and adore you. We have been through this. You are George Bettes's Gifted Learner Model #2 while I am #6. Stop letting anyone call you stupid. Darling, you are so intelligent you are even socially awkward. You are the guy reading the book in the bar that I would flirt with in an instant.

HoneyHoney, it is no secret I asked the nerds of the world for their blessing on our sacred marriage in Mexico City in 2010 before I even suggested for the first time to you that we marry. And they love you.

My beloved, you have never been just a pretty face to me. I would not be capable of loving you if you were. I knew the first time I ever saw you live and in person on your birthday in 2009 at DFW that if we ever started a relationship it would be forever.

Sweetness, it is no secret that when I saw you ride past me on your motorcycle in Jan2010 in front of Caffé Trieste that I thought it meant you had chosen to leave Vanessa. You know that was why I wrote you the first love letter, the letter that began our relationship. And in 2013, we were legally-recognized as married.

HoneyHoney, I WILL touch you the way the flowers kiss the rain.

P.S. I wrote Infamy in 2007. I wrote my draft of the pilot episode of CALIX, Set Sail! in 2008. I tried to write Latent City in 2009. I successfully finished Whiskeyless Fictions in 2010 in the torture facility in Liverpool.

I was in Iowa after that and suffering too much to write anything artistic but my creative nonfiction blog and a lot of painful love letters. However, since Los Angeles County has risen up to protect me, I have not been Obama-mandated raped since July2014. My mind is healing slowly. I will heal much faster in the unfettered arms of my husband.

Clearly, I am in my prime. This is because I am protected from rape ordered by Obama for the first time since he took office now. Just keep me out of any environment, like ANOTHER literal torture facility or the Diabolical State of Iowa, that Obama can control, and I will shine forever.

Even I cannot wait to see what fiction I write next, once I get the time to do something other than blog the minutia of my real life.

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