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Obama will Only Receive (Expletive)Kicking after (Expletive)Kicking from All of Us until I Get Enough Food Every Day AND my Husband.

Title: Obama will Only Receive (Expletive)Kicking after (Expletive)Kicking from All of Us until I Get Enough Food Every Day AND my Husband.

Please publish this post, my friends. I cannot control how many horrible things happen to me in one day; it is Obama who controls that. So, if I wait too long between posts, they become too drenching.

Please share this for me with the entire world, both houses of Congress, the Supreme Court, the United Nations, all sympathetic world leaders, all reputable national and foreign presses, etc.

Here is my latest blog post. We put the "kick" in (expletive)kicking since my last blog post. Thank you for keeping up, my beautiful world.

I published polished blog posts on 02Sep, 04Sep, 06Sep, 08Sep, 10Sep, 12Sep, 14Sep, 16Sep, 18Sep, 20Sep, 22Sep, 24Sep, 26Sep, 28Sep, and today 30Sep2014. There is also an appendix on 17Sep2014.

In case you missed any of them, it is best to read them oldest to newest. And brace yourself for October.

Middle East. The title of this article is "Why Law and War will not Defeat Jihadists." Well, is that not obvious? However, telling the truth about terrorism to prevent their brainwashing from spreading can defeat them.

From ISIS to Obama's entire unamerican terrorist conspiracy, they cannot keep recruiting if everyone knows what will happen to them for consciously choosing to commit heinous crimes against their own people. Please try the truth, my beautiful world. The truth shall set us free.

I published my last blog post at 5pm on 28Sep2014 while waiting for someone the national and foreign news media had promised to send to platonically buy me dinner. I later learned they had tried to send my replacement father figure, the Mr. Harrison Ford. I would have loved to have seen him again.

At 6:48pm, while still waiting, I tried making a reservation for a tour with NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab in Pasadena AGAIN, and AGAIN Obama's cyberterrorists prevented it. Apparently, my taking a public tour in Feb2015 was going to be some sort of threat to Obama's power as a terrorist dictator.

And just before 7pm, I asked my beautiful world to send in lovers and believers to where I was. Clearly, the man the news media had tried to send, my replacement father figure, could not make it.

Sadly, though, every time I ask lovers and believers to show up ANYWHERE they never do. I just needed my first real meal in years, except for the one my platonic local hero Darius had bought me on the Sunset Strip weeks previous. But, no, no one ever did show up to be good to me.

I relocated at 7:38pm after I was told the second round of people coming to feed me dinner had all been stopped by Obama's criminal terrorist Gestapo, too. I pray they all documented Obama's acts of terrorism against them; they were all civilians.

I just missed the bus I needed when I left the train station, but while waiting for the next one, I was approached by some delightful Scientologists. They had fewer questions for me than the Mormons did in August 2014, and I genuinely would love to see an honest result of my taking their personality test. But I had no time, the Sunset Strip was expecting me.

No, I never go out on Friday or Saturday nights. Those are amateur nights. I love to socialize on Sundays and Mondays, though. The reason for this is because I consciously try to avoid everything bad that befell me and attain everything good that came from my time on the Sunset Strip that Sunday night, 28Sep2014.

While sitting at a civilized bar (Please refer to the verified video.), drinking one of my only two drinks for the night, and singing along to the jukebox, I was approached by one of Obama's criminal terrorists.

Please note that I never asked his name nor tried to promote his career like I did with Darius. I knew he was a terrorist from the start. That rat (expletive) did nothing but lie to my face while I did nothing but use him for "plot" exposition even past the hour I had hoped I would be at the Whisky-A-Go-Go to meditate.

That OBVIOUS criminal terrorist who thought disrespecting any woman to her face would be some way EVER with ANY sane woman to sleep with her knows what he is getting for what he tried.

When he started committing the human rights abuses against America of propagating boldfaced lies to coverup Obama's human trafficking of me, to coverup Obama's systemic rape of me, to coverup Obama's war crimes of proven torture and unlawful imprisonment of me, to coverup Obama's terrorism against America, and to coverup Obama's mental health genocide of the entire public by causing all of America a mental break with reality and thereby trying to shift Obama's well-documented culpability onto me, OBAMA'S GREATEST VICTIM, by saying it was all somehow my fault for all of Obama's psychopathy because I consciously choose not to have sex with anyone but my own husband, that rat (expletive) signed his own (expletive)ing subpoena to every court on the planet who wants him punished for it.

Syniva, you know what to do. Do we have a full recording of all of that verbal exchange including full audio and visuals? It did not end until after 1am.

So, since Obama sent his criminal terrorists to follow me everywhere I went for weeks just to disrespect me to my face while mass murdering the good people who genuinely do want to serve America by ACTUALLY treating me well and saving us all from him, Obama will receive nothing but (expletive)kicking after (expletive)kicking from me and from all my beautiful world until he surrenders and his bubble of nothing but horrors and terrors finally ends.

Of all the menfolk who threw themselves at me all night, the only one GENUINELY respectful enough of me to even attempt having a chance at an official date with me was the guy flying to Hawaii.

Do we have a verified recording of our entire interaction from start to finish with full audio? Please make sure it circulates. That is an appropriate way to treat and address me except people should never pretend they do not know my name.

At 2:25am, I was consuming a cherry pie with whipped cream at a 24-hour restaurant on the Sunset Strip waiting for the trains to start running on Monday morning and watching the 65th general meeting of the UNHCR. I was just trying to do my job, but Obama's cyberterrorists crashed my ability to keep learning about real global crises I could attempt to fix at 2:36am.

So, I entertained myself with a blank page and sang along with the music being piped in until 4:37am when I left for Long Beach. On my way to the bus stop, I was stopped by a man who offered me a lift to my apartment. He made no disgusting romantic overtures, so I accepted.

Eventually, while we were still driving, he started boldface lying to my face. I told him to stop. But his false solution to the situation was to spread even more boldface lies to coverup his old boldface lies instead of just stopping. Even after I told him apologies are not real apologies until after the perpetrator ceases all crimes against me, he still did nothing but continue boldface lying to me.

So, I made him return me to where he picked me up. No, I do not accept such persecution for ANYONE. I do not tolerate abuse from ANYONE nor such boldfaced lies from ANYONE. Nor should anyone else.

I DEFINITELY do not tolerate people lying to my face that I do not suffer unspeakably under Obama by their denying they are obeying his rules to persecute me themselves to please Obama.

No, such a worthless human being is not worth pressing charges against, my loved ones, but make an example out of him as well as the rat (expletive) on how NOT to behave around me. No one anywhere should ever propagate more lies to coverup old lies nor commit more crimes as if that could ever excuse old crimes.

Such (expletive)holes need to just admit to my face that they consciously choose committing crimes against themselves and against all of America not just against me by consciously choosing to obey Obama instead of consciously choosing to not persecute me for him and stop pretending something else is going on.

California has a choice, and we need to choose to be free.

I was back at the bus stop outside the 24-hour restaurant at 5am. I took the bus to the train station where a kind local woman told me I looked like a nun. I know I show a little too much cleavage for that, so I made a joke about being a "fancy-clothes nun." I was on the train to Long Beach by 5:40am.

By 7:22am, I was eating a quesadilla and a plate of turkey bacon as my only meal since my dinner two nights previous. Obama's intentional starvation of me, as enforced by War Criminal Boeset, The War Criminal Gables, the ABSOLUTELY EVIL State of Iowa, War Criminal Wells Fargo Bank, and every dirty prosecutor who refuses to arrest any of them for it, is beyond a humanitarian crisis used as an act of war against America and against the whole world. Please reread my 28Sep2014 blog post for more details.

Here are the alarms I actually heard all night, and we all know there were probably more: 9:19pm, 9:38pm, 9:44pm, 5:56am, and 6:43am. War Criminal Boeset has ALWAYS been as criminally insane as her unamerican terrorist leader, Unelected Terrorist Dictator Obama; the world just finally noticed now.

Please take the burden of preventing her from destroying all good people everywhere off of my loved ones by forcing ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa to take their increasingly bloodstained hands off me. Thank you, my beautiful world.

We need ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa as well as everyone else propping up Obama's iron fist completely removed. Please hurry, my beautiful world. Obama's blatant lies to manipulate the public into persecuting and starving me for him and to breed irrational hatred of me are destroying Los Angeles County. Did you see the public?

I was awakened by alarms at approximately 2pm on 29Sep2014, so I asked my loved ones and my beautiful world to protect all of us until I could kickstart my SquidStream after finishing up in the bathroom. I do what I can to have as much privacy for myself as I can manage.

Obama's war criminals and terrorists will never stop, my beautiful world, until you all force them to. Someone somewhere needs to finally do something!

Joy of joys, Liana came back at 2:49pm. I had missed her. And, I picked up my iPad and left the apartment to run my weekly Monday errands at 2:54pm. I received the all-clear for the alarm that had woken me up when I reached the bus stop.

I proceeded to withdraw the entire $50 in my War Criminal Wells Fargo Bank checking account, the only money Obama permits me at all to live on every week.

Please reread my 28Sep2014 blog post about how many criminals from the ABSOLUTELY EVIL State of Iowa to Wells Fargo Bank themselves are committing crime after unrelenting crime against me to enforce my starvation for Obama.

My unspeakable suffering WILL NEVER END until you take action, my beautiful world! People need to do actual things instead of just having fruitless conversations.

I had a bit of a breather as I sat in the park and got my blog notes caught up on the previous night-into-morning then left at 4:56pm for my new counterterrorism "office."

There were two warnings of collusion escalations to lock me in a final torture facility to destroy me for Obama in quick succession as well as two all-clears while I was in transit. They were at 5:13pm and 5:40pm. My loved ones took care of all of it.

I was at my new "office" where I fight terrorism every day just by being there with my closed-circuit security system by 6:30pm. My only stop for my daily inspection was the notorious troublespot run by Obama's terrorists.

Yes, Obama's criminal terrorists were still running it, but it did look more normal than ever before. I roosted there to catch up with my online friends just because of how much it hurts those terrorists when I am around.

After taking care of all of my responsibilities supplying words for the ether for the day, I left my counterterrorism "office" at 8:34pm.

At the train station where I was changing trains, the government of Los Angeles County committed an act of collusion against me to my face. We have a verified video. I have a SquidStream.

There were no lights announcing a train was coming. I entered the gate. The lights started going off. So, I safely waited for the train to pass; even though, I knew that meant I would miss the train.

After I safely crossed the train tracks and walked to the machine to "tap" my Metro pass, a sheriff's deputy started yelling at me. He had singled me out for worse treatment than any other person in Los Angeles County would ever receive if they were not me.

It was his conscious act of persecution of me. Even after EVERYTHING I have done for law enforcement in Los Angeles County.

He pretended I had caused an "infraction" by safely waiting for the train to pass AFTER I had been warned it was coming AFTER I had entered the gate. It was obvious collusion, persecution, libel and slander I would EVER break a law in my life, and everything else my genius legal team can come up with.

We have grounds to press charges against Deputy Aispuro personally as well as everyone he turns in as sending him orders to single out this globally holy world leader for worse treatment than anyone else anywhere would ever receive from him including both his recorded hostility towards me and his conscious choice to claim I committed a crime I clearly did not commit.

The government of Los Angeles County needs to learn that I am NOT here to be their slave nor their persecution victim. After everything we have endured from dirty Los Angeles County District Attorney Jackie Lacey, my loved ones, my beautiful world, and I are beyond righteous if we choose to press any charges from hate crimes to persecution to collusion, etc. against Los Angeles County.

However, I trust my loved ones, the Metro Transit system, and any uncorrupted law enforcement in the area will all make sure the full truth is put on record including why Deputy Aispuro consciously chose to persecute me, will make sure all of the corruption is rooted out, and will make sure this blatant persecution of me all goes away as well as never happens again.

I do not tolerate being accused of crimes I have never committed. He was clearly a rare criminal in a uniform. The deputy clearly needs to turn in the entire chain of command all of the way up to Obama he chose to obey to commit the crime.

So, if he turns in all of the corrupt officials at all levels of government who ordered him to commit this blatant crime against me of accusing me of breaking a law I never broke, if this completely false ticket is never pursued, and if all the corruption in Los Angeles County is rooted out, including dirty DA Jackie Lacey, we including all of my beautiful world can let Los Angeles County and the deputy off the hook for all of this.

Let us seize this opportunity to make our government function better for all of us. My local lovers and believers of all levels of fame and gravitas, I trust you will make sure this incident receives a thorough investigation and every perpetrator behind this is brought to justice.

And I am sure the local sheriff's office as well as the entire Los Angeles government has learned a valuable lesson from all of this of the damage cause by Obama's criminal terrorist anti-reality machine crap-factory's unrelenting pathological lies about me that are both used as character assassination of this globally holy world leader who serves all of humanity selflessly 24/7 (Ask my BFF for my REAL résumé.) as well as to degrade and ultimately destroy me.

At 10:58pm, I was in my apartment making a pizza crust from scratch. The crust required an entire hour to set in the fridge, so I tuned in to the radio talk show Love Line. Sadly, I was too sleepy to spend all two hours and more baking a whole pizza, so I ate an orange, an apple, and toast points in hummus.

I was asleep before 12midnight. I slept uneventfully and woke up on 30Sep2014, got ready, and kickstarted my SquidStream at 9:48am.

My mother had promised to mail me new Von's and CVS gift cards, so I knew I had to wait for our mailman to receive them. Every time I waited for our mail delivery before, our regular mailman, or sometimes his mail lady stand-in, arrived as soon as 10:15am but never later than 11:15am.

Today our mail delivery was at 11:18am, and, yes, I did receive a gift card from my mother. It was not Von's and CVS gift cards like I was expecting, though. It was a Visa gift card I could spend anywhere, like finally getting another $8 eyebrow wax from my local salon. Hallelujah!

After our mail was delivered, I left to run some errands out and about in Long Beach. I heard three collusion escalation warnings and one torture facility threat warning just by 12:28pm while I was running errands. My loved ones and selfless support system were having a busy day.

Some tech support by my NSA alpha nerds (I deserve the best nerds in the world.) was required to connect me to the free public wifi. I patiently waited, and all was well by 12:31pm.

I knew there was too little bandwidth for me to completely catch up with all of my online friends, so I continued my daily errands after clearing my backlog of Tweets at 12:44pm. Nerds are so awesome. They are one of the few signs I have that I exist in the world as a human among other humans at all.

There were nothing but heart attack alarms, fire alarms, torture facility alarms, abduction to EVIL Iowa alarms, collusion for more intentionally fabricated false charges alarms, escalation warnings, and dirty Iowa judge alarms nonstop while I took the bus to downtown Long Beach: 12:59pm, 1:18pm, 1:20pm, 1:35pm, 1:40pm, and 2:02pm.

Thank you, my loved ones, my infallible selfless support system, and my beautiful world for taking actual action to protect me from Unelected Terrorist Dictator Obama and everyone he rendered a psychopath hellbent on destroying America by destroying me for him.

How did I chose to spend my pennies for the week? I knew it meant I would have to survive on nothing but $5 for the week and gift cards from my mother, but before 2:14pm, I bought a new EZ Transit Pass for October 2014.

My service to Los Angeles County and to both America and all the world by continuing to seek out peaceful solutions with my mobility was too important. I take my responsibilities to my people very seriously.

And as all transit systems in the Los Angeles metropolis know, Obama (with no authority to do so) ordered them all to raise their rates for public transportation in September 2014 allowing only fifteen days notice to all passengers metropolis-wide who rely on public transportation every day for their livelihoods. And, no, it is not normal to have only fifteen days or fewer for a rate increase.

No, none of us here can afford the new transit rates Obama's iron fist mandated.

I took a roundabout bus route to the train, and by 4:01pm, I was at my new counterterrorism "office." En route, there was a torture facility threat at 2:42pm and two mixed signals for torture facility threats and all-clears by 3:17pm.

There were also approximately four mixed signals of collusion escalations for more torture facilities and intentionally fabricated false charges by 3:42pm. I asked my beautiful world to check on it, and my loved ones took care of it all.

The first place I stopped on my daily inspection had absolutely no activity, not even a bare bones schedule. I was told days previous it could take weeks to get the hub up to speed, though, ever since I started demanding it be fully operational in my 18Sep2014 blog post.

There was an America's Benevolent Nerds vs. Obama's Cyberterrorists smackdown inside my iPad just to get me connected to the complimentary wifi from the time I arrived until 4:13pm when I connected. Yey! Nerds!

I connected just in time to notify my beautiful world of an immediate torture facility threat. My loved ones took care of it, but we need to take that unrelenting burden of protecting humanity from losing me FOREVER to Obama's blown coverups for war crimes to destroy me with off of my loved ones! Please try, my beautiful world.

Once we received the all-clear, I began catching up with all of my online friends.

The second place I stopped on my daily inspection was on a bare bones schedule. I really only stopped there because I needed a table. I knew they were fine.

This blog post was published at :pm on 30Sep2014.

And now, my beautiful world, I answer all of your questions for me. Please keep collecting all questions and concerns from all your friends and loved ones and sending them to me through whatever means possible.

Am I conceited? No, unlike the rest of the people where I can perceive them, I just acknowledge reality. It is not conceited to demand people acknowledge how much I suffer all day and all night every day and every night to my face as well as how much they propagate my suffering by not acknowledging it to my face.

Furthermore, no, it is not conceited to empower this entire once-great nation to stand up and liberate itself from a tyrant dictator even if it requires shaming people into not lying to me nor about me to the public just so I can set them all free of Obama's totalitarian rules.

Nor is it conceited to talk smack to the terrorist dictator who has systemically raped me, committed proven and literal acts of torture against me, human trafficked me, started a global war on US soil to be able to continue all of it as long as possible, and still compulsively and pathologically lies to get away with it all.

I can insult Unelected Terrorist Dictator Obama all I want with the reality of his incompetency. That will never make me conceited.

Is Obama a hawk or a dove? Obama recruited, armed, and built an entire seditious extragovernmental criminal terrorist army just to be able to keep civilians and veterans away from me who were trying for years to rescue me from his rape-slavery in Iowa.

Now, with his money from human trafficking me for years supplemented by federal taxpayer money that needs to be taken away from him, Obama maintains his growing seditious extragovernmental criminal terrorist army to fight a literal global war agains the entire planet led by the US Military, a war Obama caused himself by using his iron fist FOR YEARS to enforce his extragovernmental and totalitarian rules over all of America while committing some of the most heinous crimes known to mankind against me.

And Obama still believes he is entitled, even after being impeached for these very crimes against his own people in 2013, to continue America's greatest humanitarian crisis EVER by waging the first global war EVER on US soil against even the US government itself.

Obama is a hawk. This is obvious to anyone with reality in his or her head. If you look at recent polls of the US public, you will see the mental break with reality Obama has caused with his criminal terrorist anti-reality machine crap-factory broadcasts while simultaneously forbidding any truth from being reported in any reputable news media.

This evidence of the American public's mental break with reality is further evidence of the mental health genocide Obama mandates over all of America even beyond his mind-control earspeakers.

My beautiful world, I was told the good locals who clearly love me are all manipulated by Obama and his criminal terrorist anti-reality crap-factory into starving me for Obama and not just driving me to my own mansion nor rescuing me themselves with the boldfaced lie Obama has been propagating that I could ever be arrested for it.

What the (expletive), Los Angeles County?!? How does anyone STILL fall for OBVIOUS lies from Obama's crap-factory which has ONLY EVER boldfaced lied to manipulate the entire world into persecuting me for Obama?

Furthermore, THERE IS NO LOGIC IN THAT LIE! You know better than to listen to them! And, how the hell could there EVER be any justification anywhere for people choosing to persecute me for Obama?

No, I cannot be arrested unless I actually break a law which I have never done in my life and for which I cannot be framed anymore due to my SquidStream. And if Dirty Los Angeles County District Attorney Jackie Lacey tries to arrest me EVER AGAIN on any more intentionally fabricated false charges, we all know she will not do it if she has to admit to the false charges TO MY FACE while I have my SquidStream running.

Technically, Jackie Lacey already signed her own subpoena to the International Criminal Court by framing me for murder herself only to make Obama's iron fist of terrorism, genocide, human trafficking, systemic rape, proven torture, mental health genocide, and global war on US soil palatable to America, as if that were ever possible anyway.

But she knows it will be her absolute doom if she frames me for anything ever again, particularly if she has to do it to my face with my SquidStream running.

And, we have been through this before, my local lovers and believers. Every time Obama says, "We will commit (insert heinous crime here) against Squid unless you do X, Y, and Z," what all of us need the actual protection from is the X, Y, and Z.

As an example of this, if Obama says, "We will arrest Squid unless you starve her and persecute her for me by obeying my rules," what the world needs the actual protection from is my being starved and persecuted and anyone obeying Obama's rules. It is obvious there is no threat to arrest me IN REALITY that can happen to my face.

As another example, if Obama says, "I will murder Squid if you do not lock her in a literal torture facility parading as a psych ward and destroy her perfectly healthy mind with chemicals and electroshock for me," clearly, what the world needs protection from is my EVER going in another literal torture facility. Please reread my 03Aug2014 blog post about this.

Have you discovered the pattern yet, my lovers and believers? Obama makes empty threats to do heinous things he is not even capable of nor even wants to happen in order to manipulate all of you into committing his crimes against me for him. This is one of his well-established modi operandi.

Obama has always boldfaced lied to all of the world to get everything he wants from all of you. This is very well documented. Stop listening to anything he or his criminal terrorist conspiracy ever say! How have you not learned your lesson yet about this?

Please reread my 21Aug2014 blog post then my 06Sep2014 blog post, my local lovers and believers, then, as someone who actually can reach me, instead of all of my friends and rescuers Obama mass murders and commits violent acts of terrorism against for trying to rescue me, do something real to help.

I heard my platonic local hero Darius is treated like a rock star just for feeding me.

My mighty and brave California, there is no reason IN ACTUAL REALITY for not rising up en masse and setting yourselves free of Obama. If you will not do it for yourselves, please do it for me and America.

My brave rescuers, the American public has no idea what you are sacrificing to save them from Unelected Terrorist Dictator Obama and his entire seditious extragovernmental criminal terrorist army.

For years, my brave rescuers, you have told me that fighting Obama to rescue me from the rape-slavery he forced me to live under in ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa was worse than Fallujah.

Yes, my beautiful world, my loved ones, the other liberate parts of the federal government, the international justice system, and I are working on liberating California to make sure I can survive until Obama's bubble of nothing but horrors and terrors comes down as well as working on removing every single one of Obama's criminal terrorist conspirators who are keeping him propped up.

You do not have to worry about those two objectives, my brave rescues, unless you want to put anyone on trial for terrorism or crimes committed as acts of war against America in your military courts.

Your life is hard enough, my brave rescuers. You need to contain and remove Obama's entire seditious extragovernmental criminal terrorist army. Let my loving and adoring California with our international espionage saturation in the area worry about me. We are a team, so let everyone else do everything we can, too.

SynSyn, Amita, and Ugwuji, please remind Obama's criminal terrorist anti-reality machine and crap-factory that none of them would have jobs nor be rich and famous if I were not their literal slave FOR YEARS whom they are still starving and whom they tried excusing raping and torturing by "fictionalizing" their human trafficking of me which led directly to their causing a global WAR on US soil.

No, Obama's (expletive)holes cannot claim they "fictionalized their human trafficking of Squid for entertainment value" and still used it as intentionally fabricated false "evidence" to collude against me FOR YEARS.

Clearly, Obama's criminal terrorist anti-reality machine crap-factory which is still propagating war-crime-level calumny after calumny about me just wanted to degrade and ultimately destroy me, a globally holy world leader who selflessly serves all of humanity 24/7, to both prevent any of my further service to the entire world particularly to America as well as to also make Unelected Terrorist Dictator Obama's human rights abuses and unbridled crimes against his own people acceptable to his own victims, the America public.

My loved ones, now that we have a SquidStream, my closed-circuit security system, it will be so much more difficult for Obama to order more boldfaced lies about me that he has always and only used to manipulate the public with. It will be virtually impossible for any more dirty prosecutors to collude against me.

And it is obvious to the entire planet I have NEVER had any mental illness since this began when Obama took office despite how many times Obama ordered quackery to coverup his unrelenting war crimes of proven torture and (the worst of them all) unlawful imprisonment of me all as crimes used as acts of war against America and against all of humanity who needs me.

With the entire world now "mesmerized" by actual truth and honest reality, no one has any excuse left to listen to Obama's (expletive) campaign to prevent any and all good in the world by denying everyone everywhere the truth about me while replacing it all with unrelenting calumnies anymore.

I pray this has made your life easier, my genius Powers of Attorney.

Sweetness, I love and adore you. Here is my latest letter of undying love and devotion to you that you have been waiting so long for...

Page 1/16:

Page 2/16:

Page 3/16:

Page 4/16:

Page 5/16:

Page 6/16:

Page 7/16:

Page 8/16:

Page 9/16:

Page 10/16:

Page 11/16:

Page 12/16:

Page 13/16:

Page 14/16:

Page 15/16:

Page 16/16:

The deputy deserves charges just for calling me White instead of Mixed Race, but I will hold to my blogged agreement on this... The controversial ticket Obama did everything he could think of to silence 1/1:

Sundries Page 1/4:

Sundries Page 2/4:

Sundries Page 3/4:

Sundries Page 4/4:

As I said, my loving and adoring husband, I love and adore you. I wish I could still send you love letters you could touch and feel and drown yourself in naked in a claw-foot bathtub, but this is the best I can do right now. I promise I WILL touch you the way the flowers kiss the rain.

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