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My SquidStream has been Described as "Octopus is a World Leader the Planet Cannot Live Without who Fights Obama's Terrorism in her Spare Time." At Least, It is More Accurate than Most Other Things I have been Called.

Title: My SquidStream has been Described as "Octopus is a World Leader the Planet Cannot Live Without who Fights Obama's Terrorism in her Spare Time." At Least, It is More Accurate than Most Other Things I have been Called.

Please publish this post, my friends. I cannot control how many horrible things happen to me in one day; it is Obama who controls that. So, if I wait too long between posts, they become too drenching.

Please share this for me with the entire world, both houses of Congress, the Supreme Court, the United Nations, all sympathetic world leaders, all reputable national and foreign presses, etc.

Here is my latest blog post. I heard my local celebrity friends want to take me out of California to join my husband in Paris, France. You know Obama will just bring his terrorist war including proven-mental-health-genocide-causing-unrelenting-libel to Europe to destroy me there, right?

California is my home. Why would I leave? Who will set America free if I leave? Am I not safer where the US Militiary ("millions of heavily-armed brave volunteers who work as a well-oiled machine of sheer diplomacy") has authority to lead the armed forces of the world to rescue me, a woman the world keeps telling they cannot live without, as an excuse to save America out from under its first unelected terrorist dictator?

What is going to happen to America if I leave?

Embed this video here:

China. Hong Kong City Chief Leung, do not turn your city police, men and women whose job it is to protect and serve your own citizens, into criminals who commit human rights abuses against their own people.

Look, Chief Leung, committing crimes against your own people just to be able to stay in power makes you no better than Unelected Terrorist Dictator Obama.

Whether or not you actually are a democracy in Hong Kong, if you want to at least look like a democracy, you need to address the REAL needs of your people. And no population anywhere needs corruption.

You have an obligation to your people, Leung, to be the one democratic city in all of China. Those are your own REAL laws. That is your own REAL promise you made to your own people by taking office. Where is your sense of honor?

Leung, you need to start serving your people. Your name, "Leung," translated into English means "dragon," a creature of wisdom in your culture. Show some wisdom. Show some Chinese honor. Uphold your laws. Serve your people. Do not keep yourself in power just to keep preventing democracy in Hong Kong.

Mexico. It seems Mexican authorities have been cleaning up Mexico all year, something US authorities have been incapable of in America ever since Obama took office.

Mexico, you clearly understand the importance of arresting and convicting ACTUAL criminals as opposed to only colluding against innocents who have already been victims of domestic and international criminals for over six years WITH THE ENTIRE WORLD AS A WITNESS.

Congratulations, Mexico, you clearly have more law and order than once-great America.

I published my last blog post at 6:20pm from my new counterterrorism "office" on 30Sep2014. And, at 6:31pm, I left for my apartment. I had promised to bake a pizza the night before with my beautiful world watching my SquidStream.

Apparently there were more alarms I had not heard while I was proofreading my blog post for 30Sep2014 because there was a long string of all-clears as I was in transit.

I arrived at my apartment at 8:09pm, had a short chat with Liana, and then immediately began pressing the pizza crust. There was alarm after alarm while I was cooking that I asked my beautiful world to take care of.

While the pizza was in the oven, I noticed the latest passive aggressive crime against me by The War Criminal Gables was their stealing my ice cream. It was not the first time The Gables had stolen my food that I have to buy with my own pennies. This was just the most recent occurrence.

I snacked on toast points in hummus and two slices of turkey bacon while waiting, but by 9:44pm, I was eating a minced garlic, white onion, Roma tomato, green pepper, spinach, arugula, chopped artichoke, sliced hard salami, pepper jack pizza in a red sauce that was spiced with basil and oregano all on a handmade crust.

And after dinner, I knew I should have gone to watch my pre-recorded middle-aged White men's broadcasts from the previous night, but after the blog post I had just published on 30Sep2014, I knew it would be better to watch the newer pre-recorded broadcasts in the morning.

I was curled up in bed with the radio flipped on by 10:05pm. I thought I would be asleep in no time, as per usual. I normally fall asleep once my head touches the pillow. But Obama had turned his well-documented electrobeams technology (developed for the Navy years ago) on me again.

It costs so much taxpayer money for Obama to operate his "secret" military-grade weapon that the Pentagon nerds always shut off for me every time I ask them to shut it off. All it does is keep me awake and speed up my heart. But Obama refuses to stop wasting taxpayer money to victimize me with it.

Obama's electrobeam technology caused the $1B+ that was unaccounted for in the military budget in 2011 that Obama forced at-the-time Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta to explain to Congress and to the public all without violating Obama's own gag order on reality.

It took some troubleshooting to figure out where the electrobeams were coming from that night, but the Pentagon nerds got them shut off. I was asleep by midnight. Thank you, US Military, for EVERYTHING!

On 01Oct2014, I was awake and ready by 8:10am. I chatted with Liana and ate more of the previous night's delicious pizza before picking up my iPad and heading out to begin my October at 8:31am.

In transit at 9:04am, I was given a warning of a collusion escalation to deny all medical reality to lock me in a literal torture facility parading as a mental institution FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE.

Under normal conditions people need to be criminally insane, like Unelected Terrorist Dictator Obama or War Criminal Boeset, to be locked in an mental institution to have electroshock forced on them, but it is Obama's "reality" this nation lives in, not honest reality.

I recommended my loved ones use my 28Sep2014 blog post to take care of it, and they kicked (expletive). My beautiful world, you need to take this burden off my loved ones. And thank you.

I was at the train station at 9:17am. My trip to the Getty Center could have taken as long as four hours on public transportation. Luckily, I arrived at the tram just before 11:30am, though.

There were many fire and torture facility alarms during my morning trip: 9:04am, 10:34am, 10:38am, and 10:53am. There were probably even more while I was at the Getty where I was unable to detect them.

I perused the permanent collection and was nestled in the shade by the dahlias at 12:24pm. As promised, I watched as much of my middle-aged White men I could finagle into streaming on the complimentary wifi at the Getty Center. By 2:42pm, I was caught up with my online friends, so I wandered around the grounds again.

Why was I so visibly furious while perusing the art previously in the day? Obama had killed someone the night before. Oh, he was SO going to get an (expletive)kicking for that!

We have been through this SO MANY TIMES before in so many previous blog posts. This is what I ACTUALLY do when I am angered-- I take calculated action to disable Obama's real terrorist threats to America. I make Obama strategically suffer for the injustices he commits against all of America that make me angry.

That is the honest reality of my life, as opposed to Obama's unrelenting libel that my screaming to protect myself from him is anything but my ONLY mode of self-defense; the doorman at the Whisky-A-Go-Go knows I do not even carry pepper spray.

And, yes, screaming has ALWAYS very effectively made Obama's immediate threats to me cease; that is why he is so desperate to manipulate the entire world into stopping me from screaming at his OBVIOUS criminal terrorists anymore.

When I scream, (expletive) gets taken care of. And, no, I have never believed I should have to scream to make someone finally do something to protect me, but it always works. So, Obama unrelentingly lies, one of his well-documented modus operandi, about this particularly effective method of protecting myself from him to destroy me and everything that protects me from him.

Thus, because Obama killed another good person on the night previous, I began planning our righteous form of justice against him for it at 3:10pm on 01Oct.

I left on public transportation. And, after a stop for some yogurt as a snack, I was at my counterterrorism "office."

As I was approaching my "office" at 5:42pm, I could tell there would be no real activity there, just an elaborate facade. And by the time I sat down to blog at 5:57pm, I had the verified footage to prove it.

My benevolent not-human-trafficker nerds, please make sure you stamp the recording with the time and date and do not forget to show the sky. Let us make sure that footage circulates.

No, Obama was STILL refusing to obey his own rules even while Obama killed at least one more innocent American the night before and after YEARS of killing innocents on US soil just for exercising our Constitutional rights with our consciously disobeying Obama's extragovernmental rules that we have so much evidence Obama has ALWAYS also refused to obey.

Why does Obama refuse to allow my iPad and my internet presence to function like I am a normal person? Why does Obama refuse to allow the entire American public to treat me with the dignity and respect all humans are due? Why am I ALWAYS singled out for worse treatment than anyone else receives anywhere Obama can control them?

No, it was NOT part of my normal life before Obama took office to be unrelentingly locked in literal torture facilities where I was boldfaced lied to with obvious quackery to coverup the proven torture, systemic rape, and (the worst crime of all) unlawful imprisonment that Obama ordered me to endure there.

It WAS part of my normal life before Obama took office for me to have control of my own finances and my own passport. It was NOT part of my life before Obama to NOT have any human rights but my freedom of speech which Obama is also on record of doing everything he can think of to silence.

No, I was NOT systemically raped BEFORE Obama took office, as if I needed any other "leak" to prove Obama singled me out ever since he took office to suffer under the most heinous crimes known to mankind because of him.

No, Obama has NEVER obeyed his own rules that my life is supposed to be just like my life before he took office. Obama's conscious crimes to make me suffer as much as he can make possible has always been the leak.

And, yes, Obama consciously mass murders everyone he can possibly excuse mass murdering to the public for disobeying his own rules he has NEVER obeyed himself.

My beautiful world, force Obama to take his double-standard extragovernmental rules down that even the people who enforce never obey themselves.

California, if you stand up en masse, you will have the critical mass to save all of America. You deserve your full human rights as much as I do. Stop consciously choosing to obey the tyrant. Set us all free by setting yourselves free.

Never listen to any media Obama ever propagates anymore. Call your local news stations for sources of trustworthy information. And trust true fountains of reality only.

You want to convince me you love me as much as I love you, California, especially Los Angeles County? Then you, every average member of the public, need to organize and stand up.

Take the bubble down, America. No one else ever will but you.

While I was at my counterterrorism "office" I simultaneously received the all-clear on the latest torture facility threat to me due to ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa refusing to ever cease committing crime after unrelenting heinous crime against me and the fire alarm that my incoming rescue was blocked again. I asked my beautiful world to make sure no one was dying due to Obama again.

Clearly, no one has been able to reach me since 2010 when people first started trying to rescue me from Obama, so where I am, the mighty and brave California, needs to stand up and save all of America from Obama by uniformly refusing to obey all of Obama's rules here, at least in the Los Angeles metropolis.

There is no other option. Your stalling is killing people. California, I have always been here for you when you need me, and I always will as long as you can protect me from all of Obama's crimes against me. Will you save America by saving yourselves?

At 7pm, I left my counterterrorism "office" with a promise to check on all of them again the following day. The trip on public transportation was largely uneventful, except for kind local menfolk holding doors open for me and calling me "gorgeous."

I was in my apartment by 8:22pm. I ate sugar snap pea crisps and the last of my pizza from the previous night. I responded to boldfaced lies left for me by the "management" of The War Criminal Gables. And I was curled up in bed at 9:02pm. I was asleep in no time.

I was awakened by alarms with no further details on Thursday morning, 02Sep2014. I asked my beautiful world to check on everyone and laid in bed listening to the radio before getting ready and kickstarting my SquidStream at 8:14am.

I knew I needed to wait for our mail delivery again which normally arrived between 10:15am and 11:15am. But there were more alarms at 8:29am that I needed to send my beautiful world to check on again.

I chatted with Liana and ate a minced garlic, white onion, Roma tomato, green pepper three-egg scramble between two tortillas and smothered in salsa verde while waiting for the mailman.

And, our normal mail delivery man arrived at 10:47am. I received the Von's and CVS gift cards from my mother that I had been expecting since Tuesday.

I made a mental note to thank my recently-redeemed mother for keeping me hanging on in here as well as I can under Obama's enforced poverty over me, and I left just before 11am to run my errands for the day. I stopped at my local CVS for a way to hydrate before hopping on the bus.

In transit, at 11:46am, ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa decided I have too much physical safety and too much ACTUAL love from the public in California, so they pretended the dirty Iowa courts had the authority to threaten all of humanity with Iowa's self-appointed entitlement to abduct me and destroy me in Iowa for Obama.

This is ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa's same self-appointed entitlement they started in 2010 to abduct me from the United Kingdom, take away all of my human rights, drag me kicking and screaming to ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa, steal all my finances and passport all of which they have yet to return to me, unrelentingly libel me with fictional mental illness to coverup their proven torture and human rights abuses against me, mandate I be Obama's "fictionalized" rape-slave FOR YEARS, and enforce Unelected Terrorist Dictator Obama's iron fist of totalitarian oppression and war over all of America.

Clearly, no, ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa has no plans to EVER stop. My beautiful world, I have begged you for months to level international reparations against the most evil people to ever walk the Earth, contemporary Iowa, to benefit the Third World, the people who need me free to solve global crises unfettered the most.

My beautiful world, you need to do something real to stop ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa from destroying me for Obama, or you will lose me FOREVER to their self-entitled psychopathy as a population. I have been begging you for years to protect me from ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa; if you do not do it now, tomorrow might be too late.

I was at my destination for the day, the Los Angeles Farmers' Market, by 1:30pm. In the bathroom I noticed I had not put on any makeup yet for the day. I perused for Manila mangoes while asking my beautiful world to check on why the alarms had been going off for over five minutes.

And, at 1:51pm, I was on a complimentary red blanket on the lawn of The Grove. While my NSA alpha nerds connected me to the complimentary wifi, I put on my eyeliner and lipstick for the day. Yey! Nerds!

I quickly began catching up with my online friends, so I could do what I always do, sit at LA landmarks and blog for humanity. There were more alarms at 3:02pm, so I asked my beautiful world to protect us all from Obama again. I absolutely hate when Obama kills people.

This blog post was published at 4:45pm on 02Oct2014 after I had already left The Grove and the Farmers' Market.

And now, my beautiful world, I answer all of your questions for me. Please keep collecting all questions and concerns from all your friends and loved ones and sending them to me through whatever means possible.

Do I have brain cancer? I had an MRI in 2002 that came up negative. I had a CT scan after I insisted on being checked for a brain tumor in 2012. It also found nothing.

I cannot have yet another MRI until ALL of the electronics are removed from my head including the microchip Obama's criminal terrorists tore up the insides of my nose to shove into my sinuses, if you ever wondered why I snore so much.

My electronics will NOT come out until my surgeon of choice, whom I picked out in 2009, my old college friend Dr. Ugwuji Maduekwe can perform the necessary surgery on me nor until my closed-circuit security system can be replaced by my husband and our trustworthy bodyguards.

As normal as a concern as it is for someone with as many electronics in her head as I have to worry about brain cancer, so should EVERYONE ELSE with electronics in their heads worry about having a brain tumor.

The electronics are the only reason anyone could worry I have a brain tumor, especially since I already had an MRI in 2002 that found no tumor. So, EVERYONE with electronics in their heads, especially ones that send or receive any transmissions, are at as great a risk as I am for having any brain tumor at all.

Thus, if I need to get checked for brain cancer, so does everyone else with an earspeaker.

Do I believe in luck? No. I suppose I would if I had ever in my life been a gambler, but, no, I do not believe in luck.

I do, however, believe in destiny. Of all the people on this planet who look enough like me to have been falsely identified in a random video Obama chose in 2009 to use as an excuse to enforce completely extragovernmental rules of totalitarian oppression over all of America with absolutely no authority EVER to do so, the world is very "lucky" I was hand-picked for it.

Quite on the opposite hand, I am very "unlucky" for having been chosen. My life has been nothing but horror after horror as Obama has used me for over six years now to be the first dictator of America.

The only silver lining I have ever asked for out of all of this is my loving and adoring husband. My human rights, which I have long demanded, are due me by virtue of my just being a human on this planet at all, especially under the jurisdiction of the United States of America.

I understand I could ask the whole world literally for the moon as my just compensation for every heinous act I have been forced to endure and still endure under Obama, but I just want my husband and my human rights.

Our demanding justice is how we are bringing Obama, his terrorist dictatorship, his rules, his bubble, and his totalitarian oppression to an end.

My beautiful world, do you have any idea how insane someone would have to be to look at me and pretend I am not "mentally competent" to do ANYTHING?!? What the (expletive), world?

That is like looking at me and pretending I never shower! Or like watching months of verified tapes of my screaming at people to stop and refusing to acknowledge I only scream to defend myself!

Stop allowing all of the pathological libel Obama orders be propagated to destroy me to keep inciting your mental break with reality (Revisit my 30Sep2014 blog post about this.), my once-great America.

My brave rescuers, of all the people in my beautiful world, I feel we communicate the least. That is probably for good reason. If I broadcast any way to help me or help save America from Obama in a message to you, Obama will use his terrorism to prevent it.

But if you need anything, as always, just ask. My brave rescuers, as many times as I have had to say it FOR YEARS, the American public has finally awakened to the reality that you are the armed forces of the world lead by the US Military coming to save us all.

Do you remember in my old blog post where I said, "The public keeps demanding someone other than themselves do all of the rescuing, so that is exactly what they are going to get."? That apathy of the American public to even saving themselves, when it could be so easy, is why we have a global conflict on US soil right now instead of a peaceful solution.

Obama and all of his criminal terrorist conspiracy will never stop. They have made that clear. All of them from the ABSOLUTELY EVIL State of Iowa to Me-Love-You-Long-Time Eric H. Holder, Jr. will NEVER stop committing the most heinous crimes known to mankind against all of America while ensuring no justice will ever come to prevent their crimes as long as they are in corrupt power.

So, I will say it again. The world needs to take down every crooked pillar propping up Unelected Terrorist Dictator Obama, his rules, his bubble, his criminal terrorist conspiracy, and his iron fist while California and all of the American public rise up to remove all of their Obama-controlled earspeakers and to unshackle themselves from all of Obama's oppression by no longer consciously choosing to obey it.

Then, my brave rescuers, all you need to do is arrest each and every member of Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy, round them all up, remove them all from society (that they toil tirelessly to destroy), put them all on trial at The Hague (and in military courts for committing crimes used as acts of war against America, if you so choose), and imprison them for the rest of their lives in any number of Russian gulags for the United Nations' International Criminal Court, if Russia would be so kind.

Then, America will finally be free of Obama's iron fist of terrorism, mental health genocide, war crimes, human trafficking, and war, and I will finally be free and safe enough to solve global crises as my service to humanity for the rest of my life with my loving and adoring husband by my side.

And thank you, my brave rescuers, the armed forces of the world, for believing my selfless service to all of humanity is important enough for all of you to risk your lives to save once-great America from Unelected Terrorist Dictator Obama.

SynSyn, Amita, and Ugwuji, it should have been easier for all of you after August, but it seems it did not get easier until after September. Keep telling me what you need when you need it. I know my REAL role in all of this, and I take my responsibilities to everyone very seriously.

We are a team, my loved ones. As I said in my 30Sep2014 blog post, colluding against me is virtually impossible now that Sweetness has delivered my closed-circuit security system and service to humanity by removing the Obama-mandated mental break with reality in the minds of the public and replacing it with the truth, a.k.a. the SquidStream, to all the planet.

We a finally making real progress, my genius Powers of Attorney. Keep telling us all what you need.

Sweetness, I love and adore you. We will make California safe enough for you to come home and be with me. There is no other way to save America.

Darling, I understand that most of the world (including our own US armed forces) only care about saving me and do not even give a damn about saving America who consciously chooses to commit the crimes against me of consciously choosing to commit the crimes even against themselves of consciously choosing to obey Obama's extragovernmental rules that no one anywhere EVER had any authority to enforce.

But, HoneyHoney, I care about saving America. Look at how much the entire world has fallen apart ever since Obama has taken office from the global economic crisis to the unrelenting Third World conflicts worldwide that just keep increasing!

Beloved, this is what happens to the world when we lose America as the "village on the hill" the shows the world what a country is supposed to be. When Obama removed all 1st Amendment rights from all Americans in 2009 with me as the excuse, Obama rendered America the Land of the Oppressed instead of the Land of the Free. And then the world fell apart.

What I am counting on, my adoring husband, is that we are still the Land of the Brave. Otherwise, nothing will ever save us.

The public needs to rise, throw off their shackles, and exercise their full rights en masse. If the people do not save the people, there is no one else who will.

Sweetness, stay in France where you are protected from Obama; you can help us all better where you can have full human rights. But I am staying here where my people need me to help them free themselves until California, if not all of America, is safe enough for the two of us to be together forever at last in our own home as husband and wife.

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