Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Truth is Too Important.

Title: The Truth is Too Important.

Please publish this post now, my friends. I cannot control how many horrible things happen to me in one day; it is Obama who controls that. So, if I wait too long between posts, they become too drenching.

Please share this for me with the entire world, both houses of Congress, the Supreme Court, the United Nations, all sympathetic world leaders, all reputable national and foreign presses, etc.

Here is my latest blog post.

A.) If Obama and his criminal terrorist conspiracy did not want me unhappy, they would not keep going so far out of their way unrelentingly to make me unhappy. If anyone anywhere ever wanted me happy, that person would have done something REAL to make me happy. And, yes, many good people have tried.
B.) Yes, I do have confidence, but I don have "conceit;" instead, unlike Obama and his criminal terrorist conspiracy, I acknowledge reality and only tell the honest truth.
C.) Obama and his criminal terrorist conspiracy only want to "control Squid's powers" because the only thing I use my powers for is saving us all from them and solving major global crises. (Already addressed in 12Oct2014 blog post.)
D.) No, no one is trying to kill me, nor will anyone be sent to kill me. The only threat to harm me comes from Obama demanding I be destroyed completely with systemic rape, proven torture, and unlawful imprisonment in an environment he can completely control like a final literal torture facility. (Already addressed in 03Aug2014 blog post.)
E.) This entire human rights catastrophe and the massacre caused by Obama's iron fist would all have been fixed by now if all people had listened to me all along.

This is the part of every blog post where I normally address global crises. However, my beautiful world, it has become increasingly difficult for me to find problems to solve for all of you other than my own.

Please send me everything you want my help with. Whenever possible, find a way for me to have honest conversations with people I need to speak to in order to help you. I am only here to serve. And I want to help you solve your problems. You just need to tell me what you need. And thank you.

I published my last blog post at 5:30pm on my 37th birthday, 12Oct2014. And it immediately ended the literal torture facility threat that had used pathological lies all day to be able to destroy me completely for Obama. As a result, the connection at the coffee shop was down by 5:44pm.

It was still my birthday, and I still had all night ahead of me. The first thing I did was ask my NSA alpha nerds to call where I was to obtain permission to fix their wifi to keep us all online. It was already well-established that if I cannot connect to the internet, people die under Obama's iron fist.

Reassured my beautiful world would be able to tell me everything they might need my help with, I left the coffee shop in Silverlake for the Sunset Strip at 7pm to celebrate my birthday there. I had warned them a week ahead of time to plan for my birthday. Sadly, that meant Obama did too.

There was nothing but human devastation at the Sunset Strip.

First, I went straight to my normal haunt for some dinner. The bartendress was visibly upset she could not give me free drinks and free food on my own birthday due to Obama's oppression of all of America; she was even forbidden from giving me the level of customer service I would have had from her before Obama took office, least of all the customer service I deserve now.

My beautiful world, you can ask anyone in North Beach about the level of customer service I was accustomed to receiving in drinking establishments, restaurants, and rock dance floors before Obama began enslaving and persecuting me in 2009.

I was approached by an intentionally insincere sycophant who wanted my permission to allow (expletive)holes to treat me like a child. We need to do better, my local selfless support system, keeping Obama's criminal terrorists and people sent to carry out objectives for Obama away from me.

Both my beautiful world AND the servants of America's archvillain, Unelected Terrorist Dictator Obama, need to read my blog. I will NEVER give anyone permission to degrade me, demean me, destroy me, abuse me, nor lie about me, especially not to my face.

I was so disgusted, I packed up my leftovers, over-tipped the waitress to cheer her up after how much she visibly hated herself over how she was forced to treat me, and looked around for someplace to meditate.

The three closest venues for lovers and believers were the Roxy, the Whiskey-A-Go-Go, and the Viper Room. Sadly, I knew I could not just walk up to the door and ask to go in. I knew if anyone told me to wait in line, to buy a ticket for admission, or to show my ID, the entire world from foreign leaders to my own legal team would rage on them.

I knew all three venues loved me. Just ask them who they found to play music for me there on my birthday. I never blame victims for crimes committed against them nor do I force victims of oppression (or possibly mental health genocide) to suffer more because they are already suffering under Obama.

I live among these people. I know love when I feel it. I know oppression when I see it.

I knew the only way I could make it onto a dance floor to meditate was if I was invited in. But no one anywhere even acknowledged I was a human among them.

I walked right past the Roxy where the crowd outside would not even get out of my way to allow me to pass. I greeted the doorman at the Whiskey-A-Go-Go, a man I had already made friends with weeks prior, and he did not even tell me, "Hello." The doorman at The Viper Room, THE VIPER ROOM, of all places, greeted everyone but me.

It was human devastation EVERYWHERE. I knew I had to kick Obama's (expletive) for what he had done to my people in my town in my neighborhood on my birthday.

The entire world knows how much I suffer to be able to serve these people from making sure the entertainment industry has freedom of speech to making sure their city infrastructure is protected.

I love these people, and these people love me. If my people, who have already put on record everything they would do for me just because of who I am for real, treat me like I have never existed in the world, that is how unbearably inhumane Obama's totalitarian oppression enforced by his iron fist of terrorism, war, and genocide really is.

Please, my genius legal team, collect evidence and witness statements from all establishments on the entire Sunset Strip of how they wanted to treat me and how Obama had terrorized them into treating me.

It was my birthday! And that is what Obama had done to my people!

I knew if Obama made me cry, the entire world would kick all of his conspiracy's (expletive)es. And after I told Obama that, the terrorism alarms immediately went off.

Please, my genius legal team, ask the local fire department to make witness statements about those collusion alarms.

And then the torture facility alarms immediately started blaring, too.

I relocated to a safer neighborhood and wept for hours over the human devastation Obama had intentionally wrought as his attempt to make me turn against my own people who love me, so Obama could make them destroy me for him.

I was lucky enough to find a secure wifi connection. As a recap of the night, please read the activity on My Twitter Account for the night of 12Oct2014, my 37th birthday. My NSA alpha nerds, please make sure any and all blocked tweets are released. The truth is too important.

Before leaving, I sent this message to my local selfless support system which will only make sense if you have just read my 12Oct2014 blog post... "11:09pm I need to sleep. I am heading to bed. I will take the Metro Transit Authority to Long Beach. Please secure my entire path and watch me sleep. I might possibly have a new psychopath as a roommate. We have no all-clear from my legal team on the latest literal torture facility threat, yet, and Obama is beyond desperate to destroy me. He has proven that. I protected the officers' lives last night, but that does not mean they will remember that. This is mental health genocide in here. Thank you, my secret operatives."

What went wrong on the Sunset Strip on my 37th birthday? The public who loves me consciously chose to commit the crime against themselves not just against me of obeying Obama instead of just telling me what the problems were that Obama caused them so I could fix it for them. These are my people. I fix their problems when they ask. I am only here to serve.

Obama should NEVER be obeyed. Obama should NEVER get anything he wants, or Obama will destroy us all. Why does no one read my blog? Just tell me what you need, my beautiful world; solving problems is what I do.

What went right on the Sunset Strip on my 37th birthday? Obama was so stupid he was predictable which allowed me to protect as many people as possible. And now, everyone should know better than to do anything Obama wants. It is okay to ask me for help, my beautiful world.

The transit ride into Long Beach was uneventful. I was curled up in bed at 2:48am. No, I did not have a new roommate yet. I had the radio flipped on and was asleep in no time while my neighborhood and saturation of secret operatives kept me safe despite my being at The War Criminal Gables.

I woke up with a headache on 13Oct2014. Please check if Obama had put anything in the one glass of bourbon I drank at the one establishment I had stopped in on the Sunset Strip on my birthday.

After Charisse verbally attacked me for knocking on the bathroom door to make sure I would not walk in on her, I told her to never speak to me again until she would respect me like I deserve.

Yes, I wept that morning, too. But that was because of all the human indignity I was suffering at The War Criminal Gables. I know the world saw it because The War Criminal Gables human traffics me with cameras I am forbidden from knowing about in every room of my apartment.

I am even told The War Criminal Gables are committing the crime against women of "forced public nudity" that counts as a war crime by broadcasting me in the shower and the crime against women against me of "forced public humiliation" that counts as a war crime of showing me on the toilet.

Both of those war crimes by the human traffickers at The War Criminal Gables are committed against my will and without my even knowing about it. But no one has ever confirmed or denied that for me that it is even happening.

If I could leave that apartment complex of nothing but horrors and abuse, I obviously would have by now, but Unelected Terrorist Dictator Obama (in conspiracy with The War Criminal Gables, War Criminal Boeset, the ABSOLUTELY EVIL State of Iowa that refuses to take its increasingly bloodstained hands off me, War Criminal Wells Fargo Bank that refuses to give my own legally-recognized husband access to my own bank account, and the dirty prosecutors at every level of government everywhere who refuse to arrest anyone for these unrelenting crimes against me Obama uses as acts of war against America) refuses to allow me control of enough of MY OWN finances to move to someplace at all law-abiding, nor is anyone actually capable of being near me willing to just take me to my own house to live with my own husband which would fix everything but ending Obama's mental health genocide and containing his seditious extragovernmental criminal terrorist mercenary army.

As an added note about War Criminal Wells Fargo Bank, they refuse to obey any law anywhere from local to California to international by refusing to give my own loving and legally-recognized husband unfettered access to my own bank account despite my needing my own money to be able to feed myself and to find housing that neither human traffics me nor colludes unrelentingly to destroy my perfectly healthy mind in a literal torture facility.

Yet War Criminal Wells Fargo Bank mandates criminal access and criminal monitoring of my bank account only to War Criminal Boeset who has NEVER had any actual legal right nor legal authority nor even a legal entitlement to control my finances. Nor has ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa, the (expletive )holes who prop up War Criminal Boeset, ever had jurisdiction to control my finances.

And these well-established war criminals that War Criminal Wells Fargo Bank consciously allows control of my bank account, instead of my own adoring and legally-recognized husband, only use their criminal control of my finances to destroy me all as crimes against me used as acts of war against America and against the entire world who loves and needs me.

And War Criminal Wells Fargo Bank makes their conscious choice to starve me, keep me enslaved at The War Criminal Gables, and to enforce Obama's constant physical threat to me of my being unlawfully imprisoned in a final literal torture facility all through their conscious choice to refuse me any of MY OWN finances that my own legally-recognized husband would give me if he had access to my bank account all as War Criminal Wells Fargo Bank's conscious crimes against me used as acts of war against America, so War Criminal Wells Fargo Bank can enforce Unelected Terrorist Dictator Obama's iron fist of uncontrolled terrorism against the American public, proven mental health genocide, unrelenting war crimes against me, inescapable human trafficking of me, and global conflict on US soil.

Furthermore, all of America would be free of Obama's iron fist, which I just described, entirely by now if all people everywhere would have just listened to me all along, removed their earspeakers, and uniformly stopped obeying ANY of Obama's "Mein Kompf" of rules.

I was ready in no time on the morning of 13Oct2014, and I kickstarted my SquidStream at 11:42am before eating my leftovers and leaving the apartment of nothing but horrors and abuse that Obama refuses to allow me to escape to run my Monday errands.

After a NSA Alpha Nerds vs. Obama Cyberterrorists smackdown, I was finally connected to wifi at 1:58pm. I checked my War Criminal Wells Fargo bank balance.

Yes, I had received my weekly $50 (That is $7 a day.) OF MY OWN MONEY from War Criminal Boeset, which was the ONLY money Unelected Terrorist Dictator Obama and his criminal terrorist conspiracy would permit me to live on all week.

So, I ran my errands and was at my counterterrorism office by 4:14pm. I received many messages during the trip. I was told the torture facility alarm I had been waiting on had cleared. I was told we were having many great successes out there.

But also, the alarm warning of a dirty (Iowa, again?) judge kept going off due to a brand new threat to remove me from the entire world that loves and needs me FOREVER by destroying me in a final torture facility.

My NSA alpha nerds had me connected to the wifi in no time. The entire world knows no one anywhere can be protected from Obama's uncontrolled crimes against America and against all of humanity if I cannot tell the truth about them online.

While waiting for Obama's latest irrational denial-of-all-reality threat to destroy me completely to clear, I watched the locals who were around me. Their grasp of reality was degrading. WE NEED ALL EARSPEAKERS REMOVED!

My beautiful world, you all know I HATE when you intentionally make me overhear you speak into a phone or to someone else as your method of giving me "secret" messages.

But if you still carry out that act of disrespect to me, you need to stop using pronouns: "he," "she," "it," "they," etc. Use actual names and be specific with details. Your vaugeries convey no real meaning and make you sound like morons.

By 5:09pm, my counterterrorism "office" finally started looking "normal." I caught up with my online friends. After the alarms blared, I sent my beautiful world to rescue anyone under Obama's iron fist.

I watched the pre-recorded NBC Nightly News from the previous night and the current night. I was still furious with Obama, but seeing true friends (the NBC Nightly News) tell the truth and be good to me really made me feel better.

Just after 8pm, I left my counterterrorism "office." My transit ride was full of a lot of people who just wanted to make sure I was safe. And my bus driver reminded of Mr. David Sedaris.

I was in my apartment eating the last of my pasta leftovers, snacking on toast points in hummus, and cooking dinner by 9:39pm. Dinner that night was $4 worth of sirloin steaks lightly salted and pan-fried and fresh green beans sautéed in sea salt, sliced almonds, and extra virgin olive oil.

By 10:43pm, the radio was flipped on, and I was curled up in bed. Thank you, everyone who keeps me safe in my sleep.

I was awake on 14Oct2014 with a kickstarted SquidStream by 8:41am. It was a terrorism alarm that had awakened me, so I sent help to whoever needed the rescue from my beautiful world as soon as I could.

Despite the horrible reason, I was glad to be up early. I had a long day planned. I was on the bus as fast as I could get there. There was nothing but torture facility alarm after torture facility alarm while I was in transit. My loved ones took care of everything. It was a good morning for Twitter. Click here to read my Twitter activity for the day.

I was outside the doors to Disneyland by 11:52am today, 14Oct2014. No, I do not mind telling Obama's terrorists flat out where I am today. Nothing can hurt me here.

I told my selfless support system I would be here hours before I arrived. My invisible saturation of secret operatives actually giggled about being able to spend the day at the Disneyland Resort.

And my loved ones in the courtroom, the world's first line of defense against Obama, have extra-vigilant leads right now on any attempt to ambush me here (I think we just redefined the term "We're in Squid's territory.) with any denial-of-all-medical-reality threat to destroy me forever in a final torture facility.

Best situation ever, Obama's criminal terrorists, his mercenaries, and his Gestapo can be arrested in Orange County, and we will hold them all for international charges. So, that is what Obama's terrorists are facing if they try to stop any of my friends from reaching me here.

I know the only loopholes around Obama's extragovernmental rules that no one anywhere has any authority to enforce anyway that can get me into the theme parks are being invited in by the park, a kind member of the public (the Rockin' Robbie method) providing me with a ticket and staying in my company my entire here, or a park employee signing me in with a complimentary all-day pass.

And even if I do not go in the parks, there is still plenty to do here. My SquidSwimmers are going to love today.

Disney CEO Iger knows I have his back no matter what he wants to do today. (Do not forget my 21Aug2014 blog post.)

This is the United States of America. Disney is a private company that can do anything it pleases within its Constitutional rights on its own property. I kick Obama's (expletive) every time he commits any crimes against my friends, no matter how powerful and able to take of themselves themselves my friends are.

And, everyone who read 18Sep2014 to 30Sep2014 (best read oldest to newest) knows what I did after Obama caused a zombie apocalypse here on the anniversary of 9/11 this year. If Disney tells me Obama oppresses them, they know I will take care of it.

According to my husband, the Mr. Johnny Depp, I will play a Spanish Princess beside him in Pirates of the Caribbean 5 (Yes, FIVE!). Yes, I am a bona fide Disney Princess who can talk to animals and everything. If Disney cannot treat their own Disney Princess in whatever respectful, loving, and adoring method they so choose, we know Disney is totalitarianly oppressed, and Obama will get his (expletive) kicked for it by EVERYONE!

Collect your evidence, Disney CEO Iger, and tell me anything else you need. I will be here all day. But my commentary will be in my next blog post.

This blog post was published at 1:30pm on 14Oct2014 from Disneyland, a land of magic and love.

And now, my beautiful world, I answer all of your questions for me. Please keep collecting all questions and concerns from all your friends and loved ones and sending them to me through whatever means possible.

When people have speakers inserted into their heads only so America's first unelected terrorist dictator can directly mind-control all of them, why are their only concerns whether or not I fart? Because this is Obama's zombie apocalypse.

My beautiful world, I am beyond unamused with Obama right now. The only thing that will cheer me up is acknowledgement of reality to my face, and seeing my own lovers and believers happy to be around me.

I trust you will flood the entire Disney grounds in Anaheim, California, USA with lovers and believers for me, my beautiful world. This is what I look like today. Send my public.

I admit that one of my reasons for coming to Orange County was to be able to arrest Obama's criminal terrorists because we have a District Attorney here who actually upholds ACTUAL laws and believes a non-corrupt criminal justice system is necessary for the proper and healthy functioning of American society. Justice happens when I get angry.

But I am also here to feel loved which happens all too rarely.

My brave rescuers, you are the ones who have been asking me over and over again to return here for over a month now. I understand my relocation this far out of Los Angeles County takes care of a logistical problem you have been counting on me to fix for you. Anything you want, as always, you just need to ask.

SynSyn, Amita, and Ugwuji, as geologists know, if you put enough pressure on a piece of coal, it turns into a diamond. Thank you for all of your completely genius and never-ending hardwork 24/7 protecting the world from losing me forever to Obama.

Once I publish this, my genius Powers of Attorney, things might get weird for you in the courts. Revel in my 10Oct2014 blog post. And stick with my SquidStream if you send me messages that need an immediate response. I love you all!

Sweetness, Alice is in Wonderland. I love and adore you. If we cannot do this here and now, I will just have to come up with a better plan. Waiting for your kisses... I long to touch you the way the flowers kiss the rain. And, if this works, I am about to.

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