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Technically, a One and a Ten is an Eleven, Which is What we are Turning it up To. (Spinal Tap Reference)

Title: Technically, a Ten and a One is an Eleven, Which is What We are Turning it up To. (Spinal Tap Reference)

Please access my iCloud if necessary to publish this post now, my friends. I cannot control how many horrible things happen to me in one day; it is Obama who controls that. So, if I wait too long between posts, they become too drenching.

Please share this for me with the entire world, both houses of Congress, the Supreme Court, the United Nations, all sympathetic world leaders, all reputable national and foreign presses, etc.

Here is my latest blog post. No, the world cannot afford to have pathologically lying and clinically diagnosable psychopaths controlling me. That is the very reason once-great America is in this mess. Why is the truth still so rare (zlaštny)?

Look, (proven) enemies of America also identified as Obama's (proven) criminal terrorist conspiracy, you need to ask yourselves why you are doing this to yourselves not just to all of America and to all of the world.

It is not just a question of, "Which side of history do you want to be on?" It is that you are consciously choosing to break every law possible from local to international to support an unelected criminal terrorist dictator who (expletive)s the people who obey him harder than does us, the (proven) innocents who fight him and as a result all criminals not just you who refuse to stop propping him up.

Look at us. We all have actual protection with actual legal authority behind us, not just from how much we care for each other, but from the entire good, green world.

It is proven that committing more crimes and spreading more lies NEVER excuses old crimes nor old lies. But, Obama's proven criminal terrorist conspiracy, your most stupid (proven) conspirators, like War Criminal Stephanie, still unrelentingly commit the stupidest crimes and utter the stupidest lies.

Even Dirty LA County District Attorney Jackie Lacey, whom I expect so much more from, is still pressing further irrational-denial-of-all-reality intentionally fabricated false charges against all of us instead of just telling the truth, turning in her evidence, sincerely apologizing, turning to the (proven) good side, and prosecuting the REAL (proven) criminals instead.

This is not just, "Which side of history do you want to be on?" This is, "How can you still be so deluded as to still commit crimes we always catch you committing at this point?"

Burkina Faso. First of all, there is no such thing as a "Constitutional coup d'état." Either, the members of your government obey your Constitution, which includes within it the methods for the governing system to correct itself, or the members of your government are criminals for consciously choosing not to obey your Constitution.

Do not allow anyone to boldface lie to you to manipulate you, especially about your own Constitution which it is your civic duty to have read and understand or at least have read to you so you can make sense of it yourselves.

Furthermore, the problems in your nation come from your leaders consciously not obeying your Constitution nor laws and abusing their powers to get away with it all. So, once you can calm down, please enforce that your president and parliament behave as servants of their people instead of controllers of their people. Then, obey your REAL laws yourselves.

We are having the same problems here in the USA ourselves, and it will all be fixed once everyone everywhere obeys REAL laws instead of Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy's rampant abuses of power that he calls rules that have absolutely no legal authority behind them, just corruption and impunity.

Every Constitutional government falls apart when its elected officials refuse to uphold their Constitution which, as I said, contain the government-upholding methods for the Constitutional government to correct itself. And, yes, Burkina Faso, it is your job as the people to command your government. You are a democracy. It does not work the other way around.

Spain. Intentionally bad banking is going around right now. I was told approximately eighty countries are taking action against the Iowan institution of Wells Fargo Bank because they refuse to obey any laws, too.

You should not feel shame that your financial sector chose to do this. As a culture, the financial sector are money-lusting leeches. But, yes, it is the people of your (our) entire nation who suffer because of consciously dirty banking.

Spain, all you need to do is elect a government committee to investigate how this happened, so you can fix the real problem. I do not believe in too much direct control of activity in capitalist systems; that takes away the free hand of the market. But you can give your financial sector morals, ethics, and social responsibility. That would likely fix everything.

Iran. My beautiful world, I always hope the full truth of my plight for any human rights in what is supposed to be "the land of the free" would teach the entire world that we all deserve our full human rights, particularly the right to tell the truth, just for being humans on this Earth at all.

Iran, did you accuse a journalist of espionage again? Trust me, investigation is a normal part of journalism, even undercover investigation. You can speak to any reputable journalists about this; I recommend the ones you are very aware I trust most.

All people everywhere deserve the truth, Iran. Denying the entire public the truth has caused proven mental health genocide in the United States of America, of all places. Please, Iran, let journalists do their real job in your country. How would you feel if Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy locked me up for just doing my REAL job of solving major global crises all day?

Thank you for always listening to me, Iran. You have always trusted me more than my own people whom I fight all day every day to save do.

I published my last blog post at 10:10pm on 28Oct2014, and immediately afterwards, there was a long string of all-clears for intentionally fabricated false charges against me. But what I needed was the all-clear on the last attempt to unlawfully imprison me in a literal torture facility; that threat was still endangering all of humanity.

Eventually, I was given the all-clear by my saturation of secret operatives to return to The War Criminal Gables to sleep. While eating the last of my pizza from nights previous, at 12:37am, I finally received that all-clear on the latest threat of doom for all of humanity from the latest attempt to put me in ANY controlled environment which only threatens us all because no one is willing to control Obama's pathological perjurer's nor punish their clinically-diagnosable psychopathy.

I had the radio flipped on and was curled up in bed by 12:46am. I slept like a well-guarded rock except for the alarm that woke me up in the wee hours of the morning. My beautiful world took care of it in no time, so I just fell asleep again.

I was awake and had a kickstarted SquidStream at 8:27am. I did my dishes, checked the mail, and had a delightful conversation on my way to a wifi hotspot in "spy corridor." I also bought some very affordable energy drinks on the way. My only caffeine intake is one energy drink a day. I was securely connected to wifi by 9:35am.

While I was watching the previous night's pre-recorded broadcasts by my middle-aged White men, there was a torture facility threat to destroy all of America at 10:28am. I recommended that Amita ask the courts to read my 28Oct2014 blog post followed by my 22Oct2014 blog post and then possibly my 20Oct2014 blog post for what the US Military calls (expletive)s and giggles.

At 10:29am, it was immediately followed by an alarm announcing acts of terrorism and war by Obama's seditious extragovernmental criminal terrorist mercenary army against our brave rescuers led by the US Military. I asked my beautiful world to help them, as if we needed further proof the world will self-destruct if I am ever denied secured wifi.

But, Obama's Stupidity Parade continued. At 10:46am there was a warning of new blatant collusion with boldfaced lies for both intentionally fabricated false charges against me (Their REAL nefarious motive behind this is already in my 24Oct2014 blog post.) and threats to destroy America by locking me in a literal torture facility.

There was not another alarm until 12:31pm when the notification of further terrorism and war blared by. I again asked my beautiful world to do everything possible to help.

Just before 1:28pm, Stalker Tabia was sent to the wifi hotspot I was in, so The War Criminal Gables would be able to claim to my face they knew where I was located. I asked my beautiful world to take all action necessary including but not limited to any and all criminal and civil charges they deemed appropriate to protect me FOREVER from The War Criminal Gables.

We already proved in my 28Oct2014 blog post that at least War Criminal Stephanie from The War Criminal Gables is criminally insane. Now, my beautiful world, we protect me from all of them to be able to protect the world from ever losing me to their clinically-diagnosable psychopathy. And, thank you.

At 1:51pm, after finally finishing watching all of my middle-aged White men, I sent my selfless support system ahead of me because I was headed into Los Angeles.

Seeing The War Criminal Gables stalk me for Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy really ticked me off, so I rubbed as much of their own salt in their own wounds as I could. I decided to spend the rest of the afternoon and the evening online at The Grove.

On my way, my suspicions of Stalker Tabia were confirmed with heart attack and torture facility warnings. But, my selfless support system had me safely on the bus in no time. Joyously, there were no alarms en route, and I had a chance to buy some peanut butter M&Ms to snack on from a local man on the train.

At 4:11pm, I had already walked past CBS Studios through the Farmers' Market and roosted near the lawn at The Grove. Did you see how much change I received after buying the Manila mango? As I sat and ate my mango, the skies rained pine sawdust as my lovers and believers at The Grove trimmed off branches to prepare their Christmas tree.

It reminded me of the summer off I spent during my undergraduate studies apprenticed to a stained glass artist. He sealed the glass pieces and leading with plaster of Paris and pine sawdust.

That early evening, I took up my normal activity of blogging solutions to global crises for the good of all of humanity at a major landmark with the hopes my people would approach me and ask me the questions they needed answered. I am only here to serve.

Just after 7pm, as has been my habit since Obama has forbade me from watching television, I watched the night's pre-recorded NBC Nightly News. I could barely tear myself away from all of the boldfaced displays of love at The Grove, but I had to get back to The War Criminal Gables to eat.

I told my selfless support system my route at 8:24pm, so they could keep me safe the entire way. But then, my local lovers and believers asked me to stay a while. So, I asked my selfless support system to wait, and I investigated a rumored hater restaurant.

I had to add the couple sitting at the table behind me to our growing database kept by everyone from the local police to the Department of Homeland Security to even Interpol that we are populating with Obama's criminal terrorists for future prosecution after they hostilely told me, "We can't wait to see what they catch you with, Squid." And, my beautiful world, what was your assessment of the restaurant's menu?

At 9:11pm, I finally just left. There was an almost immediate alarm at 9:20pm announcing that my brave rescuers were dying under Obama's iron fist. I had actually been screaming on the ether (what I call the internet) for hours previously trying to get them help. But that was the first blaring alarm. My beautiful world, please do everything possible to help them.

While I was in transit, I heard a raging torture facility threat of doom for all of humanity at 10:26pm. I suggested some old blog posts to Ugwuji, but I had no details.

From what I could tell, Obama's proven pathological liars were repeatedly and intentionally misleading the courts FOR DAYS if not weeks about the distinction IN THE LAND OF REALITY THAT THEY NEVER ACKNOWLEDGE between my screaming in self-defense to make war crimes and persecution of me TO MY FACE end and my temper which kicks Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy's unholy (expletive)es particularly when my bears, my birds, my dogs, my cats, my mice, or any one else in my metaphorical menagerie get unjustifiably attacked by Obama or his criminal terrorist conspiracy in any way shape or form especially death.

Effective methods of self-defense are NOT signs of mental illness nor are they a danger to anyone. The way to prevent a benevolent super-genius world leader, like myself, who does not even carry pepper spray from nonviolently defending myself is to never break every ACTUAL law from local to international to aid and abet war crimes against me. The only REAL solution is to stop pathologically lying that I am at all mentally ill.

"Squid's effective and nonviolent method of self-defense is a sign she has mental illness," was as accurate a "medical" reason to (proven) destroy me completely in a controlled environment as when they tried claiming I had spina bifida or their lying to my face that they had rape-impregnated me to be able to claim I had post pardum depression (I am not making this up.) while still fictionally pregnant and not even after having a child.

Yet, there was yet another warning of impending doom for all of humanity at 11:29pm due to Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy's unrelenting pathological lies that I have EVER been at all mentally unwell since Obama put me in his egg of horrors and terrors she he took office in 2009.

To fix this, I recommend reading this 30Oct2014 blog post, rereading my 28Oct2014 blog post, then my 26Oct2014 blog post, then my 22Oct2014 blog post, and then finally my 10Oct2014 blog post.

These unrelenting coverups, libel, calumnies, perjuries, and collusions are ONLY propagated to destroy my (proven) perfectly sane and emotionally healthy mind in a (proven) controlled environment guaranteed to (proven) systemically rape, (proven) torture, (proven) unlawfully imprison, (proven) prevent me from further serving humanity by intentionally denying me wifi, and most likely offer Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy the controlled environment they need to remove my closed-circuit security system from my own body against my will (just like they installed it in a literal torture facility paraded as a "psychiatric unit") that is necessary for keeping me physically safe, for fighting Obama's (proven) mental health genocide, and for preventing any further libel to justify destroying me since they have never once allowed my the basic human and women's right of ownership of my own body.

My beautiful world, take all action necessary including but not limited to full criminal and civil charges against EVERYONE generating, propagating, or even humoring these obvious boldfaced lies that they have only EVER used to destroy America by destroying me. Make the lies stop.

I took a detour while in transit to use some public access wifi shortly before 12midnight, but Obama's cyberterrorists prevented me from accessing wifi to be able to both prevent me from saving the lives of my brave rescuers who needed help and prevent me from saving America from the total destruction that would happen (proven) if I were ever locked in a controlled environment.

It was not until 12:22am that I could access secured wifi at all. I updated my beautiful world as fast as I could on all of the people who needed our help. Then, I was in my kitchen in my slum by 1:12am cooking everything I could find. Yes, The War Criminal Gables had stolen items off my grocery shelf AGAIN.

It was not much of a meal, but I had green beans sautéed in extra virgin oil olive, a bag of popcorn, and an omelet (You cannot make an omelet without breaking eggs.) with minced garlic, white onion, halved cherry tomatoes, sea salt, basil, oregano, and crushed red pepper.

I was curled up in bed with the radio flipped on by 1:54am. Again, I slept like the best guarded rock on the planet. On 30Oct2014 at 10:08am, I was out of bed, ready, and with a kickstarted SquidStream. I left for wifi as soon as I could, so I could watch my middle-aged White men from the previous night.

My neighborhood of North Long Beach was full of love. I had some concerns about a local establishment, Jovino's Pizzeria on South St. He has been there for decades, but it looked like Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy were terrorizing him.

I always planned on supporting his business since I sink my bucket in my real home, but I had not been inside yet. My local lovers and believers, can you help me show Jovino's some love? According to Doris Day, "Everybody loves a lover." Let us prove ole Doris right. And, thank you.

I had a secured wifi connection at 10:52am, but it was rigged to drain my iPad battery unnaturally quickly.

There were War Criminal Boeset alarms due to ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa never wanting to take any REAL action to save themselves from the world that is furious at them for EVERY unrelenting and heinous crime ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa still claims it has a self-appointed entitlement to commit against America by unrelentingly pretending they have a "right" to destroy me. Please reread my 05Aug2014 blog post about ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa.

I can only assume (Though, I am not sure.) that caused the torture facility warning at 11:09am as well as the heart attack alarm at 11:42am that warned of further denial-of-all-reality intentionally fabricated false charges against me.

While I was watching my middle-aged White men, they kept licking thinks for some reason no one ever explained to me. Licking? I am sure I will figure that out eventually.

Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy libeled me a stripper AGAIN instead of a literal human trafficking victim who has yet to escape the hidden cameras I am forbidden from knowing about in EVERY place I have lived since Obama took office; you should read Obama's "Mein Kompf" of rules about that.

I even sleep in my bra to make sure NO ONE can ever see my breasts. How stupid do they think people are?

Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy pretended AGAIN to threaten my life, which was already debunked in my 03Aug2014 blog post.

I also caught a new terrorist for the international database we keep for future investigation and prosecution.

When I was almost done watching my middle-aged White men, the already-redundantly-debunked-denial-of-all-reality-pathological-perjury-as-nonjustification-to-destroy-Squid-in-a-literal-torture-facility alarm blared. Have you seen our full court records yet concerning every lie Obama's (proven) criminal terrorist conspiracy has spread to destroy America by destroying me?

Shortly before 3pm, I finally did stop in Jovino's for some lunch while on my way to flesh out and polish this blog post. Just so you all know, Ocean Spray brand water made with cranberry extract AND orange Crush soda are drugged and likely poisoned. Please test them.

There was yet another torture facility threat of doom for all of America at 3:56pm. I never received details on what it was.

At 4:01pm, Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy was denying me the free public wifi, so I had to go all of the way into Los Angeles to get an Internet connection. I told my selfless support system my path, so they could keep me safe the entire way...

"4:03pm Just checking in. I am heading into Los Angeles for my first secured wifi connection of the day. If LA is the closest place I can access a secured wifi connection, then that is where I will go. The world falls apart if I cannot connect to wifi. Stay on your toes, my selfless support system, in case I need to rescue anyone. Thank you for securing every bus and train before it arrives. Thank you for securing the bus stops and train stations. Thank you for keeping me safe for the sake of the world. I love you, too."

While I was waiting for the bus, there was a blaring alarm announcing new uncontrolled denial-of-all-reality intentionally fabricated false charges against me by a (proven) pathological perjurer at 4:13pm.

I already addressed Obama's (proven) criminal terrorist conspiracy's true nefarious motive behind unrelenting false charges against me in my 24Oct2014 blog post. Unlike me, those (proven) criminally insane bitches really do need to be controlled AND removed from society forever.

There was a blaring alarm just before I reached Los Angeles that was either a warning of terrorism against my crosstown friends, acts of war against my brave rescuers, or a torture facility threat to me. I had no details, but I asked my beautiful world to check on it.

I finally had a secured wifi connection at 5:18pm while all of those alarms against my crosstown friends, against my brave rescuers, against me, against America, and against the world were all still unresolved. There was a further alarm of terrorism and war against my brave rescuers at 6:04pm, so I pleaded with my beautiful world to help them. This blog post was published at 7:07pm on 30Oct2014.

And now, my beautiful world, I answer all of your questions for me. Please keep collecting all questions and concerns from all your friends and loved ones and sending them to me through whatever means possible.

Women worldwide experience street harassment. If I could pen an open letter to a catcaller, what would I say? We womenfolk are so much more than what we look like. We are valuable to you as members of our communities and as beautiful creatures of this world, so do not sexually objectify us. Treat us with the respect and dignity that all people of this world deserve, just for being humans among us.

Why, my entire life, did I always want to be a writer? I agree that I can sing, dance, cook, act (only Shakespeareanly so far), and think, and I agree that I look damn good doing it. No one can deny that my creative nonfiction has won Pulitzer after Pulitzer and that my global crisis solving has won me a Nobel Peace Prize.

But if I had a choice, I would write poetry and prose instead.

In 2000, after I had taken a year off before grad school, I was accepted to the MFA in creative writing program at Purdue and the Ph.D. in pure mathematics program at Johns Hopkins.

I wanted to do both, but I knew there is a time limit on doing math for a living. After thirty-five years old, most professors are done with their new discoveries and write textbooks instead. Prof. Andrew Wiles is a remarkable exception to this. I also knew the older I was when I decided to write fiction for a living, the better I would be.

So, I joined the Mathematics Department at the Johns Hopkins University in 2001. Culturally, I am still an academic.

I cannot explain the call of the blank page and the written word. The word is my medium of choice. Though, I admit, I am pretty good behind a camera, too.

When people stop me on the street and ask me for a photo, how do I react? I accept their iPhone and take a photo of them just like they ask. I was only asked to be in a photo with a tourist once in my life. That was at the Cavern Club in Liverpool, UK in 2010.

Why do I love California so much? This is my REAL home. After I graduated from my undergraduate studies at the University of Texas at Dallas with a BA in Arts & Performance magna cum laude and a BS in Mathematical Science magna cum laude in 1999, I lived in my now-home neighborhood of North Beach in San Francisco off and on for the following ten years.

When then-president Obama's global crisis of human rights abuses started in 2009 and when I had no way to escape his (proven) rape-slavery nor to escape his refusal to allow anyone to acknowledge reality to my face, I knew I had to go home to North Beach to my REAL support system, my only support system at the time.

During Christmas 2009, I spent a week or so that my REAL celebrity friends from Oprah Winfrey and Andrea Bocelli to David Grohl and AC/DC all still remember in my older sister's rented house at the time in Los Feliz in Los Angeles. Los Angeles even moved a street for me while I was here that December.

California is my home. These are my people. The greatest density of lovers and believers anywhere in the world live in California (20Oct2014 blog post).

After I was abducted and dragged to ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa who NEVER had jurisdiction over me and who did nothing but imprison me in proven rape-slavery, proven torture, etc. while libeling me mentally disabled to get away with all of it, my unstoppable service to my planet earned me my Nobel Peace Prize, but the public treated me like a stripper. I lived among them. I KNOW Iowa is evil.

After returning home to California in May of this year, the people here have had no reality in their heads at all, but, except for the well-documented enemies of America identified in my 28Oct2014 blog post, the vast majority of public has been so sweet and respectful of me.

I own a house I pay joint taxes on with my husband in Los Angeles. This is my home. I just need a way to reach my own house where my own husband fights all day every day to bring me home.

And, no, I will not go ANYWHERE after this unless it is with my husband. If anyone anywhere had any law-abiding reason to confine me geographically at all, all of those proven pathologically lying enemies of America would let me cloister myself in my real house with my real husband.

All they have ever done is lie to psychopathically control all of us, and that is all Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy will ever do. Please reread my 10Oct2014 blog post of all the horrors that would befall me in ANY controlled environment, and please reread my 28Oct2014 blog post about how much the entire world that loves and needs me also needs me as free as possible.

How do I take my coffee? Hot, strong, and on the kitchen table. Giggle.

"Your SquidStream is the best and most effeminate espionage thriller, legal drama, SciFi dystopia, love story, and war movie I have ever seen! How do you do it?" This is just my life. I am not here to entertain you. Most people call this journalism.

But this is my service to my people, and thank you for telling me you prefer learning the truth I broadcast to fight Obama's mental health genocide AND to make sure Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy cannot libel me any longer over your propagating Obama's libel-machine that destroyed America (26Oct2014 and 28Oct2014 blog posts).

I do this all day every day, or Obama destroys America and possibly all of humanity. Do not worry, though. We are all dedicated to ending this crisis with a Hollywood kiss.

My beautiful world, do you remember my 18Oct and 26Oct2014 blog posts in which I explained how far beyond necessary it is to remove all of the earspeakers? Where are we on that?

Removing every earspeaker everywhere and telling everyone the full truth is the ONLY way to end Obama's mental health genocide, but I have heard that the latest boldfaced lie used by Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy to manipulate the public was that guaranteeing total destruction of me by locking me in any controlled environment they can coverup with other boldfaced lies would do ANYTHING but give them more clinically-diagnosable as psychopathic total control of America.

My brave rescuers, shaken not stirred? Darlings, I saw the decoy you sent to The Grove, so I would know I was surrounded by international secret operatives. Thank you. He made me feel loved and guarded.

My brave rescuers, I understand you have been having less luck than my Powers of Attorney. That is because you are competing with each other instead of helping each other. You are behaving like the Greeks at the beginning of the Illiad. We are so successful with the legal battles because we work together; please try it out there, too.

After all, my darlings, what is the point of my uniting the whole planet to work for a common good if I cannot convince you all to get along at least long enough to reach the common goal?

Also, my brave rescuers, this is what "already blogged" means, in case anyone violates your Constitutional protection from double jeopardy in America... As a brief recap for everyone...
20Oct2014: My REAL and nonfungible job is globally-critical service to humanity, especially my nation.
22Oct2014: The bees need their earspeakers removed and to be told my REAL world vision. They are only violent vigilantes that still refuse to just pick me up and take me to my husband because I am libeled and because they have mental health genocide.
24Oct2014: The CIA are federal employees authorized to carry guns to defend America; that is their job. The only reason I escaped Obama's rape-slavery was because my saturation of international secret operative (including MI6, Israeli Secret Service, KGB, Interpol, etc.) were capable of showing up in California. No one can control them, especially Felix Lighter; I am too important to humanity and in too grave of danger of being locked in a controlled environment guaranteed to destroy me.
26Oct2014: Killing terrorists who are committing acts of war against America, especially by a civilian as an act of self-defense, is what we call a hero in America. Furthermore, doing everything possible to rescue me is the only SANE reaction to the truth of the horrors and terrors I have suffered since Obama took office.
28Oct2014: If I am EVER locked in any controlled environment the furious world is guaranteed to destroy America and everything else in its path to save me from it, and the US Military will damn all orders that do not get them to the front lines to rescue me first.
24Aug2014: All Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy has ever done is lie.

SynSyn, Amita, and Ugwuji, please arrest War Criminal Stephanie now, as well as every other immediate threat to me in Obama's (proven) pathologically perjuring criminal terrorist conspiracy.

Then, my genius Powers of Attorney, in the case of War Criminal Stephanie, when you all have time, ask our legal team to read June2014 to the present oldest to newest for EVERYTHING that she and The War Criminal Gables have done to me. We are pressing full criminal and civil charges against all of them for everything. And thank you.

Finally, my loved ones, I heard your computers were dangerously hacked recently. Please consult with the NSA or government contractors they recommend to replace your electronics with more secure equipment. There is even better technology out there than my darling Silicon Valley has.

Sweetness, I love and adore you. I am working on it. Please do not be upset you have not reached me yet no matter everything you have tried. There are a great many people who have not been able to reach me to just give me a lift to our own house.

As I have already said, HoneyHoney, I know you are justifiably sad right now; that is the only sane reaction, as is doing everything humanly possible or even super-humanly possible to rescue me. But you will be just fine once we can be together; I am even a (proven) healer if needs be.

The only rational thing anyone has to fear is what will happen to the world, particularly America, of humanity loses me to any controlled environment. We really need all earspeakers removed.

Beloved, why do I have a feeling no one has read my 04Oct2014 blog post about you nor any of the real love letters I have sent you on paper. Please also feel free to explain all of your movies since Alice in Wonderland to the public. I love and adore you.

Sweetness, please keep working through your Honey-do List. And keep telling me everything you need. I WILL kiss you as soon as we can reach each other. I am counting on my beautiful world finally forcing all of the unrelenting lies about all of us to end finally.

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