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The MidTerm Elections are in Just Days. My Once-Great America, do You Know all You Need to Know yet to Vote Wisely?

Title: The MidTerm Elections are in Just Days. My Once-Great America, do You Know all You Need to Know yet to Vote Wisely?

Please access my iCloud if necessary to publish this post now, my friends. I cannot control how many horrible things happen to me in one day; it is Obama who controls that. So, if I wait too long between posts, they become too drenching.

Please share this for me with the entire world, both houses of Congress, the Supreme Court, the United Nations, all sympathetic world leaders, all reputable national and foreign presses, etc.

Here is my latest blog post. Most importantly, my brave rescuers need more help. Please, my beautiful world, please.

Russia. My good friend President Vladimir Putin, I know you do not only love me because you are a former KGB agent and because I am completely irresistible to the espionage community. Did you ever read the sixth letter I wrote to my loving and adoring husband?

If I may, President Putin, please remember that you and your allies need to work with NATO right now. I know the KGB are already here in southern California. I even heard rumors you haven hidden submarines off the California coast already that the US Navy have taken a blind eye to.

I also know you are only showing up and allowing your brave Russian men and (increasing number of) women to die because I have asked you to save my nation and save my people. No one anywhere has any illusions that you are fighting to save America for any reason other than your and your people's love of me.

Please work better with NATO, China, the Middle East, Australia, both Koreas, Japan, Latin America, etc. I understand there are a lot of difficult personalities to get along with all coming to save my America right now. Please trust that you all love me more than you hate each other.

And, President of Russia Vladimir Putin, since you asked, I always wanted to visit St. Petersburg to hear Stravinsky's "Rite of Spring," take landscape photographs while riding the Trans-Siberian railroad, watch the Bolshoi Ballet dance Prokofiev's "Romeo and Juliet," see the art and architecture of St. Basil's Cathedral, and sit down to some Russian tea with you. I hope you do not mind if I bring my husband.

I published my last blog post at 7:07pm on 30Oct2014 while vigilant alarm for psychopathic threat after psychopathic threat to all of us blared. I was told that over the last forty-eight hours, due to how close I was to being rescued at The Grove on 29Oct2014, Obama had ordered his (proven) seditious extragovernmental criminal terrorist mercenary army to massacre over four hundred of America's brave rescuers.

There was an alarm for what sounded like a violation of Sweetness's Constitutional protection from double jeopardy. It sounded like there were alarms for terrorism used as acts of war against my crosstown friends. I had already been screaming for more help for my brave rescuers for days. I was told that Obama had driven the nation into chaos.

All people needed to do was listen to the truth and read my blog post from 30Oct2014. I also recommended to the US federal government and the international community that they needed to revisit Point #11 from my blog post from 22Oct2014.

Shortly after 7:32pm, Obama's cyberterrorists crashed my secured wifi. My NSA alpha nerds, when you get a free moment from vigilantly maintaining all of our safety by protecting my iPad and my closed-circuit security system which we call the SquidStream, please help the corporate offices of Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf file cyberterrorism charges against Obama's extragovernmental criminal terrorist conspiracy. Thank you, for all the world's sake.

I relocated to the next closest edifice of lovers and believers, a Macy's, to use their restroom and free wifi. I sent all of the help I could for every alarm I had heard. Then, at 8:26pm, I shut off my wifi connection, told my selfless support system my route, and returned to Long Beach. We had been asked to stay extra-vigilant.

The man next to me on the train was a local sweetheart who fed me Mexican cookies. I told him to go home and kiss his "wifey" when he stood up and left. I was very safely in Long Beach waiting for the bus by 9:22pm.

I stopped at my local Von's grocery store before heading back to The War Criminal Gables where my saturation of international secret operatives had increased my security.

With Unelected Terrorist Dictator Obama's desperation escalating even past psychopathy all of October, my selfless support system including but not limited to my saturation in the area and loved ones in the courtroom were the only reason I had not been abducted by Obama's terrorists in my sleep. And do not make me start about how much my loving neighborhood of North Long Beach looks after me.

I was uneventfully in the kitchen in my slum by 10:53pm. I made three hot dogs in the oven and five California cuisine tacos with diced chicken sautéed in salsa verde, halved cherry tomatoes, spinach, arugula, and shredded mozzarella on corn tortillas.

At 11:16pm, which is an unusual time for heavily-medicated Agnes to be awake, she got up and unlocked the front door. I could only assume it was to let in Obama's criminal terrorists, as if anyone could get past my loving neighborhood and saturation of international secret operatives in the area particularly to protect me from any terrorists ever getting into my apartment ever again.

Just to be careful, since the international community had urged us all to stay extra-vigilant, I asked them to keep an eye on me inside my bedroom with their state-of-the-art surveillance. I also like to call that equipment my uncovered bedroom window.

I was sitting in bed eating my dinner at 11:33pm, and I was curled up to sleep with the radio flipped on at 11:51pm. I slept very well-guarded; even though, Agnes intentionally left the front door unlocked all night to let any horror in possible.

On Halloween, 31Oct2014, I rolled out of bed at 6:40am and was out of the bathroom with a kickstarted SquidStream by 7:17am. On my way to the bus stop, I told my selfless support system where I was headed, so they could keep me safe the entire way.

By the time the bus arrived, Obama's (proven) criminal terrorist conspiracy's daily heinous crimes against America of breaking every law possible from local to international to destroy me in any controlled environment at all whatsoever was still in warnings. They had not yet reached alarms.

I recommended some old blog posts. I heard a rumor it was War Criminal Boeset, the symbol of ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa, again, so I also recommended my 05Aug2014 blog post.

The entire transit ride, I was told of how much metaphorical ass Syniva was kicking, and I was told of collusion escalations that were caught early. But the (proven) literal torture facility alarm of doom for all humanity still blared at 9:11am. I asked my beautiful world to tell me what Obama's (proven) criminal terrorist conspiracy's latest denial-of-all-reality, nonjustification, pathological perjury was this time.

I was finally connected to the secured wifi at my little coffee shop hideaway I have frequented for months in Malibu at 10:37am. The baristas were still as charming as ever. My Halloween costume was "high school student."

I caught up with my TweetHearts before watching my middle-aged White men. I also did a little blogging before packing a picnic and hiking barefoot to the beach at 3:14pm. I had been told to expect brave rescuers at the beach, but I soon learned that at least three different attempts to rescue me had ended disastrously.

The ocean was, as always, soothing to my constantly-in-danger-of-being-tortured-again soul. There were seals swimming near the rocks, seabirds everywhere, and at least one jumping fish. I sat on an ocean-smoothed rock until 5:26pm when the skies got dark.

A bit before 6:24pm, I was back at my coffee shop hideaway in Malibu. My not-human-trafficker nerd broadcasters, please release a verified and barely-edited recording of my time in Malibu, especially among nature, with full audio and visuals. And, thank you.

At 6:40pm, I asked my beautiful world to send all the help possible to my brave rescuers who were dying in mass numbers under Obama's iron fist of terrorism and war. Please, my beautiful world, please.

While catching up with my TweetHearts, at 6:44pm, I caught a new terrorist for our growing international database for future investigation and prosecution. Immediately after I reported her, she fled. I hate pointing out demographics, but she was another ugly White woman.

After watching the NBC Nightly News, I sent my selfless support system ahead at 7:49pm. I assumed the delay before my bus arrived was because Obama had to take his illegal road blocks and no-authority check points off the Pacific Coast Highway that he had been using all day to keep my REAL friends and family away from me.

I was relocated in Santa Monica which was a bit of a Halloween playground for me. I even bought some Halloween candy to break my $20 bill into bus fare. I knew I would be out after midnight.

I recommend that my not-human-trafficking broadcast nerds release a verified and barely-edited recording with full audio and visuals of my Halloween night in Santa Monica, too.

My public transit ride back to my slum included turning in a new terrorist for our international database, my recommending some old blog posts while Syniva and Ugwuji did their globally-critical work in the courtroom, and asking if War Criminal Stephanie was or was not too criminally insane to understand reality. She had apparently never seen my REAL résumé before.

Just before I transferred to my connecting bus, I noticed it had just started raining.

"12:12am Just checking in. My selfless support system including but not limited to my increasing saturation of international secret operatives in the area and loved ones in the courtroom, thank you for my delightful late afternoon communing with the ocean in Malibu and Halloween evening frolicking in Santa Monica. Thank you for securing every bus before it arrived. Thank you for securing my route and destinations. I understand The War Criminal Gables is the MOST secured location in all of the metropolis for me, but I hate being in hostile and physically threatening living environments. That is why I am only there to sleep and eat. I love you all, too."

The rain kept coming down faster and harder outside while I traveled into Long Beach. I suggest reading my Twitter activity for the night of Halloween into the morning of All Saints' Day for all the details.

When I arrived at my slum, after much drama, my package my mother had sent to me through UPS containing my old computer bag I had bought in 2009 after my Neil Diamond World Tour bag had fallen apart and a number of my boots with all different levels of broken heels inside.

I was safely in my very well-guarded bedroom and curled up in bed by 2:25am. I slept like Mount Rushmore, the most guarded rock on the planet.

On All Saints' Day and el Día de los Muertos, 01Nov2014 at 11:30am, I was out of bed, ready, and had already kickstarted my SquidStream. Walking out of my slum, I caught War Criminal Stephanie intentionally violating her restraining order mandating that she stay at least fifty feet away from me at all times, so she could go through the mail in a mailbox other than her own.

Which part of my very fair assessment that War Criminal Stephanie has always and will always pathologically (That means it is part of her disease.) perjure herself to be able to commit as many heinous and often international crimes against me as possible did the courts not listen to? We have court record after court record proving this.

We have already proven that War Criminal Stephanie is completely delusional on the reality of my life as well as pathologically perjures herself that she has ever or will ever support me or even ever obey ACTUAL laws around me. Already in this blog post I have asked for her to be assessed to see if she is or is not too criminally insane to ever understand reality or obey the law.

I have clearly been beyond understanding that War Criminal Stephanie is, unlike me, completely insane. But because she refuses to stop being a direct threat to the stability of the world and a direct threat to the existence of America by insisting she has a self-appointed entitlement to be a direct threat to me, War Criminal Stephanie NEEDS to be removed from society FOREVER. And thank you.

The death penalty in California is under Constitutional debate right now, and there is still a federal death penalty for capitol offenses. However, I have always wanted all of Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy in a Russian gulag or pulling plastic out of the oceans for the rest of their lives for their international crimes.

Of course, it is my Powers of Attorney, Syniva, Amita, and Ugwuji, who get to decide themselves what sentencing we ask for. I asked them to take that responsibility because they are the ones who have to suffer through all of the obvious pathological perjury all day every day and all night every night.

And, no, REAL President of the United States of America Martin Dempsey would never give a presidential pardon to anyone caught and competently prosecuted for committing a crime against America by committing a crime against me.

My NSA alpha nerds had me securely connected to wifi in "spy corridor" in Long Beach at 12:28pm. I sent my beautiful world to check on my brave rescuers just before 2pm, and 2:03pm was the first torture facility alarm of doom for all of humanity.

At 4:16pm, I was passive aggressively (because she refused to say it to my face) asked, "How do we stop you?" by the member of Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy at that particular wifi hotspot that I had already turned in to our growing database in a previous blog post.

I was in so much physical pain from hunger at 4:34pm on 01Nov2014 when this blog post the world had been waiting for was finally published.

And now, my beautiful world, I answer all of your questions for me. Please keep collecting all questions and concerns from all your friends and loved ones and sending them to me through whatever means possible.

When all of my lists usually contain a prime number of items (2, 3, 5, 7, 11,...), why do I also make lists of ten items? For the same reason William Shakespeare wrote lines of poetry with ten syllables- most people have ten fingers on our hands. Technically, as a human race, we have just slightly less than ten fingers on average, and Marilyn Monroe (Norma Jean Baker DiMaggio) was born with twelve fingers.

The Ancient Babylonians, the founders of Western mathematics, actually had a base-twelve number system and used base-sixty every chance they could. That is why, for example, we have sixty seconds in a minute and sixty minutes in an hour. We still keep Babylonian time.

Babylonians chose base-sixty because it was evenly divisible by two, three, four, and five. But, everything eventually became base-ten in Western mathematics, also called digital, because we have ten fingers.

Why does it look like I get my own television shows to watch on my iPad? My television friends always said it was because of licensing conflicts with my SquidStream, but I know it is also because it allows them to tell the whole story in their real broadcasts while still being able to entertain me and sometimes inform me of actual news content, other than about myself, that might need my help.

Why has ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa libeled me "weird" ever since I went to high school there from 1991 to 1995? Basically, Iowans are evil. My best friend and I had genuine personalities, so we were called "weird."

Have you seen our year book photos from senior year? We were already drop dead gorgeous, but neither of us could get dates to the prom. We watched Carrie in Syniva's basement instead.

As a succinct summary of Iowan culture, they punish nonconformity. That is why I moved into an apartment in Texas at the age of seventeen after graduating from high school to go to college as far away from Iowa as I could get, and I never looked back.

That is why ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa had to abduct me from the UK to enforce Obama's egg of horrors and terrors over me in ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa where they consciously made my (proven) rape-slavery, (proven) torture, etc. as impossibly inescapable as they could.

Why am I famous? For a number of reasons. First of all, everyone in America was mandated to be able to recognize me since 2009 to make sure they would behave human-rights-violating rules around me at all times. Also, there has been inescapable (so far) human trafficking of me broadcast to the whole planet since 2009. And, now, the world seeks me out for advice and guidance.

Why am I famous now? I am a bona fide all-American NGO for problem-solving major global crises. This includes our verified and independently-factchecked delivery of even the minutia of my life through my SquidStream and my blog to, at the very least, fight Obama's (proven) mental health genocide.

My beautiful world, thank you. Once the completely irrational-denial-of-all-reality non-justifications to (proven) torture me in ANY controlled environment finally end, things will actually get better again in here.

The last time things improved was when my SquidStream went global. The only two times before that since 2009 when things improved was when I escaped ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa for a land where people actually love and support me and when my Obama-ordered rape-slavery ended because the international espionage community showed up.

And the next time, after protecting me from any controlled environment, when my life will improve is when I finally reach my loving and adoring husband. The only other good thing we are working on before I can kiss my own husband is giving me control of my own finances, so I can finally eat food.

Thank you, my beautiful world. You really are making a real difference on my unlivable conditions inside Obama's egg of horrors and terrors. You can trust I will NEVER retire from my REAL job of serving all of humanity until I can teach you all, my beautiful world, to solve problems like I can just for yourselves. And thank you for saving my people here in the once-great America.

My brave rescuers, chaos on the battlefield? My darlings, you need to learn to trust each other. At least, you need to trust how much your used-to-be-sworn-enemies-but-are-now-united-to-save-humanity-from-Obama love me and how all of you are willing to save America for me if not for America.

You are only all here willing to die because you have a common good to fight for. You need to learn to trust that your former enemies are fighting the same war you are and that you will not succeed unless you help each other. You need to care more about us, the innocents who need you, than your old conflicting ideologies with each other.

It takes a world to save the world. You need to trust that all of you love me more than you hate each other.

Trust that you are all dying to accomplish the same goal, and hopefully, fewer of you will die. Please trust me on this; you need to work together. If you need a common topic to start a conversation among each other, start with talking about why you love me. Then, talk about how you can help each other help me save my country.

And thank you, all of my brave rescuers from my beautiful world, with all my only human heart, for showing up at all to save my people after I asked you to.

SynSyn, Amita, and Ugwuji, yeah, genius ladies! Still kicking ass and still taking names!

When in doubt, my genius Powers of Attorney, remind all of Unelected Terrorist Dictator Obama's (proven) criminal terrorist conspiracy that they do NOT have a right to commit crimes (22Oct2014), especially libeling me, colluding against me, covering up war crimes against anyone in America not just me, spreading any calumny (is never protected under freedom of speech), and human trafficking me all only to destabilize the planet and destroy America.

Is Obama's (proven) denial-of-all-reality criminal terrorist anti-reality machine crap-factory's latest completely delusional boldfaced lie they are using to manipulate the public that my (proven) incorruptible benevolence needs to be "tamed and controlled" instead of their rampant (proven) malevolent psychopathy?

Yes, we know how many (proven) times they have told the truth (0%) and how many (proven) times I have told the truth (100%). We have also seen how civilized and cultured I am as compared to their libel porn of "me." Tame ME as opposed to THEM? Really?

Was that latest, blatant, boldfaced lie they used to manipulate the public enough, yet, for the world to acknowledge that ALL of Obama's (proven) criminal terrorist conspiracy are criminally-insane, pathologically-lying, power-and-control-lusting psychopaths?

My loved ones, use my previous 24Oct2014 blog post any time you want to repeat to their faces that their unrelenting crimes are the world's example of what "too much power" actually means as well as the verified list most likely kept by the United Nations and the independent factcheckers in the news media (I always recommend PBS.) of the major global crises I have already solved as the world's example of what power is actually for.

I have always said, "Power does not corrupt. Power reveals people."

Sweetness, I love and adore you. Whew! As always, we need better communication and more, if not any, physical contact. This is the physically closest we have been since we missed each other by one night at the Cavern Club in Liverpool in 2010.

HoneyHoney, keep telling me what you, just like everyone else who needs me, needs from me. I just started a new letter of undying love and devotion to you today. Please never forget that the only thing I will ever forbid you from is dying before I do, and I plan on living until I am 137 years old.

Beloved, I will come home to you. Never underestimate me nor my entire beautiful world including yourself.

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