Friday, November 21, 2014

My Unicorn Name has Always Been "The One-Horned Justice Ride!"

Title: My Unicorn Name has Always Been "The One-Horned Justice Ride!"

Please access my iCloud if necessary to publish this post now, my friends. I cannot control how many horrible things happen to me in one day; it is Obama who controls that. So, if I wait too long between posts, they become too drenching.

Please share this for me with the entire world, both houses of Congress, the Supreme Court, the United Nations, all sympathetic world leaders, all reputable national and foreign presses, etc.

Here is my latest blog post. Do you have any idea how much more fun I would be, not to mention happy, if I could kiss my own legally-recognized husband all day instead of needing to unrelenting scream for protection from Obama's (proven) criminal terrorist conspiracy of (proven) enemies of America who are all hellbent on (proven) destroying me completely in any controlled environment they can get away with (proven) covering up with their (proven) unrelenting pathological perjuries?!?

Columbia. Why did the FARC rebels rise up? Was it to correct problems in your country or, as in Obama's case, due to a psychopathic need to have totalitarian control of your nation? No, Columbia, I do not think your FARC rebels are Obama, so the way to fix your fifty-year conflict is to fix the problems they are willing to die to fix.

And, Columbia, it sounds like you are mostly doing this right. You are fixing the real problems that caused your domestic conflict in order to prevent any more real crimes against your people, to prevent more death, and to fix the real problems.

Yes, it is possible that your agreeing to the ceasefire, Columbia, would have prevented your general from being kidnapped, but I do not know the terms of your proposed ceasefire. I always say there should be absolutely no agreements that preserve human rights abuses or war crimes just to have a status quo that is a still a humanitarian crisis that still needs fixing. No one should ever maintain a heinous status quo.

Basically, Columbia, problems need fixing not propagating. And it sounds like you already fixed the land reforms, political participation of your ex-rebels, and the drug trade that helped cause your conflict. But you still have other problems to solve to finally completely serve your people by fixing what your FARC rebels rose up to fix.

Columbia, in general, loving your people by making them GENUINELY safe by making them GENUINELY free is an all-purpose fix for most problems.

I published my last blog post at 9:11pm on 19Nov2014 after I had relocated from Malibu to Santa Monica. There was nothing but alarms afterwards. And Ugwuji started taking care of it immediately. And, yes, she vigilantly kept me safe all night.

All I had eaten so far during that day was a bag of popcorn and some granola in strawberry yogurt all of which I had packed and brought with me when I left Long Beach for Malibu that morning. I had snacked on them while watching my darling Mr. David Letterman that afternoon.

Also previous that day, my mother had asked me for my Christmas list.

-----Begin Email Content-----

From: Tanya Hedelisa Albon Depp de Varilek (
Date: Wednesday, November 19, 2014
Subject: Re: christmas list
To: Dina Varilek

All I want are

1) a new bottle of Viktor & Rolf's Flowerbomb which can only be bought online in Iowa
2) a Disneyland annual pass which can also be bought online

I would not complain if you sent gift cards, too, but those two gifts above are all I am asking for.

Love you!

"Sin from thy lips? O trespass sweetly urged! Give me my sin again."


-----End Email Content-----

En route to my regular stomping grounds in Santa Monica, I send help to a number of REAL crosstown friends and family members who had been trying to reach me as part of our peaceful resolution to Obama's "egg" of nothing but horrors and terrors. I quickly reminded them of my 18Oct, 26Oct, and 30Oct2014 blog posts for their defense attorneys.

I was finally done catching up with my TweetHearts at 10:15pm, so I headed to the late night buses. I had told my SquidSwimmers already that I would, and I always do what I tell my SquidSwimmers I will do. That is the point of telling them before I do it.

There was nothing but irrational-denial-of-all-medical-reality pathological perjuries and intentionally fabricated false charges against me all night. The world should be very thankful for Amita and Ugwuji, not to mention Syniva.

My entire night on public transit, there was more evidence of ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa continuing their logic- and compassion-less obviously false assertions that they subjected me to unrelenting literal torture, Obama-ordered rape-slavery, never-justifiable-under-any-conditions human rights abuses, etc. and NEVER tried to save me from any of it EVER no matter how many times I told them it was happening and even "embraced the literal wall" Obama built around Des Moines to keep out any and all of my brave rescuers who were attempting to rescue me from them because "Iowa loved Squid the entire time." THOSE FUCKING ASSHOLES!


Yes, my beautiful world, please force Obama's ENTIRE (proven) criminal terrorist conspiracy of nothing but (proven) enemies of America to take their increasingly bloodstained hands off me FOREVER, not just ALL OF ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa.

At 1:41am, I arrived at my internationally-secured slum to find a Proven Obama Bitch in my bedroom. First, please call the Long Beach Fire Marshal about this literal fire code violation.

After listening to the BITCH boldfaced lie about me, I did everything I could to fall asleep despite Obama's (proven) electrobeams as fast as I could.

As if I actually needed further evidence against Obama's Latest Bitch, I actually needed to kickstart my SquidStream at 7:23am because that Proven Bitch Enemy of America woke me up by screaming into her phone the boldfaced lie she used only as collusion to commit boldfaced war crimes against me and crimes against America and against the entire world that I had EVER physically threatened to beat her up!

She only propagated that obvious calumny to be able to (proven) completely destroy me with (proven) literal torture, (proven) unlawful imprisonment, etc. Yes, that BITCH actually told War Criminal Stephanie to "send an ambulance" for me the previous night already!

Please, my not-human-trafficker nerds, release and circulate a verified and barely-edited recording with full audio and visuals of every boldfaced LIE Obama's Bitch said to me from my fair warning that I would press criminal charges against her if she stole any of my belongings "discriminatory" and "victimization" to her blatant boldfaced lie that I had EVER physically threatened her.

That BITCH had been colluding against me since the moment I walked in my slum on the morning of 20Nov2014, and SHE NEEDS TO BE OFFICIALLY AND LEGALLY REMOVED FROM MY LIVING ENVIRONMENT!

Please, my beautiful world, keep this proven-only-lies-to-coverup-proven-war-crimes BITCH away from me! How much hard evidence does it take?!? The (proven) War Criminal Gables is an openly and completely hostile living environment for me hellbent on (guaranteed) destroying America by (guaranteed) destroying me!

Due to the new (proven) colluding BITCH, The (proven) War Criminal Gables was (proven) WAY TOO HOSTILE for me to eat, do my dishes, shower, sleep soundly, nor even use the toilet in; I even almost left without changing my clothes because for my own safety I had to relocate until that BITCH could be removed.

And, it was ALL because of Obama's (proven) criminal terrorist conspiracy of (proven) enemies of America's unrelenting COLLUSION to (proven) guaranteed destroy me completely in ANY controlled environment. THE WAR CRIMINAL GABLES IS TOO OPENLY HOSTILE!

That is how dangerous irrational-denials-of-all-medical-reality that I am anything but perfectly sane and completely emotionally healthy are to the entire world and to America, not just to me. SOMEONE NEEDS TO LOVE HUMANITY ENOUGH TO MAKE ALL OF THESE UNRELENTING LIES ABOUT ME FINALLY STOP!

Please reread my 17Nov and 19Nov2014 blog posts about all of the REAL dangers of lying about me and about why I have no other options than the openly-completely-hostile (proven) War Criminal Gables but homelessness.

I was out the door into my also internationally-secured neighborhood as fast as possible and was immediately warned of further collusions by other (proven) pathological perjurers and (proven) pathological libelists with the same-old boldfaced coverup for Obama-ordered quackery (How much hard evidence does it take?) that I needed "therapy" that would NEVER acknowledge reality to my face, that would be guaranteed to use such Obama-ordered denials-of-all-reality to my face as collusion to coverup (proven) guaranteed destroying me in a (proven) literal torture facility, and could NEVER be justified with anything true about me and my obviously perfect mental health. All of that is already blogged; please reread my full 22Oct2014 blog post about it.

My day was comparatively delightful after that. There were vigilant warnings of torture facility threat after torture facility threat all morning while I watched my middle-aged White men whose previous night's shows were all like receiving metaphorical hugs. My genius Powers of Attorney took care of everything.

My darling Mr. Stephen Colbert had The Amazing Toni Morrison on. (That is the official title I would give her, if it were possible to put that title on her driver's license.)

The metaphorical last heart attack warning before I grabbed lunch was at 11:41am. I walked down the street for two chicharron pupusas and a 370 mL Jarritos(tm) mandarina. Yes, my lunch of choice was very tasty.

By 2:02pm, I was back online and had been told a court had ruled (Really?) already that Obama's (proven) enemies of America had to move out of my slum, but I was convinced that The (proven) War Criminal Gables would never obey a non-corrupt court nor any REAL laws ever. Then, I caught up with my TweetHearts.

I had also learned that my Jarritos(tm) was a failure at the all-AMERICAN Hydration Challenge. Please reread my 17Nov2015 blog post about my search for safe bottled liquids under Obama's dictatorship.

I sent my selfless support system ahead of me before leaving to relocate to the University of Southern California at 2:36pm.

The moment I walked out the front door of my internationally-secured wifi hotspot, I received the no-surprise alarm for ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa's latest conscious choice to break every law possible from local to international to attempt a fully-competent-Californian-adult abduction of me to drag me kicking and screaming to my complete and guaranteed destruction in ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa, the only place (proven) that hates me enough as an entire population to do that to me EVER in the past, present, or future.

Why else had they been trying my entire previous night on public transportation to make me believe their boldfaced lie that they had EVER given a damn about me EVER? Step One to my never-fail absolution and protection is "Cease all crimes against me and against America," and that is the step ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa always refuses to take.

I recommended to my beautiful world to reread my 20Oct2014 blog post and then, if they had time, my 05Aug2014 blog post and 17Sep2014 blog appendix.

Then, when I heard four warnings for literal torture facility threats and a heart attack warning just on the bus ride to the train station, I asked my beautiful world to make sure they could demand just reparations from ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa to benefit the Third World before they helped Amita in the courtroom.

On the train, a kind local man sold me two chocolate candy bars for only $1. I was very happy because I was very hungry.

The moment I arrived at my destination and again while I was literally pausing to smell the roses in the rose garden, there were vigilant yet blaring alarms at 4:07pm and 4:21pm. Both times, I sent my beautiful world to rescue everyone trapped and possibly dying under Obama's iron fist of terrorism and tyranny.

I eventually roosted in the California Science Center to send my backlog of tweets to make sure everyone could finally be rescued from Obama. I tried to watch (Proven) Unelected Terrorist Dictator Obama pretend he was still president and pretend he had any real, legal, nor Constitutional authority anymore when he addressed the nation starting at 5pm PST, but Obama's (proven) cyberterrorists crashed the complimentary wifi to prevent me from addressing him to his face.

I asked my NSA alpha nerds to help USC press cyberterrorism charges against Obama's (proven) criminal terrorist conspiracy of nothing but (proven) enemies of America before taking the Metro to a new wifi hotspot run by boldfaced lovers and believers also in Los Angeles.

On my way in the door, there was an alarm for further execution of Obama's (proven) criminal terrorist conspiracy of nothing but (proven) enemies of America's (proven) modus operandi of pressing intentionally fabricated false charges against me and every brave innocent who stands up with me. Our legal team mitigated that latest human rights abuse used as a crime against America quickly.

I roosted at my new wifi hotspot with a mini-cheesecake and caught up with my TweetHearts. It was a great night for Twitter.

From what I could tell, my blog post from 19Nov2014 was finally published about then after it was independently factchecked and after my not-human-trafficker nerds added the verified video and audio recordings.

I received my metaphorical nightly hug from the NBC Nightly News at 7pm by watching their news broadcast from previous in the evening. Please reread my 01Nov2014 blog post for why it always looks like I receive different television broadcasts than everyone else receives.

While I was watching the news, there was a new vigilant alarm for Obama's (proven) enemies of America's (proven) modus operandi of intentionally fabricated false charges most likely against me again.

I referred Ugwuji to my 24Oct2014 blog post, trusted her to send details of she needed more help from me, and asked her to raze the obvious false accuser (who was the REAL person who carried the burned of proof) with my 28Oct and 14Nov2014 blog posts.

This problem which occurred more than once that night from more than just ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa seemed to be that Obama's (proven) criminal terrorist conspiracy of nothing but (proven) enemies of America were compulsively pathologically perjuring that it was supposedly "illegal" for to take REAL legal action against them as our effort to make their (proven) human rights abuses against me that count as their conscious acts of war against America finally stop.

Their insistence that they have a self-appointed "right" to commit all the crimes they want is also a classic symptom of psychopathy. Ask any criminal psychology expert. Please also reread my 22Oct2014 blog post about how we have ACTUAL legal rights to pursue REAL justice after REAL crimes are committed, not after basic human rights are exercised as Obama's (proven) conspiracy of (proven) enemies of America like to pretend.

I always love and adore being surrounded by my lovers and believers, and I also love driving business to my lovers and believers' establishments. But, at 8:21pm, I still took the Metro back to my slum in Long Beach.

"8:21pm Just checking in. Thank you, my entire selfless support system including but not limited to my (proven) international secret operatives in the area and my genius loved ones in the courtroom, for the delightful day. Please secure The (proven) War Criminal Gables inside and out this time before I arrive there. We just need to keep me safe from every irrational collusion and pathological perjury until Obama's (proven) enemies of America are all arrested. Thank you!"

I ate two soft pretzels while in transit, and I was in my openly and completely hostile slum with an escalated number of Obama's (proven) enemies of America in it by 9:58pm.

Sadly, The (proven) War Criminal Gables were still escalating their direct threats to my physical safety at all costs to America and to the world. How much hard evidence does it take, my beautiful word?

At 4:38am when I naturally rolled out of bed, I learned that every radio station in the LA metropolis had been instructed by Obama's (proven) enemies of America to lie to the public! I pray they all turn in their evidence and just go back to their normal jobs of playing music and cracking jokes on morning shows.

PROPAGATING LIES TO MANIPULATE THE PUBLIC IS ONE OF THE WORST CONTRIBUTING FACTORS OF THIS, THE WORST CRISIS AMERICA HAS EVER FACED. Obama-ordered calumnies and perjuries even directly caused Obama's (proven) mental health genocide in the public!

After having to sneakily get ready hours previously just to keep myself as safe as possible in The (proven) War Criminal Gables who have still been intentionally escalating their direct threats to America and to all the world by continuing to escalate their direct threats to me, I rolled out of bed again and kickstarted my SquidStream at 8:28am before fleeing as fast as possible.

I had no chance to use the bathroom, to do my dishes, nor to make or pack food. It was too hostile. A threat was too imminent. I had to flee or the world would lose me FOREVER.

The moment I was out the door and among my people, everything was better. A friendly neighborhood local offered me a lift in his truck, a very normal activity all over the Los Angeles metropolis and most frequent in Long Beach, but I was already across the street from where I was heading.

I stopped to chat with a local shopkeeper who was a friend of mine before hopping on the bus.

There were rumors that (Proven) War Criminal Stephanie had tried to abduct me by lying her (expletive) off and while knowing IN THE LAND OF REALITY THAT OBAMA'S (PROVEN) CRIMINAL TERRORIST CONSPIRACY (PROVEN) NEVER ACKNOWLEDGE that I am perfectly sane and completely emotionally healthy only to be break every law possible from local to international to (proven) literally torture me, (proven) systemically rape me, (proven) silence me, etc. in a (proven) literal torture facility she thought she could coverup with more pathological perjuries about me that have always been nonjustifications for (proven) human rights abuses and (proven) war crimes that count as crimes against America all along.

Again, on the bus, they were only rumors, so I asked Amita to check on it and recommended my 28Oct and 14Nov2014 blog posts in case she needed to press blistering countercharges.

By the time I was on the train, that torture facility threat had been confirmed and cleared, but there was a new DIRECT THREAT TO THE ENTIRE WORLD because ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa was attempting to adult-abduct me and drag me kicking and screaming back to the MOST EVIL PEOPLE IN HUMAN HISTORY, contemporary Iowa, AGAIN which has never done anything to me but coverup their irrefutable and unrelenting human rights abuses of me that they use as acts of war against America with their unrelenting pathological perjuries.

I asked my beautiful world to take of that. There was also a new warning of collusion escalations for crimes against America because they were escalations of direct threats to (proven) destroy my completely sane and emotionally healthy mind in a (proven) literal torture facility. My beautiful world, how much hard evidence does it take?

My Metro train finally arrived, and I traveled into Los Angeles for the day. My first roost was at the Los Angeles Public Library. My crosstown trip there was surrounded by nothing but shameless public displays of love and affection for me. I was securely connected to wifi at 10:10am.

I watched my middle-aged White men before fleshing out this blog post for the day and before even catching up with my darling TweetHearts.

I told my NSA alpha nerds that I had problems with my CBS app on my iPad, but my technical difficulties with watching my middle-aged White men on 21Nov2014 were also because Obama's cyberterrorists sabotaged city infrastructure by crashing the wifi at the Los Angeles Public Library.

I asked my NSA alpha nerds to help the City of Los Angeles press cyberterrorism charges against Obama and his (proven) conspiracy of nothing but (proven) enemies of America for it.

-----Begin Email Content-----

From: Tanya Hedelisa Albon Depp de Varilek (
Date: Friday, November 21, 2014
Subject: christmas list
To: Dina Varilek

Oh, mom, also

3) an unlimited data plan for my iPad
4) $20 for my W Magazine and $12 for my Smithsonian renewals
5) more gift cards than usual (not less gift cards than usual like you did for my birthday)

I love you, mom!


-----End Email Content-----

And, as if everything since my last blog post had not proved my last blog post was completely accurate already, there was nothing but unrelenting (proven) perjuries to remove me from the world that loves and needs me FOREVER covered up with (proven) quakery all day as well as, most likely, crimes against my entire support system that stands up to keep me and America safe from Obama and his (proven) conspiracy of (proven) enemies of America.

At 2:42pm, I asked for further details, so I could protect the brave innocents that Obama was attacking who were likely more than just me at that time.

This blog post was published at 3:33pm 21Nov2014 with unrelenting (proven)threats to remove me FOREVER from my world that loves and needs me as well as to silence me with unrelenting (proven) pathological perjuries of me use to cover up the (proven) war crimes that would (proven) destroy me completely with (proven) quackery still circling.

I had already relocated when this blog post was published.

And now, my beautiful world, I answer all of your questions for me. Please keep collecting all questions and concerns from all your friends and loved ones and sending them to me through whatever means possible.

Is it worth it? Nothing is worth how much OBAMA has ordered that I suffer ever since he took office. Yes, I understand the entire world would give me the literal moon to make it up to me if I asked, but the only thing I have ever asked for is my own legally-recognized husband. He is my only silver lining and all I wanted or needed to survive this.

As Prof. James Lipton always asks... If (the Christian) Heaven is real, what do I want St. Peter to say when he welcomes me at the pearly gates? "Kiss me, you fool!" Giggle.

My beautiful world, please reread my old blog post from the summer of 2014 that includes my recommended end game for taking down Obama's entire (proven) criminal terrorist egg of nothing but (proven) crimes against his own people.

My text-search feature was sabotaged particularly so I would not be able to share the old blog post, but any tech savvy person with a real computer can probably find it. Try asking the NSA. The post was no older that June2014 and no newer than Sep2014. Thank you.

Also, my beautiful world, as I always say, if you cannot directly love and support me, please love and support everyone who can love and support me. My Powers of Attorney, my brave rescuers, my loving and adoring husband, my recently-redeemed mother, my selfless support system and invisibly security, etc. all need GENUINE help, too.

It takes a world to save a world.

If it were not for you, my beautiful world, Obama would have destroyed us all by now with his rules covered up with lies. I have always held faith that all genuinely good people always do what is right when they know the truth. That is why I have always had so much faith my beautiful world will save us all. And thank you.

My brave rescuers, do you have any idea how furious I get when you die? I was told Obama slaughtered possibly as many as forty-five more of you on the night of 20Nov2014 making the total Obama-ordered-only-so-he-can-continue-committing-unrelenting-(proven)-crimes-against-America deaths to over 5,000 brave innocents.

I understand, my brave rescuers, the burden I carry to make this world worthy of losing so many of you. And, thank you, again, for being willing to die to save my country. If I could ever express how much you mean to me, they would be the most beautiful words ever spoken, and I am pretty good with words.

SynSyn, Amita, and Ugwuji, yes, you gorgeous genius women who carry the burden of being the entire world's first line of defense against losing me FOREVER most often due to (proven) quackery (non)justified with intentionally fabricated false charges against me! Is it getting easier or harder out there?

As some general housekeeping, my genius Powers of Attorney, Obama's (proven) pathologically-lying (proven) enemies of America were propagating the calumnies that I was both "lazy and unemployed" and that I needed to be "controlled" (classic vernacular of their clinically-diagnosable psychopathy) because I had earned too much money from doing too much to save the world from all of them.

Darlings, we have proven we are an NGO of effective and genius service to humanity from privatizing America's role in carrying humanity through Global Climate Change to releasing hostages from Iran and North Korea.

Do you need to remind the world of my REAL résumé of everything I have accomplished for REAL even while Obama's (proven) rape-slave since he took office in 2009 that he made as inescapable as possible for me?

Also, please point out the parts of my 17Sep2014 blog appendix and Obama's "Mein Kompf" of rules that spell out that Obama's (proven) conspiracy of (proven) enemies of America forbid me any conventional employment as well as forbid me any REAL income anyway.

We perfectly sane people of the world who actually do acknowledge reality understand all they have ever done is perjure and libel all of us, so they can commit as many crimes against America as possible.

Please reread my 24Aug2014 blog post about how their compulsive and pathological calumnies have never been logical, rational, sane, ethical, nor legal.

And please, my genius loved ones, warn courtrooms everywhere that, after six well-documented years of their undeniable pattern of criminal behavior, choosing to humor pathological perjurers who commit unrelenting crimes against America and against the entire world by STILL propagating unrelenting pathological calumnies to get away with as many of their power-and-control-obsessed crimes as possible, makes the courts just as guilty as the (proven) clinically-diagnosable psychopaths.

All of America deserves REAL justice, not further miscarriages of justice.

One of Obama's first well-documented pathological calumnies was in his public address (Really? I have never received proof of this public address.) in 2009 when he intentionally libeled me a "hooker" only so no one anywhere would care when I reported that he was systemically raping me.

And, no, it is not okay to rape a hooker anyway.

Sweetness, I love and adore you. Nothing can tell you better how much I love you than this, your latest letter of undying love and devotion from me. Kisses!

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