Monday, November 3, 2014

If You Do not Want me Angry, Do Something REAL to Make me Happy. GIVE ME MY UNFETTERED HUSBAND!

Title: If You Do not Want me Angry, Do Something REAL to Make me Happy. GIVE ME MY UNFETTERED HUSBAND!

Please access my iCloud if necessary to publish this post now, my friends. I cannot control how many horrible things happen to me in one day; it is Obama who controls that. So, if I wait too long between posts, they become too drenching.

Please share this for me with the entire world, both houses of Congress, the Supreme Court, the United Nations, all sympathetic world leaders, all reputable national and foreign presses, etc.

Here is my latest blog post. Most of my REAL job is stating the obvious. The rest is being nice to people who deserve it.

Iraq. There is enduring sectarian violence in Iraq right now. Their nation which the US lied about, invaded, started a war, toppled the government, and then took control of their richest oil fields, has a fledgling and failing democratic government now that does not properly represent its people.

Iraq has a sectarian power struggle between Shiites and Sunnis, a common power struggle for most Muslim nations, but they are actually killing each other for power.

The desire of the people of Iraq to escape the oppression of Saddam Hussein was understandable. But Iraq needs to figure out how to be a nation now.

When there was a power vacuum, when the US left Iraq without making sure Iraq had a government with the support of its people because the US had a long-term war problem instead of a long-term peace agenda, the people broke into factions based on their long-held religious identities.

There was a resulting power struggle because the people had a long history of not trusting each other and had no unifying leadership. And now, Iraq has ISIS.

Sadly, the world seems more worried about fighting ISIS that it seems worried about saving and stabilizing Iraq. All people everywhere deserve full human rights, peace, prosperity, fair justice, and an accountable government, not just the nation's who lie about having them already.

Israel and Palestine. Apparently, the ceasefire did not hold in Gaza. Both sides need to cease all of their human rights abuses and acknowledge that they both have a right to exist in the world. When there is oppression, there will be resistance. We are humans. We fight to survive.

I do admit, though, that Israel is the power with the most control in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Israel has a history since their founding of just fighting to have their right to exist recognized. I pray they can learn to see and understand that same normal-human-reaction in the Palestinians.

I know what it is like to fight to have a right to exist in the world as myself at all. We are humans among humans. We deserve full human rights, dignity, respect, self-determination, and existence from each other... Unless someone breaks the law FOR REAL, especially using or aiding and abetting human rights abuses as acts of war particularly against civilians.

I published my last blog post at 4:34pm on 01Nov2014 while yet another irrational-denial-of-all-reality nonjustification was being used to aid and abet further (proven) war crimes against me that would have (corroborated) destroyed America.

On my walk from one of my wifi hotspots in "spy corridor" to The War Criminal Gables also in "spy corridor," I received the all-clear. In the kitchen in my slum, I had to replace my handwritten notes again that were there ONLY to instruct the entire (proven) War Criminal Gables to keep their increasingly bloodstained hands off my food.

I ate my leftover California cuisine tacos from a few nights previous, and I proved to the world that the Los Angeles County government lied to my face about REAL voter measures coming up for a vote on Tuesday, 04Nov2014.

Please release a verified and unedited video of my "voter information" from the LA County office of the California Secretary of State. And please watch me go to my polling place on 04Nov2014, so the world can be a witness to whether or not I am permitted my Constitutional right to vote in the United States of America.

At 6:08pm, I left to take the internationally-secured public transportation to see a friend, darling Mr. Todd Taylor, play me some music.

"6:14pm Just checking in. Thank you, my selfless support system, for everything. A friend invited me to hear his music tonight, so the Pig & Whistle is already expecting me. The P&W is notoriously full of Obama's parasitic criminal terrorists whom I always scare (expletive)less every time I show up. But please secure the venue anyway before I arrive. Ask them to make sure their bourbons are not roofied. Please secure every bus and train before it arrives. Please secure every train station, bus stop, and transfer point. And, as always, thank you for everything."

At the bus stop, there was an alarm for new intentionally fabricated false charges. I recommended my 24Oct and 30Oct2014 blog posts, but Ugwuji had it taken care of in no time. It is always a good day for Twitter.

6:42pm Send the pathological perjurers home to read my blog & think up a new lie. Anything #AlreadyBlogged is below my addressing it again.

On the train, at 7:08pm, there was a blaring alarm for a new threat to all of humanity due to some new boldfaced denial-of-all-reality nonjustification for (proven) torture and complete destruction of me in a controlled environment.

The moment I was off the train, I received all of the all-clears. My Powers of Attorney are very time efficient. Ugwuji took care of it.

At the Pig & Whistle in Hollywood, the hostess greeted me at the front door; I passed customers dressed as pirates; Mike, whom I have met a number of times, greeted me by name at the door to the back room since Todd had put me on the list; Seb hugged me immediately; and, I took a seat to wait for Todd and my very-long-story old friend Brian Francis.

Musicians were already on stage. The waitress was respectful and attentive. And it was a very good thing that I had a SquidStream because the Pig & Whistle had discontinued their complimentary wifi.

By 8:55pm, my darling friends, Todd and Brian, had joined me. At 9:08pm, I asked my crosstown friends of all varying degrees of fame and gravitas if then needed my 26Oct and 18Oct2014 blog posts and asked my beautiful world to check vigilantly all night for anyone trapped under Obama's iron fist.

Todd bought me a well bourbon neat. And by 9:17pm, Todd and Brian were on stage soothing my burdened soul. After their delightful set, Todd bought me my second and last drink of the night, and my old friend Brian and I had a lovely conversation. Ugwuji and Syniva were kicking (expletive) all night just like Amita and Syniva had been all day.

By 11:11pm, I had relocated to a secured wifi connection. I watched the NBC Nightly News from earlier in the evening. Then, I sent my selfless support system ahead of me to secure both The War Criminal Gables and my path there.

En route, at 12:28am, I warned my beautiful world of possible terrorism and acts of war and asked everyone to do everything possible to help my brave rescuers if needed.

Ugwuji already knew to use my 24Oct then 22Oct2014 blog posts in case of pathological perjuries to press intentionally fabricated false charges against me.

So, at 12:53am, I asked my beautiful world to make sure all dirty prosecutors from local to federal and the Los Angeles County Sheriff's office had read my 18Oct, 26Oct, and 30Oct2014 blog posts in case of intentionally fabricated false charges against my crosstown friends or anyone in my selfless support system.

Still in transit, there were mixed signals for a possible torture facility alarm of doom for humanity. I knew we needed it cleared by the time I reached the ever-secured War Criminal Gables, or whomever Obama was sending as cannon fodder to attempt to abduct me and drag me to a (proven) literal torture facility were doomed by Obama to die or to be worked until they confessed.

I would not upset a secret operative from any nation on topics of me, if I were you, and there is a growing invisible saturation of them here.

I recommended my 30Oct then 22Oct2014 blog posts to Ugwuji to help her mitigate that irrational-denial-of-all-reality (proven) war crime coverup that was threatening all of America just in time for me to be the only place Obama's (proven) criminal terrorist conspiracy could ever admit to my face they knew I would be without violating their own self-castrating rules, The War Criminal Gables.

I was safely in my slum by 1:50am. I ate the last of my vanilla yogurt with fresh strawberries (added weeks ago) before I curled up and went to sleep.

At around 10:36am on 02Nov2014, I was awoken by alarms and had to make sure my earmic was working, so I could send help. But, I was rolled out of bed, ready, and with a kickstarted SquidStream at 12:07pm.

The first completely irrational-denial-of-all-reality threat to America by being a threat to unlawfully (Why else would they have to lie about it?) lock me in any controlled environment came at 12:40pm before I was even connected to wifi. I was given the all-clear on a torture facility threat, but there was a new heart attack warning at 1:11pm.

That, too was followed by an all-clear followed by another irrational-denial-of-all-reality threat to all of humanity by pathologically perjuring that I was at all unwell at 2:16pm. The always-obviously-just-a-coverup-for-more-Obama-ordered-war-crimes was still not resolved by 2:46pm.

Obama's pathological perjurers were already caught for their crimes just by propagating unrelenting calumny after calumny in a public forum and on public record only to be able to destroy me. How stupid were they? ACTUALLY rational people do not commit more crimes and spread more lies thinking that could ever excuse old crimes and old lies!

At 3:39pm, I received good news and bad news. I was told the people of all creeds and colors of the entire good, green world had told Obama's (proven) criminal terrorist conspiracy to keep their increasingly bloodstained hands off me FOREVER.

I was also told Obama's (proven) criminal terrorist conspiracy had committed the further human rights abuse used as an act of war against America of enforcing the isolation of Long Beach from the rest of the Los Angeles metropolis only to prevent my own REAL crosstown friends from just taking me to my own REAL husband.

Shortly after that, I took a break from the wifi for food. On my way back to the ever-secured War Criminal Gables, there was a heart attack warning at 4:01pm. So, I asked my lovelies to release my latest blog notes update for this blog post as an unproofread draft.

Upon entering my kitchen in my slum, I noticed that my notes commanding everyone at The (proven) War Criminal Gables to keep their increasingly bloodstained hands off my own groceries that I buy with my own pennies were stolen for the fourth time.

By 4:15pm, I was eating popcorn while cooking dinner. And by 4:51pm, I was in my bedroom eating whole-grain penne in a red sauce with fried pork sausage and garden peas.

There was a raging torture facility alarm at 4:55pm, but I had no further details. Apparently, one of Obama's (proven) pathological perjurers was being humored by an obviously dirty judge, so they could all commit suicide on the sword of international justice at the cost of my existence in the world. The dogs outside immediately started barking very loudly.

When I was done eating dinner, I left for secured wifi still in "spy corridor." On my way out of the gate of The (proven) War Criminal Gables, Charisse told me to my face that she was consciously not going to take her medication that night (And we all know how very well-established Charisse is as COMPLETELY INSANE.) only to be able to keep the front door unlocked all night while waiting outside.

It is already established that Agnes had been committing that same act of waiting all night only to let in Obama's criminal terrorists as her conscious choice to aid and abet war crimes against me and acts of war against America.

Clearly, Charisse was as criminally insane as we had just proven War Criminal Stephanie has been the whole time. Please release a verified and unedited recording of Charisse's entire monologue as soon as possible, my not-human-trafficker nerds. And, thank you.

(Please, my beautiful world, reread every October2014 blog post oldest to newest about how EVERYONE at The War Criminal Gables has created my completely hostile living conditions.)

On my walk, I was reminded that the latest torture facility threat of doom for America was still ongoing, so I reminded my lovelies to release these unproofread blog notes as a draft.

At 6:18pm, I was securely connected to the wifi. But heart attack alarms kept going off with no all-clear until 7:23pm.

Ugwuji and Amita, every time a dirty Iowa judge pretends it is not internationally criminal of them to humor Iowa's (proven) pathological perjurer (proven) War Criminal Boeset, who is also the symbol of ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa to the world, take my honest and truthful 05Aug and 28Oct2014 blog posts, and make every internationally criminal Iowan involved choke on the ACTUAL reality they all refuse to acknowledge in ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa anywhere.

In the mean time, I caught up with my TweetHearts, tried to play some Rammstein on Spotify (But Obama's cyberterrorists played the worst song in human history, "Psychosocial" by ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa's own Slipknot instead.), answered some questions from my beautiful world, fleshed out my blog post for the following day, and watched the NBC Nightly News.

As a side note on Rammstein, once while I was in Liverpool in 2010, they told me they wished they could just pick me up and take me to safety but were not allowed near me at the time. The United Kingdom has since made everything right with me after everything that happened in 2010.

Other than Jamiroquai, the only celebrity I saw in person in Liverpool was possibly Michael Wincott. Or at least, I thought I recognized darling Mr. Michael Wincott by his voice. He told me he was from Nottingham and bought me a drink. I figured darling Mr. Alan Rickman had sent him.

There was another alarm at 7:40pm, so I asked my beautiful world to check on everyone and to do everything possible to help. From what I could tell, Syniva kept kicking unholy (expletive) all night, and Ugwuji got mired in some pathological perjurers' false universe.

There was at least one instance of Obama's (proven) criminal terrorist conspiracy boldfaced lying to manipulate the country, one of their well-established modus operandi of intentionally falsely accusing ME of what THEY are guilty of, by intentionally falsely claiming that my fight to return full Constitutional rights to all of America by telling the truth to the world EVER caused any instability anywhere as opposed to Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy's (proven) calumny-borne mental health genocide, (proven) human rights abuses used as acts of war, (proven) terrorism including but not limited to threatening civilians into submission to Obama's (proven) totalitarian oppression in the form of extragovernmental rules, (proven) refusal to surrender to international authorities even after THE ENTIRE PLANET including the liberated federal government took up arms to save America from them, and (proven) destruction of the moral fiber of American culture by boldface libeling (proven) human trafficking of me thereby causing rampant civilian-on-civilian violence in the US and possibly causing the recent unbridled unrest across the world due to the loss of America as Jefferson's shining "city on a hill" to the world in 2009 when Obama's egg or horrors and terrors began.

Shortly after catching up with my TweetHearts, I headed back to the increasingly-secured War Criminal Gables to eat leftovers from dinner. By 10:26pm, I was curled up in bed with the radio flipped on.

For years, I have hugged my pillow in my sleep wishing it were my husband. It was just another night with no human rights for no other reason that Obama's clinically-diagnosable-as-psychopathic self-appointed entitlement to break every law possible from local to international only to have totalitarian control of America.

I was asleep once my Pentagon nerds got the electrobeams shut off.

I was awake and ready, and my SquidStream was kickstarted by 8:22am on 03Nov2014. I had awakened to an all-clear. Yeah, Amita! That was a great way to wake up! I ate some leftovers for breakfast before heading out for my normal Monday errands.

I was at a local wifi hotspot by 9:12am. It was one of the hotspots I loved most because it let me sit among nature. There was another warning for a completely and intentionally irrational-denial-of-all-reality nonjustification for torturing me while I walked there. My guess was that my 30Oct2014 blog post would take care of it, but it was Amita's choice.

At 9:18am, I was connected to free public wifi, and at 9:28am I checked my War Criminal Wells Fargo account balance. It was Monday morning, and I had already received the $50 of MY OWN money to live on for the entire week; the ONLY money Obama and his (proven) criminal terrorist conspiracy permit me. Yes, that is $7 a day.

This intentional starvation and destitution of me is mostly carried out by ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa for (proven) Unelected Terrorist Dictator Obama. For further details on how ABSOLUTELY EVIL the State of Iowa has been and insists it has a self-appointed entitlement to continue being to me since Obama took office, please read my 17Sep2014 appendix that I included in this blog followed by my 28Oct2014 and 05Aug2014 blog posts.

Yes, War Criminal Well Fargo Bank is as Iowan as War Criminal Boeset. Yes, over eighty countries have already taken action against War Criminal Wells Fargo Bank over their human rights abuses of me used as acts of war both against America and against the entire world.

But, clearly, War Criminal Wells Fargo Bank, just like all of Obama's (proven) criminal terrorist conspiracy, still believes destroying America by destroying me is worth anything the world does to them as fair and just punishment for their blatant and unrelenting crimes.

I have always said that all of Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy's heinous and unrelenting crimes against their own people will NEVER end until all of them are removed from society forever. Why does no one listen to me, yet? Please reread my 16Oct2014 blog post about this followed by my 22Oct2014 blog post if you can spare the time from watching my SquidStream, my beautiful world.

There were seemingly nonstop alarms until 10:11am, so I asked my beautiful world to check on all of us every time. It sounded most like my brave rescuers were dying, but I had no further details. I asked my beautiful world to do everything possible to help.

Particularly because of my dying brave rescuers, I was in a horrible mood. That is the SANE and rational response to learning that people who genuinely love me are dying in mass numbers. I was going to have to kick Unelected Terrorist Dictator Obama VERY hard for that.

When I was done running errands, I was told of an all-clear of the latest attempt to coverup up (proven) further war crimes against me with a complete nonjustification for (proven) torture of me based on boldfaced quackery.

After I nestled in among the shadows of trees to finish up this blog post, a raging alarm announcing terrorism and war against my brave rescuers blared again at 11:20pm. I asked my beautiful world to check on them and to do everything possible to help them.

That alarm was quickly followed by what sounded like two alarms for two different boldfaced perjurers breaking every law possible from local to international to destroy America by destroying me by unlawfully imprisoning me in any controlled environment at all whatsoever.

At 11:59am, I needed to ask my benevolent NSA alpha nerds to enter and secure my iPad just to make this little device, which I named The Constitutional Defender months ago, function like I am a normal person.

Just before 1:10pm, I tried to find accurate information about my local and state election for the following day, but Obama's (proven) criminal terrorist conspiracy had proved once again they were unjustifiably denying me all human rights just to maintain their clinically-diagnosable-as-psychopathic totalitarian control of America.

No, the only human right I had was my freedom of speech which Obama was desperate to take away from me, too. And, I was the ONLY person in all of America with any freedom of speech at all to tell any honest truths in any medium.

There was also a warning of a collusion escalation by Obama's (proven) criminal terrorist conspiracy with further intentionally fabricated false charges against me at 1:28pm and a further blaring torture facility alarm of doom for all of humanity at 2:34pm. It must have been ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa.

And because it was a globally- and nationally-critical part of my REAL job, this blog post was published at 3:03pm on 03Nov2014, the day before the midterm elections, while the world was STILL under irrational-denial-of-all-reality threats from at least two of Obama's (proven) pathological perjurers to lose me forever to a controlled environment, most likely a final (proven) literal torture facility guaranteed to destroy my perfectly sane and completely emotionally healthy mind.

And now, my beautiful world, I answer all of your questions for me. Please keep collecting all questions and concerns from all your friends and loved ones and sending them to me through whatever means possible.

Do I believe sanctions by the United Nations will help take down Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy? I believe reparations to benefit the Third World, the people on our good, green world who need me free to do my REAL job unfettered the most, against the actually identified guilty parties ONLY would be the best course of action, and only if we can make sure US federal taxpayer dollars are prevented from paying them for the ACTUAL guilty parties.

For example, the good people of California, who have no reality in their heads but who are still loving and respectful of me, should be spared. It is not their fault they have mental health genocide, yet even despite their mass consumption of America-destroying libel of me, they are still good to me.

I am not Obama's (proven) criminal terrorist conspiracy; I do not punish victims for the crimes already committed against them. I only punish people for their conscious choices to commit crimes in the first place.

What does 'delusional' mean in a medical situation? It means someone believes something that is not real. In most cases, it is completely harmless.

For example, if it were not true that the Mr. Johnny Depp were my legally-recognized husband in THE LAND OF REALITY NO ONE EVER ACKNOWLEDGES, then it would be a harmless delusion and still not grounds for a mental health commitment nor a Reese hold on me.

Also, obviously, the Mr. Johnny Depp a.k.a. my Mr. Love-of-my-Life, is my real life husband, as if we still needed further evidence that all of the OBVIOUS AND BLATANT libel to lock me in ANY (proven) literal torture facility were anything EVER but coverups for Obama-ordered war crimes or that ANY controlled environment would only be used to completely destroy me.

However, the mass delusions across all of America (Please reread my 24Aug2014 blog post.) due to Obama's calumnies in the form of pathological libel and pathological perjury propagated by his criminal terrorist anti-reality machine and crap-factory have caused (proven) mental health genocide that has destroy our culture, our people, and our nation. (Please reread my 26Oct2014 blog post about this.)

Calumny has never been protected by "freedom of speech," only telling the truth has ever been. You can ask any REAL Constitutional law expert on that; I recommend seeking corroboration on this from the Supreme Court of the United States of America. And it is because of the (proven) destruction that blatant lies cause that telling the full honest truth in all public forums has always been necessary for a sane and peaceful society.

The only way to end Obama's mental health genocide is to remove every pathological libelist and pathological perjurer (Please reread my 22Oct2014 blog post about this.) from society FOREVER, remove every earspeaker from everyone worldwide, and tell everyone the full truth in every medium.

Is Obama committing quack-assisted suicide on the sword of international justice? YES! How much evidence does it take? Again, most of my job is stating the obvious.

How do I feel about anyone in Los Angeles who is so (proven) delusional that they would like to ask me to leave? First, we must start with the fact most people in Los Angeles have PROVEN mental health genocide.

I would likely ask that person, who clearly has no contact with reality at all, to call a local news station (I always recommend PBS.) to learn the honest truth about me. Then, I would ask that person, if they are capable of comprehending reality at all, to read my entire independently-factchecked 20Oct2014 blog post.

Finally, I would sit that delusional hater down and explain to him or her that all anyone has ever had to do is just take me to my own house in the Hollywood Hills where my own (proven) loving and adoring husband has been trying for YEARS to bring me home.

Most likely, the next thing my husband and I would do is take a retreat to an island paradise together for some "us time." No, I am NOT going anywhere without my husband.

What is the WORST writing advice I have ever received? For an entire week at a summer workshop at the University of Iowa, Prof. Cecile Goding kept telling me to make myself sound like every other writer. Crap teaching like that was why in 1997 Prof. Tom Rayworth at Cambridge University in the UK told me to never study writing at the University of Iowa.

Let us be honest, my beautiful world, of all the successful writers in history and especially writing right now, how many have graduated from the Iowa Writers' Workshop? We call such hard numbers the truth, as opposed to ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa's unrelenting lies about itself.

As a question from me to you... Did both political parties take away ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa's "first in the nation status" too, yet? No, the ABSOLUTELY EVIL people of Iowa are not representative enough of our nation as a whole to have ever been allowed and definitely not allowed now to wield the power of choosing our presidential candidates for the entire nation.

Ask former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton about how ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa got now-Unelected Terrorist Dictator Obama into the White House in the first place in 2008. When is ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa finally going to be stopped?

My beautiful world, anything short of giving full Constitutional rights and freedoms back to all Americans is not a REAL solution. Stop Obama's (proven) criminal terrorist conspiracy's unrelenting unamerican lies already.

Obama has ALWAYS used boldfaced lies to manipulate the public into allowing him to oppress all of us. Stop pretending I do not know how to solve global crises with REAL solutions to the REAL problems.

Also, my beautiful world, where is Unelected Terrorist Dictator Obama recruiting his berserker seditious extragovernmental criminal terrorist mercenary army from? There apparently are enough of those crazed lunatics to stop the world from removing them all to save America from Obama. We also need to go after his recruitment.

My brave rescuers, is it getting better or worse out there? I asked that hopefully. I can see it is getting worse out there for you still.

Trust me, my brave rescuers, your dying just to bring human rights we are all due just for being humans on this planet at all back to all of America has me very (understatement) unamused. But, thank you for sacrificing everything to save my country.

This is the United States of America! Human rights abuses ordered by a (proven) unelected terrorist dictator as acts of war against THE ENTIRE NATION are not supposed to happen here!

Trust me, as soon as DC is politically purged of war criminals intentionally propping up Already-Impeached Unelected Terrorist Dictator Obama, I will ask for new amendments to the US Constitution to codify our penumbra of rights as a people to knowledge, privacy, physical safety, freedom of conscience and belief, marriage and family, etc.

Until then, my brave rescuers, we still need to return what codified Constitutional rights we are still supposed to have here now already. And to do that, we need to remove Obama's entire seditious extragovernmental criminal terrorist mercenary army from the face of the Earth.

There is absolutely NO justification for allowing a well-organized and heavily-armed terrorist mercenary army to run rampant across America, even if Obama falls and definitely not if Obama prevails. And what great prison labor they would make for pulling the plastic out of all the oceans worldwide for the rest of their lives!

I am working on what to do with all of that plastic still. I have heard stories of turning recycled plastic into everything from compressed-brick housing for the impoverished in Third World countries to fashionable denim clothing. There are even fungi that have evolved to eat plastic. I am sure we can figure it out.

SynSyn, Amita, and Ugwuji, these constant (proven) irrational-denial-of-all-reality threats to all of humanity to remove me from the good, green world that loves and needs me only to destroy my perfectly sane and emotionally healthy mind in any controlled environment only go on because no one is willing to arrest the (proven) libelists and perjurers EVERYWHERE who have consciously destroyed America with calumnies of me as well as because of the dirty (Iowan) courts that consciously choose to still allow pathological perjuries that have only ever been used to coverup (proven) war crimes against me.

My genius Powers of Attorney, our court history speaks for itself. And so does theirs. That is why the entire world, not just I, thanks you for your compassionate and dedicated genius legal activity.

Sweetness, I love and adore you. This is when your wife nags (Giggle.) you about getting older every day.

HoneyHoney, I still want superhuman babies. As I have always said, we have a moral obligation to this planet not just to ourselves to allow our combined DNA to romp and play for generations to come.

Beloved, we are supposed to have a basic human right to live a life together as a married couple as well as a right to found a family together as a legally-married couple. I am already thirty-seven years old. Please remind the world that my biological clock is ticking.

And, yes, darling, we are a better love story than Romeo & Juliet. Not only are we a true story, but we will also live a real life happily-ever-after.

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