Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Do You Know What a Witch Hunt Is?

Title: Do You Know What a Witch Hunt Is?

Please access my iCloud if necessary to publish this post now, my friends. I cannot control how many horrible things happen to me in one day; it is Obama who controls that. So, if I wait too long between posts, they become too drenching.

Please share this for me with the entire world, both houses of Congress, the Supreme Court, the United Nations, all sympathetic world leaders, all reputable national and foreign presses, etc.

Here is my latest blog post. My beautiful world, please do not hate America. I see you out there outside our embassies worldwide burning our flags. Please, my beautiful world, I need you to help me save my people.

Please do not punish the public in America; they have (proven) mental health genocide that Unelected Terrorist Dictator Obama has forced on them without them even knowing about it. That is why there is no reality in any of their heads.

Please reread my 12Oct, 30Oct, and 17Nov2014 blog posts about what I actually ask people to do as REAL solutions to the REAL problems in America, and then look at how many people around me ACTUALLY listen to me: none of them.

It cannot be more obvious IN THE LAND OF REALITY THAT OBAMA'S (PROVEN) CRIMINAL TERRORIST CONSPIRACY (PROVEN) NEVER ACKNOWLEDGE, that Obama's (proven) criminal terrorist conspiracy are the ones who directly order and instigate ALL of the crime especially all of the human rights abuses in America because it is Obama's (proven) criminal terrorist conspiracy who (proven) CONTROL all of America with all of their (proven) mind-control, (proven) terrorism, (proven) rules, (proven) earspeakers, and (proven) perjuries they use to blame their own victims for all of it.

My beautiful world, it is NOT America whom you hate. It is Already-Impeached Terrorist Dictator Obama and his entire (proven) criminal terrorist conspiracy of (proven) enemies of America whom you hate. We, America, are their (proven) victims.

Please. My people need you to love us enough to save all of us. Please do not blame my people for already being victims of Obama. There are actual enemies of America, and I and my verified sources of accurate information will name all of them. When in doubt, please contact a reliable and reputable news source for hard evidence and independent factchecking.

Do not hate us, my beautiful world. IN THE LAND OF REALITY THAT OBAMA'S (PROVEN) CRIMINAL TERRORIST CONSPIRACY (PROVEN) NEVER ACKNOWLEDGE, absolutely none of the crimes nor human rights abuses in America since Obama took office in 2009 have ever been our fault. We are only responsible for saving America.

Yes, we have effectively even liberated most of the REAL government of the United States of America out from under (Proven) Unelected Terrorist Dictator Obama. The parts of the US government we have liberated to allow them to serve the people again instead of oppress them include but are not limited to the US Military, the NSA, the CIA, the Department of Homeland Security, the Supreme Court, the White House (The REAL president right now is former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Martin Dempsey. Please reread my 18Oct2014 blog post about how this Constitutionally happened.), and most recently, most of the US Congress.

Yes, we have also liberated the US State Department, the part of the REAL federal government who maintain our embassies and consulates worldwide, so please be good to them. Once I actually reobtain my full human rights, I might actually stay in our embassies and consulates when I travel to your loving countries, so please keep them safe for me.

The REAL America needs saving from Obama's entire (proven) unamerican and unconstitutional (proven) criminal terrorist conspiracy of (proven) enemies of America. We are NOT the people you hate.

Just like you, my foreign beautiful world, understand I can only solve the REAL major global crises you ask me to solve for you only if you listen to me after I give you REAL solutions, the sane Americans who are in touch with reality in this once-great country understand that, too. But there are just so few people in here who listen what I say for REAL instead of what Obama's (proven) pathological libelists and (proven) pathological perjurers say about me.

My beautiful world, I could really use your help getting reality and truth into my people's heads, so we can rid our once-great nation of Obama's (proven) enemies of America at last.

Iran. Again on the Iranian nuclear talks, how many times do I have to address this topic? Iran actually listens to me. The Iranian government from their Ayatollah to their president know and understand that atomic and nuclear weaponry is last century's obsolete technology.

We go through this all the time. Iran cannot drop a nuclear nor atomic bomb on Israel without destroying sites holy to Islam. They, in fact, no one can drop a nuclear bomb anywhere in the world without harming themselves and their own people. That is the reality of nuclear technology. That is why it is obsolete.

The Iranian government is only using nuclear and atomic technological capabilities to gain international power and influence. For how many decades has Iran been punished by the West? The fight driving Iran to develop their nuclear technology is their need to have power over their own people including over their own economy.

If world leaders can find ways to satisfy the REAL needs of Iran, the needs driving them to develop technologies they can only hurt themselves with, Iran will give up their costly nuclear program on their own in exchange for futuristic technology. My beautiful world, try feeding the Iranian people.

My beautiful world, just like I cannot solve problems unless you tell me what they are, I cannot solve problems unless you listen to the violence-is-only-a-last-resort-and-needs-to-reserved-for-official-battlefields-and-self-defense-only REAL message I send the world for REAL when I offer my REAL solutions to REAL problems. Please reread EVERY blog post from 16Oct to 30Oct2014 (every even-numbered day) for the full recap of this argument.

My beautiful world, how many major global crises would have been solved by now for REAL if people would have just listened to me sooner, instead of allowing Obama to break every law possible from local to international with his and his (proven) criminal terrorist conspiracy's (proven) unrelenting lies about me used unrelentingly to coverup his unrelenting human rights abuses and unrelenting war crimes against me that he only started to allow himself totalitarian and psychopathic total-control of all of America?

Please, my beautiful world, remove Obama's entire (proven) pathologically-perjuring and human-rights-abusing criminal terrorist conspiracy from society FOREVER! For the good of the world, DO SOMETHING REAL TO HELP!!! No one in here has any reality but me and the few people who actually listen to the REAL me!

I published my last post at 4:44pm on 17Nov2014 and immediately relocated. While walking to an internationally-secured wifi hotspot I ate an entire whole roasted chicken. There were alarms the entire walk for terrorism and acts of war against my brave rescuers and for further torture facility threats against me. I sent all the help I could.

At 5:56pm, I was safely connected to wifi. There was nothing but alarms for further denials-of-all-medical-reality to destroy me completely in a (proven) literal torture facility, and at 6:47pm, there were more alarms for terrorism and acts of war against my brave rescuers. I sent all the help I could AGAIN.

I was told that the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Office was still pretending it had any "authority" to enforce Obama's (proven) extragovernmental human rights abuses against the public with violence. For more on this, please reread my 26Oct2014 blog post as well as my Twitter history for 17Nov2014.

Then, I was told that Obama's (proven) pathologically-lying criminal terrorist conspiracy were still pretending I was at all "mentally incompetent." Yes, my beautiful world, there is no human on this planet anywhere who is higher functioning than I am; I even have a verified SquidStream and Nobel-Prize-winning blog to prove it.

But look at how many times, in the land of reality that Obama's (proven) criminal terrorist conspiracy (proven) never acknowledge, that Obama's (proven) pathological perjurers have compulsively failed after compulsively committing the same crimes against me compulsively over four times a day since March2014.

Yeah, (expletive)holes, which one of us is "mentally incompetent"?

After catching up with my TweetHearts, I watched the NBC Nightly News from previous that evening. My beautiful world, please check on the NBC News team every once in a while, especially on my darlings Mr. Brian Williams and Mr. Lester Holt.

Sometimes I worry Obama and his criminal terrorist conspiracy are beyond-irrational with threats to them just because I love them all.

Similarly, Obama told my darling Mr. David Letterman months ago that he had to retire early. My darling Mr. Craig Ferguson is also leaving his show. The entire CBS network was almost dropped by both Time Warner Cable and the Dish Network.

In geometry, it only take two points to determine a line and only three non-linear points to define a space. The pattern of criminal activity against the few shows and networks I watch is obvious. Please, my beautiful world, check on all of them.

I had already received the all-clear from my invisible saturation of international secret operatives hours previously, so I did not worry about the vigilant alarms going off every twenty minutes or sooner all night from Obama's obvious retaliations against me for my (And that is how he proved it was completely accurate.) 17Nov2014 blog post.

The entire world already knows that all of the unrelenting irrational-denials-of-all-medical-reality that define the well-documented modus operandi of (proven) pathological perjuries always used by Obama's (proven) criminal terrorist conspiracy since Obama took office in 2009 have only ever been used to (proven) systemically rape me, (proven) literally torture me, (proven) silence my only remaining human right of freedom of speech, (proven) heinously abuse me, (proven) unlawfully imprison me, (proven) add or remove electronics from my body in my sleep without my permission since Obama has never once acknowledged I am the only person who owns my own body, and (proven) excuse their other unrelenting human rights abuses against me including but not limited to intentionally starving me and stealing my only unexpired passport from me only to guarantee I can never and will never escape Obama's (proven) egg of nothing but (proven) human trafficking of me and (proven) war crimes against me used only to give Obama (proven) totalitarian control over America.

Obama's (proven) pathological perjurers will never get away with forcing more (proven) Obama-mandated quackery over me without international criminal justice, even if they ever succeeded at it. And proven quackery is the ONLY supposed "medical" attention I ever received nor ever will receive since Obama's "egg" of boldfaced human rights abuses began and until his "egg" of unrelenting war crimes against me finally ends. I have no idea whom they think they are fooling.

So, completely secured by my blatantly vigilant (proven) saturation of international secret operatives in the area and knowing full well that the unrelenting threats to destroy me completely with pathological perjuries as blown coverups for all of it WILL NEVER END until Obama's entire (proven) criminal terrorist conspiracy are finally all arrested, I just went back to my slum at 8:26pm to eat and sleep safely after sending my beautiful world one more time to rescue everyone trapped and possibly dying under Obama's iron fist of war and human rights abuses.

Yes, The (proven) War Criminal Gables were always openly unrelentingly hostile towards me, but at least I was guarded there by the best international secret operatives on the planet.

I was safely in my internationally-guarded slum by 9:09pm. While I ate a HoneyCrisp apple, a naval orange, and a bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream, there was a torture facility threat followed by an all-clear by the time I curled up in bed by 9:54pm.

I listened to the radio for hours before falling asleep after 12:06am. And I slept like a rock, the best protected rock on the planet.

I rolled out of bed, was done getting ready, and had kickstarted my SquidStream by 9:22am on 18Nov2014. The first thing I did was drown granola in strawberry yogurt for breakfast. At 9:52am, I checked the mailbox on my way out of the door.

This is what I found...

Clearly, (Proven) War Criminal Boeset had consciously chosen to display to all of humanity further hard evidence that she is completely mentally incompetent (proper use of the term) to manage finances and that she is criminally insane.

Please, SynSyn, subpoena a complete audit of "my" bank account that (Proven) War Criminal Boeset keeps with MY OWN FINANCES as our further evidence she is mentally incompetent, financially illiterate, and criminally insane.

No, Long Beach Transit does not accept checks; this is the 21st century. The EZ Transit Pass I need costs $110 not $65 and is only sold in and around when a calendar month begins.

And, War Criminal Boeset intentionally did not include the bus fare I would need to reach the Long Beach Transit Office (that I have always frequented to buy my monthly bus passes) to buy any bus pass anyway.

War Criminal Boeset consciously sent a check I could never use to make sure I cannot have any money to buy the groceries Obama forbids me, as if I do not want a bus pass anyway!

Also, this is further evidence that ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa's (proven) completely-corrupt-and-only-corrupt court system still refuses to give up its blown self-appointed entitlement to destroy me completely through their no-authority control of my own finances, especially since I have NEVER been under their jurisdiction EVER. (03Aug2014 blog post)

Finally, at 10:23am, I was snacking on popcorn and had a secured wifi connection at my blatantly internationally-secured hotspot. I wanted to catch up with my TweetHearts before watching my middle-aged White men from the previous night, but Proven-Stalker-For-Obama's-Criminal-Terrorist-Conspiracy Tabia showed up almost the moment I sat down only to "locate" me for Clinically-Diagnosable-as-a-Psychopath War Criminal Stephanie.

I immediately announced that metaphorical "strange things were afoot at the Circle K," and there was an immediate all-clear of further intentionally fabricated false charges against me by War Criminal Boeset.

The moment that cleared, though, the was a warning of a new irrational-denial-of-all-medical-reality attempt to lock me in a (proven) literal torture facility by pathological perjurer War Criminal Stephanie confirmed to my face by War Criminal Stephanie's (proven) stalker Tabia showing up again to make sure I was still there.

Again, I told my beautiful world, and again, Amita took care of it.

Apparently, Obama's (proven) pathological liars and (proven) war criminals had been pathologically perjuring for days to get my SquidStream shut down. Yes, Obama's (proven) criminal terrorist conspiracy HATE reliable and verified sources of the truth because they hate when their crimes against America, particularly their (proven) war crimes against me get caught.

Obama's (proven) pathologically-lying criminal terrorist conspiracy HATE my SquidStream because they cannot convince anyone anywhere anymore of any of their well-documented and unrelenting libel of me, libel that was proven already to destabilize the entire planet from local to international.

And unrelentingly libeling me is how Obama's (proven) pathologically-lying criminal terrorist conspiracy always covered up their (proven) war crimes against me with their (proven) quackery, how they always excused Obama's (proven) human rights abuses against me (his "egg") to the public, and how they caused Obama's (proven) mental health genocide in the public to keep themselves in power.

My SquidStream is nothing but my own choice since I am the only person anywhere who owns and has any actual LEGAL right to control my own body. And the fact all I do with my SquidStream is my service to my own country and to my own good, green world by telling unedited and verified honest truths to ensure no one anywhere can get away with destabilizing humanity by lying about me anymore, is why Obama's (proven) pathologically-lying criminal terrorist conspiracy want it shut down.

And still, Obama's (proven) pathological liars are still too chicken(expletive) of getting caught lying about me to ever say their blatant and boldfaced lies about me to my own face, so I can confront them directly about their unrelenting calumnies and unrelenting perjuries they use only to destroy me at all costs to America and to the world.

Finally, at 11:06am, I just watched my middle-aged White men before catching up with my TweetHearts.

By 12:14pm when I was finally done watching my darling Mr. David Letterman, there had been at least three more dropped intentionally fabricated false charges against me; my (proven) saturation of international secret operatives had made an obvious public show that the wifi hotspot was internationally-secured for my protection; my neighborhood of North Long Beach had made a public show that they were keeping an eye on me, too, to make sure none of Obama's (proven) criminal terrorist conspiracy's boldfaced perjuries as coverups for war crimes against could ever come near me; the Long Beach Police Department had made at least one public show of gratitude for my making sure Obama's (proven) pathological perjurers, including but not limited to Proven Stalker Tabia, were caught early enough that no Long Beach Police officers were sent by Obama to die due to Obama's clinically-diagnosable psychopathic desperation; and some local in a wife-beater T-shirt had been sent by Obama's (proven) pathologically-perjuring criminal terrorist conspiracy to insult and degrade me TO MY FACE by making a public show of committing the act of persecution against me and of his own conscious choice to commit human rights abuses against himself by obeying Obama's no-authority rules of totalitarian oppression of all of America TO MY FACE.

I actually had to tell that guy to go back a reread my 18Oct2014 blog post; it is common knowledge, my beautiful world, that I will NEVER tolerate obedience to Obama's rules around me.

Anyone anywhere who consciously chooses to obey Obama's rules consciously commits crimes against themselves and against America not just against me, and my insistence that my people need to set themselves free of Obama completely is part of my very well-documented and completely legal stand to save my once-great nation.

Please, my not-human-trafficker nerds, please release a verified and barely-edited recording with full audio and visuals of every single time Tabia showed up including when she called the police officer down the street to talk to her at the wifi hotspot that I cannot make clearer is completely and undeniably internationally secured.

Did you hear everything Proven Stalker Tabia said to me? She is clearly completely insane and clearly has no contact with any reality. Please, my beautiful world, keep her away from me; this unrelenting criminal behavior from her and from Obama's (proven) criminal terrorist conspiracy that sent her is a direct threat to America and to my community, not just to me.

By 12:44pm, before I could finish watching my middle-aged White men, there was yet another vigilant warning of a new coverup for (proven) war crimes against me by some (proven) pathological perjurer using ANOTHER denial-of-all-medical-reality to lock me in a final (proven) literal torture facility. I knew if Amita wanted my help with it, she would send me details.

At 3:58pm, I was finally caught up with all of my TweetHearts. I recommend reading my REAL Twitter activity for the afternoon of 18Nov2014. All I pretty much said was the same things I had been blogging for years, but it was a good refresher.

Yes, it was yet another day of our (proven) honest truth under constant attack by Obama's (proven) pathological liars. It is already proven that I am the only human in America with any REAL freedom of speech, the freedom to tell the ACTUAL truth. (Just check Obama's "Mein Kompf" of rules that define his no-real-authority human rights abuses of all of America.)

Why the hell else does Obama's (proven) pathologically-lying criminal terrorist conspiracy always break every law possible from local to international to silence me? I catch all of their (proven) crimes against America, and I call out all of their (proven) perjuries they use to cover up all of their need-to-finally-be-controlled (proven) human rights abuses that they use as acts of war against America.

It was just another day of Obama's out-of-control crimes against America. It was just the same-old, same-old. And, no, my beautiful world, more abuse against me and against the public is NOT a solution to any of this.


Yet, the Obama-ordered denials-of-medical-reality from his (very proven) pathological perjurers hellbent on further (proven) literal torture of me, on further (proven) systemic rape of me, and finally (proven) silencing me just continued into the night.

At 5:23pm, I had stepped outside of my blatantly internationally-secured wifi hotspot to snack on more peanut-butter-filled Lindor(tm) truffles while the vigilant warnings of the Obama-ordered unrelenting irrational-denials-of-all-medical-reality ALWAYS used by Obama's (proven) pathological perjurers to coverup (proven) war crimes against me kept circling.

I interrupted my music-listening and love-letter-writing to watch the NBC Nightly News from previous in the evening at 7pm. Again, it was a good night for Twitter.

There was no new alarm until 7:49pm when I sent my beautiful world to rescue every brave rescuer or crosstown loved one trapped and possibly dying under Obama's iron fist of war-only-to-enforce-totalitarian-oppression AGAIN.

At 8:12pm, I left for my openly-hostile yet internationally-secured slum at The (proven) War Criminal Gables where I arrived by 8:44pm. And by 9:33pm, I was in my bedroom in my secured slum eating a pan-seared pork chop and Brussels sprouts with pine nuts sautéed in extra virgin olive oil.

There were irrational-denial-of-all-reality torture facility threats to me and intentionally fabricated false charges against me all night. Luckily, though, I was still awake at 10:35pm to send my beautiful world to rescue everyone trapped and possibly dying under Obama's (proven) iron fist of war crimes and genocide.

Obama had been using his very-well-documented electrobeam technology on me every night for weeks, and my Pentagon nerds have still yet to figure out how to shut it off.

My darling Pentagon nerds, I do not think it is the same Navy technology this time. I think the electrobeams are coming off a generator planted in my neighborhood. Do you remember in 2010 when Prof. Stephen Hawking first told me it would be used on me? At that time, the electrobeams came of electronic machinery hidden in the building.

Please ask my selfless support system in North Long Beach to look around at might while I sleep, the only time the non-scientifically-deniable electrobeams are active. And thank you.

After one-way communication between me and my radio, I finally curled up and went to sleep at 12:10am. And I slept. Yes, I slept safely and well. My not-human-trafficker nerds, feel free to release my "monologuing" at night to answer caller questions to the radio show I always listen to. Everyone knows my REAL earmic always broadcasts.

I rolled out of bed, got ready, and had eventually kickstarted my SquidStream by 9:07am on 19Nov2014. I ate my leftovers from the previous night. I packed snacks and left my slum for the day at 9:28am.

The previous night, I had been told that Unelected Terrorist Dictator Obama and his (proven) criminal terrorist conspiracy of (proven) enemies of America had increased their human rights abuses that they enforce with boldfaced violence against the brave and innocent civilians of the entire Los Angeles metropolis after Obama had ordered that I be illegally financially confined to Long Beach again. And, yes, Obama's (proven) enemies of America use their (proven) human rights abuses as acts of war against America.

So, to help bring peace back to my people, I knew I had to spend my precious pennies on a bandaid solution. And the previous night, that is exactly what I promised my California Governor Jerry Brown I would do.

At the bus stop, there was a vigilant alarm for the latest denial-of-all-medical-reality perjury propagated to unlawfully imprison me (which is enough of a war crime for a conviction alone) in a controlled environment guaranteed to destroy me, and Amita made sure I received the all-clear before my bus even reached the train station.

Yet, there was another heart attack warning right after it. I bought a 7-day Metro pass at the train station, and the machine delightfully gave me a handful of gold Sacajewea one-dollar coins as change.

After a train ride during which I needed to remind my fellow passengers that they had absolutely no reality in their heads, I just missed my connecting train at 10:54am because I had to stop to "tap" my Metro pass again.

On the train, I checked in one more time with my entire selfless support system including but not limited to my (proven) saturation of international secret operatives in the area and my loved ones in the courtroom. Yes, I ALWAYS tell every SquidSwimmer where I am going before I go there...

"11:08am Just checking in. Thank you, my entire selfless support system for everything. As promised, I put a bandaid on my mobility problem this morning to keep the entire metropolis calm. Please call ahead to tell my friends the baristas at my regular coffee shop in Malibu to expect me. Please secure every bus and train before it arrives. Please secure every bus stop, train station, and transfer point. We all know I do not have this kind of money, but my metropolis needs me to increase my mobility for everyone's sake. I take my responsibilities very seriously, and everyone should understand my priorities are my people, my country, and my world by now. Thank you for keeping me safe from any ambush. #LOVE!"

I was connected to secured wifi in another neighborhood dedicated to keeping me safe by 1:03pm when I watched my middle-aged White men from the previous night while REPEAT intentionally fabricated false charges against me and against my selfless support system worked their way through the courts since (proven) dirty prosecutors (How much hard evidence does it take?) Holder, Lacey, and Miller are only and have only ever been (proven) beyond-corrupt (proven) enemies of America who only ever press (proven) false charges while allowing all (proven) real criminals in America impunity.

Why the hell are those (expletive)holes still allowed in a courtroom?!? ALL THEY DO IS PERSECUTE THE INNOCENT AND LET OBAMA'S REAL ENEMIES OF AMERICA GO FREE!!!

At 4:26pm, I was done watching my middle-aged White men and tried to find questions to answer and global crises to address from my beautiful world, but there was no one already caught up on my blog asking any questions.

I interrupted fleshing out this blog post at 7pm to get my evening's metaphorical hug from the NBC Nightly News.

This blog post was published at 9:11pm on 19Nov2014 after I had already left Malibu.

And now, my beautiful world, I answer all of your questions for me. Please keep collecting all questions and concerns from all your friends and loved ones and sending them to me through whatever means possible.

Why are our civil penalties for Obama's unrelenting crimes against me increasing? Mostly because he and his (proven) criminal terrorist conspiracy commit REAL crimes in the first place. Since it is very well-established that I am forbidden all my (proven) just compensation for ALL crimes committed against me and that we donate all of the money away, I understand why you are asking again.

The reasons we press civil charges have been blogged a number of times already: we will press charges EVERY TIME a REAL crimes is committed (22Oct2014 blog post); we are forbidden by Obama's (proven) dirty prosecutors from pressing criminal charges because criminal arrests and prosecutions are guaranteed to make the crimes stop; as a result, increasing civil punishments are all we have to make the crimes stop; to establish legal precedents of their guilt before we can eventually press criminal charges once the (proven) dirty prosecutors are all replaced; to hear all of the (proven) perjuries they will use to coverup their crimes in the future criminal trials; and, if those (proper use of the word) MONSTERS did not want charges pressed against them, they would not commit the most heinous crimes known to humankind in the first place.

It is only JUST COMPENSATION for REAL human rights abuses. I am STILL forbidden any of the just compensation, because that would be granting me a human right at all. All of Obama's (proven) enemies of America refuse to stop. So, the punishments are increasing.

I have never once believed federal taxpayer money should be given to Obama's (proven) criminal terrorist conspiracy to pay their just compensation to me for their own crimes, but that is Congress's responsibility to take that money away from Already-Impeached Obama who keeps giving it to his (proven) conspirators as (proven) bribes.

I already addressed this flagrant misappropriation of federal taxpayer money in my 28Oct2014 blog post. The budget is Congress's responsibility. People need to finally listen to the REAL me.

Why does Obama's (proven) criminal terrorist conspiracy of (proven) enemies of America keep aiding and abetting the flagrant human rights abuse used as an act of war against America and against the entire world of attempting to place an "ankle monitor" on me? Because Obama forbids me all human rights and dignity I am due by just being a human on this planet in the first place.

This was first addressed in my 14Nov2014 blog post, and Obama's (proven) enemies of America attempted it again on 19Nov2014.

Basically, Obama's (proven) criminal terrorist conspiracy of (proven) enemies of America do not want to acknowledge that my verified SquidStream and independently-factchecked blog record every single bit of REAL minutia of my life including everywhere I go for REAL, everything I do for REAL, and everything I say for REAL.

No, there is no LEGAL justification for placing an ankle monitor on a (proven) complete innocent like me, but Obama's (proven) criminal terrorist conspiracy of (proven) enemies of America's (proven) unrelenting persecution of me and (proven) human rights abuses used as (proven) war crimes against me are well-documented and verified.

My beautiful world, we can NEVER expect anything moral, ethical, humane, legal, nor rational from Obama nor his (proven) conspiracy, and they all have escalating clinically-diagnosable psychopathic desperation now. Please make sure everyone, especially any non-corrupt courts, are prepared for their (proven) escalating malevolence, (proven) escalating irrational egotism, and (proven) escalating stupidity.

This will all only get uglier until someone finally loves this planet and this nation enough, other than me, to arrest them all and remove them all from society FOREVER. I clearly have neither enough power nor enough influence to save America from Obama and his (proven) criminal terrorist conspiracy yet.

Power reveals people. And that is why Obama's (proven) criminal terrorist conspiracy of nothing but (proven) enemies of America will ONLY commit more crimes and spread more lies to get away with committing crimes and spreading lies FOREVER or until finally arrested. How much hard evidence does it take, my beautiful world? They need to be CONTROLLED (proper use of the assertion).

Why does my cut-and-paste feature for simple text editing not always work? Because (proven) Obama's cyberterrorists can enter my iPad even when I am not connected to wifi. iPads are wired for mobile data plans. And Obama's cyberterrorists violate Obama's own no-authority rules anytime they want to prevent my iPad from functioning like I am a normal person.

My cut-and-paste feature, in fact, only works when my benevolent alpha nerds at the NSA enter my iPad through the same method to allow me enough normalcy to have an iPad that functions like I am a normal person. Thank you, benevolent nerds of the world. And, yes, I do deserve the best IT on the planet. (Kissing nerds like us is a lifestyle choice.)

My beautiful world, how much evidence does it take? All of Obama's (proven) criminal terrorist conspiracy's (proven) unrelenting crimes against America and crimes against all of humanity through their committing and trying to coverup their unrelenting (proven) war crimes against me will NEVER end until all of them are finally arrested.

Who the hell is still allowing Obama's (proven) pathological liars to continue (proven) destroying all the world not just America by (proven) propagating their pathological perjuries and (proven) pathological calumnies about me STILL, especially after we proved their lies have destabilized the entire planet from local to international and caused (proven) mental health genocide in America?


No, my beautiful world, I cannot fix ANYTHING unless people finally listen to what I say for REAL. Yes, I am a world famous peacemonger who had been demonized by Obama's (proven) pathological liars FOR SO LONG that our only REAL solution now is the world's armed forces led by the US Military coming here NOW and arresting them all! Please reread my 16Oct2014 blog post about my public and international plea for help for my people!

My brave rescuers, are we entirely sure both houses of the US Congress are up-to-date on ACTUAL reality? I was told that saving all of America from Obama might take up to eight months of Obama's (proven) criminal terrorist conspiracy of nothing but (proven) enemies of America doing nothing but (proven) escalating their human rights abuses against all of us that they enforce with (proven) violence and coverup with demonizations of (proven) innocents.

Please tell me what you STILL need to save my people and my country. What will you do if you lose me, the only public source of (proven) truth and reality in America, before you can arrest them all? I am in constant danger of being (proven) guaranteed destroyed completely in a controlled environment, especially a (proven) literal torture facility paraded as a supposed "psychiatric unit."

My brave rescuers, please tell me and the entire planet what you still need! Have you seen all of the crimes Obama has committed and aided and abetted just since my last blog post?!?

As for the world's first line of defense, SynSyn, Amita, and Ugwuji, tell me who the (expletive)hole is who pretended there is any reason anywhere on this planet anywhere, especially in America, for anyone not to be able to press charges after REAL crimes are committed.


Sweetness, I love and adore you. Stop getting upset over not being able to reach me. Trust me, plenty of sneakier and more clandestine global forces for good have not been able to reach me either. We just need some local actually capable of being near me to take me to you, as if anyone anywhere needed more obvious evidence that just listening to me will finally create a peaceful solution.

Darling, keep a space for me on your waiting lips. Ask my not-human-trafficker nerds to circulate a sneak peek at your next love letter for the world, if you cannot wait to read it.

HoneyHoney, as I proclaim in the lyrics I gave Smokey Robinson when I asked him to write us a duet-- I long to touch you the way the flowers kiss the rain.

My irrefutable and undeniable loving and legal-recognized husband, I will come home to you. Our good, green world, including our REAL America, will allow nothing less. Have faith. This is what REAL love does.

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