Tuesday, November 11, 2014

There is no Peace nor Good in Fearing Tyranny and Oppression.

Title: There is no Peace nor Good in Fearing Tyranny and Oppression.

Please access my iCloud if necessary to publish this post now, my friends. I cannot control how many horrible things happen to me in one day; it is Obama who controls that. So, if I wait too long between posts, they become too drenching.

Please share this for me with the entire world, both houses of Congress, the Supreme Court, the United Nations, all sympathetic world leaders, all reputable national and foreign presses, etc.

Here is my latest blog post. With all the talk for months of progress, none of us in America have our human rights back yet.

China, Myanmar, and Australia. President Xi Jinping, President Thein Sein, and Prime Minister Tony Abbott, please arrest Already-Impeached Terrorist Dictator Obama on international charges upon arrival.

My proven rape-slaver and torturer, Obama, is traveling to you to (Obama trademark) lie to you, so you will not help me escape his "egg" of horrors and terrors nor help me save my country from him.

Yet, if Obama had ever GENUINELY cared about me or about my future service to the entire world, including you, he would have just ended his egg of horrors and terrors instead of traveling the world to seduce good world leaders into allowing his most heinous crimes known to mankind to continue against me and my people.

President Xi, in particular, I have a strong interest in helping you feed your growing population, cleaning up your air and water pollution, maintaining the traditional map of China while creating a lasting and fair peace between you and Tibet, and any other great concerns you might think I could help with.

But I cannot help anyone if I am kept Obama's proven war crime victim. Please, leaders of the Pacific nations, consult with the United Nations or with the reputable news agencies who independently factcheck anything and everything ever said about me and arrest Already-Impeached Terrorist Dictator Obama on international charges immediately. Please. For the good of the world, please.

I published my last blog post at 1:41pm on 09Nov2014 while waiting for an all-clear on the latest irrational-denial-of-all-reality nonjustification used by a (proven) pathological perjurer to guaranteed destroy America by unlawfully imprisoning me in a controlled environment guaranteed to destroy me.

Then, at 2:01pm, there was an alarm for intentionally fabricated false charges against some brave innocent, but I did not know whom. When it is me, I ask my legal team to use my 24Oct and 01Nov2014 blog posts. Obama's proven criminal terrorist conspiracy always accuse me of their own crimes.

When it is someone who loves me, I recommend my 18Oct, 26Oct, and 30Oct2014 blog posts. Have you seen our court records versus Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy?

At 2:22pm, I had just finished my bag of peanut butter M&Ms before my local fan pedaled up on his bike with his girlfriend for our second friendly chat in two days. He even gave me a slice of pepperoni pizza. If you want to release a verified and barely-edited recording of our conversation with full audio and visuals, my benevolent not-human-trafficker broadcaster nerds, I am all for it.

We all left my wifi hotspot at 2:58pm, and after I made a mental note to sweep my bedroom floor in my slum, I was curled up by 3:43pm for a siesta that I woke up from naturally at 5:38pm.

While I was running errands, I heard a collusion escalation warning at 5:57pm for what sounded like both intentionally fabricated false charges against me and further denial-of-all-medical-reality nonjustifications for guaranteed destroying me completely in any controlled environment. My loved ones took care of it.

And at 6:48pm, just after I reconnected to secured wifi, I asked my beautiful world to double check for any of my REAL crosstown friends or family trapped and possibly dying under Obama's iron fist of totalitarian oppression.

My NSA alpha nerds made sure I could watch the NBC Nightly News at 7pm, just like I had promised darling Mr. Lester Holt. While I was watching, there was a heart attack warning with a possible all-clear.

And, immediately after watching the news, I asked my beautiful world to help my brave rescuers in every way possible. They just keep dying. They just keep dying. My beautiful world, please.

Then, at 7:48pm, an absolute (expletive)hole appeared only to boldface lie to me and disrespect me. No, lying to my face to blatantly and intentionally degrade me and to propagate Obama's (proven) terrorist conspiracy's pathological irrational-denials-of-all-reality that I am anything but in excellent condition now that I am no longer subjected to their quackery nor their guaranteed systemic rape of me if they ever unlawfully imprison me in any other controlled environment is not an acceptable way to treat me, and I will never tolerate it.

And then, immediately after he left, some other obvious (expletive)hole showed up to disrespect me to my face, too. Which part of "Give me the respect I am due by being a human on this planet at all in the first place!" do these (expletive)holes not understand? And they ALWAYS boldface lie after the fact that they are not consciously disrespecting and degrading me!

Please release a verified and unedited recording with full audio and visuals of both of the disgusting incidents.

No, I do not tolerate any obvious denials of reality to my face used only so (expletive)holes can degrade and disrespect me as their conscious choice to excuse the unrelenting calumnies and perjuries Obama's pathologically-lying criminal terrorist conspiracy circulate by propagating their fa├žade that I am completely worthless to humanity and need to be thrown away!

Where do these (expletive)holes come from, and why do they think they will get away with it? No, neither of the menfolk were terrorists, and I am convinced the second one had absolutely no reality in his head. That is why I am not pressing charges.

But the first guy made it clear he was only around me to promote himself after he came up to me and subjected me to his lack of reality again after I had left the wifi hotspot.

There were no alarms nor warnings for danger to anyone who needed me to protect them, so I left the secured wifi at 9:06pm to make dinner at my slum. By 9:50pm, I had snacked on junk food and swept the floor before cooking beef in barbecue sauce with spinach, arugula, and mozzarella all encased in buttermilk biscuits.

By 11:37pm, I was curled up in bed with the radio flipped on. I had no idea how long I was going to wait before a vigilant alarm would go off due to human rights abuses against any of us used by Obama's (proven) criminal terrorist conspiracy as acts of war against America.

I had finally rolled out of bed, gotten ready, and kickstarted my SquidStream by 7:24am. I ate some leftovers, did my dishes, etc. before leaving my slum to run my normal Monday errands at 8:09am. By 9:01am, I was connected to wifi.

It was just in time to report the latest (proven) pathological perjurer who tried to destroy my (proven) perfectly sane and completely emotionally healthy mind in a (proven) literal torture facility paraded as "psychiatric unit" at 9:33am. My loved ones must have taken care of that threat because I never heard another warning or alarm for it.

I caught up with my TweetHearts before 11:04am when I checked my War Criminal Wells Fargo Bank balance, and, yes, I had received my $50 of MY OWN money for the week already. That is $7 a day.

Yes, that $7 a day is the ONLY money Obama's (proven) criminal terrorist conspiracy allows me to have except for the gift cards I beg my mother for.

This (proven) criminal terrorist conspiracy includes but is not limited to (Proven) War Criminal Boeset who has libeled me with everything from mental retardation to spina bifida to be able to criminally continue to pretend I am at all mentally disabled (as if that is an excuse for proven human rights abuses used as acts of war against America anyway), the ABSOLUTELY EVIL State of Iowa who still intentionally falsely claim their self-appointed entitlement to destroy me for Obama gives them the (non-)authority to commit boldfaced and unconscionable human rights abuses against me (Please reread my 05Aug2014 blog post and 17Sep2014 blog appendix about this.), War Criminal Wells Fargo Bank (an Iowan institution) who still breaks every law possible from local to international to refuse my legally recognized husband full access to my banks accounts (which my husband needs just so he could let me eat food and move to non-hostile living conditions that are not hellbent on committing war crimes against me) while still intentionally and unconscionably pretending War Criminal Boeset actually does have any (obviously fictional) "legal" reason to have access to my bank accounts instead, all of Obama's (proven) pathologically lying "celebrity personalities" in Obama's (proven) criminal terrorist anti-reality machine and crap-factory who intentionally make my intolerable and unlivable suffering under Obama's (proven) egg of horrors and terrors palatable to the public, every dirty prosecutor from local to federal who refuse to arrest and competently prosecute all of these (proven) enemies of America, etc.

And, yes, all of these just-named members in Obama's (proven) criminal terrorist conspiracy only intentionally keep me in abject poverty to make sure I can NEVER escape Obama's egg of horrors and terrors because if I somehow magically reobtain all of the human rights I am due just for being a human on this planet at all, it would end Unelected Terrorist Dictator Obama's (proven) totalitarian oppression and totalitarian control of all of America, Obama's (proven) mental health genocide of all of America, Obama's (proven) crimes against America and against all of humanity which have only ever been excused by his making his most heinous crimes known to mankind against me palatable to the nation, Obama's (proven) rampant acts of terrorism even against civilians, and Obama's so-far successful escape from any justice at all whatsoever for all of this.

At 11:33am, I heard a mixed signal that could have meant a collusion escalation for further intentionally fabricated false charges against me (24Oct and 01Nov2014 blog posts) as well as a warning of a new torture facility threat of doom for all of humanity (22Oct and 28Oct2014 blog posts).

There were alarms announcing acts of terrorism and war against America at 11:50am, so I asked my beautiful world to rescue everyone trapped and possibly dying under Obama's (proven) iron fist of totalitarian oppression. My beautiful world, so much depends on my brave rescuers. Please help them.

Then, ABSOLUTELY EVIL, COMPLETELY REMORSELESS, AND INCREASINGLY MALEVOLENT Iowa tried to abduct me AGAIN at 11:59am only to drag me against my will and in complete violation of my human and legal rights back to THE MOST EVIL PLACE IN HUMAN HISTORY, contemporary Iowa, only so they could guaranteed destroy me there among the people who (proven) hate me the most of all places on this planet anywhere.

Please reread all of my understated March2014 and April2014 blog posts oldest to newest about my typical life of guaranteed rape-slavery and war crimes in ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa. And then, reread my 09Nov2014 blog post with all included and verified recordings one more time, my beautiful world.

The only thing ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa has to be happy about right now is the fact President of Russia Vladimir Putin is, unlike Iowa, sane and emotionally stable. Otherwise, he would have dropped a nuclear bomb on them by now to make all of their unrelenting and remorseless crimes against me finally end. No, the nuclear fallout would not be able to hurt me way over here in brave California.

And, yes, ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa, the world is coming for you. No one anywhere on this planet can afford to lose America nor lose me just because you refuse to stop committing and aiding and abetting Obama's most heinous crimes known to mankind against me!

Shorty after 12:17pm, I ran my normal Monday errands including eating cheap Americanized Chinese food to celebrate my 09Nov2014 blog post. I had roosted at a new wifi hotspot by 1:32pm.

I connected to the complimentary wifi just in time to learn that Obama had ordered Medicare fraud to pay for his latest orders to return me to guaranteed rape-slavery in a (proven) literal torture facility paraded as a supposed "psychiatric unit" for the umpteen-millionth time since he took office (and NEVER before).

I had yet to figure out which of Obama's (proven) pathological perjurers was trying to coverup these latest attempted (proven) war crimes with boldfaced calumnies, but I knew our blistering criminal and civil countercharges would get them all. Please reread my 28Oct2014 blog post about this.

I received the all-clear at 2:12pm. And, I since I was told that there would be NO progress at all whatsoever freeing me from ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa, if any ever at all, until the following day, I reminded my entire selfless support system that we would have to be extra vigilant keeping everyone safe until then... and probably after considering ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa's history with telling the truth.

As expected, the next Obama-ordered threat to me set off a heart attack alarm at 3:28pm. I asked my beautiful world to check on it. I was pretty sure my loved ones in the courtroom needed my 01Nov2014 blog post again, if not all of my Nov2014 blog posts so far oldest to newest.

There were terrorism and war alarms and torture facility alarms of doom for America just before I relocated at 4:01pm. The torture facility all-clear came the moment I left the coffee shop, and the all-clear for my brave rescuers came after I ran further errands.

But the vigilant alarm for yet another torture facility threat of doom blared again shortly after that. It sounded like one of Obama's proven pathological perjurers internal to California, the last place anyone in America wants to get caught committing a war crime against me, was trying to put me in long-term literal torture facility paraded as an "insane asylum" for the rest of my life with absolutely no psychiatric nor medical justification for it IN THE LAND OF REALITY OBAMA'S (PROVEN) CRIMINAL TERRORIST CONSPIRACY (PROVEN) NEVER ACKNOWLEDGE, but it might have been the symbol of ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa again, (Proven) War Criminal Boeset, for all I could tell.

I recommended my 09Nov and 22Oct2014 blog posts again with 28Oct2014 for when Amita and Ugwuji press the blistering criminal and civil countercharges.

On the walk to a new wifi hotspot, I received the all-clear from my saturation of international secret operatives, so I just roosted until I could receive the all-clear from my legal team.

My beautiful world, these unrelenting existential threats to America due to unrelenting existential threats to me will never end until Obama's entire (proven) criminal terrorist conspiracy are finally all arrested and removed from society FOREVER. Please hurry.

I caught up with my online friends before watching the night's previous NBC Nightly News at 7pm while still waiting for the all-clear on the latest torture facility threat of doom for humanity.

There was a lot of news, and some unjustifiable crises were averted.

Obama had ordered his cyberterrorists to crash my wifi access at my internationally-secured wifi hotspot after some dirty (most likely Iowan) court had pretended my Powers of Attorney could not exercise their ACTUAL legal authority to defend and protect me while boldfaced lying that ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa had any (obviously only fictional) supposed "legal" authority over me EVER, as if we needed further evidence the beyond-corrupt courts, army of quacks, diabolical state legislature, remorseless population, pathologically lying attorneys (including but not limited to definition-of-evil-Iowan Mark R. Gray and guaranteed-her-own-hell Samantha Gronewald), dirty prosecutors who refuse to arrest them all, and the symbol of ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa to the world, impunity-laden War Criminal Boeset, were how we proved contemporary Iowa is THE MOST EVIL PEOPLE IN ALL OF HUMAN HISTORY already.

No, ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa, your self-appointed entitlement to destroy me for Obama has NEVER had any legitimacy.

Once that was taken care of, I crossed the very-secured "spy corridor" in Long Beach to return to The (proven) War Criminal Gables. Upon arrival, I noticed that our mailbox key was missing AGAIN.

I ate part of my previous night's leftovers for dinner followed by a bowl of ice cream. The radio was flipped on, and I was curled up in bed by 10:22pm.

I slept like a rock until Obama's electrobeams woke me up in the wee hours of the morning. On the upside, I finally received the all-clear on that last torture facility threat that could have destroyed America. Once the Pentagon had the electrobeams shut off, I slept like a rock again.

I had rolled out of bed, gotten ready, and kickstarted my SquidStream by 7:28am on 11Nov2014. I picked up my breakfast and took it with me to an internationally-secured wifi hotspot in "spy corridor" that I hoped my NSA alpha nerds had secured before I arrived.

I was connected to the wifi at 8:16am. I caught up with my TweetHearts before I watched my middle-aged White men. At 8:44am, I sent my beautiful world to rescue any brave rescuers or crosstown friends and family who might have been trapped or possibly dying under Obama's iron fist of human rights abuses and war crimes.

All morning and until just after 12:30pm when I finished watching my middle-aged White men, there were still nothing but unrelenting repeated (proven) pathological perjuries used as FURTHER coverups for proven war crimes against me.

I needed to refer my loved ones and my beautiful world to my old blog post from 12April2014 (Read the whole post!) for my explanation of why there were anabolic steroids in my system starting in 2009 when Obama took office; this is also on record in Agent Cuddlebunny's testimony.

I also had to refer my beautiful world to my old blog post from 14Sep2014 (Read the whole post!) for my Twin Towers Princess sestina as further evidence I have ABSOLUTELY NO SYMPTOMS of any mental illness nor disability at all whatsoever.

From what I could tell, it was ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa's last ditch effort to libel me mentally disabled with the intentionally false diagnosis of "debilitating autism" from their land of nothing but calumnies, perjuries, and absolute denials of all reality only so they could coverup their no-authority, no-jurisdiction, nonjustification for their "adult guardianship" over me that has only EVER been used to enforce Obama's egg of unrelenting human rights abuses against me and that ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa still refuses to give up. Please revisit my 05Aug2014 blog post and 17Sep2014 blog appendix about this, too.

I also needed to refer my beautiful world to Obama's (proven) criminal terrorist conspiracy's own records for their own uncontrolled quackery against me that they have only used since 2010 to coverup their (proven) uncontrolled war crimes against me as evidence of their (proven) war crimes against me which they were suddenly trying to deny.

How stupid is Obama's (proven) criminal terrorist conspiracy? They spend all day every day and all night every night pathologically perjuring that I "need" (proven) literal torture in the form of heavy chemical injections and electroshock, and then they denied ever injecting me?!? Yes. Good will prevail because evil is dumb.

Also, because all of Obama's (proven) criminal terrorist conspiracy including but not limited to his corruption- and impunity-empowered (proven) dirty prosecutors, (proven) dirty (most often Iowan) judges, (proven) dirty lawyers, (proven) dirty statesmen, and (proven) dirty quacks have always (proven) pathologically perjured instead of (proven) EVER acknowledging actual reality, I needed to remind my beautiful world that Obama has been framing me and my loving husband for years for Obama's own direct orders to his (proven) enemies of America who obey him to murder every person in America who ever exercises our Constitutional and legal rights by trying to save America from out from under Obama and his (proven) criminal terrorist conspiracy.

No, my beloved husband and I have NEVER killed a brave innocent. All we have ever done is stand up to save this once-great America out from Obama who IS the unelected terrorist dictator who sent the orders himself to kill every threat to his totalitarian control of America.

My beautiful world, how much evidence does it take to prove all Obama's (proven) criminal terrorist conspiracy has ever said on any public record has only ever been calumnies and perjuries to keep themselves in power and to commit all of the crimes against America and human rights abuses they can get away with?

This blog post was published at 3:11pm on 11Nov2014.

And now, my beautiful world, I answer all of your questions for me. Please keep collecting all questions and concerns from all your friends and loved ones and sending them to me through whatever means possible.

What do we as a nation owe our exonerated prisoners? Human rights and just compensation for the intolerable human rights abuses. I do not understand why any of this is in question.

What will my car look like in 2030? For years now, I have been trying to convince America's car companies to build solar-powered cars everyone can afford. Talk about a moneymaker for Motor City! Until that is possible, I will take any sporty, red, solar-powered car I can get my hands on.

My beautiful world, why are Already-Impeached Unelected Terrorist Dictator Obama AND his (proven) criminal terrorist conspiracy STILL allowed to lie to the world? Who the hell is STILL humoring those (proven) pathological perjurers? Who the hell is allowing this (metaphorical) philistines in our temples of truth and justice?

No, my beautiful world, this never-justifiable egg of horrors and terrors will never end until EVERYONE in my once-great America has all of our human and Constitutional rights returned nor until I am safely in the loving arms of my also innocent, also exonerated, and also unfettered husband.

Any supposed "resolution" short of ACTUAL truth, justice, and human rights is unacceptable. No, my beautiful world, we do not accept anything less than all the ACTUAL guilty parties all removed from society FOREVER while all ACTUAL innocents go free.

It is NEVER illegal to exercise ACTUAL human and legal rights. THIS IS AMERICA! Who the hell allows such human rights abuses and totalitarian oppression here?!? Not on my watch and NEVER again!

Particularly (proven) corruption- and impunity-empowered Lacey, Holder, and Miller, you all need to go back and reread my 18Oct, 26Oct, and 30Oct2014 blog posts. Yes, you (proven) members of Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy, the good, green world is coming for you with our hammers of ACTUAL justice and ACTUAL law enforcement.

My brave rescuers, please remind the entire US Congress to reread my entire 28Oct2014 blog post. There is no reason the US Military cannot defend the Homeland on our own soil.

If Congress keeps insisting on their budget nonjustification, cause them an audit, and then force them to reallocate all $1T+ a year away from Already-Impeached Obama's (proven) criminal terrorist conspiracy and towards America instead. It is already proven that all Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy ever says are lies to get away with propping up Obama and committing as many crimes against America as possible. And, thank you.

SynSyn, Amita, and Ugwuji, no, my loved ones, it is NEVER illegal to tell the truth in a courtroom to defend America, particularly with REAL medicine and REAL science upholding us.

However, it is particularly because this is moral, ethical, and American behavior that Obama's (proven) criminal terrorist conspiracy will use any corruption and pathological perjury possible to prevent us from bringing ACTUAL justice through this method after their ACTUAL crimes.

My genius Powers of Attorney, I am pretty sure my 22Oct and 26Oct2014 blog posts explain my feelings about Obama's (proven) criminal terrorists' combination of delusions and pathological lies that they unrelenting propagate that they have some sort of entitlement to commit all the crimes they want, particularly crimes against America, without ever believing they should ever have to face justice for it.

How many times do we have to tell those clinically-diagnosable psychopaths that their insistence on committing new crimes and spreading new lies to excuse old crimes and old lies is NOT how rational people behave and that all they have to do is NOT commit their unrelenting crimes in the first place if they do not want us pressing charges against them?

My loved ones, make them feel their own hell. I love you, too! Yes, stopping REAL criminal activity is what REAL truth and REAL justice is for. Keep kicking, ladies, until every solitary member of Obama's (proven) criminal terrorist conspiracy are removed from society FOREVER!

Sweetness, I love and adore you. You are the second most persecuted person in America. Do you remember when I sent you out of the country months ago? Please, HoneyHoney, if you die, Obama will finally have succeeded at destroying me. Please never make me live without you. All I have ever forbidden you from is dying before I do, and there is a reason for that.

Darling, please.

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