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More Human Rights Abuses and More War Crimes will not Fix Outrage Over Human Rights Abuses and War Crimes.

Title: More Human Rights Abuses and More War Crimes will not Fix Outrage Over Human Rights Abuses and War Crimes.

Please access my iCloud if necessary to publish this post now, my friends. I cannot control how many horrible things happen to me in one day; it is Obama who controls that. So, if I wait too long between posts, they become too drenching.

Please share this for me with the entire world, both houses of Congress, the Supreme Court, the United Nations, all sympathetic world leaders, all reputable national and foreign presses, etc.

Here is my latest blog post. Obama's (proven) crimes against his own people are just going to keep getting worse for all of us, my once-great America, until you choose to set us all free from him.

Russia. Too often, sanctions punish the people instead of the criminals. I do not believe economic pressure on the people of Russia is any effective nor humane way to bring changes other nations want in the Russian government. I am sure President Vladimir Putin would agree with me on this, not just the United Nations, who are by definition, a global humanitarian force for good.

For example, I already asked the United Nations not to press sanctions against America until I am freed because that would make the people of America who already suffer under Obama and his (proven) conspiracy of (proven) enemies of America suffer even more unbearably because of Obama.

Instead, I asked them to demand reparations that they enforce are not paid with federal taxpayer money from every actually guilty member of Obama's (proven) conspiracy of (proven) enemies of America including but not limited to the UNDENIABLY ABSOLUTELY EVIL State of Iowa, Obama's army of quacks, Obama's diabolical "prosecutors" who only press false charges against brave innocents instead of arresting any ACTUAL criminals, Obama's pathologically-lying criminal terrorist crap-factory "celebrity personalities," Obama's (proven) seditious extragovernmental criminal terrorist mercenary army, etc.

And I asked for these reparations to benefit the Third World, the people on this planet who have needed me free and with my full human rights to be able to serve humanity without unjustifiable fetters the most.

I published my last blog post at 3:13pm on 25Nov2014 from the Hard Rock Cafe at the NBC Universal CityWalk. The threats of further Obama-ordered war crimes against me of (proven) torture, (proven) systemic rape, (proven) unlawful imprisonment, (proven) human trafficking, and (proven) silencing my last remaining human right, my freedom of speech, had been unrelenting all day.

My beautiful world, I will never be safe, just like all of America will never be safe, until Obama's entire (proven) conspiracy of (proven) enemies of America are finally all arrested.

We have a bandaid on my safety consisting of my SquidStream and my saturation of international secret operatives right now, but that is only a temporary fix at best. We need a REAL solution, and I detailed the only REAL solution in my 25Nov2014 blog post.

I roosted while Amita and Ugwuji kept me safe and while Syniva made epic progress in the courtroom all day and all night just like every day and every night, just faster now.

Obama's (proven) pathological liars were propagating boldfaced libel that I was supposedly "inciting anarchy" by telling the entire once-great nation to obey REAL laws instead of breaking every law possible from local to international by obeying Obama's no-authority-to-enforce rules.

We had a much more peaceful and orderly society before Obama's "egg." No, allowing Obama's (proven) escalations of more human rights abuses, more war crimes, and more pathological lies used to manipulate the public will not do anything but cause more of the chaos than their human rights abuses, war crimes, and lies already have caused.

There was also the repeated calumny that Obama has used FOR YEARS to manipulate the public into attacking me for him that I was dead. We go through this all the time, my beautiful world. All you have ever needed was my fingerprints to prove I am I.

Yes, we go through this all the time, my once-great America. How many times do I have to tell you to stop listening to Obama's (proven) pathologically-lying crap-factory and only listen to reliable sources instead.

We put a system in place in July2014, so all anyone has to do is call any local news station anywhere in America to obtain a list of completely trustworthy and frequently updated sources. I always recommend PBS.

Obama's unrelenting (proven) pathological calumnies that he had always used to manipulate the public into accepting his totalitarian oppression over all of us will never end until he and all of his (proven) enemies of America are finally all arrested. So, my beautiful world, you need to finally choose to stop listening to them.

Lies about me have already caused the greatest crisis America has ever faced including our needing to welcome in foreign troops starting years ago to save us all from Obama's (proven) criminal terrorist conspiracy because we have proven we cannot save ourselves.

Obama's unrelenting lies about me have also already destabilized the entire world. You need to choose to stop listening to them. Stick to reliable sources ONLY instead.

The news media independently factchecks everything ever said about me by anyone. Though, they are too terrorized by Obama to report the truth to the public in America, they are still doing their REAL jobs. You just need to call them to get the news, now.

At 6:04pm, I sent help to rescue any and all brave rescuers and crosstown friends and family trapped and possibly dying under Obama's iron fist of war and death that he uses to enforce his totalitarian oppression over all of us.

Since I knew I needed to roost until I was told no one could reach me or until someone did reach me, I ordered a slice of cheesecake. The kindly bartender gave me a free drink for "being graceful" when I stretched my muscular arms, but my free drinks all over North Beach in San Francisco before Obama's egg of nothing but horrors and terrors began in 2009 were always given to me by charming bartenders for being gorgeous and naturally sweet. I did not complain, though.

America filled the streets everywhere over learning the reality of my life under Obama's "egg" of horrors and terrors that night. I urged everyone to read my blog post from earlier in the day and my latest draft of this blog post as soon as possible. We can do this peacefully, my beautiful world.

Please call any local news station for my REAL and up-to-the-minute résumé. With my proven history of effective and peaceful global crisis problem-solving, you need to listen to me when I tell you the REAL and undeniably peaceful method for saving America. I cannot help you unless you carry out the REAL solution to the REAL problem. Please reread my 25Nov2014 blog posts.

I sent help to all of my crosstown friends and loved ones again at 6:50pm. Obama was propagating the intentionally false causation that no one who wanted to carry me to my husband could reach me due to the protests.

But in the land of reality that Obama's (proven) pathological liars (proven) never acknowledge, we sane people in touch with reality knew that Obama would kill any lift for me guaranteed to save America from him before ever permitting them to reach me under all circumstances and that it had nothing to do with the protests. Obama has always boldfaced lied to manipulate the public.

At 7pm, my NSA alpha nerds made sure I could watch the NBC Nightly News from previous in the evening. Then, I caught up with my TweetHearts. There was a libel dump for hours as Obama was desperate to destroy me and everyone who stands up with me, as if he would never have to face justice for it anyway.

Justice was already coming for Obama and all of his (proven) enemies of America. Obama was in violent denial. Only his surrender could spare hundreds if not thousands of innocent lives. But, he was still boldfaced lying to get away with all of his (proven) crimes against all of America as long as possible instead.

It was a very good night for Twitter...

#WarCriminalStephanie, no one "fucked" you. You made the willful choice to torture, rape, unlawfully imprison, steal from, and traffic me.

For the full list of ALL crimes committed against me by The (proven) War Criminal Gables and by (proven) War Criminal Stephanie, my beautiful world needs to read every 27July2014 blog post to the present. Their crimes have been constant and unrelenting.

The immediate danger The (proven) War Criminal Gables imposes on all of humanity by unrelentingly committing crimes and human rights abuses against me as acts of war against America are still escalating.

At 9:52pm, it was obvious no one could reach me. I sent my (proven necessary) saturation of international secret operatives ahead of me to secure my slum and my route there.

In transit, there was an alarm at 11:30pm for further intentionally fabricated false charges I was forbidden from knowing I was on trial for since Obama forbids me ALL human rights; I cling to my freedom of speech that I openly use to protect humanity from Obama by the skin of my teeth.

Obama's (proven) pathological liars tried to sacrifice the entire planet to Obama by trying to silence my SquidStream, so they could get away with lying about me and perjuring against me to the public again. Obama's (proven) enemies of America hate when their crimes against all of us get caught.

Yes, I chose myself to surrender my own privacy rights to save America and humanity with the hard truth about my REAL life. Everyone everywhere has known there is a camera in my eye and a mic in my ear since 2009. What they do where I can prove they do it has always been their choice.

Yet, I never once surrendered my privacy rights to Obama's slave-cameras installed in every place I have ever lived since 2009 and have always been forbidden from knowing were there.

My legal team had that cleared up quickly. Shortly afterwards, my loving Los Angeles metropolis made a peaceful display of love for me. They filled the streets in front of me in a peaceful march to prove they care for me. They did it in front of my face. My beautiful world, I had not felt so loved in such a long time.

At 1:39am, I arrived at my slum, and Obama's Malevolent Bitch from Hell intentionally endangered the entire world all night again by unrelentingly threatening and attacking me.

My not-human-trafficker nerds, please circulate the verified and barely-edited audio to the entire world as soon as possible. Since my camera was not working at the time, please use the accurate PST timestamp of the moment of every malicious attack she screamed at me as the visuals.

Throughout the night, I sent verbal help to everyone everywhere who needed rescuing every time I heard an alarm. So, Obama's Malevolent Bitch from Hell shut the bedroom window to make sure I could hear no more alarms and, as a result, save no more brave and innocent lives from Obama.

My beautiful world, PLEASE remove every member of Obama's (proven) conspiracy of (proven) enemies of America from my life completely as soon as humanly possible. Obama is beyond desperate right now, so he will do nothing but keep escalating his stupidity and his malevolence by escalating his human rights abuses against the public that he uses as acts of war against America.

The direct and immediate danger Obama's "egg" presents to all of us, not just imposes on me, will only escalate until all of Obama's (proven) enemies of America are finally all arrested.

I was out the door as fast as possible on the morning of Wednesday, 26Nov2014, and did not get a chance to even check the time until I was already walking down the sidewalk at 7:04am. For my own physical safety and for the good of humanity, I needed to flee The (proven) War Criminal Gables as fast as possible.

And, to prove me right about the escalating direct danger to me imposed by Obama's "egg," there was an immediate vigilant alarm that made me want to puke. ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa attempted to abduct me to the most evil place in all of human history AGAIN, contemporary Iowa.

My beautiful world, you need to make sure ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa is finally COMPLETELY removed from my life FOREVER! How much hard evidence does it take?

Why do I reside in The (proven) War Criminal Gables that are an escalating threat to all of humanity with no option to sleep anywhere else but on the streets? That is ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa's fault! They refuse to take their increasingly bloodstained hands off me!

Why do I live on $7 a day? That is ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa's fault! They refuse to take their increasingly bloodstained hands off me!

Why are there unrelenting direct threats to (proven) destroy my (proven) perfectly sane and (prove) completely emotionally healthy mind FOREVER? That is ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa's fault! They refuse to take their increasingly bloodstained hands off me!

My beautiful world, ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa's self-appointed entitlement to destroy me completely for Obama with their cultural and clinically-diagnosable-as-psychopathic total-control obsession with me is the most contributing source of evil propping up Obama's "egg" of nothing but horrors and terrors.

My beautiful world, the moment you finally force THE MOST EVIL PEOPLE IN ALL OF HUMAN HISTORY a.k.a. ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa to take their evil and increasingly bloodstained hands off me forever, I will finally have enough food to eat every day, and I will have a physically safe place to live. My life might actually begin to have its first hints of livability since Obama took office in 2009.

And do not pretend ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa would do anything but put me in a literal torture facility paraded as a "long-term insane asylum" with electroshock and with (proven) quackery as their coverup once I arrived there. How many times have they tried that with still-would-be-nonjustifications-even-if-the-perjuries-were-true already?

My beautiful world, once you successfully force UNDENIABLY ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa to finally take its increasingly bloodstained hands off me, everything gets better. Please do everything possible to make this happen. And, thank you.

By 8:08am, I had already been sitting outside of a community resource in Long Beach with complimentary public wifi for over half an hour, but Obama's cyberterrorists were still committing the human rights abuse of denying me freedom of speech as their act of war against America. They were irrefutably denying me free public wifi, so I could not protect anyone anywhere from the direct threats Obama poses to all of humanity.

My NSA alpha nerds, please help the City of Long Beach press cyberterrorism charges against Obama's (proven) conspiracy of (proven) enemies of America for this proven sabotage of vital city infrastructure.

Since, Obama was committing crimes against the entire world by denying me wifi in Long Beach, I travelled into Los Angeles as fast as I could. While in transit, I made a detour for secured wifi and a chocolate croissant at 9:55am.

The vigilant warnings for human rights abuses against me and against my people here in America were constant all day because Obama and his (proven) conspiracy of (proven) enemies of America's direct threats to all of us covered up with (proven) pathological perjuries were, as always, unrelenting and escalating.

I already knew that my crosstown friends and family would not be able to reach me at Venice Beach even before my bus arrived there. But, I had my feet in the mighty Pacific again by 11:45am. Yes, I have very large ladies size 11wide feet. I call them very large shoes to fill.

And after roosting in an independent coffee shop to watch my middle-aged White men who had new shows on the previous night, I caught up with my TweetHearts and Facebook friends.

Apparently, clearing my backlog of tweets had cleared me of the first irrational and intentionally fabricated false charges against me for the day. I said it months ago; all I have to do is be my REAL self to survive this. Well, that, and be as specific as possible when I ask people nicely for help.

There were more riots (because no one listens to me) and peaceful demonstrations all over the nation all day. I did my best to keep people calm by proving I am surrounded by GENUINE lovers and believers here in California and by showing how enjoyable I am capable of making my life for REAL despite every horror and terror Obama and his (proven) enemies of America put me through.

The beach was truly delightful. It is the unrelenting crimes against me, particularly the unrelenting (proven) intentionally fabricated false charges and (proven) literal war crimes attempts against me always covered up with (proven) pathological perjuries and (proven) quackery, as if any sane person would ever fall for their lies, that are causing all of this unrest for REAL all over the world.

How many times do I have to tell Obama and his (proven) conspiracy of (proven) enemies of America, "DO NOT COMMIT YOUR HUMAN RIGHTS ABUSES AND CRIMES AGAINST YOUR OWN PEOPLE IN THE FIRST PLACE!"?

The REAL solution is stopping Obama's (proven) conspiracy from committing any more of their (proven) most heinous crimes known to mankind NOT stopping all of us brave innocents from protecting everyone possible from them!

What did I learn that afternoon at my roost? Basically, I was reminded that no one reads my blog but the people already reading my blog. I do not know what else to do to deliver the REALITY of my suffering and my nations suffering to everyone.

I have kept an honest blog and lived with a camera in my head for six years. But there is so little reality in these people's heads. I offer peaceful solutions that no one ever hears.

After catching up with my online friends, I wandered back out on the sand for a siesta. It was the safest sleep I had in days. I was in public surrounded by my people who love me and who have made public displays to my face since I arrived of keeping me safe.

My not-human-trafficker nerds, please make sure we have a verified and unedited recording with full audio and visuals of my peaceful sunset on the sands of Venice Beach surrounded by loving people who made a point of keeping me safe.

My beautiful world, compare the recording of me on the beach to a composite of all the beatings and torture injections I endure in (proven) literal torture facilities always paraded as "psychiatric units" as well as the verbal abuse I endured from Obama's Bitch from Hell ever since she was placed in my slum only to abuse and attack me.

We need no further proof of why Obama's (proven) pathologically-perjuring (proven) enemies of America want me in any controlled environment possible that they can (proven) coverup with nonjustifications because any controlled environment is (proven) guaranteed not just to destroy and silence me FOREVER but to also remove me from the world FOREVER that loves and needs me.

That is the problem with allowing (proven) psychopaths control of anything, particularly control over me and control over my surroundings.

By 5:52pm, I had roosted at a local "high-end dive bar" run by and filled with only lovers and believers to dine al fresco on a very reasonably priced meal.

I watched the NBC Nightly News from previous in the evening at 7pm. It was my nightly metaphorical hug.

I sent lawyers to all of my crosstown friends and family Obama had committed the human rights abuses against of unlawful imprisonment for arresting them for exercising our guaranteed 1st Amendment rights.

I learned that Obama's (proven) enemies of America were still trying to silence me, silence my blog, and silence my SquidStream, so they could keep getting away with all of their unrelenting most heinous crimes known to mankind against me and against America-- their crimes that caused this whole mess in the first place-- by denying the ACTUAL truth about me and about my REAL life to all of humanity.

At 9:49pm, I had relocated to do more work, and I actually had to scream online for someone to give me a lift to my Sweetness immediately or for the ENTIRE world to finally remove every (proven) direct threat to humanity (because they were direct threats to me) from my slum and from public society FOREVER.

Later that night, I learned that neither of those two necessary steps to protect humanity from losing me happened. Why do people keep pretending I control anything?

It looked like no one could reach me to rescue me, and it looked like I would have no choice but to go back into my slum for the night which Obama's (proven) enemies of America controls. My beautiful world, you need to hurry!

"11:25pm Just checking in. My selfless support system, yes, all of you, thank you for today and tonight. Thank you so much. I will stay here working before catching the bus. Thank you, as always, for keeping me as safe as possible. Please secure where I am, my bus before it arrives, my bus stops, my walking path, and my slum before I arrive there. In particular, my beautiful world, I need every direct threat to humanity (because they are all direct threats to me) removed from the slum and from public society FOREVER. They have committed too many crimes already against all of us. Thank you for hurrying. #LOVE!"

It was a very good night for REAL law and order. My beautiful world, please ask for verified court records of everything that happened in the courtrooms on 26Nov2014. And then, hug our legal team and my genius Powers of Attorney. It was a very good night for Twitter.

After a fascinating conversation on the bus ride into Long Beach that I found very educational, I arrived at my slum at 1:43am to find the most dangerous living conditions except for putting me back in ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa were being permitted by everyone to continue. Obama's direct-threat-to-humanity Malevolent Bitch was still in my bedroom.

Please, my not-human-trafficker nerds, please make a verified and barely-edited recording with full audio and visuals of my full conversation with the man on the bus that night followed by how Obama's Malevolent Bitch treats me.

The previous night, Obama's Malevolent Bitch from Hell had started her well-documented abuse of me the moment I took my contacts out. So, I slept with my contacts in. And, she left me alone.

I cannot sleep with my contacts in every night; this entire planet is already justifiably worried enough about my eye health. But at least I had a decent night's sleep with no abuse, and the entire world is my witness that Obama's BITCH sleeps just fine all night with the radio on.

I had rolled out of bed, gotten ready, kickstarted my SquidStream, picked up my computer bag, and (because it is irrefutably the only rational and sane reaction to those openly dangerous-to-all-of-humanity living conditions) fled for my safety by 9:27am on 27Nov2014, Thanksgiving Day.

With vigilant warnings for unrelenting torture facility threat after torture facility threat circling, I sat down to my Thanksgiving meal at 10:31am surrounded by lovers and believers at my local Von's grocery store. I am always so lonely, but at least I am genuinely loved here.

At 11:20am, my benevolent NSA alpha nerds connected me to free public community wifi in Long Beach. And vigilant alarms for every possible threat to America started blaring. I sent my beautiful world to check on all of us.

No one anywhere around me where I was using free public wifi had any reality in their heads. Obama had escalated his mental health genocide to boldfaced lie that any of the everyday people of California were at all genuinely hostile towards me other than his (proven) enemies of America who (proven) prop him up with (proven) acts of war against America of (proven) crimes against me.

This blog post was published at 1:21pm on 27Nov2014. I was ready for the libel dump that would follow because Obama's (proven) enemies of America have always used boldfaced lies to manipulate the public into irrationally hating me and to allow them clinically-diagnosable-as-psychopathic control and power over all of us.

And now, my beautiful world, I normally answer all of your questions for me, but I only received one question. Please keep collecting all questions and concerns from all your friends and loved ones and sending them to me through whatever means possible.

Why do Obama's (proven) clinically-diagnosable-as-psychopaths keep trying to manipulate the world into allowing their (proven) crimes against me used as (proven) acts of war against America keep intentionally (proven) libeling me as a metaphorical "Napolean Bonaparte"? Because they do not want anyone to understand the actually reality that I am their Anne Frank.

My beautiful world, I do not have anywhere else to go to sleep, shower, etc. until someone brings me to my husband. I need every (proven) enemy of America removed from my slum before they destroy this country with their openly unrelenting and openly escalating (proven) crimes against me. What else can we do?

As for you, my brave rescuers, we are the REAL America. How much hard evidence does it take that you are the actual representatives of the REAL government of the United States of America and our REAL allies who are fighting to save us all from (proven) enemies of America?!? We are America! This is what we do.

SynSyn, Amita, and Ugwuji, Obama's (proven) conspiracy of (proven) enemies of America just keep becoming more malevolent as they become more desperate, huh? You are all so wonderful and so genius. We are a team. I know my role. Please continue to keep telling me everything you need help with when you need it. The whole world knows I am only on this Earth to serve.

Sweetness, I love and adore you. Just so the entire world knows, how many times have you been framed for murdering me? I have never died.

HoneyHoney, this is yet ANOTHER example of how dangerous Obama's (proven) modi operandi of unrelenting human rights abuses and unrelenting war crimes against all of us covered up with (proven) pathological perjuries, (proven) unrelenting collusion, and (proven) boldfaced lies to manipulate the public into irrationally hating us ALWAYS have been.

I WILL kiss you. Yes, darling, I will kiss you. We WILL have our happily ever after. This good, green world will allow nothing less.

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