Saturday, November 15, 2014

Obama and his Criminal Terrorist Conspiracy just Proved I was Right All Along.

Title: Obama and his Criminal Terrorist Conspiracy just Proved I was Right All Along.

Please access my iCloud if necessary to publish this post now, my friends. I cannot control how many horrible things happen to me in one day; it is Obama who controls that. So, if I wait too long between posts, they become too drenching.

Please share this for me with the entire world, both houses of Congress, the Supreme Court, the United Nations, all sympathetic world leaders, all reputable national and foreign presses, etc.

Here is my latest blog post. Technically, there are five of us: me, SynSyn, Amita, Ugwuji, and Sweetness (He is our token White man.). Since my last blog post, Obama's (proven) criminal terrorist conspiracy has proved everything I said is accurate. I would rather they all surrendered, but at least it is undeniable now that I am right about all of them.

Russia and NATO. Calm down, people. There is no new Cold War. Though there are many difficult personalities to get along with involved in this, Russia is fighting alongside NATO just like both Koreas are fighting on the same side just like China and Japan are on the same side just like Iran and Israel and Saudi Arabia are on all the same side.

Almost all we need to add to that list is Latin America and Australia, and we have the only proof everyone ever needed that it is possible to unite an entire planet to fight the common evil of Obama and his (proven) criminal terrorist conspiracy.

Yes, it is The Entire World led by the US Military vs. Obama's Criminal Terrorists right now. And, yes, the world will do whatever is necessary to remove Obama's entire criminal terrorist conspiracy from the planet forever.

Yes, the world is showing up to save America. All I had to do was point out and provide the irrefutable evidence of the REALITY of everything Obama has done to this once-great nation. And thank you, my beautiful world, for listening to me.

The REALITY of what is happening in America under Unelected Terrorist Dictator Obama is horrifying and unconscionable. All anyone should have to do is point out human rights abuses and war crimes like these are happening for EVERYONE to do everything possible to make them end.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott, please obtain all hard facts possible from UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon or from an beyond-trustworthy independent news source like PBS in America, and please arrest (Proven) Unelected Terrorist Dictator Obama on international charges immediately. And, on behalf of once-great America, thank you.

I published my last blog post at 12:15am on 14Nov2014 just before immediately curling up on the (symbolic) air mattress in my delightful cousin's loft. At 7:46am, I had finally rolled out of bed, gotten ready, and kickstarted my SquidStream.

Before I could even check in with my TweetHearts, my mother asked me to make her some coffee and started feeding me Filipino baked goods. And before I could watch my middle-aged White men, Amita had caught and thwarted Obama's (proven) criminal terrorist conspiracy's latest attempt to destroy my perfectly sane and completely emotionally healthy mind in another (proven) literal torture facility.

I probably should have been happy Obama proved my 14Nov2014 blog post completely accurate, but I would have preferred to have a safe and free America again.

The only middle-aged White man I had time to watch that morning was my darling Mr. David Letterman. My family pulled me out the door at 10:39am to drive me back to Long Beach. Thank you, San Diego, for the delightful three days with my family.

By 12:49pm, my mom, my Tita Levy, and I were sitting down to lunch at an International House of Pancakes in Long Beach before even more shopping. There were two alarms on the drive: one for a blocked rescue attempt and one for another pathological perjury that I was at all mentally ill. My loved ones and my beautiful world took care of them both.

My mother was already mopey about having to leave me, and I was still waiting for my 14Nov2014 blog post to be published for the world the read when we went dress and grocery shopping again.

Alarms both for irrational-denial-of-all-reality false allegations against me and against my selfless support system were at 2:10pm, 2:42pm, 2:49pm 3:50pm, and 4:05pm before I could finally connect to secured wifi for an extended period of time. My loved ones and my beautiful world took care of everything.

But then, at 4:57pm, I received a mixed signal from an unreliable source that (proven) ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa actually obtained an intentionally internationally criminal false ruling from an (obviously) dirty court (most likely in always-evil-and-only-evil Iowa) granting them supposed "permission" to literally abduct me only to remove me FOREVER from the world that loves and needs me only to be able to GUARANTEED destroy me with their (proven) corruption and (proven) psychopathy.

I asked my beautiful world to check on it and, if real, to bring ACTUAL justice against EVERYONE involved for it, particularly against ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa.

Then, after yet another vigilant warning by my selfless support system for collusion escalations by Obama's (proven) criminal terrorist conspiracy and before I could send my beautiful world to check on that too, I heard that Obama's latest orders for FURTHER pathological perjuries to cause further human rights abuses against me as acts of war against America had just caused US troop deployments.

As I ate my hopia, a Filipino baked good made with Asian red bean paste, warnings kept circling all night of more torture facility threats of doom to all of humanity because they were threats to destroy me completely. Then, at 6:33pm, I sent my beautiful world to check on and help my dying brave rescuers. They were having an emergency.

There were at least three more torture facility warnings before 7:09pm when I finally watched the NBC Nightly News from earlier in the evening. I heard a mixed signal that might have been an all-clear before the news ended at 7:33pm.

At the very least, I knew my (proven) saturation of international secret operatives had secured The (proven) War Criminal Gables already, so I headed there to sleep and eat at 7:39pm with a promise I would return to my secured wifi in case of anyone's emergency at any hour people might need my help.

My 14Nov2014 blog post must have finally and officially been published about then by my production staff because after I left my wifi hotspot the first lull in pathological perjuries by Obama's (proven) criminal terrorist conspiracy all day finally came.

Before going up to my room in my slum, I checked the mail. I had received my official State of California driver's license. These images are fuzzy to prevent anyone from replicating it, and all you have to do is click on the thumbnail to view it full size.

While I waited in my bedroom for the next alarm, I was a little curious which of Obama's (proven) criminal terrorist conspiracy would pathologically perjure against any of us first. Who was going to win the Stupidity Award by consciously choosing to make me angry at them first through their consciously choosing to commit a human rights abuse against any of us as an act of war against America, especially after my 14Nov2014 blog post?

I unpacked all of my goodies from my three-day trip to San Diego with my family before nestling in my bed in my slum with my iPad and a bag of nacho corn chips by 8:44pm.

My first mixed signal of the possible stench of another pathological perjury from Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy came at 8:56pm, so I asked my beautiful world to check on it. Rumor had it that the (proven) pathological perjurer was clinically-diagnosable-as-criminally-insane War Criminal Stephanie. Yes, it was a real threat, though. I recommended some old blog posts, but I knew Ugwuji could take care of it.

I made sure my earmic was locked down and broadcasting to verified sources in case I needed to make an emergency rescue of anyone overnight. Then, I curled up in bed with the radio on at 9:21pm.

I slept very well until 2:37am when my selfless support system woke me up. I immediately sent my beautiful world to check on EVERYONE who might need a rescue. The only questions I received were gossip about ex-lovers.

Yes, I have witnesses that I came out as bisexual by the time I was nineteen years old. Yes, I was the woman who thanked Pope Francis for asking the Catholic Church to welcome the LGBT community because "We mere mortal humans fall in love with souls not bodies." Yes, I was told that none of my women lovers have ever come forward because "Lesbians don't kiss and tell."

Before I could bring up the ICTY Rule of Operation #96, Obama had turned his electrobeams on. My not-human-trafficker nerds, please release a verified and barely-edited recording of all of the audio from the wee hours of the morning on 15Nov2014. Was it true that ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa tried to give me a death sentence for being openly bisexual since before the summer of 1997?

Before I fell asleep again, there was also a further irrational-denial-of-all-medical-reality pathological perjury to guaranteed destroy America by guaranteed destroying me in a controlled environment covered up with (proven) quackery. Thanks to Ugwuji, the all-clear came quickly.

I would rather believe I was woken up to rescue my brave rescuers than to defend myself against a death sentence by asking my legal team to produce actual academic textbooks on the bisexual spectrum by actual sociologist and psychologists, but with the rampant depravity of Obama's (proven) pathologically-lying criminal terrorist conspiracy, that might have actually happened that morning.

By 10:06am, I had finally woken up again, gotten ready, and kickstarted my SquidStream. I was dressed in my newest $14.99 dress from Ross Dress for Less, my $12 shoes from Payless Shoe Source, my AWESOME bracelet my mother had just bough me from Old Town San Diego, a decade-old silk scarf, and my 2009 red patent leather computer bag with the two broken straps when I did my dishes before heading out the door.

My NSA alpha nerds had me securely connected to wifi in an internationally-secured hotspot in "spy corridor" in Long Beach by 10:51am. I watched my middle-aged White men from the previous night before even catching up with my TweetHearts.

My darling Mr. David Letterman and my darling Mr. Craig Ferguson were the only two with shows on the previous Friday night, and they were, as always, delightful while they made me laugh, as always, a lot.

But the entire time I was watching them, the War Criminal Boeset alarm kept going off because ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa still refuses to stop committing their (proven) international crimes and (proven) crimes against America of their unconscionable human rights violations against me.

My beautiful world, I have not even been in the ABSOLUTELY EVIL State of Iowa since 01May2014; I was NEVER under their jurisdiction; and, all ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa has ever done is pretend they have a self-appointed entitlement to commit unrelenting human rights violations against me used as acts of war against America.


There was an all-clear on the latest threat just before 1:11pm when I finished watching my middle-aged White men, but that did not mean Obama's (proven) criminal terrorist conspiracy was not going to just do it again. THEY ALL NEED TO BE REMOVED FROM SOCIETY FOREVER! Please, my beautiful world, please.

At 1:25pm, I stepped outside to eat a snack while continuing to work. I quickly ate my entire box of chocolate-covered, peanut-butter-filled pretzels.

And as if I were always right all along, the vigilant warnings of Obama-ordered pathological perjury after perjury causing torture facility threat after torture facility threat that would be guaranteed to destroy America completely if they ever succeeded at locking me in ANY controlled environment began again at 1:34pm.

I always recommend my 28Oct2014 blog post as our grounds for razing EVERY (proven) enemy of America who lies or who ever lied about me.

While I caught up with my TweetHearts, I also had to send my beautiful world to rescue everyone trapped and possibly dying under Obama's iron fist of terrorism and war crimes at 2:44pm. There was no alarm. Why was there no alarm? I could have saved their lives if there were an alarm soon enough for me to warn my beautiful world in time!

Oh, and then, after I finally caught up with my TweetHearts, at 3:32pm, I needed to remind my beautiful world that it is a basic human right to be able to press charges after ACTUAL crimes are committed (but not if no crime was committed). This was all blogged already. I recommend rereading my 11Nov then 22Oct then 26Oct2014 blog posts again.

At 4:23pm, I stepped inside my internationally-secured wifi hotspot in "spy corridor" in Long Beach. There was nothing but good news, but I knew Obama's (proven) criminal terrorist conspiracy would just commit more crimes against America by committing more human rights abuses against me as acts of war.

After warning my selfless support system and SquidSwimmers (watchers of my SquidStream) ahead of time where I was headed, I sat down to heaping amounts of cheap Americanized Chinese food by 5:47pm to celebrate both my 14Nov and 15Nov2014 blog posts. I would celebrate with dim sum instead, but this is all I can afford on my Obama-ordered $7 a day.

There was an all-clear on intentionally fabricated false charges from War Criminal Stephanie and a vigilant warning of a new irrational-denial-of-all-reality pathological perjury used to coverup a new torture facility threat against me that would have guaranteed destroyed America completely if it succeeded.

My not-human-trafficker nerds, please release full audio of every delusional sentence spoken in the restaurant, so my lovers and believers can use it as evidence that ALL EARSPEAKERS NEED TO BE REMOVED IMMEDIATELY. And, thank you.

While walking back to my blatantly internationally-secured wifi hotspot in "spy corridor" in Long Beach, at 6:52pm, there was an alarm for terrorism and acts of war against my brave rescuers, an alarm for a torture facility threat of doom for all of humanity, and an alarm for further boldfaced intentionally fabricated false charges against me.

At 7:44pm, as I had promised my darling Mr. Lester Holt, I tried watching the NBC Nightly News from previous in the evening, but neither their iPad app nor their website would work for me. I told him I would try again later.

This blog post was published at 9pm on 15Nov2014 after a brand new alarm had blared announcing a new attack on my brave rescuers. I had also not received the all-clear yet on the last warning of intentionally fabricated false charges used to coverup future literal torture, systemic rape, etc. of me, but that was okay, though, since my neighborhood in Long Beach was really obvious all night about how they were all going to keep me safe.

And now, my beautiful world, I answer all of your questions for me. Please keep collecting all questions and concerns from all your friends and loved ones and sending them to me through whatever means possible.

What were my favorite cartoons to watch as a child? I cannot believe this is the only silly question I received since my last blog post, but I will answer it anyway. I grew up in America when we still had Saturday morning cartoons. As a very small child, I very much enjoyed watching Thundarr the Barbarian, Dungeons & Dragons, The Pirates of Dark Water, Jem & the Holograms, and the Jetsons.

When I was in high school, there were after school cartoons, though. Oh, did I ever love the Animanics. I now own two boxed sets of Darkwing Duck. I have never heard anyone but me imitate Harley Quinn's voice from Batman: the Animated Series better. I had a crush on Gambit from the X-Men. And I still think the animation in Disney's Talespin is gorgeous.

I do not much watch cartoons as an adult. But, I am frequently described as a living character from Japanese animation due to my huge eyes, long hair, very effeminate demeanor, psionic powers, and propensity to giggle.

As for my current reality, my beautiful world, when I was first enslaved by Obama in 2009 in ways he still forbids me from knowing about with his now extragovernmental rules, I did not only consciously choose to serve humanity with all of my time and energy, I also consciously chose to show my home of California how beautiful it is.

Yosemite National Park, CA-- My birthday, 2009

Point Dume State Park, Malibu, CA-- Halloween, 2014

Balboa Park, San Diego, CA-- 13Nov2014

Thank you, my beautiful world. I can only help people who listen to my solutions after they ask me for help. And, thank you, too, my beautiful world, for coming here to save my people and my country after I asked you to. If I could ever find the words to explain what your love means to me, those words would be the most beautiful words ever spoken.

My brave rescuers, yes, wake me up anytime you need me. Did we really finally get US troop deployments? And do you need anything else?

No, my brave rescuers, you are not insurgents nor seditious nor rebels nor an uprising nor a revolution. You are official representatives of the REAL government of the United States of America and our REAL allies who are fighting to save the REAL America from a (proven) unelected terrorist dictator's iron fist of war crimes and totalitarian oppression.

Obama was impeached in 2013; he is in the private sector. You, my brave rescuers, are liberating once-great America out from under Obama's unamerican and unconstitutional oppression. You, my brave rescuers, are returning human rights to all of America.

My brave rescuers, this is a RESTORATION of America, a RESTORATION of REAL law and order, and a RESTORATION of the US Constitution. You are our REAL government liberating all of our own people.

My brave rescuers, you are risking your lives to rid our Homeland of Obama's REAL seditious extragovernmental criminal terrorist mercenary uprising. And, yes, all sane Americans in touch with reality thank you and appreciate you for all of it.

SynSyn, Amita, and Ugwuji, yes, wake me up anytime you need me. Who the hell STILL allows Obama's (proven) pathological perjurers into courtrooms?!? And ESPECIALLY who the hell still listens to Obama's (proven) pathological perjurers?!? And what court is STILL dirty enough to even humor Obama's (proven) pathological perjurers?!?

And, yes, my genius Powers of Attorney, it is exactly because Obama's "egg" made me "lose the ability" in the form of removing all of my human rights but my freedom of speech that you all LEGALLY retain my legal powers until Obama's entire "egg" of horrors and terrors finally comes down COMPLETELY. Stop letting (proven) pathological perjurers argue about that.

Odds are, every pathological perjury Obama's (proven) criminal terrorist conspiracy will ever try as another blown coverup for guaranteed destroying my perfectly sane and completely emotionally healthy mind is already blogged...
22Oct: "test" and "therapy" also, "delusional" in point #3
24Oct: "recusal"
26Oct: "stress"
28Oct: "attitude" (This is an enduring symptom of War Criminal Stephanie's clinically-diagnosable criminal insanity.)
30Oct: "temper"
01Nov: "too much power"
03Nov: "delusional" (Follow it with 22Oct point #3.)
05Nov: explanation that what my actual temper is a harbinger of justice
09Nov: how heinously controlled environments abuse me (Watch the referenced recordings.)
11Nov: It is not illegal to tell the truth in courtrooms to protect America from being destroyed by Obama's (proven) criminal terrorist conspiracy's well-documented modus operandi for their (proven) pattern of criminal activity of pathologically perjuring to coverup (proven) war crimes against me.
14Nov: Obama's (proven) criminal terrorist conspiracy are both delusional and pathological liars making than all criminally insane, among other symptoms.

In particular, I do not think (proven) War Criminal Stephanie has enough sanity nor enough morality to understand that the (proven) literal torture and (proven) systemic rape of me that she keeps unrelentingly aiding and abetting are both illegal and morally wrong. I do not think War Criminal Stephanie is capable of comprehending reality nor capable of determining right from wrong. I have said this for weeks now.

Thank you, my loved ones. Yes, I love you, too.

Sweetness, I love and adore you. Why are people still pretending I never wrote my 04Oct2014 blog post? We undeniably love and adore each other. We have not seen each other in over four years. We still have no idea when we will see each other again. Neither of us are floozies. We gave each other permission to take lovers who are guaranteed not to destroy our sacred marriage.

Darling, this is what sane, loving, and emotionally responsible people do for each other when a (proven) terrorist dictator's criminal terrorist conspiracy puts us in an absolutely impossible situation. WHY THE HELL DOES NO ONE EVER LISTEN TO ME?!?

Finally, Sweetness, this blog, this SquidStream, this is the REAL woman you married. The only thing that has changed is my breasts shrank from D-cups to C-cups since the last time you saw me in 2010. I look like a teenager when I forget to put on my makeup. And I will look like my mother does now, just scaled up, when I reach sixty-eight years old. Thank you for loving the REAL me.

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