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Do You Know What "Out of Control" Means?

Title: Do You Know What "Out of Control" Means?

Please access my iCloud if necessary to publish this post now, my friends. I cannot control how many horrible things happen to me in one day; it is Obama who controls that. So, if I wait too long between posts, they become too drenching.

Please share this for me with the entire world, both houses of Congress, the Supreme Court, the United Nations, all sympathetic world leaders, all reputable national and foreign presses, etc.

Here is my latest blog post. Obama ordered a libel dump on the international news media after my 11Nov2014 blog post. The public around me while I have been on a three-day vacation with my family all thought I had died years ago instead of married. Dude, seriously, marriage is NOT death!

My beautiful world, I am still the same woman whom Obama put in his egg of horrors and terrors almost the moment after he took office. Why else do all people in America still have the false notion they all have to obey Obama's no-authority-to-enforce rules around me at all? I am just older, hungrier, lonelier, more abused, and more empowered now.

At this point after six years of Obama's lies, if anyone anywhere on this planet is still listening to Already-Impeached Unelected Terrorist Dictator Obama and his (proven) criminal terrorist conspiracy say ANYTHING, especially their always empty promises, instead of choosing to listen to (proven) always honest "knows too much reality" me and everyone who GENUINELY stands up with me, it is that person's fault now for not knowing reality and for making mistakes including committing crimes based on false information that I have been doing everything I am humanly capable of to correct for YEARS.

Most pressingly, all people in America need to remove their earspeakers that might possibly be causing them brain cancer (18Oct2014 blog post) and need to disobey every human rights abuse Already-Impeached Obama keeps trying to pretend he EVER had authority to write or enforce. Yes, Obama's (proven) crimes against America are also called his rules as well as called his egg of (proven) horrors and terrors.

Set yourselves free of the pathologically lying tyrant Obama who is still boldfaced lying to the world that he is still the President of the United States of America, among other blatant lies to keep his totalitarian control of America and to escape justice as long as possible.

Iraq and Syria. Sometimes, it feels like all of the populations of Syria and Iraq are already displaced by their years of inhumane conflicts, but, no, there are even more people fleeing those war torn nations for their lives every day. And, now, it is winter.

My beautiful world, the United Nations and all of the NGOs involved are having problems keeping everyone warm and fed this winter. Please donate here or volunteer quality time and resources.

We are only one world. We must care for each other. I know what it is like to flee a nation I love for my life. I left the USA in 2010 for that very reason. Caring for refugees is very personal to me. Please, my beautiful world. And, thank you.

USA. Ferguson, MO, we are all very worried about you right now. Please remember that if you riot instead of peacefully protesting, you actually destroy your hometown that you claim you are standing up to protect. The best thing to do is to fix the real problem. Sweep out your corruption and reclaim your city.

Also, as I have said a number of times, peaceful protests only bring attention to problems. What actually fixes problems is the changes you command once you have your government's attention. We are a democracy in America. We are supposed to be commanding our governments. Democracy does not work the other way around.

Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy are still intentionally sacrificing Ukraine, Syria, and every other major global crisis I actually need to meet with people to fix. But those are my latest attempts to serve humanity with nothing but unreliable wifi and $7 a day to live on.

I published my last blog post at 3:11pm on 11Nov2014, Veterans' Day. And immediately after I knew my post was safely delivered to all of humanity, I left my wifi hotspot in "spy corridor" in Long Beach to meet my mother and my Tita Levy who had just arrived in the Los Angeles metropolis to see me.

While I was en route to our meeting place, Obama's (proven) pathologically (That means it is part of their disease.) lying criminal terrorist conspiracy falsely claimed AGAIN that I needed (proven) quackery and (proven) literal torture due to the "stress" they consciously choose to cause me themselves by constantly threatening to (guaranteed) destroy my country and (guaranteed) destroy my perfectly sane and completely emotionally healthy mind FOREVER by unlawfully imprisoning me in any controlled environment.

Yes, in America, the false accusers carry the burden of proof, yet that always-fail lie was debunked as recently as the previous week as well as in my 26Oct2014 blog post.

Then, after my loving mother and Tita Levy took me to collect three days worth of clothes and told me they would bring me back to Long Beach on Friday 14Nov2014, Obama's (proven) criminal terrorist conspiracy who had already proven they have a clinically-diagnosable psychopathic total-control obsession with me and with America (and no other motive than the clinically-diagnosable psychopathic power and control obsessions) immediately falsely claimed I needed anyone's permission anywhere to do whatever I damn well felt like doing (within ACTUAL Constitutional laws) including with my own family.

Does Obama's (proven) criminal terrorist conspiracy know what "out of control" means? In legal circles including IN THE LAND OF REALITY THAT OBAMA'S (PROVEN) CRIMINAL TERRORIST CONSPIRACY (PROVEN) NEVER ACKNOWLEDGE, "out of control" means that some compulsive and unrelenting repeat offenders-- Obama's (proven) criminal terrorist conspiracy-- need to be controlled and contained before they (guaranteed) commit any more war crimes, persecute any more innocents, successfully destroy America by getting anything more they want, etc.

How often am I wrong, particularly on any legal topics? How often does Obama's (proven) criminal terrorist conspiracy lie and perjure? Have you read our full court records, my beautiful world?

By 4:58pm we had arrived at my Uncle Sonny's house. My family ordered pizza and had delightful conversation until we all turned in for the night. I was curled up to sleep under their lofted ceiling by 11:19pm. And I slept very well.

I had rolled out of bed and kickstarted my SquidStream by 7:54am on 12Nov2014. I quickly learned that my REAL crosstown friends and family could not reach me there, that Amita was already on the job speaking actual truth in the courtroom to keep me out of another (proven) literal torture facility because Obama's (proven) criminal terrorist conspiracy's pathological perjuries of irrational-denials-of-all-medical-reality had already begun, and that SynSyn was ready for another day leading our prosecution.

We all also learned that Sparklett brand bottled water is drugged. My mother, my Tita Levy, and I were all sleepy as we went about our day of family time starting when we left my Uncle Sonny's house as approximately 9:15am.

Part of the joy of my SquidStream is that my selfless support system make it very obvious they have been expecting me before I arrive anywhere. We had sat down to lunch at 11:19am and were surrounded by lovers and believers in no time. Ask the restaurant anytime about the menu I left them the last time I was there in Aug2014.

While we were eating, my cousin Marc called. I had actually attended his graduation ceremony at Fort Hood at which he delivered a speech back in the 90s when I still lived in Dallas, Texas.

After lunch, we stopped next door for my first haircut since Jun2014. My hairstylist Cristiana was a darling. I told her to keep or donate the hair before I left, and considering the statue of Jesus by her haircut chair, I figured it would go to the church.

Before 1pm, we had relocated for pedicures, an eyebrow wax, and a lip wax where my family always takes me. The alarms for the day since leaving Orange County were at 10:43am, 10:59am, 12:47pm, and 2:25pm. As a sign of progress, there were much fewer alarms than the last time my mother came to visit me.

Then, while we were shopping, Obama's (proven) criminal terrorist conspiracy intentionally committed the crime against America of refusing me secured complimentary wifi AGAIN only to take my last remaining human right away from me, my freedom of speech.

Yes, under Obama's iron fist of totalitarian oppression and war crimes, I am the ONLY person in America with any freedom of speech. No one else ANYWHERE can tell the truth in America.

And, yes, No-Authority Obama intentionally removed all freedom of speech from America with his egg of horrors and terrors almost the moment after he took office in 2009, so he could replace all reality with calumnies and perjuries he and his (proven) criminal terrorist conspiracy have ONLY ever propagated to give themselves power and clinically-diagnosable "total control" of America despite their causing all of America (proven) mental health genocide and despite their costing all of America our full Constitutional rights.

And, NO, you (expletive)ing pathologically lying psychopaths! I will NOT calm down until all of America gets all of our full human rights back nor until I can kiss my unfettered husband! SO STOP LYING ABOUT ME ALREADY!

After dress and grocery shopping that involved my sending my beautiful world to rescue crosstown loved ones at 4:21pm, I was finally connected to secured wifi at 5:56pm.

My Tita Levy made spaghetti for dinner with Italian sausage, cap mushrooms, sliced black olives, and fresh tomatoes in a red sauce. I made Brussels sprouts with pine nuts sautéed in olive oil and also put a loaf of Italian bread with butter, garlic, and freshly grated Parmesan cheese in the oven. Dinner with my family was delicious.

After much delightful conversation with my family, I was curled up in bed early.

On the morning of 13Nov2014, I had rolled out of bed, gotten ready, and kickstarted my SquidStream by 7:33am. I was sipping coffee and watching the previous evening's NBC Nightly News as fast as I could.

After catching up with my TweetHearts, I referred my beautiful world to a number of old blog posts because Obama's (proven) criminal terrorist conspiracy were again repeating their same, old, false allegations about me and my similarly brave and innocent selfless support system.

At 9:40am, I told my selfless support system in the area where we would be spending the day. Again, my family and I had delightful conversation just that time while snacking on Filipino pan de sal. We finally headed out the door to museums and other local attractions at 10:51am.

The irrational-denial-of-all-medical-reality pathological perjuries that Obama's (proven) criminal terrorist conspiracy always used ever since Obama took office in 2009 to coverup their (proven) war crimes against me they use to excuse their unrelenting crimes against America had already begun before I woke up, and those compulsive crimes continued all day.

The only warnings and alarms during our local museum and cultural tour (It was nothing but blatant shows of love for me.) before lunch in Little Italy were at 11:14am and 1:16pm.

By 1:39pm, I was sipping an espresso dopio because my cousin, my mother, my Tita Levy, and I had all sat down to lunch in a little Italian eaterie. There was no alarm until 2:16pm when I needed to send my beautiful world to rescue everyone trapped and possibly dying under Obama's (proven) iron fist.

Please, my benevolent not-human-trafficker nerds, release a verified and unedited recording with full audio and visuals of my full conversation with my mother that we had while walking from the caffé to the gelateria. No, my mother broke no rules, but it is not illegal to break Obama's rules anyway. (Please reread my 18Oct, 26Oct, and 30Oct2014 blog posts again.)

After more shopping, I was finally online by 5:56pm and learned that ABSOLUTELY AND INCREASINGLY EVIL Iowa broke every law possible from local to international to abduct me from a people that actually loves me only to destroy me completely in a controlled environment guaranteed to literally torture me, systemically rape me, etc.


After a few quick tweets as pleas for help, my family and I were out the door again for dinner at a California state park in town. I had two bistec tacos, one pork enchilada in green salsa, and one glass of tasty sangria.

After dinner, my mother bought me a paper flower and a bracelet, and we sat down to listen to the mariachi band who were all dressed as bikers. I even held my mother's purse when she got up to samba to "The Girl from Ipanema."

"The Girl from Ipanema" was always my mother's nickname for me while I was growing up, and that song was also whence I derived the name Ema for one of my science fiction characters.

At 9:13pm, I was finally back on the wifi watching the NBC Nightly News from previously in the evening. It was like receiving a big warm hug from very good friends.

This blog post was published at 12:15am on 14Nov2014. My benevolent not-human-trafficker nerds, please release three more verified and barely-edited recordings with full audio and visuals from my vacation time with my family...

1) Please circulate one recording (for the tourism board) with the highlights of our museum and cultural tour in the morning and early afternoon, our time in Little Italy, and our time at the state park including joke cracking, art history appreciation, displays of love from the city, landscape photography, the green parrot, my mother's dancing, my awesome new bracelet, etc.

2) Please circulate one recording of all of the delightful conversations I have had with my family that you can make fit into one recording. We need to make a public display of how absolutely wonderful it is to talk to me and to them about anything.

3) Please circulate one recording of my stepping on the scale in my cousin's bathroom, my picking out all of the Misses size large and Misses size extra-large dresses that I tried on since my mother came to visit me, and my actually trying on all of those dresses in fitting rooms. Show all of the tags. And please end with the three dresses I actually chose for my mother to buy for me.

And, thank you, my not-human-trafficker nerds.

And now, my beautiful world, I answer all of your questions for me. Please keep collecting all questions and concerns from all your friends and loved ones and sending them to me through whatever means possible.

Where am I? I have never once published my whereabouts until after I left except for my 14Oct2014 trip to Disneyland. Yet, I always warn everyone ahead of time through my verified SquidStream before I go anywhere.

If someone ever wants to know exactly where I am and exactly what I am doing for REAL, all that person has to do is follow my SquidStream. We call these people SquidSwimmers.

My beautiful world, use the same emergency number as last time in case of terrorism before I leave-- 760.725.4111-- if you do not mind keeping the line open 24hrs for emergencies, my old friends in the Pentagon.

What is my favorite aspect of Twitter? I can say things my REAL friends, REAL family, and REAL lovers and believers all can read. Most people, including my decade-old friends on my friends' list, are frequently blocked from seeing anything I say on Facebook. And the turnaround time on Twitter is much faster than waiting every two days for a blog post.

Basically, people actually hear me when I use Twitter. And for kicks, ask Twitter how they feel about me some time. Giggle.

Is it possible for me to be more adorable? For that to be possible, I would have to be my little sister Tylia. For more about her, please read my 27July2014 blog post.

Tylia is an archeologist for the National Park Service in Phoenix, Arizona who sits and knits with her cat Zoey at her feet every night. She used to watch Netflix movies while doing this, but I now highly suspect she watches the REAL me, as opposed to the Obama-ordered lies about "me."

I would not call her smarter (There is a very high bar for that.), but I have always called her the younger, cuter, sweeter version of me. She has the same mannerisms as I do as well as the same patterns of speech.

Tylia has always hated being in my shadow ever since she went to high school six years after I did, though, so please treat her as her own beautiful creature.

My beautiful world, sigh... What do you still need out there to be able to arrest all of Obama's (proven) criminal terrorist conspiracy finally? I have high suspicions that many of them, including War Criminal Boeset and War Criminal Stephanie, are too criminally insane to ever comprehend ACTUAL reality, but not all of them.

They are all at that diabolical convergence of enough malevolence, enough irrational egotism, and enough stupidity to continue their downward spiral of compulsive failure after compulsive failure as they ALL commit new crimes and spread new lies as if that could ever excuse their old crimes and their old lies.

Dirty Los Angeles District Attorney Jackie Lacey, whom I always expected more from (Please reread my 30Oct2014 blog post.), is also on the downward spiral of desperation, pathological perjuries, and compulsively failing modi operandi.

My beautiful world, we need these increasingly dangerous and clinically diagnosable psychopaths removed from society FOREVER! No one can trust a word they say, especially when they boldface lie they will ever change only (proven) to be able to commit their same heinous crimes as long as possible.

Yes, this included when (Proven) Unelected Terrorist Dictator Obama promised President of China Xi Jinping that he would EVER stop lying about me to the world or EVER allow any human rights in America EVER again.

My beautiful world, please reread my 16Oct2014 blog post, and then finally come here and arrest them all!

The crimes Obama's (proven) criminal terrorist conspiracy are successful at right now are their (proven) violent acts of terrorism and human rights abuses against the public that they use as acts of war against America, their (proven) mental health genocide of the public to keep themselves in power, their no-authority enforcement of Obama's no-authority rules, their complete domestic impunity for their most heinous crimes known to mankind against all of us, and ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa's self-appointed entitlement to have clinically-diagnosable "total control" over me and my finances despite my NEVER being under the ACTUAL legal jurisdiction of their (proven) dirty courts, (proven) army of dirty quacks, (proven) dirty state legislature, (proven) dirty attorneys including but not limited to stereotypically-evil-Iowans Mark R. Gray and Samantha J. Gronewald, (proven) dirty prosecutors who STILL refuse to arrest any of them, (proven) War Criminal Wells Fargo Bank (Any Monday or Tuesday blog post will explain them.), and (Proven) War Criminal Boeset whom all of ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa still commits the crime against America of propping up, etc.

All of Obama's (proven) criminal terrorist conspiracy are so far from reality that they will all continue to just commit more crimes and spread more boldfaced lies instead of taking my three never-fail steps to absolution (IN ORDER) to save themselves.

They all consider destroying me completely with any controlled environment they can criminally make possible too important to them for any of them to EVER obey any ACTUAL laws EVER nor even to save themselves from ACTUAL international justice by ever consciously choosing to ever obey any ACTUAL laws.

IN THE LAND OF REALITY OBAMA'S CRIMINAL TERRORIST CONSPIRACY NEVER ACKNOWLEDGE, they are all (proven) too dangerous for this world. We need them all removed from society forever. Please hurry, my beautiful world. They are causing too much (proven) damage to all of humanity with their unrelenting calumnies, perjuries, and (proven) modi operandi of their (proven) pattern of criminal activity.

As for you, my brave rescuers, Squid's Walk of Earth's Brave Innocents from Obama's (proven) modus operandi of unrelenting intentionally fabricated false charges against their opposition is in my old blog posts from 18Oct, 20Oct, 22Oct, 24Oct, 26Oct, 28Oct, and 30Oct2014 read oldest to newest.

The all encompassing legal defense took quite a bit of "accurate information architecture." I would have made it a shorter read if I could. Please tell (y)our legal teams.

Yes, I protect every brave innocent who stands up to the (proven) enemies of America that are Obama's (proven) criminal terrorist conspiracy, especially the former enemies of America who GENUINELY followed all three of my never-fail steps to absolution and protection. And I know when people lie about taking the steps.

Yes, my good graces are the ONLY thing anywhere that can protect anyone right about now except for my entire selfless support system's protection of me.

All of my Nov2014 blog posts so far have just been the victory lap after Squid's Walk of Earth's Brave Innocents from 18Oct to 30Oct. Read them all oldest to newest.

SynSyn, Amita, and Ugwuji, it is very well-documented IN THE LAND OF REALITY THAT OBAMA'S PATHOLOGICALLY-LYING CRIMINAL TERRORIST CONSPIRACY NEVER ACKNOWLEDGE that I have a longer history of being libeled supposedly mentally ill to coverup Obama's war crimes against me than I ever had a history of actual mental illness. And yes, we already know, in 2002, I probably just saw my future under Obama's egg of horrors and terrors.

Also, my genius Powers of Attorney, ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa said they would stop, so we know they NEVER will.

Just like when ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa boldfaced lied they "cannot contain" their (proven) war criminals who unrelentingly commit human rights abuses against me as acts of war against America they were only covering up that they REFUSE to contain their own (proven) war criminals, all ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa, just like all of Obama's (proven) criminal terrorist conspiracy will ever speak is (proven) pathological lies, so they can commit as many crimes as possible against all of us without ever having to face justice for any of it UNTIL THE WORLD COMES FOR THEM.

You have been working miracles for months, my loved ones. I will never be able to thank you enough. I know it feels like our work never ends, so do not forget to congratulate yourselves as often as possible. I love you, too.

Sweetness, I love and adore you. First of all, my loving and adoring husband, I am NOT a child; I am a victim of persecution by absolute (expletive)holes who do horrible things like treat me like a child to excuse, as if that were possible, their unconscionable human rights abuses against me used as acts of war against America.

If (proven) members of Unelected Terrorist Dictator Obama's (proven) pathologically-perjuring criminal terrorist conspiracy are going to consciously and criminally falsely accuse you, yes, innocent you, of raping me while simultaneously intentionally granting impunity to (expletive)holes who actually have raped and aided and abetting Obama's systemic rape of me, they have proven their guilt and proven their conscious abuse of power and criminal abuse of office that they execute only to commit crimes against America.

Not one of Obama's (proven) dirty prosecutors has EVER investigated the rape kit I had done in 2009, the neighbors of my (proven) rape-and-slavery apartment in Iowa, War Criminal Boeset (Reread all of my March and April2014 blog posts oldest to newest.), War Criminal Stephanie (Reread my 27June2014 blog post.), nor my ABSOLUTELY EVIL biological father, but they all lie about you, Sweetness.

I have learned to make a public record EVERY TIME I am raped; even though, I am forbidden from ever pressing charges and from asking for an investigation myself. If you had EVER mistreated me, Sweetness, I would have set you straight, and I would have made a public record of it myself. Just ask Cuddlebunny.

What the hell kind of submissive falsehood are those (expletive)ing (expletive)hole (proven) pathological liars pretending I am? No, beloved, I do NOT tolerate abuse from ANYONE. That is why we have all finally become so effective at ending it.

And do you remember my 16Oct2014 blog post? Obama's (proven) criminal terrorist conspiracy's delusion that they have a self-appointed entitlement to commit all of the crimes they want against me, my husband, my loved ones, my people, and my nation without ever having to face justice for any of it is why this Mama Bear already came out of the cave.

My irrefutably loving and adoring husband, press every criminal and civil charge possible against every intentional false accuser you can find not just for libeling and defaming you but also for human rights abuses, hate crimes, persecution, etc.

Lying about me, particularly perjuries that lie about me, destabilize the planet. Obama's (proven) pathological perjurers' intentional calumnies concerning anything about me directly cause unrest among my local lovers and believers all of the way to militarizing international forces. You can ask (literal not metaphorical) ISIS about that.

So, because those lying (expletive)s are pretending I am some sort of submissive deviant who would EVER tolerate a husband who would even harm a hair on my head, Obama's (proven) pathological perjurers are even guilty of crimes against America and against the entire world.

Never let them survive this, HoneyHoney.

Furthermore, fair and actual justice from a noncorrupt court of law is not revenge, but their human rights abuses against us used as acts of war against America do constitute revenge, just in case you and our legal team need a motive for them other than their own psychopathy.

I love and adore you, Sweetness. We are married; we are not dead. When will everyone finally grasp actual reality?

My irrefutably loving husband whom I would have died by now without, I WILL kiss you. I WILL touch you. There is no psychopath on this planet strong enough to keep us apart forever.

So if I actually have to flex all the muscles of the power of my love to save this good, green world from Obama's (proven) pathologically-lying, power-and-control-obsessed, criminal terrorist conspiracy to make them FINALLY obey ACTUAL laws or be removed from society FOREVER, I will stop showing all of the self-restraint I have been showing this entire time.

If I need to, I will show Obama what my (proven) incorruptible benevolence is capable of. And that is something he actually can rationally fear about me if he continues to refuse to end his most heinous crimes known to mankind against my people. Everyone everywhere needs to stop lying about me.

Kisses, darling. And soon, I will land these kisses on your face with my own two lips.

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