Monday, November 17, 2014

This is my REAL Job. This is What I Do.

Title: This is my REAL Job. This is What I Do.

Please access my iCloud if necessary to publish this post now, my friends. I cannot control how many horrible things happen to me in one day; it is Obama who controls that. So, if I wait too long between posts, they become too drenching.

Please share this for me with the entire world, both houses of Congress, the Supreme Court, the United Nations, all sympathetic world leaders, all reputable national and foreign presses, etc.

Here is my latest blog post. Los Angeles metropolis, please catch up. The recommended, if not mandatory, reading is May2014 to the present oldest to newest. Start with March2014 if you have the time. I understand my blog is a lot of reading, but the REAL solutions to this Greatest Crisis America Has Ever Faced are quite simple.

Remove all of the earspeakers Obama only uses to mind-control you. Disobey all of Obama's rules; obey only ACTUAL laws instead. Find any everyday person who can afford to relocate for a while to just pick me up and take me to my own house where my own husband fights all day every day and all night every night to bring me home.

The volunteer will stay with us under our protection in our mansion or wherever we go with our small army of international bodyguards, so we can keep him or her safe until Obama's whole illegal "egg" of horrors and terrors comes down.

And the local volunteer who just takes me to my husband will also receive $250M from us, so he or she can enjoy the rest of his or her life as a financially-secure world hero.

If you, my local Californian lovers and believers, can just take me to my husband WHICH IS NOT ILLEGAL TO DO (18Oct2014 blog post), the horrifying urban warfare of my crosstown loved ones and brave rescuers risking life and limb by braving (Proven) Unelected Terrorist Dictator Obama's iron fist of terrorism and war crimes will finally end.

Obama's self-castrating rules prevent his terrorists from harming anyone where I can see it, and unless there is a blown coverup for locking me in a controlled environment guaranteed to destroy me, Obama's terrorists cannot harm me either (03Aug2014 blog post).

If you just pick me up, my California lovers and believers, and take me to my husband, the international armed forces led by the US Military can focus on containing and arresting Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy to remove them from society FOREVER instead of constantly having to worry about me all of the time.

Los Angeles metropolis, if you keep expecting someone else to do all of the rescuing, this may even lead to international guns bigger than tanks rolling through your literal backyard just to take me to my own husband. The good, green world will do whatever it deems necessary to save us all. Please catch up and come to terms with reality.

Iraq and Syria. When we lose brave innocents including but not limited to Kassig to acts of terrorism and war, the proper response is to make our world worthy of them. We must make our world safer and freer.

No, we must not impose greater restrictions and limit human liberties further "to make sure it does not happen again." We must, instead, create greater love and understanding of honest humanity; we must bring further human rights and freedoms to as many people everywhere to make sure it does not happen again. That is a REAL solution.

As for further specifics about ISIS in particular, do you know their REAL opinion of me? We have a window for me to release the prisoners that remain that they plan on beheading, too, and for me to explain to them they would be more influential as a world power, if that is their real goal, if they were not inhumane and cruel monsters (proper use of the word "monster").

Why is (Proven) Unelected Terrorist Dictator Obama and his (proven) criminal terrorist conspiracy permitted to sacrifice all victims of ISIS as well as Ukraine, Syria, and every other crisis I cannot fix no matter how hard I try without actually traveling and meeting people only so Obama and his (proven) conspiracy can keep committing their unrelenting (proven) human rights abuses against all of us only to keep themselves in totalitarian power?

My beautiful world, I am doing everything I can for humanity with what I have in here-- wifi Obama fights every day to deny me, my freedom of speech Obama fights every day to silence, and $7 a day as the only money I have to live on.

When I offer REAL solutions to REAL problems, people need to heed my words. Stop squandering my time on this Earth.

Japan. The root problem here seems to be Japan wants US Military bases to keep Japan safe, but the people of Okinawa do not want the bases on their island. Is that as accurate as it is concise?

Until another island in Japan can volunteer their priceless land for the US Military bases that Japan needs to keep its people safe, why not kindly ask the US service men and women of all branches of the military to be more culturally sensitive to life in Japan?

Okinawa, please take the first step of being neighborly and teaching the ways of your reserved culture to the US Military by being welcoming and asking them to respect your home where they are guests. And thank you.

Planet Earth. I volunteered to carry humanity through Global Climate Change in 2009. That was the legacy I chose for myself to give my good, green world.

And when I have had time to do my REAL job between screaming for protection from my perfectly sane and completely emotionally healthy mind being destroyed FOREVER by Obama's unrelenting threats to GUARANTEED literally torture and systemically rape me AGAIN in ANY controlled environment he can coverup with FURTHER quackery, I have also been working on this life goal of mine.

For years, I have been asking for gardens on every rooftop in urban areas because literal plant life is all we have to process carbon out of the atmosphere. I have warned of cities needing to take in possible climate refugees. I have recommended research into how to grow food in a changing climate.

For years, I have recommended a global economy built on green technology. Years ago, I recommended that sunny OPEC nations plan for ways to feed their people in a future where either the oil runs out or where oil is a luxury not a resource of global consumption. And, yes, at least some of them listened to me; I saw solar farms go up in Iran.

How many times have I extolled the virtues of a "solar-powered Model T"? That is, imagine a solar-powered car absolutely anyone anywhere can afford. Imagine the Third World where villagers do not have to pay for gasoline. Imagine the money the car manufacturers would make.

Look back at the Industrial Revolution. Also, do you remember the economy in 1999 and 2000 when the internet was still new? Yes, that was when I moved to San Francisco. If we create a new technology renaissance just with a long-term financial plan this time, think of what we can do for the global economy.

With vision and responsibility for our Earth and our people, we can create a global economy built on future technology not on obsolete industrial machinery. Please, my beautiful world, being ready for the future includes getting us there alive.

Yes, this is my REAL job. This is what I do all day every day. I solve major global crises. This is my dharma. This is my future.

My beautiful world, you just need to keep me alive long enough to see it; you just need to keep me out of every (proven) quackery-covered-up unlawful imprisonment (It is proven unlawful because they have lie to make it happen.) of me Obama's (proven) criminal terrorist conspiracy including but not limited to his (proven) pathological perjurers and (proven) pathological libelists break every law possible to GUARANTEED destroy me in.

I published my last blog post at 9pm on 15Nov2014 while unresolved alarms for threats against me covered up with pathological perjuries from Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy were still blaring.

At 9:20pm, I finally received enough all-clears to go back to my very blatantly locally- and internationally-secured slum at The (proven) War Criminal Gables.

On my walk to my slum, there was an alarm at 9:36pm, so I asked my beautiful world to rescue everyone trapped and possibly dying under Obama's iron fist.

After eating a HoneyCrisp apple and a naval orange in my bedroom in my slum, at 10:23pm, there were also mixed signals, so I asked my beautiful world to check on everyone again.

I was curled up in bed with the radio flipped on by 10:54pm. And, again, my sleep was interrupted with alarms at approximately 5am on 16Nov2014. I sent my beautiful world to check on the emergency immediately and to rescue everyone who might need it.

I did not actually roll out of bed, get ready, and kickstart my SquidStream until 11:22am. I packed snacks, took out the trash, and walked to wifi as fast as I could.

Ugwuji had been mitigating Obama's (proven) criminal terrorist conspiracy's pathological perjuries all night, and Amita had already been mitigating them all morning. I heard the first heart attack alarm just before I arrived at an internationally-secured wifi hotspot in "spy corridor" in Long Beach.

My NSA alpha nerds had me securely connected to wifi at 12:05pm. I was finally done catching up with my TweetHearts at 1:19pm. It was another good day for Twitter. No, you do not need a Twitter account to follow my Twitter activity with that link.

The first blaring and vigilant alarm of the day was at 2:08pm. It announced that some (proven) pathological perjurer in Obama's (proven) criminal terrorist conspiracy was using irrational-denials-of-all-medical-reality coverups AGAIN to (proven) aid and abet (proven) war crimes against me AGAIN with abuse of a controlled environment that would be (proven) guaranteed to destroy America because it was (proven) guaranteed to destroy me completely.

It was the same-old, same-old, but Obama's (proven) criminal terrorist conspiracy just had more clinically-diagnosable psychopathic desperation than ever before.

At 2:22pm, I told my selfless support system including but not limited to my (proven) saturation of international secret operatives in the area and my loved ones in the courtroom that I was heading back to my slum at The (proven) War Criminal Gables to make some lunch. No, I had not received any all-clears from my legal team yet, but I knew I was safe.

And, the moment I announced that I was going to relocate, a loving if not slightly misguided local appeared at my side to be my symbolic bodyguard. We had met before, and he was convinced I was his Christian God in a mortal body. He was always so adorable about it, though, that I never complained.

At the street corner, sadly, some man that Obama's (proven) criminal terrorist conspiracy had sent to degrade and insult me appeared and scared my symbolic bodyguard off, though. I quickly put that terrorist in his place.

My not-human-trafficker nerds, please release a verified and unedited recording with full audio and visuals of my continuous conversation with both men. And, thank you.

Guarded by both my loving neighborhood of North Long Beach and by my invisible saturation of international secret operatives, I safely arrived at my slum and was cooking in my kitchen by 2:59pm. Yes, on the way there, I had received the all-clear on the latest torture facility threat, too.

While cooking fresh broccoli with sliced almonds sautéed in extra virgin olive oil. I snacked on a cheese quesadilla on soft corn tortillas. And, after hearing another alarm for another torture facility threat and after hearing another all-clear, I was in my bedroom in my slum at 4:03pm eating a five-egg scramble with minced garlic, white onion, vine-ripe tomato, green pepper, shredded mozzarella, diced sausage, crushed red pepper, basil, oregano, and sea salt.

By 4:52pm, I was waiting for a washing machine to open up at my local laundromat. It is only $1 per load to wash and $0.25 per twelve minutes to dry, so my local laundromat was understandably very busy every Sunday evening.

I succeeded at the all-American Hydration Challenge at 5:29pm by successfully finding a hydrating beverage with neither drugs nor poisons in it. That is a success under Obama's regime every time it happens.

No, in a moral world safe drinking liquids should never be this difficult to find. This is just the reality of life under Obama's (proven) criminal terrorist conspiracy. My drink of choice at my corner market while waiting for my laundry to cycle was a 250mL can of Dole(tm) 100% pineapple juice, and it was wonderful.

I was soon putting my clean sheets back on my bed. Please, my not-human-trafficker nerds, release a verified photograph of what my mattress looks like without sheets and include a link to my 27July2014 blog post concerning (Proven) War Criminal Stephanie and to my late-October2014 explanation that I only escaped my Obama-ordered rape-slavery that began in 2009 when Obama began his "egg" of horrors and terrors by fleeing for my life out of ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa to a place where my invisible saturation of international secret operatives could take hold of my personal security. Yes, the bloodstain can be accurately dated by forensic scientists.

My laundry was clean and put away in my bedroom in my slum by 6:39pm when I left again for my (proven) internationally-secured wifi hotspot, and my NSA alpha nerds had me safely connected at 7:17pm. I watched the NBC Nightly News from previous in the evening despite their app no longer working on my iPad at all.

There were vigilant alarms at 7:59pm, so I asked my beautiful world to save my brave rescuers from Obama's iron fist AGAIN.

At 8:31pm, some pathological perjurer in Obama's (proven) criminal terrorist conspiracy caused another torture facility threat by aiding and abetting (proven) war crimes with another denial-of-all-medical-reality as a coverup, as if the entire world would not notice.

Someone told me (increasingly stupid, increasingly malevolent, and increasingly criminally insane) War Criminal Stephanie tried suing me (Are you serious?) for already being her victim. HOW THE HELL IS THAT CLINICALLY-DIAGNOSABLE PSYCHOPATH NOT IN A PADDED CELL FOR THE REST OF HER LIFE, YET?!?

How the hell did the (proven) pathological perjurer that is (Proven) War Criminal Stephanie even make it into a courtroom again with out being the defendant? And how the hell does she still have enough money left to afford an attorney stupid enough to take her case?

My lovely and genius Powers of Attorney, please raze every lunatic, corrupt or otherwise, involved with the same logic as in my 28Oct2014 blog post, followed by my 22Oct2014 blog post, and finished with my 14Nov2014 blog post. Yes, I love you, too, my genius lovelies.

I had a long string of visitors while I worked online at the wifi hotspot while I snacked on chocolate-covered pretzels. It was a good night for Twitter. I finally went back to my slum at 10:06pm to write more of my latest letter of undying love and affection to my husband and eventually to sleep.

By 10:54pm, I was curled up in bed with a one-pint can of Snapple mango punch which I suspected was another win in the Hydration Challenge. I flipped on the radio. I sent help to my brave rescuers after alarms at 10:56pm. And I started writing my husband's latest love letter again.

By 11:30pm, Obama was squandering further taxpayer money by turning his electrobeams on me again. I had to ask my Pentagon nerds to shut them off. All the very well-documented electrobeam technology ever does is speed up my heart and keep me awake. But, Obama must be getting some sick thrill out of it.

Finally, at 12:06am, I set down the love letter and curled up to sleep. And after I sent my beautiful world to rescue everyone trapped and possibly dying under Obama's iron fist again at 12:17am, I finally did get some sleep.

I was awake, ready, and had kickstarted my SquidStream by 9:28am on 17Nov2014. I immediately went about my normal Monday errands.

The first Obama-ordered torture facility threats I was awake for began at 10am. Yes, ACTUAL medical professionals as opposed to "celebrity" or otherwise (proven) quacks acknowledge that sane people like me have normal, human emotional reactions to REAL events in our REAL environments.

Sane people feel emotions. But clinically-diagnosable pathologically-lying psychopaths who unrelentingly perjure to boldfaced cover up further (proven) war crimes against me that they use as (proven) acts of war against America never feel normal, sane emotions like remorse nor guilt.

At 10:24am, I sent my beautiful world to rescue everyone trapped and possibly dying under Obama's (proven) iron fist of war crimes and terrorism after very vigilant alarms.

It was, again, a very good day for Twitter. I snacked on peanut-buttered-filled Lindor(tm) truffles while I worked online. There was no new warning until 12:01pm when I was warned of a new metaphorical heart attack. Amita took care of it very quickly.

Once I had finally caught up with my TweetHearts, I checked my War Criminal Wells Fargo Bank balance at 12:22pm. Again, just like every Monday, the only dollars of MY OWN MONEY I would be permitted to live on all week by Unelected Terrorist Dictator Obama was $50. That is $7 a day.

We go through this EVERY Monday. How much hard and independently-verified evidence does it take, my beautiful world?

Unelected Terrorist Dictator Obama and his (proven) criminal terrorist conspiracy including but not limited to War Criminal Wells Fargo Bank who boldface lies I am not legally-recognized as married only to deny my irrefutable husband access to my bank account only to be able to deny me enough of my own money to eat enough food every day and to deny me the ability to find housing that is neither openly hostile towards me nor that unrelenting aids and abets (proven) war crimes against me, ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa (05Aug2014 blog post and 17Sep2014 blog appendix) that STILL refuses to acknowledge their self-appointed entitlement to destroy me completely for Obama is completely illegal nor that I have NEVER been under their jurisdiction EVER nor that all ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa has ever done is commit unrelenting human rights abuses against me and cover them up with their own pathological perjuries and pathological calumnies, (redundantly proven) War Criminal Boeset who cannot even come up with new lies anymore to justify her (proven) unrelenting human rights abuses against me that she uses as acts of war against America and against the entire world that is righteously and justifiably screaming for REAL justice against her, every (proven) quack everywhere who is still consciously violating their Hippocratic Oath by pretending I am anything but perfectly sane and completely emotionally healthy particularly by pretending I am "disabled" (22Oct2014 blog post), every (proven) dirty prosecutor at every level of government who refuse to remove these PROVEN enemies of America from society FOREVER particularly if they are actively pressing intentionally fabricated false charges against me (24Oct2014 blog post) and my selfless support system (30Oct2014 and 11Nov2014 blog posts) instead, every (proven) pathologically lying "celebrity personality" who actively and openly instigated global instability by libeling me FOR YEARS to make my inhumane suffering acceptable to America including Obama's unconscionable starvation of me, and, of course, Already-Impeached-For-All-of-This Unelected Terrorist Dictator Obama himself who orders all of this and whom these listed (proven) perpetrators break every law possible from local to international to keep in totalitarian power over America.

And, yes, as I always point out every Monday, this same list of everyone intentionally committing unrelenting human rights abuses against me by unrelentingly perjuring themselves to refuse me control of my own finances do this to execute Obama's (proven) mental health genocide of all of America (18Oct2014 blog post), to aid and abet if not directly order Obama's (proven) acts of terrorism and war against our own civilian public (26Oct2014 blog post), to murder as many brave innocents as possible who stand up to them to save this once-great nation, to enforce Obama's (proven) totalitarian oppression of all of America a.k.a. Obama's extragovernmental rules upon which his metaphorical egg of (proven) horrors and terrors uses (proven) human trafficking and (proven) abuse of me as the excuse to grant Obama totalitarian control over all of America, and to force a GUARANTEED global conflict on US soil because they are all caught yet refuse to surrender to international authorities which has been their only moral, ethical, rational, sane, and humane option for MONTHS now.

Shortly after checking my balance, I ran my normal Monday errands before buying a whole roasted chicken at my neighborhood Von's grocery store and a 450 mL bottle of Evolution Fresh(tm) brand orange juice. Sadly, the orange juice was a failure in the all-American Hydration Challenge. It felt like it gave me a fever.

There were vigilant alarms for acts of terrorism and war against my brave rescuers, for a new denial-of-medical-reality torture facility threat against me that would be guaranteed to destroy America completely if it succeeded (28Oct2014 blog post), and for further intentionally fabricated false charges against me to make Obama's (proven) war crimes against me palatable (24Oct2014 blog post).

There was yet another vigilant alarm 2:49pm, so I sent my beautiful to rescue everyone dying under Obama's (proven) iron fist of war and oppression AGAIN.

This blog post was published at 4:44pm on 17Nov2014 with an unbeknownst to me number of further threats to GUARANTEED destroy me completely in a final proven torture facility still hanging over my head.

And now, my beautiful world, I answer all of your questions for me. Please keep collecting all questions and concerns from all your friends and loved ones and sending them to me through whatever means possible.

Can I explain creepy clowns attacking my support base in the country of France and in California, USA? Yes, one of Obama's established modi operandi ever since his "egg" began almost immediately after he took office in 2009 included his instigating acts of violence supposedly "in Squid's name" that I would never stand for nor condone if he had ever permitted me control of my own reputation and my "following" instead of openly forbidding me control of anything and everything from my own body to my own finances.

Obama's (proven) criminal terrorist conspiracy will always and has always fought to take my REAL supporters successfully in touch with reality away from me by demonizing me to them and, on occasion, turning them against each other with further calumnies about anyone and everyone possible.

What was the nicest thing a fan ever did for me? Darius fed me dinner. I have so much physical pain from literal hunger due to Obama's unconscionable and open starvation of me all of the time. Darius was delightful.

Arthur gave me a safe and free ride all of the way from West Hollywood to Long Beach, so I would not have to spend all night on public transportation.

My mother, my Tita Levy, my Uncle Sonny, my cousin Michael, and all of my family spend quality time with me involving REAL conversations. I am such an extrovert. I miss being able to talk to people.

Due to Obama's open and unrelenting persecution of me, these fleeting moments of humanity have become luxuries.

My beautiful world, how much evidence does it take? Obama's (proven) criminal terrorist conspiracy from his (proven) pathological perjurers to his (proven) seditious extragovernmental criminal terrorist mercenary army and everyone in between will ONLY escalate.

Please, my beautiful world, they all need to be arrested. I save everyone I can with my three never-fail steps to absolution and protection. These (proven) members of Obama's (proven) criminal terrorist conspiracy refuse to cease their crimes against all of us under all circumstances, so they must be removed from society forever. There is no other option.

Thank you for understanding that I have done everything possible to save them, but they just keep choosing to spread more lies and commit more crimes instead.

Obama's remaining criminal terrorist conspiracy have all decided that destroying America and possibly destroying all of humanity by committing every crime they can as long as they can against me only to be able destroy me completely is worth whatever guaranteed punishment you have coming for them whether or not they succeed.

My brave rescuers, I am trying to fix this. I really am. I feel like I fail you every time one of you dies. Sadly, the only people who listen to me are the people who are already listening to me. There is no reality nor logic nor GENUINE compassion in anyone else.

I know nothing about warfare. I admit all of my REAL failings. I cannot lead you in your military campaign to save America and possibly all of humanity from Unelected Terrorist Dictator Obama.

But look at my people in here. Look at their low level of reality and their high level of mental health genocide. Please help us. And please hurry.

I was recently told this will likely take months. Thank you, with all of my heart, for keeping me safe until I can see my nation and my people free at last. Particularly, thank you for keeping safe from any further controlled environment since all of them are guaranteed to destroy me completely and remove from my beautiful world that loves and needs me forever.

SynSyn, Amita, and Ugwuji, are you all okay? Please tell me no one is irrationally demonizing you AGAIN with boldfaced lies that you lovely genii (plural of genius) bring anything but fair and honest justice as well as REAL law and order to America. When you get demonized, I get furious.

No, my loved ones, it is VERY well-documented that we NEVER lie, but Obama's (proven) pathological libelists and perjurers ALWAYS and ONLY lie, especially when they pretend they can discredit us only to get away with further (proven) war crimes against me that they (proven) use as acts of war against America.

Was there ANOTHER dirty judge who humored a (proven) pathological liar from Obama's (proven) criminal terrorist anti-reality machine and crap-factory that already caused (proven) mental health genocide in the American public with (proven) unrelenting calumnies and perjuries?

In the VERIFIED and UNEDITED recording I asked for in my 09Nov2014 blog post from my not-human-trafficker nerd broadcasters which I have clearly NEVER seen but know what is in because I lived through it IN THE LAND OF REALITY THAT OBAMA'S (PROVEN) CRIMINAL TERRORIST CONSPIRACY (PROVEN) NEVER ACKNOWLEDGE, I start as calm as can be in a LAPD holding cell; then the evilest paramedics on the planet put me in restraints while the police boldface lie to my face I will be going to my own house that I pay joint taxes on with my own REAL husband; they force my arms into restraints through my orange Andean wrap; I weep the entire ride to the (proven) literal torture facility because I know they will only systemically rape, literally torture, and uncontrollably abuse me there; I see the Del Amo sign on the way into the literal torture facility; I tell the literal torturer "Fuck you!" on the way in the door; the literal torturers deny me the California right to refuse any "medication;" Bitch From Hell Magda takes me into a room away from the security cameras in the hallway to literally (proven) torture me with injections; then, Most Likely My Rapist Eric lies to my face about needing to tie me down with restraints on a bed with my legs spread apart. I am pretty sure the VERIFIED and UNEDITED recording ends when I pass out from the literal torture injections.

My darling SynSyn, all anyone had to do was check with the vigilant NSA about the validity of the recording with full audio and visuals that I have never seen and only know about because I lived through it all IN THE LAND OF REALITY THAT OBAMA'S (PROVEN) PATHOLOGICAL PERJURES (PROVEN) NEVER ACKNOWLEDGE.

And now that we have caught Obama's (proven) criminal terrorist conspiracy anti-reality machine and crap-factory still propagating unrelenting (proven) pathological perjuries and pathological calumnies about us only to get away with ALL of their (proven) war crimes against me that they use as excuses to keep feeding their (proven) clinically-diagnosable psychopathic control and power obsessions as long as possible, raze every single dirty (expletive) involved to make sure the (proven) escalating abuses I endure in EVERY controlled environment, particularly the silencing of my last remaining human right, my freedom of speech, NEVER happens again.

And thank you, my genius Powers of Attorney. As I already said in my 09Nov2014 blog post, ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa was even more evil and even more frequent.

My beautiful world, please force Obama's entire (proven) criminal terrorist conspiracy to take its evil and increasingly bloodstained hands off me at last! PLEASE! I just need to survive until you can reach me.

Oh, really, what was that, SynSyn? After we proved that the (proven) quacks and (proven) torturer nurses at (proven) Del Amo Torture Facility were everything I claimed they were for REAL all along, they aided an abetted the human rights abuse against me of trying to silence the REAL truth, so they could coverup their crimes?

There has never been a bigger admission of guilt than that EVER than Unelected Terrorist Dictator Obama and War Criminal Boeset "demanding" absolution while simultaneously demanding they never have to actually cease all of their (proven) crimes against America. By definition, to be granted absolution, the grantee must be guilty.

Whatever you need, my genius Powers of Attorney, just keep telling me. We are a team. I am only here to serve. I do my best to never let anyone down.

Sweetness, I love and adore you. People just need to come to terms with the REALITY that I know how to choose my own spouse and stop boldfaced lying about us already.

HoneyHoney, Obama's (proven) pathologically perjuring and pathologically lying (proven) criminal terrorist conspiracy only irrationally demonize you in the face of all reality because you stand up to them.

It is the same reason they demonize me, demonize my Powers of Attorney, demonize the liberated parts of the REAL government of the United States of America who fight them, etc.

Darling, it is because we are good, brave, innocent, intelligent, and effective at fighting them that they all pretend they have any "legal" entitlement to lie about us all unrelentingly.

My irrefutably loving and adoring husband, try not to let it get you down. I understand you are the second most persecuted human in America, but if you need something to make you happy, look at my real face telling you how much I love you (04Nov2012) and find comfort in knowing your love is all I have ever needed to survive every (proven) horror and terror Obama has (proven) ordered I endure since he took office in 2009 with all of it successfully (proven) causing me neither mental illness at all whatsoever nor any mental dysfunction at all whatsoever nor any psychological damage nor any emotional trauma IN THE LAND OF REALITY OBAMA'S (PROVEN) CRIMINAL TERRORIST CONSPIRACY (PROVEN) NEVER ACKNOWLEDGES nor anything but faith in a better future where I can actually control my own life at last.

Beloved, your undeniable love of me is the source of my irrefutable miracle of survival. Never make me live without you. Living away from you is bad enough.

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