Wednesday, November 5, 2014

It is Worst Case Scenario for Obama Right Now; I am Unamused with Him.

Title: It is Worst Case Scenario for Obama Right Now; I am Unamused with Him.

Please access my iCloud if necessary to publish this post, my friends. I cannot control how many horrible things happen to me in one day; it is Obama who controls that. So, if I wait too long between posts, they become too drenching.

Please share this for me with the entire world, both houses of Congress, the Supreme Court, the United Nations, all sympathetic world leaders, all reputable national and foreign presses, etc.

Here is my latest blog post. How many times have I told all of America, especially the Los Angeles metropolis, that they all have to remove their earspeakers? Where does the rampaging calumny come from that their earspeakers have ever been my fault? And if no one ever chooses to listen to my REAL solution to the REAL problem, why is anyone anywhere still consciously lying that I am why this problem is not fixed, yet?

Ukraine. President Poroshenko, no, I have not forgotten you. I have, in fact, told you a number of times that the existential crisis that the Ukraine is in right now will be fixed once you, or anyone, can convince President Putin that he does not need a swath of land connecting Mother Russia to the Crimean Peninsula.

I am still geographically forbidden from sitting down with President Putin to ask him myself how to make him happy without tearing the nation of Ukraine into pieces. He is not Unelected Terrorist Dictator Obama; President Putin actually has a heart, his own heart, and can therefore be reasoned with.

I have no one I can send to talk to President Vladimir Putin in my place. President Poroshenko, you need to ask President Putin whom he trusts and loves as much as he does me, so someone can figure out how to fix this.

Yes, I understand President Putin, but I am not a mind reader. I can ask President Putin all the questions I want through a wifi connection, but I cannot hear his responses. The crisis in the Ukraine is a problem I cannot fix, no matter how hard I try, without actually speaking to him.

Thank you for understanding that I am doing my best with what I have in here.

I published my last blog post at 3:03pm on 03Nov2014 while vigilant alarm for Obama-ordered threat to America after threat to America did nothing but blare. At 3:17pm, I had to ask my benevolent NSA alpha nerds to make my Twitter account function again, so I could send help to my dying brave rescuers.

I left my wifi hotspot and walked to some cheap Americanized Chinese food to celebrate my 03Nov2014 blog post. I received the all-clears on the latest collusion threats of intentionally fabricated false charges against me for crimes I never committed and intentional denials-of-all-reality used as coverups for (proven) war crimes that intentionally falsely alleged I had any mental illness at all whatsoever.

I sat down to eat. There were new pathological perjuries after perjuries to destroy me in any controlled environment. The public were clearly eloi being kept complacent by the lies injected directly into their heads through their earspeakers only to make sure they would never help me nor themselves.

I walked to the Post Office on my way back to The (internationally-secured yet irrationally-hostile) War Criminal Gables. There was yet another alarm at 5:09pm that my brave rescuers were dying, so I asked my beautiful world to save them again.

I was back in my slum resting before going out to watch the NBC Nightly News later on that night. At 5:42pm, I asked my selfless support system to double check if there were any remaining attempts by Obama to destroy America by attempting to destroy me in a final (proven) literal torture facility.

And I rested until 7:53pm when I was awakened to what sounded like an update about my ex-boyfriend Whisky. I put on my scarf that my old friend Mr. Andrew Jones had bought for me at, if I remember correctly, a Marks & Spencer. And I headed out to finally watch the NBC Nightly News from earlier in the day. I was securely connected to wifi at 8:43pm.

If I could read minds (and I cannot) I would have thought darling Mr. Brian Williams were hooting "Yeah, Lady, that's how we do it in America!" through the whole broadcast.

There had not been alarms for about four hours. It seemed Obama's (proven) criminal terrorist conspiracy were regrouping after my 01Nov and 03Nov2014 blog posts. But I still reminded my selfless support system that the entire global community had warned us to stay extra-vigilant watching over everyone.

Some (proven) psychopathy I had caught from ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa that night included my already-blogged reassertions that...

1.) War Criminal Boeset intentionally degrading my priceless irreplaceability to humanity by calling me "special" has never been an acceptable excuse from her nor ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa singling me out for their public persecution and still-uncontrolled human rights abuses against me used as acts of war against America. For more on this, please reread my 05Aug2014 blog post and 17Sep2014 blog appendix.

2.) War Criminal Boeset consciously committed tax fraud earlier this year by filing intentionally false taxes for me completely without my permission that did not include the investments nor charitable contributions my loved ones and I made with the court settlement money she had paid me herself. This was particularly blatant criminal activity by War Criminal Boeset since in my blog I had already asked my loving and adoring legally-recognized husband to file our joint taxes, and War Criminal Boeset even acknowledges reading my blog.

3.) I have never understood EVER what lobsters, massages, perspiration, prostitution, nor gambling have EVER had to do with the REALITY of my life that no one ever acknowledges. I also NEVER golf and have not bowled since P.E. in high school.

Again, all three of those points were already blogged. The night of 03Nov2014 was another good night for Twitter.

At 10:56pm, I left my wifi hotspot for The (internationally-secured) War Criminal Gables. I ate leftovers, fried pork sausage, and hashbrowns for dinner. I was curled in bed with the radio flipped on by 12:22am.

On the morning of 04Nov2014, I was awakened by alarms, so, still groggy, I asked my beautiful world to check on all of us. On my way into the bathroom to get ready for the morning, (completely insane and openly hostile) Charisse told me she was going to be moving into my bedroom with me.

The refreshing part of that news was that if anything ever happened to me or to my belongings, (completely insane and openly hostile) Charisse was guaranteed to go to jail with War Criminal Stephanie (Finally!) for moving a well-documented direct threat to me into my bedroom.

That was also proof that The (proven) War Criminal Gables were still escalating their (proven) psychopathic crimes against me by intentionally violating the fire code I had already turned them in for violating by intentionally filling my slum with four insane roommates (making a total of five tenants in a two-bedroom slum) who were all as openly hostile towards me as War Criminal Stephanie always was.

I was ready and had a kickstarted SquidStream by 9:10am. I needed to wait for my local mailman, though, because my mother mailed me a letter. He, or his mail lady replacement, usually arrived between 10:15am and 11:15am.

At 10:19am, War Criminal Stephanie intentionally violated her restraining order which mandates that she stay at least fifty feet away from me at all times. She was as close to me as two feet in the breezeway of The War Criminal Gables.

War Criminal Stephanie had also, it seemed, moved into the apartment directly next door to mine; this allows her to be as hostile to me as possible as near to me as possible.

War Criminal Stephanie's conscious choice to live in Apt. #1 at The War Criminal Gables directly next door to me was also a conscious choice by War Criminal Stephanie to violate her restraining order as many hours of every day and as many minutes of every night as possible.

Our local mailman arrived at 10:28am and delivered my Von's and CVS gift cards from my mother. Immediately after he left, War Criminal Stephanie blatantly and remorselessly violated her restraining order AGAIN, and I discovered that at least one of my openly hostile roommates had taken the mailbox key AGAIN to make sure I could not use it.

I walked to a secured wifi connection as soon as I could.

-----Begin Email Text-----

From: Tanya Hedelisa Albon Depp de Varilek
Date: Tuesday, November 4, 2014
Subject: Gift cards. Um, mom?
To: Diña Albon Varilek


Thank you, as always, for sending me gift cards. They arrived today. Um, mom? $50 at a grocery store in any economy (and we have documented how cost effective Von's stores are here for real) covers about three days worth of groceries. I have no idea what to do with a $65 CVS gift card. They barely sell any food.

Thank you, again, mom. But I really need the ability to buy something anything somewhere other than a Von's and a CVS. I would really like a cup of coffee every once in a while.

Particularly, if I cannot afford a $110 transit pass, mom, Obama's entire criminal terrorist conspiracy's (from War Criminal Boeset to War Criminal Wells Fargo Bank to the ABSOLUTELY EVIL State of Iowa, etc.) unconscionable starvation of me that they use only as an act of war against America will cause me a physical collapse (22July2014 blog post).

Mom, if I have a physical collapse, I will be immediately locked in (proven) literal torture facility with well-documented quackery as the blatant coverup (22Oct2014 blog post), and the furious world will destroy America.

What little freedoms and liberties I have by being kept out of ANY AND ALL controlled environments, including but not limited to my access to wifi and my freedom of speech, are the only thing keeping as much peace and balance as we have in America right now.

If I am removed from my world that loves and needs me, Obama will destroy this world starting with America with his uncontrolled lies and unbridled iron fist.

Do you want me to send you back these gift cards, so you can send me a $115 Visa gift card instead that I can use to buy a transit pass? I have pretty much no other money than the gift cards you send me, Mom. That is how evil ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa is. (05Aug2014 blog post and 17Sep2014 blog appendix)

Please, mom, hurry. We do not have much time until they stop selling monthly transit passes for November. And, thank you.

Thank you, TanTan.

"Sin from thy lips? O trespass sweetly urged! Give me my sin again."


-----End Email Text-----

There was a heart attack warning at 12:17pm which was clarified in minutes as a torture facility threat of doom. I recommended my 22Oct and 30Oct2014 blog posts to Amita, and she and my beautiful world took care of it.

I finished watching my middle-aged White men before leaving my wifi hotspot at 2:07pm to run some errands before voting in the midterm elections. My first stop was my local CVS for dish soap and other sundries.

Next, I took the bus to my closest Office of the California Department of Motor Vehicles, the one in Compton. I knew I did not need either a valid state ID nor a valid driver's license to be a legal California resident; I just needed to live in California for three uninterrupted months.

For further evidence on this, check my driving record. My only California violation ever was for driving on an out-of-state license while a legal California resident. I also had two speeding tickets in my past (one from the Kansas Turnpike and one from an urban Dallas highway) both while an undergraduate student at the University of Texas at Dallas in the mid-1990s.

Did you, my SquidSwimmers (faithful viewers of my SquidStream), watch me take the computerized California driving exam? I actually missed two questions. The first time I took the test approximately ten years ago, I only missed one. If you want to circulate a verified and barely-edited recording of my time there, I am all for it.

Shortly after 4:37pm, I left Compton to vote in my home precinct in Long Beach. On the bus, I realized I lost my denim jacket with the Balclutha patch. The Compton DMV can keep it. They were delightful and respectful. The government of the State of California has done so much already.

I ate a bag of popcorn walking to and from my polling station, and at 5:47pm, I was done voting. Yes, I covered my left eye while punching my card to protect the integrity on the democratic process.

When I dropped off my sundries from the CVS at The War Criminal Gables finally and picked up my reusable grocery bags, I noticed that the mailbox key had been returned and that my period had started again. I was still a little irregular, but it pretty much started when it was supposed to. Sweetness, there is still hope for us to have children.

I was waiting for the bus again by 6:34pm. Here are the alarms and warnings so far during the day since I had been off of wifi: 2:26pm, 2:44pm, 3:56pm, 5:04pm, and 6:19pm. For details, check my Twitter account.

But then, at 6:44pm, the abduction-to-ABSOLUTELY-EVIL-Iowa-to-guaranteed-destroy-Squid-where-people-hate-her-most alarm went off. My beautiful world, you need to finally force ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa to take its increasingly bloodstained hands off me FOREVER! For more on this, please read my 05Aug2014 blog post and my 17Sep2014 blog appendix.

Then, in transit, there was an alarm at 6:52pm for Obama's (proven) criminal terrorist conspiracy's old stand-by and well-established modus operandi of their well-documented pattern of heinous criminal activity against America of intentionally fabricated false charges against me.

Most typically, they try to blame me for their own crimes against America, as if we ever needed more evidence that Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy's unrelenting pathological calumnies and perjuries do anything but destabilize the world, including locals and all of America.

Which part of, "Do not commit the human rights abuse in the first place if you do not want to be punished!" was Obama's entire (proven) criminal terrorist conspiracy pretending was not reality?

As per usual, I recommended my 24Oct and 01Nov2014 blog posts to Ugwuji and asked her if she wanted to call in the United Nations as backup.

Due to all of the alarms, I needed to make a detour for wifi at 7:11pm. Joyously, I learned that Starbucks had cleaned Obama's terrorist infestation out of all of their coffee shops that I had reported to them months ago. I love when lovers and believers are safe and free.

I finally bought my groceries. Yes, those are the normal prices in ALL Von's grocery stores. I know; I have shopped in a few in the metro without giving any warning. Feel free to release a verified and barely-edited recording of my grocery shopping if Von's is okay with our revealing their competitive pricing.

As I was waiting at the bus stop to go back to my slum, there was an alarm with very few details. I asked my beautiful world to rescue whatever brave innocent might have been dying under Obama's nefarious iron fist.

After marking all of my groceries with my name with the hopes my openly hostile roommates would not eat them, I walked straight to a wifi hotspot. I ate the last of a bag of crinkle-cut chips and successfully found a non-drugged beverage on my way.

By 9:48pm, I was watching the NBC Nightly News. It was like getting a hug from friends far away.

While watching, I received a mixed signal which could have meant anything from a warning of intentionally fabricated false charges to a sign of love. I asked my beautiful world to check on it.

After the news, I caught up with my TweetHearts. It was mostly updates from all over the world on the midterm elections. The Republican Party was not a clean sweep, but they took control of the US Senate and retained control of the US House of Representatives. The news media who keep tabs on what happens for real in DC seemed very happy about it.

At 12midnight, I needlessly reminded my selfless support system to keep me safe all night after I returned to The War Criminal Gables. I knew we had to stay extra-vigilant looking after all of us. Obama always gets extra-stupid when I am about to flesh out and polish a blog post.

By 12:42am, I was eating toast points and hummus while trying to figure out what to make for dinner. I was too sleepy to cook. So, I had a quesadilla and a large helping of ice cream.

I was curled up in bed with the radio flipped on by 1:32am. I slept very well. No alarms woke me up. I just rolled out of bed naturally on the morning of 05Nov2014. I was ready and had kickstarted my SquidStream by 7:08am. And immediately left my slum.

At 7:39am, on my way to my internationally-secured wifi hotspot in "spy corridor" in Long Beach, it metaphorically smelled like a dead fish market. So, I reported the terrorists I found to the only other people who would be able to recognize them.

Next, I asked my selfless support system to check for any ambushes, and, furious with Obama, immediately left for Los Angeles.

"7:45am Just checking in. Did you see Obama's terrorists that I saw in "spy corridor" in Long Beach? After #03Nov2014, they cannot claim I did not warn them. I know you will do with them what you want, my saturation of secret operatives. There is no controlling you when America is threatened. Don't worry, their convergence of malevolence, irrational egotism, and stupidity ticked me off, too. My beautiful world, please call ahead to Rodeo Drive and tell them to expect me. Thank you for securing every bus and train before it arrives. Thank you for securing every bus stop, train station, and transfer point before I arrive. Thank you for securing my destination. My selfless support system, thank you for knowing and acknowledging the reality that the world cannot lose me. In particular, no one can save my people if Obama gets away with destroying me by abducting me to ANY controlled environment. I love you, too!"

I just needed secured wifi to write my blog post for the day. I could get that anywhere, even in Long Beach after I returned.

En route to Rodeo Drive, I learned it was (proven) conspiracy, collusion, perjury, calumny, and a boldfaced and irrational-denial-of-all-reality war crime coverup by (proven) enemies of America: dirty District Attorney Jackie Lacey (neither had confirmed nor denied culpability in this ambush, yet), proven Del Amo Torture Facility, and The War Criminal Gables (most likely the first place to be investigated).

I also had suspicions that War Criminal Boeset and ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa were involved. And, we all know Unelected Terrorist Dictator Obama ordered it.

Which part of, "The last place anyone wants to be caught committing or aiding and abetting proven war crimes against Squid is in California," were they refusing to acknowledge as reality?

And for that, I was about to metaphorically dance in the streets to rub as much of their own salt in their own wounds as possible.

Before 10am and still on my way to Beverly Hills, I took a detour through the La Brea Tar Pits for a little geology and to use the complimentary public wifi at the LACMA. There had been torture facility threats to all of humanity by threatening me for the entire transit ride.

Do you remember my 26Oct2014 blog post? I was touring the fashion as works of art in no time. Yes, it was just like being at an art museum. There were a lot of stilettos, motorcycle jackets, and winter coats in the seasonal collection. I love winter coats.

It was clear which sales associates knew I was I and which thought I was some drop dead gorgeous doppelgänger for myself. And the fact I consider high-end fashion to be works of art went over most of their heads.

My Powers of Attorney and, if the rumors were true, my husband were very busy in the courtrooms while I was taking in the European designers' public displays of love for me.

My friends claimed my natural humility made them nauseous, but I just spent four years in ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa followed by living in the completely and openly hostile War Criminal Gables. I have lost all concept of what it feels like for people to be genuinely nice to me.

Again, which part of "You (expletive)ing loser (expletive) war criminals need to stop committing your proven war crimes in the first place if you do not want me to flatten you with ACTUAL justice!" were they still pretending was not part of the ACTUAL REALITY THEY NEVER ACKNOWLEDGE?

At 1:42pm, I roosted in a chair at the Beverly Wilshire (A Four Seasons Hotel) to flesh out as much of this blog post as possible. No one there had any reality in their heads. I was on the bus to relocate before 3:33pm.

Once I arrived at the location of two lovers and believers, I learned that Obama's cyberterrorists were inside my iPad guaranteeing I could never connect to wifi ever again to guarantee Obama would be able to destroy me, destroy America, and destroy the world by guaranteeing no truth could ever be spoken in America ever again to protect us all from him and his PROVEN criminal terrorist conspiracy.

My beautiful world, when will you learn you need to control those (expletive)holes who do nothing but pathologically perjure and pathologically libel to get away with every heinous crime from systemically raping me while human trafficking me to their rampant mental health genocide of the American public which everyone still refuses to listen to me on how to fix?

"4:25pm Just checking in. I need to kick Obama's (expletive) today. He is going to suffer for refusing me wifi, so he could make sure I could not protect my brave rescuers. I will try every wifi hotspot I can think of. Stay on your toes. Thx! I am furious. Make Obama's entire criminal terrorist conspiracy surrender, or they will suffer more than I ever have. It normally takes a few days, but look at what happened after Obama made me cry on my birthday."

After relocating, my NSA alpha nerds succeeded at securely connecting me to wifi. This blog post was published at 6:11pm on 05Nov2014 after I relocated because my crosstown friends had asked me to go someplace they might be able to reach me. We always try peace first.

And now, my beautiful world, I answer all of your questions for me. Please keep collecting all questions and concerns from all your friends and loved ones and sending them to me through whatever means possible.

Am I a real FC Barçelona fan? ¡Claro, que sí! I came to fútbol as an adult, unlike my BFF who played soccer in grade school. (Never ask her for photos.) It began when I lived on Via Ferlinghetti in San Francisco for four years starting in 2002.

There was a local Italian man who used to walk up and down the alley in the early hours of the morning screaming, "¡Barçelona!" It was only because he was fan of the team.

As I came to appreciate the number one sport in the world, FC Barçelona became my favorite sports team. As Kermit the Frog (Rana René) still sings, "I've heard it too many times to ignore it. It's something I'm s'posed to be."

My beautiful world, how well are all of you keeping up out there? I understand that my blogging every other day does not give you all much time to carry through on kicking Obama's (proven) criminal terrorist conspiracy after every new (and repeated) heinous crime they commit, especially after translations.

I am just trying to keep up with reporting all of their crimes myself most of the time. I offer solutions when I think of them. We already have a backlog of over three months on pressing charges, and Obama just keeps ordering more crimes against all of us.

Thank you, my beautiful world, for understanding that NONE of this will ever end until Unelected Terrorist Dictator Obama's entire criminal terrorist conspiracy is arrested and removed from the world they tirelessly work to destroy FOREVER!

I heard a rumor that Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy asked me for my terms for their surrender on the afternoon of 04Nov2014, but I might have misheard them asking for my terms to join a negotiating table.

Either way, the only way to hear my REAL and fair terms, is for (proven) Unelected Terrorist Dictator Obama to call my husband, and BEG for my husband to do Obama the favor of handing me his phone.

It is very well-established NOTHING can nor will EVER be resolved in talks unless I am there myself. We all know I know how to solve the worst global crises our generation will ever face or has ever faced with REAL solutions to the REAL root problems.

Stop pretending anyone can fix this without my determining my own life and future myself and without giving full Constitutional human rights and civil liberties back to all people in America everywhere.

There is no country anywhere willing to give safe haven to Obama nor any of his conspirators. They need to stop pretending they have ANY bargaining power AT ALL whatsoever.

And the more crimes Obama's entire (proven) criminal terrorist conspiracy intentionally commit against America by unrelentingly committing crimes against me, the more they discredit themselves, infuriate all of the globe, and bury themselves in their own excrement.

No, I have no idea how Obama feels right now. I have never been a psychopath in my life. I have never committed a crime against America nor against my own people. Obama did not just commit some of the most heinous crimes known to mankind; he was the right diabolical combination of enough malevolence, enough egotism, and enough stupidity to broadcast his own war crimes against me AND against the innocent masses of America to the entire planet!

I am not the one painted into a corner. But I am one of the few people in this country (proven) to acknowledge reality. Obama and his entire criminal terrorist conspiracy need to finally surrender. All I need to do is be myself until the world saves America from Obama at last.

My brave rescuers, we will get it right one of these days. Please keep telling my what you need help with. If I cannot help you myself, I can usually find you someone who can.

Also, my brave rescuers, how are we doing on figuring out and disassembling Unelected Terrorist Dictator Obama's methods for recruiting his war criminals and terrorist mercenaries?

It is very well-documented that Obama can render any would-be normal citizen or public servant into a rampaging psychopath just by seducing him or her into committing their first war crime for him.

It is also very well-documented that sane and rational people NEVER believe committing new crimes nor spreading new lies could ever excuse old crimes nor old lies, especially if the greatest victim of the war crimes, me, has a very well-documented and frequently effective never-fail three-step process for rescuing and protecting any good people with actual morals and ethics who may have fallen into Obama's trap of becoming an enemy of America by committing war crimes against me or against the public in the first place.

Speaking of this, SynSyn, Amita, and Ugwuji, how is the courtroom these days? As Cliff Notes(tm): the debunking of my supposedly needing any therapy at all or ever even being able to receive any ACTUAL medical care at all until Obama's entire egg of horrors and terrors comes down is in my 22Oct2014 blog post; the debunking of the very-repeated boldfaced lie that my temper does anything but kick Obama's (expletive) is in my 30Oct2014 blog post including the explanation of the distinction between my screaming in self-defense and what actually happens when I get angry as opposed to my being libeled angry; finally, whom we press blistering criminal and civil charges against every time any (proven) pathological perjurer ever pretends I am anything but perfectly sane, completely emotionally healthy, and incorruptibly benevolent is in my 10Oct2014 blog post.

Also, in case you need it, what my proven benevolent power has accomplished (my accurate résumé of resolved global conflicts) and what Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy's malevolent power has destroyed (my 03Nov2014 blog post) is best discussed in my 01Nov2014 blog post.

Thank you again, my genius Powers of Attorney. Preventing Obama from ever (proven) torturing me nor even (proven) unlawfully imprisoning me ever again in ANY controlled environment is how we keep me internally beautiful so the whole world can enjoy me. The entire good, green world thanks you for this, not just me.

Sweetness, I love and adore you. The world has noticed how well I know you FOR REAL. Yes, I would like you to make a real dinner every once in a while, so you are not surviving on nothing but coffee and literal cigarettes anymore.

Calm down. You will be fine once we can be together. Please stop underestimating me and my beautiful world. I WILL reach you. Please calm down. You are still forbidden from dying before I do. Do not make me live without you.

In the minutia of married life, thank you for firing your stylist, HoneyHoney, after the ugly pants debacles (the Jimmy Kimmel Show and the MTV Movie Awards). You are too young for ugly pants. And the world knows only a real life wife could tell you, the Mr. Johnny Depp, to stop wearing ugly pants.

Darling, thank you for listening to me when I nag you about my biological clock. Thank you for taking care of the Honey-do List I gave you. We both know you are happier when I just tell you what to do, but thank you for being someone I can trust to figure things out without me, too.

Beloved, you are going to have to lead when we partner-dance. Shutting my eyes is part of how I meditate. And you will be driving the bike when I ride through Patagonia on the back of your motorcycle.

Sweetness, I am an egalitarian. Thank you for understanding that, too. If you had not done everything possible to elevate yourself to being my equal since 2010, our marriage never would have worked.

HoneyHoney, I have never believed relationships should be work. We would not be so happily married (just with geography and tyrant persecution problems) if we could not take each other a little for granted.

My loving and adoring husband, you have never once let me down. I would like to say the same about myself for you. I will kiss you just the moment I can reach you. It is your choice if we wait for all of my electronics to come out of my body before we do anything more than that. Of the two of us, you are the only shy one.

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