Saturday, November 29, 2014

Never Confuse Fate with Destiny.

Title: Never Confuse Fate with Destiny.

Please access my iCloud if necessary to publish this post now, my friends. I cannot control how many horrible things happen to me in one day; it is Obama who controls that. So, if I wait too long between posts, they become too drenching.

Please share this for me with the entire world, both houses of Congress, the Supreme Court, the United Nations, all sympathetic world leaders, all reputable national and foreign presses, etc.

Here is my latest blog post. Calm down; I am still an atheist. That is, I am still an atheist considered holy in every benevolent religion. Ask any faithful. I openly acknowledge I drive everyone to their religion of choice. No, I will never choose just one religion. That would prevent me from doing my REAL job, selfless service to all of humanity.

Turkey. I am sure it would be okay for Pope Francis to enter any practicing mosque as long as he was respectful of Islam inside which you can trust him to be, so why not allow him in the Ayasofya?

I published my last blog post at 1:21pm on 27Nov2014, Thanksgiving Day. Obama had forbidden me from being with my own friends and family for the holiday, but I did indulge in my favorite food in all the world, fresh raspberries, as my American celebration.

At 2:34pm, I sent my selfless support system ahead of me, and at 4:38pm, I was taking a walking tour of UCLA. I stopped in campus town for Americanized Chinese food. It was a very good Thanksgiving.

There was one vigilant alarm before I sat down to eat because some (proven) pathological perjurer had used (proven) quackery which would still not have been any justification for a supposed "psychiatric commitment" even if it were true. It was just another (proven) coverup for further (proven) war crimes against me in a (proven) literal torture facility paraded, as always, as a supposed "psychiatric unit."

My beautiful world, these direct and heinous threats to remove me from the world FOREVER will never end until Obama's entire (proven) conspiracy of (proven) enemies of America are finally all arrested. Otherwise, these unrelenting pathological perjuries and pathological calumnies used only to keep Obama's totalitarian control of America intact will never end.

At 5:48pm, I was eating Kung Pao Chicken and trying to remind my irrefutably loving and adoring would-do-anything-in-the-world-to-rescue-me-because-that-is-the-only-sane-and-ethical-reaction-to-the-REALITY-of-Obama's-egg HUSBAND, the HRH John "Johnny" Christopher Depp a.k.a. my Mr. Love-of-my-Life, of how much I love and adore him.

There was ANOTHER vigilant yet blaring alarm at 6:57pm for a (proven) literal torture facility that Obama's (proven) enemies of America only wanted to (proven) unlawfully imprison me in to destroy my (proven) perfectly sane and (proven) completely emotionally healthy mind with (proven) quackery.

My NSA alpha nerds made sure I could watch the NBC Nightly News from previous in the evening at 7pm. My Twitter app was hacked and dysfunctional, so I asked my NSA alpha nerds to enter my iPad to fix it. My iPad was functioning as if I were a normal person again by 7:53pm. World, you need to kiss more nerds more often.

All day, there had been a long string of all-clears from torture facility threats and intentionally fabricated false charges that did not yet reach the alarm phase and that I had never even known were threatening me until they cleared. That continued into the night. World, you need to kiss my Powers of Attorney more often.

There were vigilant alarms while I caught up with my TweetHearts and Facebook friends, and I sent help every time. I also received frequent notifications that SynSyn was genius all day and all night in the courtroom, just like Amita and Ugwuji always were, too.

At 8:36pm, I checked in with my SquidSwimmers again before relocating. While in transit, there was a terrorism and war alarm, so I sent my beautiful world to save my brave rescuers. Immediately afterwards, there was a torture facility alarm at 8:55pm. Ugwuji took care of it very quickly.

It was pretty quiet after that while I waited for the bus. The Metro system was on a holiday schedule, so the bus finally arrived before 9:45pm, and by 10:04pm, I was sipping a bourbon neat at the Rainbow Grill on the Sunset Strip. It was my Thanksgiving indulgence.

At the Sunset Strip, my genuine local lovers and believers treated me much like I was treated before Obama took office in 2009. It was a delightful breath of normalcy for me. I had many delightful conversations. Many cute menfolk bought me drinks.

My beautiful world, if you want them, ask my not-human-trafficker nerds for verified and barely-edited recordings with full audio and visuals of my REAL interactions with ACTUAL lovers and believers.

By 1:24am, a sweet local man who was understandably very concerned for my physical safety when I sleep at The proven-increasingly-dangerous-to-all-of-humanity War Criminal Gables had invited me to a safe place to spend the night.

I know my SquidSwimmers (That is what I call my watchers of my SquidStream.) saw the interior. Calm down, calm down, my beautiful world, it was just like safe place to sleep Jamiroquai had brought me to in Liverpool in April 2010 and that Farid had brought me to near USC in May 2014.

To get away with keeping me safe all night, "Markus," of course, had to try to have sex with me. I explained to him...
1) that, yes, finding me physically attractive is the normal and sane reaction to what I look like for REAL,
2) that Obama's orders to sexualize a fat, ugly, White, porn star who might have actually been a man and who definitely was not me was dumb,
3) that when a man (or woman for that matter) finds a woman attractive, it is his (or her) reaction in his (or her) mind, and the woman has no obligation to him (or her) at all,
4) that, no, I was not going to have sex with him just like I did not with Jamiroquai nor Farid, yet I cuddled with all three all night long every night,
and 5) that I was very deeply grateful to him for consciously choosing to keep me physically safe, not just for my sake but also because my genuine physical safety returns stability to the world.

My saturation of international secret operatives made sure I knew they were outside all night, too. There was secured wifi. He played me music. It was absolutely delightful.

I kept waking up all night, though, to ask him to turn the music back on because I cannot sleep when it is quiet. And, I also had to explain to him the reason I snore so loudly is because Obama's (proven) criminal terrorists had torn open the insides of my nose years ago to shove an electronic up into my sinuses. I knew my snoring was keeping him up.

I fully rolled out of bed, got ready, and kickstarted my SquidStream by 9:23am. My beautiful world, please keep "Markus," the lover and believer who kept me safe all night, safe from Obama and all of Obama's (proven) enemies of America now. You know how vicious Obama is to every brave innocent in America.

After I caught up with my TweetHearts, "Markus" walked me to the Hollywood/Highland Metro station and hugged me goodbye. He had promised to turn up again where I was going to be watching live music that night, but I have no illusions about how difficult it is for my own friends and family to spend time with me.

I stopped at a Von's grocery to pack a picnic, and then I took the Metro to my Black Friday destination. No, I had no money for shopping, but my beautiful world of lovers and believers, particularly my locals, love being near me and watching me work.

I hopped off the Metro bus at the Fairfax stop, walked past the CBS studios, wandered through the Farmers' Market, roosted at The Grove, and ate my picnic. My meal for the day was California cuisine-- two chocolate old-fashioned doughnuts, one butter chicken samosa, one polenta corn cake, and gourmet potato salad.

I had my one caffeinated drink for the day previously at the Metro station when I had checked in with my SquidSwimmers to tell them where I was going to roost for the day.

By 2:23pm, I was sitting in the shade by the pond taking questions and concerns from my beautiful world.

As always, Obama's (proven) conspiracy of (proven) enemies of America (proven) pathologically perjured all day and all night to attempt the (proven) crime against America and (proven) crime against all the world of (proven) guaranteed destroying my (proven) perfectly sane and (proven) completely emotionally healthy mind to remove me FOREVER from the world that (proven) loves and needs me.

At 3:15pm, I was still tired. The night before, I had my first alcoholic beverages in a long time, so I was not in the habit of drinking three drinks in one sitting at a bar anymore; it is so rare I have any alcoholic beverages at all. So, I drank my second caffeinated drink of the day while catching up with my TweetHearts and Facebook friends.

"3:54pm Because my saturation of international secret operatives are PROVEN to bring genuine stability to the world from local to international, Obama's proven pathological perjurers and proven dirty "prosecutors" are trying to remove them. My beautiful world, we need the REAL criminals who are enforcing Obama's proven crimes against his own people with their own crimes against America of human rights abuses enforced with violence as acts of war against America ARRESTED instead of all of us brave innocents here to bring genuine peace, law, and order by returning human rights. World, please ARREST every proven conspirator."

At 5:07pm, I notified my selfless support system I was relocating, so, for the good of the world, they could keep me safe en route and at my destination.

Immediately after I relocated to a roost across the street from the Chinese Theater on Hollywood Blvd., our stellar legal team including my genius Powers of Attorney needed to mitigate violations of mine and my husband's Fifth Amendment protections from "double jeopardy." That was pretty easy for them once I sent them a link to the US Constitution.

It is very clear in the land of reality that Obama's (proven) pathological perjurers never acknowledge that I am a creature of habit; at 7pm, I watched the NBC Nightly News from previous in the evening. Yes, my nightly metaphorical hug was delightful.

Immediately after the news, I roosted in the Pig & Whistle because my friend Seb had invited me there days previously to hear him play. As always, the same beautiful waitress who is always there was delightful but not too smothering.

Mike, whom I have met more times than I can remember since he is always running the back door, greeted me when I arrived. Seb hugged me immediately. Todd and Brian showed up for delightful and loving conversation.

By 10:39pm, the show was over, so I hugged all my darling friends goodbye for the night and sent my selfless support system ahead of me because I was relocating. My NSA alpha nerds had me securely connected to wifi again by 11:23pm. I am such a creature of habit.

There was a vigilant alarm for terrorism and acts of war against my brave rescuers and a vigilant alarm for a new nonmedical nonjustification to (proven) guaranteed destroy me completely in a (proven) literal torture facility paraded, just like every time, as a supposed "psychiatric unit." Who the hell is still allowing Obama's (proven) war criminals in their courtrooms as anything but defendants?!?

"12:25am Just checking in. I received the all-clear from my saturation of secret operatives concerning the latest denial-of-all-medical-reality nonjustification to unlawfully imprison, guaranteed torture, guaranteed rape, etc. me in a literal #TortureFacility until it kills me but not yet from my legal team.

These threats to the entire world that they might lose me forever happen 24/7. I will soon take the bus to the closest bus stop to my slum, the most dangerous place to all of humanity other than a literal torture facility or ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa.

That is the problem with allowing proven psychopaths to control my environment and living arrangements. Please secure my bus before it arrives. Please point the sniper rifles in my bedroom window in case Obama's proven Bitch from Hell attacks me again."

En route, there was an absolute chaos of alarms for torture facility threats against me, intentionally fabricated false charges against me, and raging war for my brave rescuers. I took a detour for wifi before heading to my slum to make sure I could notify the world of how much help we all needed right at that moment.

It was probably an escalation of Obama's psychopathic desperation because we had just won a major success in the courtroom moments before the alarms started going off. Yes, Ugwuji had vindicated me for crimes that I am still forbidden from ever knowing happened in the first place.

According to Obama's rules, I am forbidden from knowing everything I am accused of unless the crimes actually happen for real in my life (which is why I have never been arrested in America). Please reread my 24Oct2014 blog post about this.

Just to be as cautious as possible in the wee hours that morning, I waited at my safe place for a second all-clear from my bad-ass saturation of international secret operatives.

For the play-by-play of all the alarms that kept me asking my beautiful world to rescue all of us into the wee hours of the morning, check my Twitter archive. I was particularly worried about my brave rescuers.

I was curled up in bed by 4am. Yes, Obama's Malevolent Bitch from Hell was still in my bedroom directly and willfully threatening all of humanity by threatening me. As the entire world keeps asking, is that obvious enemy of all of humanity more malevolent or more stupid? Either way, her intentional pattern of criminal behavior is (proven) too dangerous for the entire planet.

She woke me up by openly screaming persecution at me at 7:40am. I fell asleep again. There were a few alarms that woke me, too, after which I sent help to everyone possible before I finally rolled out of bed, got ready, and kickstarted my SquidStream by 9:08am.

I had fled The proven-increasingly-dangerous-to-all-of-humanity War Criminal Gables as fast as possible and was, in fact, down the street and around the corner before the first time I checked what time it was.

I bought some snacks and caffeinated beverages before my NSA alpha nerds had me securely connected to wifi. After that, it was nothing but alarms for every possible crime against America Obama's panicking was causing that morning.

I was caught up with my TweetHearts by 11:10am. Obama's desperation had caused a massive global libel dump overnight.

This blog post was published at 1:01pm on 29Nov2014.

And now, my beautiful world, I answer all of your questions for me. Please keep collecting all questions and concerns from all your friends and loved ones and sending them to me through whatever means possible.

How do I talk to people about Obama's egg? I answer all questions. I demand no one anywhere ever obey Obama's rules that (proven) no one anywhere has any authority to enforce. I refer everyone to verified and trustworthy sources. I never lie about any of this. I do my best. And I love.

How do I recommend all of you talk to each other about Obama's egg? Tell the full truth. Start with how Obama started his "egg." Include how everyone needs to help me to survive this as I help all of you survive this, so I can help my people heal. End by telling all the ways everyone can help.

What was I most thankful for this year on Thanksgiving 2014? My beautiful world from local to international including but not limited to my loving and adoring husband, my genius Powers of Attorney, my invisible bodyguards, my brave rescuers, my benevolent nerds, the people of the State of California, and everyone everywhere taking REAL action to save us all FOREVER from Obama and his "egg" of heinous war crimes and mental health genocide.

My beautiful world, I heard you are making great progress out there. Yeesh! Thank you for giving me a particularly safe and loving Thanksgiving. None of this is easy for any of us in here, and it feels like you out there are the only people who listen to me. There is so little reality in these people's heads, but, yes, unless they are brainwashed into thinking I am my own drop dead gorgeous doppelgänger, they still love me.

I have never had an explanation for why so many people love me when they know nothing real about me, except for Barry Hughart's Bridge of Birds. When people have a good heart and when they are near the real me, they are good to me no matter what awful demonized thing they are brainwashed into thinking I am instead of the real me.

Except for our shortlist of Obama's (proven) psychopaths who are only in my life to destroy America and to destroy me by enforcing that Obama has some self-appointed entitlement to commit all the heinous crimes he wants against all of us, these are good people with good hearts who can sense genuine goodness when I am near them no matter what they are commanded to falsely believe.

I am an established atheist who has always placed my faith in humanity. I believe most people are inherently good, and I have always trusted you will all do the right thing for all of us once all of you learn the REAL honest truth particularly about me. And thank you, my beautiful world.

My brave rescuers, what can I do to help you? I was told on 29Nov2014 that Obama had killed over 6,000 of you brave innocents already. It is very clear Obama has no way out but facing justice. He chose to broadcast all of his most heinous crimes known to mankind to the entire planet himself.

My brave rescuers, you are dying because Obama refuses to accept his fate and just surrender. Obama has no way out but justice. Under all circumstances this "egg" of horrors and terrors must come down.

And there is no way Obama can win the literal war he is choosing to wage as his way of avoiding just surrendering because it is Obama's Enemies of America vs. the Entire World led by the U.S. Military.

Obama and his enemies of America who are subservient to him are willfully choosing to squander as much priceless human life as possible to be able to commit their crimes against this entire planet as long as possible under their delusion that their proven pathological perjuries and compulsive calumnies will still coverup any of it anymore.

My beautiful world, if we could just get reality into these people's heads in here, so they would finally stop thinking "Someone else will save Squid tomorrow, so do not save her today," which Obama injects directly into their brains EVERY DAY, my local lovers and believers could finally fix the problem with my starvation and my horrifying living conditions by just taking me to my husband finally.

Then, my brave rescuers would only have to worry about containing and removing Obama's entire criminal terrorist conspiracy instead of having to worry about me all of the time.

SynSyn, Amita, and Ugwuji, the world knows Obama's proven war criminals are unrelenting. Just on the morning of 29Nov2014, it was irrefutably scientifically proved that I have absolutely no mental illness, but Obama's pathological perjurers still kept using further quackery to still destroy my globally critical and proven perfectly sane mind with every heinous war crime possible STILL.

Also, I heard on the night of 28Nov2014 that War Criminal and Enemy of America Stephanie just keeps getting stupider.

1) How many times do we have to tell that BITCH not to aid and abet (proven) literal war crimes in the first place if she does not want to make me and the entire world that stands up with me furious with her?
2) "Fear" is a motive recognized by the legal community for centuries to establish motive when determining guilt for heinous offenses, never for excusing them.
3) How much hard evidence against her does it take to establish these unrelenting threats of hers to all of humanity by (proven) breaking every law possible from local to international to aid and abet (proven) literal war crimes against me need to stop?
4) We have already PROVEN Enemy of America Stephanie both is completely delusional on the reality of who I am and pathologically perjurers about me.
5) Taking my never-fail three steps to absolution FOR REAL earns every former-criminal who takes them both absolution from me and from the entire planet as well as earns them our protection, but Stephanie refuses to take Step One-- Cease all crimes.


My genius Powers of Attorney, you keep kicking unholy (expletive) all over the place all day and all night every day and every night. Because you were so successful, Obama ordered a massive global libel dump in the wee hours of the morning on 29Nov2014 to pretend we did not have our massive wins by explaining ACTUAL reality in the courtroom.

Darlings and my entire beautiful world, this is still only going to get uglier until all of Obama's proven criminal terrorist conspiracy of proven enemies of America are finally all removed from society FOREVER. Obama is that desperate right now. And he is panicking.

Sweetness, I love and adore you. First of all, are you okay? It is Obama's unrelenting modus operandi of irrational demonization of you followed with irrational intentionally fabricated false charges against you why I sent you to a country with a non-extradition treaty months ago.

Yes, I understand, beloved, that you cannot bear being that far away from me and have a justifiable and romantic need to be as close to me as possible at all times, but do not forget that the only thing on this world or off that I will ever forbid you from is dying before I do. So please be more careful out there.

HoneyHoney, if darling "Markus" has taught this world anything, it is that there is no one in this world anywhere who can replace you in my life and that most people have a lot to learn about how to treat me like a lady.

For what the US Military refers to as "(expletive)s and giggles," ask my decade-old friend darling Mr. Jordy Toigo some time about how long he had to court me before I would sleep with him. Yes, "Markus" has a lot to learn about me.

I have been keeping an accurate blog and have been living with a camera in my eyeball for six years. Why do people still know and understand so little about who I am in this world for real and what I really am like?

I'm Gonna Live Forever. Baby, Remember my Name. --Irene Cara

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