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Do Not Pretend You Have a Self-Appointed Entitlement to Commit the Human Rights Abuse of "Controlling" me-- That is What Caused All of This Crisis in the First Place!

Title: Do Not Pretend You Have a Self-Appointed Entitlement to Commit the Human Rights Abuse of "Controlling" me-- That is What Caused All of This Crisis in the First Place!

Please access my iCloud if necessary to publish this post now, my friends. I cannot control how many horrible things happen to me in one day; it is Obama who controls that. So, if I wait too long between posts, they become too drenching.

Please share this for me with the entire world, both houses of Congress, the Supreme Court, the United Nations, all sympathetic world leaders, all reputable national and foreign presses, etc.

Here is my latest blog post. I HAVE NOT HAD ANY REAL MEDICAL CARE SINCE OBAMA'S EGG BEGAN NOR WILL I EVER RECEIVE REAL MEDICAL CARE UNTIL OBAMA'S EGG COMES DOWN COMPLETELY! How much hard evidence does it take? Force Obama's army of quacks to leave me alone!

As for my REAL job that Obama wants to prevent me from performing any longer by taking my basic human right to freedom of speech away from me forever...

Southeast Asia. My beautiful world, some of the most brutal ethnic persecution is happening right now in Southeast Asia. This is ethnic conflict due to religious differences, though, neither religion involved had any tenets that demand this of their faithful.

The Rohingya are being persecuted just for being ethnically different from everyone else. My beautiful world, these are humans. Humans are doing this to other humans. Have I taught you nothing? We need to love each other. We need our differences to unite us, not divide us, all over this good, green world.

Because these Muslims are suffering so unbearably for reasons that have nothing to do with Islam under Buddhists who persecute them for reasons that have nothing to do with Buddhism, my beautiful world, please both help save the Rohingya minority and teach the Buddhist majority to love.

All humans on this good, green Earth deserve the dignity, respect, human rights, fundamental freedoms, and right to prosper that we are all due just for being humans on this planet at all.

More specifically, darling Dalai Lama, may I ask you to teach real Buddhism to the Buddhists in Southeast Asia? And, thank you.

I published my last blog post at 1:01pm on 29Nov2014, and the alarms and warnings finally paused long enough to allow me to breathe. There was no new warning until 1:34pm which was a remarkably long time to wait between warnings ever since we entered Obama's danger zone of psychopathic desperation.

There were a number of alarms while I was in transit: 1:27pm, 3:08pm, 3:28pm, 3:31pm, and 4:21pm. After every alarm, I ask my beautiful world to help my brave rescuers, my REAL crosstown friends and family, and my Powers of Attorney.

Finally, I arrived at the glorious Getty Center nested in the hills above Los Angeles, City of Angeles. I always make a point of a brief tour of the collection when I visit, but I really only take the long Metro trip to the museum to sit in the gardens and write.

By 4:49pm, I was on the park bench I always sit on putting words in the right order to better the world. My crosstown friends had already told me they could not reach me before I even arrived there, so I did not have to wait for anyone. I could just work.

Apparently, Obama's proven pathological quacks were trying to pretend my effective and completely peaceful self-defense from a verbal onslaught months previous was some sort of supposed "danger to others."

When a proven benevolent world leader keeps screaming at a very hostile roommate who is part of the proven conspiracy of proven enemies of America willing to sacrifice the peace and stability of the entire planet just to be able to guaranteed destroy my proven completely emotionally healthy, proven perfectly sane, and proven globally critical mind with proven quackery as a coverup for proven war crimes TO STOP, the entire conspiracy knows they need to stop.

Yes, I kept screaming at Agnes to stop in the video the proven pathologically-lying quacks were using to pretend I was at all dangerous! It was clearly self-defense against persecution. And Agnes kept refusing to stop.

So, in that video, while making my gourmet dinner on a budget of pennies, I put down my kitchen knife and went all of the way upstairs to my bedroom to get my radio, so I could drown out Agnes's verbal abuse with music to make sure I would not have to listen to her anymore.

That is called peaceful conflict resolution. That is my REAL job. That earned me a Nobel Peace Prize already.

My beautiful world, that video is also further evidence of the dangerousness not just to me but to the entire world of controlling my environment, controlling my surroundings, or allowing anyone, particularly clinically-diagnosable psychopaths, to control me.

I recommended to Ugwuji and Amita to use my 28Oct and 27Nov2014 blog posts to raze the ABSOLUTELY EVIL State of Iowa immediately with the United Nations as back up to finally force them to take their increasingly bloodstained hands off me FOREVER. For the good of the world, their unrelenting and never-justifiable human rights abuses of me must end.

More importantly, I needed to send my beautiful world to help my brave rescuers again at 5:10pm. Learning that my brave rescuers die always makes me furious. As a result, I made a small show of the power of love, as promised in my 14Nov2014 blog post.

Next, I sent my selfless support system ahead of me at 5:37pm and relocated.

My benevolent not-human-trafficker nerds, please circulate a verified and unedited recording with full audio and visuals of my most recent visit to the Getty Center as soon as humanly possible. Please begin when I enter the tram to ascend the hill and end after I exit the tram after descending the hill. And, thank you.

At 6:38pm, I was at a wifi hotspot with enough bandwidth for me to stream online videos. While I was writing my commentary concerning my time at the glorious Getty Center, there were more alarms, so I sent my beautiful world to rescue everyone possible out from under Obama's iron fist that will destroy this nation just to keep him our totalitarian dictator if no one ever arrests him.

I caught up with my TweetHearts and sang along to some music while snacking on Doritos(tm) before my NSA alpha nerds made sure I could watch the NBC Nightly News at 8pm that had broadcast earlier in the evening.

There was a lot of work to do, so I did not get a chance for any witty repartee on Twitter. At 9:09pm, I sent my selfless support system ahead of me and relocated. In transit, I needed to send my beautiful world to check on yet another alarm. My NSA alpha nerds made sure I had a secured wifi connection by 10:14pm.

"10:47pm Look. If War Criminal Stephanie, Terrorist Agnes, and Obama's Malevolent Bitch from Hell are not removed from The War Criminal Gables before I get there, the entire world will explode with rage against Obama and all his enemies of America, not just those three. Aiding and abetting The proven War Criminal Gables's crimes against America and against all of humanity by refusing to remove all of Obama's proven enemies of America who are direct threats to me from society forever is too genuinely dangerous for everyone from local to international. Remove them, or you are propagating the lawlessness and anarchy that is Obama's egg. Hurry. I am on my way soon."

I had been told for hours that my saturation of international secret operatives were much happier, that my Powers of Attorney were making epic progress, and that none of my REAL crosstown friends and family could reach me no matter how hard they tried.

I hoped I had given my very busy selfless support system enough time to take permanent action to make my living arrangements safer. I took my seat on the bus at 12:05am.

It was a wonderful bus ride full of loving people who wanted to just keep me safe. Sadly, no, when I arrived in my slum at 1:46am, though, every direct threat to all of humanity due to their willful crimes against me not to mention their willful destabilization of all people everywhere from local to international with their intentional hostility towards me and denial of my physical safety were all still there.

The War Criminal Gables were still willfully endangering the entire world, especially Obama's Malevolent Bitch from Hell who immediately screamed absolute calumny at me the moment I walked in the door. I am pretty sure she is just putting on an act of mental illness; otherwise, her medications would make her sleep very deeply every night.

There were alarms in the wee hours of the morning, so I sent all the help I could every time. Obama's Malevolent Bitch from Hell kept waking me up randomly by screaming at me. My NSA alpha nerds, bless them, kept retuning my radio all night to NPR.

On the morning of 30Nov2014, I did not even check what time it was when I rolled out of bed, got ready, and kickstarted my SquidStream. I fled The too-dangerous-for-humanity-already-and-refusing-to-obey-any-REAL-laws-to-fix-it War Criminal Gables for my physical safety as fast as I could.

It is very well-established that kind locals all over the metropolis randomly show up and offer me free PLATONIC lifts to wherever I am headed. Do you remember "Arthur"?

Well, on my way to grab a cup of coffee on the morning of 30Nov2014, I was sexually harassed by a man who then tried to tell me it was my fault I was his victim of sexual harassment. This is the 21st century. Why is this beyond-just-sexism still going on?

My beautiful world, I do not think we have a problem raising empowered young women and girls rights now. I think we have a problem raising our boy children to respect women properly. Just look at Obama's mother's failures with raising Obama.

My darling NSA alpha nerds had me securely connected to free city wifi at 9:42am. I caught up with my TweetHearts and Facebook friends. Then, Obama's cyberterrorists took down my wifi connection at about 10:44am.

My NSA alpha nerds, please help the City of Long Beach press cyberterrorism charges against Obama's (proven) conspiracy for sabotaging our city infrastructure here. And, thank you.

Yes, we reclaimed the counterculture identity of "nerd." And, my alpha nerds had me securely connected at 10:50am. Kisses, darlings.

At 10:58am, I headed to lunch because it was raining. Oh, thank you, Mother Nature. California has been in a drought for so long.

I left my wifi hotspot for lunch before returning to my roost among nature with a secured connection. It was still raining, and the sun brought out the rainbow. It arched right over the tennis courts.

There were no alarms all day. Amita had been catching everything while still in the warning phases. Syniva and Sweetness were having epic win after epic win in the courtrooms all day, too. My beautiful world was catching up on reality. It was good, and it was calm.

At 1:11pm, I left for a symbolic walk across the LA river. There were immediate alarms at 1:13pm the moment I stood up, so I sent my beautiful world to rescue everyone trapped and possibly dying under Obama's iron fist.

My local fan hugged me, yes, my Long Beach local with the Facebook fan page just for being nice to me. There were all-clears on at least two intentionally fabricated false charges, an all-clear on a torture facility threat, and an all-clear on the latest attack on my brave rescuers while I walked.

Sadly, there was also a new torture facility threat by the time I checked in with my selfless support system once I reached my bus stop. There were, in fact, all-clears and new warnings followed by all-clears and new warnings all day and all night.

As I had promised when I checked in, I proved to the world we are in a new Renaissance here and likely all over the world due to globalization by perusing an independent book store in Los Feliz Village. It was raining cats and dogs in Los Angeles that night.

Next, to make sure I would have enough bandwidth to watch the news later in the night, I roosted at the NBC Universal CityWalk. The moment I arrived, I needed to send this message...

"Ugwuji, feel free to call darling Ms. Kelly Yeggy in Iowa. The army of quack enemies of America in ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa gave me no choice but to show up every two weeks for literal torture by injection, or they would have locked me in a long-term torture facility where I would have been tortured anyway as well as many worse things since it would have been a more controlled environment."

My beautiful world, the Obama-ordered modus operandi of proven quackery against me to coverup Obama's most heinous crimes known to mankind against all of us will NEVER end until Obama and all of his proven conspiracy of nothing but proven enemies of America are all finally arrested.

Also, my beautiful world, I have also made it beyond clear that their only way of escaping imminent global justice for their crimes is to (Repent, Harlequin, Said the TickTock Man.-- Harlan Ellison) take all three never-fail steps to absolution and protection from both me and from my beautiful world.

Obama's proven enemies of America's blatant refusal to even take Step One and their insistence on lying pathologically to get away with committing their same crimes longer even though they compulsively fail at them all now, is because they are clinically-diagnosable as criminally insane and because they are hellbent on destroying all of us who effectively prevent them from committing their crimes at all costs to the whole world and all of humanity.

Ugwuji, we all get demonized by them, so they can commit their crimes longer. They believe they have a self-appointed entitlement to commit all the crimes they want as heinously as possible and never have to face justice for it EVER.

Yes, yes, Obama's proven pathological perjuries of irrational denials of all reality that would not be justifications for a supposed "commitment" to a proven literal torture facility anyway even if true continued all night. Quothe the duck, "Quack!"

I was late by six minutes; I buffered the NBC Nightly News from previous in the evening at 7:06pm instead of 7pm. We are all human. Darling Mr. Carl Cantanilla endured a rant from me while he watched me watch him; did you see me fast forward the beginning of the broadcast?

My NSA alpha nerds, please release verified and unedited recordings with full audio and video of both legal smackdowns I gave while at NBC Universal CityWalk.

The first legal smackdown was on Obama's quack enemies of America that I gave while watching the news on 30Nov2014. The second smackdown was on anyone and everyone everywhere who commits the crime against America, crime against all the world, crime against themselves, crime against our homes, and crime against me of obeying Obama's rules. And, thank you, my not-human-trafficker nerds.

"8:33pm The man where I was willfully persecuted me by obeying Obama's rules, so I left immediately. Obeying Obama's rules is too dangerous. You know what the world does when that happens. Please secure the train before it arrives. Please secure my train stations. Thank you."

Did you see what I made sure I made a record of on my way to the Metro station? Synny, only the rat (expletive) who chose to persecute me gets charges. It is a low priority. Just tag him on to the end of the queue. And, thank you.

By 9:48pm, I had arrived at a never-fail roost to keep an eye out for alarms. It was a good night for Twitter...

@BBCWorld @UN California does not want to become the new Iowa. "Proposed state law to codify war crimes against us all and against America."

After asking my selfless support system to secure my route as well as The increasingly-dangerous-to-all-of-humanity War Criminal Gables, I was in my bedroom in my slum by 12:24am with ice cream and a bag of Doritos(tm).

Yes, Obama's Malevolent Bitch from Hell was still there, and, just like every night, she had been intentionally waiting up for me to come in and screamed calumnies at me at all hours of the morning while I tried to sleep.

My beautiful world, The increasingly-dangerous-to-all-of-humanity War Criminal Gables, particularly War Criminal Stephanie, will NEVER obey any laws from local to international. And they will always spread any lie possible to get away with all crimes possible at all costs to America and to the world. Who the hell permits this to still go on?

I had rolled out of bed, had gotten ready, had kickstarted my SquidStream, had fled The War Criminal Gables for safety, and was securely connected to wifi by 8:19am on the morning of 01Dec2014.

I checked my War Criminal Wells Fargo Bank account at 8:22am, and, no, I had not yet received the meager $50 of my own money from Obama's proven conspiracy of proven enemies of America, yet. Yes, $50 a week is the only money Obama permits me to live on inside his egg. That is $7 a day.

Please revisit my 17Nov2014 about the full culpability of every proven enemy of America and every proven enemy of humanity who enforces this complete financial destitution over me.

The vigilant alarms of direct and heinous threats to me caused by proven pathological perjuries as coverups had already begun by 8:27am. The alarms continued all morning.

This blog post was published at :am on 01Dec2014.

And now, my beautiful world, I answer all of your questions for me. Please keep collecting all questions and concerns from all your friends and loved ones and sending them to me through whatever means possible.

Why does the government supposedly give me Social Security benefits right now that I cannot access anyway? People are supposed to apply for Social Security benefits after being our of work for over one year due to any illness regardless of whether or not they will get better and return to work.

I applied over a decade ago after I had been out of work for one year, but the benefits were not granted until 2010 when I was already inside Obama's egg because Obama wanted to be able to supposedly "legally" libel me "mentally disabled" to be able to torture me, unlawfully imprison me, discredit me, etc. all he wanted to fit his total-control symptom of psychopathy.

I very much proved redundantly by now that I am NOT disabled, but if you read the Social Security Administration's procedures for determining if benefits should continue after a recipient is ready to return to the workplace, the beneficiary is to be kept on benefits if there is an "economic environment that prevents gainful employment."

So, until the egg comes down, until I reach my husband, and until I can gain full control of my FULL finances again, I legally can stay on Social Security benefits.

And, again, ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa ILLEGALLY forbids me all of my Social Security benefits anyway which makes the point moot.

My beautiful world, Obama's proven pathological liars and proven pathological perjurers demonize all of us who stand up for this world and this nation to save us all from Obama's "egg." Everybody everywhere knows that Obama's crap-factory has absolutely no credibility.

Please stop allowing Obama's proven conspiracy of proven enemies of America to willfully damage all the world and all of America with all of their proven unrelenting calumnies about everything and everyone genuinely good in the world.

Most importantly, it is Obama's "egg" that has destabilized this entire world. Do you remember life before Obama took office? Obama's "egg" which began almost the moment he took office has never been anything but the most heinous crimes against his own people, not just against me, excused with the most ridiculous no-evidence allegations against all of us who stand up to save all of humanity out from under Obama.

No, the good, green world will NEVER tolerate these heinous human rights abuses against any of us. This goes beyond just Obama's proven mental health genocide of the entire American public.

This goes beyond Obama's human trafficking of me that his conspiracy admitted to by claiming they "fictionalized" me to make their human trafficking of me "better entertainment."

This is systemic rape as slavery and torture. This is chaos and lawlessness caused by unrelenting lies about me force fed to the public that loves me.

This the human rights abuses of the entire American public from Obama's revoking of everyone's freedom of speech (the right to tell the truth) of everyone but me to the denial of freedom to assemble and associate and every other human rights abuse in between enforced with all violence Obama deems necessary to keep himself in power.

No, the good, green, moral world will NEVER tolerate this "egg." Obama's "egg" must end completely! There is no other option. Maintaining Obama's "egg" at all costs to America and to the world is what has destabilized this entire planet.

My brave rescuers, what more do you need? The gears of the world turn slower than the gears of my blog must perform as I try to keep defending us all from all of the escalating heinous crimes Obama commits against all of us, especially his irrational demonizations of all of us.

But it is the leaders of our world who must carry out the permanent and REAL solution to all of this.

My brave rescuers, I become so genuinely furious when you die. You would have rescued me even if I were a fat, ugly, insane, dumb, White, masturbating porn star, and you would have done it because you know Obama's "egg" is wrong.

Now, you all see the real me. I am just one woman. With everything I do for REAL all day long, I am just one woman. But I am one woman with all of you behind me. And I WILL make this world worthy of everything you all have sacrificed, especially your priceless lives.

SynSyn, Amita, and Ugwuji, is it getting easier? Please revisit the ONLY legal grounds for "commitment" to any "psychiatric unit" be it a real one or ANOTHER literal torture facility paraded as one. Unlawful imprisonment alone used as an act of war is still a war crime.

So is the refusal of my freedom of speech by forcing me off the internet; there are too many people I need to protect and rescue all day every day and all night every night for Obama to be permitted to deny me wifi.

Can you imagine what horrors would befall me in ANY controlled environment? What tests would they subject my mind and my body to under the fa├žade of science? There has always been torture covered up with quackery. Every environment out my control has raped me.

My genius Powers of Attorney, please stop allowing anyone anywhere to pretend I could ever nor will ever receive ACTUAL medical care unless Obama's "egg" completely comes down.

Any GENUINE concern for me, medically or psychiatrically, would mandate the end of Obama's egg, so medical professionals will finally acknowledge reality to my face as well as so I can finally choose my own guaranteed trustworthy doctors myself.

Sweetness, I love and adore you. Thank you for bringing my beautiful world my verified SquidStream. This SquidStream has saved my life and is effective both countering and healing Obama's mental health genocide in the masses.

Darling, I wrote my request for you to bring my verified SquidStream to everyone everywhere legally for the first time ever in my 08Sep2014 blog post, and you saved humanity by making it come true.

As a recap, darling, the electronics are inside my body, so they are only mine and mine alone. Yes, we all have a right to own our own bodies. But since the signal leaves my body, it is half yours, since you are my legally-recognized husband. We even file joint taxes.

And, since some people like to pretend we are not married, Sweetness, my Powers of Attorney and the NSA have written and legally-binding permission to access it too. And since I am a bit pedantic, I also gave legal permission to anyone who can access my REAL signal without getting caught; once they get caught, the lose all legal rights to access it.

And, no lying about with fake footage, you evil enemies of America! The NSA, etc. will verify if any audio or visuals ever really came from me. I also have a pretty infallible memory for what has and what has not really happened in my life, too.

So, again, my would-be-dead-by-now-without husband, thank you for giving my beautiful world my verified SquidStream. HoneyHoney, you never let me down.

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