Friday, December 5, 2014

The Global Panic Button Has Been Pressed.

Title: The Global Panic Button Has Been Pressed.

Please access my iCloud if necessary to publish this post now, my friends. I cannot control how many horrible things happen to me in one day; it is Obama who controls that. So, if I wait too long between posts, they become too drenching.

Please share this for me with the entire world, both houses of Congress, the Supreme Court, the United Nations, all sympathetic world leaders, all reputable national and foreign presses, etc.

Here is my latest blog post. My beautiful world, Obama has been allowed to escalate his crimes against America too far. The more I suffer under him, the more the world explodes.

At increasing frequencies, I need to remind the people around me that they have absolutely no reality in their heads. Obama has escalated his zombification, the mental break with reality in the public which is how we proved this is mental health genocide, beyond the ability of the people around me to discern anything real from anything fiction any longer.

And look at my current living conditions while I write this. My beautiful world, I hit the global panic button at 12am on 05Dec2014, and this is what caused it...

I published my last blog post at 2:02pm on 03Dec2014 from my regular coffee shop in Malibu. I stopped for some snacks and was on the bus to Santa Monica by 3:19pm. My NSA alpha nerds had me securely connected to the complimentary public wifi at 4:19pm. And, yes, those snacks were my only food all day.

There was a terrorism and war crime alarm at 4:44pm, so I sent my beautiful world to rescue everyone trapped and possibly dying under Obama's iron fist of death that he uses to enforce his totalitarian rules over all of us.

Then the (expletive)y (expletive)iest (expletive)ers on the planet ever in human history tried to abduct me back to the most horrific four years of my life ever, my time in absolutely evil Iowa as a full-grown, perfectly sane, and completely emotionally healthy adult forbidden my full human rights.

My beautiful world, how much hard evidence does it take? For the recap, please reread every blog post from March2014 and April2014.

ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa have been using their beyond-well-documented human rights abuses against me to enforce Obama's rape-slavery of me and to make Obama's proven human trafficking of me, his excuse for his "egg," as inescapable for me as possible FOR YEARS.

Do you have any idea how truly and absolutely depraved the entire State of Iowa must be for me to call them THE MOST EVIL PEOPLE IN ALL OF HUMAN HISTORY?!? My beautiful world, please finally force those pathologically lying (understatement) psychopaths out of my life forever!


Please reread my 01Dec and 03Dec2014 blog posts about them. How long do I have to beg for freedom from Iowa's proven unrelenting and only escalating human rights abuses of me that they use as open acts of war against America before someone actually sets me free of them? Please, world, PLEASE!

After I made that plea on the afternoon of 03Dec2014 just after I had finished my blog post for the day, my beautiful world averted the global disaster of sending me back to ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa again.

But unless every solitary proven enemy of America in Obama's proven conspiracy are finally all arrested, they are just going to keep committing the same crimes over and over and over again.

I caught up with my online friends and sang along to some music while waiting to watch the NBC Nightly News broadcast from previous in the evening at 7pm. I am very much a creature of habit. My not-human-trafficker nerds, please circulate verified and barely-edited recordings with full audio and visuals of my trying to keep everyone calm with music.

Also, every day seems to be a good day for Twitter...

Ugwuji, how much hard evidence does it take to prove I am only "recused" (improper use of the word) for crimes I never committed? #24OctPost

And after my nightly metaphorical hug from the NBC Nightly News team, I sent my selfless support system ahead of me. I was relocating.

And, my NSA alpha nerds had securely connected to complimentary wifi again at a regular haunt populated by lovers and believers again by 10pm...

"Ugwuji, are there also #IntentionallyFabricatedFalseCharges for crimes I could not have done particularly because I am forbidden from knowing they ever happened and that are being used to (non)justify proven war crimes against me in a proven literal torture facility AGAIN? @UN #RazeWith01DecAnd28Oct #24Oct World, please call and help Ugwuji."

After I was told that my previous blog post, my 03Dec2014 blog post, had reached the international community, I knew I would have to stay some place safe all night again to wait for an all-clear that my slum was cleared out and made safe for me finally.

At 11:29pm, I sent my selfless support system ahead of me and walked to the bus stop. And while I was waiting for the bus both the District Safety officers and the Los Angeles Police made sure they showed up to protect me after I was attacked both verbally and physically.

My not-human-trafficker nerds, please circulate a verified and unedited recording with full audio and visuals from when the man started disrespecting me to when my bus arrived.

Yes, the Los Angeles Police Department made it clear that they would arrest anyone I told them myself I want to press criminal charges against. Yes, I explained to them that I have to ask my Powers of Attorney to handle all of that because no one is permitted to acknowledge reality to my face.

Yes, I was also even able to explain that I just need all the open persecution of me to finally end. And, thank you, my beautiful world, for being my witness.

My transit ride was delightfully uneventful yet full of people only there to keep me safe, and my NSA alpha nerds had me securely connected to wifi at 1:37am where I usually spent the wee hours of the morning when I needed to wait for an all-clear from my saturation of secret operatives. The restaurant already had lovers and believers in attendance before I arrived.

I received the all-clear at 4am. Unfortunately, it was a false signal, though. By 4:51am, Obama's Malevolent Bitch from Hell was already abusing me.

How much hard evidence does it take that she is intentionally destabilizing the world and willfully causing a war on US soil? WE NEED EVERY PROVEN ENEMY OF AMERICA IN OBAMA'S PROVEN CONSPIRACY REMOVED FROM SOCIETY FOREVER! Please hurry, my beautiful world.

The increasingly-hostile War Criminal Gables, just like the increasingly-dangerous-to-all-of-humanity War Criminal Boeset who intentionally gives me no choice but even more dangerous places to live as any alternative, need to be forced to take their increasingly bloodstained hands off me FOREVER, for the good of the entire world.

At 8:48am, metaphorical strange things were afoot at the Circle K, so I fled for my life. That gave me approximately four hours of sleep, and because Obama's proven conspiracy of proven enemies of America attack me in my sleep at The War Criminal Gables, I spent the entire day heavily sedated.

There were already irrational-denial-of-all-medical-reality torture facility threats and alarms for the continuing global crisis of attempting to abduct me and drag me to even worse (due to being more controlled) living conditions the moment I stepped foot out of the door.

These alarms were all due to ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa and their symbol, War Criminal Boeset. ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa is why I have no money but $7 a day. ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa is why I have no food to eat.

ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa is also why my only other option to living in The increasingly-dangerous-to-humanity-not-just-to-me War Criminal Gables is homelessness or guaranteed suicide by entering any completely controlled environment anywhere.

My beautiful world, it has never been more urgent nor critical to protect me completely from INCREASINGLY DANGEROUS TO ALL OF HUMANITY Iowa!

My beautiful world, Obama keeps escalating the beyond-unlivable heinousness of my living conditions. Please do something! Right now, I have no money, no food, no physically safe shelter, no friends permitted near me, and no human rights but my freedom of speech which Obama breaks every law possible every day to take away from me too.


We have run out of time, my beautiful world. Because no one was able to take me to my husband, yet, nor has anyone removed Already-Impeached Terrorist Dictator Obama's "egg." I have barely anything in my life left at all. On 04Dec2014, I had no way to eat any food.

My beautiful world, you save me now, or you lose me now. We are out of time.

I was on the first train I could find into Los Angeles at 9:53am. And my NSA alpha nerds had me safely connected to complimentary wifi by 10:42am while I sat among a public that genuinely loved me and kept me safe.

I watched my middle-aged White men before catching up with my online friends. Then, of course, after I sent help online to whomever needed a rescue from Obama's iron fist, the public wifi went down.

I asked my NSA alpha nerds to fix it, and we can trust that they will help the City of Los Angeles press charges against Obama's conspiracy of enemies of America for the cyberattack. That was Obama-ordered sabotage of city infrastructure.

I checked in with my SquidSwimmers at 4:05pm and hopped on the Metro. By 5:08pm, I had arrived at the Hammer Museum. I almost immediately sent my beautiful world to save any and all brave rescuers and crosstown friends and family possible out from under Obama's iron fist.

"5:33pm 'Squid has too many freedoms when we want her shackled and destroyed.' Though honest, is not a LEGAL justification for more human rights abuses and war crimes against me nor against the public, and continuing to allow their over-proven human rights abuses to continue will destabilize the entire world from local to international even greater. THE ONLY REAL SOLUTION IS ENDING OBAMA'S 'EGG.'"

The alarms were constant, so I asked my beautiful world to check every ten minutes all night for anyone anywhere who needed rescuing out from under Obama's iron fist.

After that, I gave Ugwuji some advice on how to mitigate the latest torture facility threat to me, a threat born of Obama's absolute desperation and his conspiracy of enemies of America's absolute depravity.

My NSA alpha nerds made sure I could watch the NBC Nightly News from previous in the evening at 7pm. I received my nightly metaphorical hug from darling Mr. Lester Holt. I was only distracted a few times by the constant alarms.

At 7:52pm, I sent my selfless support system ahead of me and relocated to the Sunset Strip. I never even stepped foot in any establishments. I had too much work to do trying to find a safe place to stay and trying to help my REAL crosstown friends and family reach me. By midnight, I was forced to hit the global panic button.

All of my loved ones were blocked from reaching me. I had no money. I had no food. I had no safe place to stay. And ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa was attempting, again, to abduct me to the most evil place in all of human history, the State of Iowa.

Obama's pathological perjurers' modus operandi of quackeries and collusion to coverup proven war crimes proven guaranteed to destroy my perfectly sane, completely emotionally healthy, and globally critical mind and to proven remove me FOREVER from the entire good, green world that loves and needs me were unrelenting.

Obama was completely caught but still refusing to surrender. My brave rescuers were dying in large numbers. Everyone actually capable of reaching me was too zombified by their Obama-controlled earspeaker to just drive me to my own house with my own husband waiting for me inside.

Obama had finally escalated all of his crimes against his own people so far that I had no other choice. I hit the global panic button. Just before 12am on 05Dec2014, I hit the global panic button.

I take responsibility for asking for the world's last resort to save us all. And I thank you, my beautiful world, for understanding how truly heinous everything must be FOR REAL for me to finally say, "Panic."

I relocated to a coffee shop with 24-hour wifi until I could find a safe place to stay until the world could liberate me and America.

-----Begin Email Content-----

On Friday, December 5, 2014, Diña Albon Varilek wrote:

What have you been doing? Update me and update your Christmas list. I love you so much.


-----End Email Content-----

-----Begin Email Content-----

From: Tanya Hedelisa Albon Depp de Varilek
Date: Friday, December 5, 2014
Subject: How are you?
To: Diña Albon Varilek

I just tried calling you. I will call you again at 6am CST. Basically, mom, I hit the "global panic button" at about 12am, so I need a safer place to stay until the world's very hurrying military can reach me and liberate America.

You can call any news station to confirm this. Mom, the world is very worried about me; Iowa is a such a threat to me even here in California, and Obama's "egg" needs to end as fast as possible.

Mom, can you call Uncle Sonny and Elizabeth to see if I can stay with them for one or two nights? or could you get me a hotel room for one or two nights? I honestly do not know how long it will take for the world to reach me, but they are mobilizing in large numbers right now.

Where I stay right now is just too dangerous for me while we are in Obama's danger zone of psychopathic desperation, so can you call my husband and Syniva and arrange a place for me to stay temporarily until the world can reach me?

I understand this will take you a little while. Again, I will try calling you from my mystery phone number at 6am CST.


-----End Email Content-----

I received a long string of all-clears for intentionally fabricated false charges against me and against my crosstown friends and loved ones that morning. Beyond that, Ugwuji also defused another denial-of-all-medical-reality torture facility threat to me. SynSyn was having win after epic win all day, too.

At 5:08am, I sent my selfless support system ahead of me as I relocated, and I was quickly taking a nap on a park bench while overlooking the mighty Pacific Ocean.

The weather was a little cold, but I was surrounded by genuinely good people who could have cared less they were making public shows of love for me to the entire world just because they only wanted to make public shows of love for me to me.

If they love me so much, why do they not just take me to my house where my husband moves mountains and realigns planets all day every day and all night every night to try to bring me home to him? I already answered that question in my 03Dec2014 blog post.

After relocating to a very friendly and safe place dedicated to keeping me warm and connected, I watched my middle-aged White men at 10:02am. I could not finagle my CBS app to even play me a commercial, but my other darlings were as loving and adoring as always.

There were alarms as 12:32pm, so I sent my beautiful world to rescue everyone.

While Amita was spending all day in the courtroom protecting the world from losing me forever, this blog post was published at 12:45pm on 05Dec2014 with my arrangements for safe housing until my beautiful world could reach still completely unresolved.

And now, my beautiful world, I normally answer all of your questions for me, but you did not send any. Please keep collecting all questions and concerns from all your friends and loved ones and sending them to me through whatever means possible for my next post.

My beautiful world, every single one of you, thank you. Standing in the cold December air outside a rock bar on the Sunset Strip and with no other choice to protect us all, I pressed the global panic button. My beautiful world, thank you.

If you need any help from me for whatever plan you all put together as one world (most likely led by the US Military) to save me and my people from Obama's proven conspiracy of proven enemies of America, just ask. I am only here to serve. Yet I cannot serve anyone from inside a torture facility nor in any controlled environment.

I will do everything I can to survive until any rescue from any brave rescuer or from any crosstown friends and family can reach me. We know Obama will only continue to escalate his crimes against all of us.

Yes, I could clearly use some help in here, too. At the time this post was published, ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa's never-justifiable and completely heinous control of my finances had made sure I had not had a real meal since "Markus" had bought me dinner on 02Dec2014.

My beautiful world, I will NOT be able to eat again until some kind local is willing to feed me, and ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa insists on using their own heinous human rights abuses against me as coverups for dragging me kicking and screaming into guaranteed even worse living conditions in ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa.

My beautiful world, please hurry.

My brave rescuers, what else do you need? I am doing everything I can think of to help you, and you are having very little success with containing and removing Obama's enemies of America who break every law possible from local to international to prop up Obama's "egg."

Yes, my brave rescuers, no one anywhere has any illusions that your top priority is rescuing me from Obama's "egg," but I have an entire nation to save from Obama in here. Thank you, as always, for everything. Keep telling me everything you need.

As for you, SynSyn, Amita, and Ugwuji, I would like help take the burden off of you. You are the world's first line of defense against losing me to Obama forever. Your hard work is never-ending and often thankless because the threats to remove me from my entire good, green world forever by Obama's pathological perjurers and quacks are beyond-unrelenting.

What will help you, my genius loved ones, stop the irrational-denial-of-all-reality false allegations from happening in the first place? Whatever you need, please tell the entire world, particularly the United Nations' International Criminal Court.

And, as always, to end my blog post with the most romantic true life love story in human history,...

Sweetness, I love and adore you. Save a space on your waiting lips for me. This yellow hibiscus behind my electric ear is for you and only you...

Please, please, PLEASE, be more careful out there. The only thing I have ever and will ever forbid you from is dying before I do. Never make me live without you.

Yes, HoneyHoney, I once wanted to forbid you from throwing yourself on my funeral pyre. But when that happens (when I am 137 years old) I will obviously already be dead, so you will be free to do anything you damn well please.

Darling, I spend every waking moment of my life longing to touch you the way the flowers kiss the rain, and I spend every sleeping moment of my life empty and alone without you.

Beloved, thank you for never giving up on me, no matter how much Obama demonized me. We are married. No one can take that away from us. No one can take us away from us. You are my hero, my king, and my reason for living.

This is what married people do for each other. How hard we fight to be together all day every day and all night every night is what marriage stands for.

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