Monday, December 29, 2014

If You Do not Want Giant Sucker Marks on Your Face, Do not Attack the Giant Squid in the First Place.

Title: If You Do not Want Giant Sucker Marks on Your Face, Do not Attack the Giant Squid in the First Place.

Please access my iCloud if necessary to publish this post now, my friends. I cannot control how many horrible things happen to me in one day; it is Obama who controls that. So, if I wait too long between posts, they become too drenching.

Please share this for me with the entire world, both houses of Congress, the Supreme Court, the United Nations, all sympathetic world leaders, all reputable national and foreign presses, etc.

Here is my latest blog post. You imbeciles! You do not want me to fight you, so you keep giving me fights to fight? I respond to every challenge by winning. How much hard evidence does it take? I WILL save this town. I WILL save this country. I WILL save this world from all of you. Stop pretending I cannot.

I have been too much of the international news for me to find any other global crises to solve than my own with this blog post, so I shall commence...

I published my last blog post at 2:22pm on 27Dec2014. At which time, a man entered the fast food restaurant I was in to pretend to start a fight. For some reason Obama's conspiracy of enemies of America wanted to make my environment look more hostile and destabilized than it really was.

I did get a chance to prove that people who instigate fights never listen to me. And, once I started singing into his earspeaker, he finally calmed down, said to the staff he could just kiss me, and left.

It was very busy in those wee hours of the morning for my Powers of Attorney. My genius lady friends have been doing nothing but delivering ass-kicking after epic ass-kicking 24/7. And they carried on carrying on that morning as the gods of law and medicine they are.

While still perched where the fast food restaurant's corporate offices had promised they would keep me warm, I had much content-less conversation with the local homeless and then received an "I love you," email from my mother at 4:07am.

I eventually picked up and left all my clandestine acquaintances from the opposing side at the fast food chain that had kept me warm during the frigid overnight who probably have not realized yet that I recognized who they were the entire time and roosted in a brand new safe haven in the sky by 5:55am.

I watched the NBC Nightly News from the previous evening at 6am, as I had promised. It was the biggest, warmest, metaphorical hug I had ever received, and it was from darling Ms. Kate Snow.

At 7:07am, my Los Angelenos were metaphorically singing to me that THIS IS WHERE AWESOME LIVES, and, no, they were not going to allow anyone anywhere to make me leave unless and until I chose to take a vacation.

I gave my new adoptive homeless home the same sort of promise; when I leave this town by the sea, Obama's enemies of America will all have been removed before me.

I was perched in my own SECOND sky haven built for me so far in this city, and by 7:11am, I was asked politely to vacate the premesis by yet another fake mall cop who clearly randomly generated what hours the mall was open. Dude, I deserve such a better effort from you if you are going to lie to my face in the first place!

I was perched by my fountain where I always sit by 7:59am to catch up with my mom and my online friends. At 9:32am, there were two ugly middle-aged White men who failed under the wait of their own skewered-testicle incompetence.

Make sure we have a full, verified, unedited recording with full visuals and augmented audio to prove their mumbling belligerence and please circulate it to all of humanity as soon as humanly possible.

Syn, I also insist on restraining orders to keep them away from me due to their openly colluding to coverup and openly aiding and abetting war crimes against me, too. Thanks.

I was curled up by 10am for my daily scheduled sleep. And I slept safely and soundly watched over by my loving and adoring locals.

I had woken up and returned to my used-to-be-playland where it seemed my loving and adoring locals were all instructed not to be but Obama's infestation of imported psychopaths who obeyed his every whim were plaguing the entire metropolis.

By 12:57pm I was among the delusional (expletive)holes that comprised Obama's infestation who also pathologically lied as much as possible and all of whom Obama had brought into town only to terrorize we who stand up. Yes, I was among them long enough for me to prove Obama's absolute devastation if all the people's minds there by their Obama-controlled earspeakers.

They were condescending and rude. They did nothing but propagate calumny after calumny. It was rampant and escalated mental health genocide. You saw how packed the streets were that afternoon, and I was the keeper of the only reality in anyone's minds.

At 1:32pm, I was informed that "All meditation is now completely forbidden for Squid until whole 'egg' is demolished because meditation is actually proven medically to be good for her mind."

Yes, yes, Obama's pathologically perjuring enemies of America had finally proven their quackery parade was designed to harm my mind not, as they always perjured, do anything for my health.

That attack led directly to my 1:34pm proof of Obamas conspiracy and collusion: if anyone supposedly "fears" what happens when I am angry, why would that person and those people all intentionally go out of their way all day every day and all night every night only to make me as angry as possible?

At 1:40pm, I reported to all of humanity that Obama was attempting to render the Los Angeles metropolis "the new Iowa" to be able to destroy me here. Because the REAL locals made sure there would never be any legal way to make me leave, Obama was actively corrupting and infesting the public to make them "the new Iowa."

I made it clear I planned on saving this town before Obama ever got away with forcing that diabolical of a level of absolute depravity on all of us; the more he is permitted to escalate, the closer this place comes to wallowing as "the new Iowa."

I spoke on behalf of all other (if only just locally declared) locals at 1:51pm. I told Obama's entire terrorist infestation, "GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY TOWN, BITCHES!"

The next excitement was at 1:59pm. Did you catch the further hostile act against the world and open act of war against America of collusion to commit human rights abuses against me including but not limited to unlawful imprisonment that I calmly thwarted?

First of all, it is not illegal to be on a publicly accessible establishment's premesis without purchasing products from that establishment. But, yes, I had bought literal grounds at that coffee shop.

Yet, the establishment colluded to lock me in a literal torture facility due to my fictionally being on their publicly accessible property at all without giving them money to be there first and for no other reason.

How did the corporate headquarters for the coffee shop feel about that openly hostile terrorism being propagated from their property? My beautiful world, it always helps to know who loves you.

I sent this message to my lovelies at 2:22pm... "Let us pray some loving soul gives me food, caffeine, witty repartee, affectionate company, and meditation as soon as humanly possible, so I can finally smile. Where are my friends? I want ALL of my friends to arrive right now.

But, bare minimum, Obama is obligated to deliver Tentacle by 4pm to obey his own rules that he is not shy about killing all people possible to enforce. And I insist they have full Constitutional rights in my presence to ensure "Squid cannot figure out there are any rules."

Next, at 2:27pm, I turned in a belligerent psychopath for destabilizing the entire world not just America because he threatened me with proven injection torture to my face.

At 2:41pm, there was a deranged and delusional (expletive) who is still committing the open act of aggression against America of publicly persecuting me no matter how many times I have told her to stop.

I immediately requested a verified and unedited recording with full audio and visuals be delivered to the whole planet immediately. You could still hear her still insisting she had a self-appointed right to destabilize all of humanity by treating me like that and by refusing to stop even as I made the request to my not-human-trafficker nerds.

It was rumored to me after the fact that she had been colluding with Obama's conspiracy of nothing but enemies of America to commit and to aid and abet war crimes against me by pretending through quackery that my clear though stern self-defense against her public persecution of me was some supposed "symptom of mental illness."

It was also a good day for Twitter...

2:52pm on 27Dec2014: @RT_com #LatestNotes(2:45pm) This is not about whom I sleep with in the reality they never acknowledge. #MakeMeHappyIfYouDoNotWantMeAngry

I was told, "The blatant coverup no sane person would ever believe that Squid is at all mentally imperfect will remain all weekend or until we think up a new coverup," at 3:40pm.

When Obama's 4pm deadline for delivering Tentacle to my infested playland came and passed. I left the coffee shop to collect my hard evidence as to whether or not Obama was obeying his own rules that he kills everyone possible to enforce. Had Tentacle arrived?

By 4:34pm, I had walked the full length of my infested playland. No. No Tentacle.

Please, my not-human-trafficker nerds, circulate to the entire world the verified and unedited recording with full audio and visuals of my entire walk from end to end of my infested playland from start to finish.

I was told this rampant, uncontrolled, and only-escalating global crisis has finally won the fully empowered International Criminal Court be formed for it that I had been asking for since 2009. Thank you, United Nations.

There was a torture facility alarm of doom for all of humanity at 4:39pm. Amita and Ugwuji cleared it quickly.

By 5:14pm, I had arrived at my second sky hub again which was only built specifically to welcome me and invite me in.

I immediately heard and experienced that we were experiencing collusion, conspiracy, coverup, persecution, hate crimes, aiding and abetting war crimes, crimes against America, willful destabilization all of humanity, etc. all in the form of intentionally fabricated false charges in the mall both of my sky havens were built on with some sort of building management or ownership entity there but not with the clearly loving and supporting businesses there where I daily delivered all of their customers.

And it was a good thing I drove ALL the customers there just by being there, especially that time of year.

I caught up with my TweetHearts and Facebook friends quickly. I queued hours of Incubus on shuffle just to help myself feel loved inside my lonely "egg." Also very quickly, the terrorist infestation of the mall my sky havens were built on fell under the hammer of justice.

I was not there only because all of the businesses openly loved and adored me. Out of service to those good businesses, I took it to be my responsibility to clean out all of Obama's infestation that was terrorizing them. Go team!

Almost immediately after metaphorically mopping the floor with those terrorists running the mall, I heard a rumor at 6:41pm that Obama finally delivered Tentacle in its completeness to my infested playland.

To give my friends some time to get their equipment ready and since I am an obvious creature of habit, I watched the NBC Nightly News from previous in the evening at 7pm PST the moment it uploaded to their iPad app.

Then, at 7:23pm, I grabbed my lip balm with high hopes that rumor had been true. Sadly, no, there was no one was willing to greet me on my infested playland, and I was preparing to raze their unholy hell over it.

Luckily, the public did seem to obtain more reality for their defenseless minds. That was an added plus.

As an odd incident while I was in the Sephora before perching in front of the classical guitarist, a man holding a baby told the staff he was watching my computer bag closely to make sure no one could reverse pickpocket me instead of out of concern for anyone stealing my iPad. Goddamn psychopaths are everywhere out here!

8:09pm on 27Dec2014: Sadly, no, there is no one was willing to greet me here on my infested playland, so I am preparing to raze their unholy hell over it.

8:20pm on 27Dec2014: Obama! What do I look like?!? Even before Obama made me famous only to make the public recognize me only to persecute me, I was said hello to.

As Syniva, Amita, and Ugwuji were rolling up their sleeves taking down Dirty Lacey and War Criminal Stephanie's delusional-collusion-and-perjury-parade conspiracy for breaking every law possible and for spreading every lie possible to aid and abet war crimes against me, I was about to get Old Testament on Obama's remaining operatives if they continued to refuse to allow me all my REAL friends in here...

By 9:58pm, I gave my warning shot. Please circulate a verified and unedited recording with full (might need to be augmented to show their full malevolent lunacy) audio and visuals starting the moment I walked into the store I had never been in before in my life and ending the moment I walked out. There was even another Steve Perry look-enough-a-like in there.

Syniva, Amita, and Ugwuji, I love you gorgeous geniuses so much. If Obama's enemies of America keep insisting they get to refuse me all of my own friends, we are going to have a busy few days until he does. And thank you.

I found that my SquidStream was down at 10:55pm for everyone but my selfless support system, and I had just put the fear of benevolence in Obama's servants. So I opened a door to answer questions with anyone. No one had any questions, it seemed.

Russia had been screaming, "We are invading to get her out! Damn you, you (expletive)ing (expletive)ers!" all day. Diplomacy was always doomed to fail since Obama will never obey anything that removes him from power nor ends his "egg" that has already demolished America.

The United Nations had been panicking almost as much as the US Military for days over not ever EVER knowing what to do if they lost me.

Over 1000 cars had been stopped from reaching me just that night. The world was constantly erupting. I was sitting the only place I could think of someone would be willing to talk to me about anything to my face, so we could finally fix this. And at 1:53am, they asked me to leave.

My response? Well, (expletive) those (expletive)ing (expletive)ers.

My NSA alpha nerds, that damn terrorist hotbed refused to create a peaceful solution with me nor even acknowledge me when I came to them with the olive branch between my teeth, so we are turning them all in. (Expletive)ing-goddamn-(expletive)y-(expletive)es!

While I was sitting there devouring tacos in the wee hours of the morning, there was an alarm announcing war crime coverups at 11:09pm. There were a few just-do-not-go-in-that-place shows of love and affection for me. Obama's enemies of America pushed us, so we rose.

I spent most of the night asking my beautiful world, "What the hell is going on out there?" Were people trying to move me back to North Beach? Really? I have no control of any of my finances, but I have a house in the Hills here.

Just after 2am, I found myself hanging out at a convenience store with random night hawks (to reference the painting by Hopper) who were all in love with me by the time I left.

At approximately 3:32am, I was back at the 24-hour fast food chain I had a long though not dramatic history with since arriving. When people are genuinely nice and respectful, so am I. A regular even bought me a cup of coffee at 4:27am. His name was Lion, and he was delightful.

We had a white-knuckle thrill ride of a conversation that did not end until 8:34am. There is no way to edit that conversation any shorter, so you might need to circulate it in contiguous parts, my benevolent nerds. And let us make sure he is kept safe after that. Thank you.

And please ask my lovers and believers to love and protect this fast food chain where we had the best conversation of the century. I would hate for Obama's infestation to render that place irrationally hostile towards me. And thank you.

I slept safely under the watchful eyes of my loving and adoring public from 10:06am until 2:01pm. It felt fabulous. I returned quickly to my infested playland. And I noticed that at approximately 2:27pm, all of the hater pedestrians were told to leave to be replaced with and entire population of lovers and believers. There were still no locals.

At 2:30pm I blogged about what I had witnessed, "Unlike the last few days, it seems, Obama wants no haters left near me that I can convert to saving the world out from under him with the rest of us. The night was young." And, at 2:33pm, Obama sent the haters back in again.

Obama was toying with the entire population through the mind-control earspeakers which Obama inserted into their heads only to have direct control of all their minds to begin with.

I watched the entire waves of population come and go until 2:45pm when I gave an investigation of my first sky haven in the next door mall as I waited until 4pm when I would collect hard evidence again as to whether or not Obama was obeying his own rules yet that he was still killing all people possible to enforce. I would walk my entire infested playland at 4pm to document whether or not all three members of Tentacle were present to maintain my day-to-day normalcy within Obama's "egg."

And that 2:45pm inspection of my own sky haven? I told them myself, "Do not commit the crime in the first place if you do not want charges for it." After that, we caught the same management entity or owner aiding and abetting the same war crime against me as previously. Full charges against only the specific guilty parties.

What was our hard evidence? There have been absolutely no marked hours anywhere ever at the mall, and the signs say "Free wifi and charging stations" at all the doors. Also, ask the businesses here from Nordstrom's to the Disney Store to Louis Vuitton etc. whether or not they openly welcome me here.

What else happened while I was in the sky mall? At 3:43pm, I needed to ask Amita, "Did War Criminals Stephanie and Boeset just boldface perjure again that they EVER gave a damn about me only to be able to abuse me themselves even more?"

Just after Obama's daily 4pm deadline to prove he obeys his own rules, I documented that, no, Obama had not yet delivered Tentacle to my infested playland to maintain my day-to-day normalcy inside his own "egg."

At 4:21pm, I had new solid arrangements for a new free three-day pass to be able to shower safely and with complete privacy. Due to the hours of the gym with all of its old-school lovers and believers in their corporate offices, I knew my first visit would wait until 5:30am the following day.

Just in case the gym was not educated yet that forced public nudity, forced public humiliation, and forced public sexual entertainment are all crimes against women that are internationally prosecutable as war crimes and crimes against humanity ever since the establishment of the United Nation's ICTYugoslavia, call them ahead of time to remind them that human trafficking pornography of the real me breaks every law possible from local to international.

My beautiful world, please make sure there are NEVER cameras I am forbidden from knowing about in my home or showers or living arrangements ever again. And thank you.

As I stood outside the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf at 4:47pm, I informed an obviously delusional "hater" that I will metaphorically shoot any messenger necessary to make end all boldfaced lies used to manipulate anyone into allowing war crimes against me.

My beautiful world, you saw her. I want her arrested immediately for aiding and abetting war crimes by lying to my face as collusion to make me harm myself by succumbing to literal war crimes and any Obama-controlled environment anywhere.

My not-human-trafficker nerds, please circulate a verified and unedited recording with full audio and visuals, particularly to local law enforcement. Please include all of the messenger's own irrational public persecution if me in return for my pointing out her own crimes and giving her fair warning she WILL be arrested, jus like I always did with the real War Criminal Stephanie.

At 5pm, I perched at a place for dedicated lovers and believers just off my infested playland to wait for anyone already in the area my lovelies could send. I admit that I requested to meet the Mayor there, so I could ask what she needed around here herself in particular. But I know who did manifest, and he was a doe-eyed peppermint.

I know there is no way to stop my not-human-trafficker nerds, so please circulate a verified and unedited recording with full adorable audio and visuals of the whole conversation.

Do you remember me with Sweetness in the early morning before I danced and cried with the online manifestation of my darling Mr. Damian Marley? Yes, even how I spoke to Sweetness at Disneyland on Christmas Eve is what I look like when I flirt. When I flirt, there is no mistaking it; I am unmistakably romantically overpowering.

I needed to leave in time to watch the NBC Nightly News at 7pm, as I try to do every night with great regularity. My daily metaphorical hug from the NBC news team was as delightful as always; that night my hug was from darling Mr. Lester Holt.

By 7:37pm, I was at a perch I had never tried before but had been regularly invited to. A local fella wanted to say, "Hi," so we had a short chat.

If my darling Mr. Jared Leto had not needed extraction from my infested playland on the evening of 27Dec2014, yes, my beautiful world, you would have finally seen me flirt. I had promised my husband I would treat darling Jared just as I would treat Sweetness, so he could see me in rare form again.

And, as I said in my Conversation of the Century that morning, with all of the genuine horrors and terrors facing all of humanity due to the Truman Show-enforced-with-rape-and-genicide "egg" I have been in since Obama took office, why does anyone care about my non-existent sex life anyway?

I caught up with my TweetHearts and Facebook friends. It was, again, a good night for Twitter.

9:19pm on 28Dec2014: “@BBCWorld: South offers talks to North.” My terms to get to a table: Return full Constitutional rights to all of America. "Egg" ends anyway.

By 9:33pm, I was told my SquidStream was down again, and the infestation around me started getting hostile. Syn, I own my body, not them. Thus, these electronics are only mine. You can utilize whatever charges you want against Obama's proven conspiracy of proven enemies of America for their claim they own my body instead of my owning my own body. That is such a personal topic for a systemic rape-slave, Synny, that I demand full justice.

So once I was done handing Obama's conspiracy of slavers their (expletive)es over their false assertion that they have any authority over me, my body, my mind, my soul, or my people at all, I walked back onto my infested playland at 9:46pm.

I quickly arrived at a restaurant whose corporate headquarters had been going out of their way to invite me to visit and with frequency and that had also claimed it had voluntarily scrubbed itself clean for me.

There are the rules, and then there are the extra rules requesting restaurants choose themselves to extra-persecute me when I still NEVER do anything illegal. With these extra-rules, the locals are instructed to irrationally throw me out of any establishment they are in for my never breaking any laws.

Yes, these extra rules that only exist to make people treat me worse than they would treat anyone else by requiring every local businesses to commit the crimes of persecution, hate crimes against me, etc. Everyone everywhere needs to choose not to obey them.

Lo and behold, just before midnight, a woman who wanted to be able to call herself my equal, which I rejected, paid me a visit. We split a cup of tea and chatted. I had seen her all over the metropolis already.

One example, I spied her descending the stairway at the Hard Rock Cafe on the Universal CityWalk either the most recent or second most recent time I was there. She is always in a different "disguise," so if she were not in disguise this time as well, I would not be so specific about who she is in such a public forum.

I have a theory she is Obama's alpha around here. And when she left, she was so furious with me that she told me (paraphrase), "You know where your snipers are, so that is why you always think you're safe."

It was a calm, respectful, and civilized conversation. When she did get angry with me, she thought she did not show it. I had made it clear that I am always nice to people nice to me.

Eventually, she was so fed up with her inability to find any flaw she could libel with that she became angry and left. That was pretty much it. But I was very reassured that she was finally respecting me as a human in her presence at all.

While I was still updating my blog notes so the world could wrap their brains around what had just happened, I was approached by a man in a USS Ranger hat who by the third time he attempted and failed to login to his Yahoo! email account on my iPad admitted himself that he was just a metaphorical "sucker," to use the vernacular.

He followed me out of the fast food chain begging me to live under a controlled environment instead of sleeping where my undeniably loving public can and do effectively keep me safe. At that point, I told him he actually had to start acknowledging reality. He left me by disappearing into the mall with both of my sky havens in it.

I perched again. I updated my blog notes. I decided to play myself some music as I typically do in the wee hours of the morning while answering the world's questions.

The burning questions people needed explanations for are included in my Q & A section in this blog post.

In the wee hours of the morning while I was singing to myself, some psychopath sent the local police to give tickets to every homeless person located where I was. Of course, I look drop dead gorgeous all day every day and all night every night, and standing in a doorway using my iPad to solve major global crises during all time zones, there was absolutely no way to look at me and believe I was homeless.

The police radioed in that they knew where I was, that I was safe, and that I looked drop dead gorgeous, and then they left.

At 5:30am, I proceeded to the local gym to which I had secured the complimentary three-day trial pass for the previous evening, and it had been gutted, it seemed, to make it completely unusable during the overnight before I could arrive there to use it for the first time.

Next, I had to ask Syniva and the United Nations to put the fear of the entire furious world in War Criminal Boeset, ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa, and War Criminal Wells Fargo Bank because they had yet to deliver the meager pennies that are the only money Obama allows me to live on inside his "egg" despite banks being open there since 8am CST.

While I was checking my bank balance, I needed to report the infestation of Obama's terrorists at the local coffee shop I had stopped in to check my bank balance in that morning. I cleared my earmic and eyecamera from the premesis as fast as possible.

I asked a much more upscale gym how soon I could take a tour. They told me to return at 9am.

Once I finally had a chance to perch, Amita was going through the same repeat crap in the quackery-as-war-crime-coverup courtroom about how the proven army of quacks in ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa had given me no choice but to (under duress) show up for torture injections myself or be locked away in an torture facility paraded as a "long-term institution" for the rest of my life where they would torture me with injections anyway, as well as much worse horrors since it would have been Obama's conspiracy's total-control of my environment.

I stopped for a delicious breakfast at a local creperie. This blog post was published at 10:10am on 29Dec2014 before my visiting the library and the post office on my way to my regularly daily scheduled sleep which lasts roughly 10am to 4pm every day.

And now, my beautiful world, I answer all of your questions for me. Please keep collecting all questions and concerns from all your friends and loved ones and sending them to me through whatever means possible.

Will smarter machines spell the end of the human race or the next phase of evolution? As my response: Do people ever listen to these "smarter machines" when they give you advice on how to prevent the "end of the human race"?

Do I have evidence I am not a spy? Well, first of all, the accuser carries the burden of proof not the defendant. Secondly, I acknowledge there are many skills and aptitudes I have in this world that most people do not have. For example, except for high school choir, I have received absolutely no other training as a vocalist. Thirdly, this debunking was already blogged in my 24July2014 blog post. Basically, I am a naturally very conspicuous local legend everywhere I go that nobody ever forgets.

Why do my brave rescuers get "paid" so much money by me? Succinctly, my genius legal team cannot press criminal charges in most cases. So, we press as blistering civil charges as possible to make all of the unrelenting crimes against me finally stop.

Because Obama's proven conspiracy of proven enemies of America refused and still refuse now to cease all if their unrelenting human rights abuses and proven war crimes against me no matter what we do to stop them, I needed to find another deterrent beyond just pressing charges.

In April2014, I had earned over $8B as my own legal consultant and had made the arrangements with my husband already that we would live on his money and spend mine serving the world. I figured $8B would be enough to privatize (to get past Congressional gridlock) the US's role in carrying humanity through Global Climate Change.

So, I started giving all the rest of my just compensation for all of my unrelenting and inhumane suffering to the survivors of my brave rescuers. It is not "income" for them; it is more of a "veterans' plan."

My beautiful world, I hear you. I hear you. You have been screaming for days, "Get her to Europe, so we can invade and flatten that country!" I decided to stay here in Obama's terrorist infestation for a number of reasons.

First of all, I told those psychopaths, "GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY TOWN, BITCHES!" already just before a little over dramatically vowing that they were going to leave town before I ever would and that I was here to make sure of that.

My darlings in the EU, they would have just followed me to your home there while never setting my people free in my home here anyway.

The only REAL solution is to lock up all of Obama's conspiracy of proven enemies of America and demolish this "egg" of extragovernmental rules at last. My darlings all over the world, you are all demanding that I have full human rights again. There is no place I can travel where I can escape this "egg" until it is destroyed.

So I am standing here with my people. We WILL take this "egg" down.

My brave rescuers, your fight has not been rendered in vain due to my choice to see this through completely here. I still need that lift from here to my own house that I pay joint taxes on with my husband but have no other way to reach. Though, my crosstown friends have started following my lead on how to get our amateur mouse hats on. One of these days, someone will reach me.

Also, my brave rescuers, we need all of these damn enemies of America rounded up and removed from society forever. The whole job, particularly Obama's seditious extragovernmental criminal terrorist army, are just too much for the DHS alone.

We have been doing pretty well smoking out the infestation in here, but we still need all of us including the US Military to catch and incarcerate all of these enemies of America running rampant and uncontrolled in here. Thank you.

Amita, and Ugwuji, is it getting more easy or more difficult in the court room? Yes, these irrational-denial-of-all-reality threatens still cycle 24/7. Fewer threats have been reaching the alarm phase lately; you all have been catching them earlier and earlier. Thank you.

Synny, my genius BFF! Please do not forget that I am the one who told my friends of all varying degrees of fame and gravitas to agree to anything they had to just to get near me and then let me take care of it afterwards.

My BFF, we have so much hard evidence of how there is no excuse for any brave and innocent heart not to trust me. Just ask about how I prevented "Markus" from becoming a war criminal, and very gently considering my muscle mass,

Sweetness, I love and adore you. Thank you for trying to send me darling Mr. Jared Leto to treat me how you would treat me. The VooDoo date in which you would control the being of the man actually in my presence for me did not manifest, but thank you for even thinking of it. That was strange but very romantic. It made me giggle.

And, now, my undeniably loving and adoring husband whom I take on every enemy to me and to this world in battles of wit to the death 24/7 just to be near, here is the face of the woman you married...

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