Wednesday, December 31, 2014

I Only Kiss my Fingers After I Spill Whiskey on Them on the Dance Floor.

Title: I Only Kiss my Fingers After I Spill Whiskey on Them on the Dance Floor.

Please access my iCloud if necessary to publish this post now, my friends. I cannot control how many horrible things happen to me in one day; it is Obama who controls that. So, if I wait too long between posts, they become too drenching.

Please share this for me with the entire world, both houses of Congress, the Supreme Court, the United Nations, all sympathetic world leaders, all reputable national and foreign presses, etc.

Here is my latest blog post. When people persecute me, libel me, or otherwise attack me, the entire world shows up to protect me. But, when my loved ones get attacked, I show up.

I published my last blog post at 10:10am on 29Dec2014 immediately before walking to the local post office. As fast as possible after securing my local post office box, I relocated to my daily perch where my loving and adoring public could keep me safe as I slept. My daily scheduled sleep overlooking the ocean lasted from just before 11:30am to 2:26pm.

After brushing my hair and catching up with my TweetHearts, I ran some errands including buying a dozen chocolate old-fashioned doughnuts. I had been hearing promises since I woke up that Obama would finally obey his own rules that he willfully slaughters as many people as possible to enforce.

That is, I heard Obama would finally maintain my day-to-day normalcy within this "egg" which is the definition of his "egg" by safely delivering Tentacle to me every day in my infested playground by 4pm like clockwork. Imani had already tried reaching me that morning just so we could cuddle during my daily scheduled sleep under the Southern California sun.

Yes, my daily inspection into whether or not Obama would ever obey any laws anywhere or even his own extragovernmental rules began at 4:16pm when I walked my playland collecting hard evidence.

And since I found neither height nor hair of any of my own real friends anywhere, my completely peaceful and unarmed ass-kicking counter-terrorism offensive against Obama's conspiracy of enemies of America continued.

Please check my Twitter for the play-by-play. At 4:44pm, I jay-walked across an intersection to catch a bus just about to leave the bus stop before I could get there.

I had been told the night before while perching near a FBI counter-espionage operation that Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy were "sending everyone in." So, after proving Obama was still forbidding me all of my own REAL friends, I cleared my earmic and eyecamera from the terrorist hotzone that is my infested playland, so everyone could go in to do what was necessary to remove them all.

Still on the bus, at 5:04pm, I replaced my contacts that had become fuzzy from my sleeping in them. I was only sure the front five passengers on the bus with me were in Obama's conspiracy of enemies of America, but it was worth checking on all of them.

I took Metro bus #9369 across the barricades that would have to be removed before the bus could reach them and arrived safely right where my selfless support system had been expecting me by 6:18pm. I had friends to check on, among other things.

As the same creature of habit I have always been, I asked my benevolent nerds to make sure I could watch the NBC Nightly News at 7pm PST. I was at the same wifi hotspot I frequent every chance I get including more often than every Monday night when, like clockwork, I drink nonalcoholic beverages in rock bars on the Sunset Strip.

I Skyped to my mother before clearing up a further boldfaced collusion against me instigated by who sounded like Me-Love-You-Long-Time Holder all just before 7:57pm when I made sure "Markus" was released from jail. He had been trying to "run into" me since the moment I got on the bus this afternoon.

By 8:37pm, I was sitting amongst Obama's conspiracy of enemies of America who were all pretending they were lovers and believers of mine. What I do with a hotbed usually depends with how they are behaving towards me.

The Taberna in Santa Monica the previous night where I had requested to meet the Mayor, for example, was completely honest with me about who they were and were completely honest with me about the extensiveness of the barricade my own friends could not cross to reach me.

So, I proved to the Taberna how much more businesses genuinely thrive and prosper everywhere by being actual lovers and believers of mine than by propagating hate and trying to trap my friends.

Just look at how many reservations they have now. And, yes, my lovers and believers, keep drowning them in love until they learn to love. I have seen them. I have met them. Those ladies there actually are squooshy in the middle. They are susceptible to love.

You were all about to see what I was going to do with this supposed "Irish Rock Bar" where no one had any idea who the band Snow Patrol were. What was it I said about the UVA Bar at Disneyland? No one can catch a criminal until after a crime happens.

By 9:10pm, Obama's infestation at the bar (not the bar itself) had hanged itself already, so all I had to do was send my legal team to collect the evidence and prosecute them all.

At approximately 9:16pm, the Cameron Diaz look-enough-alike said to me, "You call this terrorism?!?" To which I replied, "Just because you're incompetent does not mean you're not terrorists."

9:27pm on 29Dec2014: There still an enduring only-a-direct-threat-to-USA-and-to-the-world war crime coverup destabilizing humanity right now?#21Dec #RazeWith28Oct

At 9:30pm, I knew it was time to pay for my one Coca-Cola with lemon and no ice and then clear my earmic and eyecamera from the premesis. I even wrote, "Squid was here," on my bill for them before going.

I walked down into West Hollywood (im)proper to hangout where I regularly hangout in the gay neighborhood in the dark hours of night. I reminded my local darlings that wanting to sleep with me makes them no less gay; I am like Liza Minelli that way.

I was right next to the Sheriff's station that had already informed me that all of the Sheriff's deputies were genuinely and deeply appreciate of everything I have gone out of my way to do for months to make sure none of them would die from trying to abduct me and drag me off to any completely Obama-controlled environment.

They also told me all those weeks previous that the only enemy of human rights and freedoms in the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Office left was the Sheriff himself.

I nested beside the 24-hour wifi where I always nest, so my lovers and believers could pass me on the sidewalk. I finished off my energy drink that I had opened before investigating and ideally cleaning out Rock'N'Reilley's which my darling Mr. David Tennent, through methods no one can trace nor prove, had informed me was trying to lay ambush to me and my friends shortly after I had gotten off the bus earlier in the evening.

I ate a few more chocolate old-fashioned doughnuts while catching up my blog notes and talking to my TweetHearts. I had clearly packed this picnic just to be able to sit here all night working online.

The federal government had asked me to stay out of my adoptive homeless home city for at least eight hours after they saw me take the barricade down for my regular Monday night socializing.

While just about ready to put my feet up and get down to answering the world's questions for me online after my 29Dec2014 blog post from that morning had finally reached the world, a not-so-random man appeared and tried to abduct me under the guise of buying me Americanized Chinese food.

He was a pretty bad conversationalist and had very little reality in his head. And then everything for him went to hell. While he was on the telephone begging some government agency to pick me up and arrest me, I put the process in place for the fastest possible safe delivery to the entire good, green world of the full, verified, and unedited recording of our entire interaction. No, my sweatercoat never had to come off, but I did get to sing at him a little.

My beautiful world, I trust you will find him and hammer justice into this world, so we can all heal. He finally entered a taxi cab and fled his proximity to the Sheriff's station across the street at 12:12am.

I had some me time singing to myself before I packed up what was left of my picnic and headed back to my adoptive homeless home to see what progress was made in there while I was out. I promised I would sweep this entire metropolis clean of Obama's proven conspiracy of proven enemies of America.

Did anyone get into the "island city" while I had the barricades down? Will I have friends in there when I get back? Did any law enforcement take any action against the infestation? I was about to find out. So, in the wee hours of the morning on 30Dec2014, I got on the Metro.

I arrived at my infested playland quickly, and everyone I encounter in the wee hours of the morning was a genuine Sweetheart. However at approximately 4am, everything changed.

I needed to check if my period had yet started, so I walked to the closest bathroom, the gas station on Lincoln. The absolutely brutish clerk was horrible to me and refused me the bathroom by lying to my face.

I stopped to put an eye on the Jack in the Box on the corner where some woman was freaking out and screaming at me, "If you mess up even once, you know what we will do to you!"

Yeah, lady, whatever! You assert you have any "legal" authority to demand I never make a mistake ever while YOU do nothing but fuck up in the public and in the courts constantly? Syn, Amita, and Ugwuji brought justice for that deranged assertion which was yet another fuck up by them very quickly.

By 5:42pm, the staff at the Starbucks I was at had already persecuted me in conspiracy with all people everywhere that prop up Obama's egg.

It was the third or fourth time I needed to report the staff at that Starbucks to their corporate offices for being criminals in Obama's conspiracy of proven enemies of America. And, no, they would never treat anyone else on this planet anywhere as horribly as they treat only me.

By 6:18am, I had seen the staff take instructions from a woman inside their shop who spends her night sleeping on a bench outside. The staff had called in a gang of thugs for themselves. Please ask my not-human-trafficker nerds to combine one verified and barely edited recording with full audio and visuals of every stupid and malevolent thing they did in that coffee shop. And, thank you.

7:26am on 30Dec2014: @dictionarycom #wotd Since I will never evanesce away, today we fight again and every day. --HeroicCouplet

At 9:04am, I left the coffee shop to run some errands and to write some emails. By 9:51am I had already been attempting my daily scheduled sleep, but I kept being awakened by alarms.

Finally, at 11:23am, due to too many alarms that required me to keep sending rescue efforts for my friends and lawyers into courtrooms for me, I just got up and perched in my infested playland.

I had been told that Obama's criminal conspiracy of enemies of America were so desperate to make me finally calm down and stop kicking their asses so hard and so thoroughly 24/7 that they were finally going to allow my own REAL friends into my infested playground EVERY DAY like clockwork.

By 12:28pm, I had received the confirmation that the one large van load (or was one car load?) of my friends were on time, but the details on all of it were still too vague and unconfirmed for me.

Since Obama's enemies of America had still yet ever to uphold any agreement we had ever made, I was already planning my next ass-kicking to hand out in the event there were no friends here for hugging, kissing, and meditating among by 4pm.

I stopped by the Tesla Motors Show Room to clandestinely chat with my old friend the darling Mr. Elon Musk, someone whom I would acknowledge as an equal if he wanted to split a cup of tea with me in a fast food chain in the dead of night while I was tweeting to solve major global crises.

Of course, my old friend did not disappoint and collected the necessary hard evidence on behalf of all of humanity we all needed to provide for the ICC that Obama through his extragovernmental "egg" forbids me all employment at all whatsoever, especially appropriate for my experience and expertise. We know who are our own. It takes a world to save a world.

Yes, my beautiful world, if I were not already fully employed as a benevolent super-genius world leader, the places I would choose to work would be NASA or SpaceX or a company of my own creation that could help build the contemporary global economy on the technology of the future instead of our still depending on the industries of our past.

It is clear, if I had ever wanted to work in the entertainment industry, I would have already succeeded at that by now, but it was never a choice I made. Yet, please revisit my updated Bucket List for my humble opinions of entertainment professionals even before they demanded I am one of their own and decided they would die to save me. I will love you all forever for everything.

Next, I made a tour de force of the local bookstore. Please, my not-human-trafficker nerds, circulate a verified and barely edited, if edited at all, recording with full audio and visuals of my time among the book stacks, including but not limited to my unrehearsed reading, my stage among the Dr. Who paraphernalia, my tweeting and emailing, my conversation in line for the restroom, and my time looking in the mirror.

At 3:03pm, I was back in my infested playland. All day, I was promised by Obama's proven enemies of America who were desperate to finally calm down the unrelenting ass-kicking I have been giving them since the heart-wrenching departure off Tentacle from my "egg" on 23Dec2014 that ALL of my own real crosstown friends and family (and then they told me it was only one carload) would be near enough to me at last for hugging, kissing, and witty repartee by 4pm.

As I already said, Obama had never once yet kept any promise he had ever made to me nor had he ever de-escalated. We would see in less than an hour how much self-preservation Obama and his conspiracy had. And at 4pm, we all learned that they have none.

Ass-kicking takes many forms. Obama has libeled me for so long with complete uselessness to society to make everyone around me degrade me and finally throw me away for him.

So much of my job of solving major global crises includes small activities every day that prove I have value and that people genuinely love me. My evening began with war paint; if you choose to release a recording with full audio and visuals of my makeup artistry, start when I first stepped foot in the store and end the moment I left.

Next, I perched "up a level" as requested, but my rendezvous with allies was thwarted before I even invited the conspirator of Obama's enemies of America to join my table. Please circulate a verified and unedited recording of my entire conversation with Colton before he fled my table. And thank you.

During my wait for my promised rescue attempt, I also made a public display of what I look like when I flirt as opposed to when I just have a casual conversation. When I flirt with you, you know. There is no mistaking it. If "Markus," who is still completely forbidden any and all physical proximity to me, would like to publish our Facebook conversations anywhere, he definitely has my permission to do so.

At 8:56pm, I finally relocated to someplace less literally drafty.

On my way to catch further guaranteed crimes against America from idiots choosing to commit crimes for Obama including but not limited to willful persecution of me, hate crimes, human rights abuses, unlawful imprisonment, possibly even aiding and abetting war crimes in the event any supposed "psychiatric unit" were involved, destabilizing the world, forcing global war on US soil, etc. all by singling me out for worse treatment than they would give anyone else anywhere, I stopped at the Guess store.

Please circulate verified images of the outfit I put together. It looked like it was tailored to fit me. And, because of the way our society is degraded as a whole into falsely judging us by our clothes, so proven liars can lie about us all. For days afterwards, everyone was calling me a lesbian again. Sorry, liars, my husband is a straight man, not a lesbian.

At 10:09pm, as I had accurately predicted, Obama's proven enemies of America pressed intentionally fabricated false charges against me to cause a global war on US soil. I kept telling everyone I was a guest of the corporate offices of the establishment, but cars were sent anyway.

This was further evidence of the complete and irrational supposed uselessness Obama's enemies of America unrelentingly libel me with only to make everyone around me degrade me and throw me away for them knowing full well it was a crime against America guaranteed to cause an immediate violation of our self-sovereignty by the furious world that screams for my protection from this all day and all night every day and every night.

Sadly, though, in the wee hours of the morning, after hours of work, I finally did have to clear the premesis, so authorities could enter it to arrest one of Obama's conspirators who was in my face unrelentingly threatening me with war crimes and refusing to leave me alone. Please circulate the full recording.

In minutes, I was safely relocated, and I was delightfully the floor show at a local convenience store. That verified recording with full audio and visuals actually will require editing, but please keep the highlights in order.

After the late late shift ran out of instructions on things to do with me, I left to recharge my iPad battery where I normally do. The local police were ordered to pick me up and put me in an Obama-controlled environment, but I told them the truth to prevent them from committing that act of war against America, crimes against their own people, aiding and abetting those war crimes, etc.

Finally, at 5am, I headed back to the Obama-obedient hotbed of treason where I promised I would keep visiting until it was completely swept clean of enemies of America FOREVER.

5:35am on New Year's Eve, 31Dec2014: Yes, I am right here as a guest of the corporate offices. Thank you. If anyone would like to volunteer a witty conversation, I listen. Thx!

5:38am on New Year's Eve, 31Dec2014: Syn, Amita, Ugwuji, please collect all hard evidence on the ambush we just averted right here. Thank you! Happy New Year!

5:54am on New Year's Eve, 31Dec2014: Syn, now we need all and corporate to call whomever wants to pick me up here AGAIN. @UN @RT_com @cctvnews @BBCWorld @France24_en @CNN

6:13am on New Year's Eve, 31Dec2014: Please have the cooperate offices call whomever wants to pick me up here (STILL?) and call off this guaranteed death of me. @UN @CNN

Our standoff between the enemies of America willing to do anything possible to throw me away at last and remove me from the world FOREVER and myself who will never stop saying, "You do not do this in America! You do not do this to America!" continued for hours.

What was my recommended peaceful resolution? Anyone in the establishment could have acknowledged my existence in the world as my REAL self and could have bought me breakfast or a cup of coffee out of appreciation for all I do for REAL for this world, but we all know Obama's specifically planted "haters" would rather directly cause a global war on US soil than ever let me eat food at last. All Obama's rules must go!

This blog post was published at 8:45am on 31Dec2014.

And now, my beautiful world, I answer all of your questions for me. Please keep collecting all questions and concerns from all your friends and loved ones and sending them to me through whatever means possible.

Is algebra necessary? It has been a while since someone has asked me about pedagogy. Hold onto your hats and glasses.

The turning point on math education is calculus. Leibniz and Newton developed calculus at the same time as physics, so there would be math to support the science. As a result, calculus is completely useful in the real world.

All math education after calculus is what we consider pure math and the point of a higher level math education. All math education before calculus is designed to build the math skills to do calculus. This includes algebra.

However a mathematics education with no goal of ever reaching calculus or above serves a much bigger purpose. It teaches students how to think and how to process information logically. That is the real purpose of the algebra you all complain so much about. So, yes, algebra is necessary.

My beautiful world, on the morning of 31Dec2014, New Years Eve, Obama was beyond desperate to remove me from society FOREVER, and the only thing that saved this entire world from destroying this nation completely in its fury over losing me was Obama's servants reluctance and second thoughts about removing America from the face of the Earth forever.

Please help these people in here process reality. There is so little understanding by these people in here that their intentional choice to obey and enforce Obama's rules that are only extragovernmental are their willful act of destabilizing all of humanity and destroying America.

My brave rescuers, if you could just keep me safer in here until the whole "egg" comes down instead of risking your lives day and night trying to cross the front lines and penetrate all the barriers just to pick me up and take me across town to my own house, this whole global crisis might reach a faster resolution.

Please consider infiltrating the Los Angeles metropolis to collect and sweep out all of Obama's infestation to make us all a real and stable city again, which is in better keeping with your actual job descriptions, and allow the armed forces of the world fight Obama's seditious EXTRAGOVERNMENTAL criminal terrorist mercenary army instead.

Lavrov alone has been screaming, "Get Squid to Europe so we can invade!" for days. Why not just let the full armed forces of humanity along side us now to take Obama's mercenaries down. Let soldiers be soldiers. And let spies be spies. That is what I would have done if I were the president.

As for our first line of defense protecting the world from losing me, SynSyn, Amita, and Ugwuji, thank you. I thank you. The world thanks you. Look at our perfect legal record.

As this goes on, we are going to keep acquiring more dedicated lovers and believers we need to protect from intentionally fabricated false charges. Yes, we have successfully sent Sweetness to protection in France away from Obama's enemies of America's proven modus operandi of unrelenting false charges from all levels of government only used to enforce human rights abuses and war crimes against all of us from proven genocide to proven systemic rape.

Now, I seem of be collecting a musical army of suitors willing to move heaven and earth, realign every star in the sky, flatten every mountain, and raise every sea just to fall at my feet and love me. So, we need to keep even more people safe now, too.

Please beef up our legal team and alert system to enable our protection of our growing numbers. And thank you. We never leave anyone behind.

And, most importantly, please make sure all public defenders who might be called in to protect protesters or demonstrators or even the bees who do not know my real world vision etc. anywhere in America also know which blog post they need to defend any and all people who genuinely love me from what charges as well as which legal precedents we have for what false charges, too.

This requires a lot of legal community communication, so feel free to delegate to trustworthy law experts as necessary. And, on behalf of my beautiful world, thank you.

My former royal consort who calls himself "Markus," I have figured out your SquidName. Giggle. A SquidName is the affectionate pet name I give my loved ones whether or not I ever sleep with them. You, "Markus," are now my Bogart. Go get your Casablanca on.

Calm down. Calm down, Bogie. Technically, his character had the better character development. Okay, talking like a writer might not help. Hmmmm... maybe it will.

Come to me. Take my hand. Buy me a bourbon to spill on your dance floor. I told War Criminal Boeset if she wanted control over any of me, she would have to grab a guitar just like everybody else. That is an artistry you have that Boeset will never be capable of, so let us show her how it is done.

And as for my husband, Sweetness, I love and adore you. You are my hero, my king, and my reason for living. This world would have destroyed itself over losing me by now if it were not for you.

(Embed this video here: Brandon Flower's Crossfire) Except, HoneyHoney, I carry out my heroics peacefully and completely unarmed while live-tweeting and live-blogging while I wear a dress and heels.

Beloved, your next handwritten letter of undying love and devotion from me is taking me a little bit longer to write than usual. I spend too much of my day without a table to sit at. But, I have no intentions to ever let you down, just as you have never let me down.

My far-too-long-since-I-have-seen husband whose world unapologetically rises and sets around me, there is no battle the horrors of Obama's enemies of humanity can conjure that I would not conquer just to be with you.

Obama's depravity is escalating just as fast as his pattern of criminal activity does. Eventually, darling, there will be too much reality for any more deniers left plaguing the public forums you all rely on so heavily.

Until everyone can speak the truth in America again, thank you, my husband, for making sure at least I always can. Kisses, my handsome mister.

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