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I Admit, Sometimes I Get a Little Holier Than Thou...

Title: I Admit, Sometimes I Get a Little Holier Than Thou...

Please access my iCloud if necessary to publish this post now, my friends. I cannot control how many horrible things happen to me in one day; it is Obama who controls that. So, if I wait too long between posts, they become too drenching.

Please share this for me with the entire world, both houses of Congress, the Supreme Court, the United Nations, all sympathetic world leaders, all reputable national and foreign presses, etc.

Here is my latest blog post. Ballet dancers are often trained to fill large spaces with their small physical presence. Not many other people are taught how to do that.

Pakistan. People of Pakistan, you are all justifiably furious right now, but your lynch mobs are propagating the cycle of violence you are standing up to end instead of ending it.

Please take real action to create real solutions to the real problem instead of allowing your own enemies to continue to manipulate you into further violence with boldfaced lies.

USA. What is my current assessment of the state of freedom of religion in America right now? I believe it is nonexistent.

If every major and benevolent religion is forbidden from treating as sacred every person, place, or entity whom they find holy, no, there is no freedom of religion in America under Obama's "egg."

I published my last blog post at 4:04am on 19Dec2014. By 4:18am, I had paid my bill for breakfast. The public transportation was full of locals who just wanted a part in silently keeping me safe when I traveled to the gym I had obtained the three-day trial membership to on Wednesday.

By 6:11am, I was out of the shower. I took my time getting ready. At 7:03am, my iPad battery was charged, so I headed out. Syn, if anyone saw me in the privacy of the gym locker room, raze all hell.

We begin with the fact that forced public nudity as well as forced public humiliation are crimes against women recognized by the ICTYugoslavia of the United Nations as war crimes, and then you press every other charge you can think of, too.

I gave absolutely no consent and NEVER would. When my own eyecamera is disabled, you know I am expecting privacy, and how many naked women did I broadcast myself?

I relocated to the nearby Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf that EVERYBODY knows I frequent and, at 7:21am, caught up with my online friends. There were obvious terrorist "employees" behind the counter.

I am sure Coffee Bean corporate will handle all necessary aspects of cleaning out Obama's terrorist infestation of my favorite of all of their shops.

Sadly, because I had to hand those unholy (expletive)ers their own unholy (expletive)es by "monologuing" to address all of the boldfaced lies they kept screaming at the crowd of my lovers and believers all morning, Obama's proven pathological perjurers pretended the previous night's Late Show broadcast I was watching at the time was the leak instead of Obama's own terrorists who were screaming at the entire coffee shop at the time.

My theory is that was why Obama's cyberterrorists blocked me from watching my darling Mr. Craig Ferguson, darling Mr. Jon Stewart, and darling Mr. Stephen Colbert ON HIS LAST BROADCAST EVER after I started addressing Obama's own terrorists' screaming libel.

Due to my being denied the viewership pleasure of watching my middle-aged White men, I was on the bus by 9:41am straight back to my isolated oasis where I quickly partook of my daily scheduled midday sleep not to awaken until 2:52pm due to a local's drone which was delivering him a Subway sandwich.

I speedily sought out bandwidth. It was a great day for Twitter...

4pm exactly. Who was just arrested for no other reason than Dirty DA Lacey's TANTRUM (proper use of the word)? Check on "Markus." #18Then26Then30Oct2014

My local street musicians whom I have named, to myself at least, as Tentacle started at 4:44pm. The night was already showing the potential to be a long and dramatic night, so I was beyond grateful for beginning with some undeniable meditation.

Maybe someday all of Tentacle and I will be able to hang out and have a real conversation, but right now, they only get to play for me because we do not. I must admit, we have an intimate enough connection with each other as it is.

After Tentacle's first set, and at approximately 5:48pm, Obama's proven conspiracy of proven enemies of America repeated their old repeatedly-debunked perjury that they need to guaranteed destroy my perfectly sane, globally needed, and incorruptibly benevolent mind in any controlled environment they can get away with because "Squid has power" (that no one around here listens to otherwise this conflict would have had a peaceful resolution by now).

I prayed that Ugwuji's countercharges were suitably blistering for that absolute depravity. I prayed the courts granted us injunctions to be able to arrest and prosecute those actually guilty parties.

That justice would both enforce that all of these ACTUAL crimes against all the world by Obama's proven enemies of America would finally end but would also calm down and help stabilize the furious masses of the entire world.

I also followed up with this message at 6:11pm...

"#24Oct2014 If I had ever in my life ever committed a crime, I would have been instantly arrested for it.

Obama's proven enemies of America always refuse to allow me to know what they intentionally falsely accuse me of because according to Obama's rules, if things do not happen for REAL in my REAL life, I am always forbidden from knowing about them.

Can you say "witch hunt used to coverup war crimes of literal torture, systemic rape, human trafficking, mental health genocide, and unlawful imprisonment used to silence all 'inconvenient' truth in America"?

#19Dec2014 It is too dangerous to control me ever!"

There was no alarm until 6:54pm after which I sent help to everyone who might have possibly been dying under Obama's proven iron fist at the time.

As was our habit, my NSA alpha nerds made sure I could watch the evening's previous NBC Nightly News at 7pm PST the moment it posted online in its completeness. That night, my daily metaphorical hug came from darling Ms. Natalie Morales, and it was wonderful.

I checked in with whom I call Tentacle after the news and before I hopped on the first bus to the campus town outside of UCLA. I was long overdue for some affordable Americanized Chinese food. I also needed to leave a note to keep Los Angeles personally up-to-date. I took care of both of those goals by by 9:10pm.

So much of my ACTUAL life is the exact opposite of "spy activity." I get the most done by communicating to all of humanity as much of what goes on for real and what will go on for real in my life as possible and by making myself as obvious and conspicuous as possible at all times.

Leaving a personal note for all of Los Angeles on the back of my bill is included in my complete-opposite-of-what-spies-do-for-real standard operating procedures since Obama put me in this "egg" in 2009.

While I was waiting for the bus, at 10:07pm, I sent help to all people possible after hearing alarms again.

In no time, I was in the loud yet silenced company of whom I call Tentacle again. They were in the process of plugging in cables when I arrived. I also hugged He-Man when he walked past me at 10:34pm.

I only like to go out to bars, regardless of whether or not I will drink any alcohol, when the locals are there. I make a point of never socializing in bars on Friday and Saturday nights since those are always amateur nights. That Friday night was no exception.

You see, I had promised in my last blog post that I would give Ye Old King's Head in Santa Monica a second chance after their absolute catastrophe at accomplishing whatever insane objective they had by inviting me there previously in the week.

I even gave Ye Olde King's Head advice on how to not look like such incompetent imbeciles when I showed up for their second go at whatever they needed from me. Also as my effort to give them enough time to prepare adequately for my return there, I stopped to meditate until Tentacle was willing to stop playing me live and physically amorous music.

And, oh, did I meditate. Thank you, Tentacle.

At 11:26pm, they decided themselves to stop playing, as much as I could have spent all night with the universe in control of every movement of my solitary body. I told them, "See you tomorrow. Another day in the office," as I left. My darling Mr. Alan Rickman, please share with everyone the letter I wrote to you in 2010 about my "office in Santa Monica."

Shortly after establishing our understanding that we would commune with the universe again through music, I traveled to and arrived at Ye Olde King's Head where a Jennifer Garner looked-enough-alike served me a Coca-Cola with no ice but a lemon.

Sitting there quietly while observing the crowd, the only person to approach me all night manifested at 12:20am. Since when is telling a drop dead gorgeous and completely emotionally healthy woman sitting alone at a bar, "You look sad," a pickup line?

My whole time there was completely absurd. I have no idea what they were trying to accomplish, most likely because it is very difficult for me to understand malevolent people with no sense of reality.

But whatever Ye Olde King's Head attempted, no matter how hard I tried to make sure they would just save themselves instead, they failed as imbeciles for refusing to listen to my advice at all.

About the third, though it might have been just the second time, their dance macabre to Tom Jones' "Delilah" began, my sweater coat came off. I actually had to make my physical presence felt by those psychopaths. Peaceful resolutions take many forms.

Finally, at the end of the night, the old White man, whom I had been metaphorically bending all time and space around since he had told me his entire goal all night was to "kill time," told me something along the lines of, "We'll see you in five or six years," as I was picking up my computer bag of holy relics and historic objects priceless to humanity to leave, as if I were the criminal in the conversation.

By 1:53am, I was cozying up to a cup of coffee and getting ready to finally add all of the play-by-play commentary possible to all of my day so far since I published my last blog post.

There were still the enduring irrational-denials-of-all-reality intentionally fabricated false charges and quackery allegations threatening to destroy all of humanity because they were threatening to destroy me with any controlled environment that Obama's psychopaths could coverup, as if the world would believe the coverup anyway. But Ugwuji fixed them all up nicely anyway.

Even at 2:07am, the moment the latest well-documented modus operandi of collusion against me to enforce intentionally fabricated false charges against me in order to be able to coverup war crimes against me cleared, the local fire department was so worried about the next irrational-denial-of-all-medical-reality torture facility threat of FURTHER war crimes against me that they showed up in person to warn me.

I blogged into the wee hours of the morning until He-Man, who was instructed to put up a fa├žade pretending I have ever on my life been a hooker just to be able to spend time with me again, showed up. We went for a walk.

I always promised that whatever hoops my friends have to jump through to be near me, I will cover their cover story and protect them for being good to me. It looked like He-Man was so worried about my physical safety after all of the planned ambushes of the previous night, that he agreed with Obama's conspiracy to pretend he would intentionally misconstrue an evening in my company to frame me for prostitution with just to be able to keep me safe from those same jackals one more night.

As always, my local lovers and believers, please make and keep him safe for keeping me warm and safe if even just for one night of just his left arm around my waist. He might need lawyers, bodyguards, etc. after this. And I would love for him to turn in his evidence against whomever thought they could control him into fooling me into sullying my pristine reality. Thank you.

Particularly, He-Man needs funds within his cover that will allow him to spend money on me platonically. That does not take a mindreader. Locals, what can you do to help him? Please do everything possible. And thank you.

As always, my not-human-trafficker nerds, make all the verified and barely-edited videos you want of my 19Dec into 20Dec2014 of all the brave displays of love to idiotic displays of hate. Giggle, nerds. Giggle.

After watching the final broadcasts EVER for The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson and The Colbert Report at 8am in a hideaway in Santa Monica on 20Dec2014, I felt a little abandoned by the end of the era for television, but the world keeps turning, right?

I checked in with my SquidSwimmers, and I enjoyed my daily scheduled hours of sleep from, and I do not make this up, 11:11am to 1:23pm on my regular perch at the Getty Center nested in the hills above Los Angeles. You can check my eyecamera to verify those were the real times.

The Getty Center was very interested in discussing the reality of war with me as well as my clarification, as good as an expert as anyone else, as to whether or not this really was the Christian's Book of Revelations.

As far as I can tell, this is another example of metaphor and global conscience: fires, floods, earthquakes, trumpets, the day of judgement for all of Obama's conspiracy which will end all of our suffering under this "egg."

Please do not take the Book of Revelations too literally, my beautiful world.

1:54pm "IRREFUTABLY EVIL IOWA, the irrefutably most evil people in all of human history, MUST be forced to take their increasingly bloodstained hands off me at last. Look at the most heinous crimes known to mankind that they force on me with their undeniable self-appointed entitlement to destroy me for Obama and for absolutely no other reason. Look at what IOWA is willfully willing to inflict on all of humanity from mental health genocide to the potential complete collapse of the US fiscal system just to be able to keep committing all of THEIR beyond-proven crimes against me as long as the world will continue to let them. World, how much hard evidence does it take? Iowa must be stopped!"

I was on the bus back to my dedicated playland by 3:47pm. There were minimal new alarms for direct threats to me due to irrational-denials-of-all-medical-reality before I arrived at 4:44pm. I started at the far end of the pedestrian area greeting everyone there just to spread the love through whatever means they knew, and at 5:12pm, I found they whom I call Tentacle right where they said they would be.

My beautiful world, with every absolutely absurd activity I get caught up in from amateur night at the local bar to catching Obama's terrorists in coffee shops lying to the masses, please show great love and affection for my three street musicians in blue jeans. They are keeping me as zen as humanly possible through all of this.

I had technical difficulties with the complimentary wifi all night while simultaneously receiving all-clears for intentionally fabricated false charges and denial-of-all-medical-reality torture facility threats all night.

At 11:17pm, they whom I call Tentacle were removed from my presence as if by invisible whips and chains that branched from the trees and threatened their very existence. Those earspeakers are spooky as all hell in all of you out there in the public.

My beautiful world, were my dear, sweet friends whom I dubbed Tentacle put in danger of losing their liberty for becoming renowned for creating the footwork for peace in the world by guaranteeing I could meditate every night?

Is Obama and his proven conspiracy of proven enemies of America so opposed to genuine peace and stability in the world that they are taking criminal measures of persecuting Tentacle to prevent me from the sacred and in most religions holy act of dance trance here where I stand among my people and touch the sky?

Please, my beautiful world, speak with the City upon whose landmark we daily and nightly meet to commune with the cosmos and help them take whatever legally binding action necessary to make sure they can still play me and all the public music here.

If you need the 1st Amendment to the US Constitution to accomplish this, I recommend reading it to dirty LA District Attorney Jackie Lacey if necessary.

Shortly after trying to tweet a legal rescue effort for they whom I call Tentacle as fast as possible, I ate a slice of cheese pizza at 12:10am. Syn, if you would like to send them our legal team, I would greatly appreciate it. It was as if they were physically removed by invisible forces from my very presence that night.

Sitting in the Steak'N'Shake, I was stalked by an irrationally egotistical twat. At 1:38am, I actually needed to turn her in to our burgeoning database of Obama's suspected terrorists for future investigation and prosecution. She was that seethingly delusional and malevolent.

My not-human-trafficker nerds, please boost the volume on every word she uttered in the Steak'N'Shake and release a verified and unedited recording with full visuals and enhanced audio of her entire time in the fast food eaterie. We need her removed from society as fast as humanly possible.

At just about 3:38am, my (exaggeration) vegetative coma from the drugs in my slice of pizza finally dissipated. One energy drink would have cleared it faster, but I just chose to wait it out in a public place dedicated to keeping me safe.

Once my no-longer-drugged-against-my-will (Imagine how much worse my food and drink would be in any controlled environment.) brain returned to me, as requested, I queued a few hours of Incubus on shuffle while I finished fleshing out and polishing up this post.

From me to "Markus" via Facebook chat at 5:27am...

"All you have to do is rsvp to this invitation from me as your acknowledgement that you are joining me here for coffee for this conversation to create the legally binding loophole to allow you through to reach me. As long as you, Markus, give me awareness you will show up in my life, you must be permitted to."

This blog post was published at 7:47am on 21Dec2014.

And now, my beautiful world, I answer all of your questions for me. Please keep collecting all questions and concerns from all your friends and loved ones and sending them to me through whatever means possible.

What is the paper trail behind all of my money? Because of all of my inhumane and unrelenting suffering under Obama's "egg" since 2009 which Obama's proven conspiracy of proven enemies of America kept enforcing with even more lies and even more crimes instead of by ceasing lies and ceasing crimes, as the leader (as consultant) of my legal team, I have earned over $2T in just compensation for all of my suffering just so far this year. Please stop pretending this is not work I do in here 24/7.

In April2014, when I reached $8B, I knew that would be all of the money I would need to carry humanity through global climate change, so I asked my BFF and my husband to give all of the rest of my court-ordered just compensation to the survivors of my brave rescuers in case anything would happen to kill them.

My beautiful world, my darlings whom I have dubbed (as metaphorical knights errant) Tentacle have been, if I can still detect hidden electronics as well as I could in 2010, broadcasting our nightly metaphorical contact with the universe as they enable my ability to meditate. Have you seen us?

My brave rescuers, on 20Dec, after sleeping for hours in their garden, I absorbed the WWI exhibit at the Getty Center in which they took the art used to glorify war by the national leaders trying to recruit volunteers and compared it to the art made by the soldiers who actually lived through all of the atrocities and realities of war.

The exhibit raised a lot of concerns... beyond the question I addressed earlier about whether or not I believe we are living through the Christian Book of Revelations right now.

Every time we, as a world, lose any of you, I consider it a personal failure. I know my burdens in this world. I understand I MUST make our Earth worthy of every one of you whom we must live without forevermore. This is my dharma.

And if for any reason my beautiful world fails to keep me alive until you can reach me, I'm 2009, I gave my successor, my world famous BFF Syniva, an axiomatic system to use as guidelines for solving global crises as effectively as I have always done while alive for carrying on in my place making the world worthy of all of you.

With all of our promises to each other made and signed in tougher stone than of what we ourselves are made, my brave rescuers, tell me and tell my beautiful world what you need to carry out your self-appointed mission with as few of you dying as possible.

I was told you would reach me in a matter of days or weeks from today. Please remind my loving locals and believers of my 15Dec2014 blog post in which I listed five simple objectives that would guarantee I survive these cold days into weeks until you can finally reach me.

SynSyn, Amita, and Ugwuji, our all-encompassing argument since WE are the ones with all of the hard evidence that all attempts to hospitalize me (and I have only ever been hospitalized) since Obama took office have all and only ever been war crime coverups and there has never EVER in the land of reality that Obama's proven conspiracy of proven enemies of America proven never acknowledge been ANY grounds to ever even suspect me of any mental illness ever since Obama took office.

All we have ever needed to prove this is my verified SquidStream (which is why Obama's proven enemies of America will break every law possible from local to international to silence this fountain of hard truth for the world), our "Safety Video," the "Torture Report," the hard evidence I always have been and only will be denied all REAL medical care inside Obama's "egg," and our court history of all of the intentionally fabricated false allegations ever used against me all only as collusion to proven literally torture me, proven guaranteed systemically rape me, etc in any controlled environment Obama can get away with covering up unlawfully imprisoning me in for the rest of my life.

My genius Powers of Attorney, it is beyond redundantly proven that my human rights and as many liberties as possible for my mind and body are critical to maintaining my proven perfectly sane and proven completely emotionally healthy self as well as beyond vital to the proper functioning and stability of the world.

Look at the world. Unlawfully imprisoning me anywhere will destroy this entire world.

The Queen's Champion, "Markus," all you have ever needed to do was be close enough to touch my hand again. The world understands this now. Then, we could talk about everything to do next.

Markus, at your request to have a conversation with me about our relationship-if-it-can-be-called-that buy me coffee this Sunday morning 21Dec2014, so we can discuss the following six optional paragraphs you already asked me to delete.

...I understand why you "break up" with me then "make up" with me every day. Darling, with us forbidden to be together at all whatsoever you have only ever been my SYMBOLIC "lover in the afternoons," anyway. I warned you that night all those weeks ago that I would own you heart and soul if you kissed me. I warned you.

I think it is time we ended this forced-to-be-a-charade-due-to-geography. Please, never give up on me. No matter what you need every time you have an emergency, especially with the law, I will ALWAYS take care of you. And I have faith you will NEVER stop trying to reach me either.

Just actually go out and do something enjoyable with your time, too, instead of just risking your life all day and all night every day and every night just to try to be near me again.

I know what you do. Trust me. I know what you do out there. We have both crossed the Rubicon.

But I have no idea what to do with a romantic attachment to two undeniably loving men both willing to die moving heaven and Earth just to save me from Obama's "egg." If you reach me, we can talk about this again. And, yes, I will continue to do my best to open windows as best I can for everyone every day.

Until then, go sleep your way halfway across Los Angeles if you want to.

When this door opens between two people the way it connected us, it is open in both directions. So trust how much I have always and will always truly care for you but will hold you obligated for nothing towards me...

Sweetness, I love and adore you. I do not even know where to begin right now. There is so much that needs fixing.

I REALLY need that hotel room that is completely NOT controlled by Obama nor his conspiracy and that even Queen Elizabeth II of England has not been able to arrange for me in here inside Obama's egg herself.

I need food. I need money. I need a place to stay. I need clean drinking water. I need a change of clothes. And I need NONE of any of this controlled by Obama nor his rules.

HoneyHoney, please keep reminding everybody that $7 a day is the ONLY money that Obama's rules permit me. He and everyone who enforces his rules forbid me any and all gainful income and employment; otherwise, I would already have the $2T I earned myself just so far this year.

Sweetness, our priority is finding me a safe place ABSOLUTELY NOT CONTROLLED BY OBAMA NOR HIS CONSPIRACY to sleep, to eat, to shower, to abide, and to work online.

Beloved, you can help by continuing to work on convincing War Criminal Wells Fargo Bank to finally recognize our legal marriage, so you can just give me my own money in my own bank account finally. You can do the same with Bank of America, so they will finally give me access to our joint accounts that you even put my social security number on since WE ARE LEGALLY MARRIED.

Until then, all help you give me, my king, has to cross the eggshell into my reality through my mother. Our priority is arranging the hotel room for me that Obama cannot control at all whatsoever.

Darling, I will receive my $50 for the week tomorrow, Monday, 22Dec2014, after which I will blog a scathing (expletive)kicking of EVERY member of Obama's conspiracy of enemies if America, just like I do every Monday.

But, Obama's conspiracy will NEVER relent only complain that we press charges against them for every crime they commit. Please do everything possible to find a way for me to finally have safe food and safe shelter for the first time since 2009.

You are my husband. There is no one else I can burden with help with this other than my mother whom you would still have to do all the arrangement-making for anyway.

Thank you, my irrefutably loving and adoring husband.

For some reason, with all the horrors and terrors in my REALITY, all anyone cares about around me, particularly the gym I trusted with my physical privacy, is making pornography of me that I am forbidden from knowing about and have no way to escape.

Thank you, my hero and my king, for actually having genuine concern for me at all. It is so rare. This is why I married you.

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