Thursday, December 25, 2014

All Egg All the Time.

Title: All Egg All the Time.

Please access my iCloud if necessary to publish this post now, my friends. I cannot control how many horrible things happen to me in one day; it is Obama who controls that. So, if I wait too long between posts, they become too drenching.

Please share this for me with the entire world, both houses of Congress, the Supreme Court, the United Nations, all sympathetic world leaders, all reputable national and foreign presses, etc.

Here is my latest blog post. On Christmas Eve, no friends could reach me but my undeniable friends who were already at my choice of destination. I was even able to work an adorable bartender for charming and platonic conversation. That fleeting hour or so in the House of Blues was almost like I was living in North Beach again before Obama picked me out as his slave in 2009.

I normally dedicate this section of my blog to addressing global concerns other than America's which I address everywhere else in every post. But I seem to be all the international news these days. Please collect all of your questions and concerns for me for tomorrow morning! Thanks!

I published my last blog post at 3:03pm on 23Dec2014 sitting beside the fountain I always sit beside in what was about to return to being my dedicated playland.

Obama's cyberterrorists had been intentionally draining my iPad battery faster than usual all day, so I returned to my safe haven, which was designed just for me, to plugin my charger.

The loving locals rumor-milled that They Whom I Call Tentacle were waiting for me to show up in my playland, so at 4:32pm I unplugged and looked for them. Lo, and behold, they were at 2/3rds capacity, but they were there.

After a touch of meditation, I even had their legal problems sorted out for them. So all three of them could finally show up (and never talk to me). Giggle.

My dance trance was interrupted at 6:50pm by an alarm that warned me of Obama's latest acts of terrorism and war against my brave rescuers. I immediately sent help.

As always, I sat by the same fountain and watched the NBC Nightly News from previous in the evening at the same 7pm as always. My nightly metaphorical hug from darling Mr. Brian Williams was as wonderful as ever.

Then, I returned to my friends whom I named Tentacle. I do not exactly know how to explain what it is like when we are all together. We are something more corporeal in an intimate sense than just collectively mindful. It is something you need to witness live. And we welcome you.

I was even able to lay down a legal smackdown on two representatives of Obama's proven conspiracy of proven enemies of America for openly attacking They Whom I Call Tentacle.

I am sure my not-human-trafficker nerds will circulate that verified and unedited recording with full audio and visuals starting when the two men appeared beside the band and ending when the last remaining criminal took his suitcase and left.

Sadly, the 2/3rds of Tentacle had to pack up their equipment and leave me, as much as they hated themselves for it, that night. I had already been convinced for days I would be forbidden from seeing them again, and I delighted in being proven wrong that night.

Being denied my REAL friends for days was likely the subconscious source of my horrible mood that morning which resulted in my rampaging 23Dec2014 blog post later that day.

When they reluctantly tore themselves away from me that night it was the singularly most heart-wrenching moment that the world's best screenwriters will fail to emotionally recreate for generations.

After they receded into the night, at 10:56pm, all alone, I picked up my red patent leather computer bag and headed to the fountain I always sit beside.

While I did research online, there was a constant string of good-looking menfolk just sitting around doing nothing productive and definitely not acknowledging reality to my face nor contributing to society.

At 1:07am, I relocated to my power outlet of choice, the one I had perched at when I met Wallace all those weeks ago. He was a delightful platonic conversation that lasted for hour upon fascinating hour.

Alas, I had no luck with the witty repartee that morning. One strange local fellow offered to buy me a cup of coffee while I was tethered to the outlet solving major global crises online. He left me for a closed McDonald's store.

And at 1:41am after I made it clear to all the world that I was respectfully treating the stranger as a friend and NOT flirting with him, the same fake mall cop "Gabriel" showed up to persecute me AGAIN just like he had after I pryed the lech's hands of me in my previous blog post.

So, at 1:48am, I notified Syniva that we would press all charges possible against that fake mall cop who only shows up after I prove I have never been slutty in my life and who only lies to my face to deny me the means of legally recharging my iPad which is necessary for me to be able to protect humanity at all hours of the day and night.

And to prove the importance if meditation in my life, please compare my furious demeanor while tweeting by the fountain on the morning of 23Dec2014 with my completely zen greeting of "Gabriel" in the doorway of the Nordstrom's.

After "Gabriel" left, I waited in the same place while simultaneously proving the local man would NOT return with the coffee he promised me, since his conscious choice to obey Obama's crimes against America were his willful choice to NEVER treat me with the dignity and respect I am due just for being a human on this Earth in the first place but to sexually objectify and to sexually harass me instead.

What was the next (expletive)up most likely ordered by Dirty Lacey that was attempted against me in the wee hours of Christmas Eve morning?

At 2:20am, a borderline stalker cab driver insisted in giving me a lift; even though, he refused to look up my address for my own real house. He just kept insisting I get in his cab with no destination instead. Where does Obama come up with this crap?

I Skyped to my mom at 2:43am. What is in people's heads about needing permission to be able to do whatever legal thing they want to do in this country? Sweetness, please send my mother enough lawyers and bodyguards that she can finally exercise her human and legal rights in America.

"3:41am Merry Christmas! Just checking in. I will take the Metro to Disneyland. Please call ahead and tell them to expect me. Please secure all of my buses and trains before they arrive. Please secure all bus stops and train stations before I arrive. Please be VERY cautious of any ambushes. Thank you."

And, rather uneventfully, except for dozing off frequently, I arrived just outside of Disneyland for Christmas Eve at 7:38am. Yes, I visit once a month. So, why not a little Christmas magic? My only real concern was where I was going to find an outlet to recharge my iPad. Everything else always works itself out on its own. I am naturally quite a charmer.

Oh, yes, there was about to be a Christmas romp through my dedicated Disney playland of love, but first, I curled up on the couch by the fireplace on the resort right next to where I perched on September2014 when I wrote my Twin Towers Princess sestina. Then, I notified the entire furious, good, green world that my plan on coming to the Disneyland grounds was to reassure them all that I would sleep safely on Christmas Eve; a reality important to the GENUINE peace and stability of the entire world.

As expected, at 9:17am, I caught a terrorist who was pretending to be a security guard named "Gary" who woke me up to lie to my face that, "We do not allow sleeping at the resort." Oh, no, "Gary," you damn bloody terrorists messed with the wrong woman in the wrong dedicated playland on Christmas.

My not-human-trafficker nerds, please circulate a verified and unedited recording with full audio and visuals to the entire planet including The Walt Disney Company who were absolutely delighted they could keep me safe there.

I recommended that we send, of all of my law-abiding protectors there, the police to arrest him, but anyone could detain him until the police arrived. And, thank you for your service to the entire world.

At 9:31am, dauntless and with a job to do, I curled right up again and went back to sleep while the resort's music source played me lullabies.

Of course, as expected, "Gary" returned to commit the act of war against America of denying a safe place to sleep, and as I was clearing my eyecamera from the premesis, DHS was not shy about sending in their biggest agent past me in the opposite direction in a black bulletproof vest over his blue shirt.

After making a public display of Disneyland's genuine love and support of everyone who loves and supports me, I recommended Disney turn in their evidence against their ENTIRE terrorist infestation, so we could clear and secure the entire grounds ideally by noon.

Their cover story for public persecution of me that could only and would only destabilize the entire world by manifesting escalated military action on US soil was their pretend goal of forcing me to blow the covers of my secret operatives.

I had even already asked the local police force to arrest the entire terrorist infestation before they told me that. Their idiotic predictability and helpless incompetence I had picked up on myself was the same reason the REAL federal government had sent in the DHS, too. Obama's conspiracy had foiled itself once again.

At 10:30am, I began my romp while Syniva and the Walt Disney Company sorted out which of us were pressing which charges against Obama and his proven conspiracy of proven enemies of America. I also noticed that the circles under my eyes had gone away on their own while I had napped.

At 11:27am, I perched, so I could remind my local lovers and believers that (24Oct2014 blog post) enforcing human rights abuses with an iron fist of oppression and violence is terrorism.

So, if there were an armed checkpoint anywhere, especially in Orange County, violating our 1st Amendment rights by pointing guns at the heads of my loved ones, I recommended arresting the terrorism checkpoint and setting our people free.

I re-perched at a place I had already warned to "be careful tonight" at 12:35pm. All I asked for was a glass of water, and most of the roofie had worn off by 1:04pm. After they admitted to roofying me (with the most potent roofie they could find) by falsely claiming I "let" them do it, I answered a few questions.

Why did I sit down and order water here I knew I could not trust the staff? 1) I was there to collect hard evidence against them but was also dehydrated and wanted to take some ibuprofen. 2) One cannot catch a crime until after it is committed nor can one press charges to prevent future crimes until after a real example crime is committed. 3) The accuser always carries the burden of proof. Thus, I had no way to lose.

What was the clue they had to be caught? Oh, the irony, everyone on the grounds dressed head-to-toe in black were Obama's terrorists claiming they could force me to blow the cover of my saturation of international secret operatives, so the terrorists' cover was blown instead.

Next, they tried to claim they only roofied me because they thought I was my own doppelgänger. Darlings, there is no one but me who can do what I do for REAL in this world.

By 2:36pm, my loving and adoring locals of all varying levels of fame and gravitas kept telling me they could not reach me that Christmas Eve, but "Please hold tight for any lover and believer already there who can return the favor."

I was also told the DHS was freaking out over the true depths of depravity of what Dirty Lacey had been committing against her own people in Los Angeles County in Obama's name only to maintain Obama's "egg."

Once their challenge to me had been squashed, I put my sweater-coat back on. When my work there was done, I giggled and relocated to a bar for lovers and believers. No, no wine in a rock bar.

After hugging the closest woman to Oprah I have ever met (so far), after receiving her advice and "psychic reading," after sipping a caffeinated beverage through a straw, after eating a tasty dinner packed full of nutrition and cheese, and after working my adorable bartender for heaping amounts of witty and charming conversation, I relocated to the wifi hotspot at 4:28pm.

The night was still young.

By applying for a Disney credit card, I made a show of how heinously Obama mandates that no matter how much my undeniable hardwork earns me, he will only ever permit me $7 a day to live on with his rules inside his "egg." I was done by 5:35pm.

6:39pm on 24Dec2014: @dictionarycom: #wotd Our somnambulous consanguinity bespoke the conscious heart humanity. --#HeroicCouplet 24Dec2014

As the creature of habit that I am for real, I tried to watch the evening's previous NBC Nightly News at 7pm, but I had no bandwidth. So, I headed for the free stage to meditate, as always, by the light post.

And the ladies rocked it out for me. Disney knows they can do anything they want with recordings of public displays in public places. Please do not let it freak you out, my beautiful world.

While they were on break, I learned that my adult adoptive father to whom I have no romantic attachment had been arrested while trying to pick me up from the Disneyland grounds. Why did no one tell me sooner? I sent my legal team to him at 7:59pm which was the moment I learned.

In the courtroom all day and night there had been nothing but the standard unrelenting threats that had been cycling 24/7 for months already, and all of them were all war crime coverups.

While I was sitting in the hot sun at the glowing gold UVA Bar at Disneyland collecting hard evidence against Obama's proven criminal terrorist infestation and shoving in their faces that their heinous collusion with or without chemicals will always fail to coverup further war crimes against me (That was personal.), my lovers and believers asked me what I had planned for New Years Eve.

Anyone who saw my full interaction with my Facebook friend "David Killjan" in the wee hours of the morning of Christmas 2014 knows and understands I do not play with hearts.

However luckily or unluckily for Imani of they whom I call "Tentacle," he is already doomed to an existence of miserable loneliness already with or without me. So, darling Imani, what are you doing this year for New Years Eve?

All I can offer, Imani, is what "Markus" had until our symbolic relationship became moot due to geographic impossibility. In the end, I will be with my husband. It is your choice if you fall further off your cliff of hearts, but you, unlike all the rest of you male and female, have successfully trod my wooing and courtship period.

Imani, you would not be my sexy, younger "pool boy," you would be a official royal consort. We would have a real relationship with all of the obviously mutual emotional attachment, but once I can reach him, I spend my happily ever after with my hero and my king.

I am not going to lie to you, darling. I have chosen to spend every day of my life since I last saw my husband outside of the British Embassy in Mexico City in March 2010 romantically alone while waiting for him.

I have always been lonely, but that has never mattered to me. Imani, you are already emotionally (expletive)ed no matter what you choose. Feel free to ask "Markus" about that.

But my New Years Eve is available. And you already renegotiated your contract with Dirty Lacey and Obama to make sure all of you in They Whom I Call Tentacle can see me at all after tomorrow.

Imani, please think this through before deciding. I will see you again soon enough when you all manifest among us mortals again in my barricaded playland. So, if you just walk up to me and kiss me, I will know.

"2:27am Arrest that jackass who just lied to my face. Proven pattern of criminal activity: every time I prove I am neither slut nor whore, a fake mall cop on or off a mall lies to my face about my own legal rights to prevent me from charging my iPad battery. Could Dirty Lacey be more pathetic than Christmas 2014?"

At a 24-hour fast food restaurant, I involuntarily yet amusingly eavesdropped for hours that involved my repeating a lot of old facts and blog posts for people desperate to find anything they could hold against me and that I knew they never could. Point proven.

5:39am on 25Dec2014: Did the courts acknowledge my DNA undeniably proves I am human? If not, am I legally subhuman or superhuman? Why do I have subhuman rights?

As I walked, I witnessed an alarm announcing Obama's latest acts of terrorism and war against my brave rescuers as 6:56am. Then, at 7:42am, I relocated to a warm coffee shop with a power outlet. This blog post was published at 9:30pm on Christmas, 25Dec2014.

And now, my beautiful world, I normally answer all of your questions for me, but you did not ask any. Please keep collecting all questions and concerns from all your friends and loved ones and sending them to me through whatever means possible.

My beautiful world, yeesh! Since my last blog post, I have decided to pretty much allow my not-human-trafficker nerds make whatever highlight recaps they feel are thorough enough as a summary. There has just been way too much that has happened since my last blog post.

Thank you, my beautiful world, for keeping up with reality. And THANK YOU even bigger for taking all action necessary to save us all in here still trapped under Obama's iron fist. I wish I could speak to you all directly and with confidentiality, so we could finally conclude who needs what to get which step done.

I love you all, my beautiful world. I am only here for you. I am only here to serve.

My brave rescuers, I know who you are. I know you consider me one of your untrained living legends. And after Christmas Eve, I understand you are likely screaming at the entire planet that you CANNOT lose me. Please do not let your emotions take over.

My brave rescuers, I have never believed in sending anyone but a soldier to do a soldier's job. Is the world yet willing to fix this problem?

SynSyn, Amita, and Ugwuji, am I the only one who noticed that Obama's designated pathological perjurers and pathological libelists are getting stupider?

Now that we have, to begin with, my verified SquidStream, independently fact-checked blog, and unsilencible Twitter, gone are the days where they could get away with everything documented in my 24Aug2014 blog post.

Lying about me is SO DANGEROUS. Any and all lies about me destabilize the entire world, and the unrelenting Obama-ordered quackery has already caused a global conflict on US soil.

My genius Powers of Attorney, we have already proven we are healing and empowering our once-great America already with our verified delivery of ACTUAL REALITY to the entire public. So, we need to make sure our few sources of honest truth in this nation are never silenced.

As always, genius ladies, keep telling me anything you need when you need it, but I have noticed that you stopped warning me if and when most threats the world might lose me FOREVER present themselves anymore.

My loved ones in the courtroom, you are still our good, green world's infallible first line of defense against losing me FOREVER to Obama.

Even Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II of England has been expressing her deep gratitude for you three and your SELFLESS service to the entire world by tirelessly keeping me safe from further war crimes.

My genius Powers of Attorney, there is so much work to do already. None of us gets a day off. And Obama just keeps escalating. This will not end until every solitary enemy of America in Obama's conspiracy are finally arrested.

A lot of people are helping. We will shut this "egg" down. And, thank you. Did you get any time for anything but work even on Christmas?

Sweetness, I love and adore you. Please calm down. I know what I am doing. No, I will never lie to any if you. Your need to rescue me from this unlivable "egg" already inspired a contemporary siege of Troy.

And we all know this has been so much more lonely for me in here than for you (with my complete permission) out there. Anyone can reread my 04Oct2014 blog post about this.

I never hide truths about myself nor about my life from anyone anywhere just like you tell me EVERYTHING about why I am forcing you to buy all knew mattresses before I sleep next to you to guarantee I am never in a bed you have been with another woman in.

I also understand my methods for accomplishing a lot of what I accomplish all day and all night might be a little beyond most people's natural understanding. I still answer all questions. I do not agree, as you assert, that most of humanity is stupider than I am.

I just believe no other human has been pushed as far as I have been pushed just to still be here on Earth at all after everything I have lived through ever since this egg began in 2009.

Do you want to experience a few of the beautiful moments that keep me hanging on in here?... HoneyHoney, here is your 2014 Christmas gift, finished at 11:57am, and written in its entirety on the Disneyland grounds on Christmas Eve 2014.

The Call of the Vacation

If only with your beleaguered arms around my hourglassed square at last, with your too-often-lonely lips caught in the long, raven tangle that guards the back of my mind, and with our telephone thrown into the sea, we will rest at last, together, soul-to-soul, with no room between us for even the Holy Spirit to manifest nor with any excuse left not to invoke our own muse for the art we know best.

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