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Hell in a Hand Basket

Title: Hell in a Hand Basket

Please access my iCloud if necessary to publish these notes now, my friends. I cannot control how many horrible things happen to me in one day; it is Obama who controls that. So, if I wait too long between posts, they become too drenching.

Please share this for me with the entire world, both houses of Congress, the Supreme Court, the United Nations, all sympathetic world leaders, all reputable national and foreign presses, etc.

Here is my latest blog post. Obama's clinically-diagnosable psychopathic desperation had been permitted to spiral into psychosis for so long by all of you out there who insist on letting him spread more lies under a façade of negotiation rather than finally lock him up in prison for there rest of his life that the world is in the state it is now, especially America.

Australia. It is always when the human experience is at its darkest when we see the brightest flashes of our own light. After the hostage situation in the café in Sydney, Australia, the public showed their love of their diverse others.

Such stories of genuine goodness and humanity in the midst of so much horror and tragedy is what it means to me to be human.

I published my last blog post at 4:44am on 13Dec2014. With absolutely no honest explanation why, Obama's proven conspiracy of proven enemies of America silenced my proven closed-circuit security system which we call my SquidStream, something NO ONE has legal authority to do but me, my husband, and my Powers of Attorney.

Shortly after 5am, I entered a nearby McDonald's for only the second time EVER since I fled The War Criminal Gables for my life, and ambulances and police cars started showing up. While right in front of me at the door, the "security guard" told the "manager" that, "They say she even took the Myers-Briggs test."

And, I immediately made sure my SquidStream would be running in order to force some accountability on my surroundings to which I am completely vulnerable without a verified and live SquidStream.

I asked Amita and Ugwuji to check for any ambushes, and the police and ambulances left just as quickly as they had arrived.

My beautiful world, despite any and all progress we make, Obama's escalating psychopathic desperation is going to keep us even more busy until his entire "egg" of absolute depravity comes down completely.

And then the McDonald's was flooded with protectors for me who had all varying degrees of membership in the private sector.

I tried to watch the NBC Nightly News from previous in the evening, but there was not enough bandwidth. So, I left the McDonald's. I found He-Man on the sidewalk rushing to the scene in his beach sandals with two people in tow whom it seems beyond-proven were members of Obama's proven conspiracy of proven enemies of America that had been sent to keep track of He-Man, but exactly who sent them is still under investigation right now.

I hung out with the two of them who quickly became three of them since after I flat out told them not to ever sexually objectify me, a random woman showed up to join us. I stuck with them mostly for the conversation; I am constantly starved for conversation, and at a different nearby fast food restaurant they bought me two tacos for breakfast while I watched my darling Mr. Jon Stewart and darling Mr. Stephen Colbert from Thursday night.

Sadly, the one who called himself "Gabriel," most likely because he wanted to get me pregnant for the first time in my life, became so physically forward, I was forced to prove there was NEVER any physically possible way for Sweetness, "Markus," nor Jim to have ever possibly assaulted me.

I am a VERY gentle person, especially physically. Have you seen my muscle tone? I am 230lbs of muscle in a Misses size 14 dress.

Please, my not-human-trafficker nerds, circulate a verified and barely-edited recording with full audio and visuals starting with the moment I walked in the McDonald's to the moment I got up from my daily scheduled sleep in a public place where people could watch over me and reported the torture facility alarm online.

Can anyone else say, "Jackie Lacey has a well-documented modus operandi of intentionally fabricated false charges used to demonize brave innocents, so she can enforce Obama's war crimes against me and Obama's crimes against his own people?"

By 8:46am, my first involuntary 'entourage' had followed me to a park bench overlooking the ocean after I had already walked away from them. There were many strange things afoot at the Circle K.

I laid down for my daily scheduled sleep before 9am. It was interrupted twice by the other "man" sent most likely by beyond-proven dirty District Attorney Jackie Lacey, though who sent them is still under investigation.

#TortureFacilityAlarms! Don't care what perjury. #RazeWith01DecAnd28Oct #SafetyVideo #TortureReport Their only motive is torture & rape.

By 11:50am, it was obvious Obama's proven conspiracy of proven enemies of America were intentionally refusing to allow me to sleep because the torture facility alarm went off. I sought out secured wifi to report the crimes including having both men in my involuntary 'entourage' arrested immediately.

Again, my not-human-trafficker nerds, circulate a verified and barely-edited recording with full audio and visuals starting with the moment I walked in the McDonald's to the moment I got up from my daily scheduled sleep in a public place where people can watch over me and reported the torture facility alarm online.

Please also tell He-Man that I took care of whom Obama's proven enemies of America had sent to tail him.

Who sent those men who kept sexually harassing me? Obama's proven conspiracy of proven enemies of America. Who tried to non-medically justifiably unlawfully imprison me in a controlled environment guaranteed to destroy me and to remove me from my loving world immediately due to a supposed "threat" posed to me that they sent themselves and that I had already proven was physically incapable of harming me? Obama's proven conspiracy of proven enemies of America.

My theory is Dirty DA Lacey sent those two incompetent Neanderthals. But, please haul them in to investigate them. Their own stupidity was their weakest link in that morning's chain of collusion. Please put someone safe with He-Man for me.

At 12:24pm, I began catching up with my online friends. However, due to Obama's escalating psychopathic desperation, at 12:34pm, Obama's proven enemies of America caused a false alarm in order to "emergency" evacuate my daily wifi hotspot, as if anyone needed them to commit more crimes against the public just to prove I am always right about everything.

I relocated to a power outlet that my selfless support system were not shy about expecting me at. The next desperation alarm was at 1:27pm. It was an abduction attempt by ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa that Amita made sure was mitigated immediately.

The next vigilant warning was at 1:38pm. It was a torture facility threat which, if it succeeded, would have destroyed America immediately under the stampede of the furious world to rescue me from such coverup-will-never-work-anymore-on-the-noncorrupt boldfaced quackery to (non)excuse proven war crimes.

After being convinced by my REAL crosstown friends and family that I needed to relocate sooner rather than later, I checked in with my selfless support system and hopped on the first bus.

The transit ride was nothing but alarm after alarm. For full details, please check my Twitter account for the day.

I was perched at a tried and true safe spot by 4:38pm where I was asked to wait for anyone to reach me, and I was told everyone tried. And thank you, my friends. There was epic progress out there in the real world, but here inside Obama's "egg" there was nothing but Obama's escalations.

I direly need a safe and not-Obama-controlled place to sleep, eat, shower, abide, and work online as I wait until complete "egg" destruction or "egg" extraction. My beautiful world, please try. I have yet to hear any explanation for my not being allowed a hotel room that "my mother pays for."

I waited there for hours with the entire world trying to reassure me that disaster would be completely averted that night. I did not expect anyone to magically appear. For years, I have been told, "Hold on, we're coming," and not once has help ever arrived.

Of course, it turned out I was right, and no one did show up. Maybe, my beautiful world, instead of trying to reach me, you all should give me a verified address of someplace I can take myself.

The global drums are louder. The world is freaking out. Please, world, give this place enough protection to give me a hotel room to wait in.

Of course, Obama's iron fist over the entire nation is so heavy and so vile, my own friends could not even arrange a hotel for me at their own NBC Universal Studios. That is how much terrorism there is here, my beautiful world. Please save my people.

I checked in before relocating, and after a delightfully uneventful transit ride, by 3:42am, I was back at my late night haunts charging my iPad and waiting for my local friend whom I call He-Man to show up.

No, He-Man did not manifest across the street from where I was perched to be able to keep a not-so-secretive eye on me, but someone who looked like him did. Also, that was already a few hours into my absolutely wonderful early morning conversation with a local Navy Vet named Wallace.

Our absolutely (no gratuitous use of this word) awesome conversation lasted hours. He finally left me after buying me caffeine and breakfast while we talked until the sun came up. By 6:46am, I was back at my power outlet across the street from where the man who looked like He-Man was sleeping in a doorway.

My not-human-trafficker nerds, I have no idea if anything can be edited out of our conversation at all. So, please release a verified and unedited recording of my entire conversation with Wallace with full audio and visuals possibly in a few sequential parts. And, thank you.

While I was catching up with my TweetHearts, guess who manifested at 7:03am! Yes, I won the "office pool" from a few days earlier. He-Man appeared at 7:03am.

He-Man had found flowers somewhere. I made him promise to help me establish a local mailing address the following day before he went about his Sunday. He was looking a little sheepish.

"8:57am Amita, please tell Obama's quack (expletive)holes and corrupt judges that I will keep experiencing sane and natural emotional reactions all I want. If they do not want me to have extraordinary emotional reactions from screaming to defend myself against unrelenting and inhumane public persecution 24/7 to crying at being forbidden ALL of my loved ones, the only LEGAL thing they can do is end my extraordinarily horrific living conditions.

Yes, you rat (expletive)s, end the (expletive)ing "egg."

My natural emotional reactions are a sign I am sane, but your disgusting remorselessness over your unrelenting pathological quackery and aiding and abetting of beyond-proven war crimes against me by unrelentingly libeling me as anything but perfectly sane and completely emotionally healthy especially under Obama's unlivably cruel "egg" which you unconscionably prop up with your blitheringly incompetent quackery 24/7 actually is a symptom of your own criminal insanity.

And for trying to mandate that I am no longer permitted to show these signs of my sanity any longer, I pray the entire world screams at you for the rest of your lives."

Yes, my beautiful world, Obama's clinically-diagnosable-as-psychopathic total control obsession with me now includes his deciding which emotions I am "permitted" to feel.

Take all necessary action to remove from society FOREVER every (expletive)ng (expletive)er everywhere trying to pretend there is any reason to need to control me at all. Talk about the definition of human rights abuses used as acts of war against America!

Amita and our legal team cleaned up that mess after I checked in with my selfless support system and relocated. Yes, my beautiful world, I understand my responsibility to open windows every day. And, Amita was stellar in the courtroom.

At 10:56am, I was in Downtown Los Angeles trying to look up where that big fire had occurred the previous week. I never found it. So, I curled up beside (not in) a garden for my daily scheduled sleep. I was watched over by the entire Downtown Los Angeles who even played music for me to help me sleep.

I woke up naturally at 12:49pm from my afternoon nap. I was hoping to sleep longer, honestly, but there was something in the air. I was barely plugged into the wall at the Central Library before my selfless support system sent me back to my adoptive homeless home. Basically, I had taken the long bus ride into downtown to nap and return.

My transit took me through the stunning Union Station, and by 4:14pm, I was taking a musical romp through my "playland" full of lovers and beleivers. My not-human-trafficker nerds, please circulate a verified and barely edited recording with full audio and visual of my time rustling up street musicians.

End the recording with the choir of Mennonites (if they give permission as according to their religion) and include my looking in the full length mirror. Make sure there is a separate recording for all of my meditation. Thank you, darlings.

Here are some of the Twitter highlights...
1)The downtown area of the city I called my "adoptive homeless home" had rendered themselves an oasis for me since none of my friends nor rescuers could reach me there.
2)Refusing human rights destabilizes society; it never secures anything.
And finally, 3) please reread my 03Aug2014, particularly point #4. There is no threat from Obama to kill me, just torture and "test" on me in any possible controlled environment he can unlawfully imprison me in.

As I mentioned before, I looked in a full length mirror to establish what I look like for real. Then, I headed to the band with no name to meditate. I am sure there were plenty of cameras around. Thank you, my not-human-trafficker nerds. for editing together the best recordings with full visuals and audio of all of us.

After their first set ended, at 7:48pm, I caught up with my online friends again before watching the news at 8:30pm. If I could read minds (and I cannot) I would have believed how deeply concerned my darling Mr. Lester Holt is for me right now. I did hit the global panic button on 05Dec. It was already 14Dec, and absolutely nothing was getting better.

At 9:02pm, I returned to my band with no name for more meditation. And at 11:57pm, my friends in the band had left, and I had returned to working online. Once I had caught up with all of my online friends, I ducked into a warm business to wait. But they had low bandwidth, so I walked back out into the cold shortly afterwards.

It was a very strange night...

A VERY degrading and insulting man refused to leave me alone because he "appreciates [my] rear." I immediately asked Syniva to press full charges against him. Obedience to Obama's rules is NOT an acceptable way to treat me.

A fake security guard told me I was not allowed to use a certain outdoor power outlet. I immediately asked for him to be investigated. Please ask Nordstrom's, the owners of the outlet, to take all necessary action against him.

"Markus" and various of my other crosstown friends and loved ones tried to reach me but failed. Ugwuji had an epic win in the courtroom. And a taxi driver tried to pick me up but not tell me where he would take me.

My beautiful world, please investigate and prosecute in whatever court possible the fake security guard and the taxi driver (Independent Taxi Service car #245 on 15Dec2014 at approximately 2am). Thank you!

My not-human-trafficker nerds, please circulate as soon as you can a verified and barely edited recording with full audio and visuals of all of this strange behavior from the morning of 15Dec2014.

Then, I called my mother to help with arranging housing for me.

Next, a large and insulting man with no reality in his head made a point of having a conversation with me to find out how much I trusted the city I was in. He also wanted to know why I press charges after every REAL crime committed against me. Um, yeah. I press charges because the crimes were committed in the first place and always will press charges after all REAL crimes committed.

I suspected him immediately of being a high ranking member of Obama's proven conspiracy of proven enemies of America. I asked the CIA and US Military to work with the local police to get him off the streets and investigated.

When he left, the last thing he said to me was, "We will fight the old lady." Which, to me, could have only meant, he thought I was my own child follower of my own adult self. Then again, all devotees of Obama are clinically-diagnosable as insane anyway.

My not-human-trafficker nerds, please circulate a verified and unedited recording with full audio and visuals of the entire exchange immediately with the entire world including my request to have him investigated. Syn, do what you want with him. Thank you, everyone.

I was working online when two dirty police officers told me to leave the city I was legally abiding in. Please, my not-human-trafficker nerds, circulate a verified and unedited recording with full audio and visuals of the entire exchange.

They left by 4:39am. And then my SquidStream suddenly went dead. I was told the two dirty cops who had even refused to tell me their badge numbers called an ambulance to pick me up and abduct me to a literal torture facility in ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa.

I asked my beautiful world to please take all immediate action necessary to protect me from all of that conspiracy to commit war crimes against me and to make sure it would never happen again. Thank you, Senator Feinstein, world leaders, United Nations, etc. for contacting everyone necessary to save the world from losing me FOREVER.

After begging for help online, at 5:43am, I arrived at the Hammer Museum to wait for the all-clear on that torture facility threat that had panicked the planet. That all-clear came at 6:23am.

What else happened in those hours of morning while I sat on the steps of the museum?

A) Obama's pathologically-perjuring enemies of America tried to take my SquidStream down because it both offers me tangible physical safety and catches all of their crimes against all of us.

B) Obama's conspiracy also lied their (expletive)es off to silence this blog which has already won a Nobel Peace Prize due to my service to my world.

C) I still needed a place that was not controlled by Obama's conspiracy at all to safely stay in while waiting for the world to extract me.

D) Sweetness and "Markus" were both upset about the other. That was baffling. The most I had ever done with either of them was kiss them. Then again, I did warn both of them I would own them heart and soul if we progressed romantically.

E) And ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa had decided to refuse me any and all of my own money ever again.

By 9:23am, I had perched at a bakery to be able to recharge my iPad while vigilantly checking my bank balance for ANY deposit of my own money at all whatsoever from War Criminal Boeset. I eventually needed to call my mother to ask her to deposit whatever money OBAMA would let her get away with giving me.

At 9:40am, I sent this message to "Markus." I had asked him the previous night if he was okay after failing to reach me every time he tried. I thought I finally figured out the solution to that problem as well as to all my crosstown loved ones risking their lives to rescue me every day and every night...

"Update: I asked my gung-ho lovers and believers in the US Military to arrange a die hard LAPD escort for you to finally be able to reach me. I have no idea if that means you will be at my side under terms from Obama or with no strings attached. That is in your hands, not mine.

So (Squid clears her throat.), assuming the military and the police do not let the country down and assuming they also want to make sure no more of my brave crosstown friends and family risk their lives all day every day and all night every night due to my beyond horrific living conditions,...

What are you doing tonight after work?"

Shortly before 10:13am, a deposit of $50 for the week (That is $7 a day.) finally posted to my checking account. So, I ordered a tasty brunch. I had been living on so little money for so long, I had forgotten how good food feels.

There was no new torture facility warning until 10:36am that progressed into a full blown torture facility alarm by 11:22am. Amita took care of it.

The blog post was published at 12:50pm on 15Dec2014 when I looked like this...

And now, my beautiful world, I answer all of your questions for me. Please keep collecting all questions and concerns from all your friends and loved ones and sending them to me through whatever means possible.

Am I okay? Calm down. I understand you have the hard evidence from The War Criminal Gables now that I was sedated and raped in my sleep there at least twice since July2014.

Particularly because Obama's "egg" forbids me any and all REAL medical care, I have since 2009 taught myself how to heal and survive this, particularly the systemic rape. I just need ample non-drugged food, shelter not controlled by Obama, a chance to meditate regularly, the ability to touch the ocean, and my loved ones.

Any GENUINE concern for my well being will not force further proven human rights abuses on me in the forms of Obama-mandated quackery nor Obama-mandated removal of further of my human rights but will instead give me my own friends and loved ones immediately.

Is the world failing me? No. My beautiful world, everyone looks at my penniless, homeless, starving, practically possession-less, miserable, and unlivable life inside Obama's "egg," and says, "Why have we not been able to give Squid human rights yet?"

But please understand, this is so much better than life in any controlled environment and so much better than the four years I spent in ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa. You have been very successful preventing either of those global tragedies from ever happening again. For that, I am very grateful.

No, my life is not livable, but it is lovable.

The only times I can think of when people failed me is when they failed to listen to me. This all would have been solved by now if people listened to my warnings and took my advice since 2010 when I started problem solving as my career.

My beautiful world, there are a number of things we direly need in here....

1) Most of the horrors of my life would be fixed permanently if ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa were removed from my life FOREVER as well as ending their fictional pretense that I have any supposed mental disability at all whatsoever. How many REAL state residency laws does it take? Iowa NEVER had jurisdiction over me nor does it now.

2) We need an end to all of the modi operandi of collusion and perjury to enforce literal torture facility threats and intentionally fabricated false charges not only against me but also against everyone who stands up with me while all of the dirty prosecutors, dirty county attorneys, etc. simultaneously revel in their and all of Obama's proven conspiracy's corruption and impunity.

3) We need all earspeakers removed from all people's heads immediately. We need the full truth broadcast in all media. We need fountains of reality and protection including my SquidStream and my blog completely protected. Succinctly, we need the truth made legal again and all of Obama's conspiracy's perjuries and calumnies made illegal, instead of the other way around.

4) We need EVERY member of Obama's proven conspiracy of proven enemies of America arrested and removed from society FOREVER. I established three never-fail steps to absolution to be able to save and protect as many of them as possible, but so many direct threats to this entire world (because they are direct threats to me) refuse to ever take Step 1: Cease all crimes.

5) I need enough finances under my own power to feed myself, clothe myself, and provide for myself again. I need a safe place that is completely NOT controlled by Obama nor his conspiracy in which I can sleep, eat, shower, work online, and wait for the world's successful extraction of me from Obama's "egg" at last.

My brave rescuers, the whole world knows and understands that your number one priority is saving me from Obama while my number one priority is saving America from Obama. If we could convince our world leaders to take care of any and all of the five objectives I listed above, I know I will survive until you reach me.

The United Nations has been worried, in particular, that they are failing me. Fixing those five things, so I can survive until you can reach me, my brave rescuers, will do wonders for all of us in here. I keep telling myself I just need to be myself to survive this. But I also need help in here with these five objectives.

SynSyn, Amita, and Ugwuji, the world will never be able to thank you enough. You are our never-fail first line of defense against the world losing me forever. If you need anything ever, just send details. That is how our team works.

Also, Syn, I failed to give you full details as soon as possible about "Markus." Thank you for being someone I can ALWAYS trust to protect me. I promise I will elaborate sooner on ambiguous topics next time. I apologize for any confusion. That was my fault.

Also, my genius Powers of Attorney, it sounds like the entire world is in agreement that allowing "Markus" into my life with or without terms from Obama will solve my housing and food crisis that ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa enforces over me. Solving this crisis will help stabilize the world, especially America.

Sign no paperwork as my representatives concerning any living arrangements for me. Let the romance define the romance. And trust me, I know what I am doing. Open doors between souls are open in both directions.

Sweetness, I love and adore you. I understand you have some completely normal and human paranoia right now that you might lose your loving and adoring wife to a man actually capable of being physically near her. I went through this too with you and Amber.

Beloved, just keep loving me. I promise I will write to you with every spare second I have when I am not trying to convince the entire world to listen to the same peaceful solutions I have had for fixing this "egg" since this "egg" began. I wooed you with love letters, and that is how I plan on keeping you, too.

Also, darling, as unnatural as it will be for you, my king, you have to get along with "Markus" just like I get along with Amber. We are all on the same side. We are all necessary to all of us surviving this. Trust "Markus" to keep me fed and housed, etc. at the cost of whatever indignities he must suffer himself to be good to me, just like you do, HoneyHoney.

I WILL touch you the way the flowers kiss the rain. There is nothing that can keep flowers out of the rain.

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