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Welcome to the Team, "Markus." You Have Even Been Demonized by Obama's Pathological Perjurers and Pathological Liars Already!

Title: Welcome to the Team, "Markus." You Have Even Been Demonized by Obama's Pathological Perjurers and Pathological Liars Already!

Please access my iCloud if necessary to publish this post now, my friends. I cannot control how many horrible things happen to me in one day; it is Obama who controls that. So, if I wait too long between posts, they become too drenching.

Please share this for me with the entire world, both houses of Congress, the Supreme Court, the United Nations, all sympathetic world leaders, all reputable national and foreign presses, etc.

Here is my latest blog post. Since my last blog post, basically, I have been rocking out to damn good music while trying to save everyone's life by liberating everyone out from under Obama's totalitarian rules.

Even more loving and adoring friends are being kept away from me while others sneak in and instantly become zombies due to their earspeakers. I still need a roof over my head that Obama does NOT control. My beautiful world is working on a lot with me right now.

Iraq and Syria. My beautiful world, from what I can tell about ISIS and their high-budget online propaganda, unlike Obama's high-budget online mental health genocide, ISIS does not have a psychopathic power and control obsession like Obama does.

ISIS is a political campaign that uses its depraved violence as a tool to spread its influence through a Machiavellian rule by fear, where as Obama's iron fist is only here to keep himself from losing totalitarian power and control at all costs of human rights, law and order, peace and stability, precious taxpayer resources, and priceless human life, losses to both America and to the entire good, green world.

This means, unlike Obama, ISIS can be reasoned with. What if some benevolent peacemonger (Squid clears her throat.) whom for some strange-bedfellows reason ISIS have already volunteered (and were refused) to die to rescue from Obama suddenly re-aquired enough of her own human rights, rights she should have had all along just for being a human on this Earth in the first place, and sat down to talk to them as fellow humans?

I have carried out some powerfully persuasive acts in my life. Is it worth it to the world, not just to the prosperity and stability of the entire Middle East, to allow me to attempt to explain to ISIS, through whatever understanding I can attain of their motivations, that they will actually have more power and influence over the entire world if they were NOT blood-lusting violent beheading-broadcasting monoliths of terror?

For reasons beyond my own comprehension, ISIS publicly proclaim they love and adore me. Why cannot I use this to speak to them on their own terms of power and influence to change their culture?

My beautiful world, please speak with the United Nations and the US State Department about my REAL curriculum vitae of years of peaceful global crisis resolution, so we can see how fast the world can finally rescue me out from under Obama to allow me to do my REAL job serving the entire good, green world until I retire.

I published my last blog post at 1:10am on 11Dec2014 after clearing my mind for most of the previous evening through meditation. At 2:26am, I called my mother, and, no, she had still not made ANY arrangements for me to have a place to stay.

My beautiful world, please reread my 07Dec2014 blog post about this and make sure my mother, my husband, my BFF, my lovelies, and the United Nations, if necessary, can finally put a roof over my head that is NOT controlled by Obama nor his conspiracy.

Please hurry. Thursday, 11Dec2014, was my seventh day homeless.

I perched right by my fountain all morning waiting for alarms to help mitigate. I entered our "office pool" with the guess that He-Man would make his morning appearance right by my side at 7:03am.

Check my Twitter account for the drama of the morning.

When it was clear that I was wrong and that He-Man would not show up for a while, I honored a request to hop on the bus to meet my adult-adoptive father. Sadly, he could not make it. But I did have a delightful talk with a Park Ranger.

-----Begin Email Content-----

From: Squid B. Varilekova
Date: Thursday, December 11, 2014
Subject: Now that Sweetness is out of jail because I am NOT dead...
To: Squid's Mom
Cc: All my Lovelies...

Please, my mom and my lovelies, have my HoneyHoney arrange a room for me here:


I know him. He will not tolerate less for me. I will stay here until anyone can rescue me from Obama's egg or until the egg comes down completely.

Of course, our cover story is that my mom got me the place to stay indefinitely.

Please notify the NSA, so they can secure the wifi, cable, etc. in my room.

Please notify the US Military and CIA, so my selfless support system in plain clothes in the area can secure the building, the hotel staff, my room, etc.

Please notify the United Nations, mostly out of courtesy.

Once I am safely checked in there, notify the foreign and national media, so the whole furious planet can calm down.

Please keep the local police in the loop. In case of emergency, they are the only people I can directly contact, especially if my SquidStream goes down.

Thank you! Please, everyone, do not expect someone else to notify Sweetness. Please, everyone take care of this.

And, thank you.


-----End Email Content-----

I called my mother to follow up on this email, and she assured me that everything would be taken care of. I quickly checked in with my selfless support system and relocated back to my normal daily wifi hotspot.

As much as I wanted to take my siesta, it looked like rain. So, my NSA alpha nerds securely connected me to wifi instead. And I thank them sincerely for their invisible heroics. Kissing GENUINE nerds is a lifestyle choice of which I approve.

I caught up with my TweetHearts and Facebook friends. At 2:03pm, I attempted to watch my middle-aged White men from the previous night, but none of my apps for streaming television were working anymore.

The courtrooms were non-stop lunatic denials-of-all-reality intentionally fabricated false allegations against all brave innocents everywhere all day. Obama's proven conspiracy of proven enemies of America had committed themselves to compulsively failing even faster and even more often. I reminded Amita and Ugwuji to tell all of us out here whenever they needed us.

I put about 45 minutes of Incubus on shuffle while writing poetry and catching up on global crises, etc., so I could receive metaphorical hugs and kisses.

My mother had asked me to call her at 4pm PST, so I did. While I was on Skype with my mother trying to explain to her how globally-critical it was to find me a hotel room to stay in until a rescue could finally reach me, alarms of all shapes and sizes started blaring.

There were probably many reasons for the alarms of all shapes and sizes. There was major global military action being taken at the time just to extract me from Obama's dictatorship and to bring me to a land, any land, where I could have human rights for the first time since 2009. My crosstown loved ones had been vigilantly and unrelentingly trying to reach me in large numbers at all hours of day and night since 05Dec2014.

And, since my loving and adoring planet was attempting to arrange my first safe living arrangements since Obama took office, Obama's clinically-diagnosable psychopathic desperation was willing to propagate any lie possible and break any law possible to keep his totalitarian control over me and over America.

I trusted that every diverse member of my selfless support system would keep me safe; Amita and Ugwuji were wielding REAL science and ACTUAL medicine with appropriate accuracy and precision in the courtroom, and the dedicated national news media were calling every big name on the planet to make sure I could finally have a safe (not-Obama-controlled) roof over my head for the first time since Obama took office.

It takes a world to save a world.

I was waiting since 05Dec for someone anyone anywhere to finally make sure I could finally have a safe and internationally secured hotel room to sleep, eat, shower, abide, and work online in until my world could come rescue me from Obama's egg at last and I was about to spend another night with nowhere to go just this time under the driving rain.

That early evening while waiting for my beautiful world to make sure my mother could send me the details of the hotel room to make sure I could check in that night, I left my wifi hotspot after watching the NBC Nightly News at 7pm.

I perused the local street musicians before finding the [no name] band that had helped me meditate the night before and let my soul loose on them for yet a second night in a row. One or two songs before 9:26pm, I was engaged in one of my favorite activities in all the world-- dancing in the rain.

The manager of a local fast food restaurant offered me shelter from the rain until they were done mopping the floors at approximately 1:30am. They were wonderful.

Then, under the eaves of their doorway in the wee hours of the morning, I continued to try to arrange a completely-out-of-Obama's-control longer-term hotel room to wait in until my beautiful world and/or crosstown friends would be capable of reaching me at last while simultaneously and with just as much transparency trying to calm down all of humanity on the terms of a shorter-term living arrangement for me that my selfless "lover in the afternoons" who calls himself "Markus" was willing to sacrifice himself on for the good of all the world just to put a roof over my head.

Cuddlebunny taught me in 2009 that after I kiss people, they become magically bestowed with bad-assery with the solitary mission of saving the world by being good to me.

Of all the menfolk (and there have never been any womenfolk) Obama has sent into my life to flirt with me since I last laid real-time eyes on Sweetness in 2010, "Markus" is the only who has ever turned my head.

You all saw how hard I threw down for "Markus" in my 09Dec2014 blog post. After I converted Cuddlebunny from my Obama-sent systemic rapist to my first ever bodyguard with one conversation in Specs over Makers Mark (I had Cuddlebunny by the time our witty repartee reached the Gordian Knot, and I did not so much as even kiss him until after I woke up safely next to him the following morning.), I tried explaining such behavior in a snailmail letter to a trusted friend as, "When you open that door, it is open in both directions."

I care about "Markus" every bit as much as he cares about me, just like I care about Cuddlebunny every bit as much as he cares about me, and just like I care about Sweetness every bit as much as he cares about me.

From what I can tell, darling "Markus" is in constant emotional turmoil right now over not being my husband, over knowing after this "egg" ends I go directly to Sweetness for my happily ever after, as well as over not knowing how to help me nor protect me from any of the constant and unrelenting suffering Obama's "egg" forces over me.

Yes, all of that is churning in the heart of the man who told me that I "need to live in the moment." My darling "Markus," Obama forbids us from being together, too; even though, Obama sent you into my life on purpose specifically to cause a romantic disturbance in my marriage. If it is any consolation, I have made love to you, "Markus," just as many times as I have to Sweetness.

Sadly, on the morning of 12Dec2014, yes, sadder for my world of darlings who love me, neither accommodations worked out. Syn, Amita, and Ugwuji kicked unholy (expletive) in courtrooms all across America all night and into the morning, too. Our world leaders kept drumming their metaphorical drums louder and louder. My brave rescuers kept dying. My crosstown friends and family kept getting arrested. It was nothing but Obama's iron fist over all of us.

My not-human-trafficker nerds, whether or not you can get a hold of the security camera footage of my night under the eaves of my lovers and believers' fast food restaurant all night to edit in with my eyecamera, the world would love to watch my entire morning of global pleas for help and indirect negotiations.

Who are we to let down the fans? Please have fun putting that morning together for everyone with an accurate timestamp in the corner of every frame. Include the man who tried to offer me "shelter," so the police officer around the corner could pick me up for "prostitution."

Please circulate the verified and artistically-to-preserve-reality edited recording with full audio and visuals just as soon as you can put it all together. And, thank you.

To clarify, my beautiful world, my "lover in the afternoons" whom I have yet to make love to anyway, "Markus," was still kept away from me by Obama's iron fist even after every indignity he agreed to suffer just to be near me, feed me, and shelter me until I could be rescued.

About this, my darling "Markus," take your full evidence of everything you have against Obama and his entire conspiracy of proven enemies of America to never-fail Syniva, and let her do absolutely anything she wants with it to protect humanity as fully as possible from Obama.

"Markus," you just need to focus on finding a way to help me survive until I am rescued from Obama's "egg" or until Obama's "egg" comes down completely. Leave the courtroom to the experts. And welcome to the team.

While it was still raining at 5:45am, it was well-established that a lot of different people all over the planet were all trying to arrange a safe place for me to stay, yet ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa tried to abduct me back to the most evil place in all of human history AGAIN, contemporary Iowa.

With grace and intelligence, Amita and Ugwuji took care of it. Particularly after the entirety of my December2014 blog posts so far, thank you, my beautiful world, for doing everything possible to finally force Obama's ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa to take its increasingly bloodstained hands off me at last and, hopefully, soon.

At 6:30am I relocated to a local haunt that I thought He-man might be able to reach me at. I was used to his just walking into my morning every day, and 12Dec2014 was my second morning in a row of not seeing him. I am a little worried about my completely-platonic-yet-very-caring friend He-man. Please check on him, my beautiful world.

A darling regular customer who had wandered into the haunt volunteered to buy me breakfast after asking me how I was doing. He bought me a gourmet sandwich and a fresh orange.

I knew I had been having problems for days with proper hydration, so I also asked for a glass of water before I left. That was how I figured out the tap water was why I was having such huge problems with keeping myself hydrated.

I quickly found a dry patio table to nap upon for two hours while the rain still washed the Earth clean and until I had my iPad plugged in and charging at my daily wifi hotspot by 10:02am. I quickly made sure my lovelies were fully caught up on everything that had happened since I left my wifi hotspot the previous evening.

I watched as many of my middle-aged White men as I could before I was so tired that I left for my daily hours of REM in a public place cautiously watched over by my lovers and believers in the public. My nap began at 12:42pm, and I woke up naturally at 3:36pm.

I returned to my wifi hotspot immediately to learn that, still, all of my brave rescuers and my crosstown friends were being violently kept away from me by Obama's iron fist.

There was nothing but even more desperate depravity by Obama's entire proven conspiracy of proven enemies of America...

4:43pm "Modus operandi of #IntentionallyFabricatedFalseCharges against me and those helping me survive this used as persecution, hate crimes, crimes against America, etc.

Nothing new, just Obama's dirty prosecutors same-old always-fail witch hunt crimes as always. It sounds like Lacey threw a tantrum.

Prepare Amita and Ugwuji for days of (expletive) kicking. Syn, collect our hard evidence, and do every beautiful thing you do best. Thank you!"

My wifi hotspot was about to close, so I sent my selfless support system ahead of me at 5:21pm before I relocated. Transit was slow but very safe. I was hugging my darling Mr. Todd Taylor at his show that night by 7:32pm.

I have so many friends in this town. All you have to do is get me in the door for free, and you know I will be there to hear you play me whatever music you have been dying to make sure I can hear. And if I was able to find food that day, I will even be able to meditate.

As "Josh," whom I suitably greeted as an old friend on Tuesday and who is probably not used to having to be the one to pursue the conversation with the drop dead gorgeous super genius sitting next to him, knows, I have been telling all of you to "be your own cover band" and "be your own doppelgängers" since 2010.

The music started well before 8pm, and the night was legendary. My darling redeemed jackal Mr. Brian Francis left in anger even before he could play his set with Todd, but my darling Mr. Todd Taylor bought me two cranberry juices and a Coca-Cola with no ice just like I asked him to before he had to go back to his home at 10:57pm.

If there were ever a poster child for "Quothe Doris Day-- Everybody loves a lover," it would be my darling Mr. Todd Taylor.

The chemical effects of the ice in my cranberry juice finally wore off by 10:59pm. The city waterworks needs its machinery checked from start to finish to find where the nefarious chemicals are entering the city water supply.

Just before 11:22pm, a sorry excuse for a man singled me out for degrading condescension and the masked hostility of subjecting me to his brazen obedience to Obama's rules. He would never have treated any other human on the face of the Earth as disgustingly as he treated me.

Syn, he is a low priority, but we press every possible charge for that boldfaced victimization of me. With any luck, he will not come up on the queue until after we can get criminal charges finally.

That was not an acceptable way to treat me. Feel free to circulate how well my darling Mr. Todd Taylor treats me as an example of both acceptable and exemplary behavior around me. And, thank you.

For hours while I was at the show, I had been told, "Troops are ready to move at a second's notice..." My beautiful world, when the calumny that Obama's proven pathological perjurers propagate is THAT far away from reality, how am I supposed to figure it out without someone telling me?

When I walked to the bus stop, I finally learned why the troops had been telling me all night they were going to march with or without orders. It was Obama's proven conspiracy of proven enemies of America's well-documented and repeated modus operandi from their well-established pattern of criminal activity.

This time, they had framed me AGAIN for crimes I am even forbidden from ever knowing ever occurred, if they ever did, and were using that collusion to coverup war crimes against me including but not limited to proven torture, proven systemic rape, proven human trafficking, proven unlawful imprisonment, proven silencing of my freedom of speech by removing me from my world that loves and needs me, etc.

Ever-moral and ever-genius Ugwuji caught it and cleaned it up without my ever learning what I was framed for YET AGAIN.

I was at the bus stop checking in at 11:43pm...

"11:43pm Just checking in. Thank you, my land of lovers and believers, for a safe night that existed only to sooth my burdened soul. I will take the Metro to my nightly haunts. The sky is clear. I just need to keep warm. Thank you for securing my buses before they arrive. Thank you for securing my bus stops before I arrive. Thank you, my lovers and believers, for everything. I am working on relieving how much Obama terrorizes you."

I was seated next to the fountain for the night by 1:37am. I admit, there was a little singing to myself while I blogged for humanity. There were a few alarms, so I sent my beautiful world to rescue everyone who needed us every time.

This blog post was published at :pm on 13Dec2014.

And now, my beautiful world, I answer all of your questions for me. Please keep collecting all questions and concerns from all your friends and loved ones and sending them to me through whatever means possible.

After I started meditating again, I heard a lot of you ask, "What does Johnny Depp have that I don't have?" There is only one answer to that question: He has me.

My beautiful world, you are furious. I understand you are furious. The only thing that will calm this entire world down is ending Obama's entire "egg" of public persecution, war crimes, witch hunts, denial-of-all-medical-reality coverups, totalitarian rules, terrorism, and impunity.

Providing me a roof over my head completely not-controlled by Obama nor by his conspiracy or forcing all quacks and dirty prosecutors to finally cease all attempted war crimes against me FOREVER would be the two best short-term ways to calm down the entire planet, too.

Obama's constant threats to me are too dangerous to this nation, to our home metropolis, and to the world.

These constant and unrelenting most heinous crimes known to mankind are only committed against me so Obama's proven conspiracy of proven enemies of America can maintain their "egg" of totalitarian oppression, continue their mental health genocide of the public, satisfy their clinically-diagnosable obsessions with control, keep themselves in power, and never have to face justice.

My local lovers and believers, keeping me as fed, as warm, as free, as surrounded by love, and as safe as possible at all times will do wonders for keeping peace in the world right now.

Please stop allowing Obama's proven pathological liars to propagate boldfaced calumnies anymore that they only ever used to manipulate all of you into victimizing me for them to make their totalitarian revoking of your own human rights palatable to you.

My brave rescuers, I hear your metaphorical drums all day and all night now. If the people actually around me would have just listened to me, we would have had our peaceful resolution by now.

There is so much break with actual reality in my people's heads as well as their being so completely terrified of what they fear will happen to them if they disobey Obama that absolutely none of my peaceful solutions are being taken up. If we could just remove everyone's earspeakers and broadcast the full truth on all media, we would have attained a free and stable America by now.

And because of this, my brave rescuers, you are dying.

Everyone around here keeps asking me, the publicly persecuted, penniless, starving, homeless, human trafficking and systemic rape victim, to make everything change for them. Yet, they STILL refuse to listen to every suggestion I have given them all for years on how to fix this for REAL. I am NOT the hold up in bringing change around here.

SynSyn, Amita, and Ugwuji, you have all known as well as I have always known that our legal action has never once been about the money; it has always been about establishing their guilt after every offense.

The more blistering the civil settlement, the more guilt we established for them for every crime once we are finally able to press criminal charges. Yes, keep pressing every blistering charge possible.

Thank you, so sincerely, my gorgeous and genius Powers of Attorney. The more we are demonized by proven libelists and proven perjurers, the more truly magnificent we must all really be. May Obama's enemies of America's ulterior motive behind every calumny speak all the truth for us.

As for our last tidbit of housekeeping, my loved ones, do you remember my denim jacket with the Balclutha patch that I "accidentally" left at the Department of Motor Vehicles in Compton?

The DMV is a state office, so now the State of California owns it. If they want to sell it to a collector to pay off a large hunk of the state debt, that is California's choice. Otherwise, I am sure the Smithsonian would love it.

Sweetness, I love and adore you. You already told me how absolutely disgusted you are with how unlivable my life is here inside Obama's "egg." Please do not forget my 11Dec2014 blog post. This "egg" of nothing but horrors and terrors you have risked your life and liberty to rescue me from since January 2010 has never been more livable.

HoneyHoney, we will get me from here to your lips. The entire good, green world will not settle for anything less. There is so much to help that anyone can do, but look at these people all having mental breaks with reality!

Sweetness, you still have a very long Honey-do list. And now that you have human rights, you can actually take care of everything on it. Please keep telling me everything you need.

Beloved, your priority right now, since you finally have human rights of your own, should rightly be any and all action you can take to make my survival of this "egg" of horrors and terrors more livable. And, thank you for loving me especially after every horrifying crime Obama committed against you only for loving me.

I WILL touch you the way the flowers kiss the rain.

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