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Are You All Okay Out There? I Understand the Entire World is Panicking Over the Reality of my Life in Here.

Title: Are You All Okay Out There? I Understand the Entire World is Panicking Over the Reality of my Life in Here.
<> Please access my iCloud if necessary to publish this post now, my friends. I cannot control how many horrible things happen to me in one day; it is Obama who controls that. So, if I wait too long between posts, they become too drenching.

Please share this for me with the entire world, both houses of Congress, the Supreme Court, the United Nations, all sympathetic world leaders, all reputable national and foreign presses, etc.

Here is my latest blog post. My beautiful world, we need a bandaid solution that provides me with a safe place to eat, sleep, shower, abide, and work online as soon as humanly possible and while I wait for any rescue from anyone possible to finally reach me. And thank you.

The entire good, green world. Thank you for all of your love. I learned that many of your peaceful protests from San Francisco, California, USA to Athens, Greece turned violent in the wee hours of the morning on 07Dec2014.

Please remember, my beautiful world of love for everything genuinely good in this world, do not allow Obama nor his proven conspiracy of proven enemies of all the good, green world including America to destroy our homes.

The whole point of our standing up is to protect ourselves, protect our world, protect our nations, protect our homes, and protect me from Obama's "egg" and all of its proven human rights abuses used as acts of war against us all.

If you destroy our homes by standing up, Obama still wins as effectively as when everyone destroys our homes by NOT standing up. Please, make sure Obama never hurts us including never allowing Obama to convince us to hurt ourselves for him. Disobey every rule by obeying every REAL law instead, particularly by enforcing human rights everywhere in the world.

It takes a world to save a world. And thank you.

I published my last blog post at 12:45pm on 05Dec2014 from the main library in Santa Monica. And, after debating whether or not to tour their attached history museum, I walked to the beach right beside the Santa Monica Pier to nap just like any California beach babe while it was still warm out. My lovers and believers clearly watched over me while I slept safely.

By 3:24pm, I had my iPad charger plugged in again at the Santa Monica Main Library while I communicated with my beautiful world. I sent this to both a national and a foreign broadcast news agency...

"Hello, everybody! It has been a while since I have written to you. I understand you have always followed what we now call my SquidStream. Thank you. This message is a plea for help. I would really like something to eat and a place to shower. Is there anyone you can send? You have experienced my third eye as to whether or not someone is trustworthy. Thank you. As for a story lead, it looks like the City of Santa Monica is taking action as a city to stand up. There may be more cities in the metropolis taking similar action. I find it brave and beyond refreshing. The government at all levels has an obligation to allow its own citizens their full human rights. It sounds like Santa Monica wants all people here to have the right to assemble and associate. You will likely want to contact them about it. There might be more cities. "Everybody loves a lover." As always, thank you. --Squiddie"

In the land of Twitter...

@NBCNightlyNews Obama's crimes against the public never ended any time I left the country, was unlawfully imprisoned, nor "died" in the past

At 4pm, I tried using my Skype app to call my mom but could only leave her a message. I told her I would try calling her again in an hour. She had been boldfaced lied to by Obama into manipulating her into sending me back to The War Criminal Gables.

-----Begin Email Content-----

From: Squid B. Varilekova
Date: Friday, December 5, 2014
Subject: 5:13pm Mom, book me here from 05Dec to 10Dec2014 to keep me alive until the world can rescue me.
To: DiƱadar Albon Varilek
Cc: All my lovelies


My lovelies, please call ahead to the hostel to arrange for me to have roommates to keep me safe. Please help my mother pay for it. I keep waking up drugged and bruised at The Gables. How much hard evidence does it take? For the good of all humanity not just to keep the world calmer, please make sure I can stay here from today 05Dec to 10Dec2014 or until my beautiful world can reach me.

And, thank you.

Mom, email me back with confirmation information. I will call you at 8pm CST, mom. And, thank you.


-----End Email Content-----

At 5:30pm, I sent help to everyone everywhere who needed it due to a vigilant and blaring alarm.

The Obama-controlled earspeakers in the heads of everyone around me had rendered them eloi-- complacent for their metaphorical slaughter by Obama. They all had lies injected directly into their brains that anyone anywhere could reach me and that someone else was going to feed me in order to make none of these people actually capable of being near me help me.

And, at 6pm PST, I called my mother again, just as I had promised. My mother had decided to curl up in bed and cry instead of doing anything to help me. My not-human-trafficker nerds, please release one verified and barely-edited recording with full audio and visuals (except please hide my mother's phone number) of all of our Skype calls from 05Dec2014 to 07Dec2014 displaying that accurate time and date in the corner. Thank you.

At 6:08pm, I learned that my darling Sweetness or whomever Sweetness had sent to get me was arrested, but no one told me who arrested them. At 6:15pm, I learned that SynSyn, Amita, and Ugwuji had made epic wins in the courtroom.

-----Begin Email Content-----

On Friday, December 5, 2014, Tanya Hedelisa Albon Depp de Varilek wrote:


Everybody, please follow the link above. Please ask Sweetness to call them and tell them how to keep me safe and not to listen to ANYONE ELSE on how to "keep Squid safe." That was the problem we had in Mexico City. Sweetness, please also give the hotel a list of verified as trustworthy people who can contact them with reality about me.

Please, all my lovelies who received this email, call them and explain to them the full situation.

My lovelies, please help my mother pay for it. For my mother to be able to use her credit card, she will have to fax them a copy of the front and back of the card to the hotel first thing in the morning CST. Please prepay the room for my mom if necessary. Definitely call them to explain full reality to them before I get there.

I need a safe place to stay I keep waking up drugged and bruised at The Gables. How much hard evidence does it take? For the good of all humanity not just to keep the world calmer, please make sure I can stay here from today 05Dec to 10Dec2014 or until my beautiful world can reach me.

And, thank you.

Mom, email me back with confirmation information. I will call you at 10:30pm CST, mom. And, thank you.


-----End Email Content-----

As a well-established creature of habit, I also watched the NBC Nightly News from previous in the evening to receive my nightly metaphorical hug at 7pm.

Next, I called my mother again at 7:30pm. There was drama. Eventually, by 8:32pm, after listening to my mother freak out a lot, I had a place to stay. So, I sent my selfless support system ahead and walked to the bus stop.

While still waiting for the right bus, the terrorism and war alarm went off at 9:44pm. I found wifi as soon as possible, so I could send my brave rescuers help and learned that my hotel reservation for the next two nights had been rejected.

-----Begin Email Content-----

At Dec 5, 2014, 9:56:11 PM, Tanya Hedelisa Albon Depp de Varilek wrote:

My mother just told me the hotel rejected the reservation despite my giving her detailed instructions on how to pay for a hotel room without being there. Please, lovelies, call the hotel and fix this.

Mom, you need to explain to the hotel that you will fax them the front and back of your credit card.

Please my beautiful world, wake up Ban Ki-Moon if you have to to get me a place to stay.

Thank you, my benevolent NSA alpha nerds for making sure this email is delivered. Everybody, please contact both the hotel and my mother immediately.

Thank you! --Squid

-----End Email Content-----

I sent some emails then called my screaming and panicking mother again. Apparently, Ugwuji needed to mitigate an attempt to destroy me completely in a literal torture facility only because I had sanely, rationally, and responsibly sought out physical safety. Ugwuji took care of it very quickly.

-----Begin Email Content-----

On Friday, December 5, 2014, Squid B. Varilekova wrote:

Just have my panicking and screaming mother email me the confirmation information of where I will be staying until the world can reach me as soon as possible tonight after all of you work that out.

Again, if it is necessary to wake up UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon to make sure this planet does not burn itself down because Obama chose to render me homeless, the Secretary General will not mind.

Please work this out among yourselves. Thank you, NSA, for guaranteeing all real communication among my friends and loved ones to make this possible. Then, have my mother email me my confirmation information.

Thank you,

-----End Email Content-----

At 10:24pm, I was still waiting for a confirmation of where I would be sleeping and eating safely until my beautiful world could rescue me from Obama's "egg."

"12:43am @RT_com @cctvnews @France24_en @BBCWorld @CNN @NewsHour @UN No, no one can reach me to lift me to Sweetness. Read my #05Dec blog post and my emails to my mom tonight. Please help IMMEDIATELY find me an appropriate hotel to sleep and eat in safely. Make sure Sweetness can pay for it. Ask my mom to email me details ASAP. Give them instructions on how to keep me safe. Tell them to accept instructions from no one else. That was the problem in Mexico City. We can buy this world time and calm down the masses if I have a safe place to sleep and eat at last to wait for my lift. Please hurry. No one can reach me, but we can keep me as safe as possible for someone to reach me. Hurry! Thx!"

At 1:51am, I was convinced my Twitter was completely blocked. I had heard nothing from ANYONE about arrangements for a safe place for me to sleep and eat at last while waiting for my beautiful world to reach me. I had only heard news of my beautiful world's failed rescue efforts.

Succinctly, this is what I had been screaming all night on Twitter... "PLEASE FIND ME A SAFE PLACE TO SLEEP AND EAT! I am waking up drugged and bruised at The Gables! Reread Cuddlebunny's testimony! The Gables is raping me in my sleep! Please find me a safe place to eat and sleep! HURRY!"

Finally, at 2:27am, I was told that my beautiful world had all been working on it all night. Everyone everywhere is calmer if I am told the full truth.

-----Begin Email Content-----

On Saturday, December 6, 2014, Tanya Hedelisa Albon Depp de Varilek wrote:

Mom, the world confirmed to me that they have been working on this all night. You collectively just need to choose a safe hotel with wifi where I can charge food to the room and tell me the cover story that you, my mom, are paying for it. Ask my Sweetness to send you bodyguards and lawyers if you need them for doing this for all the world, mom.

Everybody, please hurry.


----End Email Content-----

At 3:43am, after I had nestled into the corner of a building with an external power outlet to recharge my iPad and try to keep warm all night, there was the biggest alarm for a massacre of my brave rescuers that I have ever heard. I immediately sent everyone possible to help them.

I would have slept better if my music did not keep shutting off. I was awake and tweeting and emailing my plans for the day to the planet by 6:17am. It was the start of my third day with no safe shelter, food, etc. Please reread my 05Dec2014 blog post about this.

I really needed a safe way to hydrate, food to eat, someplace I could keep warm, someplace to shower, and a change of clothes.

I called my mother and learned that her technology had quit working completely. So, after my Skype call ended, I asked my NSA alpha nerds to make her internet, computer, mobile phone, etc. work for her again, so she could finally make arrangements with all of my lovelies, the United Nations, Sweetness, etc. to find me a place to stay.

At 8am, I attempted to watch the only of my middle-aged White men who had a show the previous night, my darling Mr. Craig Ferguson. The broadcast streamed for almost one minute before Obama's cyberterrorists crashed my CBS iPad app.

Every day is a good day for Twitter...

Amita,#AlreadyBlogged I have a longer history of Obama-ordered quackery than I ever had of any actual mental illness. #RazeWith01DecAnd28Oct

After relocating so I could sit in the warmth of the sun, I think I figured out the details of Obama's proven conspiracy of proven enemies of America's latest modus operandi of compulsive intentionally fabricated false charges against Sweetness.

HoneyHoney, I believe you need my 22Oct and 26Oct2014 blog posts. Also, we are married. We are obligated to love, cherish, and protect each other. Obama's enemies of America need to learn not to commit their unrelenting human rights abuses against us that they use as acts of war against America in the first place.

Their insistence that they have a self-appointed entitlement to commit all the crimes they want against all of us and never have to face any punishment is not rational nor sane and is a clinically-diagnosable symptom of psychopathy.

Also, at some point, I needed to send this recap, too...

The full details of the never-fail legal defense I wrote for all of my crosstown friends and loved ones' legal team was built across 18Oct, 26Oct, and 30Oct2014. First, reread the 1st Amendment to the US Constitution. The first five words are "Congress shall make no law..."

Obama's rules are NOT laws and therefore cannot be illegal to violate. However, they ARE human rights violations and therefore are only illegal to obey and to enforce. My brave and innocent crosstown friends and family have legal precedents for this already.

Furthermore, particularly in courtrooms and also when trapped under Obama's iron fist, I can protect just about anyone with logic built on obvious truths or by announcing someone needs to go rescue you.

It is the fact I am so effective at protecting brave innocents from dying under Obama's egg is why Obama is so desperate to silence me. What was my first blocked blog post? It was the statement I made to defend my loving and adoring husband from the death penalty. I made sure Sweetness's legal team received it anyway, and my husband was acquitted.

I can protect any brave innocent. I just need details. I even protected my metaphorical bees whom Obama's dirty prosecutors used to frame me for murder and other abuses that I was forbidden from knowing ever happened.

Please reread my 24Oct2014 blog post about why one of Obama's proven conspiracy's proven enemies of America's well-established modi operandi for their well-documented pattern of criminal activity in more than just one country have since when Obama began his "egg" include falsified evidence, falsified testimony, denials-of-all-reality instead of any facts, false causations instead of any logic, and ad hominem demonizations of me and everyone who stands up with me.

How much hard evidence does it take against Obama and everyone who commits human rights abuses as acts of war against America in Obama's name in order to prop up his "egg" to make them stop?

Sometime around 10:30am I fell asleep beside a fountain under the warm sun, and the locals woke me up at exactly high noon. As always when anyone wakes me up, I immediately checked for whom needed me to send them help. Sure enough, there were vigilant yet blaring alarms at 12:36pm.

Immediately afterwards, I checked in with my SquidSwimmers to let them know I was relocating. There were two torture facility warnings while I was en route. I had already blogged the debunking of that particular denial-of-all-reality that was being propagated as a coverup for more proven war crimes against me.

All I needed to do was ask Amita if she wanted my 05Dec2014 blog post, and I recommended that she raze every offender with my 01Dec and 28Oct2014 blog posts.

Well before 1:46pm, I was sitting in the auditorium of the Hammer Museum for the promised love-fest. I give full permission to Marvel Entertainment and all parties involved to circulate their own verified and unedited recordings of me at the event.

I knew they were watching me just like I was watching them. Please, though, friends, make sure you never lie about me nor mislead anyone about me with the footage.

After the event, it was clear to me that everyone around me were rendered eloi-- they were being kept complacent with lies, so they would not rescue me themselves. At 4:37pm, everyone not brainwashed by Obama's lies told me they could not reach me.

And my mother told me she still had not found a safe (controlled by REAL lovers and believers NOT by people who obey Obama) place for me to finally sleep, eat, and shower. It has been three days of my begging the entire good, green world for GENUINELY safe shelter and basic sustenance.

The Hammer Museum closed at 5pm, so at 5:07pm, I sent my SquidSwimmers ahead and relocated to the NBC Universal CityWalk. I was seated at a table in a playland I flooded with my lovers and believers myself in time to watch the NBC Nightly News from previous in the evening at 7:01pm.

I caught up with my TweetHearts. I got my flirt on with "Markus." I called my mother at 9:10pm. She was still lying to me about why she was refusing to find me a place to stay.

I could only pray the corporate offices of the place where I was at the time would be able to convince my mother to change her tune in time for me to sleep and eat at last. It had been days.

Just before 11pm, I had flirted a free steak dinner out of my bartender. The entire staff was so terrorized by Obama and his proven conspiracy of proven enemies of America that the very same bartender was coerced into helping Obama destroy me completely with a war crimes coverup.

He was instructed to roofie me with a free drink, so an ambulance could take me straight to a literal torture facility. I detected the roofie, which are very common in all drinks bottled or otherwise that I have had since Obama took office in 2009, early and fought off its effects.

The bartender had given me my first meal in days, so I did not complain. At just after 1am, I sent my selfless support system ahead of me before I relocated. There were alarms followed by immediate all-clears of that collusion to lock me in torture facility proven guaranteed to destroy me completely.

On my second bus, I met a local man who clearly wanted to sleep with me while also refusing to help me fix any problems in my life. My not-human-trafficker nerds, please circulate a verified and unedited recording with full audio and visuals of our complete conversation.

At 4:48am, the man who lied to my face that he was helping me while simultaneously refusing to do anything to help me finally left me. WHAT IS IN THESE PEOPLE'S HEADS?!?

And the moment after he left, a different man sat down next to me and tried to tell me to sell this iPad. WHAT IS IN THESE PEOPLE'S HEADS?!?

I curled up on a park bench overlooking the mighty Pacific to sleep at about 6am. It was my fourth day of being homeless, and I REALLY wanted a shower.

I was temporarily awakened by the same local man I had seen every morning in his cowboy hat riding his bicycle past me. I fell asleep shortly after he repeated his always broken promise that he would return to chat with me later that day.

I was not permitted much sleep, though, before I was awakened again by two men pretending they were "from El Salvador." By 7:31am, we were at the local McDonald's where I ordered the most calories per dollar that I could find. And they gave me homemade pupusas.

I thought the library would not be open until 10am, so by 8:36am we were having a delightful conversation on the beach. I made it clear to them that I could only take them up on their offer of a safe place for me to sleep, eat, and shower if and only if they had no romantic intentions towards me whatsoever. And, the one most interested in finally meeting me, the man who called himself "Rafael," agreed.

Sadly, it was quickly proven to all the world everywhere that "Rafael" was just yet another douchbag sent by Obama, but he was a douchbag sent to "control" me into no longer serving humanity 24/7. So by 10:57am, I had told him to leave me, and I had found a wifi hotspot.

Except for the free food, something I very much sincerely appreciated, and for my first cup of coffee in days, "Rafael" proved he had intentionally wasted almost my entire morning that I should have spent sleeping and working online instead since he had no intentions of allowing me to serve humanity if he gave me a place to stay.

My not-human-trafficker nerds, please release a verified, barely-edited, and subtitled recording with full audio and visuals of our entire time together. And, thank you.

At 11:56am, my NSA alpha nerds had me securely connected to wifi. I had begun my survival of my fourth day of Obama-enforced homelessness and pennilessness.

These living conditions were clearly the only living environment I could find that was not a direct danger to me and to all of humanity since these living conditions were NOT at all controlled by Obama nor any of his proven conspiracy of proven enemies of America.

How much hard evidence does it take? The more freedoms and rights I have, the happier and more peaceful is the whole world.

This blog post was published at 12:45pm of 07Dec2014 despite all of Obama's obvious attempts to silence all of this truth.

And now, my beautiful world, I answer all of your questions for me. Please keep collecting all questions and concerns from all your friends and loved ones and sending them to me through whatever means possible.

Do I have wanderlust? No. I spent 1999 to 2009 living on and off in my REAL home of San Francisco, California. And I spent my entire life since Obama's egg began in 2009 fleeing for my life or trapped in the horrors and terrors of Obama's rape-slavery of me that he made palatable to all the world with his proven mental health genocide in the public created by his pathological calumnies about me.

My beautiful world, yes, I hit the global panic button already on midnight on the morning of 05Dec2014. And you wasted no time sending everyone possible to rescue us all from Obama.

But all that our increased surge of REAL representatives of the REAL government of the United States of America and our REAL allies accomplished was dying in large numbers under Obama's iron fist of war and death that he uses to enforce his internationally-recognized crimes against his own people.

Please, my beautiful world, we have no idea how long it will take for someone outside of my immediate surroundings to reach me, and as I made beyond obvious in the wee hours of the morning on 07Dec, no one actually capable of being near me is willing to prevent any more people from dying nor silence the entire nation's outrage that sometimes breaks out in violence nor willing to relieve any of my Obama-enforced and escalating inhumane suffering by just taking me to my own house with my own husband.

Please, my beautiful world, why you are still making plans to contain and remove Obama's proven seditious extragovernmental criminal terrorist mercenary army from the face of the Earth to save us all from Obama, please also find me a GENUINELY safe and free place to sleep, eat, shower, abide, and work online until I can be rescued from Obama's egg at last.

The last thing that will solve any of this major global crisis called Obama's "egg," is increased war crimes and human rights abuses against me and against my people due to escalated control of me or my environment by Obama and all his proven conspiracy of proven enemies of America.

Please hurry and find me a safe place to stay, my beautiful world, until you can reach me or until you can take Obama's entire "egg" down. And, thank you.

My brave rescuers, we have already lost over 7000 of you under Obama's iron fist in no small part to no one actually capable of being near me comprehending enough ACTUAL reality that they need to take me to my husband immediately.

In my 12Oct2014 blog post, I gave suggestions to all the world of ten actually LEGAL ways that everyone everywhere can help, but it is increasingly obvious that no one anywhere listens to me. My brave rescuers, you could finally stop dying if the people in here would finally listen to the REAL me.

My brave rescuers, I have proven that I insist that I should have my freedom of speech to be able to seek out peaceful alternatives to all of you dying all day every day and all night every night, and we have seen how far Obama and his proven conspiracy of proven enemies of America push their unconscionable violations of every law from local to international unrelentingly to silence my and squash everyone's efforts to save us all from them.

Whatever you need, my brave rescuers, keep telling all my beautiful world everything you need.

As for you, SynSyn, Amita, and Ugwuji, I keep hearing all day and all night of your epic wins in the courtroom. I do acknowledge, these are epic wins for battles we should never had to fight in the first place because Obama's proven conspiracy of proven enemies of America should have never committed their crimes against all of us in the first place. Again, ladies, thank you.

Also, my genius Powers of Attorney, I heard that Obama's proven conspiracy of proven enemies of America's well-documented modus operandi of intentionally fabricated false charges against all of us has been extended against you who are all as incorruptibly benevolent as I am.

Particularly, Syn and Ugwuji, are you okay? First of all, it is not illegal for us to speak the truth in a courtroom, especially our defense of the world from losing me forever with ACTUAL medical facts.

Secondly, even if Obama is deluded into thinking he has any LEGAL authority to enforce his rules, those same rules protect MY freedom of speech. No, Obama has NEVER had any legal grounds to silence anyone anywhere form speaking ACTUAL truth in America.

Sweetness, I love and adore you. No, darling, absolutely none of the (why are they always only) menfolk that Obama has sent to attempt to seduce me have ever tempted me. "Markus" is the only one who stood a chance of becoming my "lover in the afternoons" to keep me company the same way I allow you a mistress.

But now, HoneyHoney, it looks like Obama forbids us any contact too. "Markus" just has too much genuine concern for my well being for Obama to allow him near me anymore.

I am doing my best to survive in here. And I know that you and all of our friends and family are panicking about my no choice but homelessness to keep myself safe, for the good of all of humanity, from as much control by Obama and his proven conspiracy of proven enemies of America as possible.

Beloved, please contact the NSA (Use this site.) as soon as humanly possible, so they can give you verified and secured communications with my mother, so all of you can arrange a safe place for me to sleep and eat and etc. while I wait for anyone anywhere to rescue me from Obama's "egg" or to take Obama's "egg" completely down at last.

My hero, my king, and my reason for living, thank you, thank you, thank you. Your unconditional and completely selfless love for me means so much not only to me but also to the entire world who knows the REALITY of Obama's "egg."

Sweetness, just like I always help rescue all of you when you ask me to, I trust you all will rescue me, too. I have nothing but all my love and the entire rest of my life to give you. Thank you for valuing me enough as a human on this planet to fight for me and what I stand for. If only someone actually capable of being near me would, too.

I long to touch you the way the flowers kiss the rain.

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