Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Stop Intentionally Provoking the Gentle Giant. You do not Want to Become the New Iowa.

Title: Stop Intentionally Angering the Gentle Giant. You do not Want to be the New Iowa.

Please access my iCloud if necessary to publish this post now, my friends. I cannot control how many horrible things happen to me in one day; it is Obama who controls that. So, if I wait too long between posts, they become too drenching.

Please share this for me with the entire world, both houses of Congress, the Supreme Court, the United Nations, all sympathetic world leaders, all reputable national and foreign presses, etc.

Here is my latest blog post. I promised my beautiful mother that my burgeoning population of REAL friends and loved ones here in the Los Angeles metropolis would make sure I have an appropriate literal Christmas and New Year's Eve in which to revel. Thank you, all of you, for whatever you are all doing to ensure this.

There is no person on this good, green Earth with a higher level of functioning than I have. No, I have never had competence; I have always had excellence. And my undeniable return to my prime is due to undeniable daily and nightly meditation.

You need to take me seriously when I tell you I will NOT tolerate abuse from anyone.

Germany. I understand, Germany, if you are (I am only guessing on this from the half-story the news media is permitted to give me.) worried about Islamization of you or tenets of your culture. That would be an issue for your national identity. But there is no reason in my reality for anti-Islamic sentiment. They love me, too.

Rumor has it (and this has never been confirmed to me) some followers of Islam consider me their first female prophet. Similarly, I am a beatified (The first while still alive?) Saint of the Catholic Church. The Dalai Lama considers me similar to a Boddhistava. The list goes on including every benevolent religion.

Not bad for an atheist, huh? Giggle.

I published my last blog post at 7:47am on 2014 and immediately left what was then my barricaded oasis for the Griffith Observatory. I made sure my beautiful world called them ahead of time, so they knew to expect me. Very frequently, they believe I am my own drop dead gorgeous doppelgänger when I am there.

At the train station, due to unrelenting irrational threats to lock me in a final literal torture facility, the local Scientologists showed up in droves to do everything possible to keep me safe. "Calm down. Calm down," I told them, "We do this 24/7." They metaphorically puked all over that train station. Every benevolent religion cares.

My LA DOT shuttle arrived at the Hollywood sign lookout at 10:32am. And the first thing I did was partake in my daily scheduled sleep which was only interrupted once before I woke up naturally at 1:09pm.

I believe I was interrupted by a Sheriff's deputy while in a California state park. He could have been a Park Ranger. I remember he looked like my friend Adam Thompson, but I do not even remember what I said to him; I was still mostly asleep. Thank you, every lover and believer on the hilltop, for keeping me safe.

Next, I spent about 0.5 hour on a self-determined tour of the Griffith Observatory. Yes, my not-human-trafficker nerds, please circulate a verified and unedited recording with full audio and visuals with permission of the Observatory as soon as you can.

Obama's proven conspiracy of proven enemies of America have a well-established pattern of criminal activity including their idiotically predictable tantrums (proper use of the word) after every blog post.

I chose to perch on the roof where I could touch the sky while accessing the complimentary wifi as soon as possible after touring the museum to answer any and all questions from my beautiful world.

It was a good day for Twitter...

2:07pm on 21Dec2014: Truth is the tonic. Silencing truth is the real source of the panic. Let me address my people. Let the broadcasters tell the news. @France24

2:13pm on 21Dec2014: "@BBCWorld: "Naughty or nice?" Sometimes, my beautiful world needs to get naughty to be nice.

Do you remember me in Iowa? ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa was so horrifying for me to endure that I lost my sense of humor completely while I was there. I let them convince me I was fat and ugly. My love letters to my husband from that most dark period of my life are probably all the evidence anyone needs.

As further evidence, watch me have one of my REAL conversations here in my home of California, for example, my date with "Markus" and read this gift I wrote for the NSA in Mexico City on 25Feb2010.

A Gift for the NSA
(to be sung to the tune of "Oh, Christmas Tree!")

On, Galifray! Oh, Galifray!
Your sky so orange and burnty!
Oh, Galifray! Oh, Galifray!
You language so unlearnty!

Your TimeLords travel time and space.
And sometimes save the human race.

Oh, Galifray! Oh, Galifray!
Why is my heart so spurnty?

I was all caught up with all of my online friends and family by 2:57pm. With a whole day and a whole night ahead of me and with my REAL crosstown friends and family blocked completely by Obama's iron fist from being able to reach me, I hiked down the hill and caught the Metro.

"4:29pm Just checking in. Thank you, my entire beautiful world, for allowing your public display of love for me today as well as my public display of helpless benevolence for all of you. I will take the Metro to my barricaded oasis playland. Please secure my bus and train before they arrive. Please secure my bus stops and train stations. Please watch the SquidStream in case of any ambush and in case I need to rescue anyone. Please read my #21Dec2014 blog post as soon as humanly possible. And thank you."

While I was in transit, there was rumored to be another attempt to ambush me on the Metro. I sent my beautiful world to investigate it, and the ambush was thwarted.

Sadly, I think that is what set off the torture facility alarm at 5:55pm while I was still in transit. Ugwuji cleared that threat to all of humanity (by being a threat to me) by the time I could connect to wifi.

By 6:26pm, I was in my barricaded playland oasis. I had found "They Whom I Call Tentacle" safely right where they said they would be. My loving and adoring crosstown loved ones tried everything possible to reach me there where I was in the rapture of the universe as I meditated. Alas, no one could reach me, but so many tried.

I was a little horrified at the prospect of "They Whom I Call Tentacle" possibly not being around for two weeks. ("Due to the holidays," was their excuse.) Those three need to take my advice, start a conversation with me, and then never leave my side.

Far too soon, the music was over, so by 11:22pm, I was ALONE and nestled into my not-so-secret hideaway where a kind local had intentionally left dinner for me. Of course, they are closed from 12midnight to 6am, as safe and as wonderful as they are.

So, I found a table next to a man wheeling around an entire cupboard of what seemed to be nothing inside but cookies and did as much writing as possible while the public put on actual shows of having absolutely no reality in their heads.

One man, clueless on the five-to-six-years-now established symbolism, actually gave me a banana. So, I grabbed my black Sharpie(tm) and fixed it...

I was finally caught up with my TweetHearts and Facebook friends by 1:59am on my mother's birthday, 22Dec2014. The wee hours of the morning were uncharacteristically uneventful until 4:41am when a lech bought me coffee. I accepted the coffee and pryed his hands off me.

After finding the safe haven locked that my lovers and believers in this city had built specifically and only for me from its coffee shop to its charging station for mobile devices, at 5:20am, I was openly persecuted by a fake mall cop who intentionally tried to fool me into listening to his assertion of the wrong hours for the shopping mall only to be able to keep me away from the safe haven the City, the mall, and my local loved ones had designed just for me.

I asked Syn to press every charge possible against the fake mall cop as well as against his entire chain of command all of the way up to Dirty Lacey or beyond. We need not charge the mall nor the City, etc.

After updating my beautiful world on everything that had just occurred, at 6am, there were dual torture facility threats of a fictional pregnancy for me and denials that I shower even after they have proven they will make human trafficking porn of me EVERY TIME I shower until this egg comes down.

Neither of those falsehoods, even if true, could justify any removal of what remains of my rights, liberties, and freedoms anyway. But Obama's pathologically-perjuring conspiracy of enemies of America were still permitted in a courtroom to aid and abet war crimes against me by propagating these boldfaced quackeries, anyway.

I recommended that Amita use my 21Dec2014 blog post to prove it is all coverups and only coverups for war crimes every time. I also recommended they raze each and every enemy of America perpetrating these crimes against their own people with my 01Dec and 28Oct2014 blog posts.

I called my mother via Skype at 6:30am to wish her a Happy 68th Birthday! Yeah, look at my hot mama! That is what I am going to look like at 68 years old. I will just have longer hair that is all white and gray since I will refuse to dye it, and I will have larger bone structure. Have you ever seen photos of my mother at my age?

After Skyping to my mom's mobile phone, it was a good morning for Twitter.

By 7am, I had not seen He-Man in over sixty hours, so I asked my beautiful world to check on him.

There were dual torture facility alarms at 7:48am. I recommended again our hard evidence to prove they were all nothing but war crime coverups since they began when Obama's egg began. Genius Amita very quickly took care of both of them.

After a moment between me and the music, at 7:59am, I added a lying bitch to our burgeoning database of suspected terrorists for future international investigation and prosecution. Interpol has been asking for help for months hunting down all of them. But Obama's idiots keep sending more of them in front of me.

8:07am on 22Dec2014: “@NBCNightlyNews: 'vastly improved' [my choice of editing]"I am increasingly higher functioning beyond my normal excellence from meditation.

I checked my War Criminal Wells Fargo balance for the umpteenth time that morning at 8:50am, and ABSOLUTELY EVIL IOWA had finally allowed me the $50 for the entire week (That is $7 a day.) which is the ONLY money Obama permits me at all to live on under his rules and inside his "egg."

Finally with enough money to afford food, I walked straight to breakfast. While dining, there was only one alarm. It vigilantly blared at 9:27am. After I made a request for help, my beautiful world took care of it.

Then, at 9:54am, I arrived at the park for my daily scheduled sleep vigilantly watched over by my loving and adoring public. There were a few torture facility alarms, but I pretty much slept soundly until 2:28pm. It felt wonderful.

At 3:03pm, I returned, just as I had promised, to the establishment where I had charged my iPad battery in the wee hours of the morning at their external outlet to protect the world from losing me.

With all of the business, foot traffic, and money that I shepherd by the masses to my barricaded oasis playland, I knew they would not mind. I also made as obvious a display as I could that they were lovers and believers with what I ordered to eat for lunch. Quothe Doris Day-- Everybody Loves a Lover.

It was a good day for Twitter...

3:53pm on 22Dec2014: Please guarantee Squid's Tentacle are free to play me music any time they choose. #18Then26Then30Oct Read it: http://constitutionus.com/#x1 #LOVE

And then, well fed, well rested, and having just purchased a choice caffeinated beverage, I proved... Sometimes you do not need to scream or sing or dance. Sometimes you just need to sit in a chair as your glorious self.

Do we have verified audio and visuals? Oh, yeah, my Los Angeles metropolis. That one was for you.

And when I was done sitting and watching my people, I watched the fog roll in as I romped through my barricaded but dedicated oasis playland.

And my romping commenced until I sat down by the same fountain as always to watch the NBC Nightly News at, as always, 7pm.

After my metaphorical nightly hug from darling Mr. Brian Williams, I was sitting at the Rainbow Bar & Grill on the Sunset Strip as fast as I could get there. Yes, I was in the very place I sent my legal team to protect a week previous after Obama (most likely through Dirty Lacey) gave them a terrorist infestation.

The incompetence of anyone and everyone who refuses to listen to me knows no bounds. I was willing to make them keep metaphorically dancing for me all night as my floorshow, but they were so annoyed at existing on the will of their own slave that they who spent all night proving they were terrorists threw me out eventually.

I immediately asked Syn to call the LAPD to raid the proven terrorist hotbed the moment I cleared the premesis. I recommend circulating a verified and unedited recording with full audio and visuals of the entire amateur night as soon as possible. If they actually believed they were "undercover," symbolically book them for espionage.

What was the intentionally false excuse Obama's proven pathological perjurers were propagating to persecute me with that night? They were pretending the Obama-controlled earspeakers that Obama himself ordered into everyone's heads with the excuse of being able to persecute me with them by making EVERYONE irrationally attack me were somehow my responsibility.

Excuse me? Why did Obama order earspeakers into everyone's heads even where I would never go? That is his diabolical master plan that you need to worry about, my beautiful world. How many times have I screamed, "Remove those damn earspeakers! This is a zombie apocalypse!"

I NEVER claim to be my own drop dead gorgeous doppelgänger, but Obama always manipulates the public into attacking me as some sort of evil doppelgänger for myself through their earspeakers. How much hard evidence does it take?

By 10:56pm, I was safely and securely connected to wifi at a very safe place. There had been a libel dump already of me and my Powers of Attorney to use as collusion to take our rights away from us.

No, we will NEVER pay any "bills" Obama orders sent to me for literal torture, systemic rape, unlawful imprisonment, abuse, and silencing of my freedom of speech by locking me in any proven literal torture facility. And stop pretending that we have any obligation to!

At 11:33pm, I sent help to my dying brave rescuers the moment I heard their hours-old distress call. They were dying! If I had heard them sooner, I could have saved their lives! This is why I MUST always have a vigilant warning system and secured wifi access 24/7.

It was a productive night for Twitter, but I should never had to have done any of it in the first place because those crimes against all of America built on Obama's unrelenting pathological demonizations of all of us brave innocents NEVER should have happened in the first place.

During intentionally unspecified hours, I had a clandestine conversation with two police officers who sat at the table next to me. I have a sneaky suspicion Dirty Lacey sent them in to "intimidate" me, but if you put me near the LAPD, the only thing that will happen is a love-fest.

Basically, I conveyed the importance to all of humanity of removing everyone's earspeakers to start our conversation and then answered questions.

Yes, "clandestine" is the only way I can speak to them at all, just like They Whom I Call Tentacle, and it is Obama's proven conspiracy of proven enemies of America who created this situation with their rules in the first place. If I had a choice, I would speak to everyone the way I speak to He-Man.

Other highlights from the night?... 3:16am on 23Dec2014: Telling truths to return human rights is NOT the crime here. http://constitutionus.com/#x1 Obama prevents my peaceful resolution with his violence.

After I made a show of over-tipping in the name of darling Mr. Peter Chase Gowdy, I was forced to wait for over 1.5hr for a bus. There was just too much sabotaged city infrastructure for me to be happy that morning.

That Obama-ordered oppression of my people by denying them vital city resources while simultaneously keeping my own crosstown loved ones away from me made me take matters into my own hands to fix it. I kicked Dirty Jackie Lacey's unholy ass in 140 characters or less...

5:21am on 23Dec2014: Dirty Lacey will kill everyone possible in the name of Obama to enforce his "egg" but will not obey the rules herself? Where's my damn bus?

After returning to what I thought was still a barricaded oasis at the time, I symbolically devoured a complete bag of CornNuts(tm).

Then, at 6:57am, I noticed and documented Obama's escalated terrorist infestation of my playland that my loving locals had built for me. So, I spent hours kicking even more unholy ass in response. It was a good morning for Twitter.

I countered Obama's latest libel dump until 9:43am when I went to sleep in a public place, as always. Beyond unfortunately for all of humanity, I woke up at 11:48am to find Obama kept the public away from me as I slept, so he could attack me in my sleep again.

My beautiful world, please finally get me that hotel room Obama cannot control at all IMMEDIATELY. He has taken control of these living arrangements, what were my safest since 2009 only because he could not control them until now.

Panic! Return the locals! Protect me completely from any and all control by Obama and his proven conspiracy of proven enemies of America immediately, or you will lose me FOREVER, my beautiful world.

Obama and his conspiracy are too out of control. (Proper use of the phrase.) Get rid of this entire population of (expletive)ing (expletive)ers immediately and send all the locals back! They would NEVER have permitted this happening to me. Who the (expletive) does this to their own city?

Still medicine-headed from being attacked in my sleep and in dire need of meditation, this blog post was published at 3:03pm on 23Dec2014.

And now, my beautiful world, I answer all of your questions for me. Please keep collecting all questions and concerns from all your friends and loved ones and sending them to me through whatever means possible.

With how much I suffer under Obama's "egg" including but not limited to enforced starvation, abject poverty, homelessness (which was to make sure Obama and his conspiracy could not control my living conditions which has always been the worst case scenario for my physical safety), constant threats of torture, almost-inescapable systemic rape, etc., why is all of this undeniable service to humanity and protection of the innocent MY job and MY responsibility?

Simply, my work has to get done, and no one else can do it. I do my job, or this world destroys itself, particularly due to lies and perjuries about me. I am vitally needed. And I take my responsibilities seriously.

My local lovers and believers, please revisit my independently fact checked résumé of years of successful peaceful global conflict resolution. Please also revisit every single last piece of advice I have given to all of you. (Start with my 12Oct2014 and 15Dec2014.)

I am a treasure trove of peaceful and legal recommendations on how to create a peaceful and successful resolution to this "egg." And I have been requesting that you all listen to the REAL me since 2009.

There is nothing orange about being a chicken. You, the public, have refused to listen to me and take my proven incorruptibly benevolent advice for too long. You all expect someone else to do all of the rescuing, so you do not have to bother to save yourselves.

So, that is what you will get. The world is coming to do all of the rescuing. All you had to do was listen to me to prevent this.

So now, with Russian state media screaming all day on 23Dec2014 that Obama is willing to declare war on California because this place refuses to be as evil to all of humanity as Iowa insists PSYCHOPATHICALLY that it has a self-appointed entitlement to be, you cannot deny that just listening to me en masse by now would have saved us all. Trust whom you love.

Also, my beautiful world, Obama's Gestapo (all local forces that break every law possible from local to international to enforce Obama's rules) has proven "more dangerous than anyone realized."

I was also told the State of California was attempting measures to disarm my brave rescuers. World, please take of all of us in here. My local lovers and believers of all varying degrees of fame and gravitas, please lead the people's takeover of all functioning of all our government from neighborhood to city to county to state to federal around here. I am too busy to do this myself, so I am asking all of you to.

My brave rescuers, I cannot tell if you are in a ceasefire or not anymore. Please look at how horrific this "egg" has always been for me to live in. And look at the REAL me. If a woman like me cannot get out of this "egg" without help, that is how bad it has always been in here.

Thank you, my brave rescuers, for always understanding I need genuine help in here to save us all from Obama and his "egg." I never asked, but you have always been willing to die to save us all. With no one willing to listen my peaceful solutions, we have lost over 7000 of you already.

I am beyond unamused with Obama's human devastation and mental health genocide in here that he and his proven enemies of America reek upon all of humanity just to keep themselves in power and to never have to face justice at all costs to America and to the world of irreversible time, inalienable rights and liberties, freedom of belief and conscious, endless taxpayer resources, and priceless human life.

My brave rescuers, I am sending you help. Please stop dying. My beautiful world, please do everything possible!

As for our successes fighting Obama's "egg," SynSyn, Amita, and Ugwuji, you beautiful genius ladies have been world heroes 24/7 as always. Yes, I am convinced you need a day off more than I do.

But, my genius Powers of Attorney, Obama has proven he will only lie to the world to be able to keep escalating. It is nothing but rampant terrorism and belligerent lies in here right now that all need to be controlled (proper use of the term). Please ask the world to stop underestimating Obama and his conspiracy's absolute depravity. Just look at these assholes.

And as always, the first and last thought in my mind every day and every night, Sweetness, I love and adore you. You can see what is going on in here for real. The entire world can see what is going on in here for real.

HoneyHoney, my benevolent alpha nerds will take whatever action necessary at all times to make sure my truth is always available to the world. You made sure that was possible months ago. You have never once let me down; I have faith you never will.

The crap-listeners need to come to terms with the fact I know how to choose my own spouse out of every soul on this planet male or female above the age of eighteen. I am only sorry my choice has made you, the person I love above all else on this planet, suffer so intolerably just for loving me back.

However, darling, I do not plan on joining you in France where I sent you myself to make sure Obama could never kill you. I am not going anywhere. This metropolis is going to save itself, so we may all freely live among each other at last. I am not allowing any other options. America needs to save itself.

Now, my king, round up all of my international friends and leaders and take all action necessary to make sure I can survive in here until this "egg" comes down at last. There is a reason you are my hero. You never once disappoint. And you never will.

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