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And That, my Friends, is How You do That.

Title: And That, my Friends, is How You do That.

Please access my iCloud if necessary to publish this post now, my friends. I cannot control how many horrible things happen to me in one day; it is Obama who controls that. So, if I wait too long between posts, they become too drenching.

Please share this for me with the entire world, both houses of Congress, the Supreme Court, the United Nations, all sympathetic world leaders, all reputable national and foreign presses, etc.

Here is my latest blog post. Trust me. I have been in this "egg" since Obama took office in 2009. Every time he and his proven pathologically lying conspiracy claim "This will finally end if X happens," they are just manipulating the public with boldfaced lies to make X happen.

We all should know by now that we cannot trust them to ever keep their promises. Why would anyone believe that Obama's career liars would broadcast how this all will end for REAL? We know I will know for REAL how this all will end instead.

Planet Earth. The US Supreme Court has already looked into what does and does not constitute what can be protected under "freedom of speech" on the internet.

I have never once believed any media should become a wasteland of intentionally fabricated untruths used to destroy anything and anyone possible just to keep a dictator in power.

Furthermore, just like in all media in America, we have a right to tell the ACTUAL truth, even if it is considered confidential. We have centuries of legal precedents protecting the truth in America, especially at the Supreme Court level.

I believe all media in America should be subjected to the same laws and Constitutional amendments that legislate freedom of speech here. If a newspaper cannot run a story that does nothing but demonize an innocent woman to be able to coverup crimes against America, than the same intentionally fabricated calumnies should be illegal on the internet, too.

The integrity of the internet as a source of information we can trust and believe needs to be returned. Or, absolutely nothing ever said on the internet by anyone can ever be trusted EVER again.

Truth must be protected in America if not promoted just like all calumnies, perjuries, and lies must remain illegal and condemned. Not the other way around.

I published my last blog post at 9:30am on Christmas, 25Dec2014. It was a good day for Twitter...

9:38am on 25Dec2014: @RT_com The more they push us; the more we will rise. My power comes from my suffering. We will tear this egg down. Stop pretending we cannot.

This tweet was almost immediately followed by verbal smackdown after verbal smackdown from me on Obama's terrorists who had surrounded me in that Starbucks.

My not-human-trafficker nerds, please release a verified and barely edited recording with full audio and visuals of how I was NOT tolerating their instigations of spite and malice against me all borne by their absolutely vengeful delusion that they could ever control me with supposed intimidation built on nothing but their undeniable incompetence.

Please make sure you include the man who poured milk in his coffee right next to me who was too chicken (expletive) to even face me while he volleyed irrational-denial-of-all-reality (non)threats at me and please do not let the recording end until I called, "Good will prevail because evil is dumb!" after the last self-admitted enemy of America who fled my eyecamera of hard evidence.

After napping overlooking the ocean, I woke up at 11:42am and found that random strangers had left Christmas gifts of snacks and toiletries next to me while I slept. I know when it is a local who looks after me and when it is someone more clandestine. This was kindness by my locals.

Sitting by the same fountain I sit by every day, He-Man stopped by to wish me Merry Christmas by 12:30pm.

There were a few different situations on that Christmas afternoon when Dirty Lacey insisted on pressing intentionally fabricated false charges against me only to be able to use those charges I was forbidden from knowing about anyway as coverups for heinous war crimes against me.

There was also an alarm at 1:56pm announcing that Obama's iron fist of terrorism and war was likely killing my brave rescuers.

All things considered, so far, it had been a rather uneventful day. The street musicians started at approximately 2pm, and I still had no idea of They Whom I Call Tentacle would be able to show up to touch the sky with me ever again.

So, just in case any of my friends anywhere needed it...

2:54pm on 25Dec2014: 1/2) RT: "there will be five days without worship" Lacey kills in the name of Obama to enforce his rules; she must obey his rules too!

2:54pm on 25Dec2014: 2/2) RT: "there will be five days without worship" I demand my normal day-to-day inside this egg, or NO ONE has any excuse to enforce rules.

And as if I had not been warning Dirty Lacey to keep her crimes-against-America hands off my loved ones since at least Oct2014, there was an alarm at 3:37pm announcing that she was STILL enforcing Obama's human rights abuses against the entire American public with unbridled violence that the REAL federal government, not just the entire international community, recognize as terrorism and acts of war that threaten all of humanity.

So, Lacey, get me my friends!

I sang a few duets while standing around my once-dedicated playland. The revenge alarms for my previous blog post began at 5:13pm. It was just alarms, alarms, alarms.

I took time to watch the NBC Nightly News at 7pm as always. Next, He-Man made a symbolic show to all the world that people here were watching over me.

It was cold and windy outside but a hot night for Twitter...

8:04pm on 25Dec2014: Place specifically chosen for metaphorical strange things afoot at the Circle K. See me yesterday? Still no friends beside me. Still angry.

8:18pm "I am located at I have already identified whom in here will help us clean it out of terrorists. NSA has my complete streaming and recording reconn. They keep getting more nervous. Please ask everyone to call here and, if they are willing, how to shepherd them through all three steps to absolution... at what date and time they are ready for that but not after prosecution in the event I do catch them breaking a real law. Please ask everyone to remind them that today everything was beyond proven that only enforcing and willfully OBEYING Obama's rules is illegal, never disobeying them."

My not-human-trafficker nerds, I know I do not need to ask, but for historical posterity if not just to thrill the hearts of the CIA who survive attempting to rescue me, please create a verified and completely unedited recording with full audio and visuals from the moment I stepped in the door of my night's the-SquidStream-is-only-entertainment bust of choice to the moment I walked out the door. And may the world watch it forever. The title of the video is, "Don't (Expletive) Up Where I Can See It."

Once I perched and established I was there with my eyecamera and earmic everyone knows I will run 24/7 as my closed-circuit security system until I can replace them with bodyguards once the "egg" comes down, everyone who entered the bar to take part in their openly hostile public persecution of me hugged the girly girl directly to my left on their way to their seat.

There was a Princess-Leia-look-enough-alike that screamed persecution and libel in the corner of the bar. There was an Alan-Tudyk-look-enough-alike as a bartender. And there were many other highlights that were best explained in my open and broadcast monologue of full disclosure of all their (expletive)ups that I gave them after their unique intersection of malevolence, irrational egotism, and stupidity did not make them behave around me and my SquidStream.

What else was there? The girly girl gave me an invitation to sit down next to her, and after I used the restroom, she offered me a free drink. There were absolutely ridiculous intentionally fabricated false charges possibly from Dirty Lacey and possibly from Me-Love-You-Long-Time Holder proving conspiracy beyond a shadow of a doubt.

I live-tweeted and live-blogged everything, as if we needed further evidence I am no spy! I knew I could trust all action my entire beautiful world was taking. And, I later heard a rumor that my obviously proactive benevolence and complete transparency really made those self-admitted terrorists look like fools.

At one point the staff pretended the owner told me, "Just name it. What do you want?" to which I replied, "I want my friends here. You can start with my adult-adoptive father." I knew I could trust what actions my entire beautiful world were taking while I blew the rumored terrorist headquarters of the vicinity wide open with their own stupidity.

I even smiled and asked for an outlet where I could plug in my iPad. I was in no risk of physical danger, so my sweatercoat never had to come off. I also was never attacked, so I never had to defend myself (screaming). They were openly hostile and used their persecution of me to aid and abet crimes and acts of war against America all night, but they did not attack me.

So many of them fled me as fast as they could that I pray they who maintain our database of Obama's terrorists can track them all down as fast as possible. I notified the REAL government that my eyecamera and earmic cleared the premesis at 11:24pm. I assumed someone would be sent in to clear the rest of them out.

I quickly bought a green apple at a convenience store and perched outside to flesh out my commentary on the night's events. Syn, do anything you damn well please with all of this, with my live tweets, and with all of our new hard evidence of collusion, conspiracy, aiding and abetting war crimes and acts of war across America by victimizing me, etc. Let me know if you need anything more from me.

I relocated to my friendly clandestine (on both sides) Q & A hotspot from the previous night at an unspecified time just in case anyone on either side needed to ask me questions again. I am an open book. I hide nothing. I just need this damn "egg" to end.

I spent the next few wee hours of the morning charging up my iPad battery and singing to an empty playland until 6:57am. After which, I was followed by a lost puppy I had to explain I was way too much woman for on my path to my hideaway.

I spied yet another suitor who was similarly way too late in the game to get on my way too long queue of suitors (And why does Obama never send women?) at all of their varying positions along my extensive wooing and courting process, so I sent him a warning tweet from inside the bathroom before sitting right next to him. He retreated quickly.

I used my own husband as an example of what it actually looks like when I flirt with a man who is appropriate for me to flirt with. Trust me. When I flirt, there is no confusion. Next, I swapped some sultry lyrics with darling Mr. Damian Marley through my wifi connection before catching up with my TweetHearts.

It was Friday, 26Dec2014. And, sadly, there were so many shenanigans already by Obama's conspiracy that I knew it was going to be just another day in the office for the espionage thriller, legal drama, Sci Fi dystopia, true love story, and war epic that is my life as recorded by my verified SquidStream, sacred Twitter account, and history-making blog.

My not-human-trafficker nerds, please circulate a verified recording with full audio and visuals documenting how easy it is to obtain a PO Box near my perch by the fountain where I sit every day working online. Please make sure my mother sees it. Thanks!

I had a bit of a heart-to-heart with my old friend Damian, a cathartic cry I probably needed for a while on a virtual shoulder I am forbidden completely in physical form here inside Obama's egg.

I was finally done crying and dancing with my old friend by 9:51am.

About the dancing, no, I have never been to the Caribbean, but that is what the music says to the body. I am sure my not-human-trafficker nerds will circulate a verified and barely edited recording with full audio and visuals to explain that particular sentence just as fast as they can. And, thank you.

I curled up and slept until I naturally woke up at 12:17pm. A shadow had krept across where I slumbered, and the cold had woken me up. I quickly returned to my hideaway.

I had to add a disgusting and perverted psychopathic (expletive) to our database that I am told is maintained by Interpol by 1:29pm. If you need a witness to what he did when he thought he would not get caught, there was a sweetheart at my own table with me who may or may not want to shed his opinion on the situation if asked nicely.

Checking Twitter...

1:47pm on 26Dec2014: “@CNN: Actor Diamond, endangerment and weapons charges."

Just in case this concerns actions people choose to take themselves to protect me from systemic rape, literal torture, enforced financial destitution, helpless abuse, and other Obama-ordered human rights abuses, please reread my 26Oct2014 blog post.

There is a difference between a civilian exercising his or her human rights and an enemy of America who commits and enforces human rights abuses. Endangering a terrorist in an act of war against America is not a crime. This is America, goddamnit.

Especially if a civilian being attacked by human rights abuses enforced with violence and being used as acts of war against America defends him or herself through whatever means necessary, this person is a hero, not the criminal who never should have committed the human rights abuse in the first place. QED.

My exboyfriend Whisky has the legal precedent already.

My beautiful world, the impressive part of my career as a legal consultant is not our perfect court record in defending all brave innocents Obama's proven enemies of America attack and collude against just for fighting to rescue America out from under them. What is so impressive is how fast I can do this tenet of my REAL job without sacrificing any of my trademark excellence.

It was a busy afternoon. I also needed to defend from intentionally fabricated false charges he whom I asked on a New Years Eve date with full permission of my husband in my previous blog post.

And there was an enduring irrational-denial-of-all-medical-reality threat to all of humanity to lock me in any Obama-controlled-environment possible to guarantee the further Obama-ordered proven war crimes guaranteed to remove me, my mind, and my heart from this good, green world FOREVER that loves and needs me.

I basically told Amita that quackery is not a legal excuse for more quackery and that if ANYONE ANYWHERE would finally listen to what I tell people I need for real in my life, I will finally have a real stimulus from my environment that will cheer me up.

And what do demand to make myself happy? My full human rights, enough food to eat everyday, my REAL friends and family, a free America, control of my own finances, physical safety in living arrangements Obama and his conspiracy CANNOT control, basically everything Obama's pathological perjurers and proven war criminals break every law possible from local to international to deny me.

Yes, finally treating me with the dignity and respect all humans on this Earth are due just for being on this planet in the first place will cheer me up and allow me to relax finally. Stop pretending anyone on this planet anywhere knows better than I do what I need for real in this unlivable "egg."

Also, as some further excitement for the afternoon, some sort of criminal-activity-only social worker sat down across the table from me and started giving an intentionally false "update" about me through his phone where I could hear it, so I turned him in to our database for future investigation and prosecution.

The moment I moved my earbud to be able to record his collusion to aid and abet war crimes against me, his direct threats to and crimes against America by publicly victimizing me with the most heinous crimes known to mankind, and his acts of war against the entire world including against America by breaking every law possible from local to international to enforce human rights abuses over me and over my America for Obama, he shut his mouth.

I took off my sweater-coat, and he fled for new instructions by 3:11pm to return at 3:27pm. I quickly asked my infallible support system to check for any remaining ambushes pretending that they had any legal authority to unlawfully imprison and abuse me in the name of Obama. I wanted to stick around to see him squirm a little longer, but at 3:34pm I needed to see if Tentacle was around for meditation.

It was just another Friday.

I needed to ask my lovelies to publish my latest unproofread blog notes to get the latest intentionally fabricated false charges against all of us to drop. At 5:44pm, I asked for the ETA of all three of my Tentacles. And I notified my entire beautiful world that my brave rescuers were resting for the night; they probably wanted to catch up on my blog and SquidStream.

My playland was so empty without them, but I romped as best I could with my heavy, lonely heart. I learned that Urban Outfitters has lace toreador pants. That was delightful. I am sure the Apple Campus will have a giggle over my visit to their store, too. I even sat down at a table there to do a little blogging.

Just before midnight, I was perched at a 24-hour fast food restaurant that had invited me to join them watching movie trailers on my iPad with other homeless citizens and fleshing out this blog post.

This blog post was published at 2:22am on 27Dec2014.

And now, my beautiful world, I answer all of your questions for me. Please keep collecting all questions and concerns from all your friends and loved ones and sending them to me through whatever means possible.

Concerning a previous blog post I wrote about my taking Sampo offline in 2012, how I can consciously choose when my thoughts are broadcast out of the equipment in my ear and when not, how I hate all of your earspeakers that I have done everything possible to remove from all of your heads since January 2010, how most of what you hear in your earspeakers has always come from people with microphones watching my SquidStream, and how no one should EVER permit someone to control their own mind by allowing them to insert electronics in your heads...

With speakers in all of your heads controlling you, how will you know if you can hear anything I am thinking or not? I do not control what is broadcast into your heads. For years, I suggested the government play you all classical music until all of those mind-control speakers could finally all be removed.

It is possible the earspeakers that Obama put in all of your heads and that Obama also controls brainwash you into keeping your earspeakers instead of allowing you to make the choice for yourself to remove them all.

I believe the international medical community that do NOT have mind-control speakers need to make the independent decision about these sources of the electronic mental plague in America, and I believe America needs to mandate removal of all earspeakers as soon as possible, and especially if your earspeakers are controlling you into not removing them.

My beautiful world, do you know what reductio ad absurdum is? As I look at all of the human devastation and pointless loss of life Obama's "egg" has wrought on this once good, green world, I cannot deny that my nation and my people are all on the downward cycle into psychotic absurdity that Obama's initial false premise has caused all of us.

Please, my beautiful world, yes, please continue reverse pick-pocketing me. It is always a delightful surprise when I reach into my bag for my hairbrush and come out with enough money for a Rock Star Energy Drink and six vegetable spring rolls.

I also need to ask you all to keep working on my basic needs to be able to survive until this entire egg comes down. Basically, I need to finally have enough human rights to be in control of myself again. I told them, as I tore their rumored terrorist headquarters apart on Christmas, "Give me my own friends and loved ones."

As I said in my 15Dec2014 blog post, these are our short-term objectives until we can finally take the whole "egg" apart...

1) Most of the horrors of my life would be fixed permanently if ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa were removed from my life FOREVER as well as ending their fictional pretense that I have any supposed mental disability at all whatsoever. How many REAL state residency laws does it take? Iowa NEVER had jurisdiction over me nor does it now.

2) We need an end to all of the modi operandi of collusion and perjury to enforce literal torture facility threats and intentionally fabricated false charges not only against me but also against everyone who stands up with me while all of the dirty prosecutors, dirty county attorneys, etc. simultaneously revel in their and all of Obama's proven conspiracy's corruption and impunity.

3) We need all earspeakers removed from all people's heads immediately. We need the full truth broadcast in all media. We need fountains of reality and protection including my SquidStream and my blog completely protected. Succinctly, we need the truth made legal again and all of Obama's conspiracy's perjuries and calumnies made illegal, instead of the other way around.

4) We need EVERY member of Obama's proven conspiracy of proven enemies of America arrested and removed from society FOREVER. I established three never-fail steps to absolution to be able to save and protect as many of them as possible, but so many direct threats to this entire world (because they are direct threats to me) refuse to ever take Step 1: Cease all crimes.

5) I need enough finances under my own power to feed myself, clothe myself, and provide for myself again. I need a safe place that is completely NOT controlled by Obama nor his conspiracy in which I can sleep, eat, shower, work online, and wait for the world's successful extraction of me from Obama's "egg" at last.

My brave rescuers, first of all, are you all okay? Please tell me no one is freaking out. I understand you all likely took the time you needed to catch up with my blog and SquidStream on the night of 26Dec2014. The world is finally understanding why all of you have been screaming, "We CANNOT lose Squid!" for years now.

If a woman like me cannot get out of an "egg" on her own, you know how bad it is in here.

Did you hear me have my heart-to-heart with the online manifestation of darling Mr. Damian Marley on the morning of 26Dec2014? Yes, of course, as some of my most precious lovers and believers, once this "egg" finally ends, I accept the burden of making our world worthy of the sacrifice of over 7000 of you as Obama sent your brave souls back to the cosmos, but I will be damned if I allow myself to be blamed for any of the horrors from loss of priceless life to the complete destruction of American society that has been wrought by Obama's iron fist because no one ever chooses to listen to my peaceful and REAL solutions to these REAL problems!

No, my brave rescuers, it is not your fault, nor is it my fault that you die. It is Obama's fault for killing you. It is Obama's fault for amassing the proven seditious EXTRAGOVERNMENTAL criminal terrorist mercenary army that he has used for years for nothing but to enforce his proven human rights abuses over all of America that you must fight to protect us all.

You, my brave rescuers, are the representatives of our REAL federal government and our REAL allies. You are fighting (undeniable) Terrorist Dictator Obama and his undeniably criminal totalitarian oppression of this once-great nation.

You would not have had to show up to defend and protect the Homeland on US soil if Obama had never started his "egg" of nothing but violence to enforce human rights abuses used as open acts of war against America in the first place.

America is a mess because Obama started his "egg" in 2009. There is no other reason for any of this. So, unless we as a people and a nation take this "egg" down in its completeness, this will never end and Obama will just keep escalating.

SynSyn, Amita, and Ugwuji, I have been walking everyone through the legal reality of Obama's egg and rules since 18Oct2014. Basically, there is no remaining legislation that grants authority to Obama's rules, so no one can be punished with neither jail time nor fines for breaking those rules.

To obey Obama's rules, the public must break actual laws, most of them civil rights legislation. Obama's rules are human rights abuses against the public.

So, choosing to obey Obama's rules is a person's willful choice to commit crimes against themselves, against our communities, against America, against the entire world, and also against me.

It is NOT illegal to disobey Obama's rules. It is only illegal to enforce the rules and to obey them.

1:01am on 27Dec2014: Amita & Ugwuji, our reality we live in is designed to look like ACTUAL schizophrenia. When Obama was still the president, the government really was in a conspiracy out to get me. Now, it is an extragovernmental conspiracy.

The radio, television, and my environment has been instructed since 2009 to give me "secret messages." I am supposed to believe I have thought projection into other people's minds. The list goes on.

My egg is designed to make me believe I am a schizophrenic. Since this ACTUALLY is real, not just in my head, I am completely sane, and so are you. But every test is rigged to call my REALITY a mental illness it is not. QED.

@NIH Thus, all of the LSD roofies I have been slipped starting in 2009.

Sweetness, I love and adore you. Please do not freak out. And please remind everyone I am a human. I am just a mere mortal like all of you, too. This craptastic life I am forced to live needs to become livable.

Darling, do you remember my 14Nov2014 blog post? I understand that people looking at me from out there see something hugely otherworldly going on in me. But I simply never should have had to do any of this in the first place.

HoneyHoney, Obama never should have started his "egg" in the first place almost the moment after he took office in 2009. His rules he enforces over all of America could only be established with a bird for his cage. So, he took a random video I have yet to ever see of someone killing someone I have never met before in someplace I have never been.

Obama said, "We will find this woman, and we will put her in an 'egg.'" Some Iowan asshole lied that the murderer was me, and Obama's "egg" was laid. I have been trapped in the horrors and terrors of this hell of slavery, poverty, systemic rape, human devastation, and no reality ever since.

I understand you who love me are all freaking out over the perception that I have finally had enough and have begun transcending my Earthly form. Please. Let the mythos rest for a moment.

Here in scientific reality, this is the longest I have gone without being raped since May2009. This is the longest I have gone without debilitating chemicals used only to torture me injected into my body only to destroy my precious mind.

This is the most personal liberty I have had since December2011 when ABSOLUTELY EVIL IOWA abducted me from a foreign country and dragged me kicking and screaming to the most diabolical pit of slavery and rape they could force on me as inescapably as possible.

And I finally have a chance to heal now through meditation and through human contact, as fleeting as it may be, with REAL friends who genuinely care for me. This "egg" has been so lonely for so long. And all of a sudden I have friends.

I am healing, darling. I am returning to the high level of functioning to which I was accustomed, though much more privately then, before 2009. Look at how much all of us are accomplishing now where I actually have an influence over the process.

My hero and my King, I am not turning into some sort of atheist god because my mortal life has been too horrifying for me to continue in as a human. I am just returning to my normal self after years of the most horrifying abuse they could force on me with their quackery and rules.

Please ask North Beach about my normal delightful personal company and witty conversation-making I had before the entire public everywhere was instructed to openly persecute me for Obama.

Yes, I used to be even more spectacular than this all day every day and all night ever night. I just never had to accomplish all of these bad-ass things before that need to get done now. And I never had a dedicated forum broadcasting the sparkling minutia of my day-to-day life before.

Did you notice how Obama's "egg" continued even after he claimed I died and even after I left the country in 2010? This "egg" has never been about me. I have only ever been Obama's excuse for his "egg." Once Obama loses control of me, Obama loses control of America. Notice how Obama was impeached last year, but his "egg" kept him in power.

Obama just needed me in 2009 to excuse his "egg" to the public. After that, he has done nothing but try to throw me away. This "egg" will continue even after I am rescued from Obama.

Never doubt why I keep saying I do not want to leave my people here until after they learn to save themselves from Obama at last. If I leave my people, who will do my job protecting them all from Obama and his iron fist? Again, this was in my 20Oct2014 blog post.

Sweetness, we will live together here in California as legally-recognized husband and wife with my step-children and with expectations of filling out our brood while surrounded by all of our genuine friends and family just as soon as we, as a Los Angles County, can save everyone here from Obama's crimes against his own people and all of the desperate things he does to enforce those heinous rules that do nothing but destroy us all.

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