Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Genuinely Being Needed by the World is not a Disease.

Title: Genuinely Being Needed by the World is not a Disease.

Please access my iCloud if necessary to publish this post now, my friends. I cannot control how many horrible things happen to me in one day; it is Obama who controls that. So, if I wait too long between posts, they become too drenching.

Please share this for me with the entire world, both houses of Congress, the Supreme Court, the United Nations, all sympathetic world leaders, all reputable national and foreign presses, etc.

Here is my latest blog post. My beautiful world, my lovers and believers are doing everything they can get away with in here under Obama's iron fist. You see all the repressed love in here, right? I know real love when I see real love. And I know a terrified population when I look in their eyes. Please save my people, my beautiful world. They cannot do this alone.

My Planet Earth. My beautiful world, please remember that the CIA, the US Military, the US State Department, in fact most of the entire federal government have already been liberated out from under Already-Impeached Terrorist Dictator Obama.

So, please attack no Americans but the actually guilty parties after the official government report comes out today about the hard facts of all the horrors and terrors I have lived through and still live under threat of happening to me again due to Obama's "egg."

The government is not the problem. Obama's conspiracy is. Please only be angry at the actually guilty parties. This will be very painful news for most people to comprehend, but this is important to make Obama's compulsively repeated horrors and terrors against all of us never happen again. Thank you.

I published my last blog post at 12:45pm on 07Dec2014 and immediately relocated afterwards. I plugged in my iPad, so it could charge. And I finally caught up with my online friends for the first time that day.

It was an okay day for Twitter...

Syn, Amita, and Ugwuji, you can monitor my heart rate at all times. No fear. No stress. No nervousness. No panic attacks. Just destiny. Thx!

Obama's proven conspiracy (Can you say "modus operandi"?) of proven pathologically perjuring proven enemies of America continued their aiding and abetting of war crimes against me, crimes against America, and crimes against the entire world by continuing to propagate denials-of-all-medical-reality that would still have been nonjustifications for supposed "commitment to a psychiatric unit" anyway, especially since we all know all all "commitments" I have ever barely survived have ALL been coverups for proven war crimes from proven torture to unlawful imprisonment that all started in 2009 when Obama started his "egg."

Amita mitigated these heinous threats all day, threats to remove me FOREVER from my world that proven loves and needs me and to proven guaranteed destroy my proven perfectly sane and proven completely emotionally healthy mind in any controlled environment they can get away with for me. And, Ugwuji mitigate these same threats all night.

By 3:27pm, while listening to online music and while waiting for my iPad battery to charge, I mended a hole in my sweatercoat.

I was also forced to repeat myself...

We do this EVERY DAY! Obama and his proven conspiracy of proven enemies against America should not commit their crimes against all of us in the first place! That is a REAL solution.
A.)My SquidStream delivers the TRUTH about my life to the entire world.
B.)With hard truth verified to the public, Obama's enemies of America are not able to get away with their modus operandi of pathological perjuries as coverups for war crimes against me, crimes against America, and Obama's "egg."
C.)My SquidStream cures Obama's proven mental health genocide in the masses by replacing Obama's brainwashing lies that caused the public's proven break with reality with the hard truth.
D.)My SquidStream is proven to keep me safe and everyone around me safe particularly from Obama's violent acts of terrorism against the public who loves and adores me.
E.)Obama's proven enemies of America do not like when their crimes get caught. They have a proven psychopathic self-appointed entitlement to commit all the crimes they want against all of us and never have to face justice for it.

My wifi hotspot closed at 5pm, so I checked in with my selfless support system and uneventfully arrived at the Sunset Strip at 6:31pm. I was told every crosstown friend and family member I have risked life and limb to reach me, but they were all trapped under Obama's iron fist.

Then, because none of my friends showed up and despite my having flooded the establishment with business just by being there, the bartender who knew I was completely penniless and waiting on a friend any friend threw me out.

All of my crosstown friends with all your varying degrees of fame and gravitas, please call the place I was waiting for all of you in and make sure such disrespect verging on persecution never happens again. And, thank you.

By 9:47pm, I had found wifi to make sure I could send help to all of my brave rescuers and crosstown loved ones. I also learned that a War Criminal Boeset alarm had been going off for a long time.

I sent my selfless support system ahead of me at 10:53pm, so they could secure my destination and my route. Through my SquidStream, I also asked my beautiful world to call ahead to the recommended rendezvous spot to make sure I would endure no persecution nor disrespect there. After a bit of a wait for the bus, I arrived the Hotel Roosevelt at 12:09am.

The staff of the restaurant where I was waiting was wonderful. I would later learn that a member of the staff of the hotel would commit an open hate crime against me that he would never commit against anyone else but me.

Sadly, there was an alarm at 1:20am announcing that my REAL crosstown friend could not reach me. Rumor had it Sweetness had sent the darling Mr. Idris Elba to give me a lift to my own real house. Luckily, we had him rescued out from under Obama's iron fist very quickly.

Before I could wait for the next round of lifts, at 1:33am the previously mentioned hotel employee who claimed his name was "John Locke" told me I was not welcome in his hotel.

My not-human-trafficker nerds, please circulate a verified and completely unedited recording with full audio and visuals of our entire encounter immediately.

I had intentionally asked my entire beautiful world through my SquidStream to call ahead to make sure such public persecution of me would not happen.

So, Syn, particularly because we took care to make sure no one there would ever break REAL laws by willfully obeying Obama's only-REAL-crimes-against-us-all rules, we press every charge possible against only that man (not the city nor the hotel) in particular including but not limited to public persecution, hate crimes, and sexual harassment if his excuse was libel that I was a hooker.

Fortunately, my seeking out public wifi to report the crime against me allowed me to quickly catch other heinous acts against brave innocents perpetrated by Obama's proven conspiracy of proven enemies of America.

At 2am, I sent this message in seven tweets...

"I report and record hard facts about EVERY TIME I have been raped and where it happened. The Gables rapes me. "Markus" did NOT! Nor will he ever.

But Obama's proven conspiracy of proven enemies of America's proven and well-documented modus operandi of only pressing false charges against the innocent and granting internationally criminal impunity to the culpable has The too-much-hard-evidence-against-them War Criminal Gables still free to commit more proven unrelenting crimes against me while darling "Markus" is facing intentionally fabricated false charges for having fallen in love with me!

Syn and our legal team, we rescue innocent "Markus" now. Please use every Dec2014 blog post so far as our grounds for blistering countercharges against every actually guilty party.

Raze the dirty prosecutors, The War Criminal Gables, and every other culpable party. United Nations, please consider international charges.

When there are REAL offenses committed against me, I present the hard evidence every time and ask Syn for the toughest punishments!"

This was a blatant attempt by Obama's proven enemies of America who have a proven well-established modus operandi (Just ask Sweetness.) of using intentionally fabricated false charges against a brave innocent to manufacture intentionally false causation to coverup further human rights abuses against me and against all of California that loves me.

Yes, Obama demonized innocent "Markus" whom I still want to take as a lover until I can finally live as a husband and wife with my Sweetness, so Obama could manipulate the public with the obvious falsehood that "Squid is safer" under my current horrifying living conditions that are proven to destabilize the entire world than if my proven REAL crosstown friends and family took me to my own real husband.

There was a massive fire alarm at 2:17am. So I asked my beautiful world to please save all brave rescuers and members of my selfless support system out from under Obama's iron fist! My guess was that MI6 was under attack, but I had no details.

While checking in with my beautiful world through my SquidStream on where I was headed for the night, I set a college kid straight on how no one anywhere should ever obey Obama ever at 2:21am.

Clearly, Obama had been stalling the world from rescuing us all and had been rendering the America public too complacent to rise up en masse, particularly in California, with the boldfaced lie that "progress has to happen in increments" only so Obama could continue to escalate his proven internationally illegal crimes against his own people. Yes, such an irrational escalation is the proper definition of a "tantrum."

By 3:42am, I was roosted by a fountain still working hard solving major global crises since I knew the safest time of day to sleep was during the daylight hours when my public could make a show, as they always do, of keeping me safe.

I was also able to make an attempt to help Ugwuji protect the world from losing me FOREVER by 4:15am. Shortly after that, my local friend in the cowboy hat and on his bicycle who has sought me out to speak to me every morning all week stopped by.

We sat by the steps overlooking the Santa Monica Pier and made witty repartee as the sun rose. Why is conversation such a lost art for so many people?

Finally, and still completely platonically, we parted ways at 8:23am. Please, my not-human-trafficker nerds, circulate a verified and barely-edited recording with full audio and visuals of our entire early morning during which he kept me safe and warm. Yes, his friends even fed me breakfast in the park.

Shortly after he left, I received the all-clear on the torture facility threat that had raged against the world to destroy me forever all night. Then, at 8:52am there were alarms. The good, green world was panicking that Obama would take me away FOREVER with a final torture facility since his entire conspiracy refuse to relent and was still only escalating.

I asked "Markus" to confirm or deny that I would see him that night, of course, he could not tell me one way or the other until he knew himself.

At 8:58am, I withdrew my $50 deposit of my own money, the ONLY money Obama permits me to live on all week, since it had finally arrived in my bank account from ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa.

Please, my not-human-trafficker nerds, circulate a verified and unedited recording with full audio and visuals of my entire time in the War Criminal Wells Fargo Bank branch from the moment I walked in the door to after I had left and said, "Next time, you try doing that with a camera in your head."

Yes, I identified Obama's terrorist plants who were there to manipulate and control the employees and the public with boldfaced lies.

I immediately curled up for a nap. There were HUGE alarms that woke me up, so I kickstarted my SquidStream at 11:47am. I immediately sent all help possible to my brave rescuers and all of my REAL crosstown friends and family. I made sure my iPad was plugged in and charging by 12:19pm.

"Markus" confirmed to me that he was too closely monitored by Obama's seditious extragovernmental criminal terrorist mercenaries to be able to reach me. He seemed to have gone the way of Sweetness, Whisky, Jordy, Viggo, my adult-adoptive father Harrison, and many more who Obama has his guns pointed at 24/7 to keep them all away from me.

This is what I told "Markus" after he told me he would keep trying to get permission from Obama's Gestapo to see me again just like he had permission the first two times...

"I understand. You have already proven to Obama that you jump through all of his hoops just to be able to be near me. Yet, please do not expect him nor any of his conspiracy of enemies of America to ever be rational, logical, compassionate, sane, nor honest in any interactions with you.

They will NEVER keep any promises to any of us. So stay extra careful out there. Do you remember what I told you when you kissed me goodbye at the Hollywood/Highland station?

Obama will be even more vicious now that he has escalated psychopathic desperation. Tell me through whatever means possible when you need me. Kisses!"

As a further example of Obama and his proven pathological liars always proving me right, do you remember the very not-quite-in-reality man whom I actually convinced to email news stations to learn my REAL address, so he could take me to my husband?

Well, just as I had told him would happen, he was forbidden from ever seeing me again, too. My selfless support system informed me of all his failed attempts to reach me on the day after he did not take my advice and left my side for the wilderness without my SquidStream.

People need to learn to listen to me.

At 12:52pm, I learned that Obama's proven conspiracy of proven enemies of America were metaphorically burning the entire Los Angeles metropolis to the ground just for loving me.

My beautiful world, please take whatever immediate measures necessary to save these brave civilians and volunteers as soon as humanly possible!

If we do not stop him, always-escalating already-impeached over-proven Terrorist Dictator Obama will destroy every good and beautiful thing and soul standing up to him by saying, "No, no one does that to America!"

Please hurry, my beautiful world. My current all-night haunts are safest because my SquidStream is always here, but look at all of the havoc and destruction Obama has directly ordered himself against our beautiful metropolis of Los Angeles. Please hurry here to protect us all as we all stand up, my beautiful world. And, thank you.

By 1:46pm I had sent this message to my very good friends at CNN and at France24,...

"I am only here to serve my people, my country, and my world. I might do some miraculous things through mysterious ways, but it always works. My friends, how is our literal battle for LAX going? Are the planes still flying?

Obama shuts down all necessary city infrastructure every chance he gets. Please keep me informed on anything anyone anywhere needs to save us all from Obama. If I cannot fix it, I can likely recommend someone who can.

And, my dear sweet friends, thank you for everything as always. --Squidalicious"

Every day is a good day for Twitter...

@RT_com If people here keep expecting someone else to do all of the saving, someone else will. The world will not let us suffer like this.

My custom-made fruit smoothie was a win in the all-American Hydration Challenge.

There was a vigilant yet blaring alarm at 4:25pm. I recommended some old blog posts, and my genius loved ones took care of everything.

I asked my beautiful world to find me a safe indoor place to eat and sleep as soon as humanly possible; safe means NOT controlled at all by Obama nor by his proven conspiracy of proven enemies of America.

I just need a temporary place to live until my beautiful world can reach me. I understand it has been so busy lately because Obama is still escalating, but please still work on housing and feeding me, my beautiful world. Please.

At 5:38pm, there were more alarms, so I sent my beautiful world to rescue everyone trapped and possibly dying under Obama's iron fist that enforces his human rights abuses over all of us with death and terrorism.

At 6:21pm, my iPad battery was finally fully charged, so I relocated. As is my daily habit, I watched the NBC Nightly News from previous in the evening after I roosted at 7pm.

For three days, my loving locals had fed me. They had made and still were making public displays of keeping me safe at all times, especially while I slept. I just needed a shower. How were we going to fix that one?

Yes, my beautiful world, not just for me, but to bring so much needed stability back to the entire world, I really need a place to live with absolutely no control from Obama nor his proven conspiracy of proven enemies of America over me.

I need a roof over my head that allows me to eat, sleep, work, shower, and survive this safely. Please, my beautiful world, what can you do? For the good of the entire world, what can you do to help?

Whom do you need to contact, my lovelies, from UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon to my local mayors? Please take all necessary action to give me living arrangements completely free of Obama's control until I can be given a lift from this "egg" or until this entire "egg" of nothing but horrors and terrors finally comes down. Please hurry.

Probably because my locals were being as genuinely good and helpful to me as they believed they could get away with without any retaliation of human rights abuses against them by Obama's proven conspiracy of proven enemies of America in return for their genuine goodness, there was a massive libel dump demonizing me in their heads that I discovered when I was done watching the news.

All I had to do was be myself, and my loving locals cleared it up quickly. Have you seen the Los Angeles metropolis? This entire urban center is a temple of love for me. Who the hell does Obama think he is fooling around here?

It is particularly the human devastation that Obama causes in the minds of these people who genuinely love me to keep them so terrorized with fear of Obama and his iron fist that helps me keep my edge. Messing with my cubs like this keeps Mama Bear out of the cave.

After I roosted on a park bench with a gourmet focaccia sandwich and a cup of coffee right next to a street musician, the first torture facility alarm in hours vigilantly blared at 9:05pm. I recommended some old blog posts to Ugwuji. I knew she was more than capable of taking care of it.

I asked my street musician du nui (Did I say that right?) to play me some authentic reggae, and I even got my dance on. Food, caffeine, and meditation felt so good.

They who own the security cameras on the light posts are going to do anything they want with their footage of my meditation anyway. If they promise to never lie about me with the recordings, I also grant them my permission to sync the images with the audio off my earmic. And I recommend they circulate it verified and unedited.

Sadly, by 10:24pm, the latest absolute denial-of-all-reality that was using obvious quackery to coverup further guaranteed war crimes against me in any controlled environment Obama could get away with had not cleared yet and was already further destabilizing the world instead.


I worked online into the wee hours of the morning. At 1:19am, a kind local who claimed to run a bar in the area volunteered to allow me to shower at his place (alone, of course). Of course, I said, "Yes, thank you." I really wanted a shower.

But then he went away and never came back. Please, my not-human-trafficker nerds, circulate a verified and unedited recording with full audio and visuals starting the moment he rounded the corned in front of me to speak to me and ending when he got up and left.

I looked around for a 24 hour restaurant and eventually found a mostly Jewish deli and diner a short walk away. I was sitting at the counter ordering coffee and a hot fudge brownie sundae by 3:42am.

I had returned to my normal roost for the wee hours of the morning by 6:23am and took a nap while my loving public kept me safe. My body clock woke me up at 7:48am which was just in time to bump into my "plot exposition" buddy from the previous night. He was thinking of buying a membership to the YMCA, so if he could bring in guests, I just solved my shower problem!

This blog post was published at 8:38am on 09Dec2014 while I was still begging my beautiful world to I find me a safe roof over my head to help me survive until the "egg" comes down. Until then, my loving public would just keep me safe while I slept, as always.

And now, my beautiful world, I answer all of your questions for me. Please keep collecting all questions and concerns from all your friends and loved ones and sending them to me through whatever means possible.

Can I explain the shit? “This shit is inexpliciable."

Succinct explanation: I was lied about.

Then those who love me were organized by Obama's proven enemies of America to destroy my reputation with actions I would never tolerate if I were permitted to know about them.

There are further examples of Obama doing this. Believers in a false "me" infiltrated the Cathedral in the Zócalo, the Convent of Santa Hippolita, etc. in Mexico City while I was there. They took the Catholic Church away from the Mexican people falsely "in Squid's name." Much of what I could learn about what horrifying things went on in Mexico City in 2010 are detailed in the sixth letter I wrote to my now husband.

Destroying both genuinely good and truly vile entities all over the world with absolutely no discrimination falsely "in Squid's name" only to be able to demonize me with criminal activity I am forbidden from ever knowing ever happened is a further tenet of Obama's modi operandi of well-documented pattern of foreign and domestic criminal activity that might qualify as terrorism.

My beautiful world, I know you will move the Earth, the skies, and the cosmos themselves if you have to and only to be able to rescue me from Obama's "egg." Sadly, we have no idea how long that will take, so please find me a safe place to sleep and eat while I wait for you.

My loving public is doing everything they can for me in here, but Obama keeps them so terrorized. On the upside, the delay in your reaching me keeps me among my loving public which makes it much easier to work on my own goal-- setting all of my people free of Obama and his "egg."

If you all, my beautiful world, keep allowing Obama to stay free to keep escalating, the horrors laden upon all of us in here will just keep burdening us greater moment by moment.

If no one ever listens to my simple peaceful solution to all of this, how can people rationally get away with blaming me for any war-as-a-last-resort-to-save-my-people that breaks out to end this "egg" or any activities, violent or otherwise, that are carried out by both sides since no one is willing to take the steps I already offered to fix the REAL crisis with a REAL solution?

In my 25Nov2014 blog post, I already wrote this... It has never been more obvious that the entire nation needs to 1) remove their earspeakers, 2) speak the entire truth and only the truth in all media, 3) set ourselves free of all crimes against America that Obama calls his rules, 4) arrest and competently prosecute every single (proven) enemy of America in Obama's (proven) conspiracy that has not yet genuinely taken all three never-fail steps to absolution, and 5) after returning REAL law and order by doing all of that, heal.

The five recommendations are so simple. You all out there just need to carry them out. Please try.

My brave rescuers, whom we have lost over 7000 of due to no one carrying out my peaceful solution, this one was for you...

@BBCWorld Which part of the REAL government's job is it to fight an extragovernmental terrorist mercenary army this big on our home soil?

Outgoing US Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel, our NATO allies already said there are so many personalities that are not so easy to get along with out there trying to save us all in here. You need a Ferdinand Foch for this. Please find the most capable person to unite and lead the militaries of the world.

And, we need to hurry. What will happen to all of this world if you all lose me to a controlled environment? You have seen my "Security Video." As always, thank you, Chuck, for making every tough decision (which you can trust me to defend for you if you need me to) to save America.

a This is such a matter of pride for the US Military. The US Homeland has an actual literally seditious extragovernmental criminal terrorist mercenary army enforcing Obama's human rights abuses that Obama calls "rules" at all costs to America and to the world, but because of Obama's insidious corruption, you cannot even protect America on our own soil.

That must hurt the military like all hell. The US Military has a purpose, and your purpose in its most succinct terms is to PROTECT THE AMERICAN HOMELAND.

But because of two-party bureaucracy, the US Military is forbidden from your only purpose on this Earth in the first place, and everyone from Russia to France is coming in your place.

There is only one phrase for this in military vernacular. I believe that phrase is, "Dude, seriously?!?"

Outgoing US Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel, please tell me what you need me to help you with, so we can make the troops happy. And, thank you, again.

Speaking of thank-yous, SynSyn, Amita, and Ugwuji, it must be getting easier for you. There are so many fewer alarms. As always, send details of everything you need when you need it. We are a team. I know my role. I am only here to serve.

My genius Powers of Attorney, in between needing to scream for my own physical protection from guaranteed war crimes against me in another controlled environment as well as defending every genuinely good soul who sends a distress call, I make the conscious choice to display as much quality of life as I can actually attain considering the horrors Obama enforces are the only living conditions I am permitted.

When I actually get to do something fun on $7 a day including all of my food and shelter, the entire world calms down a lot. I am doing my best in here.

Thank you, my genius friends, for being willing to help take so much of the burden of protecting the entire world from losing me to Obama and to his well-established modi operandi until everyone else can finally take the whole "egg" down at last.

You three are not just beautiful, you are heroes. Please keep telling me everything you need when you need it.

As for you, my ever-suffering husband, Sweetness, I love and adore you. Please do everything you have to do to stay physically safe. Do you remember when I sent you out of the country months ago? Do you remember how much crucial work you accomplished that really really helped all of us in here while you were in France? You put up the SquidStream.

HoneyHoney, I understand you cannot handle being away from me, but if Obama succeeds at murdering you, he will have finally succeeded at destroying me. Please do what you have to do to survive to be able to be with me when this "egg" ends.

The only thing I have ever forbidden you from is dying before I do. Please never make me live without you. Living away from you is hard enough. Stay safe out there. Kiss me as soon as possible.

Beloved, my lips do whatever they damn well please, but kissing you is the only thing that will make them smile. I am working on it. I promise.

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