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From Sydney to Peshawar, Lying About me Kills People.

Title: From Sydney to Peshawar, Lying About me Kills People.

Please access my iCloud if necessary to publish this post now, my friends. I cannot control how many horrible things happen to me in one day; it is Obama who controls that. So, if I wait too long between posts, they become too drenching.

Please share this for me with the entire world, both houses of Congress, the Supreme Court, the United Nations, all sympathetic world leaders, all reputable national and foreign presses, etc.

Here is my latest blog post. I already warned you all. Every time Obama commits the human rights abuse against me and against America of forbidding the truth to the public by silencing my SquidStream (or blog) only to be able to control and manipulate the public with his lies, panic and move all necessary resources to protect me from an ambush immediately. Thanks!

Pakistan. Just days ago, our good, green world lost over 100 of our children to terrorists. So many families need to heal now. The entire nation of Pakistan, as if they were not suffering enough already, now have worse wounds to heal.

Please, Pakistan, build yourselves a safer and freer future worthy of every child you lost to the void.

USA. Obama has forbidden the news media from reporting to the public that the US economy is in complete shambles due to Obama's "egg." Fixing this economic crisis will take more than just a few blog posts, but if people are actually willing to listen to me, we can do this.

The first and most crucial step is: Cease all human rights abuses against me and against America that Obama is enforcing with acts of war against his own people.

Since the problem causing this economic catastrophe is Obama's "egg," we must end Obama's "egg" immediately for the good of this nation and for the good of the world.

Also, the only way to fix an economy is with leadership and innovation in all REAL industries possible. We have never fixed an economy with tax reform and spending policy.

People spend their money when there is something for them to buy and for no other reason. So, we must bring the consumers of the world the future of products. And we must give the workers of the world the jobs of the future.

I recommend investments in green energy. Let us build an economy on tomorrow's technology instead of last century's industry. Instead of pouring our taxpayer money, as if we have any left, into our obsolete industries, let us inspire our industries of tomorrow to save our nation. The more profits our future earns, the more taxes our government can collect on it, right?

All we need to do is innovate our way out of this. If I have given this world and my people anything it is my leading by example with nonstop displays of the power of compassionate thought.

Let us fix our present economic disaster wrought by Obama's uncontrolled human rights abuses that he is still enforcing with taxpayer funded war instead of just surrendering, and let us fix it by building our future.

All you have to do, Americs, is take Obama's egg down immediately, and stay tuned to future blog posts for more specific advice. Can we get some conferences on tangible future technology, too?

Do you remember Clinton's fiscal surplus due to the dot-com bubble in 2000? We can grow our economy on future technology again, but this time we need to do it with long-term fiscal responsibility.

This can be the equivalent of the effect of the Industrial Revolution. We just need the innovation. Start thinking and inventing, America. Your country needs you.

I published my last blog post at 12:50pm on 15Dec2014 and immediately laid down on a nearby public grassy lawn for my daily scheduled hours of sleep. At 3:26pm, the cooler air naturally woke me up. There had been no alarms. It was wonderful to have finally been permitted my Obama's conspiracy to sleep.

By 4:11pm, I had sought out complimentary wifi to reassure my "lover in the afternoons" again about how much he means to me.

Obama's 24/7 libel dump about all of us who stand up to him for the good of humanity had been giving me far more than just thankless work to do for the entire world all day and all night. I also have had to debunk lies all day and all night that Obama's proven pathological liars used to manipulate the public.

By 4:15pm, my "adoptive homeless home," the city where I spend my wee hours of the morning online working, had apologized to me and had asked me to come back to their city to "romp and play" among their downtown again.

I always knew the city loved me and stood up for me. They just need to sweep out the parts of their community and government corrupted by Obama's malevolence and libel.

After much speaking with my "lover in the afternoon" through our reliable connection, I believe my quote of the day for 15Dec2014 was at 4:36pm in a Facebook chat with him...

"Admit it, you want to help me meditate in the privacy of your own home. Very little can control the dancer but the dance. And all that determines the dance is the music."

I took a break from the wifi to buy some deodorant/anti-perspirant. I know I never smell bad, but it was one of the few missing pieces of my normal daily hygiene that had evaded me due to my pennilessness since I had to flee The War Criminal Gables for physical safety someplace anyplace Obama and his conspiracy could not control my surroundings at all particularly while I sleep.

Do you remember the title of my 13Dec2014 blog post? Please also ask my beloved "lover in the afternoon" who calls himself "Markus" just to be able to even speak with me least of all be near me for our full Facebook chat history.

Related to this, while I was not doing so bad for myself in a life of complete honesty and transparency, at 6:02pm, I tweeted...

"threaten to leak data" Basic logic, threatening further human trafficking of me, Obama's conspiracy admitted to all trafficking since 2009.

It had been a great night for Twitter.

The fastest Obama and his proven conspiracy of proven enemies of America could coverup, as if anyone ever would believe their lies anymore, a torture facility with which to destroy my mind completely manifested in a vigilant yet blaring torture facility alarm at 6:30pm. Ugwuji brilliantly took care of it.

I also checked in with my SquidSwimmers early enough to give them as much warning as possible that I wanted to meditate that night...

"6:40pm Just checking in. My selfless support system including but not limited to my proven saturation of international secret operatives, my lovers and believers, the Metro Transit Authority, my world leaders who have been demanding full transparency from Obama, and my genius loved ones in the courtroom, thank you for this phenomenal day and night.

Assuming my benevolent nerds are willing, I will watch this previous evening's NBC Nightly News at 7pm. Then, I will take the Metro to Sunset Blvd.

Please, my beautiful world, call ahead to my usual haunts there to make sure there are no misunderstandings about my absolute pennilessness under Obama's egg this time. I actually ate and slept well today, so if anyone wants to show up and take me out for some meditation, you know where I will perch to wait for you.

Please secure my bus before it arrives. Please secure my bus stops. I am giving you all the notice I can. Warn Obama's terrorists that I will turn in to the international authorities any and all of them who show up there to terrorize my own lovers and believers while I am there."

And, yes, I did successfully rustle up enough bandwidth in time to watch the NBC Nightly News from previous in the evening at my normal viewing time of 7pm. I am such a creature of habit.

After my nightly metaphorical hug from the NBC Nightly News team, I did exactly what I told everyone I would do when I checked in. I arrived at the Sunset Strip at 8:11pm and sat down to two non-alcoholic beverages.

There was an alarm for Obama's iron fist at 10:17pm after which I thought I sent help immediately to my brave rescuers. I thought my sending of help was broadcast through my SquidStream.

Little did I know that my SquidStream was silenced AGAIN which forced many of my brave rescuers and lovers and believers to die since I could not send help.

I sang along with the jukebox for a while. Did you make verified recordings with full audio and visuals?

After taking a trip to the restroom, I heard live music. I immediately sought out its source. I found an inner room with a live band and a sexy Martha Stewart look-a-like who asked me to dance. The band brought me onstage. And I am sure the night was broadcast live. Did you like the metaphorical "aurora borealis"?

The music ended causing my dance-trance meditation to end at 1:13am on 16Dec2014. While I am in the act of dance-trance, I never know if people are actually broadcasting me live.

If it is a public display in a public place it is not a violation of our Constitutional right to privacy to record or broadcast it. That is something for my lovers and believers, including the Disney Parks, to think about.

After leaving the performance space, I was immediately confronted by a muscled-up Steve Perry look-a-like who did not really work there. He was very hostile. How obvious was it Obama's conspiracy sent him in to spy on my public of lovers and believers? Syn, please see if the Rainbow Bar and Grill on the Sunset Strip need our legal team.

Unamused with Obama's enemies of America meddling in the reliable business activities of the Rainbow, I walked to my normal late night eaterie just a neighborhood or two away.

The customers had been waiting for me all night to come in. After I sat down at a table, it started raining. I ordered some chocolate hot fudge cake and caught up with my online friends.

All of the toxins Obama's terrorists poisoned the Los Angeles city water with caused me to fall asleep at my table for half an hour, but my muscled-up security inside kept an eye on me all morning.

I paid my bill and sent my selfless support system ahead of me to my "adoptive homeless home," but I missed my bus stop and ended up at a Starbucks in a very posh neighborhood by 6:44am instead.

The rain was still pouring. My 15Dec2014 blog post had finally been published, though. I tried delivering verified footage of my meditation to all of humanity. The world was full of questions. And it was a very good day for Twitter.

“@France24 a signed legal contract" I have never had a contract with Obama. I am forbidden from knowing about any broadcasts of me and "me."

I watched all of my middle-aged White men, as I had promised, at 8am. I was able to watch all four of them except for the last 5min 38sec of my darling Mr. Craig Ferguson.

At 10:53am, I curled up in the city park across the street for my daily scheduled hours of sleep. But due to alarms and the rain starting again, I was awake by 12:27pm.

Luckily, there was only one war alarm all day, but there were nonstop denial-of-all-reality torture threats that had the potential to destroy my mind permanently and remove me from the world that loves and needs me FOREVER.

Obama's pathological perjurers had tried libeling me with a fictional "pregnancy" AGAIN as if it were grounds to unlawfully imprison me anyway in a supposed "psych ward," and you know what happens to pregnant or "pregnant" women with debilitating mental illness misdiagnoses in controlled environments paraded as supposed "psychiatric units."

Amita took care of it and razed all hell due to that obvious attempt to force electroshock on my perfectly sane and completely emotionally healthy mind.

I kept in contact with my TweetHearts and Facebook friends until I called my mom at 4pm for an update on my safe not-Obama-controlled hotel room and other sundry topics. Please circulate verified and unedited recording of the full Skype call that ended when Obama's cyberterrorists crashed my wifi connection. And, thank you.

I had checked in with my SquidSwimmers before I made the Skype call to my mother. So, my bus and my transit back to my "adoptive homeless home" was secured. Sadly, Obama had crashed my SquidStream AGAIN in order to break every law possible from local to international potentially for ANOTHER ambush.

I caught it early, and my selfless support system in the area investigated it to prevent it in case the threat were real.

I stopped in my local Wells Fargo Branch to withdraw what was left of my $50 I was permitted to live on and my only money for the entire week. All of Obama's terrorists had been swept out since my last visit.

It is only Wells Fargo corporate whom I, my loved ones, and approximately eighty countries so far are taking action against until they recognize my legal marriage which would allow my own loving husband to give me enough of my own money to live safely and comfortably for the first time since Obama's "egg" was established in 2009.

I did reconnaissance on a local landmark hotel that was suggested to me and that I heard a rumor Queen Elizabeth II herself was trying to arrange a secured and not-Obama-controlled room for me in.

I had sent my "lover in the afternoons" to meet me there. He was, of course, blocked by Obama's iron fist. And the hotel's lobby and response to my asking them for their reservationist's business card said it all.

We can trust them. As long as we can keep them safe and uncorrupted, we will always be able to trust them.

My final errand for the day was at the local YMCA. Sadly, for the YMCA, I was openly and publicly persecuted there by two "employees." Please circulate a verified, barely edited, and timestamped recording with full visuals and audio of both of my full trips to that YMCA.

Syniva and my legal team, please report that Y to YMCA headquarters. Sweetness, please rescind our generous donation we made to that YMCA as our thank you for my previous visit there.

And, my BFF, press every charge possible against only those two offenders and no one else for persecution, hate crimes, fraud (denying vital community resources they are sworn to provide), and everything else you can think of too, my entire genius legal team.

I was only treated that way because I am I. Those were NOT actual YMCA policies they were forcing on me. They only behaved so horribly to intentionally deny me necessary services because they recognized me, and they never would have had such policies to enforce if I were not the one standing in their lobby that early evening.

At 6:24pm, I was waiting for the bus. And, I arrived, as planned, at my weekly open mic in Hollywood just before 8pm. There was only one torture facility warning and its all-clear while I was in transit.

There was enough see-and-be-seen between me and my lovers and believers there for us all to get the work done saving OUR Los Angeles henceforth. With all the symbolism that could show up, the music industry in Los Angeles insisted I should, "Stay."

Shortly before 11pm, the open mic had ended, and I sought out wifi in the driving rain to update my lovelies on our search for a hotel we can trust. Standing in the eaves of a very friendly Starbucks that was in the process of closing up, I also answered a lot of questions. It was a good night for Twitter.

I relocated to a nearby 24-hour sandwich shop with no wifi at 11:34pm to stay out of the rain. The place that offered me refuge from the rain was wonderful, but the entire area was instructed to close its bathrooms to prevent anyone from using them while I was there. So, since I could find no restroom, at 2:43am, I sought out the wifi.

At 3:22am, I was completely irrationally treated like a hooker. This is what mental health genocide looks like. Obama is rendering Los Angeles as hostile towards me as Iowa ALWAYS was with his rampant pathological libel and earspeakers.

Please, my beautiful world, force reality on every rat (expeltive) EVERYWHERE willing to obey Obama or believe his proven pathological liars at all!

Syn, we press every charge possible against that piece of (expletive) immediately. Make an example out of him. Every charge: hate crimes, persecution, assault, libel, defamation, slander, sexual harassment, soliciting prostitution, crimes against America that directly lead to global conflict on US soil, willful destabilization of the world, EVERYTHING you can think of.

Syn, make an example out of him of why no one anywhere should ever obey Obama or his conspiracy EVER.

At 3:58am, I signed up for a three-day guest pass at a local gym. Yes, I was going to have comparatively luxurious accommodations for my next three days of showering.

Syn, please use the rate I was offered online for joining the gym as further evidence. that the two "employees" at the YMCA were openly persecuting me. Thanks!

There were alarms at 4:08am with no details, so I sent my beautiful world to check on all of us.

The local gym opened up at 4:30am, but there would be no one there to give me the paperwork for the guest pass until 8:15am. So, I made an appointment and went out to find wifi to use while I waited.

By 5:24am, I was in a local McDonald's hydrating while using the free public wifi. While I started catching up with my online friends again, I snacked on yogurt. I tried recharging my iPad battery at the Starbucks at 6:24am, but none of their outlets worked.

I returned to the gym for my three-day trial membership at 7:32am and was welcomed right in after presenting my ID. After my luxury shower, I perched in the locker room to flesh out this blog post while charging my iPad battery.

This blog post was published at 10:10am on 17Dec2014.

And now, my beautiful world, I answer all of your questions for me. Please keep collecting all questions and concerns from all your friends and loved ones and sending them to me through whatever means possible.

What is my REAL opinion of the police? I heard the police set themselves on fire with the public after how they treated me in the wee hours of the morning on 15Dec. It was just two corrupted cops here in the metropolis who tried to put me in a literal torture facility in Iowa, not all of them.

I immediately sought safety and asked the LAPD (cops from a different city) to save the police force's reputation by being the world's heroes by finally allowing me and my consort "Markus" to finally be together. My husband was overseas already where I had sent him for his own safety.

People need to trust I know what I am doing. I know how to fix these problems. I have always known. People just need to listen to me finally.

Can anything stop America's fast track to ruin? Obama and his pathologically lying war criminals all need to stop committing their crimes against me and against America in the first place.

Then, my loved ones and I will finally be able to stop pressing charges and countercharges against them as our peaceful method for forcing all of their rampant human rights abuses to stop.

I spelled out three never-fail steps to absolution and protection from me in 2010. Yet, only the genuinely sane and good of heart who had been seduced into Obama's conspiracy are the ones ever willing to take all three never-fail steps.

As for the rest of Obama's proven conspiracy of proven enemies of America, all of them finally need to be arrested, or they will never stop all of their crimes against all of us.

I also have a question for you, my beautiful world, who is the "authority" blocking our streets and terrorizing our civilians? I have more lovers and believers per capita in California than anywhere else in the world.

So if my own REAL crosstown friends and family of all diverse amounts of fame and gravitas and whom I may have or have not met before all have the inability to reach me after they try to reach me 24/7 leaving from all various parts of this great metropolis is a sign of how truly horrifying and absolute Obama's terrorism is in here.

Please tell me who does all of the no-authority chasing and arresting, so I can help remove this most recent of world-destroying barriers between me and my loved ones and all of our human rights.

My brave rescuers, do you need more help? People keep telling me I will have a non-controlled roof over my head as soon as humanly possible. Rumor has it Queen Elizabeth II of England is considering it her personal mission to protect me by arranging my hotel room for me.

We called everyone together to work on this, and I was told on 16Dec that my asking the Queen of England to find me an appropriate place to safely sleep, eat, shower, work online, and wait for my extraction was just genius. And, thank you, your royal majesty.

As for the other beautiful and intelligent women in my life, SynSyn, Amita, and Ugwuji, we press charges and countercharges against the offenders and perpetrators only. We try at all times to spare the California taxpayers from footing the bill for Obama's conspiracy of enemies of America.

Mostly these are good people in here, and only the people imported specifically to victimize me and make my existence as unlivable as possible are the ones publicly persecuting me, etc.

My genius loved ones, we never blame the victims for the crimes committed against them. Look how terrorized these people are who love and adore me enough to transform their metropolis into a temple of love to me!

They are so terrorized and oppressed that they do not just save humanity by picking me up immediately and taking me to my home in the Hills. Yet, my Powers of Attorney, even when they all only believed lies about me, they still unconditionally loved and adored me.

We cannot punish these people for suffering, but we can punish any and all individuals who break any law local to international to hurt us instead of breaking all rules instead to make America safe and free.

As always, my genius Powers Of Attorneys, we press every charge possible after every crime committed against any of us since money is the only deterrent we have right now to prevent this "egg" from continuing due to Obama's conspiracy's rampant impunity and corruption that forbids us from pressing any criminal charges for crimes that ACTUALLY did happen and that ACTUALLY did harm us since Obama forbids everyone from acknowledging reality to my face.

Darling "Markus," you are technically my consort not my "lover in the afternoons," but since we are forbidden contact, now, anyway, just because Obama forbids me any and every joy possible that could make life worth living from food and shelter to my friends and family.

Your brave selflessness, "Markus," in the name of a woman you can have if you can reach but cannot keep is the stuff legendary love stories are made of. Your accepting of the mantle of my rescuer after I sent my husband to France to protect him from dying persecuted by Obama's dirty prosecutors is beyond noble and brave.

Your heart is a wonderland of righteous and selfless compassion, my lover. You do this knowing full well you must give me up if and when you succeed. I pray the world recognizes how truly beautiful you are.

Sweetness, I love and adore you. Are you okay? When last I asked you a question, you told me you were jealous of my "lover in the afternoon's" proximity to me and musical prowess, but then you made peace with your insecurities and welcomed "Markus" to the team for the good of all of us.

Beloved, thank you.

HoneyHoney, Amber asked me why I have never been angry at her nor jealous of her. That was already blogged in my 04Oct blog post. Amber has been living in my shadow in your eyes and in the eyes of the entire world. I pity her.

My beloved husband, I WILL touch you the way the flowers kiss the rain. I have not lain an eye on you, least of all a hand, since March2010. Thank you for loving the real me through all of the character assassination. We WILL have our happily ever after.

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