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Like Steel Tempered in Fire

Title: Like Steel Tempered in Fire

Please access my iCloud if necessary to publish this post now, my friends. I cannot control how many horrible things happen to me in one day; it is Obama who controls that. So, if I wait too long between posts, they become too drenching.

Please share this for me with the entire world, both houses of Congress, the Supreme Court, the United Nations, all sympathetic world leaders, all reputable national and foreign presses, etc.

Here is my latest blog post. Kisses, my beautiful world, kisses. I am finally seeing the progress. Here is my up-to-date report on everything I have observed as progress and stasis lately including some topics still to address...

1) I am still alive. My mobility about the metropolis is intact. Assuming Obama's pathological perjurers never suddenly succeed after approximately ten months of all but one incidence of compulsive failure, I am no longer in ANY environment controlled nor controlled-enough by Obama to harm me physically nor will I ever be again.

2) Syniva has a perfect court record of epic win after epic win, and I am convinced her stellar courtroom record will continue until our entire logjam of charges for REAL offenses that we have been filing for years against Obama's proven conspiracy of proven enemies of America finally runs its course.

As always, if Obama's conspiracy ever did not want us to press charges against them, all they ever had to do was NOT commit crimes against any of us in the first place.

3) Amita and Ugwuji, also still have perfect court records from their epic 12-hour shifts every single day including weekends and holidays as the 24-hour first line of defense protecting the entire good, green world from losing me to ANY controlled environment.

It is beyond proven after the Safety Video we circulated in my 27Nov2014 blog post and especially after the official Torture Report released by the US government on 09Dec2014 that any and all control over me and over my surroundings has ever been are heinous human rights abuses against me used as acts of war against America since they enforce and excuse Obama's totalitarian rules.

It is beyond critical to keep me and everything about me free of anything and everything Obama and his conspiracy control, not just for my own health and safety but also for the peace and stability of the entire world.

Amita and Ugwuji need better appreciation for all of their tireless and often thankless hard work.

4) Sweetness, the second most persecuted American in history, has safely arrived in Europe. Now, he will no longer be arrested every five seconds due to every blatantly irrational denial-of-all-reality intentionally fabricated false charge used as acts of war against America that Obama's dirty prosecutors could force over him and often enforce with violence.

I was even told at one point that my irrefutably loving and adoring husband was framed for murdering me. Um, yeah. I have not died yet and definitely not in this lifetime. That is about as much reality as has ever been in any of the charges that have ever been filed against my beloved and adored husband since Obama took office.

Again, I sent him abroad to protect him from Obama's conspiracy in my last blog post. Last time he was in France, I was told he brought my live SquidStream to the entire world.

And the combination of my verified SquidStream and independently factchecked blog is the only reason Obama and his proven conspiracy of proven enemies of America cannot destroy all of America and potentially all of the world with their proven modus operandi of unrelenting libel of me and all who depend on me.

We can all now look forward to more epic accomplishments by Sweetness now that Obama cannot persecute him any longer.

5) "We need to control Squid," was how Obama unjustifiably began his "egg" around me in 2009, and that justification at that time was just about as honest as anything else Obama's proven conspiracy of proven pathologically lying proven enemies of America has ever said about me since, too.

In 2009, Obama wanted a bird for his cage to use as an excuse for extralegislative rules that would grant him totalitarian control over all of America. And he chose the wrong bird.

How much Hegelian philosophy have you read, my beautiful world, about the relationship between the slave and the master? We have made great progress with this, and I could not have done it without all of you, my beautiful world. So, thank you.

6) As for the minutia of my life that still need attention, ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa still has completely illegal (from local to international) control of my finances; though, I am told they have finally given up breaking every law local to international to abduct me AGAIN back to ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa only to be able to heinously and inhumanely abuse me as much as possible by forcing their control over me, just like they abducted me in December 2010.

So, since ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa still pretends it has a self-appointed entitlement to control and abuse me, I still need help every day here in my HOME of California finding food to eat every day. My loving and adoring locals do everything possible for me to help keep me fed, but they are a combination of too deluded on what is real and too terrorized by Obama to do more.

I have been homeless since I fled The War Criminal Gables last week across town which were physically and verbally abusing me well beyond the point of destabilizing all of humanity since they were an environment that Obama's conspiracy could control.

Now, for the first time since 2009, there has never been less internationally-recognized-as-heinously-illegal control over me, and as a result, my mind has never functioned at a higher level. And, yes, we have a verified SquidStream to prove this.

However, since ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa still refuses to give up its completely blown human rights abuse that it uses as an act of war against America of never-justifiably controlling my finances, I also need your help, my beautiful world, putting a roof over my head that has absolutely no control from Obama nor from his proven conspiracy of proven enemies of America where I will finally be able to sleep, eat, work, shower, and live safely until Obama's "egg," the REAL source of all of the problems in America right now, finally comes down.

7) The entire Los Angeles metropolis still needs to set itself free of Obama and his "egg" completely. The first step is to remove all of your earspeakers, so you can all think for yourselves finally.

After that, this land that has made it beyond obvious that they love and adore me whether or not they know the truth about me, or even if they only have libel in their heads, need to choose to exercise their full 1st Amendment rights.

If you make the choice to be free of Obama's rules en masse as one Los Angeles, as one California, or ideally as one America, there is nothing that can stop you. As a population, pick a date, pick a time, and set yourselves free. The only thing I cannot give you to accomplish this is your organization of yourselves. Your empowerment was completely my pleasure.

Just as importantly, Los Angeles metropolis, whatever horrible things Obama does to us here, I have a history already of being able to fix most of it. You just need to be able to tell me what the problems are.

I have quieted riots. I have proved we can trust the police force. I have made the planes fly again at LAX.

Just like the rest of the world already knows, Southern California, you just need to tell me the details of your problems if you want my advice on how to fix them. Have you seen my résumé? With me right here among you, there really is no excuse for any of you not seeking me out for help. Of course, for me to actually be able to help you, you still have to listen to me and heed my advice, too.

8) Also, as I said in my 09Dec2014 blog post, we need to contain and remove Obama's entire seditious extragovernmental criminal terrorist mercenary army, too.

There are too many of them; they are too heavily armed; they are too well organized; they only exist to enforce human rights abuses over us all; and they have proven that they are all deranged lunatics.

The United States of America cannot afford to have this army of deranged lunatics marauding America nonstop and definitely not as long as they have been already waging war against us only to be able to allow Obama to oppress us.

And whose job is it to contain and remove enemy armies already on US soil who do nothing but wreak death and destruction at all costs to America and to the world? Which part of the US government is designed to fight enemy armies of America?

So, if one more rat (expletive) in Congress tries to tell me (or if I hear they try to tell all of America) that "the budget does not allow us" to remove an entire enemy army already on US soil killing brave innocent Americans while federal taxpayer money is simultaneously being sent as bribes to all of Obama's criminal conspiracy of enemies of America under the table to allow them to pay their over $2T just this year alone in just compensation for all of their heinous and beyond disgusting and unconscionable crimes that we have caught so far to make sure they never have to stop committing their same crimes against America and against me, I will scream louder and more often.

Who the hell does this to my people and thinks their cover up of their misappropriation of taxpayer money is something I would ever allow to go unreported to the planet?!?

9) Speaking of progress, after Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) released the official US government torture report about all of the reality of the horrors and terrors of my life under Obama's "egg" to all of the world, both houses of Congress were able to sort out a bipartisan budget agreement to allow the federal government to stay open long enough for a new president in 2016... I did not receive the full details on the agreement, so there might be some errors in that sentence.

Yet, after the truth was made public about Obama's "egg," both parties started getting along in Congress. It has never been more apparent the need for freedom of the press in America for the proper functioning of our nation, for the mental health of our public (It would have prevented the public's complete mental break with the reality of me and the reality of the "egg."), and for genuine peace and stability.

10) Finally, my beautiful world, after all of our great successes lately, I still need to remind you all to never underestimate Obama's depravity. Things are finally getting better in here. Since 2009, I have never been physically safer because also since 2009 I have never been less controlled.

But we have a long way to go yet before this "egg" is gone forever. Please keep informing me of everything you need from me just like I keep informing all of you of everything I must ask all of you for.

It may be too premature to say we have reached the high water mark already, but we have made great progress. Thank you, my beautiful world, for everything. And do not allow our successes to make us complacent. Obama could throw another tantrum of escalated criminal activity at any moment, so stay prepared for anything.

As for you out there, my beautiful world...

Pakistan. Yes, darling Miss Malala Yousafzai. She is now the youngest person ever to win the Nobel Peace Prize.

I was asked what my next step would be to help her educate our girl children all over the world. While I am in this "egg," all I can do is lead by example and prove the worth of educated women to all of humanity. I can beyond trust everything else to darling Miss Yousafzai.

I published my last blog post at 8:38am on 09Dec2014 just as the official US federal government Torture Report on all the horrors and terrors Obama's "egg" has caused me and will cause me was circulating the world.

Just after I had awakened to find my iPad was completely hacked by Obama's cyberterrorists due to Obama's absolute desperation to prevent my 09Dec2014 blog post from ever being published, the local homeless community here where I perch most of the day and night welcomed me in.

They even made an offer of buying me breakfast and showing me the local homeless resource center. I would have gone with them in a heartbeat, but they were not willing to wait the fifteen to thirty minutes it would take me to publish my blog post.

The entire good, green Earth knows my service to my people, to my nation, and to my world is my highest priority. I missed a free breakfast because I needed my last blog post published and independently factchecked as fast as possible. That was okay. They were likely sent to me, like people before them were, specifically to interrupt my service to America.

Shortly after my last blog post was published, my "plot exposition" friend stopped by to buy me a cup of coffee and to take me to the YMCA for a tour. I have now named him "He-Man." I got a one-day trial pass at the YMCA, and for the first time in five days, I was able to take a shower. I had been looking forward to a shower for so long. It felt fabulous.

I left He-Man at the YMCA after asking him to come find me later and walked to my wifi hotspot to let my iPad charge. By 10:56am, I was securely connected to complimentary wifi. The world was exploding over the federal government's official report on the worst of the horrors and terrors Obama's "egg" was still enforcing I must live through.

At 11:07am, I tried to watch my middle-aged White men. Sadly, too many of Obama's cyberterrorists were in my iPad for me to watch much of any of their broadcasts. Instead, I caught up with my online friends. I was pretty sure the world would have questions.

The first torture facility alarm of the day was at 11:57am while I was on my way to take my afternoon siesta at 12:22pm. Vigilant alarms woke me up at 1:57pm and 2:03pm, so I sent all help possible to everyone who needed rescuing both times.

He-Man walked by before I could fall asleep again. And I slept like a rock until 3:52pm. My loving public was not shy about keeping me safe.

I was back at my wifi hotspot and charging my iPad at 4:10pm. From what I could tell, my 09Dec2014 blog post was not published yet, but the action I recommended on 07Dec and 08Dec through communications with national and foreign news media to re-inform the entire world of which parts of our US federal government we can trust and which we cannot trust was keeping the peace outside our foreign embassies and military bases after the official US government torture report about me was released that day.

My beautiful world, have you all read the official torture report, yet, the US government released on 09Dec2014? Until I could hear all the questions from my beautiful world, this was the brief statement I gave the news media...

"09Dec2014 5:01pm @NBCNightlyNews @NewsHour @CNN @BBCWorld @France24_en @cctvnews @RT_com @NIH @UN #TortureReport. Are you all okay after reading it? I am not permanently damaged. Once I got out of the rape-slavery in Iowa, I have only excelled. The less Obama controls me, the better I am. I have never been higher performing than right now, now that Obama's control of my living conditions are at their lowest since 2009. Thank you, for everything! Send any questions."

I quickly followed up with this message for my entire selfless support system everywhere around the world including locally...

"5:24pm Just checking in. Thank you, my entire selfless support system for keeping us all as safe as possible for so long under the most impossible conditions ever.

Thank you for reading the official US government torture report about my life inside Obama's "egg." I would like to go to Hollywood for an open mic tonight to sooth my soul.

Please call ahead, so they will expect me. I cannot get in if they charge me a cover. Please warn Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy I will turn them all in if any of them are there when I get there.

Thank you for securing my buses before they arrive. Thank you for securing my bus stops. Obama is extra-desperate now, so please be extra-vigilant keeping all of us safe. As always, tell me when I need to scream for any of your protection, too.

There would be #NoLoveWithoutTheLovers."

I left my wifi hotspot at 6:04pm, due to crisis-level and genuine concerns for my well being, my selfless support system stalled my arrival at the open mic. There were rumors of putting snipers on rooftops and whatnot.

The latest brazen and stupidest ever attempts by War Criminal Stephanie to destroy me completely were mitigated by the time I reached my Metro transfer point.

At 8:50pm, there was an alarm for intentionally fabricated false charges, so I sent help immediately to any and all crosstown friends and family members of mine trapped under Obama's iron fist.

I did not have to walk very far before my crosstown friends, family, and loved ones all told me that they AGAIN all could not reach me. I promised to find new ways to open new windows.

While walking to the venue, there was also a warning for another torture facility threat. Ugwuji took care of it quickly.

I was finally seated at a table in the back room of a bar with a long Hollywood history for the open mic by 9:03pm. All of my friends had been terrorized by Obama's enemies of America into not showing up. That was okay. My night was full of mostly friends I had never met before.

After the show, I tried to watch the NBC Nightly News from previous that evening.

My NSA alpha nerds, on the epic day of 09Dec2014, I had so many iPad problems. My gmail app quit functioning which you quickly fixed. My Safari browser quit functioning which you fixed.

May I also ask you to fix my television apps, so I can watch my middle-aged White men and the NBC Nightly News every day again? You are so wonderful. Thank you.

Waiting for my transit ride back to my new all-night haunts, there were only a few alarms. I needed to send my beautiful world to rescue everyone trapped and possibly dying under Obama's iron fist. I warned the world of a new torture facility threat attempting to take me away from the world completely. And there was a warning for a new collusion escalation for what sounded like new intentionally fabricated false charges against me, but I had no details.

At 12:47am, I was finally on the bus. There were great efforts made by the entire metropolis to keep me safer that night. In transit, a cute boy tried to tell me that a different cute boy found me attractive. It was as if people did not know that I know how attractive I am because I believe my other qualities are much more defining than my appearance is.

When I arrived at my nightly perch at 1:41am, a team of five men were power washing it. While I sat by the fountain and wrote from the wee hours into the normal hours of the morning, my friend from a few nights previously named Daniel came to visit me at 2:55am.

He chatted with me while I worked. Then, proving my criticism of his time with me every time he spends time with me, he did nothing to help me for real but kept saying he wanted to. He left quickly.

I caught up with my TweetHearts before relocating to the park at 4:51am. There were multiple HUGE alarms before 5:38am. I asked my beautiful world to check on all of them.

I took a nap in the park from roughly 6am to 7:02am, and He-Man did not show up. I had seen He-Man every morning for six days. When alarms sounded at 7:54am, I think I figured it out...

#Alarms! Please check on my brave rescuers and my crosstown loved ones. They might all need help right now. Is my cowboy in jail, too? #Help

And, as if by magic, my cowboy, whom I have named He-Man, manifested. He danced down the street and gave me a coupon for a free cup of coffee. He also (Giggle.) told me he was going to stop flirting with married women. Then, just like every morning, he promised to meet me at the library later with no intentions of actually showing up.

In no time at all, I was perched at a table with a chocolate old-fashioned doughnut and a cup of coffee.

I learned that one of Obama's proven pathological perjurer's boldfaced quackery to coverup human rights abuses against me that would never get away with anyway even if they succeeded was the intentionally false "diagnosis" AGAIN of bipolar disorder.

I agree the rampant delusions among the American public created by Obama's pathological calumnies and pathological perjuries of me, particularly intentionally falsely calling me at all mentally ill, that have (26Oct2014 blog post) incited uncontrolled civilian-on-civilian violence could actually constitute bipolar disorder as the diagnosis to support the Obama's proven mental health genocide.

But, no, there are absolutely no symptoms of ANY mental illness nor even imbalance in me anywhere in the land of reality that Obama's conspiracy of proven enemies of America never acknowledge.

Next, I learned Obama was attacking foreign news journalists for reporting the truth. What absolute depravity!

I tried watching all of my middle-aged White men, but my CBS app still did not work. A friend I had made outside my wifi hotspot came inside to give me hugs. Every day is a good day for Twitter.

By 12:02pm, I had caught up completely with my online friends. So, I stepped outside to find a squooshy spot to take my daily five to six hour siesta. My local lovers and believers watched over me the entire time.

Alarms woke me up at 2:34pm after which I sent all help possible to whomever needed us. I noticed someone had snuck up on me while I was sleeping to leave a delicious box lunch right next to my computer bag. Very grateful, I ate the tasty vittles before quickly falling asleep again.

I was back at my wifi hotspot charging up my iPad at 3:50pm. I caught up with my online friends quickly. I soothed my soul with some wonderful music. It was, as always, a very good night for Twitter...

@UN #SafetyVideo #09Dec Expect most heinous horrors to happen to me all covered up with lies if my #SquidStream is silenced. #TortureReport

My NSA alpha nerds made sure I could watch the full NBC Nightly News broadcast from earlier in the evening after it posted at 7pm. Then, with a fully charged iPad battery, I sought out live music from the street musicians in the area.

No, the local musicians did not disappoint. And, I suppose, neither did I. I am sure there were cameras. And as long as whoever was electronically watching never lies about me nor misleads anybody about me with any recordings of my ACTUAL dancing, they can do anything they damn well please with it.

I recommend verified and unedited recordings with full audio and visuals. If you all want to edit together your music videos with my magic eyecamera, I am all for it. Just speak with my not-human-trafficker nerds.

And thank you, everyone, from the musicians to the shops to the police who kept us all safe to the city to the metropolis for the glorious night of meditation. In San Francisco, I would meditate almost every night. I admit I was a little rusty. But it did wonders for my mind and my soul, so thank you.

I would not have had the energy for it if not for the sneaky lover and believer who left me a delicious lunch while I was getting my regularly scheduled, daily five to six hours of sleep that afternoon.

Yes, I consciously choose to sleep in a public place in the middle of the day every day particularly to make sure my loving and adoring public can keep me safe every time I sleep.

It is proven that as long as my SquidStream is running, Obama's proven conspiracy of proven enemies of America can only hurt me while I sleep and if they have a coverup to unlawfully imprison me in any controlled environment.

By 10:02pm, all of my musician friends had to leave for city law reasons, I assume. I perched and started searching around for more global questions and concerns anyone in my beautiful world wanted help addressing.

Obama's proven conspiracy of proven enemies of America's unrelenting pathological perjuries to destroy my proven perfectly sane and proven completely emotionally healthy mind with war crimes covered up with quackery still had not abated, but fewer threats than ever before were making it all of the way to the alarm phase.

This blog post was published at 1:10pm on 11Dec2014.

And now, my beautiful world, I answer all of your questions for me. Please keep collecting all questions and concerns from all your friends and loved ones and sending them to me through whatever means possible.

Do I believe California's US Senator Dianne Feinstein sacrificed too much of the CIA by releasing the Torture Report on 09Dec2014? Of course not. First of all, the Senator's release of the report has likely saved my life. Secondly, every enemy of America is scared even more now of what the CIA will do to anyone who hurts me; the undying love and devotion for me from the CIA is nobody's secret.

Finally, these are the REAL representatives of the REAL government of the United States of America; these are not Already-Impeached Obama (which means Obama is really in the private sector) nor any of his proven conspiracy of proven enemies of America. We brave who fight for America for REAL, we are all on the same side.

My beautiful world, how is it going finding me a hotel room or apartment to help me survive in here until you can reach me?

Completely free of any way for Obama's proven conspiracy of proven enemies of America being at all capable of controlling my environment especially while I sleep, I have never been safer since this "egg" began. But there must be some other way to keep me completely free of Obama's control that is warmer in the wee hours of the morning.

My brave rescuers, I heard the battle lines have a temporary truce right now. But I have seen no evidence of it. How are you doing out there? What do you need to be able to remove Obama's seditious extragovernmental criminal terrorist mercenary army from US soil completely?

My brave rescuers, if my life were livable instead of so criminally controlled, you could finally all worry about something other than the absolute catastrophe for all of the world of my losing any more of my freedoms and liberties and take care of the other necessary steps to taking down Obama's "egg" instead.

How are my Sisyphi (proper plural of Sisyphus) today? My genius Powers of Attorney, just because the PROVEN deranged lunatics in ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa refuse to relent their blown coverup of their unrelenting human rights abuses against me that they use as acts of war against America by refusing to acknowledge that, unlike them, I am perfectly sane and completely emotionally healthy does NOT mean that, in the land of REALITY that they proven never acknowledge, that I am now or have ever been mentally imperfect. What absolute and genuine lunacy!

Syniva, Amita, and Ugwuji, how many times have we told Obama's entire conspiracy of proven enemies of America not to commit their crimes against all of us in the first place?

It is beyond obvious that we can never expect ANY of Obama's pathological perjurers to ever do anything nor say anything sane, logical, compassionate, honest, nor ethical. Who the hell is still allowing ANY of them into ANY courtrooms as ANYTHING but defendants anymore?

Sweetness, I love and adore you. Thank you for telling me the moment you landed in London. Thank you for making sure your persecution by Obama's proven conspiracy is one less thing I have to worry about in here.

Beloved, you hate being away from me as much as I hate being away from you, and this made our only marriage problem, geography, physically larger. But with you safe and free, you can actually do more to help all of us in here. Please tell me sooner when you need me.

As for the minutia of my life, HoneyHoney, please make a donation to my local YMCA here and to the homeless community resource center nearby while you are simultaneously rustling up an uncontrolled roof over my head.

Darling, you have never once let me down. I know you never will either. And, thank you. My new neighborhood here by the ocean is very protective and supportive.

My hero, my king, and my reason for living, please check on what is in their heads regularly in my new neighborhood, so we can preemptively prevent any libel dumps from souring our symbiosis. Everybody loves a lover. Let us keep everyone here loved. Until I can kiss your waiting face...

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