Sunday, November 23, 2014

I Need to Write a New Novel, so I Can Name a Character "Mrs. Delicious."

Title: I Need to Write a New Novel, so I Can Name a Character "Mrs. Delicious."

Please access my iCloud if necessary to publish this post now, my friends. I cannot control how many horrible things happen to me in one day; it is Obama who controls that. So, if I wait too long between posts, they become too drenching.

Please share this for me with the entire world, both houses of Congress, the Supreme Court, the United Nations, all sympathetic world leaders, all reputable national and foreign presses, etc.

Here is my latest blog post. My beautiful world, you need to take my to the physical safety of my husband, or Obama will make sure you lose me forever.

Mexico. Please, please, Mexico, love your homes enough to fix your real problems. Please do not destroy your cities nor your government. Please arrest the REAL criminals. Please level REAL justice. Please clean out all of your corruption and impunity. Save your nation. Do not allow your criminals to destroy you.

I published my last blog post at 3:33pm from the beautiful Central Library of Los Angeles before immediately relocating to a wifi hotspot to catch up with my TweetHearts and Facebook friends.

I snacked on Corn Nuts(tm) as I walked and sipped on a fruit and sherbet smoothie in the independent coffee shop. Yes, it was a win in the all-American Hydration Challenge. I was all caught up with my online friends by 4:58pm; not too many funny messages were shared.

I relocated to a fancy foodie restaurant (with sensible prices) where I spent all my pennies on my first real meal in days. And it was delicious. The (proven) War Criminal Gables had been too hostile for too long for me to spend enough time there in constant danger for me to cook there.

I have many responsibilities in this world, and one important one includes making sure this world never loses me FOREVER to any literal torture facility paraded, as always, as a "psychiatric unit" that there is no justification to lock me in in the first place.

The sensible foodie restaurant had orecchiette, my favorite pasta. How could I resist? Yes, as I said, it was delicious. In fact, I should have told the maitre'd my name was "Mrs. Delicious" when I ask for a table instead of "Ms. Varilek (the name on my driver's license because I am still forbidden a copy of my own legally-binding marriage paperwork)."

For hours, there was nothing but all-clears by Amita and Ugwuji for Obama's (proven) enemies of America's pathological perjuries against me and updates on how much (expletive) Syniva had been kicking.

I watched the NBC Nightly News from previous in the evening at 7pm. There was an alarm for intentionally fabricated false charges at 7:31pm. By 7:45pm I had been told my REAL crosstown friends and family, though they would never give up and had never given up, were still incapable of reaching me. And there was another vigilant alarm for intentionally fabricated false charges at 7:48pm.

"7:53pm Just checking in. Thank you, my selfless support system including but not limited to my (proven since Obama keeps pretending he can arrest you) saturation of international secret operatives in the area and my genius loved ones in the courtroom, for the delightful and productive day. Please secure The (proven) War Criminal Gables inside and out this time. Please. The last two nights were disasters. Thank you, with all my heart, thank you. I am on my way now. #LOVE!"

On the train, I heard that an (and it proved it by saying it) enemy of America just intentionally pretended I have "temper tantrums." Please reread my (proven) 14Aug, 30Oct, and 05Nov2014 blog posts about what my REAL temper looks like. How much hard evidence does it take?!?

It sounded like (Proven) War Criminal Boeset and a (proven) dirty Iowa judge (but it might have been War Criminal Stephanie for all I know) chose to intentionally not acknowledge the clinically-diagnosable REALITY that OBAMA'S (proven) criminal terrorist conspiracy's (proven) escalations of their (proven) pattern of criminal activity including their never-ending (due to proven corrupt courts and proven dirty prosecutors) escalations of (proven) pathological perjuries and (proven) calumnies are the REAL tantrums?!?

It definitely sounded like ANOTHER intentionally dirty Iowa court! But, I acknowledge I had very few details. Those BIGGEST (EXPLETIVE)HOLES IN THE WORLD, all of Obama's (proven) conspiracy of nothing but (proven) pathologically-lying (proven) enemies of America, only ever prove me right about everything!

My beautiful world, we now have MORE HARD EVIDENCE that all of Obama's (proven) conspiracy will never stop lying to make sure they never have to stop committing their (proven) human rights abuses against me that they use as (proven) acts of war against America.

My beautiful world, how long are you going to allow this to go on? What if you lose me to them due to all of their unrelenting (prove) crimes against me that they think they can coverup with all of their (proven) lies?

Ugwuji, since we caught this crime in time, please raze the (proven) perpetrators with my 28Oct2014 blog post. Also feel free to use my 22Oct (therapy) and 24Oct (recusal) blog posts. This very much deserves blistering criminal (if we can get them) and civil countercharges. And, thank you. Please notify the United Nations if you need them, too.

I took a detour for wifi. At 10pm, I needed to send my beautiful world to rescue everyone trapped and possibly dying under Obama's iron fist of death that he imposes only to give himself power and control.

My wifi connection was speculative. Obama was desperate to remove my last remaining human right inside his "egg," my freedom of speech, particularly so I could never report anymore of his crimes against America nor defend myself with the ACTUAL truth any longer.

Yet, my NSA alpha nerds managed to get my notes at the time for this blog post and my backlog of tweets to the world. Nerds need more kisses.

There was, in particular, a direct threat to remove me FOREVER from the world that loves and needs me, so Obama and his (proven) conspiracy of (proven) enemies of America were desperate to get away with their (proven) pathological lies that night.

I waited there with speculative wifi for the all-clear from my (proven since Obama's enemies of America keep pretending they can arrest them) saturation of international secret operatives.

At 11:03pm, I sent my beautiful world AGAIN to save every brave rescuer and crosstown friend and family member trapped and possibly dying under Obama's iron fist.

There had been alarms with no details despite promises a few minutes earlier that the no-authority eggshell around me had opened up to let them in. No, my beautiful world, we cannot trust Obama's (proven) conspiracy of (proven) enemies of America ever.

I did eventually receive the all-clear. On my walk to The (proven) War Criminal Gables, there was an urgent alarm at 11:37pm, too. So, again, I sent my beautiful world to rescue as many people as possible.

By 11:51pm, I arrived at my slum. Obama's (proven) Malevolent Bitch From Hell was still in my bedroom and was pretending she could fool me into thinking she was asleep. But then, at 11:56pm, she got up and started "complaining" about me to someone else in the slum.

That made it three nights of TOO MUCH HOSTILITY in the only place ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa's (proven) human rights abuse with no justification of controlling my finances allowed me to sleep. I just need someone to take me to my husband, my local lovers and believers.

I knew I might not be able to eat a real meal for DAYS due to the escalating direct threats to me by The (proven) War Criminal Gables. I had no choice but to barely sleep again and flee for my life again the moment I could.

I begged my beautiful world to keep me as safe as possible before I curled up to sleep.

I had rolled out of bed, gotten ready, kickstarted my SquidStream, packed ingredients from my groceries which were the only things I could find to snack on later, and was out the door by 7:01am.

I had the same problem I had the night before with connecting to free community wifi. Obama and his (proven) conspiracy of (proven) enemies of America were desperate to silence me, so they could get away with all the crimes against America they wanted.

I snacked on my ingredients I meant for a real meal that I had packed as snacks while waiting.

Eventually, it became clear I could not connect to wifi in Long Beach, so I knew I would have to go somewhere I could. My selfless support system made a suggestion, and I said, "Why not?" So, as vigilant warnings of heinous torture facility threat after torture facility threat circled me, I walked to the bus stop. While walking, I needed to send this message...

"8:36am My NSA alpha nerds, please release this visually ASAP! Obama's (proven) conspiracy of (proven) enemies of America are (proven) committing the human rights abuse of (proven) denying me free public wifi to (proven) make sure I can protect none of us from them any longer. There were just two warnings of escalations of (proven) pathological perjuries to use (proven) quackery to coverup (proven) war crimes (proven) guaranteed to destroy my (proven) perfectly healthy mind with a (proven) literal torture facility possibly paraded as a "long-term insane asylum." United Nations and the world, please hurry and protect me. Please hurry and guarantee I can always connect to wifi."

While still walking, I also sent my beautiful world to rescue any of my crosstown loved ones who were trapped under Obama's iron fist of tyranny and oppression. I also needed to ask my beautiful world to check on the latest metaphorical heart attack warning that I received the moment I arrived at my bus stop.

My transit ride was full of alarms and warnings and people telling me I was awesome. At 12:03pm, my NSA alpha nerds had lovingly finally connected me to the wifi while I ate an ice cream cone.

By 12:22pm, I had walked in the gates of the Disneyland Parks and Resort. I visit about once a month and typically dance and write poetry. Yes, the "magic" frequently happens when I visit this land of lovers and believers.

Just as importantly, I always love giving my saturation of international secret operatives a day at the resort. On the transit ride in, they had told me they were very happy with my choice of destination for the day.

At 1:14pm, I roosted in the shade on a patio. I knew my beautiful world would send me a message if they needed me. And I waited to see if anyone around, as always, wanted a chat. I had been asked to come visit again that day, so I was pretty sure someone would show up.

Sadly, shortly after I roosted, there were alarms, so I sent my beautiful world to rescue everyone who was trapped and possibly dying under Obama's iron fist of death and human rights abuses he uses as acts of war against America.

My not-human-trafficker nerds, please release a verified and unedited recording with full audio and visuals of the code name "aurora borealis" from my walk from my roost on the resort to my wifi hotspot.

After checking for any alarms or warnings, I relocated to the UVA Bar to drink water (Why does anyone think anything in my life creates temptation?) and to talk to the other guests. I also wrote a new sonnet.

Please, my not-human-trafficker nerds, please release a verified and unedited recording with full audio and visuals of my writing the new sonnet. This one might have a trochee.

Amita and Ugwuji had been clearing irrational-denials-of-all-medical reality used as (proven) pathological perjuries in courtrooms all day and all night while Syniva was similarly triumphant as our prosecution. I knew if they needed anything further from me, they would tell me.

I returned to my wifi hotspot by 7pm to find out that there was no NBC Nightly News broadcast to watch from previous in the evening on their app nor on their website.

So, I found the live music and meditated. Yes, Walt Disney Company, you can do anything you want with a the video you made of my dancing, as long as you never lie about me with it. I recommend circulating it verified and unedited with full audio and visuals.

The live music was over too quickly. Giggle. But, they made sure I could meditate, and that is how much love and magic we have between us.

Next, a lovely employee asked me to take a survey about my time at Disneyland. Then, I made sure I could update my blog notes.

It was a very productive day. Sometimes, my beautiful world just needs to see me in as close a life as possible under current circumstances to how I lived before Obama took office. Well, except, I forgot to drink a caffeinated beverage in the morning.

Despite my barely using wifi at all, it was still a very good day for Twitter...

Stick with my #SquidStream in case I need to rescue anyone. It also prevents Obama from destroying humanity with lies about me.#SquidService

At 9:19pm, I gave up the land of magic and left for the bus stop. And, at 12:02am, I safely arrived at the completely unsafe (proven) War Criminal Gables that immediately proved THEY ARE STILL TOO HOSTILE for any possibility for me to sleep, eat, or etc. in!

I immediately tried to curl up to sleep, but the BITCH in my bedroom woke me up screaming at me to (proven) aid and abet war crimes against me.

"4:36am My not-human-trafficker nerds, please release full visuals of this message to you to the entire planet including to my legal team and to the Long Beach Police Department immediately.

Obama's Malevolent Bitch from Hell just woke me up by screaming lies and collusion. Please circulate the verified and unedited FULL AUDIO and what visuals I do have.


She has been intentionally destabilizing the whole world for four nights as well as attempting to (guaranteed) destroy America with (proven) collusion ever since I arrived to sleep on the morning of 20Nov. How much hard evidence against her does it take?

By 4:46am, she made an intentionally false police report. My not-human-trafficker nerds PLEASE give my selfless support system a verified and unedited recording with full audio and visuals, so the police can arrest her upon arrival. Please hurry!"

I tried connecting to wifi in Long Beach, so I could protect myself from Obama's BITCH and all the rest of Obama's (proven) conspiracy of nothing but (proven) enemies of America, too. But, again, Obama's (proven) enemies of America were intentionally denying me wifi, so I could protect none of us from them.

With nowhere I could reach for wifi, I waited for the all-clear from my saturation of international secret operatives and returned to The (increasingly self-proving) War Criminal Gables. The BITCH had barricaded the bedroom door with furniture that she had to move before she could let me in. I slept as best I could, but she kept screaming at me. When I got up to get ready in the bathroom she screamed at me that my radio was an "environmental hazard."

IT IS FAR TOO DANGEROUS FOR THE ENTIRE WORLD FOR ANYONE TO BE PERMITTED TO LIE ABOUT ME, and that is the only reason she is in my bedroom-- to collude against me to coverup (proven) war crimes that are (proven) guaranteed to destroy America if they succeed.

The (self-proven) War Criminal Gables insists on escalating its direct threats to the entire world by escalating its open dangerousness and hostility to me, so I fled as fast as I could AGAIN.

I knew I would probably not be able to eat all day because I had no way to spend time in my own slum without being in direct danger from Obama's (proven) conspiracy of (proven) pathologically-lying (proven) enemies of America.

Still in some sort of opiate withdrawal from all of the city water I drank at Disneyland, I finally found a secured wifi connection at 10:24am.

There were torture facility threats and warnings of collusion escalations nonstop, as well as news about my genius loved ones' successes in the courtroom.

Also, Obama made an act of clinically-diagnosable psychopathic desperation by pretending it is supposedly "illegal" for anyone in America, particularly me, to know the truth about his direct threats to all of us as his effort of making sure none of us can protect ourselves from him.

Yes, Obama put it on public record that he has forbidden us from protecting ourselves from his (proven) human rights abuses and (proven) war crimes. He called it "leak prevention."

This blog post was published at 1:45pm on 23Nov2014 while I was still suffering from horrifying opiate withdrawal due to Obama's act of terrorism against Disneyland of poisoning and drugging their water supply. My beautiful world, I will have no way to eat any food until some kind soul shows up to feed me.

And now, my beautiful world, I answer the only question you asked me since my last blog post. Please keep collecting all questions and concerns from all your friends and loved ones and sending them to me through whatever means possible.

Is the glass half empty or half full? I might have answered this questions before. It is a whole glass. It is not half of a glass. Mathematically, it must be half full and half empty because two halves make a whole.

My beautiful world, are you sure I am going to survive Obama's "egg" of unrelenting threats to remove me from the world FOREVER with a literal torture facility paraded, just like every time, as a "psychiatric unit"?

And after the deadline of Monday that you have Obama, since we all know Obama nor any of his (proven) conspiracy of (proven) enemies of America will ever obey you even if you reach a "resolution," are you sure of your plan to save this nation and therefore the world from him?

You know I will do just like I have always done everything I am capable of to help. But what if you lose me to a literal torture facility paraded as a "psychiatric unit" finally? This good, green world will lose me FOREVER.

Please, my beautiful world, make sure you reread my goals for ending this "egg" completely that I referenced in my 21Nov2014 blog post. I want to help heal my reality-deprived and screaming nation once we can give us all back all of our full rights. But I cannot if you lose me to Obama's unrelenting and unlawful threats to (proven) guaranteed destroy me completely in ANY controlled environment.

My brave rescuers, I have a sneaky suspicion that you were the ones who asked me to visit Disneyland on Saturday, 22Nov2014. Thank you for that. Sadly, the first thing I was told on the morning of 23Nov2014 was that you could not reach me. I will see what I can do. Thank you for telling me. I will work on getting you more help.

SynSyn, Amita, and Ugwuji, is there a camera in all of our courtrooms now broadcasting every single solitary pathological perjury from Obama's (proven) enemies of America now? I was hoping that would force accountability in Obama's (proven) pathological liars.

Yet, my genius friends, it sounds like you are all saving the world very effectively no matter what Obama's (proven) pathological liars say in your courtrooms. I just want to make your tireless and often thankless hard work easier for you. I would really like to give you three wonder-women some time to rest.

My beautiful world, please find and spoil and love and appreciate Syniva, Amita, and Ugwuji. You know how demonized all of us are by Obama's (proven) pathological liars whom everyone everywhere should know better than to ever listen to nor humor any longer.

Everyone allowing a (proven) member of Obama's (proven) conspiracy of nothing but (proven) enemies of America to continue their (proven) pathological libel and (proven) pathological perjuries in any public forum or in any courtroom are just as guilty as Obama's (proven) pathological calumists are for their unrelenting (proven) manipulation of the public with boldfaced lies to excuse, which is impossible in the land of reality they (proven) never acknowledge, Obama's (proven) human trafficking of me, (proven) rape-slavery of me, (proven) torture of me, (proven) human rights abuses against all of America including but not limited to (proven) silencing all truth in America except what I can sneak out of Obama's "egg," (proven) war crimes, (proven) destruction of the moral fiber of American culture by forcing an "addiction" to human trafficking and libel pornography on the public, (proven) mental health genocide that keeps Obama in (proven) totalitarian power that he enforces with (proven) death and (proven) terrorism.


And, yes, every human rights abuse and pathological perjury against all of us only denies me every single possible little or big ANYTHING that could make my existence livable or even physically safe least of all enjoyable ONLY to keep Obama and his (proven) conspiracy of only (proven) enemies of America in power.

Destroying and "controlling" me have always been their excuse for controlling America completely. And because we all stand up to them, Obama's (proven) enemies of America do not care what horrors and terrors they make us endure, particularly me, to keep themselves in power.

My beautiful world of lovers and believers, please be as good as possible to everyone taking the risks and making the sacrifices to set us all free of Obama. And thank you, too, for everything you do.

Sweetness, I love and adore you. Yes, HRH Tanya H. A. Depp de Varilek, Princess of Spain, Saint of the Catholic Church, honorary Admiral in the US Navy (Really? I am not sure about that one.), Nobel Peace Prize Recipient, etc. wants to kiss her husband.

HoneyHoney, letting us finally have the married life together that Obama has always forbidden us is the fastest and easiest solution to the international crisis caused by my lack of physical safety, starvation, human trafficking, lack of human rights, and unrelenting threats of new (proven) war crimes against me unrelentingly covered up by (proven) pathological perjuries and (proven) quackery.

Darling, if we could convince the State of California if not just the Los Angeles metropolis to stop committing the crimes against themselves and crimes against our own people long enough by no longer obeying Obama's no-authority and nothing-but-human-rights-abuses rules and just allow us to live together safely, that conscious choice of theirs to serve America would finally bring peace to this terrorized and oppressed nation.

Obama and his (proven) pathological liars and (proven) war criminals' (proven) destabilization of this entire planet would end, if everyone, particularly the government, would finally just choose to stop obeying Obama's rules, remove their genocidal earspeakers, and tell everyone everywhere the full truth instead of Obama's unrelenting lies.

Beloved, I just need you. That is how simple this solution has always been. Why does no one ever listen to me?

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