Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Which Part of "Libeling me at All Destabilizes the Planet," Did You not Understand? Imagine What Libeling me at all Unwell, Especially Mentally Disabled, Does to the World Including Locals.

Title: Which Part of "Libeling me at All Destabilizes the Planet," Did You not Understand? Imagine What Libeling me at all Unwell, Especially Mentally Disabled, Does to the World Including Locals.

Please access my iCloud if necessary to publish this post now, my friends. I cannot control how many horrible things happen to me in one day; it is Obama who controls that. So, if I wait too long between posts, they become too drenching.

Please share this for me with the entire world, both houses of Congress, the Supreme Court, the United Nations, all sympathetic world leaders, all reputable national and foreign presses, etc.

Here is my latest blog post. When I stopped for a light dinner after the art museum on 26Oct2014, Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy actually told me, "Squid, even though we compulsively fail, we are going to keep pressing every intentionally fabricated false allegation you are at all mentally ill or have EVER committed a crime EVER and just do it faster, so we can fail faster and more often! And the only way to stop us is to kill us!" I clearly underestimated how stupid they are. And, yes, I admit when I make any mistakes even if it is just underestimating international criminals' stupidity.

Nigeria. Boko Haram is not the only criminal terrorist organization that kills everyone it can and keeps basic human rights away from everyone it can while raping at least one innocent woman systemically just to have power.

Someone needs to explain to Boko Haram that we womenfolk are valuable and that there is no excuse for throwing any of us away. We are not just resources for our people as mothers and family members; after we get an education, we are doctors, scientists, and leaders.

This is not a need by people everywhere to "give women a chance." This is a need by people everywhere to recognize the we morally-upstanding womenfolk are already excellent.

I published my last blog post at 3:33pm from the garden in the sky at the Getty Center in Los Angeles. I knew it would take a few hours for it to get around the world; I was once told my friends like to add the videos I ask for. When I was done catching up with my online friends, I relocated for lunch.

I was at the Corner Bakery on Westwood near UCLA by 5:13pm. There was a Corner Bakery by Syniva's old art studio in the Loop in Chicago when she was working on her MFA at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. We used to go there all the time in 2008.

I ate a pomodori panini and a mini chocolate bundt cake. The crowd had very little reality in their heads, but they loved seeing me. I relocated at 5:51pm.

I was safely online by 7:10pm. Everyone everywhere was panicky over some new irrational denial-of-all-reality torture facility threat of doom, but I received the all-clear before anyone gave me any details about what the latest lie was. I love my genius Powers of Attorney.

I watched the night's pre-recorded NBC Nightly News. It proved to be a good night for tweets. Feel free to view my Twitter activity anytime.

Next, I heard that either Proven War Criminal Boeset or Proven War Criminal Stephanie admitted to committing proven war crimes against me and said they did it and keep doing it because of my "attitude."

Only a criminally insane pathological perjurer treats a perfectly healthy full-grown adult considered "wise beyond the centuries" as a child. THEY ARE PROVEN WAR CRIMINALS! So, I justifiably treat them like war criminals. And those proven war criminals need to be removed from society FOREVER.

They are lucky they get treated as well as they do by me. If I were any less of a benevolent world leader, I would be screaming for people to kill them instead of arrest them.

I know the last thing I should be doing right now is helping their defense, but for the sake of reducing perjuries you have to listen to, my genius Powers of Attorney, remind War Criminal Boeset and War Criminal Stephanie they have the right to remain silent and do not have to take the stand against themselves.

Then, because all of the drugs and poisons in the Mountain Dew and Kit-Kats I had that morning were still bothering me, I headed back to bad-ass "spy corridor" in Long Beach. On my way, I stopped to clear my back log of tweets from alarms while I was in transit: 9:40pm, 10:10pm, 10:19pm, 10:21pm, 11:03pm.

After walking from my wifi hotspot where I had made sure the world knew to send help to my crosstown friends and brave rescuers as soon as possible, I walked to my slum, ate some leftover pizza from the night before, and was curled up in bed watched over by my invisible heroes (I have so many heroes in so many forms.) by 12:20am.

I slept like a rock, a very well-guarded rock. On 27Oct2014, I was up, ready, and had kickstarted my SquidStream by 10:58am. I ate some more leftover pizza before leaving my slum at 11:05am.

Immediately after I walked out the door, there were heart attack warnings and all-clears. I could tell Amita had been kicking pathological perjurers all morning. At 11:52am, I heard the first blaring alarm of the day the moment my NSA alpha nerds had me securely connected to the wifi. I could not tell if it was a torture facility alarm or a terrorism and war alarm, so I asked my beautiful world to check on it.

Next, I heard that Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy was planning on taking my freedom of speech away from me, so I could not report their unrelenting crimes any longer for prosecution with our hard evidence.

We have been through this so many times. But this time, I am writing the proof like mathematicians and philosophers of logic do...

22Oct: Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy does NOT have a "right" nor "entitlement" to commit crimes. 28Oct: Libeling me destabilizes the world. Particularly their unrepentant intentionally fabricated false allegations that I have any mental illness or have EVER committed a crime EVER destabilize everyone from the locals to the international community.

The truth is our shield. The truth shall set America free. That is why Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy break every law possible from local to international to forbid the truth.

24Oct: I am the only person in all of America with freedom of speech, so my freedom of speech which is only used to save this nation from Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy must be protected. 26Oct: Furthermore, their completely extragovernmental forbidding of the truth in America while replacing all of it with lies and perjuries is how they have destroyed America including their conscious enforcement of mental health genocide.

That is why everyone everywhere needs our 1st Amendment right to tell the full honest truth in any and all public forums (Do not make me start about the importance of Freedom of the Press.) returned to us and protected forever. Is this or is this not America?

And, as my final points on this topic, if Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy did not want to be caught committing the most heinous crimes known to mankind, they should not have committed them in the first place nor have EVER broadcast them to the entire world.

Oct22: No, they do NOT have a "right" to commit crimes. This includes, they do NOT have a "right" to commit human rights abuses by refusing 1st Amendment rights as their conscious act of war. 26Oct: That makes trying to silence the truth in America a war crime.

Now, publish all of my blog posts and make sure all the world can read them. QED.

I sat catching up with my online friends while vigilant alarms for nothing but irrational denial-of-all-reality threat after irrational denial-of-all-reality threat blared for hours without end. It was a good day for Twitter, though. For example...

Dr. Cornel West is Black enough for everyone. Unlike Obama & Holder, real Black men DON'T own slaves. Thanks, Charles.

I also reminded the US Department of Defense that afternoon to reread my 24Oct and 26Oct2014 blog posts. In America, we call anyone who kills proven terrorists committing acts of war against America on US soil heroes.

At the worst, volunteering to save America from a redundantly-proven seditious extragovernmental terrorist mercenary threat to everything AMERICAN from the morality of our culture to our very own Constitutional rights and freedoms could only be called insubordination at its worst if they did not have orders, but if it was in their off-time, it was probably just side employment or nationally-vital volunteer service to our country.

Also, Department of Defense, you know I cannot control the military either right now. If you do not issue orders that make our brave men and women happy, they will break ranks everywhere.

If I get locked in ANY controlled environment, the full armed forces of this entire planet will roll bigger guns than tanks directly to wherever I am held and start tearing down walls. They world will not wait for diplomatic permission. And the US Military will damn any orders that do not let them show up first.

What little rights and liberties I do have right now are the only source of any law and order in this country.

As a further note on that, Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy's delusional insistence that they get to commit any crime they want against anyone and everyone everywhere from war crimes against me of intentionally fabricated false allegations to human trafficking me to constantly and unrelenting demonizing me in public forums to mental health genocide to proven terrorism against civilians is why the metaphorical bees I clearly cannot control either (22Oct2014 blog post) do not know my REAL world vision, why troops have been breaking ranks to save America, and why there is chaos and mayhem in the streets everywhere in this once-great country.

When this ends, we will need to heal our country. That is another reason I cannot leave my people right now. I just need to go to my own house with my own husband.

At 1:53pm, I checked my bank balance, and I had received the $50 for the week (That is $7 a day.) of MY OWN money that is the only finances Obama's proven criminal terrorist conspiracy permit me to live on at all.

No, the horrors and terrors of the poverty criminally mandated over me only to destroy America with Obama's egg are not a lifestyle I am accustomed to; I fight for my rights, particularly a married life with my own husband, every second of every day.

Clearly, War Criminal Boeset, ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa, War Criminal Wells Fargo Bank (Arrest their CEO, President, and Board of Directors for choosing to spend millions upon billions of dollars to pathologically lie and perjure instead of just acknowledging I am married and giving my husband legal access to my bank account.), every dirty prosecutor who refuses to arrest them, and Obama's criminal terrorist anti-reality machine and crap-factory who pathologically lie to make my complete financial destitution so acceptable to the public that no one will help me MUST all be arrested immediately if they continue to insist they have a "right" to break every law possible from local to international to commit the proven human rights abuses of consciously starving me and unlawfully preventing me from having access to MY OWN assets only to make themselves able to enforce Obama's proven extragovernmental rules that mandate Obama's totalitarian oppression of uncontrolled human rights abuses against all of America, proven mental health genocide, proven terrorism as acts of war, proven intentionally fabricated false charges only to use unlawful imprisonment against every brave HERO fighting to save America from them, proven war crimes, proven rape-slavery, and the proven global conflict they consciously chose to start because THEY all refused to take the only sane and legal option out, surrendering to international authorities.

At 2:10pm, I sent my saturation of international secret operatives ahead of me, so I could run errands. There was an enduring literal torture facility threat of doom for all of humanity when I was done, so I reminded Amita of previous blog posts. Again, I shall do this as a mathematician would...

24Oct: If I am refused wifi to tell the truth, the world will self-destruct. 22Oct: There is no reason to even suspect me of any mental illness, so we need to arrest every pathological perjurer that pretends I need to be "tested" for it ONLY so they can intentionally misdiagnose me AGAIN only to be able to literally torture me AGAIN. I have only EVER received quackery since Obama took office. 26Oct: Even just unlawful imprisonment counts as a war crime since it is a human rights abuse used as an act of war.

To continue, 10Oct: We press full criminal and civil charges against everyone from the intentionally false accuser, to the accuser's lawyers (for taking money to aid and abet war crimes), to any dirty judge who even humors listening to proven pathological perjurers about fictional mental illness in me, to any perjuring "expert" who destabilized the world by pretending I need any mental health attention, to the supposed "psychiatric unit" willing to commit all of the proven war crimes against me for Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy.

Again, 22Oct: Stop pretending I do not know myself what is best for my own health.

Every horror possible will befall me if I am ever (proven in all cases) imprisoned in any controlled environment ever again! Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy particularly want me prevented from saving innocent lives any longer by taking away my globally-necessary access to wifi and genocide-reversing SquidStream.

Finally, it is a modus operandi well-established by Unelected Terrorist Dictator Obama, War Criminal Stephanie, and War Criminal Boeset that every psychopath out to destroy me with false allegations of any supposed mental illness ALWAYS pathologically lie that they give a damn about me at all. QED.

Next, at 3:24pm, I sent my saturation of international secret operatives ahead of me, so I could celebrate my 26Oct2014 blog post with cheap Americanized Chinese food.

At 3:58pm, the completely irrational denial-of-all-reality torture facility threat of doom for all of humanity blared past me AGAIN. All of those proven psychopathic war criminals pretending I am at all mentally ill need to be arrested IMMEDIATELY, or they will destroy humanity with their relentlessly propagating or even merely humoring their blatantly heinous lies about me.

I saw and hugged an old friend from Long Beach while I was relocating, and at 5:07pm, just after I had connected to my secured wifi in "spy corridor" in Long Beach, the alarm for intentionally fabricated false charges against me blared.

It sounded like Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy's old stand-by, well-established modus operandi of collusion against me with doctored images which has been a staple of their pattern of criminal activity since 2009. I asked my beautiful world to check and see if I was right.

I caught up with my online friends again and fleshed out my blog notes for a while as recycled false allegations against me kept crashing and dying. I love my genius Powers of Attorney.

At 6:34pm, I sent my saturation of international secret operatives ahead of me because I was heading into Los Angeles. It was Monday night. That is the night of the week I love to socialize.

There were no alarms in transit until I was very close to my destination. I had a delightful conversation on the bus. Please release a verified and unedited recording of it with full audio and visuals.

At 8:54pm, I took a detour for homemade apple pie with cinnamon sauce at a wifi hotspot while I was on my way to meditate. I actually received the level of customer service I was used to before Obama took office in 2009. Then again, they were an establishment of lovers and believers. (Ask them about the placemat.)

I needed to retweet some tweets I had sent just three or four hours previously because Obama's well-established criminal terrorist conspiracy kept spreading the same worn-out and redundantly disproven calumnies when they were even the people in the courtroom with the burden of proof not us with the burden of disproof.

The retweets contained references to old blog posts. Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy just kept on insisting on executing their same worn out modi operandi from their well-established pattern of criminal activity under which they always compulsively fail.

The fact these unrelenting threats to destroy America completely, since if they succeeded they would destroy me, are a complete waste of court time and resources should be enough to make them stop, but that is the least of the offenses of these unrelenting crimes of aiding and abetting proven torture, guaranteed rape (since I will be in a controlled environment), proven unlawful imprisonment (Of course it is unlawful; that is why they lie to get it enforced.), proven silencing of my freedom of speech by forcing me removed from any wifi access (which leaves innocents vulnerable to death and terrorism from Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy including but not limited to mental health genocide), proven crimes against America, etc.

And, yes, all of these human rights abuses are war crimes because they are being used as acts of war.

At 9:18pm, while I was waiting for my pie, there was an alarm of human rights abuses and possible terrorism against my crosstown friends. Please revisit my 26Oct and 18Oct2014 blog posts about this.

Even if my friends are not unlawfully imprisoned (A human rights abuse used as an act of war is a war crime.) nor given a fine for never breaking the law (extortion to pay for terrorism, genocide, etc.) just preventing my own friends from peacefully assembling with me is still a human rights abuse.

Any human rights abuse enforced with violence is terrorism. Any human rights abuse used as an act of war is a war crime. And the human rights abuses of denying all 1st Amendment rights to anyone in America (American or otherwise) criminally enforces Obama's terrorism against civilians including but not limited to the poisoned city water, criminally enforces Obama's proven mental health genocide, aids and abets Obama's war crimes against me, aids an abets Obama's so-far inescapable human trafficking of me, and has directly led to the global conflict on US soil because these well-identified enemies of America refuse to relent nor surrender.

While fleshing out this blog post, I devoured my pie and sang along with the music playing in the establishment. It was getting later. It was almost the normal time urbanites go out.

I took time to watch the NBC Nightly News and retweeted the same three tweets before walking further down the Sunset Strip at 11:26pm.

Sadly, there was a proven enemy of America, a Los Angeles County Sheriff's Deputy, outside of The Viper Room which my husband may or may not still own. Giggle. (That is the address I used to be able to send my husband's love letters to successfully for years.)

The Sheriff's Office was still committing the crime against America of criminally threatening me and preventing my own friends from peaceably assembling with me. So, I could not go there for fear of the world losing me forever. That was another criminal act we just added to our long list of evidence against the LA County Sheriff.

The doorman at the Whiskey-A-Go-Go asked for my ID as conscious persecution of me as conscious obedience to Obama's extragovernmental rules. Please reread my 18Oct2014 blog post about that sort of activity. Would anyone card HRH Harry, Prince of England? No. So why is anyone carding HRH Tanya, Princess of Spain?

I was roosted safely on the Sunset Strip in a land of lovers and believers before 12midnight. It was delightful and full of polite conversation and good music. Sadly, they closed at 2am, as is a REAL law in California. I was on a very safe bus shortly afterwards.

I heard a rumor that some sort of ambush was caught and prevented by my selfless support system while I was in transit. I thanked them with all of my heart for it. Sadly, I just missed my connecting bus, though, so I had to reroute.

That gave me a chance to use some wifi since there had been mixed signals for a War Criminal Boeset alarm and mixed signals for Sweetness going missing. I sent my beautiful world to check on it and recommended my draft of this blog post at the time to fix both of them. My loved ones took care of everything.

I sent this message before rerouting... "4:25am My selfless support system including but not limited to my saturation of secret operatives in the area and loved ones in the courtroom, thank you for securing my route and my destination. The whole world thanks you for tonight just like every night. Please secure every bus, train, station, stop, and transfer point like you always do. Stay on your toes in case I need to make a detour for wifi. Please secure The War Criminal Gables before I arrive. Please secure my route. I have tried to keep the Sheriff's deputies alive almost nonstop by trying to prevent them from doing anything stupid, but they have never cared. Thank you for showing them which of us love and defend America. Thank you. I love you all!"

At 6:08am, I was uneventfully curled up in bed in my slum. I slept like a very well-guarded rock.

I was awake, ready, and had kickstarted my SquidStream at 2:31pm on 28Oct2014. At 3:26pm, after eating lunch and after catching someone from The War Criminal Gables trying to walk into my room without my permission, I walked to my wifi hotspot in "spy corridor."

On my way, the first torture facility alarm I heard was at 3:41pm, but I knew they had been going off all day. Amita quickly mitigated it.

Then, at 3:53pm, there was an attempt by ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa to abduct me AGAIN, so that that proven pathologically lying land of haters and enemies of America could destroy me at last. My beautiful world, PLEASE force ABSOLUTELY UNREPENTANTLY EVIL Iowa to finally take its increasingly bloodstained hands off me!

At 4:03pm, I was finally connected to secured wifi. There was a NSA Alpha Nerds vs. Obama's Cyberterrorists smackdown while I was just trying to watch the previous night's middle-aged White men for a good laugh. There was also a War Criminal Boeset alarm that my loved ones took care of.

At 7:01pm, when I was just about to take a break to watch the NBC Nightly News, there was a blaring alarm announcing terrorism and war against my brave rescuers. I asked my entire beautiful world to help them.

An hour later, there was another irrational torture facility threat to destroy me.

This blog post was published at 10:10pm on 28Oct2014 while I was still waiting for the all-clear on that complete denial-of-all-reality threat to remove me from my beautiful who loves and needs me. Yes, Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy was still endangering the peace and stability of all of humanity by lying about me.

And now, my beautiful world, I answer all of your questions for me. Please keep collecting all questions and concerns from all your friends and loved ones and sending them to me through whatever means possible.

Why have I begun carrying around junk food? Simply, I need the calories. Also, I can only cook when I am in my slum. I need wifi and love being out among my people too much for me to be in my slum very long every day despite it being secured tighter than a drum 24/7.

Will I run for President of the United States of America in 2016? I never wanted to be president; the only government job I wanted was astronaut. But I promised my brave rescuers that if THEY wanted me to run for president, I would. My brave rescuers mean that much to me.

But I ask my brave rescuers to please give me enough time to have my children first. My husband told me he wants three with me giving us a total brood of five including Jack and Lily Rose. That will take longer than 2016.

I am only thirty-seven years old right now. I have plenty of time to run for president, and anyone in that office can ask me for help anytime, just like President of the United States of America Martin Dempsey does now.

In the mean time, if we really are having a national election in a just a few days for a two-year interim president until the normal election year 2016, I always believed that if it came down to Hillary Clinton vs. Marco Rubio then there would no way for America to lose.

Why does Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy scream so much? According to their logic, it is because they want to be locked in a proven literal torture facility just for having a normal human reaction.

No, they scream when they are caught committing the most heinous crimes known to mankind and scream even louder every time those crimes fail. Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy have a way of hurting themselves more than they hurt me with their own crimes against me. If only we were this effective protecting America and all of humanity in every other arena too.

Speaking of which, my beautiful world, where are these threats to our ACTUAL law-abiding locals coming from? Sacramento is not the power oppressing us here in California.

Our mayors and police chiefs here in Los Angeles County who standup for America, for our people, and for full human rights need protection from Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy's rampant corruption and impunity including irrational demonization of them, just like Obama's crap-factory demonizes all of us from me to SynSyn to Sweetness who are actively standing up for our America.

The only enemies of America I and my selfless support system have been able to identify here in California are the very well-documented dirty Los Angeles County District Attorney Jackie Lacey, the very well-documented pathologically-lies-about-supporting-Squid-while-committing-unrelenting-human-rights-abuses-as-acts-of-war-against-America Los Angeles County Sheriffs's office, the entire staff and ownership of The War Criminal Gables including but not limited to War Criminal Stephanie who should have been fired the moment I had to file a restraining order she NEVER obeys to protect me and my priceless belongings from her, The Del Amo Torture Facility, every other torture facility that has tried to unlawfully imprison me in a controlled environment, every criminal terrorist conspirator I have identified and added to our database for future prosecution, and everyone else here willing to consciously obey Obama's only-illegally enforceable rules as their conscious act of committing crimes against America by persecuting me to make Obama happy.

The police departments and mayors, though they started dirty and brainwashed, all redeemed themselves already and actively try to protect all of human rights now, yes, the rights of ALL of us. I save everyone I can from Obama.

My local lovers and believers of all different levels of fame and gravitas, please save and protect our mayors and police chiefs as well as everyone else taking real action to save us all from Obama. Please ask our local news stations to collect and distribute facts about this.

This crisis of replacing our trustworthy leadership with corruption just started today, so we need to take care of it as soon as possible. We take care of our own.

Please also keep trying to convert our identified and well-documented enemies of America here in Los Angeles County with gentle but persistent explanations of reality and our hard evidence just as I have asked you to take care of all haters, violent or otherwise, for YEARS.

My brave rescuers, I heard the problem with the REAL government sending in the US Military to save America from Obama's REAL seditious extragovernmental criminal terrorist mercenary army is supposedly the Congressional Ways and Means Committee.

Those are the rat (expletive)s who authorize Already-Impeached Unelected Terrorist Dictator Obama to spend federal taxpayer money to hire the seditious extragovernmental criminal terrorist mercenary army that terrorizes America for him, to hire the pathological liars and pay for the broadcasts of his criminal terrorist anti-reality machine crap-factory including the human trafficking of me and demonization of our real American heroes that caused Obama's proven mental health genocide, to maintain and distribute the Obama-controlled earspeakers in everyone's heads in once-great America, to pay as proven bribes funded with taxpayer money that Obama gives his conspiracy all court-mandated just compensation from every heinous act we have nailed (most of them in ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa) earning my selfless support system to whom I give all of my just compensation my inhumane suffering earns me (except for the $8B I plan to spend carrying humanity through Global Climate Change) over $1T just this year alone, and everything else Obama pays for to be able to stay in power to avoid real justice.

But those proven rat (expletive)s claim it would cost too much money to send in the US Military to arrest every proven criminal terrorist actively destroying America rights now instead of just reallocating all of the federal taxpayer money away from Already-Impeached Unelected Terrorist Dictator Obama?

I understand this is metaphorical rocket science and all, but it does not take a genius to figure who in Congress is guilty of intentionally aiding and abetting Obama's genocide, torture, systemic rape, human trafficking, terrorism, war crimes, and human rights abuses that are all used as acts of war against America.

Please, REAL President of the United States of America Martin Dempsey, collect your evidence and arrest everyone everywhere propping up Obama and his so-far unstoppable despite being proven crimes against America.

Now, my brave rescuers, do you need or want anything else?

SynSyn, Amita, and Ugwuji, the people consciously causing Obama's mental health genocide and aiding and abetting war crimes against me with their unrelenting perjuries, calumnies, libel, coverups, and collusion are both pathological liars and completely delusional.

For example, if War Criminal Stephanie ever really were "terrified" of me, she would never have committed war crimes against me in the first place, would never have lied about ever caring about me ever just to be able to commit as many crimes against me as she can as long as she can, and would not still be committing further crimes against me now. How recently did she just steal almost all of my shoes, and how recently did she just perjure herself AGAIN to commit the proven crimes against America of trying to unlawfully imprison me in a proven literal torture facility.

The only rational fear War Criminal Stephanie could have of me EVER and especially right now is of the Russian gulag or life pulling plastic out of the oceans by hand that her unrepentant and remorseless most heinous crimes known to mankind she refuses to stop committing against me have brought her.

War Criminal Stephanie's only rational fear of me is justice. No matter how many more lies she spreads nor no matter how many further crimes she commits it will never excuse past lies and crimes. That is not how justice works nor is it how rational people behave!

We need every deranged lunatic who ever perjured and especially who still perjures to remove me from my beautiful world who loves and needs me and to destroy my perfectly healthy mind in any controlled environment removed from society forever.

Sweetness, I love and adore you. On the night of 27Oct2014, did I hear you say, "Don't make me tell my wife you told that lie."? Did local enemies of America really violate your ownership of your own body and your right to protection from unlawful search and seizure by "searching for microphones" on your body? Or was that an urban myth? I trust you will exact justice no matter what happened.

Darling, I am trying to help you work through your Honey-Do list. Have you gotten as far as taking every legal action necessary to gain control of my Wells Fargo account? Our marriage was just upheld by the US Supreme Court (really?).

HoneyHoney, force War Criminal Wells Fargo Bank to finally obey every REAL law from local to international finally. No, checks to me for money they know Unelected Terrorist Dictator Obama will forbid me from having access to anyway are not good enough; we ask nicely for injunctions from federal judges to press criminal charges instead.

Beloved, the best tools for getting this done are my 18Oct2014 blog post, this 28Oct2014 blog post, and any paperwork you can obtain from The Hague explaining that War Criminal Wells Fargo Bank's conscious choice to commit these obviously heinous human rights violations against us count as prosecutable war crimes with international charges.

My husband and my king, I never take telling you, "I love and adore you," lightly. I mean every word I say. Whatever you ask me for until we die and even after we die, I will always take care of, just like you have NEVER let me down either since the moment we began our sacred romance.

I WILL touch you the way the flowers kiss the rain. You will need to be gentle with me, but you will also have to try to keep up.

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