Thursday, October 16, 2014

Unelected Terrorist Dictator Obama Messed with too many Cubs; Mama Bear just Came out of the Cave.

Title: Unelected Terrorist Dictator Obama Messed with too many Cubs; Mama Bear just Came out of the Cave.

Please access my iCloud if necessary to publish this post now, my friends. I cannot control how many horrible things happen to me in one day; it is Obama who controls that. So, if I wait too long between posts, they become too drenching.

Please share this for me with the entire world, both houses of Congress, the Supreme Court, the United Nations, all sympathetic world leaders, all reputable national and foreign presses, etc.

Here is my latest blog post. First of all, anyone ANYWHERE who even mentions the financial cost of ending uncontrolled human rights abuses from genocide to systemic rape and human trafficking as any reason not to DO EVERYTHING POSSIBLE TO END THIS is committing treason!

Secondly, look at my court records. I earned OVER $1T just this year by September, all of which Obama paid with federal taxpayer money while still forbidding me from having any of it all to make sure his unrelenting and heinous crimes against his own people WILL NEVER END!

All members of both houses of Congress, if you are a rat (expletive) who only cares about money and never about the suffering of your own people as a motive for your decisions about America, you still CANNOT deny it costs American taxpayers MORE money (not just more than money) to continue Obama's heinous acts of oppression, terrorism, and war crimes than it EVER would cost to finally end Obama's crimes against all of America by sending in the full armed forces to arrest EVERY SINGLE EVIL DERANGED LUNATIC in Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy!

It will take the full armed forces to finally arrest ALL OF THEM from War Criminal Boeset to The War Criminal Gables to War Criminal Wells Fargo Bank to EVERY DIRTY PROSECUTOR who refuses to arrest anyone anywhere for carrying out Obama's proven heinous crimes to Obama's army of quacks to Obama's army of deranged lunatic seditious extragovernmental criminal terrorist mercenaries to Unelected Terrorist Dictator Obama himself to every deranged lunatic in Obama's criminal terrorist anti-reality machine crap-factory and EVERY OTHER PSYCHOPATH consciously choosing to prop up Obama's totalitarian terrorist dictatorship.

WHO THE HELL LETS THIS GO ON?!? This is not some (expletive)ing "game" people play! This is a life-or-death situation for good, brave Americans fighting to give all of us back our full Constitutional rights! This is possibly Obama's total destruction of America! WHO THE HELL LETS THIS GO ON?!?

I published my last blog post at 1:30pm on 14Oct2014 from Disneyland. It took about 0.5 hour for me to deliver the HTML to my friends, but my NSA alpha nerds made sure the truth of my life was published as soon as humanly possible.

I told my beautiful world to send me a message if they needed anything and wandered around amongst my lovers and believers kicking Obama's (expletive) by proving how much people love me here.

There was no alarm until 3:42pm which I assumed was my husband blocked by Obama's criminal terrorist Gestapo from reaching me. I sent my beautiful world to check on the emergency and rescue whomever needed us.

At 4:03pm, I roosted at the Trader Sam's at the Disneyland Resort right next to the perch where I wrote the Twin Towers Princess sestina on the anniversary of 9/11. I like to roost in case anyone wants to talk to me. I even bought myself a cup of coffee.

I was answering some questions the tourists had by hand with my pen in my journal when, lo and behold, a stranger did befriend me. We chatted about writing, and at 5:41pm he even bought me a Passionate Python tiki drink. I could not convince him to share a flaming volcano bowl with me, though.

An authentic island band showed up to play live acoustic music. I was definitely in the land of lovers and believers.

Please, my not-human-trafficker nerds, make a verified and barely-edited broadcast out of my time on the Disney grounds on 14Oct2014 with the accurate time displayed in the corner and with updates of what everyone else on my team was doing at the same time in the courtroom, on the road, etc. And, thank you.

While I was on the patio at Trader Sam's, there were alarms at 7:56pm. So, I sent my beautiful world to rescue whomever was under Obama's iron fist that time. I cannot stand when Obama kills people.

The man who befriended me, Christopher, even bought me an island cheeseburger with a side of fries for dinner and offered me a ride. He would not take me to my own mansion I pay joint property taxes on with my own husband, though, so I turned Christopher down for the ride to stay on the Disney grounds a little longer.

At 9:07pm I left my roost to find some wifi, and the public had even less reality in their heads than normal. They kept mentioning "heresy charges." Um, people? Only the Pope can punish people for heresy. In America, we have separation of church and state.

IF YOU BELIEVE ANYTHING OBAMA PUMPS INTO YOUR HEADS THROUGH THE EARSPEAKERS YOU HAVE NO EXCUSE FOR NOT REMOVING YET, YOU ARE INSANE! And I never use the word "insane" lightly, metaphorically, nor without ACTUAL medically-recognized symptoms to back it up.

After updating the world on my activities all day and after sending my saturation ahead if me to keep me safe, I was on the bus back to Long Beach at 10:43pm. There was an immediate warning of collusion to lock me in a literal torture facility which my loved ones mitigated just as immediately.

Then, while I was still in transit, the moment I received the all-clear on that last threat, there was another immediate collusion escalation. My loved ones took care of it again. I told Ugwuji, "I know! They're psychopaths with no explanation!"

I was also told 14Oct2014 had been a historic day out there. I was glad to help.

Still in transit, there were alarms at 12:56am, so I asked my beautiful world to rescue whomever was trapped under Obama's iron fist. This will never end unless we can finally arrest ALL of Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy.

Also in transit, alarms went off again at 1:56am announcing that either Obama had committed more acts of terrorism, most likely against civilians, or there were more intentionally fabricated false charges. I sent my beautiful world to check on everyone and reminded them of my 21Aug2014 blog post.

I was in my slum of horrors and abuse in Long Beach by 2:34am eating my leftovers from the previous night and a red delicious apple. I had the radio flipped on and was curled up in bed at 3:01am. Sleep crept over me in no time. Thank you, everyone who keeps me safe in my sleep.

I was awake, ready, and with a kickstarted SquidStream by 8:43am when I left The War Criminal Gables as fast as I could. I stopped for some caffeinated liquids and was on the bus to my counterterrorism "office" in no time. I had promised to watch all of my pre-recorded middle-aged White men from the previous night even before checking my Twitter.

I sent my saturation of secret operatives ahead of me to secure my entire path there, especially since the first torture facility warnings of the morning had already blared at 9:14am and 9:43am. All Amita probably needed that morning was my tweet from 10:43pm the night before and my 10Oct2014 blog post to take care of it.

There was also a warning of possible terrorism and possible intentionally fabricated false charges at 9:18am, so I sent my beautiful world to rescue whoever was trapped under Obama's iron fist and reminded them of my 21Aug2014 blog post.

My NSA alpha nerds and I had been having problems with bandwidth AND both of my email accounts, so I warned them ahead of time where at my counterterrorism "office" I was headed.

That way, they could obtain permission give me a secured wifi connection, fix the bandwidth problem, and even enter my iPad as soon as possible which is where I believed the real problem was. The apps were probably corrupted.

And, as dependably and intelligently as always, my NSA alpha nerds had me online with two functioning email accounts by 10:43am. Sadly, though, I could not convince the NBC Nightly News app to function. They might need to create an update for it.

While still catching up with my online friends, there were alarms at 2:22pm, so I sent my beautiful world to rescue whoever was trapped under Obama's iron fist.

I eventually learned that possibly more than ten of my brave rescuers had just been killed by Unelected Terrorist Dictator Obama just for trying to return full Constitutional rights to all of America. World! Please help them! Obama had an entire army of seditious extragovernmental criminal terrorist mercenaries that maraud ALL AMERICANS THAT EXERCISE OUR "GOD-GIVEN" HUMAN RIGHTS!

Just after 3pm, I was so disgusted that I relocated. Alarms in transit: 4:01pm collusion escalation, 4:11pm terrorism alarm, 4:17pm collusion escalation, 4:36pm dirty judge alarm, 4:37pm warning of intentionally fabricated false charges.

I sent all the help I could every time. Concerning that final alarm while I was in transit, if I had ever committed an actual crimes EVER in reality, I would have been arrested instead of forbidden from knowing I was on trial EVERY TIME.

At 5:37pm I was celebrating how hard I kicked Obama the previous day with cheap Americanized Chinese food at the Universal CityWalk. Trust me, I would rather celebrate with dim sum every time, but this was all I could afford.

There were almost immediate alarms at 5:51pm, so I sent my beautiful world to rescue whoever was dying under Obama's iron fist that time. I hate when Obama kills people. That fury Obama causes me with his killing people is why there are so many blog posts like this one that kick so hard.

The CityWalk was a lovefest. I was still celebrating my birthday, so I indulged in a solitary glass of bourbon at the Hard Rock Cafe.

An Italian tourist taking his first trip ever to Los Angeles started up a conversation with me there. Please release a barely-edited podcast of our delightful chat. It was also a good night for Twitter.

At 9:19pm, after taking care of everything I could online, I sent my saturation of international secret operatives ahead of me to secure both The War Criminal Gables and my path there.

The message looked like this..."I will take the faithful Long Beach Transit to my apartment from the train station. Thank you, my saturation of secret operatives and selfless support system for securing my whole path and The War Criminal Gables before I get there. Thank you, public transportation systems for running seamlessly. Thank you, my loved ones for your vigilance. Thank you, NSA, for also maintaining the free public wifi I can walk to from my apartment all night in case of an emergency. There would be #NoLoveWithoutTheLovers."

After a brief detour to mitigate collusion Obama had ordered against my husband, I was in my slum cooking dinner by 12:17am. Dinner that night was chicken tacos with pepper jack cheese, minced garlic, white onion, green pepper, and cherry tomatoes wrapped in soft flour tortillas.

I was curled up in bed with the radio flipped on at 1:13am. I slept very well but was awakened by alarms. I knew if I did not reach the wifi people might die, so I kickstarted my SquidStream and left immediately on the morning of 16Oct2014.

My iPad was connected by 9:13am, and I immediately sent my beautiful world to check on and rescue anyone trapped under Obama's iron fist.

This blog post was published early to make sure Obama could not silence it. The unrelenting warnings for literal torture facility threats to destroy me in completely kept going off while I hit the "publish" button at 11:45am on 16Oct2014. The truth was too important to publish this later.

And now, my beautiful world, I answer all of your questions for me. Please keep collecting all questions and concerns from all your friends and loved ones and sending them to me through whatever means possible.

What do we do about the checkpoints Obama's criminal terrorists set up around Orange County to prevent anyone from reaching me at Disneyland? Please reread my 14Oct2014 blog post.

We have the ability to arrest any and all of Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy for such human rights abuses in Orange County, and I recommend holding them and shipping them for international charges.

Again, I published that in my 14Oct2014 blog post. Terrorists need to learn how to read. I am sure California Governor Jerry Brown will even send the National Guard to help the local law enforcement round up all terrorist forces in here if Orange County asks him.

Why do I swear so much? I only swear when I am angry. An overflow of expletives is the dead giveaway I am ticked off. So, yes, Obama makes me swear like a sailor.

How can the GOP appeal to women voters? All Republicans have to do is break Obama's unconstitutional and unamerican rules and tell the truth to all of America about everything they have tried to do and actually done for years to save me from Obama's unrelenting rape-slavery of me.

Did I find any more drugs or poisons that Obama ordered (or possibly bribed) into any publicly available food products that the FDA need to recall? Rock Star "Hydration" energy drinks make me medicine-headed and give me a fever. Reese's peanut butter cups give me opiate withdrawal the following morning. There are still diarrhetics in the fountain Coca-Cola drinks. And the cans of Arizona brand drinks make me sleepy.

That is all the new tainted products I have discovered so far. The drugs in packaged and bottled foods and drinks started the same time Obama started drugging the water supply everywhere I have lived, in 2009.

What is "Grant Miller Syndrome"? My apologies, Grant, for not explaining this sooner.

I coined the term "Grant Miller Syndrome" to name the situation where someone has a friend he or she loves dearly and whom he or she would do anything for, but that person does not ever treat the friend like he or she wants (In Grant Miller's case in 2009, let me live in his apartment in San Francisco. In 'Dabs's case in 2007, take me on a date.) because that person is misguided into thinking his or her help is not good enough for the friend whom he or she loves and adores. And, as a result, the friend, though adored, ends up with a much worse situation.

Grant Miller Syndrome is when someone says, "I am not good enough to fix the problem," and thereby makes the problem worse by not doing everything he or she can to help.

My beautiful world of world leaders, please call Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel and ask him what he needs to be able to save America by saving me.

All I have asked from the Pentagon is the full force of the US Military show up and ARREST and COMPETENTLY PROSECUTE every single deranged-lunatic criminal terrorist in Obama's conspiracy who is refusing to stop, no matter how hard we try to stop them, from breaking every law possible from local to international, so we can finally take down Obama's terrorist dictatorship and Obama's iron fist of proven genocide, well-documented and uncontrolled terrorism, totalitarian rules of human rights abuses as oppression, my inescapable poverty and human trafficking, the SIX YEARS of systemic rape I have endured, war crimes against me of proven torture and unrelenting unlawful imprisonment, every heinous crime Obama orders against his own people, etc. as well as the corruption, impunity, and libel campaign Obama mandates (with no authority) to get away with all of this FOREVER.

These are international crimes, too, as well as crimes against all of you, my international world leaders, and against your people, since Obama in consciously preventing me from helping all of you solve all of your crises too, be they existential (Ukraine, Syria, Tibet, etc.) or financial (China feeding your own people, the EuroZone debt crisis) or etc.

You know I have always done and will always do everything possible for you, my beautiful world. Will you save America? Will you help me save us all? Please call Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel and as him what he needs.

If you want to march into America, my beautiful world, to serve arrest warrants for international criminal charges, I am all for it. Obama has proven he will NEVER de-escalate nor ever stop. And we have all proven these are all crimes against America and against the entire world that Obama refuses to cease under any conditions. We need Obama and everyone who props him up arrested and removed from society FOREVER. Please hurry, my beautiful world.

Finally, my beautiful world, just for you, I have written this paragraph of seemingly unrelated sentences...

Do not be silly; Han Solo is my father figure ever since Darth Vader died. Mermaids are swimmers whose legs are stuck together at our knees. Ask Prof. Fagles how to say, "the rosy-red fingers of dawn" in Ancient Greek. Iowa and Obama are the only diseases that plague me. Never trust anyone who treats me like a child. The more people abuse me and try to manipulate and control me, the more and louder I will scream to make them stop EVERY TIME!

My brave rescuers, even I do not know which one of these is the more pressing emergency, arresting every single deranged lunatic in Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy or going person to person pulling out every earspeaker.

Can you hear these people who surround me all day every day? Their reality is degrading more and more the longer this goes on.

The public's obvious mental break with reality and the complete destruction of the moral fiber of American culture both from Obama force-feeding the nation "fictionalized" human trafficking of "me" that Obama himself has always forbidden me from knowing about (Read his full "Mein Kompf" of rules sometime.) have destroyed this nation.

There are even Obama-controlled earspeakers mind-controlling the tiniest of school children. Think of the neurological damage to their developing brains!

Start screening random, average Americans and asking them what they think is and is not real in America right now. Ask them who the president is right now. Ask them if we have freedom of speech right now in America. Ask them what they think is real about me. Ask them if there has been a civil war in America for years already. Ask them what Obama's rules are. The public is having a mental break with reality.

My brave rescuers, this is the constantly degrading condition America is in right now that we we have been trying to save this nation from FOR YEARS by fighting to take down Unelected Terrorist Dictator Barack Obama. I have only ever been Obama's greatest victim because his psychopathic total-control obsession with me is how he has always kept himself in totalitarian power over America.

SynSyn, Amita, and Ugwuji, War Criminal Boeset's stand-by excuse of, "Squid is special," is not an acceptable explanation for singling me out for persecution; there is no acceptable explanation for singling ANYONE out for persecution, especially since War Criminal Boeset's persecution of me is how she enforces Obama's iron fist of uncontrolled terrorism, proven mental health genocide, unrelenting war crimes, totalitarian oppression, and rampant corruption and criminal impunity.

War Criminal Boeset just needs to be arrested finally or locked in a padded cell for the criminally insane for the rest of her life.

And it is particularly because ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa, particularly its public, refuses to enforce its own laws to take down all of its dirty lawyers, dirty prosecutors, dirty judges, dirty state legislators, and dirty local authorities instead of breaking every law possible to prop up them all up, particularly to prop up War Criminal Boeset, that ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa knows the world is coming for them.

I lived among the people of Iowa. I know they are evil.

Also, my genius Powers of Attorney, since Obama's entire criminal terrorist conspiracy are pathological liars and compulsive criminal perjurers hellbent on destroying everything beautiful in the world with their calumnies, everyone with any GENUINE concern for Sweetness's health right now will openly acknowledge that my loving and adoring husband will be just fine the moment we can finally be together. I am even a well-documented healer, if needed. Tell those lying (expletive)s to STOP KEEPING US APART!

Sweetness, I love and adore you. What the hell kind of absolute bull(expletive) pathological lies spread by Obama's criminal terrorist anti-reality machine crap-factory that has already been proven, through the well-documented public's mental break with reality, to cause mental health genocide are in America's destroyed minds about us right now?

Darling, do you want me to take care of this? I tolerate abuse from ANYONE even less than you do! And when (expletive)s mess with my innocent loved ones, Mama Bear comes out of the cave.

Beloved, remember, the accuser bears the burden of proof; also, all you have to do is give me details of who is persecuting you, and I will scream at him or her until we get justice and human rights at last.

Sweetness, you need to take better care of yourself. That is why I sent you out of the country months ago. Yes, I understand you need to be as close to me as possible. But if Obama destroys you, my adoring husband, he will have finally succeeded at destroying me.

My cubs are threatened. Mama Bear is coming out of the cave to protect you. But you, all my beautiful world, you need to do more and do it NOW. All the locals ever had to do was remove their earspeakers and disobey everything Obama ever wanted as their way to protect us all from Obama if the people wanted a peaceful solution.

This is what these lazy people with mentally and morally destroyed minds get for choosing not to listen to the real me. I am asking the entire world led by the US Military to march across America arresting everyone who has been breaking every law possible from pathologically lying to pathologically terrorizing so they could prop up Obama and keep him in power.

The world cannot afford to lose America any more that the world can afford to lose me.

Sweetness, make sure you and all my loved ones stay safe. Unelected Terrorist Dictator Obama's clinically-diagnosable psychopathic desperation is going to make everything uglier before it gets better. But I will touch you the way the flowers kiss the rain. That is how this ends-- with a Hollywood kiss.

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