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My Beautiful World, I Cannot Fix your Problems if You Do not Tell me What They Are.

Title: My Beautiful World, I Cannot Fix your Problems if You Do not Tell me What They Are.

Please publish this post now, my friends. I cannot control how many horrible things happen to me in one day; it is Obama who controls that. So, if I wait too long between posts, they become too drenching.

Please share this for me with the entire world, both houses of Congress, the Supreme Court, the United Nations, all sympathetic world leaders, all reputable national and foreign presses, etc.

Here is my latest blog post. This blog post includes two of the best sentences I have written in my life.

Big news if it is true: Unelected Terrorist Dictator Obama is at UCLA as I proofread and polish this.

That means, if he really is here, Obama is under the jurisdiction of the State of California and can be arrested for the crimes he has ordered to be committed here, including his iron fist that violently enforces the human rights abuses against the public from removing freedom of speech and freedom of the press to removing separation of church and state, etc. in his totalitarian rules no one anywhere ever had authority to write nor enforce (21Aug2014 blog post), the proven mental health genocide of the public due to their earspeakers that Obama mandated and still controls, Obama's violent acts of terrorism against civilians just for exercising our Constitutional rights to assemble and associate in America, Obama's war crimes against me in Los Angeles County including proven torture and proven unlawful imprisonment, Obama's sabotage of city infrastructure from the airport (The X in LAX is for kisses.) to the Metro Transit System to the city water supply as acts of domestic terrorism, Obama's corruption of local Los Angeles County officials including the Sheriff's Office and District Attorney Jackie Lacey, Obama's unrelenting abuses of the courts with his unrelenting denial-of-all-reality intentionally fabricated false allegations I have ever broken the law or have any mental illness at all whatsoever right now, Obama-mandated persecution of me and my friends of all varying degrees of fame and gravitas, and everything else the State of California can think up.

I published my last blog post at 5:10pm on 08Oct2014 from the loving and adoring City of Long Beach before immediately relocating to my new counterterrorism "office."

On the bus to the train station there were warnings of escalations of collusion to both unlawfully imprison me in a final literal torture facility for Obama to destroy me in with mandated quackery to cover up his war crimes, as always, and for further intentionally fabricated false charges against me or against people rescuing and protecting me.

And as the third alarm on the train, at 6:18pm, I was told ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa hit the destroy-Iowa-right-now button by trying to abduct me from this land of California that loves me and unlawfully imprison me in a literal torture facility in ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa until they could kill me there with more rape, more injections as proven torture, and, obviously, electroshock after pretending I was pregnant.

Before I took the final leg of the trip, I was told the Los Angeles County Sheriff's deputies had been "checking TAP cards" at a Metro train station I frequently use with hopes of ambushing me AGAIN to lock me in a final literal torture facility for Obama, but the blog post I knew to publish at 5:10pm before I left for any place I frequent had forced the deputies to vacate and disperse.

My loved ones and my selfless support system had taken care of ALL of these threats to destroy me and to remove me from this good, green world that loves and needs me FOREVER before I reached my "office" at 7:22pm. Thanks, genii (plural of genius)!

My beautiful world, we should all be more appreciative of EVERYONE protecting us all from Obama. If you cannot support us directly, please make sure you are supporting those that can support us directly. And thank you, my beautiful world.

There was another NSA Alpha Nerds vs. Obama's Cyberterrorists smackdown from 7:22pm until America's nerds got me connected to the complimentary wifi at 7:26pm. Thanks, nerds!

And while I was watching my pre-recorded middle-aged White men from the previous night, I was told three, possibly four, more celebrities were stopped from picking me up and taking me to my own house by Obama's criminal terrorists pointing guns at them.

That is what I mean when I say "crosstown friends of all varying degrees of fame and gravitas," celebrities I may or may not have met before. All of their phones are hacked, and Obama commits acts of terrorism against these brave civilians unrelentingly just because they want to protect us all from Unelected Terrorist Obama.

Please, my crosstown friends, document every horrifying thing Obama and his criminal terrorist Gestapo and mercenaries do to you, so we have evidence for the local police departments, the Federal Bureau of Investigations, the US Military, the Department of Homeland Security, the national and foreign news media, both houses of Congress (who need to stop pretending they do not know what Obama does to civilians in America), the Supreme Court, the United Nations, the United Nations' International Criminal Court, and all the world, even provide sworn statements as witnesses if you want to be thorough. And thank you, friends.

I am forbidden from seeing any of Obama's terrorism and forbidden from having any of it acknowledged to my face, so I am relying on everyone who endures Obama's iron fist to report it to humanity. That way, we can find a way to overcome it all. And thank you, again.

After watching my middle-aged White men, I caught up with my online friends one last time. There was one more threat to all of humanity by Obama trying to unlawfully imprison, torture, and rape me in a final torture facility of his choosing at 10:11pm. My loved ones took care of it AGAIN. I was all caught up with my online friends at 10:46pm.

Finally, at 10:51pm, I asked my loved ones and saturation of international secret agents in the region to secure The War Criminal Gables before I arrived there as well as to secure my entire path to reach it (which they saw through my SquidStream when I used the Metro Trip Planner) and thanked them for so vigilantly keeping me safe all night while I sleep. Thanks, spies!

At 11:46pm, I was on the bus. During that ride, I received all-clears from both my legal team and my saturation of international secret agents. And at 1:47am, I was cooking dinner in my apartment. I hate to spend time there, but I had to eat.

Dinner was whole-grain rotini, sausage, and broccoli in red sauce. I was asleep in no time as my saturation of international secret agents led by the CIA kept me safe.

And if you ever wanted further proof after my 08Oct2014 blog post that the last place ANYONE wants to be caught committing a crime against me is California, just wait until the CIA picks someone up and uses whatever "method" they deem necessary to "find out what they know."

Yeah, Los Angeles County Sheriff's deputies, The War Criminal Gables, the Del Amo Torture Facility, etc., you know whose sword you are committing suicide on by unrelentingly continuing to commit crime after crime against me.

I do not control anyone nor anything. If I did, this bubble would have ended by now. I offer the world the truth and trust all good and brave people everywhere to make whatever choices they need to make to save us all from Obama.

We all know my world view is a completely peaceful one. When the US Military was ready to force evacuations of a direct path to reach me on the night of 05Oct2014 (Please revisit my 06Oct2014 blog post about that night if necessary.), I made sure they also knew when the panic alarm had passed. Unlike Obama, I am a fountain of knowledge; I am not a psychopathic iron fist of control.

Sadly, I was awakened at 7:31am by my pounding heart warning me of an immediate threat to the entire world that loves and needs me because Obama had ordered the pathological perjury that my mental health was "deteriorating" (as if I do not keep an independently factchecked blog and broadcast a verified SquidStream) and that I needed to be "tested" for any possible mental illness at all possible I could be libeled with for Obama to be able to coverup destroying me completely with even more war crimes, as always, of unlawful imprisonment, proven torture, and systemic rape like he ALWAYS covered up with INTENTIONALLY FALSE "assessments and tests" of my mental health EVERY time he has ordered me to be locked in a literal torture facility only this time to remove me from the world that loves and needs me FOREVER.

Which part of "I WILL NOT STOP SCREAMING UNTIL YOU TAKE YOUR INCREASINGLY BLOODSTAINED HANDS OFF ME!" do you not understand, you (expletive)ing (expletive)hole pathologically lying psychopaths!

Apparently, my loved ones, my 28Sep2014 blog post was not enough, so now EVERY TIME any pathological liar ANYWHERE so much as whispers the obvious calumny that I have any mental illness, that I have any symptoms of any mental illness, or that they have any suspicions I might have any mental illness at all whatsoever, we press blistering charges and countercharges against EVERYONE propagating those well-proven-to-never-been-anything-but-a-war-crime-coverup perjuries including against the accuser (who is the only person who carries the burden of proof), against his or her dirty lawyers (for taking money to coverup guaranteed war crimes and to coverup guaranteed crimes against America), against any dirty judge who makes any intentionally false rulings, against any an all quacks or "experts" including people in any collusion videos who made intentionally false claims the real me has any symptoms at all whatsoever or even needs them to "test" me only so they can pretend I have a fictional mental illness AGAIN, and against whatever literal torture facility parading as a psychiatric unit that made the conscious choice to unlawfully imprison me, a perfectly sane woman no one IN MEDICAL REALITY has any justification for ever suspecting of having any mental illness at all, and to lie to my face to be able to torture me with quackery (Will they acknowledge reality to my face? No! That is how we know they will only force quackery on me! Look at the long history I have of being intentionally falsely "tested" and "diagnosed" EVERY TIME I was unlawfully imprisoned!) only to destroy my perfectly healthy mind with proven injections as torture, possibly to render my perfectly healthy and genius mind a vegetable with electroshock if they libel me pregnant AGAIN, to remove my SquidStream equipment (most likely in my sleep just like the way they installed it all in my sleep in a literal torture facility parading as a psychiatric unit in 2009) from my own body against my will BEFORE any other means of keeping me safe can replace it all only to enable Obama and his criminal terrorist conspiracy to libel me and abuse me with no accountability at all whatsoever anymore, to remove my last remaining human right (freedom of speech) by using unlawful imprisonment to force me off the internet, and to guarantee systemic rape of me since I will be in yet another environment Unelected Terrorist Dictator Obama can control completely.

They will do all of this as crimes against me, crimes against my mind, and crimes against my body used as acts of war against America and against all of humanity only to be able to remove me from the world that loves and needs me FOREVER because psychopaths have a self-appointed entitlement to unjustifiably destroy and to irrationally need to control everything!

My loved ones took care of it, as always, but none of Obama's unrelenting crimes of libeling me to be able to destroy me ever should have happened in the first place.

I was out the door, in a safe place, and online by 8:47am to communicate with all of my online friends about better ways to protect humanity from Obama by protecting me from Obama.

The world was still catching up on their followthrough after my 08Oct2014 blog post. We are all human; what we do takes time, but ending human rights abuses broadcast to all the world should never have taken longer than six years to end, not in the United States of America.

While waiting for the all-clear on the torture facility threat, I had my thyroid pill prescription refilled, and I relocated to a wifi hotspot with better bandwidth.

Obama's threat to all of humanity by his ordering MORE war crimes against me set off the torture facility alarm AGAIN at 10:50am. Obama's bitches need to learn to read my blog!

Clearly, Obama was still escalating which guaranteed that there would be even more frequent unrelenting torture facility threats than there had been and that Obama's compulsive and well-established pattern of criminal activity would only end once ALL of Obama's terrorist conspiracy was finally arrested.

Tabia showed up where I was trying to watch my pre-recorded middle-aged White men from the previous night, so I had to relocate to an independent coffee shop for everyone's protection from Obama's unrelenting persecution of me.

In transit, at 12:22pm, I finally received the all-clear on Obama's latest, all-morning threat to destroy America by destroying me in a final literal torture facility. And at 1:16pm, while still in transit, I was told our countercharges kicked their (expletive)es.

While leaving the train station, I bumped into my old friend Tim. We had a chat, and I invited him to the coffee shop with me where we arrived at 2:06pm. The conversation was awkward, but he never lied to me nor insulted me. It was a refreshing change from most conversations I had been having. Clearly, someone reads my blog.

After a 2:17pm fire alarm telling me Obama had committed acts of terrorism against civilian crosstown friends of mine coming to pick me up and take me to my own house that my husband and I file joint property taxes on, I sent my beautiful world to check on everyone.

We all know how angry I get when Obama kills people. And we all know how much I hate being angry.

Shortly after the alarm, Tim left to buy himself lunch at a nearby McDonald's, a known entity, of many, in corporate America who love and support all of us and all of our efforts. Thanks, McDonald's.

I watched as much of my middle-aged White men as I could finagle into streaming, which was pretty much everything but the credits. And, at 3:15pm, I heard what sounded like an intentionally-fabricated-false-charges-stacked-on-a-denial-of-all-medical-reality-allegation collusion escalation warning, so I asked everyone to check and see if what I heard was real.

There was another alarm for a terrorist attack by Obama against another incoming crosstown lift to take me to my own house at 3:27pm. Again, I asked my beautiful world to check on everyone and make sure no one would die. And I did that again after there was another alarm at 4:05pm warning of more terrorism ordered by Obama.

At 4:18pm, I caught two more members of Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy to add to our growing database. Did you get their images and voices? I could barely convince my music to stream to be able to drown out Obama's blithering crap-factory calumnies they were passive aggressively and intentionally forcing me to overhear before they could harsh my natural zen.

When I said "Good will prevail because evil is dumb," it was a direct reference to their showing up in front of me and passive aggressively and intentionally forcing me to overhear them insult me, degrade me, lie about me, condescend to me, and refuse to even acknowledge I am a human in their presence who deserves the dignity and respect from them that all humans deserve just for our all being humans on this planet in the first place.

Bitches need to learn to read my blog.

Were you watching? At 4:58pm, those terrorists were still putting on their show for a patio full of witnesses even after I made sure I did not have to listen to ANY of it anymore.

There was a mixed signal indicating a new torture facility threat at 5:19pm. It sounded like we might need to call in the independent factcheckers from the news media again. They might have been pretending I was "delusional" again just to be able to deny all reality to everyone everywhere forever. I received neither confirmation nor denial about that though.

At 6:04pm, I caught another terrorist for the database. Please include his extrapolated image without facial hair too and, of course, his voice. Thanks, my vigilant and not-human-trafficker nerds!

Apparently, Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy insist on subjecting entire patios at coffee shops to very loud and very fake conversations of nothing but crap-factory drivel but frown on me, the innocent world leader whom they consciously persecute, singing quietly to myself.

I stayed at the independent coffee shop, which was rumored to be operated by the FBI, until 6:32pm when I realized I needed a maxipad. I never get any premenstrual symptoms (probably the only part of my life right now ANY sane person could be jealous of), so my period, though regular, always takes me by surprise when it starts.

I did not have money to buy more maxipads while I was out, so I asked my loved ones and my saturation of international secret agents to secure The War Criminal Gables and my path there earlier than usual.

Why do I always wear maxipads instead of tampons? Mostly for my vigilant nerds. Who the hell wants to watch me put in a tampon?

I was on the train by 7:12pm, but there was a terrorism alarm at 7:22pm. So, I again asked my beautiful world to hurry and check on everyone that might need a rescue.

On the train, I was told "The terrorists are out if control!" That has been the problem with Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy the entire time; no one with ethics or morals can control them no matter how hard we try.

Also on the train, a man chosen by Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy because he looked like Speaker of the House John Boehner tried to tell me Catholics are not Christians. His behavior clearly had no reflection on the real Speaker Beohner. Please circulate a verified and barely-edited recording of our entire exchange.

It was clear to me very early on that I was not having a conversation with a man at all educated in Christianity. When he left, I told him, "I pray you someday learn what Christianity really means."

I was, rather uneventfully after that, in my apartment by 8:30pm eating leftover fried rice, leftover pasta, and a pepper jack quesadilla. I was asleep in no time. Why was I sleeping so much lately? There are still drugs in the city water that I cook with.

I was awake with a kickstarted SquidStream by 8:04am on 10Oct2014. At 8:23am, I ate granola with fresh strawberries and vanilla yogurt for breakfast. I could hear actual truth making it around the other tenants at The War Criminal Gables outside.

I knew I had to wait for the morning delivery of our USPS mail to be able to put my hands on my birthday present from my mother, or I would never receive it. Faithful readers of my blog know our regular mailman, or sometimes his replacement mail lady, usually show up between 10:15am and 11:15am.

He actually delivered our mail a little early, 9:51am, and, yes, my mother's birthday gift actually did arrive. Thanks, mom.

I was out the door in no time. There was only one alarm on my way. I asked my beautiful world to check on it and send me details if they needed more help from me. My loved ones took care of it quickly.

I tried one local wifi hotspot, but Obama's cyberterrorists had shut down their connection. So, at 10:46am, I relocated. Obama's conspiracy was desperate to silence me by preventing me from ever reaching a safe internet connection. Of course, no one can allow that to happen because the truth is too important.

I arrived at a coffee shop at 12:29pm. The warnings for the day in transit and after arriving had been torture facility threat then all-clear then false charges then all-clear then torture facility threat then all-clear and then torture facility threat at 12:31pm.

There were two warnings for dirty judges while I was catching up with my online friends. But, the all-clear for that last torture facility threat came at 1:21pm.

Unfortunately, I could not convince my pre-recorded middle-aged White men from the previous night to stream, so I had to relocate, again.

In transit, I learned that Unelected Terrorist Dictator Obama was at or at least near UCLA. It was never confirmed nor denied for me, but if he EVER steps foot on California or even Los Angeles, he can be arrested for the crimes he has committed against our people here.

If he really is here right now as I write this, it would not be too strange to ask the local authorities or local military officers to even detain Air Force One to make sure Obama cannot flee before he is arrested, just like he fled the United Kingdom earlier this year when they threatened to arrest him for his crimes against the British.

The Secret Service told me two weeks ago that they threw down to rescue me. Even if Obama were not impeached last year, the Secret Service would turn him over if they were presented with an arrest warrant.

And if we do this, Governor Jerry Brown or even US Military (if you want him on terrorism, crimes used as acts of war, or anything else under the jurisdiction of military courts like sedition or treason), please make sure we hold Obama in prison long enough to have him also tried at the International Criminal Court in The Hague.

I do not mind the first time I actually get to scold the spoiled brat psychopath Obama to his face being while he is behind bars. And, thank you State of California and US Military.

This blog post was published at 4:30pm on 10Oct2014 from my home, the State of California.

And now, my beautiful world, I answer all of your questions for me. Please keep collecting all questions and concerns from all your friends and loved ones and sending them to me through whatever means possible.

Is the proven evil management of The War Criminal Gables that has been in conspiracy and in collusion with Agnes and with Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy only trying to lock me in a literal torture facility to make me leave? Of course not.

If The War Criminal Gables ever wanted me to "just leave," they would have hired me a driver to my mansion months ago. No, they have absolutely no good intentions and never did.

The management of The War Criminal Gables want me tortured until my genius and perfectly healthy mind is destroyed through the obvious coverup they propagate themselves that I have any mental illness at all whatsoever and by trying to enforce further Obama-mandated quackery over me to get away with it, as if anyone ever could get away with it without being caught and held accountable.

No, The War Criminal Gables cannot render me homeless without serving me TO MY FACE with a proper thirty-day eviction notice with an actual legal justification for it. And we all know I know my rights as a tenant. And I would lawyer up, especially if that meant I would get to represent myself with my SquidStream running.

My beautiful world, it is becoming increasingly difficult for me to find international news about any crises anywhere else that you all want my help with. I understand I am most of the international news right now which is why I am forbidden from hearing most international news stories, but if you want my advice on anything still make sure you give me details. I am only here to serve.

We are one world. We need to help each other.

I know my dharma. I will spend the rest of my life, once I reach my human rights, traveling the world with my adoring husband by my side solving global crises. And I do not plan on retiring from my REAL job until I can teach my beautiful world to solve crises intelligently and compassionately without me.

I know, my beautiful world, you all will keep me very busy.

I did promise my brave rescuers that if they wanted me to, I would run for President of the United States of America AFTER I have a chance to heal and have my children. Both of those are impossible until I can live safely with my husband.

I have never once wanted to be the president; the only government job I ever wanted was astronaught. But I would do just about anything for the brave men and women who volunteered for years to risk their lives to save me from Obama even without my asking them to.

My brave rescuers, I heard on the afternoon of 10Oct2014 that you chose to move US troops. I was actually told a number of times throughout the afternoon. I know this is a personal fight for you because all of Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy are committing their crimes against our America on US soil, but please let anyone and everyone in the world help who wants to help, too.

SynSyn, Amita, and Ugwuji, yeah, I was just sitting and waiting for Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy's new form of stupid, too. And then I heard the secondhand information that Unelected Terrorist Dictator Obama was at UCLA. He actually set foot on California soil after every crime he has ordered here? If the rumor is true, it was as stupid as his trip to the United Kingdom earlier this year.

If Obama and all his criminal terrorist conspiracy are not all surrendering, we know they are doing something stupid. How many times do we have to prove to their faces that spreading new lies never excuses old lies and that committing new crimes never excuses old crimes?

Sweetness, I love and adore you. Yes, my darling husband, I know where you relocated. And we all know Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy know, too, since they illegally monitor you. That in mind, is it still a secret? Or can I tell everyone?

Also, darling, I know we have been through this a number of times already, but, no I do not want you to retire early from telling stories to be able to travel the world serving humanity with me. I can work from your trailer with an internet connection three months out of the year. There is no reason for you to give up your artistry until you are ready.

I also heard, HoneyHoney, that, much like Prince William and Princess Kate, whose marriage I sent you to, are also Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, we, too, were made Duke and Duchess of somewhere in Spain beyond just being Prince and Princess of Spain. Where is our land? I would love to know!

And, yes, beloved, we will settle down in Spain to serve the Spanish just like we have served and will serve America for years once we are ready to retire from serving the world and telling stories.

Finally, Sweetness, as a random, low-priority task for your Honey-do list, could you look into what happened to my voter registration card? The mid-term elections are coming up. I am clearly registered to vote. I have already received campaign mailers from candidates in state elections. But, my voter registration card never arrived. Thanks, darling husband!

Until I touch you the way the flowers kiss the rain...

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