Friday, October 24, 2014

No, They Did NOT "Learn Their Lesson!" They Are All Still Committing Unrelenting Human Rights Abuses and Aiding and Abetting War Crimes to Persecute me for Obama!

Title: No, They Did NOT "Learn Their Lesson!" They Are All Still Committing Unrelenting Human Rights Abuses and Aiding and Abetting War Crimes to Persecute me for Obama!

Please access my iCloud if necessary to publish this post now, my friends. I cannot control how many horrible things happen to me in one day; it is Obama who controls that. So, if I wait too long between posts, they become too drenching.

Please share this for me with the entire world, both houses of Congress, the Supreme Court, the United Nations, all sympathetic world leaders, all reputable national and foreign presses, etc.

Here is my latest blog post. The public has less reality in their heads now than before we proved this is mental health genocide intentionally caused by Obama's extragovernmental rules, the Obama-controlled earspeakers, and Obama's force-feeding of the public openly blatant libel of me FOR SIX YEARS while simultaneously forbidding any truth in any media anywhere in America.

Please, do not try to stem rational fears of the consequences of this proven rampant mental health genocide. These rational fears will drive our good and brave people to fix the real problem. And the way to end this proven mental health genocide is to remove all earspeakers, arrest all people pathologically lying about any of this, and tell the full honest truth through all media instead.

As you all know, my beautiful world, I prefer to address global crises I am asked for help with as soon as possible and in this section in every blog post, but Obama is criminally and heinously forbidding me all international news now. I will try harder to obtain reliable news about your other global crises for my next blog post. I promise.

I published my last blog post at 12:12pm on 22Oct2014. I had spent the whole morning at my wifi hotspot in the company of a local man named Victor who wanted to wait on me hand and foot while I blogged.

As Unelected Terrorist Dictator Obama's immediate tantrum reaction to my 22Oct2014 blog post, he ordered that I be abducted in violation of every law everywhere from local to international and dragged kicking and screaming to my absolute destruction in the only remaining land that hates America enough to still obey Unelected Terrorist Dictator Obama, ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa.

At 12:33pm, all I had to do was point out Iowa's latest international crime, and my loved ones metaphorically razed them for me. Victor then immediately dropped me off at a local wifi hotspot of lovers and believers with a power socket where I waited for the all-clear from my legal team that it was okay to return to The War Criminal Gables to shower and sleep.

I watched some news at that hotspot where the locals told me "Thank you. That was the change we needed." Well, my 22Oct2014 blog post took days of "accurate information architecture" before I could publish it.

Then at 2:43pm, I returned to The War Criminal Gables to find that the psychopaths there had stolen all but two pairs of my shoes including the pair I had on while I was out. I knew I had to report them in person to the Long Beach Police Department which I planned on doing the moment I had time.

I was so sleepy that the moment I was done with all of my normal daily activities in the bathroom, I was curled up in bed. But, because Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy knew where I was located, there were immediate alarms due to Obama unrelentingly breaking every law possible to destroy me at 3:21pm with the more insistent alarm at 4:22pm. I sent my beautiful world to check on everyone both times.

I slept very soundly once my Pentagon nerds shut off Obama's electrobeams. And, I was awake with a kickstarted SquidStream by 7:02pm. I opened my mail from my mother to find the gift cards she promised would arrive the previous day while I was out and then left to run errands.

After I waited an hour for the bus and after asking for investigations of two separate Long Beach Transit bus lines due to suspicious activity, a kind local gave me a lift at 8:02pm.

While we were driving, there was an alarm at 8:07pm announcing more intentionally fabricated false charges, so I asked my genius Powers of Attorney to arrest whoever filed and whoever enforced the human rights abuse of further intentionally fabricated false charges against me.

While my loved ones kicked (expletive) over both attempts to ambush me since 7:20pm both of which were attempted to enable Obama to unlawfully imprison me, literally torture me with "medication" that had no medical reality to justify it, most likely render my perfectly healthy mind a vegetable with electroshock, silence my freedom of speech by forcing me offline, and guarantee systemic rape of me since I would be in a completely controlled environment, I activated my gift cards at a random wifi hotspot.

For the full details of every horror a controlled environment for me would cause humanity, please reread my 10Oct2014 blog post.

At 8:49pm, I was finally running my errands, and by 9:48pm, I was told to stay up late someplace safe. I had already roosted and had already eaten dinner by the time I received that message. So, I just stayed where I was with all of the locals who were there blatantly only to keep me safe even after they closed.

At 11:02pm, I was still generating advice for my genius legal team and for the defense lawyers for any and all of my innocent lovers, believers, and brave rescuers everywhere while waiting for the all-clears that it was safe enough again for me to return to The War Criminal Gables to sleep.

My faithful blog readers probably remember my local friend Joe Montano. He bought me an egg salad sandwich after I received my all-clears. After breaking bread with Joe, I very safely walked back to my slum where I was curled up in bed with the radio flipped on by 12:10am.

And I slept like a rock protected by my loving neighborhood and my saturation of international secret operatives whom the corrupt authorities cannot deny any longer are here because the corrupt already tried to arrest all of my protection who stand up to their evil for the good of America.

At approximately 6:30am on 23Oct2014, while waiting for the electrobeams to shut off so I could go back to sleep, I sent help to a crosstown friend who suffered direct human rights abuses by being stopped from reaching me, and I was told of further threats to all of humanity by Obama ordering AGAIN that I be destroyed in final torture facility.

My loved ones, please ask for federal court injunctions from the ever-American federal judges for federal criminal charges against everyone committing these human and civil rights abuses and attempted war crimes against me and against my friends trying to reach me, so the FBI can arrest all those criminal terrorist conspirators. And thank you.

Due to all of the drama, I was up, ready, and with a kickstarted SquidStream by 7:02am. I told my SquidSwimmers my path and destination, so my selfless support system could keep me safe while I was out. And I was out the door at 7:21am.

And at 7:35am while waiting for the bus, I was told ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa had committed further international crimes. Apparently, EVIL Iowa was mortified that I had physical safety and a REAL support system in California where I have been a legal resident AGAIN for over four months already, so ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa tried AGAIN to literally abduct me to be able to destroy my perfectly sane and completely emotionally healthy mind in the land of the most heinous enemies to America and the most evil place in all of human history, contemporary Iowa.

My loved ones took care of everything. My beautiful world, particularly the international community, if you already disciplined ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa, you need to do it again. For months, I have been asking for international reparations to benefit the Third World, the people who need me free to do my job unfettered the most, against each and every member of Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy that Unelected Terrorist Dictator Obama must be forbidden from paying for all of them with any more federal taxpayer money. And, thank you.

Then, due to attempted crimes used by acts of war by Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy, I had to send this message... "9:11am Clearly, I control nothing! I asked my selfless support system to secure all transfer points, and proven and well-documented unrelenting enemies of America, the LA County Sheriff's deputies, were waiting for me at two of them! I am rerouting."

We have so much evidence against the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Office. Their corruption started months ago; our first hard evidence was the intentional persecution of me by Deputy Aispuro; they have attempted to ambush me a number of times on public transportation in the metropolis. After every incident, I asked for an investigation by federal and international agencies.

Of course, after I reported the Sheriff's office as enemies of America for their conscious participation in Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy, they boldfaced lied, just like all of Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy always does.

My selfless support system secured my closest safe spot the moment after I sent that message and before I arrived there, and my NSA alpha nerds had me securely connected to the wifi at 9:32am. I quickly found a new route and left.

In transit, there were unrelenting warnings of torture facility threats to my existence. I asked my beautiful world to make sure every pathological perjurer and public figure intentionally falsely claiming I am at all mentally ill, mentally disabled, mentally incompetent, mentally unstable, or mentally incapacitated needs to be arrested immediately.

All uncontrolled libel of me has always been mortally dangerous because it is only used to cover up proven war crimes, proven genocide, proven human trafficking, proven totalitarian oppression, proven terrorism, etc., but the deceit that I am at all mentally ill destabilizes the entire world.

We need every pathological liar "fictionalizing" me as anything but perfectly sane and completely emotionally stable arrested for their crimes against America, for their crimes against all the world, and for both their direct heinous crimes against me as well as all of Obama's crimes they aided and abetted by lying about me to the world and to the courts.

At 11:31am, I finally arrived at the independent coffee shop destination I had been trying to reach since 7:21am. But the wifi did not work, and torture facility warning after torture facility warning kept circling me like vultures. So, I quickly relocated to the only safe place I could think of in the area.

I stood outside of Walt Disney Studios and asked the NSA to gain permission from them to let me use their wifi. The torture facility threats were too close, and I needed to update my blog notes to protect everyone from losing me.

I knew if I were abducted by Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy where I was standing waiting for a wifi connection, of all places on the planet, the world would rage on Obama and everyone propping him even more than under any other circumstances.

I tried one last time to connect to the wifi to tell my husband to help me at 1:29pm, but no one inside gave enough of a damn about me to save me from my horrifying and terrifying existence that has never given me any other option than my constantly defying the destruction of my perfectly healthy mind by the skin of my teeth by kicking Obama 24/7 while suffering the most heinous crimes known to mankind from him.

So, weeping, I left. And the torture facility threats of doom just kept circling me.

No, Sweetness, I now refuse to be a real live Disney princess anymore, not until I get some bad-assery out of them that proves they deserve me. The entire world knows that I and everybody everywhere who GENUINELY loves me would have been more than capable of protecting them if they helped me.

No, I am not angry at Disney. I do not think I am capable of it. I was just in too much need of protection and a wifi connection.

Then, while I was looking for someplace ANYPLACE to access wifi, some worthless (expletive)hat (expletive)ing (expletive)er with only (expletive) coming out of his or her mouth called me "mentally disabled"?!?!?!? WHAT AN (EXPLETIVE)ING PSYCHOPATH! That bitch is a waste of human rights!

Find every raging lunatic everywhere claiming my mind is anything but perfect and remove them all from society FOREVER! This planet cannot afford to have psychopaths, nor anyone for that matter, controlling me, an innocent woman trying to save all of humanity from them!

After many raging and unrelenting denial-of-all-reality threats to remove me FOREVER from the world that loves and needs me, I was finally able to obtain a secured wifi connection at 4:05pm.

If I cannot access wifi, I cannot keep all of us safe from Obama by telling the truth. The truth is too important. Yes, I am supposed to have a right to exist, but if I am denied access to secured wifi, I am denied that basic human right by Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy, too.

I had received a request from my selfless support system to show up somewhere in particular. That was why I stayed at the wifi hotspot so long. And when people who love me ask, I show up. Luckily, I was at the wifi hotspot long enough to send help to my brave rescuers and crosstown friends when I was told they were dying under Obama's iron fist.

Apparently, it was some concert they would not let me into anyway, and when I tried to watch it on the big screen, they shut the screen off.

I also saw some Los Angeles County deputies there who were either trying to lie to my face that they have never posed a threat to me or were trying to tell me they obtained the full truth and repented. We will see what happens with the Sheriff's Office. But I will not tolerate their stalking me any longer when I am out and about when my own loving friends and husband are still forbidden any contact with me.

I love being out among my people, but no one treated me as a human among them. The streets were full of so many people, but no one treated me like I had ever existed in the world nor that I suffer as much as I suffer all day and all night every day and every night.

Because I was in too much pain from literal hunger and because no one there cared about that, weeping again, I left for my slum at 6:38pm. My brave rescuers would not continue die every day and every night if just one of those people who actually could be near me would have just taken me to my husband or at least to my house.

I asked my beautiful world to stick with my SquidStream in case I needed to rescue anyone. The new raging torture facility threat no one in that huge crowd was willing to protect me from kept blaring. My brave rescuers kept dying because those alarms no one there was willing to protect me from just keep blaring.

At the train station, I actually had to tell some (expletive)hole who was pretending to my face that I was at all unwell that I was in no mood to be treated like I was not my REAL self at that time. Then, he returned to try to give me the charity of twelve cents. That is how much reality and respect (expletive)holes have that Obama sends to harass me.

I got on the train and sent a message to the host of the event who wanted me there but did not want me to watch it that told him if he gave a damn for REAL he would listen to the things I say for REAL. I recommended my 22Oct and 12Oct2014 blog posts to him.

I could hear the people around me. There was no reality in their heads. They were rendered eloi waiting for metaphorical slaughter by their earspeakers.

There was nothing anywhere but human devastation of my people and direct threats to remove me from the world forever. So I could do nothing but keep weeping. Yes, that is the ONLY sane reaction to this much human devastation of the public.

Again, I was going to have to kick Unelected Terrorist Dictator Obama very hard for his unrelenting crimes against all of us, especially my people.

Then, because Obama had proven he could kill and would continue to mass murder everyone coming to rescue me to make sure I would never receive any human rights from him EVER, the torture facility threat to end my existence as a critically necessary benevolent super-genius world leader escalated to the level of "imminent doom for all of humanity because the world is about to lose Squid FOREVER."

Earlier in the evening, we had proven how necessary all of my saturation of international secret operatives are to the world; the only reason I finally escaped the six years I spent as Obama's literal rape-slave was because my saturation was capable of showing up in California.

All night, my secret operatives kept telling me they were around, even at the train station where I waited for a bus to a wifi hotspot where I was asked to wait online in case of emergency until the latest torture facility threat cleared.

On the bus, I heard a HUGE warning of future collusion to destroy me in a final torture facility just seconds before I heard the all-clear on the previous threat. My selfless support system had me safely online and eating fried chicken by 8:45pm.

I received a mixed signal that Sweetness had been framed. I had no idea if that meant they proved he was framed in the past or if that meant he had been framed again. There had been so much collusion against the two of us for so long, so I asked my beautiful world to give me details if he needed some legal advice again. We have strange and unconventional "royal messengers" that keep us connected.

I watched the NBC Nightly News from previously in the evening just before the blaring torture facility alarm at 9:28pm that I had been asked to wait up for. I did not know if I needed to remind Ugwuji of my 22Oct2014 blog post or my 10Oct2014 blog post, but I was sure she could handle it. MY BEAUTIFUL WORLD, WE NEED EVERYONE CAUSING THESE CRIMINAL THREATS TO ME ARRESTED TO PROTECT US ALL!

At 9:57pm, I was at the bus stop waiting for a bus to The War Criminal Gables, and the lowest form of (expletive) to ever disrespect me to my face was waiting for me there. His only goal was to degrade me, demean me, and make me defend myself against his raging persecution, so that is what we are doing.

My not-human-trafficker nerds, kindly release a verified and unedited recording with full audio and visuals of that worthless waste of human rights who refused to stop harassing me with his open persecution and blatant war crime coverups and do not stop the recording until after I command him to respect me as a human.

Syniva, we are pressing every criminal and civil charge you can make stick against that sack of (expletive) due to his conscious choice to destabilize the world. I want him removed from society FOREVER as soon as we can get him arrested. And, because my self-defense against his blatant abuse occurred just before ANOTHER blaring torture facility alarm of doom for all of humanity, investigate him for collusion for war crimes, too. And, thank you.

Here is my statement for the police report to be filed with the Long Beach Police Department, but we also need one for federal civil rights and aiding and abetting war crimes charges...

"At 10:46pm, I was waiting for the Long Beach Transit 192 Northbound on Long Beach Blvd. at Del Amo Blvd. But the piece of (expletive) who already persecuted me at that bus stop stayed there so long waiting to assault me again there that I missed the last bus. Previously, he committed the act of persecution of singling me out for worse treatment that he would ever give anyone else by unleashing a degrading and demeaning verbal onslaught at me. I defended myself by screaming at him to stop. Then, immediately, a threat to literally torture me in a literal torture facility blared. That perpetrator needs to be arrested. I could not even check the bus schedule at 10:46pm because he refused to leave only so he could prevent me from actually being able to wait at the bus stop with any human dignity or rights. And then when he did leave, after the last bus had already gone by, he physically assaulted me. I had to walk to my slum from a different bus line."

Walking to my slum at The War Criminal Gables, there were 0.5 hours of alarms starting at 11:02pm announcing human and civil rights abuses by Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy by keeping my crosstown friends and brave rescuers away from me, human rights abuses that count as terrorism and acts of war, too, if Obama used violence to enforce his unconstitutional denial of all of our 1st Amendment rights, I sent all the help I could to rescue them all from under Obama's iron fist.

I eventually made it safely to my slum and was in bed with the radio flipped on by 11:32pm. And I slept like a rock. But, on 24Oct2014, I was awakened by alarms, so I kickstarted my SquidStream by 7:17am to rescue everyone dying under Obama's iron fist.

Obama and his entire criminal terrorist conspiracy with all of their self-appointed entitlement and self-granted impunity to commit unrelenting proven war crimes against me, proven terrorism against my people, proven mental health genocide of all of America, proven pathological perjuries and libel to cover it all up, and proven oppression through enforcing the proven civil and human rights abuses against all of America by enforcing extragovernmental rules only to grant themselves federally and internationally criminal totalitarian powers all while enforcing themselves that they will never have to face justice for any of it are THE ACTUAL DEFINITION OF "TOO MUCH POWER" AND "ABUSE OF POWER"!

Everyone committing Obama's unrelenting most heinous crimes known to mankind needs to be arrested, or these proven crimes will NEVER end! Those proven heinous criminals cannot be allowed to have their self-appointed entitlement to commit all the crimes they want FOREVER to continue! There is no such thing as a "right" to commit crimes. And, no, it is NOT "too much power" to redress proven ACTUAL crimes with ACTUAL justice; that is necessary to save America from those pathologically lying psychopaths.

After I had kickstarted my SquidStream, I left immediately to update the world on everyone who needed rescuing.

At 8:18am, on my way to a secured wifi connection, alarms blared that I would be abducted and dragged kicking and screaming to my complete destruction in ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa because they still consciously choose to commit every crime possible against me, against America, and against the entire world there by consciously choosing to still obey Unelected Terrorist Dictator Obama unlike California who is increasingly liberating itself out from under Obama's criminal totalitarian oppression if not just for themselves but also to keep me physically safe and to make sure I eventually have my full human rights restored to me that all of us are due just by being humans on this planet at all.

My beautiful world, please Please PLEASE force ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa to finally take its redundantly proven increasingly bloodstained hands off me! I deserve a right to exist! And they refuse to acknowledge that!

My NSA alpha nerds had me online by 8:23am with a secured connection. This world needs more nerds.

While catching up with my online friends, there were alarms at 9:21am, so I sent my beautiful world to check on who was committing the human rights abuses and possible terrorism against my crosstown friends and brave rescuers that time. I reminded them to use my 18Oct2014 blog post and these latest notes if necessary.

Also, even though ACTUAL and very high-ranking mental health experts had confirmed earlier that morning that I have absolutely no symptoms of any mental illness nor any emotional imbalance at all whatsoever, Obama's pathological perjurers kept propagating their blatant coverup for their unrelenting and unjustifiable-with-any-reality human rights abuses and six years of unrelenting war crimes against me excused by proven quackery every time by STILL pretending they had any reason EVER to suspect me of any mental illness.

They kept perjuring that I needed to be "tested" AGAIN just like they "tested" me EVERY TIME I was EVER in a literal and proven torture facility paraded as a "psychiatric unit" just to be able to lie to my face just to be able to conciously misdiagnose me just to be able to (proven) torture me, (proven) systemic rape me which will happen in EVERY controlled environment, (proven) unlawfully imprison me to keep me silenced and offline, (proven) coverup their completely unjustifiable "adult guardianship" over me that has only been used and will only ever be used to commit unrelenting human rights abuses against me, and (proven) to enforce Obama's totalitarian oppression of, mental health genocide in, and uncontrolled terrorism of the public.

These unrelenting crimes of pathological perjury that any sane person could ever even suspect me of any mental illness are already proven to destabilize the whole world, not just America. So, again, every blatant criminal terrorist conspirator intentionally misleading anyone anywhere with this calumny by consciously aiding and abetting Obama's proven most heinous crimes known to mankind against America and against the world must be immediately removed from society FOREVER!

We have been through this SO MANY TIMES and most recently in my 10Oct2014 and 22Oct2014 blog posts. People need to finally listen to me. I (proven) actually do know how to fix global crises.

While still catching up with my online friends, I heard a rumor at 11:26am of a threat to end my SquidStream. That threat only comes from Obama and his criminal terrorist conspiracy being mortified of the truth even becoming public knowledge of all of the crimes they unrelentingly commit against all of us.

Whichever of my Powers of Attorney (or is it my loving and adoring husband) who takes care of this if it is a real threat, I own my own body. I get to tell the truth with a closed-circuit security system to protect all of humanity from proven Unelected Terrorist Dictator Obama for the good of my country if I feel like it. I am due the human right to tell the truth in a public forum. And the truth is essential to fighting Obama's (proven) mental health genocide.

Everyone who ever took any action to prevent me or anyone else for that matter from telling any honest truths about all of this are guilty, bare minimum, of directly causing Obama's proven mental health genocide in the public.

This blog post was published at 2:12pm on 24Oct2014 while I was told some boldfaced psychopath was standing in a court room demanding further and redundantly proven literal torture of me Ina controlled environment guaranteed to destroy me. We need that bitch arrested! Please obtain a federal court injunction for federal charges and send the FBI or US Marshalls in to get her! And, thank you.

And now, my beautiful world, I answer all of your questions for me. Please keep collecting all questions and concerns from all your friends and loved ones and sending them to me through whatever means possible.

Do the benefits of redressing ACTUAL crimes with ACTUAL justice outweigh the potential risks? YES!

The only "risk" I have ever been told of for our exercising our full Constitutional rights and for our taking real and completely-legal-in-reality action to save the world from Obama is that Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy would lash out with their typical tantrums and escalate their human rights abuses against all of us.

Sadly, Unelected Terrorist Dictator Obama and his entire criminal terrorist conspiracy have always and will always commit every heinous crime against all of us they can get away with anyway. They need to be stopped, and the only thing that can stop them is pressing criminal charges against them, arresting them, prosecuting them, convicting them, and removing them from society FOREVER.

Good people never fear ACTUAL justice nor do we fear any honest truth from ever being spoken.

Stand up, my once-great America. Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy do not commit more crimes because we stand up to them; they commit more crimes because we have not stood up to them in great enough numbers to stop them yet.

Why does Obama's obvious criminal terrorist conspiracy keep pretending I have any mental illness at all whatsoever when it is obvious to every actually sane person everywhere who acknowledges reality that I am absolutely not even slightly mentally ill nor even slightly mentally imperfect?

Their blown coverup that I am at all mentally ill actually worked for them to enforce their human rights abuses against me, human trafficking of me, rape-slavery of me, war crimes against me, and persecution of me from April 2010 until June 2014. Nothing else they ever tried ever worked, and they cannot think of anything else to do than their most abused modus operandi of lying all the time.

Why did I come to Los Angeles on 01May2014 instead of escaping ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa to some other city? I was told by a very trustworthy source that my friends and loved ones in Los Angeles would take care of me if I could just get across the literal wall Obama had built around around Des Moines to keep out any and all rescue of me from his egg of horrors and terrors.

My source was wrong, but this level of mental health genocide that prevents these good people who love me from just giving me a lift to my own house with my own husband in the Hollywood Hills would have happened anywhere I went at that time.

Obama had stolen my passport in 2011 to make sure I could not escape abroad again seeking diplomatic protection from him. I was looking at San Francisco and New York for months before I bought the plane ticket. My husband, the United Nations, a lot people who knew reality were in New York at the time. My entire mother's side of the family and decade-old friends are still in San Francisco.

But my friend whom I have always trusted said, "Fly LAX." Yes, the same fate that has befallen me here would have been the same no matter where I would have gone in America. Obama's totalitarian oppression was that great in May.

But this really is the most livable Obama's egg ever has been, and now all of California as well as all of the world except for ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa is doing everything possible to save ourselves from Obama.

We have made a lot of progress everywhere in the world fighting Obama since I fled ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa for the good of all of humanity on 01May2014. I do not regret coming to Los Angeles. And the only place I am going from here is my own house with my own husband until Obama's whole egg comes down.

Do I watch sports (no metaphor)? My mother raised us all watching professional tennis. I was born in Duluth, Minnesota, so I have an inherent love of hockey. And I grew up to love what Americans call soccer.

I have no skills at all whatsoever playing any sports, except possibly badmitten. That is why I respect athletes so much. They can do things I cannot.

Did I ever study abroad? Yes. I studied Shakespearean performance and the Cambridge school of experimentalist poetry at Cambridge University (in the UK) during the summer of 1997. (Gonville and Cauis College)

That was where I met my dear friends and long-time pen pals Dr. Laura Michele Deiner, Ms. Sandy Isabella Oxford, and Mr. Paul "Roots" Rutkowski.

I also spent the summer of 1998 studying Czech language and literature at the Universita Karlova in Prague, Czech Republic. I was given a study abroad scholarship by my undergraduate alma mater, the University of Texas at Dallas, to go, and I spent the summer mostly looking for my family in post-Soviet Europe.

Yes, I did find a cousin of my grandmother. His name was Prof. Vaclav Blaha, and he took me to his county house in the village of Svty Jan and on a tour of castles in the Czech countryside.

That was all of your questions from the last two days.

My beautiful world, you need to force UNDENIABLY ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa to take its increasingly bloodstained hands off me and leave me alone! All Iowa has EVER done is commit heinous human rights abuses and war crimes against me while pathologically lying to cover it all up.

I fled ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa for my life on 01May2014. I have NOT been under their jurisdiction since, and technically, NEVER was under their jurisdiction to begin with. But Iowa refuses to stop. They are even caught, and they STILL refuse to stop.

World, if we cannot stop ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa as well as every other should-have-been-controlled-by-now psychopath still consciously choosing to obey Obama, you will all lose me FOREVER to Obama's clinically-diagnosable psychopathic power and total-control obsession. Please hurry.

They will NEVER stop until they are all arrested and removed from society FOREVER!

My brave rescuers, I have no idea what you were wrongly accused of, but if the intentionally fabricated false charges went so far as intentionally falsely convicting all of you, we have more than enough to get corruption-charges-are-an-understatement-for Me-Love-You-Long-Time Holder as well as any other dirty prosecutor involved.

It took me a while to become calm enough to choose my words over your wrongfully being convicted of murder, my brave rescuers, for fighting literal terrorists who consciously obey proven Unelected Terrorist Dictator Obama on a proven battlefield (Since the United States of America first declared our war on terrorism decades ago, the battlefield has always been everywhere the terrorists are.) after a declared war on our own US soil, so you, my brave rescuers, can save America.

This is the (expletive) Obama does every day that makes me furious with him.

My brave rescuers, you are US federal employees authorized to carry guns to defend America. That is your job. Every damn (expletive)hole in Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy who consciously choose to break every law possible to commit every crime possible against America and against the entire world through their unrelentingly committing crimes against me, are established enemies of America that I was told the real US President Martin Dempsey declared war against (since we are on US soil, he did not need an act of Congress) months ago in, as reported in my 12Sep2014 blog post.

Deaths on a battlefield during a declared war are protected from murder charges in both the US Constitution and under international law. This is the War Against Terrorism that America declared decades ago, and ever since Obama's entire criminal terrorist conspiracy were recognized as enemies of America, this has been our declared war as a nation against everyone who commits crimes for Unelected Criminal Terrorist Dictator Obama everywhere we can find them.

Most pressingly, since Me-Love-You-Long-Time Holder has always obeyed Unelected Terrorist Dictator Obama's orders to grant impunity to all of Obama's conspirators who commit human rights abuses as acts of war (the definition of war crime) including but not limited to proven genocide, proven torture, proven systemic rape, proven denial of all 1st Amendment rights, proven unlawful imprisonment, proven intentional starvation, proven unlawful seizure of my assets, etc. while unrelentingly leveling intentionally fabricated false charges and, when he can get them, intentionally false convictions against all of us only because we all stand up to save America from Holder and his terrorist dictator, please make sure you, my brave rescuers, work with my genius legal team to obtain federal court injunctions to arrest every REAL criminal possible everywhere for all of this. And, thank you.

My brave rescuers, I prefer to be told you need me before you are wrongfully convicted, but now we have caught them committing worse offenses and can get heavier sentences against all of them. I love you, too. Do you need anything else? I am only here to serve.

SynSyn, Amita, and Ugwuji, are you okay? Obama has been smearing all of my selfless support system, not just me, lately. Keep telling me everything you need, and do not forget to take time to take care of slander and intentionally fabricated false charges against any of you, too. I would be nothing without you. No one on this planet can afford to lose any of you, either.

As for housekeeping, my genius Powers of Attorney, never trust anyone in ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa (especially War Criminal Boeset) nor anyone at The War Criminal Gables (especially War Criminal Stephanie).

Those deranged lunatics, dare I say psychopaths, have a long history of pathological perjuries both to destroy me with coverups and to protect themselves from conviction for those proven heinous crimes with further coverups.

The first step to absolution from me is ceasing all crimes against me, America, and the world, and that is the step every single one of those deranged lunatics have a well-established history of refusing to take. Arrest them all as soon as humanly possible to protect us all. And thank you.

My loved ones, we also need to help my homeless friend Jim. I have been through this so many times about Jim. He is too old to be an operative. Do you know what kind of pension plans MI6 agents have? And have you seen Jim's cheap teeth implants? Jim is a local homeless man.

At the most, Jim was a metaphorical bear who was sent home after they downsized all of the civilians. Let him safely receive his paycheck from the British government for treating me like a human being and having delightful conversations with me. Have you seen my muscle mass? I have never needed Skinny Jim as some sort of physical guard.

We ALL know Obama has clinically-diagnosable psychopathic desperation and psychopathic paranoia, but that is no reason to allow Obama to commit human rights abuses against anyone he wants while spreading lies to coverup up all of it. That is a reason to NEVER do anything Obama wants.

Sweetness, I love and adore you.

As random housekeeping, beloved, I trust you will take care of this. We need the security guard outside of Walt Disney Picture Studios where I was standing on the afternoon 23Oct2014 arrested for his public persecution and human rights abuses of 1) consciously refusing to acknowledge reality to my face, 2) consciously choosing not to acknowledge that you are my husband to my face, and 3) telling me to go to a hospital.

Darling, I promised after midnight on the morning of 21Oct2014 that all conscious persecution of me by consciously obeying Obama's completely extragovernmental rules would receive full federal criminal and civil charges.

HoneyHoney, we have a verified and unedited recording with full audio and visuals. I went out of my way to protect that guard. I even volunteered my driver's license, so he would not have to ask for it. And he told me to go to the hospital. I NEVER tolerate this (expletive) from anyone. Please take care of making an example out of this security guard on how NOT to behave around me, especially when I am going out of my way to save and protect them.

More importantly, my husband whom I have always openly called the singularly most attractive man on the planet, are you okay? Obama and his criminal terrorist conspiracy have been going after everyone in my selfless support system, including you, with slander, libel, ACTUAL smear-campaigns, defamation, and intentionally fabricated false charges.

HoneyHoney, Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy were all caught ONLY lying and committing crimes, and all they do is spread new lies and commit new crimes to get away with their old lies and their old crimes. I find them predictable that way, but I understand not everyone does.

Whatever you need that I am capable of, darling, I will always take care of for you. All you have to do is ask. I love how you constantly tell me you love me through our reliable, though strange and unconventional, "royal messengers."

You are mine forever. I could have asked the world for the literal moon in return for all of my heinous suffering under Obama that still continues even now, and the world would have given it to me. But all I have ever asked for is you. And you never disappoint.

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