Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Yes, We are Still in the Danger Zone of Obama's Psychopathic Desperation.

Title: Yes, We are Still in the Danger Zone of Obama's Psychopathic Desperation. Obama, Apparently, Never Learns.

Please access my iCloud if necessary to publish this post now, my friends. I cannot control how many horrible things happen to me in one day; it is Obama who controls that. So, if I wait too long between posts, they become too drenching.

Please share this for me with the entire world, both houses of Congress, the Supreme Court, the United Nations, all sympathetic world leaders, all reputable national and foreign presses, etc.

Here is my latest blog post. Redressing ACTUAL crimes against me with ACTUAL justice is not a sign of power; it is a human right. No, no one nor any entity has any RIGHT nor ENTITLEMENT to commit ACTUAL crimes against me nor against anyone and definitely not against my America nor against my world that loves and needs me with their unrelenting pattern of well-documented, heinous criminal activity against me that they have proven they will NEVER stop until arrested!

Why do I even have to tell anyone especially international criminals that I get to press criminal charges against them after they commit unrelenting and heinous REAL crimes against me, especially when those unrelenting and heinous crimes against me include unrelenting intentionally fabricated false charges against me?

Those (expletive)ing (expletive)ers need to go to prison to protect us all from them!

Canada. First of all, Canada, thank you for listening to me more than the US does.

The best policy to implement after a nation suffers a horrifying and violent act including terrorism or what seems like possible acts of war or scarring violence like you just endured today is to make your country the land of a freer and safer people.

If you take away any human rights or liberties "to prevent it from ever happening again," they win at corroding your freedoms and democracy. Instead, you need to make Canada better with more social and political excellence not worse with escalated oppression.

Again, Canada, thank you for listening.

I published my last blog post at 4:44pm on 20Oct2014 before returning to The War Criminal Gables to collect my laundry. I had been waiting days to have enough money to wash my clothes.

Upon entering The War Criminal Gables, I was first verbally assaulted by War Criminal Stephanie whom I told to stay away from me because I had a restraining order against her.

I checked the mail. I collected my dirty clothes, and then, as I was leaving for the laundromat, I was physically followed by two representatives of The War Criminal Gables who kept screaming at me.

Literal Terrorist Liz screamed, "If you're moving out, we will have all your belongings out!" The so-far unnamed man told me he was going to forbid me from re-entering the property for "walking away" from him.

I stopped. I told them I was doing laundry. I asked him who the hell he was. He admitted himself he was one of the "business partners" running The War Criminal Gables. And by doing so he admitted himself he was a human trafficker of me who was attempting and committing unrelenting war crimes against me ever since I moved in.

I told him that if he wanted to speak to me that he needed to make an appointment. I told him that I have a legally binding lease, and he cannot throw me out. I told him I press charges against everyone who commits crimes against me.

He boldfaced lied to me, "You are unstable. The doctor is here." So, I continued around the corner to do my laundry, and asked my beautiful world to secure The War Criminal Gables for me. I even told my selfless local support system led by the CIA to physically enter The War Criminal Gables if necessary to secure it for me.

While I calmly proceeded to an internet connection in the heart of Long Beach's "spy corridor" to notify my beautiful world that they needed to protect me from Obama's direct acts of psychopathy committed to my face in my own slum or they would lose me FOREVER, I heard the torture facility warning and the collusion escalation warnings.

By 6:34pm, I had updated everyone on the reality of the situation. I recommend releasing a verified and unedited video with full audio and visuals for full charges against all of them. I recommend immediate criminal charges for everything local to international. And thank you, my beautiful world.

I received the all-clear from my saturation of secret operatives at 6:37pm, so I waited for the all-clear from my legal team while finishing my laundry. Please release a verified recording, too, of my reflection in the dryer while my clean laundry was spinning.

By 8:12pm, I was in my slum with my iPad charging and with my loving and adoring husband professing undying love to me through the weird and unconventional methods we have always used to communicate.

There were mixed signals that sent me out the door to check on everybody at 8:37pm. Thankfully, a local independent coffee shop was still open.

I checked on everyone, and, apparently, I was the one on fire. There were some intentionally false charges I was forbidden from knowing about as well as some standing libel that I fictionally needed medical attention.

Some pathologically perjuring psychopath was claiming AGAIN that I needed therapy. I have a SquidStream and a blog that details the minutia of my life. I have neither any psychoses nor neuroses. When the whole world actually asks an innocent woman for help, that woman does not have a messianic complex for answering their requests for help.

No one told me what exactly about my HUMAN existence was being libeled as so dysfunctional that it required "therapy" that would never acknowledge any reality to my face, but the ONLY dysfunctional parts of my life IN REALITY can ONLY be fixed by giving me my complete human rights back including but not limited to the rest of my life with my unfettered husband.

I, of course, also need control of my own finances, so I can finally eat enough nutritious food all day every day. I need an affordable means of transportation like a cheaper bus pass to prevent me from ever having a physical collapse. I need live music for meditation. I need to be able to touch the ocean. I need contact with my REAL friends whom I may have or may not have met before.

I do NOT need any more quacks lying to my face because Obama forbids any reality anywhere even in my supposed medical care.

Basically, I need everything I have always demanded and NOTHING OBAMA wants for me. I already cured myself from ACTUAL schizophrenia once in my life; why is anyone arguing with me over what I need for REAL to lead a healthy life?

If anyone anywhere has REAL and GENUINE concern for my well-being, he or she will take down Obama's entire criminal terrorist conspiracy completely instead of obeying him and instead of propagating ANY of his unrelenting calumnies concerning me to destroy me for him.

Everyone everywhere needs to stop pretending they know better than I do what I need and just give me my husband already!

The coffee shop closed at 9pm, so I moved on. I walked past the ever-vigilant Long Beach Police Department in my neighborhood. All around their station grows yellow asphodel as in the Elysian Fields, the mythical heaven of Ancient Greece where all brave and valiant warriors go after they die.

Do you remember my old, local friend Jim? I spotted him in his jean shorts at just about 10pm while I was catching up with the last six hours of tweets I had missed.

Yes, Jim did eventually come over for some delightful conversation. He hugged me a lot and made me feel loved. Then, at 11:02pm, he drove me to The War Criminal Gables and walked me to my door to make sure I would arrive safely.

I was sitting in my bed with my 1.5 quarts of ice cream and with the radio flipped on at 11:14pm. It had apparently been an epic night; even though, I had never known what that last threat was to me. I ate my ice cream while dogs barked outside.

There was an alarm at 11:49pm, so I sent my beautiful to check on everyone. And at 11:56pm, just four minutes before the deadline I had spelled out in my 18Oct2014 blog post, I curled up in bed. I knew my beautiful world would wake me up if I was in danger or if they needed me. I love you, my beautiful world.

At 4:43am on 21Oct2014, Obama's electrobeams woke me up again. The upside was that I received live play-by-play of my genius Powers of Attorney kicking (expletive) even in the wee hours of the morning. Unfortunately, though, the Pentagon nerds could not get the electrobeams shut off very quickly.

So, I was out of bed, ready, and with a kickstarted SquidStream by 6:28am. I was hoping my local lovers and believers were prepared for the deadline I laid out for everyone in my 18Oct2014 blog post.

I explained to the world in that blog post that I would start pressing full criminal and civil charges against everyone still making the conscious choice to persecute me, etc. by still consciously choosing to obey any of Obama's completely extragovernmental rules after midnight on the morning of 21Oct2014.

At 6:38am, while I was walking out the door to watch my pre-recorded middle-aged White men from the previous night, I received mixed signals that I knew I would need to check on.

However, the moment I walked off the property of The War Criminal Gables, those mixed signals were clarified. War Criminal Stephanie was standing on the sidewalk with her phone in her hand waiting for me.

I reminded War Criminal Stephanie of the restraining order we put in place to keep her at least 50 feet away from me particularly to prevent her from aiding and abetting any more proven war crimes against me, but all she did was commit the conscious war crime coverup of boldfaced lying to my face that I needed literal and proven torture in the form of supposed "medication."

I told her I was reporting her for war crimes and walked away. While walking into the heart of "spy corridor" in Long Beach, I heard heart attack and torture facility alarms, but I was online by 7:12am to report all of it.

Please, my not-human-trafficker nerds who monitor my closed-circuit security system that we call the SquidStream, release a verified and unedited recording of my entire exchange with War Criminal Stephanie on the morning of 21Oct2014, so we can press full criminal and civil charges against her.

My beautiful world particularly local law enforcement, we need EACH AND EVERY raging psychopath enforcing Obama's iron fist of war crimes against me, proven mental health genocide in the public, well-documented terrorism even against civilians, inescapable human trafficking of me, and the rampant corruption and impunity Obama uses to get away with it all ARRESTED IMMEDIATELY, particularly the deranged lunatics at The War Criminal Gables who intentionally keep my own slum a completely hostile environment for me to live in full of collusion to destroy me FOREVER in a final torture facility for Obama with their compulsive criminal pattern of unrelentingly aiding and abetting war crimes against me.

Yes, I received the all-clear from my legal team in practically no time at all, but we need to do better, my beautiful world, enforcing that Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy take their increasingly bloodstained hands off me. And, thank you.

The mixed signals I had received on my way out the door, though, were for more intentionally fabricated false charges, so I asked my beautiful world to check for any. And, at 7:44am, there were alarms I had no details on, so I asked my beautiful world to check on all of us to make sure Obama would never get away with killing any more innocents as long as we could prevent it.

Then, because Unelected Terrorist Dictator Obama was working his way through all of his well-documented modi operandi in his pattern of compulsive criminal activity that morning, at 8:02am, the alarm went off that ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa was breaking every law from local to international to abduct me AGAIN to drag me kicking and screaming back to the most evil place in all of human history, contemporary Iowa, so Obama could finally get away with destroying me FOREVER because I have too much well-established physical safety from him and his completely uncontrolled criminal terrorist conspiracy here in California.

Luckily, I received this when I checked my mail at The War Criminal Gables the previous night just before the human traffickers and war criminals who run the place started screaming at me as I innocently was walking down the street to do my laundry.

Eventually, I decided to forego returning to The War Criminal Gables to wait for my mail from my mother all morning and sent this message...

"8:31am Just checking in. My selfless support system including but not limited to my saturation of international secret operatives and my loved ones in the courtroom 24/7, please call ahead to the coffee shop I frequent in Malibu to tell them to expect me. Please secure my destination, my transit, and all transfer points. I will take the Metro to the coffee shop. Thank you, my entire local support system for keeping me safe. The world will self-destruct over losing me if Obama ever actually gets away with unlawfully imprisoning me in ANY controlled environment. #LOVE"

While in transit, these were the threats to remove me FOREVER from the world that loves and needs me with Obama's standard-issue pathological perjuries that I am at all mentally ill as the coverup for his proven war crimes of literal torture with supposed "medication," unlawful imprisonment, and guaranteed systemic rape: 8:48am, 9:45am, 9:58am, 10:38am, 11:01am.

While in transit, these were the collusion escalations we caught: 10:23am, 10:51am. The only dirty judge alarm while I was in transit was at 10:38am.

And the only alarm after which I needed to send my beautiful world to rescue someone trapped under Obama's iron fist to make sure Obama could kill no more innocents was at 9:56am, just like we always protect everyone we can from uncontrolled Unelected Terrorist Dictator Obama's direct orders to kill everyone he can get away with killing.

And, by 12:33pm, I was securely online in my little coffee shop hideaway in Malibu. I tried to watch all of my pre-recorded middle-aged White men from the previous night, but the only one I could find with a new broadcast was my darling Mr. Craig Ferguson. Yes, he was delightful and made me laugh A LOT.

The entire time, though, the War Criminal Boeset alarm kept going off. There is no excuse for that criminally insane bitch not being permanently removed from society yet. I let my loved ones take care of her.

At 2:31pm, I walked to Point Dume to see if there were any surfers. On the way, there were two military combat helicopters there to prove to everyone I was protected, but they were followed immediately by the blaring torture facility alarm of doom that all of humanity might lose me forever.

As I sat on an ocean-smoothed rock at low tide, the late afternoon was delightful and full of locals checking up on me to make sure I was okay. One darling even asked me if I was a mermaid. I got hungry, though, so I relocated at 4:44pm.

After a tasty sandwich, I sent this message... "6:26pm Yes, ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa and The War Criminal Gables both made me furious today. While you are busy removing every one of those convictable war criminals from society to make us all a safer and freer people, especially before I return to The War Criminal Gables tonight, I will be out catching more of Obama's terrorists. Please call ahead to the Pig & Whistle on Hollywood Blvd, tell them I will be there for their open mic tonight, and warn them to clear out every terrorist who does not want me to turn him or her in. Thank you my selfless support system including but not limited to my saturation of secret operatives that no one can deny are here and my loved ones in the courtroom for securing my destination, for keeping me safe all of the way there, and for securing every transit point. If the world gets to keep me, we all win."

A raging direct threat to all of humanity alarm due to Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy demanding I be locked in a literal torture facility to remove me from the world FOREVER passed me on my way there, so I made a stop for wifi to update the world on my existential and humanitarian crisis.

The entire world clearly needed every threat to me removed from society FOREVER, so we could make AMERICA and even all of humanity who looks to AMERICA for leadership freer and safer.

To prevent this, Obama's well-documented pathological perjurers libeled me "dangerous" which would have been accurate if "dangerous" meant "keeps everyone around me completely safe and sends help to everyone who tells me they need protection, too."

Everyone knows the safest place anywhere is right next to me. And do not pretend no one knows who "The Arrow Club" is. I cannot serve my people who need me if I am not as free as possible.

After updating my beautiful world on how direly all of humanity needed every threat to me arrested especially the ones with long histories of unrelenting and compulsive heinous crimes against me, I headed to the open mic.

I arrived just in time to see everyone leaving. At least all the cuties hugged me and made delightful conversation. I know love when I feel love. I know oppression and terrorism when I see oppression and terrorism. These are my people, and I need to save them.

I checked in with my selfless support system and told them I would go to a safe place where they could secure my surroundings to wait for the all-clear from all of them that enough of Obama's direct threats to me were arrested for me to return to The War Criminal Gables for me to sleep safely with no one anywhere dying.

On the way, a cute local twenty-something asked me how things were going and asked me for a hug. Please release the full audio and visuals of our entire exchange. After my 18Oct2014 blog post, he cannot get in any trouble. Let us show the world what speaking to me with respect looks like. And, thank you.

Also on the way, I was told the latest pathological lie Obama was ordering to be propagated for removing me from the world altogether was that my incorruptible benevolence was "too powerful." We had been through that boldfaced lie so many times already, but I did not have a wifi connection to look up all of my previous debunking responses to it.

So, I typed this and prayed my benevolent not-human-trafficked NSA alpha nerds could deliver it to everyone who needed it...

"11:30pm Basically, no one can claim I have "too much power" when I suffer all day every day and all night every night under unrelenting persecution, poverty, starvation, human rights abuses, and every corrupt member of Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy boldfaced lying that I have no right to exist in the world at all.

The only people who want my power taken away from me are proven international criminals admitting their own culpability because I am a harbinger of justice, a rational voice of truth and compassion, and a liberator of the oppressed; I am everything international criminals guilty of totalitarian oppression fear.

Lock me up due to their proven-unrelenting boldfaced lies always used to destroy me, and the world will never be saved from Obama nor his proven-extragovernmental rules of human rights abuses, proven mental health genocide, uncontrolled terrorism, rampant destruction of American culture and civil liberties, and the global conflict he demanded to be able to enforce all of his crimes against his own people forever.

Succinctly, criminals who have committed some of the most heinous crimes known to mankind want me prevented from arresting them."

I roosted in a 24-hour diner that was secured by my invisible security team waiting for the all-clear from them that enough evil people were arrested that the unrelenting, irrational, denial-of-all-reality threats to remove me from the world FOREVER by destroying me in a final torture facility were finally completely prevented from ever happening again.

My beautiful world, you never let me down. The threat to my existence that night had escalated to a level too malevolent for the world to endure. We needed enough of all of the threats to all of us (because they were threats to me) arrested immediately, so I could survive until Obama's entire egg of horrors and terrors could come down completely. Thank you, my beautiful world, particularly the federal judges and the FBI, for hurrying.

These were the eleven points I made that night before a friendly conversation with locals cheered me up and took my attention away...

1) 12:41am Please double check for any new denial-of-all-reality torture facility threats to me. I just received a mixed signal after someone said, "Stephanie just (expletive)ed us all.

2) Which part of, "You have NO right to commit crimes!" do you not understand? EVERY time you lie, especially collude and perjure, we WILL correct it! We have the entire nation if not the entire world to protect from you (expletive)holes!

3) Every time I publish a blog post, Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy libel me "delusional" and try to lock me in an insane asylum for the rest of my life. However, I am always more accurate than they are. So, the only thing delusional in every incident is the pathological claim that I am at all delusional. Succinctly, the people calling me delusional are the ones who are actually delusional. So, by their own logic, they all need to be locked in insane asylums for the rest of their lives.

4) 1:06am. No one can reach me here. I just need the all-clear that enough people are arrested that I can go to sleep with no one dying on either side due to a denial-of-all-medical-reality threat risking my proven saturation of secret operatives to abduct me and drag me to a final torture facility to destroy me in. For more on the threats posed to me by controlled environments, reread my 10Oct2014 blog post.

5) I just need every documented threat to unlawfully imprison me in a controlled environment arrested. I do NOT need people to die tonight.

6) We need them all ARRESTED for all of their attempted and aiding and abetting war crimes and human rights abuses already. We cannot trust them. They ALWAYS and ONLY lied EVER.

7) The reason I am always in opiate withdrawal is due to the methadone in the city water. Who the hell lets that happen, never investigates it, never arrests someone for it, but frames me, an innocent woman, for crimes I have never committed instead?

8) Do you hear how insane these people sound? They actually look at a perfectly sane and completely emotionally healthy woman like me and make comments as if whether or not I shower or whether or not I am "mentally competent" have ever been questioned by sane people who acknowledge reality.

9) Ask any local news station for an up-to-the-minute copy of my ACCURATE résumé or just ask one of my genius Powers of Attorney.

10) Just lying about me creates instability in the world. Imagine what allowing Obama to torture me again would do. We need EVERY attempted, aiding and abetting, and direct war criminal and human rights abuser arrested IMMEDIATELY. I am in too imminent of danger from Obama right now for the impunity he orders for the people who commit unrelenting crime after crime for him to remain.

11) The only REAL solution is to give me my husband, return all of America's full human rights, set my people free, arrest every REAL criminal terrorist conspirator, and let me do my REAL job serving humanity unfettered.

Still sitting in the diner where I roosted all night waiting for the all-clear from my selfless support system that it was okay to return to The War Criminal Gables, I was befriended by two locals. And at 3:38am, up for any possible adventure, I sent my invisible security team ahead to check out their place and then slept on their couch until I received the all-clear.

Obama's electrobeams were cranked so high that I could barely get any sleep. The tracker for those electrobeams is the electronic Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy tore the insides of my nose open to shove into my sinuses in 2010 causing me to snore so much.

All three of us were awake by 7:20am on 22Oct2014. I learned a few things from my beautiful world that I needed to know to be able to do my REAL job problem-solving global crises: I received the all-clear to finally return to The War Criminal Gables; there were still intentionally fabricated false charges and other pathological calumnies being used by Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy to make the public destroy me for them; and, I was finally told there were STILL vigilantes driven to act against my peaceful world vision even in my own name without my ever asking them to out there due to their mental health genocide.

At 7:41am, the kind local with the facial hair who had asked for (and failed to gain) permission to sleep that night platonically curled up in my lap gave me a lift to the train station. I gave him a heartfelt thank you. And before 7:50am, I was on public transportation back to The War Criminal Gables.

I sent this message while in transit... "7:57am Just checking in. Electrobeams were cranked up all night. I need to sleep, eat, and shower. I am taking this Metro train to Long Beach to use some public wifi to update my blog notes and clear my backlog of tweets. Then, I will walk to my slum. Thank you, my selfless support system for vigilantly keeping me safe and for continuing to keep me safe. We need to still be very careful right now; even though, the whole point of last night was to make all of this less stressful and less life-or-death for everyone even the enemies of America. There would be #NoLoveWithoutTheLovers."

At 10:09am, ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa attempted to abduct me AGAIN to lock me in a final proven literal torture facility for the rest of my life in the most evil place in all of human history, contemporary Iowa.

Please revisit my 10Oct2014 about the horrors that would befall me if Obama ever got away with covering up further war crimes against me AGAIN by pretending I have ANY mental illness at all whatsoever.

And, again, every deranged lunatic who pathological perjures to attempt or to aid and abet war crimes against me, human rights abuses against me, proven torture of me, crimes against America by threatening me, or crimes against all of humanity by threatening me all need to be arrested immediately and removed from society to protect us all from them!

There were alarms at 10:44am while I was blogging, so I sent my beautiful world to check on all of us and to rescue whoever needed us.

I published this blog post at 12:12pm on 22Oct2014 while further alarms warning of literal and imminent torture facility threats blared. Thank you, my beautiful world, for protecting me.

And now, my beautiful world, I answer all of your questions for me. Please keep collecting all questions and concerns from all your friends and loved ones and sending them to me through whatever means possible.

How do I feel about President Dempsey saying he wants no foreign troops fighting Obama's seditious extragovernmental criminal terrorist mercenaries and conspiracy? Former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff now President of the United States of America Martin Dempsey gets to make that decision if he wants to.

I completely understand that containing and removing Obama's entire criminal terrorist conspiracy is a matter of pride for the REAL government of the United States of America, especially for the US Military.

But, I would like to remind the US government, that allies coming to help us do not violate our self-sovereignty if they come here under an agreement with us, much like we have with NATO, to defend and protect all of America including me.

As a nation, we just need a new agreement to defend the Homeland with everyone who wants to show up: Russia, China, Australia, both Koreas, Iran, Israel, Latin America, everyone who loves and believes.

I would also like to remind President of the United States of America Martin Dempsey to hurry. We need EACH AND EVERY single member of Unelected Terrorist Dictator Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy arrested.

We bought some time on the night of 21Oct into the morning of 22Oct2014 by beginning to arrest them, but Obama has already rendered our once-great AMERICA completely unrecognizable.

Our people need help, Mr. President. Thank you for listening.

The longer you wait, the closer our good, green Earth is to losing me. There is no way to save me without saving all of America. And there is no way to save America without saving me.

How do I feel about ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa claiming they cannot contain War Criminal Boeset? ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa has always been a state of pathological liars.

Just like, "Squid is shy," or, "We were afraid of Squid rejecting us, so we NEVER flirted with her nor were ever nice to her in high school," ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa is just pathologically lying again to get away with persecuting me until they can destroy me, as if they are not already caught for it.

All ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa ever had to do was put War Criminal Boeset for her ACTUAL criminal insanity in the same padded cell they were going to unlawfully imprison me in for their denial-of-all-medical-reality fictions.

But Iowa is evil at its core and will never feel remorse. They will only pathologically lie to get away with their heinous crimes against all of America and against all of the world by victimizing me forever.

No, ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa, I will never accept your pansy and ridiculous lies! You have never once had any legal authority over me! You will NEVER gain any authority over me! You need to learn to obey the law! And I will NOT stop hammering on you for your self-appointed entitlement to destroy me for Obama that you have NEVER had any way to defend until you do obey every law from local to international!

Which part of, "I have never and will never tolerate abuse from ANYONE!" do you not understand, ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa? Take your increasingly bloodstained hands off me! Leave me the (expletive) alone already! I have already asked my beautiful world to discipline you for me, and the world never lets me down.

And on the night of 21Oct2014, I was told the FBI went to arrest your symbol, War Criminal Boeset, to protect us all from her.

What about the vigilantes? I did not know that was STILL going on. You need to tell me sooner when there are problems that need me to fix them, my beautiful world. Whoever made the conscious choice to intentionally prevent from doing my REAL job and fixing problems like these by consciously refusing to allow me to know about this needs to be held accountable.

That was a conscious choice by whomever ordered that evil gag order that my brave locals chose to violate that morning to aid abet such violence by refusing to allow me to know about it to fix it.

I already addressed this in my 02March2014 blog post. The vigilante activity of people who love me is their reaction I have never been able to control to crimes committed against me. It is a cycle of criminal activity that results from Obama's pathological and compulsive libel of me that prevents the world from recognizing my REAL world vision.

The best thing to do is to never commit the crimes against me that start the cycle in the first place. That would be a REAL solution. Also, as in Viggo's case, the Italian Mafia's case, the Mason's case, my husband's case, possibly in Syniva and Ugwuji's cases, also never allow Obama's pathologically lying criminal terrorist anti-reality crap factory to demonize innocent people.

I have years of blogging documenting what I ACTUALLY ask people to do, most recently my 12Oct2014 blog post. And, my 20Oct2014 blog post already explained that people who GENUINELY love me trust me and do what I ask when they do NOT have mental health genocide.

Basically, I need enough human rights to to be able to sit down the vigilantes, tell them the truth, teach them my REAL and well-documented world vision, break through their mental health genocide that causes the violence, and gain the power to control them or, preferably, give them enough truth for them to make better decisions on their own.

My beautiful world, thank you for finally beginning to arrest all people who have committed crimes against me of all levels of heinousness for Obama since 2009 and thank you for protecting the good souls who GENUINELY took all three steps to absolution.

Please start by arresting all immediate threats to me be they in ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa, here in California, or even in DC including Unelected Terrorist Dictator Obama himself. Hold them all for prosecution including international until after we arrest and replace all of the dirty prosecutors who refused to arrest any of them themselves including but not limited to Holder, Miller, and Lacey. After that, please arrest everyone else. And thank you.

After my 16Oct and 18Oct2014 blog posts, I was asked if we could get Cuddlebunny as a witness. Months ago, I asked my beautiful world to protect him because I was told, "Cuddlebunny knows too much."

The best thing to do would be to send darling Mr. Chuck Norris to talk to Cuddlebunny for us. Agent Cuddlebunny already went through all three of my steps to absolution in 2009. I am definitely not going to press any charges against him. So, make sure he is protected from everyone who would lash out against any of us truth tellers, and I am sure he would do anything for me.

We definitely need all of Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy arrested. Please reread my 16Oct and 18Oct2014 blog posts about this. And thank you, my beautiful world, for demanding REAL justice to set us all free of Unelected Terrorist Dictator Obama. I love you all.

My brave rescuers, there must be some way to make this easier for you. I understand you are both hurrying and taking your time to do this right. Again, the only place I need a lift to is my own house, but I do need a lot of being kept safe where I am until Obama's egg of horrors and terrors all comes down.

I was told we made a lot of progress over night last night taking down immediate threats to me. But we cannot underestimate Unelected Terrorist Dictator Obama's clinically-diagnosable psychopathic desperation. Thank you, as always.

SynSyn, Amita, and Ugwuji, how many times do we have to tell people? There is no legal term for forbidding someone from knowing he or she is on trial.

"Recusal" is when a judge removes him or herself from a hearing due to a conflict of interest. "In absentia" is when a defendant gives written permission directly to the court to be tried for charges he or she knows about without being there.

There is NO LEGAL TERM for being forbidden from knowing one is on trial, especially with life-or-death charges. The only term for it in legal circles is "completely unconstitutional human rights abuse." But in the land of classic literature, we call it "Kafkaesque."

I am only forbidden from knowing I am on trial because I have never committed the crimes, but Obama wants me convicted for them which could only happen without my ever being able to defend myself with obvious truths.

If I ever actually committed a crime, I would be arrested for it immediately. I would have verified SquidStream footage from a reliable source proving I did it. And, I would be told what the charges are which is the only way someone can be arrested, anyway.

Because of this, Obama is clearly not ordering intentionally fabricated false charges unrelentingly be pressed against me to be able to arrest me. Unelected Terrorist Dictator Obama just wants some sort of calumny he has always spread to make his totalitarian oppression of America by victimizing me excusable and palatable to the public he oppresses, as if that could ever be possible.

It is also a method for Obama to collude for grounds to remove me completely from my beautiful world who loves and needs me, unlawfully imprison me, literally torture me, render my perfectly healthy brain a vegetable with electroshock, and systemically rape me FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE in an environment he can completely control in a final torture facility which parades, as all of his literal torture facilities always did, as a "psychiatric unit."

And for that, Obama can suck my only dick, the one my husband wears, but Obama will have to get pointers from Michelle on how to do it because my husband only deserves the best.

Sweetness, I love and adore you. On the morning of 22Oct2014, the White House told me it was making efforts to put Unelected Terrorist Dictator Obama on the phone with me. This is only possible if Obama calls you and if you bring me your phone. Also bring any other friends and bodyguards you want.

HoneyHoney, you are all I have ever asked for out of all of this to add to the life I had before all of Obama's psychopathy began. I WILL touch you the way flowers kiss the rain. Never underestimate me and everyone who loves me.

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