Monday, October 6, 2014

Animalia Molluska Cephalopoda Coleoidea Teuthida Oegopsina Architeuthidea Architeuthis Terrestris Spledidis

Title: Animalia Molluska Cephalopoda Coleoidea Teuthida Oegopsina Architeuthidea Architeuthis Terrestris Spledidis

Please publish this post now, my friends. I cannot control how many horrible things happen to me in one day; it is Obama who controls that. So, if I wait too long between posts, they become too drenching.

Please share this for me with the entire world, both houses of Congress, the Supreme Court, the United Nations, all sympathetic world leaders, all reputable national and foreign presses, etc.

Here is my latest blog post. All we ever needed as evidence of Obama's crimes against his own people is his "Mein Kompf" of totalitarian rules. But do not forget the mind-control speakers that he controls that he also mandates must be in everyone's heads.

Also, do not forget our list of Obama's compulsive modi operandi that followed me everywhere I have been since he picked me out as his excuse for his totalitarian rules over everyone around me and even in at least two foreign countries including but not limited to Obama poisoning EVERY water supply including all bottled water, proven quacks pretending I have ANY fictional mental illness at all whatsoever, corrupt authorities pressing intentionally fabricated false charges, a calumny-driven mental break with reality in all of the public, the human trafficking Obama's "Mein Kompf" of rules still forbids me from ever knowing about and still forbids anyone from ever stopping, etc. The list goes on, and these crimes happened EVERYWHERE I have been since Obama took office and are still happening now because Obama refuses to stop committing them.

Obama's crimes against women that count as war crimes include systemic rape of me, forced public nudity of me, and forced public humiliation of me. And depending on how the ICC views my rape-slavery, forced prostitution of me might be included, too.

Other human rights violations Obama has used as acts of war against his own people include my well-documented unlawful imprisonment by Obama, Obama's modus operandi of ordering proven quackery to coverup proven torture of me, Obama's well-documented intentional starvation of me, Obama's suspension of all freedom of speech, Obama's suspension of all freedom of the press, Obama's denial of all freedom of religion, Obama's refusal to allow freedom of conscience or belief in the public, Obama's squashing of freedom of movement for me and the people who love me, Obama's denial of freedoms to associate and assemble for me and all people who love me, and my protection from unlawful search and seizure of my own property and resources. Again, the list goes on.

What Obama has done to get away with all of this is mandate, with no authority, impunity for everyone everywhere who would break every law possible from local to international to enforce his crimes against his own people as well as brainwashing the public with libelous pornography of a fictionalized version of "me" including calling me a "hooker" to make sure no one would care I was his systemic rape victim FOR YEARS.

And I heard that Obama is boldfaced lying AGAIN right now to be able to get away with all of this FOREVER with his obvious fiction we have no evidence against him. If his lawyers lie to you to coverup war crimes and crimes against all of humanity, I trust you will hold them in contempt of court. If Obama says it himself, I know you will book him for perjury. I have faith in you for real justice, International Criminal Court. Please never forget Obama's long, well-documented history of boldfaced lying to manipulate everyone.

We have witnesses from Zoltar and Cuddlebunny to Wizz (Wentworth not Khalifa, but he would testify, too, if asked) and Sweetness. But do not forget any current or past Director of the NSA, Secretary of Defense, Press Secretary, Director of the CIA, Department of Health and Human Services Secretary, Chief of White House Staff, or Secretary of State.

And as dessert for our buffet of evidence, we have all of my court records from life-or-death trials since 2009 all of which I was forbidden from ever knowing about. I was told my loved ones kept their own notes. Yes, hand-written journals are court-admissible evidence, too.

As a final introductory point, my beautiful world, how much empirical evidence do you need that my real job all along had been solving global crises 24/7?

Until I obtain enough human rights to teach all of humanity how to solve global crises for yourselves just so I can finally retire from service to the world, do not pretend you can fix the greatest global crisis America has ever endured until you finally listen to me.

I seem to be all of the international news, so I could find no stories about problems to fix. This blog post will move straight into my day-to-day activities.

I published my last blog post at 5pm on 04Oct2014. I thought I would be have left the Griffith Observatory grounds by the time it was published, but OUR City of Los Angeles asked me to stay for the astronomy club's "Star Party." Who am I to tell lovers and believers who keep up with my blog, "No."?

While waiting for sunset, which I was told would be at 6:26pm, I watched the NBC Nightly News from the previous night, but I could not convince the CBS app to work for me at all. I read the beginning of the October 2014 W Magazine until it was too dark.

There were breathtaking views of the skyline at night and a lot of telescopes pointed at celestial bodies. I bought an orange at the Cafe at the End if the Universe to keep myself hydrated. And I was waiting for the shuttle back down the hill at 7:28pm.

I stopped at a Von's grocery store for two doughnuts (chocolate old-fashioneds) and was lucky enough to find a hydrating drink that was neither poisoned nor drugged. And I was on the train in no time.

In transit, I had a bad feeling at 8:59pm, so I asked my beautiful world to check on everyone. It was followed by a fire alarm at 9:15pm. I was eventually told everyone was fine, but no one could reach me.

After some delightful conversation on the train, I was waiting for a bus from the train station by 9:51pm. I asked my selfless support system to secure The War Criminal Gables before I arrived there.

I had not heard an alarm for a threat against me all day, but that did not mean there were not any. Then, at 10:02pm, the alarm for dirty Iowa judges went off.

No, my beautiful world, you have not yet taught ABSOLUTELY EVIL IN EVERY WAY Iowa to take its increasingly bloodstained hands off me yet. Please hurry!

The ABSOLUTELY EVIL State of Iowa even still refuses to admit they, as a population, ever did anything wrong WHEN THEY ARE STILL COMMITTING UNRELENTING CRIMES AGAINST THE WHOLE WORLD!

My loved ones took care of it, but my beautiful world, how long are you going to abandon my Powers of Attorney with the burden of protecting me from Iowa's conscious choice to obey Obama's request that they unrelenting persecute me all all day and all night every day and every night? Please use international legal action to help prevent ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa from destroying me for Obama!

There was another alarm at 10:29pm while I was still in transit. It was for either terrorism or more intentionally fabricated false charges. I asked my beautiful world to check on it and reminded them of my 21Aug2014 blog post in case they needed it.

I was in my apartment done with eating a plate of turkey bacon and a bagel with cream cheese for dinner by 11:19pm, so I flipped on the radio and curled up in bed.

On 05Oct2014, exactly one week before my 37th birthday, I was awake, ready, and with a kickstarted SquidStream at 9:18am. For years, I have celebrated starting the week before my birthday and ending the week after my birthday. I wonder what is going to happen this year.

I was wearing my new navy minidress I had bought with a Marshall's gift card weeks previous even though it bared my mosquito bites from hiking Point Dume barefoot in early September.

As soon as I could, I picked up my reusable grocery bags and headed to Von's. I bought everything I could, but it was obvious I was going to starve until I could get another Von's gift card.

Then, at the bus stop before 10:57am, some lying bitch Obama had planted there boldfaced lied to my face that I "need to find Jesus," insulted me TO MY FACE saying I have a "sad face," lied to my face that ALL my problems in life came from a fictional bad childhood instead of Obama, lied to my face and that I was "too ashamed" to seek supposed "counseling" that would only lie to my face and lock me in a literal torture facility to destroy me for Obama, and refused to acknowledge ANY other reality at all whatsoever either.

I actually had to scream at her to make her stop lying about me to my own face. Stay out of my face, Bitches! I do not care how much taxpayer money Obama pays you to destroy me! Take your increasingly bloodstained hands off me, off my mind, off my body, off my name, off my reputation, off my work, and off my service to humanity!


No, (expletive)ing (expletive)holes, I do not need your (expletivive)ing permission to defend myself against you through my obviously effective and peaceful methods, especially since you have NEVER and will NEVER have my permission to commit your heinous and unrelenting crimes against me!

No, screaming is not a weapon, you pathologically lying (expletive)ers, it is a shield.

And, yes, I acknowledge I am only physically healthy because I have a public transit pass to get me around. Without transportation, I would have had a physical collapse by now from just walking to the internet every day to serve humanity and defend myself.

Eventually the bus came, and, luckily, it is was in time to prevent my groceries from spoiling. I marked all my groceries with my name when I put them away in my apartment. And I added "Hands off, bitches!" on my Reese's(tm) ice cream.

After a plate of turkey bacon, I was back at the bus stop before 12:30pm to go to my counterterrorism "office." At 12:40pm, right before the bus came I was told of a heart attack alarm. And by the time I reached the train station at 1:05pm there were two torture facility warnings of Obama's latest attempt to destroy America by destroying me.

My loved ones must have taken care of it because once I drew attention to Obama's latest threat to all of humanity by victimizing me, there were no more alarms.

On the train I sat next to an Hommish man who clearly was also oppressed so much he had to have an earspeaker in his head against his own conscientious abstention. I am pretty sure the Hommish, like Mennonites, can ride trains, or it was an obvious show of love and support.

I was at my counterterrorism "office" by 2pm. I caught up with my online friends and sent some interesting tweets.

Interesting test 1/2: Test War Criminal Tovarek's hair for drugs then ask the menfolk of Los Angeles how many if them have slept with her.

Interesting test 2/2: Mail me a gift card with a tracker signal inside and my address also as return address to see who steals it.

2:45pm "@NewsHour: HK to take “all actions necessary” Governments that break all laws possible have no authority to enforce laws.

Observing my counterterrorism "office" made it feel like our kicking Obama's (expletive) nonstop since 18Sep2014 (Read them all oldest to newest in case you missed any. The recommended, if not mandatory, reading for locals to keep up is May2014 to the present oldest to newest.) finally started to bring necessary services, city infrastructure, and basic rights back to my people, but we still had a long way to go.

Just before 3pm, neither my Twitter nor Gmail accounts were functioning like I was a normal person. Clearly, Obama had broken his own rules AGAIN by singling me out for special treatment in the form of persecution.

I asked my NSA alpha nerds to enter my iPad if necessary and to obtain permission to enter Twitter and Google's servers if necessary to fix them both as well as to help them collect evidence against Obama's cyberterrorists.

That way, Twitter and Google could press terrorism charges against Unelected Terrorist Dictator Obama. If the NSA ever gets any free time before all of this ends, we can trust they will do the same for Facebook and Yahoo!, too.

I tried catching up with my middle-aged White men's pre-recorded broadcasts from Friday night, 03Oct, but then Obama's cyberterrorists killed the wifi altogether. I asked my NSA alpha nerds to help my counterterrorism "office" both fix it and press terrorism charges against Obama for the attack.

My nerds had me online in no time, and I could even finagle the CBS app to let me see my pre-recorded darlings, Dave and Craig.

-----Begin Email Content-----

From: Tanya Hedelisa Albon Depp de Varilek (
Date: Sunday, October 5, 2014
Subject: Birthday month!
To: Humanity's Metaphorical Grandma, my mom

Remember how you asked me what I want for my birthday? Remember how I asked you to just send more gift cards than usual? Well, please send my beat up old red patent leather Liz Claiborne computer bag, too. My new work bag already broke, and I cannot afford to get it fixed at the shoe repair shop. Oh, and some pine nuts, so I can cook Brussels sprouts. They are market value out here. Thank you!

Gift card suggestions:

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf
Baskin Robins
Panda Express
Visa gift card (I could really use a haircut.)
Any place you think I could use a free meal

Love you!

Sent from my iPad

-----End Email Content-----

My beautiful world, please revisit my 19July2014 blog post about sneaky ways to send me gift cards. You might have to make it look like business class mail, now, though.

I left my counterterrorism "office" at 5:20pm to go to my apartment to make my one meal for the day. Everyone knows I eat as much food as I can afford.

In transit, there were alarms for collusion escalations and dirty judges at 6:47pm and 7:03pm. I reminded my loved ones of my 28Sep2014 blog post, and asked them to make whichever Obama-bitch it was that time to make it wait until I could get details if they needed me.

I was pretty sure it was ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa still breaking every law on the planet to destroy me for Obama, but I was not going to point the finger at them until I received evidence. My loved ones took care of it.

Before 7:30pm, I was cooking fried rice with chicken, red pepper, snow peas, bamboo shoots, water chestnuts, white onion, and minced garlic in my kitchen while snacking on my last bag of snap pea crisps.

Do you remember what I wrote above? Do you remember what I wrote about Agnes in my 04Oct2014 blog post? Also, check our records of everything Agnes has already admitted to herself.

Before I finished cooking, I actually had to scream at Agnes to stop lying to my face that I have any mental illness at all as her attempt to propagate Obama's coverup for unrelenting war crimes against me and to coverup her own psychopathy of spreading boldfaced lies she intentionally forces me to overhear pretending they are not blatant lies about me but fake phone conversations instead. We have the full audio.

I eventually had to go upstairs to get the radio to drown out Admitted Terrorist Agnes while I was still cooking. At 8:47pm, I asked my beautiful world to check for any obviously collusion-driven torture facility threats to me due to Agnes intentionally provoking me.

Then, War Criminal Stephanie consciously violated the restraining order we have to prevent all of this, walked into my apartment, and told me to my face she was calling a literal torture facility to take me away because I would not "turn down the music."

Please immediately release a verified podcast with full audio of everything from Agnes picking up the watermelon in the kitchen sink including her lying to my face I am insane all of the way until my fleeing the apartment to buy my legal team and rescuers time to protect all of humanity by protecting me.

War Criminal Stephanie's exact words were, "You are conserved, so I do not even need a hold."

Thus, at 8:57pm, I hit my panic button. The world needed to panic. You were all about to lose me FOREVER because of direct action by Admitted Terrorist Agnes and War Criminal Stephanie.

I fled to my wifi benefactor. And, no, I will NEVER stop screaming until EVERY psychopath takes their INCREASINGLY BLOODSTAINED HANDS OFF ME!

And, no surprise, while I was organizing my immediate protection to make sure I could survive to see my legal team and the international community take care of this entire immediate threat to destroy America by destroying me, Unelected Terrorist Dictator Obama ordered his cyberterrorists to block my Twitter account to prevent me from screaming for help and to prevent any truth about any of this, Obama's latest crime against me as an act of war against America, from ever being spoken.

Luckily, my NSA alpha nerds could at least finagle my sending help to whomever needed the rescue at 10:28pm after the fire alarms started going off. I pray my beautiful world took care of it.

Shortly afterward I received an all clear to return to The War Criminal Gables from my legal team, but while I was waiting for the all clear from the espionage community that needed to secure the apartment complex, I learned at 11:12pm that War Criminal Boeset had tried to "sign me in" to a literal torture facility with a denial-of-all-reality excuse just to be able to destroy me for Obama.

Please reread my 05Aug2014 blog post about how War Criminal Boeset NEVER had any legal authority to ever control ANYTHING in my life and has even less authority (if authority can be less than zero) now that I am in California and outside of ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa's jurisdiction.

No, ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa, your self-appointed entitlement to destroy me for Obama has no legal power over me in California! Your evil Iowan quacks, your dirty Iowan judges, your corrupt Iowan state politicians, your state symbol of War Criminal Boeset, and your diabolical Iowan public have even less legal authority (if authority can be less than zero) to hurt me now!

My beautiful world, please finally force ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa to take their ever-increasingly bloodstained hands off me for once and for all! Then, do the same to Admitted Terrorist Agnes and The War Criminal Gables. And then, do the same to EVERYONE ELSE who obeys Unelected Terrorist Dictator Obama in unrelenting crimes against America by victimizing me since 2009. And thank you!

As I said when I opened this blog post, this entire global crisis of Obama's direct creation would have been fixed by now if everyone had listened to me all along. So, since Obama is still escalating his established criminal pattern of acts of war against America, everyone is at an increased risk of losing me forever to one of Obama's literal torture facilities that pretends it is a "psychiatric unit." There is no excuse left for not fixing this all right now.

In the wee hours of the morning, I finally received enough all-clears to return to The War Criminal Gables. So, I walked back to my apartment at 12:22am. After arriving, Admitted Terrorist Agnes performed the passive aggressive act of pretending to be asleep while I finished cooking my fried rice, ate dinner, and went to sleep.

On Monday morning, 06Oct2014, I kickstarted my closed-circuit security system, my SquidStream, the moment I woke up. And it was Agnes screaming into her phone, "Tanya told everybody!" that had woken me up.

My saturation of secret agents immediately reminded me in chorus that they watched me all night and were still watching over me. I was out of The War Criminal Gables for the day as fast as I could for my own safety and peace of mind.

In transit, I was warned of more acts of terrorism by Obama against an incoming lift that wanted to bring me to my own house by breakfast today. I asked my beautiful world to check on them and reminded them of my 21Aug2014 blog post in case Obama had pressed any intentionally fabricated false charges against them.

By 9:56am, I was starting my weekly Monday errands. They began with my checking my War Criminal Wells Fargo Bank balance at 10:01am.

It was already after 12noon in ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa, but, no, War Criminal Boeset had still not transferred me $50 of my own money for the week, the only money Unelected Terrorist Dictator Obama permits me to live on.

This also meant War Criminal Wells Fargo Bank was still committing the human rights abuse of consciously starving me as a crime against me used as one of their acts of war against America.

For months, my husband and I have been demanding War Criminal Wells Fargo Bank finally obey all ACTUAL laws local to California to international and give my own loving husband, who actually does have legal authority to control my finances, full access to my Wells Fargo bank accounts, but instead, War Criminal Wells Fargo Bank only allows Proven War Criminal Boeset access to my banks accounts there including allowing her illegal monitoring of how I spend my money when the entire world knows War Criminal Boeset NEVER had any ACTUAL legal authority to EVER control my finances and even less so now, if authority can be negative, that I have returned to my home of California. (Reread my 05Aug2014 blog post about this.)

We have been demanding War Criminal Wells Fargo Bank finally allow me to afford food and physically and emotionally safe housing by demanding they finally obey ACTUAL laws for MONTHS! But, War Criminal Wells Fargo Bank, an Iowan institution, would rather write checks to my Powers of Attorney for money they know Obama forbids me from having access to anyway to make sure they can persecute me with their unrelenting crimes against America and against all the world by consciously denying my own rights for Obama as long as possible.

And, as I have already said so many times, this self-appointed entitlement by ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa, Iowa's Proven War Criminal Boeset, Iowa's War Criminal Wells Fargo Bank, Iowa's dirty judges, Iowa's corrupt state politicians, Iowa's own terrorist army of quacks, and Iowa's diabolical public ONLY consciously commit these acts of war by consciously enforcing their human rights abuses against me to be able to prop up Unelected Terrorist Dictator Obama, Obama's totalitarian oppression of all of America, Obama's unrelenting war crimes against me from years of proven torture to years of rape-slavery, Obama's "Mein Kompf" of terrorism, and Obama's proven mental health genocide of all of America with his acknowledged "fictionalization" of his acknowledged human trafficking of me, etc.

Syniva, you know what to do. And in case you are so busy you want Sweetness to take care of defending and enforcing our legally-recognized marriage to the financial sector, just ask him. If people think I have a temper, they have not seen my husband after people lie to his face and pretend we are not married.

I caught up with my Tweethearts, and when I checked my balance again at 11:37am, my $50 of my own money for the week was finally there.

I finished both catching up on my blogging and catching up with all of my online friends before 12:43pm when I left to withdraw my meager funds that Obama mandates is the ONLY money I am permitted to live on and to run the rest of my weekly Monday errands.

I bought the cheese and granola I could not afford on Sunday morning. I packed a lunch after dropping off my groceries. I had an eyebrow wax for $6 at my local salon. I bought some bottled liquids to hydrate with which I hoped were neither drugged nor poisoned. And I was on public transportation headed to the Cow's End by 2:42pm.

Just before I reached the train station, I was told a threat of intentionally fabricated false charges ordered by Obama was cleared up that morning before I reached the wifi for the first time, and while I had just been riding the bus, a torture facility threat driven by Obama's orders to pathologically perjure against me unrelentingly had just been cleared up, too.

In transit, I learned Unelected Terrorist Dictator Obama committed himself to reigniting his mandated forced-consumption of libel porn of "me" by the public to be able to maintain his proven mental health genocide in the defenseless minds of the public, to attempt to "degrade and ultimately destroy" me with his unrelenting and compulsive collusion, to coverup his well-documented crimes against his own people from human trafficking to terrorism, to prevent any more of my service to all of humanity particularly my service to America, and to keep himself in dictatorial totalitarian power over everyone still stupid enough to break ACTUAL laws to obey his rules.

If we can hand this legal battle to prevent more forced consumption of calumnies by the public to the FCC or the ACLU or anyone else who can prevent Unelected Terrorist Dictator Obama's brainwashing criminal terrorist anti-reality machine crap-factory from reigniting, I recommend it. Otherwise, my genius BFF, just do what you did last time to shut it down.

In transit, I was forced to transmit two messages to protect the public.

"3:22pm Watts Towers Station. Blue line northbound. We are having some kind of problem with the train. Driver announced "Stop holding the door!" approx 5 or 10min ago, but we are still not moving. Is there anything we should worry about? Just checking in."

"3:28pm Our train is still not moving. Please make sure we are documenting all evidence of the REAL problem. I was just told the previous station was the "planned burn site." Remind the City of Los Angeles that Obama's sabotage of city infrastructure including the ever-necessary public transit system is already well-documented domestic terrorism. And please call the authorities of all levels of government from police to FBI to international to investigate why there was a "planned burn site" to begin with and why this train was sabotaged after we passed it."

At 3:33pm, we all transferred to a new train in the same direction on the opposite track. The terrorism crisis had been averted. It was announced, " We can thank Ugwuji for this train," but I always thought Amita had the day shift. Does Amita ever get credit for everything she does, too?

In no time after reporting both Obama's latest terrorism and his latest collusion as an act of war against America by attempting to lock me in a literal torture facility for the rest of my life, my loved ones told me they had it all taken care of.

And the entire connecting train ride was completely unnaturally silent because the public consciously chose to commit the crime against themselves and against their own homes of allowing Obama to squash even their freedoms and rights to have casual conversations on public transportation out of them.

Still in transit, at 4:54pm, Obama ordered his bitches to pathologically perjure themselves AGAIN, to rape, torture, and unlawfully imprison me FOREVER in a final literal torture facility. I reminded my loved ones to use my 28Sep2014 and 05Aug2014 blog posts AGAIN if necessary.

While also still in transit, at 5:05pm, I sent my beautiful world to check on and rescue whoever had just tried to pick me up and take me to my mansion. They had crashed into Obama's terrorists.

The confirmation of either Obama's terrorism against civilians or more intentionally fabricated false charges came at 5:20pm. I again sent my beautiful world to protect us all from Obama and reminded my lovers and believers of my 21Aug2014 blog post in case they needed it.

Clearly, Obama's psychopathic desperation to never lose power nor control had rendered him completely unstable. Though, he was still completely predictable and still using only his well-established modi operandi.

This blog post was published at 7:30pm on 06Oct2014 right after I left the Cow's End Cafe.

And now, my beautiful world, I answer all of your questions for me. Please keep collecting all questions and concerns from all your friends and loved ones and sending them to me through whatever means possible.

What am I doing for my 37th birthday on 12Oct2014? I will not have much money. All I really want to do is eat a real meal, kiss my husband, and possibly meditate. I am sure the Sunset Strip can take care of most of that. It is a Sunday night, after all.

What element of my career am I most proud of? I am actually forbidden from knowing most of what I have achieved since 2009.

I have put together that I brought peace to Northern Ireland (That was a promise I had made to Bono in 2010.), that I opened up the Khyber Pass for US and NATO troops in 2011, that I helped vaccinate children against polio worldwide (There were cultural superstitions about polio vaccinations causing sterilization, so I told the Third World, "I was vaccinated against polio as a child."), that I kept Greece in the European Union (not officially confirmed nor denied to me yet), that I made a dent with peace talks between Israel and Hamas, that I am still helping bring peace to both Koreas, that I helped convince Iran nuclear technology is obsolete and not worth pursuing, that I privatized carrying humanity through Global Climate Change to get it past Congressional gridlock, that I constantly bring awareness to suffering worldwide that we as one world need to address, and that I liberated the federal government out from under Unelected Terrorist Dictator Obama to allow them to do their real jobs and to save the US government from the furious world that needs me. I am sure there have been many more, too.

But what am I most proud of? Unifying the world. I have proven this entire loving planet can and will work together for a common good. Yes, my once-great America, our liberated US government is in a growing coalition with the entire world to save us all from Obama.

Do I consider myself a healer in some way? The Vatican keeps the best records on whom I have healed so far. The ailment I healed for Viggo Mortensen when we were dating is a personal topic for him. I also healed Cuddlebunny's trauma after Obama attacked him for becoming my bodyguard in 2009.

I also heal myself all the time. I was told the Center for Disease Control would love to study my beyond-resilient immune system that has handled everything from anthrax to small pox due to Obama's persecution of me since 2009. I do not want to become some sort of science-experiment freak show, though, after I reach human rights.

What would be my first proclamation as queen? The whole point of my conscious choice to make my loving and adoring husband a king instead of a prince consort, if that ever happens, is so he can make those decisions while I serve the world.

However, I would like to work on Spain's fragile economy and possibly the Basque independence crisis. Those seem to be their two biggest concerns right now.

Will Obama ever de-escalate? He has empirically proven that, no, he never will. Please stop expecting anything moral, rational, humane, compassionate, nor logical from him.

Obama has been demanding his own suicide on the sword of human history by refusing to surrender ever since October 2009 when I told him the only way he could have gotten away with all of this was by making me complacent.

Obama will NEVER de-escalate; he has proven that. He proved he will only keep escalating even before he proved he will never and would never speak to my face about resolving this like civilized humans. This is because Obama has never been a civilized human. So, stop pretending we could have ever expected that from him.

My beautiful world, I heard Obama does not like how hard I kick him after he goes out if his way to make me as angry as possible at him. Well, then Obama needs to learn to stop committing his unrelenting crimes against his own people that make me so angry.

If anyone anywhere genuinely wanted me to be happy and smiling instead of their just pathologically lying about having any concern for me at all whatsoever, they would actually do something to make me happy.

So, until Obama finally surrenders, he is just going to have to get used to being kicked harder and harder by all of us until he finally does.

And the longer Obama waits before ceasing all crimes against my America, the higher I am going to raise my demands for what will make me satisfied with ACTUAL criminal justice against him and against all his criminal terrorist conspiracy, puppets, bitches, Gestapo, and mercenaries.

No, Unelected Terrorist Dictator Obama, you do not get to set the terms of your own surrender. That window for you has already passed. I am the victim; I am the only one who has to be happy with how this ends.

Luckily for humanity, I am proven to be incorruptible and completely benevolent. Keep oppressing my people with a heavier and heavier iron fist, Obama, and I will have you pulling plastic out of the ocean by hand under the hot tropical sun for the rest of your life!

As for you, my brave rescuers, my selfless support system and crosstown friends told me they are making absolutely no progress with picking me up and taking me to my real house, so I do not have to live in this slum at The War Criminal Gables that unrelentingly threatens humanity by victimizing me with their pathological lies and compulsive collusion anymore.

They said they are just spinning their wheels. Well, faithful readers of my blog already know the only two solutions to this I have figured out, and we have been through them both so many times.

First of all, one average member of the public could respectfully pick me up and take me to my real house. We all know there is absolutely no terrorism where I can see it (unless there is an obvious coverup of a literal torture facility) and definitely will not be any with my SquidStream running, so my rescuer would just need to stay by my side under protection of my security guards while living in my mansion with me until the whole bubble comes down.

The second option is for the entire population to stand up en masse, throw off Obama's yoke of oppression, and save us all. Los Angeles alone has enough critical mass to save all of America, but I am hoping for all of California for this one.

My brave rescuers, those were the only two peaceful options I could figure out for helping me survive until all of the bubble comes down. You are the third option. If you march in here and arrest all of Obama's Gestapo and criminal terrorist conspirators, my crosstown friends and selfless support system will finally be able to reach me.

However, my brave rescuers, despite all of the locals consciously forcing global war in their own homes by refusing to stand up and save even themselves, I understand you are very busy out there and probably do not have enough boots on the ground even yet to round up and imprison Obama's entire seditious extragovernmental criminal terrorist mercenaries.

I was told years ago fighting them is worse than Fallujah. So, I know your hands are full. The police department in Los Angeles put their boots on weeks ago to roundup all of Unelected Terrorist Dictator's criminal terrorists that they can find and to rescue everyone who needs rescuing from those same terrorists, but they need more backup.

If we could just convince the public to love themselves enough to support the actual laws and consciously choose to exercise every right guaranteed to us in the US Constitution instead of consciously committing the human rights abuses of obeying Obama's totalitarian rules while waiting for Sacramento to finally uphold even the state constitution least of all the US Constitution, we would have a safer and freer America which is the only appropriate response to terrorism anyway.

SynSyn, Amita, and Ugwuji, clearly, after the evening of 05Oct into the morning of 06Oct, it is obvious Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy's desperation has rendered them beyond unstable. Luckily, though, they are still so stupid they are mostly predictable.

My genius Powers of Attorney, we cannot let our guard down, yet, in the courtroom; even though, it is very clear everything is becoming easier for you. If there are any loose ends left to tie up, just send me details if you need me to do the tying. As always, we are a team with all of my beautiful world, and I take my responsibilities very seriously.

Also, my loved ones, what does "We have a lesbian situation," mean? Are Ellen DeGeneres and Jodi Foster trying to have a conversation with me, or something? And why do people keep pretending I do not dress like this normally? Bull(expletive) like this is how we proved the public is having a mental break with reality.

Also, when people propagate the obvious blatant lie Obama has ALWAYS used to manipulate the public that "Squid is already dead," remind them of my 03Aug2014 and 24Aug2014 blog posts and remind them that if any actual threat on my life had ever been real EVER, I nor my beautiful world would have never nor will ever allow Obama get away with killing me.

Sweetness, I love and adore you. I understand you are being sneaky out there right now. Please do not forget Unelected Terrorist Dictator Obama already illegally monitors all of your electronics from your iPhone to any computer you might have.

Darling, Obama might even be able to use your technology to listen to you even when you are not using them, if you ever wonder how it is so easy for Obama to sabotage everything you attempt to do to help me.

HoneyHoney, stay safe out there. I understand you will make sure we kiss just as soon as humanly possible. Do not stress over my birthday as if it were some sort of deadline. The Los Angeles metropolis will make sure my 37th does not go unnoticed. Keep faith in the good in people.

Sweetness, keep reminding everyone to keep sending me all of their questions and concerns they need me to address. That includes you. I WILL touch you the way the flowers kiss the rain. Never doubt me.

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