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You Need to Love Yourselves Enough to Set Yourselves Free of Obama. If You will not Do it for Yourselves, Do it for Me and America.

Title: You Need to Love Yourselves Enough to Set Yourselves Free of Obama. If You will not Do it for Yourselves, Do it for Me and America.

Please publish this post now, my friends. I cannot control how many horrible things happen to me in one day; it is Obama who controls that. So, if I wait too long between posts, they become too drenching.

Please share this for me with the entire world, both houses of Congress, the Supreme Court, the United Nations, all sympathetic world leaders, all reputable national and foreign presses, etc.

Here is my latest blog post.

Both Koreas. With most of the world falling apart, Asia is coming together. We are still doing good, my beautiful world; even though, we only rarely if ever get to see the progress we cause.

It is not very often I get to start a blog post with good news. So, I am going to start this one with this acknowledgement from both Koreas that I have ever existed in the world at all painting a smile on my face.

I published my last blog post at 4:45pm on 02Oct2014. Then, I took the long public transit ride through rush hour traffic back to Long Beach. I made a stop at the Von's grocery store to buy some form of hydration, but I have yet to find ANY that are not drugged nor poisoned.

There were many alarms while I was in transit all because, unlike me, Unelected Terrorist Dictator Obama actually does throw tantrums: 5:02pm, 5:34pm, 6:03pm, 6:41pm, and 7:01pm.

By 8:31pm, I was back my apartment making $3 steaks and green beans sautéed in sliced almonds and extra virgin olive oil for dinner. I was interrupted only once by alarms that I needed to send my beautiful world to take care of.

I had a delightful chat with Liana before curling up in bed with the radio on by 9:53pm. I tried to stay up to hear Love Line, but the whole world knows that once my head hits the pillow, I am out.

My body clock naturally wakes me up after seven hours of sleep, so I was awake at 5:15am on Friday, 03Oct2014. But since the sun was not even out yet, I curled up in bed again. I was finally up and ready with my SquidStream kickstarted at 8:34am. There were no alarms yet. I was not used to that.

Did I hear correctly on the morning of 03Oct that Obama's pathologically lying criminal terrorist anti-reality machine crap-factory was still not stopped from spreading further lies about? Did I hear correctly that they intentionally falsely claimed my well-documented humility and selflessness were signs of "narcissism"?

My beautiful world, who is still humoring Obama's pathological liars who have only EVER lied and only will continue to lie until they are finally removed from society for lying to all of humanity ONLY to enforce Obama's iron fist of unrelenting terrorism, heinous war crimes, unspeakable human trafficking, proven genocide, and seditious war against America and the entire world?

I ate some toast points in hummus for breakfast and picked up my iPad and left my apartment at 9:03am. There were two alarms in transit: 9:43am, and 10:34am.

Apparently, Obama ordered his puppets to unlawfully imprison me in a very expensive "locked unit" group home for the mentally disabled I would be expected to pay for with my own money and where I was guaranteed to be abused, beat up, raped, tortured, and boldfaced lied to that I had a debilitating mental illness as Obama's coverup for those crimes against me used as acts of war against America.

My loved ones took care of it. And, yes, that is how Obama orders I be treated in every environment he controls-- nothing but unrelenting, senseless abuse.

I was safely inspecting randomly chosen sections of my new counterterrorism "office" where I fight terrorism every day just by being there with my closed-circuit security system by 11:07am.

The place was still not "normal" but was getting closer. It definitely did not have enough activity for a Friday morning, especially if you watched the outside instead of the inside.

I nestled into a chair to catch up with my online friends at 11:12am. I watched as many of my pre-recorded middle-aged White men from the previous night as I could convince to stream on the complimentary wifi. (I tried, darlings Craig and Dave. CBS might need to update their app.)

From what I could interpolate from my online friends, no one had read my blog post from 02Oct2014 yet, but everyone was angry. I was worried the world would fall behind keeping up with the truth of my life, something they have enough trouble with as it is, so I reminded my lovelies to publish it.

At 2:02pm, I left for a roost with an external view of my counterterrorism "office" and spent my entire $5 I had been saving since Tuesday since it was the only money except for gift cards I would be able to live on all week.

The entire day, the public had even less reality in their heads than before 30Sep when I reported they were all suffering from an mental break with reality Obama creates and enforces with his iron fist all day every day.

I documented my counterterrorism "office" had barely any real activity at all whatsoever from a distance and left for Santa Monica at 3:43pm. My bus was full of very loud Europeans who kept screaming the blatant lies Obama was pumping in their heads to manipulate and mind-control them. I think their earspeakers were amped so high they could not avoid it.

As reassuring as it was to learn tourists could still reach Los Angeles, the entire world knows they all go home after their vacation here with their Obama-controlled and proven-genocide-causing earspeakers still in their heads, as if we needed any more evidence Obama is a direct threat to all of humanity on the entire planet.

REMOVE ALL EARSPEAKERS EVERYWHERE! Love yourselves enough, my beautiful world, to protect at least yourselves from Unelected Terrorist Dictator Obama! It was Obama's Zombie Apocalypse in here! People were calling me pregnant; there was no reality in anyone's head.

I arrived in Santa Monica just before 5pm and went straight to the beach after double checking my lovelies had received my 02Oct2014 blog post and catching up with all of my online friends.

The world was already falling behind on reality, including my local selfless support system, so my last blog post really needed to be published as soon as possible. Thank you, my lovelies!

I made sure I touched the ocean and watched the sun set over the mighty Pacific. Then, I asked my beautiful world to call Ye Olde King's Head ahead of time to warn them I was coming in.

I normally never go out on Fridays and Saturdays, but I figured I would make a public display with as many witnesses as possible of how much I can, have, and will continue to forgive as long as former evildoers genuinely and whole-heartedly repent and go through all steps to absolution to finally serve the world instead of destroy it.

Thus, at 7:10pm on a Friday night, I was sitting in a British pub. And at 9:04pm, I even left some Brits guarding my writing journals when I checked for news on ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa. There was no alarm until 10:22pm, but my loved ones were kicking a lot of (expletive) all night.

The random, kind Brits pretty much avoided conversation with me, so they could talk to each other about me. That seemed silly to me since I am a more reliable source than anyone else about myself.

Eventually, though, after one of them bought shots no one wanted and after they ended up giving the to me to sip, the one who had gentlemanly offered me his chair asked me some questions he would have already known the answers to if he were a regular blog reader.

What was the summary of the conversation? He, just like all average members of the public, need to love themselves enough to set themselves free of Obama.

Do we have verified visuals and audio of our whole conversation just before he left? Later in the night, the Los Angeles Police Department were already asking if the tape was released of that conversation.

My beautiful world, if we all enforce all ACTUAL laws in America by refusing ALL of Obama's totalitarian rules, we will have a Constitutional government again. It is not even civil disobedience to exercise our full Constitutional rights that the US government at every level is obligated to guarantee all of us by virtue of our just being in their jurisdiction.

I left Santa Monica for Long Beach at 11:23pm on the late night buses. The entire trip was full of friendly locals making casual chitchat. Unfortunately, I could not work them for more meaningful conversations because I was on the look out for pleas for help.

There were three alarms in transit: 12:18am, 1am, and 1:38am. I could not tell if they were alarms for intentionally fabricated false charges or Obama's terrorism against civilians, so I asked my beautiful world to check on everyone and reminded anyone who might need it of my 21Aug2014 blog post.

I was in my apartment eating toast points in hummus and my remaining $3 steak from the previous night at 2:41am. Liana was already asleep, so we did not get to chat. The radio was on, and I was asleep in no time.

I was awake and had my SquidStream kickstarted by 11:34am on 04Oct2014.

Agnes was screaming downstairs, so I had to pick up my iPad and leave without eating breakfast to avoid her conscious persecution of me of screaming lies into her telephone pretending it was some way to give me "secret" messages as if she had any reality in her head or would ever choose to tell me the truth to begin with.

There was another alarm on the way to the bus stop, and I could not tell if it was a terrorism alarm or more intentionally fabricated false charges. I asked my beautiful world to check on everyone and recommended my 21Aug2014 blog post again.

I was on the bus by 12:14pm headed into Los Angeles, and I gave my lovers and believers this warning at 1:09pm...

Please call the Griffith Observatory and warn them to expect me this afternoon. Warn them terrorists might show up to persecute me for Obama, but I will just turn them all in. I do not need more protection than normal unless some psychopath uses pathological lies to try to arrest me on intentionally fabricated false charges again or to try to unlawfully imprison, torture, and rape me in ANOTHER literal torture facility parading as a psychiatric unit. And remind them my closed-circuit security system, my SquidStream, protects everyone around me.

I arrived at the Observatory just before 2pm and had a Bowfinger moment, "Podpeople! Everywhere!" Yes, that movie why we have always called brainwashed zombies "podpeople."

Then, I had to ask my NSA alpha nerds to unblock my Twitter and both email accounts before I toured the exhibits. The museum was awesome.

At 3pm, I found a perch for my regular daily activity of going to landmarks and blogging for humanity. This post was published at 5pm after I had already left the Griffith Observatory.

And now, my beautiful world, I answer all of your questions for me. Please keep collecting all questions and concerns from all your friends and loved ones and sending them to me through whatever means possible.

Can I handle the stress? Um, did you notice that for the first time since 2010 I am being neither repeatedly raped nor (proven) tortured with quackery?

Sure, I am still being human trafficked, and, yes, Obama still forbids me all human rights except my freedom of speech, forbids me all contact with any loved ones, forbids enough food to eat every day, forbids my people from being free, and forbids me any escape from his unrelenting horrors and terrors.

But this is SO MUCH BETTER than it has ever been since Obama took office. If anyone was genuinely concerned about my stress level, they would forbid War Criminal Boeset and all the rest of Obama's puppets from ever threatening humanity with Obama-mandated quackery used to remove me from the world ever again.

When I buy cheap Americanized Chinese food to celebrate kicking Obama's (expletive), why do I refuse to eat orange chicken? There is nothing orange about being a chicken. I prefer beef with broccoli.

Who is "Douglas" to me? Someone who does not exist in my honest reality nor someone who would ever choose to exist in reality, if the rumors I hear about him are correct considering I am forbidden from knowing he exists.

Why is Douglas even permitted an opinion on my life? Do not ask me. I never gave any pathological liars any permission to destroy me for Obama just to be able to enforce Obama's iron fist of proven mental health genocide, well-documented and unrelenting terrorism, constant war crimes, "fictionalized" human trafficking, and global war on US soil.

To be honest, I doubt they are even "opinions" but more likely boldfaced lies to manipulate the public into destroying me. The technical word for that is "calumny."

Clearly, "Douglas," just like every other Obama-puppet who pathologically lies, needs to be removed from society FOREVER to protect us all from him, especially to protect all of the world who needs me from losing my also well-documented selfless service since 2009 to peace and justice for all of humanity everywhere.

Why do I not have a passport anymore? This is a repeat question, but I will answer it anyway. Because I had used my US passport most recently issued in 2007 which would not expire until 2017 to seek political protection from Obama in 2010, my EVIL Iowan father stole it from me in 2011 to ensure I could NEVER escape Obama.

I was told last year that thanks to my service to the world, Secretary of State John Kerry tried to send me a diplomatic US passport. Passports, just like embassies, consulates, and US foreign policy, are handled by the US State Department. I was told it was returned to sender. This has never been confirmed nor denied for me.

Considering how much the Secretary of State has always known how much I have done for the world for real, it would not surprise me. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton before him even let me set a lot of US foreign policy like when I opened up the Khyber Pass for the US Military and NATO forces in 2011.

While I was in the UK in 2010, their Home Office in Liverpool even recommended to me that I apply for a British diplomatic passport before their Obama-ordered mental health genocide set in and everything went to hell there.

My beautiful world, I know you are very busy out there. There is crisis after crisis all over the world, and I have asked you personally to save America from Unelected Terrorist Dictator Obama.

Weeks ago, I asked my husband to deliver all of our hard evidence against Obama to all sympathetic world leaders and all reputable national and foreign news agencies. He has been very busy trying to keep me hanging on in here, but he is finally getting to it.

My beautiful world, I am confident the armed forces of the planet lead by the US Military, since they have Constitutional authority to defend the homeland on US soil even without an act of Congress (Please reread all of my July2014 blog posts oldest to newest to review how I stepped the US government through all of this already.), can contain and remove to permanent detention the entirety of Obama's seditious extragovernmental criminal terrorist army and conspiracy thereby saving America.

Even if the whole world only wants to save me, that is impossible without saving America from Obama; Obama's conspiracy, Obama's Gestapo, Obama's extragovernmental mercenaries, Obama's war crimes including human trafficking, and Obama's global conflict will follow me everywhere for the rest of my life if we do not remove them completely.

I am also confident OUR mighty and brave California will soon stand up, remove their earspeakers, reject Obama's proven-mental-health-genocide-causing crap-factory broadcasts, save themselves from Obama's "Mein Kompf" of totalitarian oppression, and obey actual laws instead of any extragovernmental rules. This is what I am working on hardest right now.

Not only will this save California from Obama, it might just save America. A lot of states have already said, if State of California finally throws off its oppression and upholds the US Constitution instead, so will they.

In the mean time while waiting for Sacramento, my lovers and believers in Los Angeles County have promised, as soon as they can take care of it all, to make sure I can finally eat enough food every day to survive this, to make sure I can live in my own family home that my husband bought with his Edward Scissorhands money decades ago, to make sure everyone respects me, to make sure I can have quality human contact with my own friends whom I may or may not have met yet, and to make sure I am permanently protected from ever being silenced or destroyed by Unelected Terrorist Dictator Obama through any if his further pathological perjuries.

So, my beautiful world, that is what California, Los Angeles, and the armed forces of the world are doing. What am I asking from the rest of you to protect all of humanity from losing me?

Please, my beautiful world, use the international justice system to take down every single evil conspirator who is propping up Obama's dictatorship, Obama's extragovernmental totalitarian rules he never had authority to write (Executive orders only have jurisdiction over the behavior of the federal government not the public, and Obama was impeached in 2013.), Obama's rampant corruption of the government at every level which he uses to seduce officials into consciously choosing to break every law possible from local to international to please him, Obama's extragovernmental iron fist that enforces his extragovernmental "Mein Kompf" of totalitarian oppression, and Obama's refusal to allow any domestic criminal justice to end any of this ourselves as Americans.

I understand, my beautiful world, that this is a lot and that you are all very busy people. But it will save humanity both from losing America and from losing me.

Again, I asked my loving and adoring husband to deliver all of our hard evidence to you. If you need any other help accomplishing anything necessary to protect all of humanity from Barack Obama, just tell me what you need. And thank you.

My brave rescuers, I do not think there is more to say after my 02Oct2014 blog post other than, "Thank you!" and "Keep telling me what you need help with." I am only here to serve.

SynSyn, Amita, and Ugwuji, I know you tolerate bull(expletive) even less than I do, but you all have to listen to more of it than I do.

No, my genius Powers of Attorney, "We feel so stupid!" is and was never an acceptable excuse for allowing anyone, especially ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa who still refuse to stop ANY of their unrelenting crimes against the entire world by still insisting they have the self-appointed entitlement to destroy me for Obama and who still refuse to stop and competently prosecute their leaders from Corrupt Tom Miller to War Criminal Boeset (the symbol of Iowa to the world) and all their dirty judges from committing unrelenting human rights abuse after abuse against me, to get away with still refusing to stop committing crimes against me.

What everyone, especially ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa, who have all consciously chosen to obey Obama and his totalitarian rules to commit crimes against even themselves to destroy and persecute me for Obama are supposed to feel is guilty. But psychopaths never feel remorse, do they?

And, my vigilant loved ones, as I have said for months, it is because you are the ones who have to listen their pathological and compulsive perjuries all day and all night every day and every night, you get to chose what just punishments we pursue.

Sweetness, I love and adore you. I heard you are catching up on your Honey-do list. Giggle. Please remind everyone to reread all of the love letters I have sent to you since I returned to my home, California. People still seem to think I do not know you have a mistress I gave you expressed permission to have a long time ago.

As a succinct recap for everyone who just started reading my blog now, my devoted husband and I have not even laid eyes on each other since outside the British Embassy in Mexico City in 2010.

Sweetness always said he would wait for me, but I never expected him to wait in a monastery. I also fully understood the whole time that my husband is a serial monogamist; he does not function without a woman to take care if him.

I need him functioning excellently, so he can keep fighting to save me which is all he has done since 2010. It would be different if he were a slut. I gave him expressed permission to take a mistress. This is what loving, full-grown-adult, married people do who know and trust each other but are forbidden contact by a terrorist tyrant dictator with a "Mein Kompf" of extragovernmental totalitarian rules.

I accept my culpability in driving him and Amber together, as "together" as they are. I told my husband I wanted to see him in a romantic love scene, and he gets a little attached to everyone he kisses. He rarely if ever has love scenes. They met on the set of The Rum Diary which was one of his "love letters" to me.

He tells me and has always told me every time they have sex. I keep trying to reassure him he does not need to feel guilty about it, but he is such a devoted husband he cannot help it.

As much as my vital-because-he-loves-me husband who is all I ever asked the world for in return for all of my suffering, loves when I get angry and actually told me he would prefer if I were angry with him over his mistress, I am incapable of ever being angry with him.

Unelected Terrorist Dictator Obama has consciously caused me and my husband to live under the most impossible and most heinous conditions since he took office just so Obama could have totalitarian power over America and potentially the world. I know what my husband has been through just for being in love with me. No, it is impossible for me to be angry at my husband.

And, no, I have never been jealous of Amber, either. I did flat out tell Sweetness, though, that he is just using her for cheap sex while she is in love with him and asked him to make sure she does not kill me in my sleep.

I do not blame Amber for being in love with my husband; he is the Mr. Johnny Depp, after all. But I do pity her. She has to live every day in my shadow in his eyes and all the world's eyes.

I did tell my husband he had to buy all new mattresses, though, because I refuse to sleep in any bed with him in which any other woman has been with him before me.

Darling, does that cover AGAIN everything everyone has been asking about? In case people need them, here are the dates of my previous blog posts with your love letters in them: 10Aug2014, 19Aug2014, and 30Sep2014. You are going to have to tell all of humanity including awakening America every way Obama has persecuted you for loving me.

HoneyHoney, as the duet I gave Smokey Robinson some beginning lyrics for that he is writing so we may sing it together, I long to touch you the way the flowers kiss the rain. And I will.

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