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My Beautiful World, Please Stay Extra-Vigilant Keeping All of Us Safe Until All of Obama's Totalitarian Rules Finally Come Down. We are in the Danger Zone of his Psychopathic Desperation.

Title: My Beautiful World, Please Stay Extra-Vigilant Keeping All of Us Safe Until All of Obama's Totalitarian Rules Finally Come Down. We are in the Danger Zone of his Psychopathic Desperation.

Please publish this post now, my friends. I cannot control how many horrible things happen to me in one day; it is Obama who controls that. So, if I wait too long between posts, they become too drenching.

Please share this for me with the entire world, both houses of Congress, the Supreme Court, the United Nations, all sympathetic world leaders, all reputable national and foreign presses, etc.

Here is my latest blog post. Succinctly, Obama and his criminal terrorist conspiracy threw a tantrum like the psychopathic spoiled brats they are for DAYS after my last blog post, but good will prevail because evil is dumb.

Iran. We have been through my advice for nuclear nonproliferation so many times already. If the nations who already have nuclear weapons want to convince the rest of the world not to build them, we need to prove our dedication to disarming our own nuclear arsenals first.

Furthermore, the only nation to ever use a nuclear weapon is the United States of America. Do not pretend World War II never happened. Who are we to preach to other nations if we do not admit our own culpability with human devastation due to nuclear weapons we used ourselves? Okay, technically, they were atomic bombs not nuclear bombs, but still.

Also, as I always say, who the hell wants nuclear weapons anyway? That is last century's technology. Have you seen what we are capable of now?

If Iran were to use any nuclear weapons on their nearby targets, like Israel, which are the only places their missiles can reach anyway, they would hit themselves with nuclear fallout and destroy places holy to Islam. The farthest Iran could reach would be Europe, and the nuclear winter would still hit themselves.

I have no idea what any nation anywhere thinks they can accomplish with a nuclear weapon in this day and age especially with the weaponry modern technology can build now!

ISIS in Iraq and Syria. Since before the Sabine women, rape has been used as an act of war for millennia, but that does not mean it was ever acceptable.

Women's rights are human rights. ISIS would never sell captured menfolk to their own soldiers as rape-husbands just like I would never have been Obama's systemic rape victim SINCE HE TOOK OFFICE if I actually were fat man.

We need to protect all of our people, my beautiful world, from ANY and ALL psychopaths who believe they are entitled to brainwash nations into believing their rape is as acceptable as their terrorism.

Los Angeles, California, USA. I was told today that possibly as many as ten brave police officers have died fighting Obama's terrorists already. Clearly, the police need backup fighting Obama's criminal terrorist Gestapo and mercenaries in here and backup protecting us all from them.

I heard a mixed signal that Governor Jerry Brown mobilized the California National Guard to help my brave rescuers, but that is a job for the regular US Military. The National Guard are needed by the Los Angeles Police Department right now, as well as by all police departments in the entire metropolis.

Please hurry.

I posted my last blog post at 7:30pm on 06Oct2014 from the Cow's End Cafe on Venice Beach. And immediately after giving away my location, I relocated to the beach. On 05Oct and 06Oct2014, the world learned the valuable lesson of why I never publish my whereabouts.

On the night if 05Oct, on the afternoon of 06Oct, on the morning of 07Oct, and again on the morning of 08Oct, Obama ordered sneak ambushes to pick me up and lock me in a final literal torture facility for Obama to destroy me in because they thought they would know where I would be. That was the "planned burn site" I asked the authorities to investigate in my last blog post.

Now, my loved ones are extra-vigilant. And so is our saturation of international secret agents since everyone knows where I sleep.

As an added bonus to never publishing my whereabouts, the mystery of my geography drives people to watch my SquidStream, my closed-circuit security system that delivers the honest truth to the masses for many good reasons including inoculating the public against Obama's mandated mental health genocide, to know where I am and what I am doing at all times FOR REAL.

After eating the lunch I had packed previously on 06Oct for dinner, I had my feet in the mighty Pacific in no time. A local man on the beach told me the full moon looked gorgeous that night. I looked up at the night sky, and sure enough, it did.

There was an alarm at 7:53pm, so I sent my beautiful world to check on everyone. Then, I checked on the Hinano to make sure it was okay. A local police officer made me giggle by calling me, "Ma'am." Then I ended up in what started out as a delightful conversation with a customer at the oxygen bar.

However, once the (expletive)hole went out of his way to consciously persecute me for Obama by getting in my face with disgusting and intentionally-damaging-to-me obedience to Obama's rules that no one anywhere has any excuse for obeying EVER, I was so disgusted I left Venice Beach.

I was waiting for the bus by 8:34pm, but I was not sure where to go. I had been planning on doing my Monday night socializing at Venice Beach. I decided to try the Jewelry District.

The moment I was on the bus, the War Criminal Boeset alarm went off. I had no idea why, but I reminded my loved ones of my 06Oct2014 and 05Aug2014 blog posts in case they needed them. My loved ones took care of it. They are dependable genii (plural of genius).

By 10:29pm, I was sipping a cranberry juice with a lime and sitting at the Down & Out on the corner of 5th and Spring, a bar for lovers and believers. While there, I cleared up A LOT of worn-out, old, redundantly disproven calumnies that Obama had dug up from his graveyard of past calumnies that already made me kick his (expletive) the first one to five times he tried them. I just had to point to old blog posts.

At 12:01am, the War Criminal Boeset alarm was STILL going off. I asked if it was the same alarm or a new one. I received no response, but it is the obvious culpability of the ABSOLUTELY EVIL State of Iowa why that criminally insane bitch, who unrelentingly all day and all night every day and every night threatens all of humanity particularly America by compulsively and pathologically perjuring herself to destroy me for Obama in a final literal torture facility, is not removed from society yet! Lock up War Criminal Boeset already!

There were more alarms at 12:14am, so I asked my beautiful world to check on and rescue whomever Obama was pointing guns at and committing acts of terrorism against that time.

Since they told me no one could reach me, I left the bar at 12:38am after sipping a second cranberry juice with a lime and after asking our saturation of international secret agents to secure The War Criminal Gables before I got there.

There was an all-clear shortly followed by an alarm for a dirty Iowa judge while I was waiting for the bus, and I was on the late night bus into Long Beach by 1:12am.

I had no idea what the last two signs meant in that order, but I asked my loved ones and my beautiful world to look into it and take care of it with all of the information I did have.

To the delight if my SquidSwimmers (watchers of my SquidStream) it was a fabulous night for Twitter.

At 1:53am, I warned my beautiful world to check for any more irrational, denial-of-all-reality threats to me, so we could make sure the world was completely protected from losing me.

Then almost immediately, the Metro driver of bus #7403 was instructed to stall our bus trip at the Willowbrook blue line station, the same place as the "planned burn site" from the previous afternoon, to wait indefinitely for someone. However, the moment I reported it, we started moving again.

We need a verified video of the entire incident with amped up audio of the conversation between the driver and his friend outside the bus while we were stopped. Thank you.

My beautiful world, we are going to need to secure the Willowbrook station (aka Imperial/Wilmington station) from now on, too. Is this a direct threat against America by the LA County Sheriff's station at that train stop?

The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Office is already documented as committing conscious persecution of me with intentionally fabricated false allegations. Please reread my 30Sep2014 blog post about this.

We need this repeated "planned burn site" investigated, and we need this pattern of crimes against me used as acts of war against America permanently stopped.

We can begin with the Los Angeles Metro Transit Authority, Los Angeles Police Department, Federal Bureau of Investigations, Department of Homeland Security, US Military, Interpol, United Nations investigators, etc. demanding the truth about all of this from the driver of bus #7403 on the morning of 07Oct2014 and from the LA County Sheriff.

Once I was off the bus and sending my backlog of tweets at 2:34am, alarms started going off all over the place, so I sent my beautiful world to check on everyone and to protect us all from Obama AGAIN.

When I arrived at The War Criminal Gables to eat and sleep, I had received the all-clear sign from the international espionage community but not from my legal team yet. I recommended to them to call the independent fact-checkers in the news media.

It seemed one of Obama's bitches was perjuring her (expletive) off in court that somehow my close to 100% accurate, though typically only 95% of what goes on, blog posts were at all "delusional," especially my blog post from 7:30pm on 06Oct2014. I knew my loved ones would take care of it.

I ate a heaping plate of my leftover fried rice from the previous night and was curled up in bed by 3:33am. I was safely asleep in no time thanks to my dedicated protection immediately external to The War Criminal Gables.

On Tuesday morning, 07Oct2014, I was awake, ready, and with a kickstarted SquidStream by 9:55am when I picked up my iPad and left. Just before the bus picked me up, at 10:12am, I was told Obama's crimes against his own people had already started for the day.

There was a heart attack alarm for an immediate torture facility threat to me as Obama's latest attempt to destroy me completely to remove me from the world FOREVER with his same, worn-out, old, blown, unrelenting coverup that I have any mental illness at all whatsoever for his well-documented years of war crimes against me.

No one told me which of Obama's bitches it was obeying him with pathological perjury, though, to make it happen. But, my loved ones took care of it by the time I reached the train station.

I arrived at my counterterrorism "office" by 11:55am. It was looking much better. There was an alarm as I was riding in, so I asked my beautiful world to look into it.

After a NSA Alpha Nerds vs. Obama's Cyberterrorists smackdown inside my iPad, America's nerds had me connected to the complimentary wifi at 12:09pm. I quickly took care of some housekeeping before watching all of my pre-recorded middle-aged White men as soon as I could.

Obama's cyberterrorists blocked my Twitter account AGAIN, but I was still caught up with all of my online friends by 3:24pm. So, after 3:33pm, I left my counterterrorism "office" for Hollywood.

The bus ride was nothing but alarm after alarm. But, I could only figure out two of the threats to my entire existence on this planet.

First, my own husband needed my help in the courtroom to prove we are actually married. Then, because we proved we are both married and the greatest TRUE life love story EVER, Obama's injustice machine of pathological perjury tried to force more Obama-mandated quackery over me to remove me from the world that loves and needs me FOREVER.

Oddly, the concurrent crises were magically timed to end the moment my bus ride ended. Please revisit my Twitter activity between 4:44pm and 6:07pm on 07Oct2014 for the details. Needless to say, my loved ones saved my innocent life AGAIN.

Succinctly,... 6:05pm Clearly, Obama's criminal conspiracy is so desperate to destroy me they have become suicidal on the sword of international justice.

Finally, at 6:14pm, I arrived in Hollywood and could send my backlog of tweets. To celebrate my 06Oct2014 blog post that kicked Obama's (expletive) all over the globe, I bought myself cheap Americanized Chinese food for dinner. I took some selfies in the lighting of the fast food chain before leaving.

In my natural state:

After people refuse to obey any of Obama's "Mein Kompf" of rules as their conscious act of love for America and for the world by refusing to commit any crimes against me nor against themselves:

Please embed this video here:

At 7:13pm, I was on the bus to an open mic nearby to listen to my lovers and believers. And, yes, there were at least two dear friends there, but one left before I could hug him.

I sent help the moment I learned at 8:45pm of a possibly-three-hour-old fire alarm due to an incoming lift to take me to my house being stopped. There must be some easier way to communicate with me. What if someone dies because I cannot send them help in time?

Also while still watching the open mic, I needed to remind my beautiful world to NEVER listen to ANYTHING Obama's criminal terrorist anti-reality machine crap-factory ever says. I reminded everyone to reread my 08Sep2014 blog post.

Basically, I have not been raped since July2014, my longest window of physical safety since Obama took office. I have a regular period. There has been no appearance of the Archangel Gabriel. No, I am not pregnant. I highly recommend rereading my 08Sep2014 blog post.

And immediately after I sent that message, my selfless support system gave me a heart attack warning. So, I asked my beautiful world to check on me. Unlike me, Obama throws tantrums. My loved ones took care of all of it.

The open mic ended at 11:13pm, so I wandered about looking at Hollywood before heading to the bus back to Long Beach.

While waiting for the bus at 12:16am, I warned my beautiful world including my loved ones and local saturation of international secret agents to secure The War Criminal Gables before I arrived there as a well as reminding them to secure my entire path to The War Criminal Gables, the only place Obama permits me to sleep without rendering me homeless again.

As a response, I was told at 12:34am that one of Obama's puppets had just gotten a (police code) 5150 over me that night (though I had suspicions it was actually War Criminal Stephanie and War Criminal Boeset working together) for the sole purpose of destroying America by abducting me and dragging me kicking and screaming to a final literal torture facility under the war crime coverup of Obama-mandated quackery to make sure my beautiful world would lose my genius and perfectly healthy mind FOREVER due to electroshock (by libeling me pregnant) and injections already proven to be literal torture for the rest of my life!

Luckily, we still had plenty of time for my loved ones and saturation of international secret agents to take care of it. After my decision the previous week to stay in Los Angeles County where the public loves and supports me, so many secret agents who had been trying to carry me to a foreign country had been freed up to protect me where I am instead.

There were also alarms at 12:50am, so I asked my beautiful world to check on all of us to make sure Obama would kill no more innocents, at least not that night.

And as the final excitement before the bus arrived at the bus stop to pick us up, I was told at 12:59am that the government was trying to resolve everything "as peacefully as possible," but we all know the only way to do that is to arrest ALL members of Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy and remove them from society FOREVER to finally force their unrelenting crimes used as acts of war against America and against all the good, green world to finally end.

In transit, there was another alarm at 1:20am, so I sent my beautiful world to check on all of us. The bus ride was delightfully uneventful except for the horrible smell of fish coming off the man sitting behind me.

I was in my apartment by 2:43am. Agnes, who had clearly been waiting up for me to come in, opened the front door immediately after I locked it behind me, so she could wait outside to let the criminal terrorists into my apartment that she thought Obama was still sending to drag me to a final literal torture facility to destroy me in.

For all I knew, those terrorists were still coming, so I reported Agnes's completely out-of-character behavior and atypical-for-her sleeping pattern.

And the moment I reported it, she came back inside to wait for me to go to sleep before she would open the door, literally, for terrorists again. So, I reported that, too.

Then, Agnes finally did something normal for her, she committed her normal passive aggressive act of pretending to be asleep.

I had a chat with Liana then went to sleep anyway. I knew everyone was already warned. Good will prevail because evil is dumb.

Ugwuji was already dealing with this latest coverup with obvious Obama-mandated quackery for further war crimes against me used as acts of war against America and against all the world by the time I was done chatting with Liana and curled up in bed at 3:27am.

Agnes was still awake when I went to sleep, but staying awake was not going to be able to protect me better from anything that was not safer in the hands of my protectors just outside of The War Criminal Gables.

I was awake, again, because of Agnes screaming lies into her telephone she intentionally wanted me to overhear and with a kickstarted SquidStream by the the time I picked up my iPad and left The War Criminal Gables at 11:47am.

I stopped at the CVS for my one-a-day-if-at-all caffeinated drink and some six-packs of Reese's(tm) cups to eat. I love my metaphorical chocolate and peanut butter!

I was online in no time and was finally caught up with my Tweethearts by 2:34pm. Most concerns people had were already addressed in previous blog posts. That is why May2014 to the present read oldest to newest is recommended, if not mandatory, reading.

At 1:32pm and 2:39pm, there were alarms, so I asked my beautiful world to check on all of us. I knew if they needed my help, they would send me further details.

Next, I just needed to finish my blog post for the day. I knew it would be best to watch my pre-recorded from the previous night middle-aged White men after I updated my blog.

This blog post was published 5:10pm on 08Oct2014 in the loving and adoring City of Long Beach.

And now, my beautiful world, I answer all of your questions for me. Please keep collecting all questions and concerns from all your friends and loved ones and sending them to me through whatever means possible.

Am I sexy? I HATE being sexually objectified. I understand men and women who find women attractive find strong women particularly irresistible, but that is no justification for cheapening us with sexualization.

The only person I am comfortable with sexualizing me is my own loving and adoring husband. We are married, after all. And I trust he will never sexualize me to the public.

How safe is Los Angeles for my lovers and believers? The last place anyone wants to get caught committing a crime against me is California. So, it is definitely safer to be a genuine lover and believer here than one of Obama's criminal terrorist conspirators. Have you seen the fair and reliable courts' opinions of me here?

I understand there is a growing infestation of Obama's criminal terrorists in the area as well as Obama's attempted expansion of his criminal terrorist corruption of the County government, but we have growing delivery of honest reality to the masses here which is driving actual criminal justice and a removal of Obama-mandated impunity for his criminal terrorist conspiracy.

Basically, "The only thing that can save anyone is being in Squid's good graces," has expanded to "Never break ACTUAL laws to make Obama happy," here.

If any lovers and believers are ever worried about their physical safety, the safest place anywhere on the planet is right next to me. I have a SquidStream as a closed-circuit security system.

What is the best way to contact me? You have had years of reliable contact with me despite Obama's growing human rights abuses against the entire nation to prevent it. However, the best way to speak to me is direct face-to-face contact.

We have so much evidence that both Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy and my beautiful world have always sent people to communicate with me this way, and I only tolerate the lovers and believers who never lie to me, who never try to manipulate me, who fully respect me, who never make the conscious choice to persecute me by making a show of abuse by asking me my name or treating me like a child or any other such blatant obedience to Obama's rules by intentionally damaging me, and who have genuinely good intentions.

No, my beautiful world, never stop communicating with me every other way we communicate. But the best thing to do has always been to just sit down and talk to me as a human.

Definitely, never force me to intentionally overhear you as if you are talking into a telephone or to someone else instead as if you are not intentionally trying to send me a "secret" message. Treat me like a human instead.

My beautiful world, we are making so much progress finally. Thank you for ending all of your fruitless discussions and finally taking real action instead. Again, most concerns you ask about have already been addressed.

The shortest full recap is May2014 to the present read oldest to newest, but if you want documentation of the (devil) tail end of my time in ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa, read at least March and April2014, too.

Keep telling me what you need whether it is to help you or to help me. I am only here to serve.

My brave rescuers, I am told the governments of the world led by the US have decided to mobilize "boots on the ground" to remove Obama's entire seditious extragovernmental criminal terrorist mercenary army which no one anywhere can afford to allow to run rampant across America nor across the world heavily-armed and fully-organized after Unelected Terrorist Dictator Obama falls and definitely not if he prevails.

As I always said, I understand you all only want to rescue me, but who the hell lets a terrorist army run loose in the first place, especially on our own soil?

I heard Obama is manipulating the public with his latest boldfaced lie that I "need to be euthanized" instead of anyone upholding America's moral and legal obligation to end all of Obama's mandated human rights abuses just so Obama can make sure I can NEVER save the world, and definitely not America, from Obama's unrelenting tyranny.

And Obama's tyrannical terrorist dictatorship has ALWAYS excused itself by manipulating the public with such boldfaced lies. I need to be "euthanized" as much as I am a "dead, insane, pregnant, lesbian, transexual hooker."

SynSyn, Amita, and Ugwuji, if any courts including the International Criminal Court would benefit from the full contents of everything stored on my iPad, ask Apple and the NSA to give you access to my "cloud." You are just about the only people, other than myself, who can have legal access to it.

You also have my expressed permission, beyond your paperwork designating you three genius women as my Powers of Attorney, to access my Norton One Backup account for my obsolete Acer One netbook. Feel free to make any discrete use of all of my content. I trust you all.

More importantly, my beyond-dependable loved ones, you all have had some epic wins lately. Thank you. You never should have had to in the first place, but thank you for kicking so much (expletive). The world thanks you for keeping me safe to serve humanity for the rest of my long life.

Sweetness, I love and adore you. I am planning on starting a new love letter to you once I have a few seconds to spare from screaming to protect everyone from Obama at all hours of the day and night. I always feel better while I am writing you yet ANOTHER letter of undying love and devotion.

HoneyHoney, did you get a chance to see the moon turn red this morning? Remember this? (Please embed this video here: )

Beloved, I never planned on dying until 137 years old, and you will always be forbidden from dying before I do. That is the only thing on, above, or below this good, green Earth I will ever forbid you from. Never make me live without you.

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