Sunday, October 26, 2014

"All for One and One for All," Quothe Pathos, Ethos, and Aramis.

Title: "All for One and One for All," Quothe Pathos, Ethos, and Aramis.

Please access my iCloud if necessary to publish this post now, my friends. I cannot control how many horrible things happen to me in one day; it is Obama who controls that. So, if I wait too long between posts, they become too drenching.

Please share this for me with the entire world, both houses of Congress, the Supreme Court, the United Nations, all sympathetic world leaders, all reputable national and foreign presses, etc.

Here is my latest blog post. Why do people keep making fart noises around me with their mouths and telling me they have seen my breasts I have never shown them?

Syria. I have been trying to help you, Syria, ever since you first rose up to overthrow your own dictator.

I have long urged the United Nations to build the structure of a fully-representative government in your nation to replace al Assad once he finally falls, and I have reminded the world powers that all anyone has to do is send a special forces team in to arrest Assad and drag him out to put him on trial to be able to finally remove him from power. That way, the fully-representative structure would be there to fill the power vacuum.

I have been singing this same song about Syria FOR YEARS. No has told me their reasons yet for why they believe it will not work as their justification for not trying it. I really want a solution to the Syrian crisis. When will I finally have enough human rights to do my REAL job?

USA. I get most of my hard news from Twitter. I follow a lot of ACTUALLY trustworthy news sources for that very reason.

There were two reported shootings on 24Oct2014: one near Seattle and one near San Francisco. I immediately asked if there was an underlying connection between them, so I could address the real problem.

Gun violence has exploded ever since Obama took office in 2009, but the only thing I have been able to identify as a corrosion of America's morality that could cause this rampant depravity of civilians shooting civilians is Obama's absolute annihilation of American culture by rationalizing publicly broadcast human trafficking and rape-slavery of me with uncontrolled libel of me as some sort of obviously fictional, insane, ethic-less, and violent ingrate particularly with pornography of "me" even force fed to our children.

Obama even forbade me from ever knowing about any of the HUMAN TRAFFICKING and rape-slavery of me to make sure I could NEVER escape it, and America just went along with it and even enjoyed it since Obama started his most heinous crimes known to mankind against me starting almost the moment he took office in 2009.

That is the only thing I can identify as the moral destruction that could have caused so much otherwise unexplainable civilian violence since Obama took office: rationalizing and mandating human trafficking and crimes against women with unrelenting calumnies and perjuries force fed to the public.

And, now, we have mental health genocide due to all of the mass delusions caused by Obama forbidding any truth from ever being spoken anywhere and mandating it all be replaced with lies, in case my beautiful world ever wondered why I get so angry at him.

I published my last blog post at 2:12pm on 24Oct2014 while there news reports everywhere of shootings both near Seattle, Washington and in the San Francisco Bay Area in California.

At 2:52pm, I left the wifi hotspot to make an early dinner. Thank the holy atheist heavens The War Criminal Gables are now locked down tighter than a drum because there was a heart attack alarm as I was walking out the door at 3:03pm.

My loved ones took care of it. I heard the all-clear while I was cooking Pan-Pacific Farm Food in the kitchen in my slum. However, at approximately 5pm, while my loving and adoring husband was telling me how much he will always and has always loved me, I smelled a war crime brewing and asked my beautiful world to check for more collusion.

Sure enough, at 5:19pm, I heard the torture facility warning. Why does Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy keep compulsively committing the same crimes when those crimes always fail and backfire on them? That is one of the symptoms we use to prove they are all criminally insane.

My beautiful world, do you remember my 28Sep2014 blog post? "Typical" false allegations of any mental illness in me at all whatsoever actually means "These unrelenting false allegations directly caused a global conflict."

At 5:51pm, I sent my support system ahead and left for the bus. In transit, there were warnings of torture facility threats (Refer to my 10Oct and 22Oct2014 blog posts.), intentionally fabricated false charges, and alarms for either human rights abuses or terrorism against my crosstown friends.

As a recap from my 24Oct2014 blog post, denying anyone our human rights, especially denying any of us our Constitutional rights while in the United States of America, is a civil and human rights abuse. If force or violence is used to commit the human rights abuse, it is terrorism. And if the human rights abuses are used as acts of war, they are war crimes.

Thus, EVERY TIME a proven enemy of America has denied any of my brave rescuers and crosstown friends their 1st Amendment right to peaceably assemble with me, it was a federal and international crime of human rights abuses, terrorism, and war crimes. Please document all of it, so we can obtain arrest warrants from federal court injunctions for every count. And, thank you.

When I finally arrived in Santa Monica, there was an alarm, so I asked my beautiful world to check on everyone and to rescue everyone dying under Obama's iron fist. I had an otherwise delightful Friday night.

Sadly, though, I did have to send this message before the night ended... "11:07pm Clearly, my NSA alpha nerds, Obama is forbidding me any access to wifi through his cyberterrorism as his latest human rights abuse against me of silencing my only remaining human right, my freedom of speech. I am the only person in all of America who has freedom of speech. We need to preserve it. The problem is likely internal to my iPad since I also am having problems cutting & pasting text. May I ask you to enter my iPad, boot out Obama's cyberterrorists, investigate them, find them, and press charges against them for cyberterrorism? Thank you, darlings. #NerdsLoveKissesToo"

The highlights of my time there that Friday night were my blogging, my looking in a full-length mirror, the dancing, the singing, the ocean, my trying to use a computer in the Apple Store, the public shows of love and affection by the city, my not spending a penny all day, and the calm before Obama's clinically-diagnosable desperation on my ride back to Long Beach. Please release a verified and barely edited recording with full audio and visuals of these highlights.

At 11:43pm, I was safely on the bus back to my slum, a slum secured as tight as a drum in a neighborhood that loves me, but a hostile living situation nonetheless.

And the moment that bus took off, the irrational denial-of-all-reality alarms went off all over the place. Please check my Twitter history for the complete recap. In transit alarms: 11:59pm, 12:24am, 12:34am, 12:37am, 12:41am 1:41am, 2:39am, 2:51am.

The only advice I gave for all of them were references to old blog posts and a request to add cameras to broadcast all court proceedings concerning me online to be able to hold the perjurers and occasionally dirty (usually only in Iowa) judges accountable. We, the innocent, never fear the truth.

Then, on the bus, after almost all of the all-clears, a ranting madman (and I never make references to mental illness lightly) with absolutely no reality in his head started a wacked out conversation with me.

Please release the full audio and visuals in a verified and unedited recording. I actually had to tell him, "Remove your earspeaker and get some reality because you are insane." It ended with him screaming at me "Be normal!" which resulted in my asking him, "What are you, an Iowan?"

He was a prime example of just about all of the reality in any of these people's heads! Please release a verified and unedited recording of the entire conversation.

And once he finally left me alone, I received the last of the all-clears I was waiting for. But I was worried my brave rescuers and crosstown friends might be dying under Obama's iron fist, so I sent my beautiful world to check on them all.

The next desperation alarms were at 1:41am. It was apparently further completely intentionally fabricated false charges against me. The police waiting at my bus stop at my transfer point even told me they blew up themselves when they heard the "1006," whatever that meant.

At 2:39am, I sent my beautiful world to check on any crosstown friends suffering under Obama's iron fist. The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Deputies actually told me themselves they were the proven enemies of America committing the blatant human rights abuses, terrorism, and war crimes of preventing my own friends from reaching me with all the excessive force WITH NO LAW BEHIND THEM that they wanted.

Then, I received both all-clears on the false charges as well as a last-ditch-effort denial-of-all-reality torture facility warning on the bus by 2:51am.

Uneventfully after that, I was in my bed in my slum updating my blog notes and eating the last of my Pan-Pacific Farm Food by 3:43am. I was curled up in bed with the radio flipped on at 4:07am. And I slept like a rock.

I rolled out of bed, was done getting ready, and had kickstarted my SquidStream by 10:40am. After a few moments of thinking on my plan for the day, I left my slum at 11:16am. I was online looking for global crises to solve by 11:47am.

I watched the NBC Nightly News from the previous night which was obviously already out-of-date because it was broadcast before my 24Oct2014 blog post was published late the previous night. Next, I screamed...

"12:56pm on 25Oct2014 @BarackObama You WAR CRIMINAL! You have not been the REAL president since last year! NO ONE can arrest anyone in America for NEVER breaking any ACTUAL laws nor for exercising our 1st Amendment rights to peaceably assemble and to exercise freedom of speech and the press! I am sending every (expletive)hole enforcing your rules to the same Russian gulag you are going to!

And unless you surrender to international authorities by midnight tonight, I will request YOU and EVERY other WAR CRIMINAL enforcing your PROVEN ONLY extragovernmental rules everywhere, from the conspirators picking up my innocent friends for the human rights abuse used as an act of war of UNLAWFUL IMPRISONMENT to the worthless peasants granting all of your war criminals impunity while pretending they have an entitlement to press intentionally fabricated false charges against all of us, the sentence of pulling plastic out of every ocean by hand under the hot tropical sun FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIVES.

I do NOT tolerate human rights abuses used as acts of war in my America! NOBODY GETS AWAY WITH DOING THIS TO MY PEOPLE! Stop pretending you are not caught already, you filthy and perverted specimen of masculine inadequacy! The more crimes you commit against my people, the harder I and all the world will kick you for it!

No, there is NO ACTUAL LEGAL AUTHORITY behind your rules that ONLY commit raging human rights abuses! Only international criminals enforce them! Surrender, now, or the hell you chose for yourself by starting this in 2009 will only get hotter!"

My beautiful world of lovers and believers, force Obama to acknowledge my 18Oct2014 blog post, my 24Oct2014 blog post, and this post are COMPLETELY accurate. Call in the Constitutional and international law experts if needed; the world experts are the US Supreme Court and the ICC in The Hague, respectively.

AND TAKE THESE EXTRAGOVERNMENTAL RULES DOWN! My people are suffering! Arrest Unelected Terrorist Dictator Obama and everyone propping him up! We need them ALL immediately removed from society forever!

No, I will not stop screaming until my people are saved! And, Obama, if you ever did not want me angry at you, which you only say because my righteous temper has been proven to bring justice against you, you would not commit the most heinous crimes against me nor against my people in the first place. Your unrelenting crimes are the only things that set off my holy temper.

And since it was just another day for me, immediately after that, I nonchalantly told some friends in Europe I would peruse what they were designing as expressions of love for the world on Rodeo Drive in one of my signature $20 dresses and $12 pairs of shoes at a non-predetermined time after my old computer bag from 2009 arrived from my mother.

I have always appreciated fashion as works of art, and I love to see what people are making. It is kind of like going to a museum when, like me, the art patron has no money to spend there anyway.

I am not too self-conscious to show up on Rodeo Drive in penniless garb and the cheapest makeup on the planet. There is an old Confucius saying about beautiful women. "Every masterpiece must start with a white canvas." That is, a woman must begin beautiful to still be beautiful after she puts her adornments on.

I warned my beautiful world there would be a totally predictable, due to Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy's well-established pattern of criminal behavior, psychopathic tantrum of collusion against me.

Then, I left my wifi hotspot where proven enemies of America, the Los Angeles Sheriff's Office, was still stalking me as an open violation of their own rules they kill or unlawfully imprison everyone else for violating. For more on the LA County Sheriff's deputies, please reread my 24Oct2014 blog post.

Obama's tantrum of collusion escalations landed less than fifteen minutes later.

The latest pathological perjury was that I needed proven quackery as a proven coverup for proven literal torture because of my supposed "stress level." Was there a dirty Iowa judge, too?

At 2:43pm, after I was told that latest blatant lie, and while I was delightfully eating cheap Americanized Chinese food to celebrate my 24Oct2014 blog post, I said....

"If any of Obama's obvious criminal terrorist conspirators (most likely proven War Criminal Boeset in this case) had GENUINE concern for my stress level or even me at all, that bitch would stop consciously perjuring that I am insane, stop threatening all of humanity with her unrelenting proven attempted war crimes against me, take her increasingly bloodstained hands of me, turn in her evidence against Unelected Terrorist Dictator Obama, and go straight to a padded cell for the rest of her life due to her clinically-diagnosable criminal insanity.

No, proven literal torture facilities do not reduce anyone's stress, and do I even look stressed? I have no wrinkles. I have no white hair. I have a constantly calm heart rate.

I am not the criminal nor the madwoman in this situation. I am not the psychopath the good, green world is hunting down to remove from society FOREVER. How much stress is War Criminal Boeset under right now, just like ALL of Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy?"

All of that was cleared up by 3:37pm when I found a new wifi connection because of a brand new warning of more collusion escalations to torture, rape, destroy, abuse, and silence me FOREVER in a final torture facility. My loved ones took care of it while I fleshed out my blog notes.

There was no new alarm until the heart attack alarm at 4:27pm. I figured my loved ones would send me details of they needed any further help from me.

So, at 4:34pm, I left to buy 0.25 lb sliced hard salami, a jar of chopped artichokes, some fresh mozzarella, a tiny can of tomato sauce, movie theater popcorn, cheap chocolates, and a 2-liter of Mountain Dew at my neighborhood Von's grocery store.

Getting on the bus at 5:14pm, I received a simultaneous all-clear and heart attack warning. Since we ere on the side of caution, I asked my beautiful world to check for any more pathological perjuries.

Then, the moment I delivered my groceries to The War Criminal Gables, the fire alarm went off; the dogs started barking; and Agnes said, "They will show up," just before she started screaming, "James!" in the breezeway. That all-clear came at 5:58pm.

While waiting for the butter to soften so I could make a pizza crust, I watched the NBC Nightly News online at 7pm at my wifi hotspot in "spy corridor" in Long Beach.

The moment it ended I heard an Obama-is-stupid alarm at 7:21pm. I recommended some old blog posts, as per usual. I knew Ugwuji could handle that night just like Amita could handle that day, and if she needed more help, someone would give me details.

I caught up with my online friends. I fleshed out my blog notes. I listened to some music. I tapped my foot. I sang. If you want to release a verified and unedited recording, go for it.

Then at 8:51pm, I left my wifi hotspot in "spy corridor" in Long Beach for my slum at The War Criminal Gables also in "spy corridor" in Long Beach. It takes over two hours for me to make a pizza from scratch, so I had to get started.

While making dinner, there were alarms at 10:10pm and 10:20pm which sounded like terrorism and war crimes against my crosstown friends and brave rescuers as well as an Obama-hit-the-destroy-America-now-so-Obama-never-has-to-face-justice torture facility alarm.

We have been doing this for years. Obama's increasing psychopathic desperation always makes him stupider and more malevolent. I knew if Ugwuji needed any help from me handling this latest beyond-irrational-denial-of-all-reality threat to remove me from the world and destroy my perfectly healthy mind, she would give me details.

At 11:30pm, my sliced salami, artichoke, and fresh mozzarella pizza in a basil and oregano red sauce with a homemade crust came out of the oven. Unelected Terrorist Dictator Obama only had 0.5 hour left to surrender to me before I increased the punishment I would ask the International Criminal Court at The Hague to give him.

All Obama had to do was call my husband and nicely ask my husband to hand me his phone. But, we were well beyond Obama ever taking the sane, rational, intelligent, compassionate, and self-preserving option.

Seriously! Obama was still compulsively failing with the same old modi operandi he ALWAYS used for six year; even though, he would be in even greater trouble with the world if any of his compulsive failures every actually succeeded at destroying me.

That is exactly how dysfunctional all people are who never even consider taking my advice.

Just before midnight, I walked back to my wifi hotspot in "spy corridor" to update the world on Obama's failure to take the sane and humane action of surrendering by the deadline I had given him.

While I was catching up with my online friends, there was a very fast-moving alarm for intentionally fabricated false charges against me at 1:24am which was followed by a long string of all-clears at 1:26am. I do not even know what that was, but it looked like Obama did something dumb.

Uneventfully after that, I was curled in bed in my slum with the radio flipped on by 2:06am. In the middle of the night, someone woke me up at 5:11am and asked me to help my ex-boyfriend whom I used to call Mr. Whisky but now call Whisky.

(Just like Mr. Cuddlebunny became Cuddlebunny and Mr. 'Hopper became 'Hopper, after we stopped being a romantic couple he lost the title. Similarly, if Sweetness and I ever break up, which we know will never happen anyway, he will change from Mr. Love-of-my-Life to just Love-of-my-Life.)

Anyway, I was told Whisky had killed someone using violence against him to enforce Obama's human rights abuses while trying to rescue me from rape-slavery and war crimes, and then Whisky went completely missing.

The first thing I did was try to assure Whisky's parents and his girlfriend that he probably joined my brave rescuers; that is where I would go if that happened to me. So, they just needed to check with the camp. (Or is it a base, now?)

I referred Whisky's lawyers to my 24Oct2014 blog post and my at-the-time notes for this post. When enemies of America use violence to enforce Obama's human rights abuses, it is either terrorism or a war crime.

In America, we tend to call killing enemies of America while trying to save America heroism, especially when a civilian does it in self-defense because the enemies were committing an act of terrorism or war crime against him or her.

Finally, I reassured Whisky that trying to rescue me from Obama's egg of horrors and terrors is the only sane reaction after learning the truth of everything I have lived through FOR REAL over the last six years. He could ask any of my brave rescuers and crosstown friends about that.

Immediately after I took care of the crisis Whisky's family finally told me about, there was an irrational denial-of-all-reality torture facility threat tantrum from Obama which Ugwuji took care of just as instantly.

Because the electrobeams were still on, I knew I would not be able to sleep. I would have to take a nap later in the day. By 7:22am on 26Oct2014, I was up, out of the bathroom, and had a kickstarted SquidStream.

After figuring out is was the Mountain Dew that had the diarrhetics in it, not my pizza, I was out the door by 7:50am. I saw War Criminal Stephanie and her daughter Tabitha getting their brand new SUV as I walked to the wifi.

That was not the car War Criminal Stephanie had months ago that I saw the last time she tried to lie to my face that she had turned things around. I never believe lies from psychopaths.

We need international and federal charges against her. War Criminal Stephanie, just like all criminal terrorist conspirators at The War Criminal Gables, needs to be removed from society FOREVER.

War Criminal Stephanie alone has consciously and intentionally made the choice to spread the obvious untruth that she has EVER supported or cared about me while simultaneously committing crime after heinous crime against me.

It is OBVIOUS War Criminal Stephanie only lies, especially in courtrooms to coverup her unrelenting crimes against me, to cover her own (expletive), and to get away with committing her conscious crimes against America and against all the world that she consciously chooses to internationally criminally perpetrate by consciously committing every crime she can against me as long as she can.

They are all established liars. For example, no one anywhere can pretend putting hidden cameras I was forbidden from knowing about in my rental was ever a legal act.

Those deranged lunatics are all direct threats to America and to all of humanity because they are all direct threats to me who consciously force me to endure hostile living conditions that unrelenting threaten to destroy my perfectly healthy mind in a final literal torture facility for Obama with homelessness as my only other option.

They just stole from my grocery shelf again on 25Oct2014. No, The War Criminal Gables refuse to stop committing unrelenting crimes against me including collusion to coverup proven literal war crimes no matter how many times we have told them they were caught. Why do they still have their full human rights when I do not?

If I could read minds, the thought bubble above War Criminal Stephanie's head when I saw her on the morning of 26Oct2014 would have said, "I can't believe I have not been able to kill that twerp, yet," which would be the most respect she would ever have given me.

Before 8:28am, my NSA alpha nerds had me securely connected to wifi. After I caught up with my online friends and sent my backlog of tweets, there was some sort of pathetic denial-of-all-reality threat AGAIN to destroy my perfectly healthy and globally needed mind in a finally torture facility for Obama.

I recommended my 24Oct2014 blog post and my 10Oct2014 blog post to Amita, but I was sure she could take care of it. We just needed criminal charges, it seemed, against War Criminal Stephanie and War Criminal Boeset finally.

So, at 9:34am, I disconnected from the wifi and sent my saturation of international secret agents ahead to clear my path into Los Angeles. In transit, there was a warning of terrorism and human rights abuses against my crosstown friends at 10:05am, what sounded like a HUGE alarm for terrorism and war against my brave rescuers at 11:42am, and a blaring torture facility alarm of doom for humanity at 12:14pm.

I sent all help possible every time with all the information I had. So far, it had been a slow day in Obama's unlivable egg of horrors and terrors for all of America.

If it were not for the raging mental health genocide and Obama keeping everyone terrified of him with his uncontrolled human rights abuses, I would have had a lift to my own house with my own husband from a loving everyday local by then.

My transit ride ended at the Getty Center, one of my favorite places in all of Los Angeles. By 1:18pm, I had perused the collection and roosted on the same bench I always roost on. I typically go to landmarks and tourist attractions to blog.

The blog post was published at 3:33pm on 26Oct2014 after I had already left my roost at the Getty Center.

And now, my beautiful world, I answer all of your questions for me. Please keep collecting all questions and concerns from all your friends and loved ones and sending them to me through whatever means possible.

With everything I am living through, why do I never feel stress? If you read my 24Oct2014 blog post, you know how strong my self-preservation instinct is. Every healthy human has this natural instinct. I trust mine. I trust every beautiful and honest thing about myself.

It also helps that I have genius Powers of Attorney, a saturation of international secret operatives who are poster children for bad-assery, an entire selfless support system that never lets me down, a husband and crosstown friends who cannot wait to show me love to my face, an entire beautiful world of which I have earned love and respect, my brave rescuers who will do ANYTHING real to solve the global crisis Obama has caused, a mostly liberated federal government, benevolent NSA alpha nerds who keep me communicating securely with the world that needs me, a completely innocent and perfectly healthy existence FOR REAL, and a completely moronic arch nemesis.

But the reason I do not feel stress over everything that arch nemesis, Unelected Terrorist Dictator Obama, does to everyone I fight so hard to save and protect from him, despite all of the uncontrolled human devastation that makes me weep, is because I am a very effective part of the solution. I actually take real action to solve the real problem, especially when Obama sets off my temper.

I am innocent, healthy, honest, loved, effective, intelligent, active, needed, incorruptible, and, therefore, stress-free.

Have I ever turned a gay man straight? No. I do not think that is possible for anyone to do. Yes, there have been a number of gay men who have both fallen in love with me and wanted to sleep with me, but that did not make them any less gay. I am like Liza Minelli that way.

I also believe all humans are somewhere on the bisexual spectrum. Some are just closer to gay while others are closer to straight. As I told the Vatican, we mere mortal humans fall in love with souls not bodies.

My lovers and believers in once-great America, you told me you do not know whom to vote for in the midterm elections next month to be able to fix this. Look at each incumbent's voting records in Congress and at the actions they took as Governor or Attorney General, etc.

Also, consult your local news stations or Open Congress to find out which bills that went before the US House and US Senate included measures to take down Obama and his egg and which ones tried to extend and strengthen them, so you know which votes to look at.

Keep the incumbents in every office from local to federal with the proven history of taking action to take down Obama, Obama's rules, Obama's egg, Obama's perverted human trafficking broadcasts, Obama's earspeakers, etc.

Please keep in mind that some voting records took a turn for the good side as the incumbents learned reality, just like you had to learn reality, my voters in America. Yes, keep the incumbents who learned to stand up. We all have a learning curve.

There are no political party guidelines for whether or not a politician has supported or still supports Unelected Terrorist Dictator Obama.

Replace all incumbents in every office from local to federal who still support Obama, who want to keep his extragovernmental rules, and who enforce Obama's extragovernmental rules.

It might be necessary to find a candidate in your district who is neither a Republican nor a Democrat to make sure no supporter of Obama's crimes against America is elected nor stays in office.

On your ballot, you also get to recall any dirty judges you know of who may have made any intentionally false rulings to enforce Obama's uncontrolled and rampant oppression of America. So, check on your judges' court histories, too. In 2012, I voted to recall every dirty Iowa judge I had ever encountered.

That is my advice, my once-great America. It involves a lot of homework. But the independent factcheckers in the news media have most of it done already. You just need to get the honest information, so you can make your decisions.

There are just too many races for too many offices for me to go through each one and make recommendations for you. But I trust what you will do once you reach the full honest truth on your own. And thank you for voting.

My beautiful world, no one is sending me any questions or concerns you all need addressed anymore. This goes beyond my helping you help me save America from Obama. I am only here to serve.

With Obama on the verge of giving up his completely blown coverup he has used for six years of pretending I have EVER broken the law EVER or that I have ANY mental imperfection at all whatsoever, especially a debilitating one, and his just making me his criminal terrorist conspiracy's political prisoner to be able to unlawfully imprison me in a controlled environment guaranteed to torture and rape me until it destroys me, just like he had tried and occasionally succeeded at for six year, please make use of my time and expertise while you can.

That is the understatement for what Obama has put me through with his uncontrolled egg of horrors and terrors this whole time. So, unless you stop him, my beautiful world, that is the fate his desperation will mandate, since that is his only goal at being able to (as a clinically-diagnosable symptom of psychopathy) "have total control over" me, the greatest and most abused victim of his psychopathy ever since he took office in 2009.

As for the vast majority of the brave men and women taking direct action to fix this, my brave rescuers, alright, what is going on out there? I hate when you die. You know how angry that makes me. The only place I need a lift to is my own house where my own husband is also doing everything possible to bring me home to him. There must be some easier way to do this.

Yes, you non-civilians also have the job of containing and arresting all of Obama's entire seditious extragovernmental criminal terrorist mercenary army until we can get the full force of our US Military to remove them all.

There is absolutely no excuse for allowing a heavily-armed and well-organized proven terrorist army to run rampant across America after Obama falls and definitely not if he prevails.

I have been saying since my 16Oct2014 blog post that job requires the full force of the US Military as well as everyone else on the planet who loves us, and I have never believed in sending anyone but soldiers to do a soldier's job.

To recap my entire month of July2014 posts, yes, Congress are the branch of the federal government who get to declare war, but the only limitation on the power of the executive branch to command the military when defending a proven threat to America is the War Powers Act.

The War Powers Act was passed after the Vietnam War to limit presidential power in sending troops ABROAD; that requires permission from Congress. There is absolutely no Constitutional or otherwise limitation on a president's power to, without violating any human rights, sending the US Military to protect America ON US SOIL.

Please reread my 16Oct2014 blog post. If I have to call the obstructioninsts in Congress who are consciously preventing our own US Military from doing its REAL job of protecting America from a proven seditious terrorist army and from proven genocide rat (expletive)s again, I will.

My brave rescuers, please keep telling me what you need. I am only here to serve.

SynSyn, Amita, and Ugwuji, can we request a camera in your courtrooms? Those pathological perjurers need accountability forced on them. I am not subjected to listening to Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy's pathological perjuries, but even I am sick of all the uncontrolled deceit.

My genius Powers of Attorney, I have no idea how you endure all of that calumny all day and all night every day and every night. I think cameras broadcasting live online will force them to straighten up. It is worth a try. We, the innocent, never fear the world knowing the full truth.

With our YEARS of court records of nothing but deliberate collusion and conscious perjury from Obama's crap-factory, only a dirty judge trying to hide her or his own corruption would refuse the accountability that would come from broadcasting War Criminal Boeset, War Criminal Stephanie, etc., live to all of humanity everywhere.

Speaking of which, Sweetness, I love and adore you. Are Obama's criminal terrorist pathological perjurers really lying their (expletive)es off, which is the only thing they ever do when they open their mouths, and claiming we are not married in the land of reality that they never acknowledge?!?

Darling, again, in the land of reality that Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy anti-reality crap-factory and pathological perjurers NEVER acknowledge, present to our good, green world everything we do for each other and to be together.

HoneyHoney, even in the land of epic true life love stories, full-grown and perfectly mentally and emotionally healthy adults like us do not do for each other what we do for each other unless we are married. What we do all day every day and all night every night is what marriage stands for.

And, yes, beloved, your conscious choice to enter the gates of hell and return just to be able to save me from the reality of the horrors and terrors of Obama's egg is the only SANE reaction to learning what your real life wife has been surviving by the skin of my teeth for six years.

My undeniably loving and adoring husband that I would not still be alive now without, tell me who is boldfaced lying we are not married. I will take care of that psychopathic waste of human rights myself.

Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy do NOTHING but lie to get away with human rights abuses, terrorism, genocide, war crimes, and destroying America. The last thing I am going to let them get away with is pretending we are not married just to be able to totalitarianly oppress my people with those very crimes as long as they can.

Darling, just tell me who said it. I am not amused. But thank you (Really? Already? Or was that a rumor?) with all of my loving existence for making sure the ever-American Supreme Court of the United States of America upheld our sacred marriage for one and for all.

My Mr. Love-of-my-Life, you are my husband, my king, and my reason for living. You are the star in my eye and the very extension of my eternal heart. I WILL touch you the way the flowers kiss the rain.

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