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If You Do not Start Arresting Everyone Propping up Obama Immediately, the Entire World will Lose me Forever!

Title: If You Do not Start Arresting Everyone Propping up Obama Immediately, the Entire World will Lose me Forever!

Please access my iCloud if necessary to publish this post now, my friends. I cannot control how many horrible things happen to me in one day; it is Obama who controls that. So, if I wait too long between posts, they become too drenching.

Please share this for me with the entire world, both houses of Congress, the Supreme Court, the United Nations, all sympathetic world leaders, all reputable national and foreign presses, etc.

Here is my latest blog post.

Vatican City. Thank you, Pope Francis, we mere mortal humans fall in love with souls, not bodies. Thank you for now making sure the Catholic Church supports and accepts the LGBT community, too.

And now, my beautiful world, I answer all of your questions for me. Most of this is follow up questions from my 16Oct2014 blog post. Please keep collecting all questions and concerns from all your friends and loved ones and sending them to me through whatever means possible.

Who is in charge of America? These days it is, sadly, still Unelected Terrorist Dictator Obama. But we are all working on fixing that.

Who is the current President of the United States of America? In 2013, the rotating door on the Oval Office started. Obama was impeached for his unapologetic crimes against me.

Biden was impeached after him for not ending Obama's crimes. Boehner was impeached for the same reason. Kerry was impeached. Hagel was impeached. We went all of the way down the list of cabinet members and federal elected officials until we reached Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff now President Martin Dempsey.

The federal government including my brave rescuers seemed happy to keep him, so that is where the revolving door stopped. At least, that is what my usually completely trustworthy sources told me.

And, whenever the ACTUAL president needs my help, he just asks, just like I ask the President to do things like end Obama's genocide in America and arrest every single member of Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy we can find. We are both here to serve America. This should not be difficult for people to understand.

But, no, sadly, we are not in charge. Unelected Terrorist Dictator Obama's complete brainwashing of the public and rampant mental health genocide are keeping him in totalitarian dictatorial power over once-free America.

How worried should the planet be of Obama's proven mental health genocide? VERY. It is GENOCIDE. Have you seen the tiny schoolchildren saying things like, "She's (expletive)ing raping Squid!" when they walk past me? REMOVE THESE GODDAMN EARSPEAKERS!

How do we assess the risk caused by Obama's proven mental health genocide? I do not understand what you mean by risk. But the medical community needs to answer this question: How fast are people recovering after their earspeakers are removed and after they are told the full uncensored truth? If the public is still hearing voices and still clinging to the delusions Obama forced on them, we have a bigger problem than anyone first assessed.

And do not let me begin about the neurological damage caused, particularly to children whose minds are still physically growing, of having electronics in their heads. This entire population will need to be regularly screened for brain tumors for the rest of our lives after those electronics are all removed.

AND we all know the "Beetlejuice voodoo" was and is caused by feedback in the signal in the network built of all the connected earspeakers set to constantly received signals and inject them into their brains. Electronics in the head form a bond with the brain. That is how "punch the sky" happens.

The mass delusions and proven mental break with reality of the entire public should be the least of the medical community's worries right now. REMOVE ALL OF THE GODDAMN EARSPEAKERS!

Am I a hipster? No. Syniva is a hipster. I always self-identified as a nerd. Since 2009, though, I have been a royal princess of Spain.

I published my last blog post at 11:45am on 16Oct2014. I was in a hurry to make sure it could not be silenced. My beautiful world, we all need to kiss more nerds.

And, of course, there was an immediate heart attack alarm and a warning of a torture facility threat to destroy me the moment I published my 16Oct2014 blog post. Obama proved, of the two of us, he is the only spoiled brat who throws tantrums.

Then, while I was in transit to the Golden Apple Comic Book Store, there were alarms at 12:43pm, so I sent my beautiful world to rescue whomever was trapped under Unelected Terrorist Obama's iron fist. Obama knows how furious he makes me he messes with my cubs, particularly when he kills them.

There were also alarms for torture facility threats at 2:42pm and 3:41pm. I suggested that Amita revel in my 10Oct2014 blog post.

Also, since my crosstown friends kept telling me they could not reach me, I reminded everyone that no one can be fined nor arrested by any level of government for not breaking any laws, and Obama's rules are, at most, a policy not even executive orders and definitely not laws.

It says right there in the Constitution that no laws can be passed taking away rights spelled out in any amendments; only another amendment can. Furthermore, the part of the Affordable Care Act that codified Obama's human rights abuses was already overturned by Congress with the Fiscal Cliff bill years ago.

Presidential executive orders only have authority to command the functioning of the divisions of the executive branch. Unelected Terrorist Dictator Obama's rules are completely extragovernmental and are only enforced by corruption or by Obama's extragovernmental Gestapo. That is why I have been accurately calling Obama a dictator for years!

Furthermore, anyone anywhere consciously choosing to obey Obama's rules are consciously choosing to commit human rights abuses against me, human rights abuses against themselves, and crimes against America.

I allow most people to get away with it, unless it is heinous obedience to Obama that damages me, because I know you are all suffering from mental health genocide out there, as proven in my 16Oct2014 blog post.

I thought I explained this already in my 21Aug2014 blog post. What the hell did you think I meant by "The only way to actually obey ACTUAL laws is by breaking all of Obama's rules."?

I took a long walk involving a $5 pizza before I reached the comic bookstore. My beautiful world, you will love the verified and barely-edited podcast of my time in the Golden Apple Comic Book Store. "Ride the Lightning!" -- Metallica

By 3:47pm, I was roosting in an independent coffee shop with a secure wifi connection and a bottomless cup of iced coffee where I blogged for humanity.

After a lot of writing, after answering a lot of questions, after a lot of iced coffee, after catching up on the NBC Nightly News, and after telling my middle-aged White men I would watch their pre-recorded shows from that night the following morning, I left for The War Criminal Gables at 8:37pm.

There were alarms in transit at 8:58pm and 9:10pm. I sent all of the help I could both times. The trip was otherwise uneventful. I was in the kitchen in my slum of horrors and terrors by 11:01pm when I ate my leftover tacos from the previous night as well as a red delicious apple.

I was curled up in bed with the radio flipped on at 11:29pm. Sleep crept over me in no time. But Obama's electrobeams woke me up in the wee hours of the morning. We go through this every time Obama does this. All the electrobeams ever do is speed up my heart and keep me awake, but they cost so much taxpayer money.

After I asked the Pentagon nerds to shut them off for me, they had to locate the local device that was generating them. I told them it felt like the electrobeams were coming from northwest of my slum, but I was not sure.

At 3:40am on 17Oct2014, after waiting a while for the Pentagon nerds, I just got up and planned on taking a nap later in the day. By 4:33am, I was ready, and my SquidStream was kickstarted.

I ate granola, yogurt, and strawberries for breakfast and then a plate of breakfast sausage with wheat bread.

Then, at 5:33am, I heard "Squid knows it was War Criminal Stephanie." Was there a torture facility threat? Was that why they woke me up? It would explain why Agnes was up in the wee hours of the morning waiting at the door to let people in.

So, instead of doing my laundry like I had planned on, at 5:38am, I left to check on any possible torture facility threat to me. By 5:57am, I was on the bus.

My loved ones, use my 10Oct2014 blog post any time you need it. We even press charges against the literal torture facility that was pretending it was a "psychiatric unit" that was willing to consciously break every law from local to international by using boldfaced quackery to, at the very least, unlawfully imprison me and, most likely, torture and rape me because I would be in a completely controlled environment.

Who was it Unelected Terrorist Dictator Obama wanted to send to die that morning? Paramedics? Police officers? Or sheriff's deputies? The international espionage community led by the CIA already said, "Lay a finger on Squid, and we will use any method we want to get a confession out of you why." Which part of that did they not understand?

While I was on the Metro train, three Los Angeles County Sheriff's deputies boarded my car and conspicuously surrounded me. They were not on any other car. And they did nothing but guard the doors on both sides of me.

Thus, since metaphorically strange things were afoot at the Circle K, I sent this message, "6:34am John Brennan, please call the LA County Sherrif's office. The deputies are intentionally being very persecutorially menacing right now. Thx!"

It was all taken care of by the time I deboarded the train. After much troubleshooting, my NSA alpha nerds had me connected to complimentary wifi by 7:43am.

I watched as many of my middle-aged White men as I could. But Obama's cyberterrorists crashed my CBS app before I could finish watching darling Mr. David Letterman and denied me all of darling Mr. Craig Ferguson.

I kept catching up with online friends until 10:09am when the wifi failed completely. I could have asked my alpha nerds to fix it but, I was ready to leave anyway.

Go ahead, my not-human-trafficker nerds, release a verified podcast of my looking in the full-length mirror showing all of my muscle tone. Please put the date 17Oct2014 on it and remind everyone that the dress is a size 14, just like I ALWAYS say I wear a 14. As "No Dress Rehearsal," I was size 12. It is the gain in muscle mass that bumped me up a dress size.

At 10:25am, I left for the beach. It was Friday. Why not? The beach is the perfect place to land a team of Navy SEALS. We all know I do everything I can all day to keep everyone everywhere alive, even if it is just to put the evil ones on trial.

I was told in transit that there was ANOTHER attempt to ambush me and drag me to final torture facility to destroy me in to remove me from the world that loves and needs me FOREVER. But, my selfless support system had it dispersed before I arrived. This was never confirmed nor denied for me, though.

It always feels so good when I put my feet in the mighty Pacific. I walked around. I ate some ice cream. I chatted with the locals. One guy even hugged me. Toto, we are not in Iowa anymore.

I was told of an ambush that would come to the independent coffee shop I was in to drag me to a final torture facility. Again, it was never confirmed nor denied, but I relocated. At 3:16pm, my NSA alpha nerds had obtained permission to secure the public wifi for me.

That was THREE ambushes to rape, torture, and unlawfully imprison me for the rest of my life in an environment of horrors and terrors OBAMA could completely control on 17Oct2014 alone.

The world would have NEVER seen me again if they had succeeded. I was even told after I returned to the wifi that I would need to stay out of The War Criminal Gables forever because the slums were too unsafe for me. If I did that, though, I would be penniless and homeless again. And NO ONE anywhere was willing to disobey Obama's rules to protect me from him.

I relocated to the SideWalk Cafe where my friends told me they would send me someone to buy me dinner. A kind gentleman invited me to his table, and I did join him. We talked about hockey and my husband, the Mr. Johnny Depp.

After he left, I kept waiting for the friend I may have or have not met yet whom my friends kept telling me was coming. A kitchen employee committed the crime against me of obeying Obama's rules to my face by asking me my name. I flat out told him, "Her Royal Highness Princess Tanya of Spain."

The Sidewalk Cafe cannot claim they did not know who I was. But still, at 7:11pm, the Sidewalk Cafe committed the act of singling me out for worse treatment than any of the rest of their customers by persecuting me by throwing me out.

Syniva, stick the SideWalk Cafe with everything from hate crimes to persecution and everything else you can think of and proceed at a low priority speed on those charges against the Sidewalk Cafe, so they hit them after the 21Oct2014 deadline explained below.

I sent this message before I left Venice Beach... "7:30pm My selfless support system including but not limited to my saturation of international secret operatives and my loved ones, please secure The War Criminal Gables and my path there. Thank you for securing every transfer point in case of ambushes as well as the whole trip and the most dangerous place of all The War Criminal Gables. If you need to call the Sheriff's office and The War Criminal Gables (War Criminal Stephanie's phone number is in my text message history for the phone I had to put down.) to explain to them what you will do to them if they lay a finger on me, I recommend it. They clearly refuse to listen to me; even though I am a completely honest and wise world leader. It is the end of my existence in the world completely if they drag me to ANY controlled environment. Thank you for caring for humanity by caring for me."

Joyfully, my transit ride into Long Beach was uneventful, and my NSA alpha nerds had me securely connected to wifi by 9:46pm. Please, Long Beach, show my wifi benefactor some love.

I was in my slum eating ice cream by 10:37pm. Alarms for the night: 8:20pm torture facility threat, 8:51pm torture facility threat, 10:19pm torture facility threat, 10:33pm terrorism alarm, and 10:57pm terrorism alarm.

That last terrorism alarm before I fell asleep was either all of my crosstown friends being oppressed with human rights abuses by Obama's criminal terrorist Gestapo, and if the Gestapo used violence to stop my friends, it was terrorism used to enforce Obama's human rights abuses and totalitarian oppression.

Or, the alarm was for the US Military who finally came head-to-head with Obama's seditious extragovernmental criminal terrorist mercenary army comprised of nothing but deranged lunatics who were too berserk for the US Military to get past.

My GI Joes, my greatest American heroes, knowing is half the battle. My assessment of the situation was "Please send the full force of the US Armed Forces," and I was told the international community was also providing MAXIMUM cooperation possible, too.

Just because the enemy forbids anyone from knowing about any of his crimes nor capabilities, it does not mean the enemy is not real. Unelected Terrorist Dictator Obama has already proven he is the new Hitler. We need to fight him how we fought Hitler but with modern technological advances.

This is US soil, if we cannot protect America on our own soil against a terrorist mercenary army that is so well-organized and so heavily-armed it CANNOT be permitted to run rampant here nor anywhere else, that seditious extragovernmental criminal terrorist army will destroy this once-great nation. Look at all of the damage Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy has already caused because no one was ever willing to control them!

Please, US Armed Forces, please better assess what is necessary to save what should have always been "the land of the free and the home of the brave" from what is terrorizing all of these people into consciously giving up their full 1st Amendment rights and freedoms and making them cower under Obama's iron fist. No one I can see is standing up yet. This is not America in here. Hurry.

I was so exhausted that I slept like a rock. My lovers and believers in my neighborhood in Long Beach as well as my saturation of international secret operatives led by the CIA kept me safe all night just like they keep me safe all day.

I was awake, ready, and with a kickstarted SquidStream by 8:33am. I packed a lunch of toast and peanut butter for the day. And I was out the door to blog for humanity as soon as I could.

I heard a rumor that Corrupt Los Angeles County District Attorney Jackie Lacey said to someone to tell me, "If you (expletive) up ever, Squid, I will get you!" Really, Lacey? You?

The Dirty District Attorney Jackie Lacey, who has committed the conscious act of persecution against me, against my husband, against my friends, against my people, and against my nation with collusion, conspiracy, corruption, perjury, calumny, etc. all as crimes committed as acts of war against American which I could probably also convince a court is treason, too, through her intentionally fabricated false charges, character assassination, and falsified evidence (all of which we have court records of) all to be able to carry out unlawful imprisonment of us while granting impunity to proven war criminals, human traffickers, terrorists, etc. all only to enforce Obama's rules that mandate WITH NO LEGAL AUTHORITY Obama's iron fist of totalitarian oppression, proven genocide, compulsive human trafficking, uncontrolled terrorism, and global war on US soil, wanted to tell ME that if I ever (expletive) up that she will get ME?

Lacey, you need to learn who the real authority figure is in this town, and it is because, unlike you, I ALWAYS tell the truth and NEVER break the law all while suffering unspeakably under tyrants like you that I have the power I have. And, unlike you, my power is helpless to its own benevolence and is ONLY used to serve the good of humanity everywhere, including here. And that is why YOU, DA Lacey, need to fear breaking the law where I can see it.

While I was blogging for humanity, there was a heart attack alarm at 10:11am. I asked my loved ones to check on it.

This blog post was published at 11:11am on 18Oct2014.

My beautiful world, everyone who consciously chooses to obey Obama's rules consciously chooses to commit heinous acts against me and against themselves.

PLEASE arrest EVERY entity enforcing Obama's "Mein Kompf" of rules as soon as humanly possible. We just need injunctions from federal judges to press federal criminal charges; the FBI already told me they will arrest them.

Since this involves arresting Me-Love-You-Long-Time Holder, too, we just need to hold the whole conspiracy for competent prosecution from his replacement as US Attorney General and for international criminal trials if The Hague wants them.

On 17Oct2014 alone, Obama ordered three ambushes to drag me to a final torture facility to destroy me in just by 7:30pm. We NEED every conspirator arrested to protect us all.

I need help enforcing ACTUAL laws in here including the forbidding of public persecution against me as well as every other human rights abuse obeying and enforcing Obama's rules commits against all of us. Please reread my 16Oct2014 blog post if necessary.

After midnight on the morning of 21Oct2014, we are going to need to arrest every individual still obeying Obama's totalitarian human rights abuses and uncontrolled war crimes against me and against all of America, too, not just the people still enforcing them.

Such conscious choices by the public to commit human rights abuses against me and conscious crimes against America are also federal charges with no statutes of limitations.

All civil charges will be against each individual who commits crimes against me by obeying and propping up Obama. We never punish the innocent. I was just told all of this has set the news media free by 18Oct2014 to report the truth for the first time since 2009.

My friends in the news media, we all know the mass delusions that have proven America suffers under proven mental health GENOCIDE, as detailed in my 16Oct2014 blog post, are best combatted by telling the full truth to the masses in every form of media possible.

With this blog post, we can prove all 1st Amendment rights including freedom of the press and freedom of speech can never be violated without another amendment, and amendments must be ratified in a national election.

Obama's rules have NO AUTHORITY and are unenforcible. You cannot be arrested for telling the truth in America nor can you be fined for it, my friends in the news media. And your right and freedom to do your real job informing the public of reality including the truth about threats we face ourselves from uncontrolled tyranny, oppression, terrorism, war, and GENOCIDE, are necessary to save America right now.

You cannot be punished for reporting the news, and we need you to save America right now, my friends in the news media. Please consult any constitutional law experts you need to consult but hurry. The minds of the American public are degrading, and you can save them.

No one anywhere will have any excuses left by midnight on the morning of 21Oct2014 for still obeying Obama, especially once we get the truth on the news.

My beautiful world, NO TALKS and NO NEGOTIATIONS with any of Obama's conspirators unless I am there. I give no one permission to represent me! I deserve the right to determine my own future for the first time since Obama singled me out to be his inescapable victim when he took office in 2009.

My brave rescuers, what else do you still need? Tell me everything you need! Obama and all his criminal terrorist conspiracy REFUSE to stop, so we MUST arrest them all. If we do not do this now, the world will lose me forever. And then, who will save the world from Obama?

SynSyn, Amita, and Ugwuji, you can press any and all charges you want over the planned ambushes on 17Oct2014, but please only press them against the guilty individuals, not the taxpayers. And, I recommend federal injunctions for federal criminal charges for persecution, hate crimes, human rights abuses, everything you can make stick, too.

Also, my loved ones, if any nurse came forward as a witness to why I was always abused and literally tortured in every proven torture facility, I am sure the two of you who are medical doctors can make sure he or she always has a job at a real hospital.

My genius powers of attorney, we also always protect our own; we are truth tellers. So if he or she ever needs our legal team, physical protection, etc., we take care of it. And thank you.

Also, we ARREST every individual propping up Obama right now (We take the corruption, impunity, and pathological lying DOWN!) as soon as humanly possible. The FBI said they will arrest any and all members of Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy if we can get injunctions from the courts. And after midnight on the morning of 21Oct2014, we arrest every individual still obeying Obama, too.

Sweetness, I love and adore you. My brave rescuers are dying. I am done with this. We have lost over 4,000 brave men and women to Obama's seditious extragovernmental criminal terrorist mercenary army in just the last two years. Why am I the only person screaming?

Finally, my loving and adoring husband, this is the exterior of the loving adoring wife you fight so hard to love and protect...

Photo 1/2: Taken on 15Oct2014 in the bathroom at the Hard Rock Cafe...

Photo 2/2: Taken 24Aug2014 in fast food lighting...

HoneyHoney, this is the real me. If the people around me refuse to stand up and protect me from Obama and everything Obama wants, shove every wonderful thing I am for real down all of their throats because they are enforcing that Obama destroy me with their refusal to disobey him completely.

Darling, on 21Oct2014, we arrest everyone still destroying me by choosing to obey Obama. I know you, my genius powers of attorney, and all of my beautiful world will not let me down, even if it is posthumously because the public never chose to stand up and save me.

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