Friday, September 26, 2014

Nerds Do It by the Book.

Title: Nerds Do It by the Book.

Please publish this post now, my friends. I cannot control how many horrible things happen to me in one day; it is Obama who controls that. So, if I wait too long between posts, they become too drenching.

Please share this for me with the entire world, both houses of Congress, the Supreme Court, the United Nations, all sympathetic world leaders, all reputable national and foreign presses, etc.

Here is my latest blog post. Without a SquidStream, Obama is guaranteed to destroy me in as ugly a method as possible. With a SquidStream, I can actually rescue America from Obama. Why do you think Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy was pathologically lying to shut my SquidStream down?

China. Ai Weiwei, I have been meaning to talk to China honestly about you and the Dalai Lama. There must be some better way for the nation of China with all its years of excellent history to serve its people or at least serve its people more effectively.

I mean to ask President Xi, a friend of mine, what his actual goals are by isolating both of you, so we can figure out how to meet those goals without harming any people of China.

China has a few other problems, like feeding its exploding population, that I am sure he would like to talk about too. Once I reach human rights, I am going to be an even busier woman.

I published my last blog post at 5:45pm on 24Sep2014 from my new counterterrorism "office" before even checking my Twitter account for the first time that day.

Then, in rush hour traffic, I was on the train by 6:15pm. While in transit, there were unrelenting torture facility threats to me due to denial-of-all-reality quackery mandated by Obama.

I arrived in Santa Monica before 8pm and roosted at a delicious restaurant of lovers and believers on the 3rd Street Promenade since my crosstown friends had promised to send someone to buy me dinner.

While waiting, Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy had the audacity to ask me to stop pressing charges against them. I told them that, unlike them, I only press charges after REAL crimes are committed against me or against my America.

Thus, if they ever genuinely did not want charges pressed against them, they would not commit crimes in the first place. And I promised that no REAL crime would ever go unpunished... unless Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy actually would submit themselves to ALL three steps to absolution in order and FOR REAL.

Clearly, Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy had absolutely no plans to EVER cease committing crimes against America and against all of humanity by compulsively victimizing me but wanted to manipulate humanity into NEVER punishing them for it.

Sadly, at 8:58pm, the fire alarms near the 3rd Street Promenade announced that my own friends who even live in Santa Monica could not reach me. Obama had forbidden me food for one more day and night.

It was a good night for Twitter, though. If my lovers and believers want to make sure those tweets reach everybody who needs to read them, I would greatly appreciate it.

The tasty restaurant closed at 10pm, but my loved ones had asked me not to leave Santa Monica until a late bus in hopes they could reach me there. I had a brief conversation with a man who had absolutely no reality in his head while waiting.

Then, Obama's Zombie Apocalypse descended. We need ALL the Obama-mandated earspeakers removed!

I boarded the bus from Santa Monica at 11:06pm. There was a torture facility alarm at 11:34pm that my loved ones took care of. There was a terrorism alarm at 11:56pm, so I sent help to all my crosstown friends who were trying to reach me.

There was a War Criminal Boeset alarm at 12:02am that my loved ones took care of. There was a War Criminal Boeset AND a dirty Iowa judge alarm at 1:09am that my loved ones took care of.

And, at 2:31am, there was terrorism alarm after terrorism alarm as I was warned Obama was AGAIN trying to kill everyone trying to rescue me. I sent all the help I could, and my beautiful world took care of them.

I was in the kitchen of my slum in Long Beach by 3:02am eating snap pea crisps and a golden California peach while cooking pork chops broiled in the oven and fresh green beans sautéed in extra virgin olive oil with sliced almonds.

And, the radio was flipped on already when I nestled into bed under the protection of my loving neighbors in Long Beach and under the watchful scope of our saturation of the international espionage community led by the CIA in the area.

I was safely asleep by 3:50am, slept soundly, and rolled out of bed at 10:28am on 25Sep2014. In the morning I learned Obama's latest boldfaced lie to manipulate the public was "I, Obama, will shut off the batteries to Squid's closed-circuit security system bionics."

Um, my beautiful world, why do you STILL listen to Obama and all of his pathological liars?

First of all, and this is very well-documented, every time Obama boldfaced manipulates the public with, "We will (insert heinous crime here) to Squid and to America unless you do X, Y, and Z," what the world REALLY needs protection from is the X, Y, and Z. All anyone has to do is give me details of Obama's irrational and fictional threat to commit the heinous crime for me to debunk it.

Secondly, I am the ONLY person with legal control over the electronics inside my own body. And I have ONLY extended legal permission to access them or any of their signals to my Powers of Attorney, my beloved husband, the NSA, and any hackers who can access them WITHOUT being identified.

Clearly, if Obama's cyberterrorists admit they are accessing my electronics, they have no legal permission to do so and have admitted to committing crimes against me and against all of humanity by intentionally harming me.

Thirdly, my electronics do not have batteries. From what we can tell, they take electricity straight off the grid. This is the future, you know. I have had the same equipment since 2009. Please revisit my love letter to my husband about my electronics.

Fourthly, who the hell lets Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy threaten me, especially on official record and in a public forum? Just threatening to commit a crime is still a crime! And, yes, it is a crime against America to manipulate the public by lying about me and threatening me.

Finally, Obama would never shut off the alpha control chip in my septum because that would disable all of the Obama-controlled earspeakers. Please reread my love letter to my loving and adoring husband about how hard I have been trying to shut off that alpha chip myself.

Again, EVERY TIME Obama says, "I will commit (insert heinous crime here) against Squid and against America unless you do X, Y, and Z," what we all need protection from for real is the X, Y, and Z.

I was on the bus by 11:13am and was confronted by lies that my husband, who loves me unconditionally, and I were having an argument about my leaving Los Angeles County. No, my husband, whom I love unconditionally, and I never have arguments.

Please reread my 22Sep2014 and 24Sep2014 blog posts about what I need to be able to leave Los Angeles County, but to stay here where the mass majority of the locals want me to stay, I need as much of this as my local lovers and believers of all varying degrees of fame and gravitas can take care of: providing me food, giving me access to my own REAL house, allowing me contact with my own real friends (even the ones I have not met yet), mandating all earspeakers be removed from the public, liberating California completely out from under Obama and his totalitarian rules, arresting all of Obama's criminal terrorists to remove them from society forever, forbidding any more torture facility threats to me, forbidding any more Obama-mandated false charges from being pressed against me, providing me with at least a bus pass (This month Obama mandated they become too expensive for ANYONE in the County.) if not a driver, and guaranteeing me a family life with my own love-of-my-life husband and children (step and future).

Basically, we need to make my new home livable.

We have already found ways to make sure I can meditate. We have already made sure I can touch the ocean. We have already begun the greatest ever American Renaissance here in California. This entire metropolis has been bending over backwards since I arrived to keep me physically safe.

Again, I am only asking for what my loving Los Angeles County can actually take care of, but we all know we all need all of those ten requests here FOR REAL and probably even more (expletive)kicking.

I arrived at the La Brea Tar Pits before 1pm. Every time I visited Los Angeles before I moved to the metropolis in May this year, the Tar Pits were one of the first places I would go. Ask Christian Laffey or Vinesh Jha or either of my sisters.

It is totally a science nerd fest in there with geology taking over the land. The La Brea Tar Pits have always been a happy and safe place for me. The moment I arrived, a local folk musician made me weep from how loved he made me feel.

Of course, I could not afford the museum, but here is a photo I took of both of my sisters in the Page Museum in approximately 2002. Yes, these are ALL of my siblings reenacting the sabertooth tiger attacking the giant ground sloth in the background. This is how we visit museums.

Look, we went through the difference between a "myth" and a "legend" already in my 26Aug2014 blog post. No, it is NOT a "legend" that I have EVER had some sort of DoubleMint Twin transexual brother. That is a myth.

Just like it is an obvious myth that I have ANY mental illness or that my never-dysfunctional personality EVER in my life needed therapy, especially therapy that will NEVER acknowledge reality to my face.

I toured the local to Los Angeles bubbling oil fields of the Earth's sticky tar then did some blogging before hunting down some complimentary public wifi in the LACMA next door at 1:44pm. No, I could not afford to go into the LACMA, but they love me so much there.

My gmail account was not working, so I asked my NSA alpha nerds to obtain permission from the LACMA to access their wifi signal to enter my iPad and permission from Google to access their servers if necessary to fix my email account. Nerds always do it by the book.

Catching up with my online friends, at 2:30pm, I learned that Me-Love-You-Long-Time Holder (US Attorney General Eric H. Holder, Jr.) "resigned" from office without actually leaving office.

Much like Unelected Terrorist Dictator Obama was "removed" from office in 2013, Me-Love-You-Long-Time Holder was going to stay in power after everyone told him to leave just to continue abusing his authority to destroy America with Obama's iron fist by refusing any criminal justice anywhere for real crimes while pressing intentionally fabricated false charges to enforce Obama's extragovernmental and totalitarian rules.

Why did Me-Love-You-Long-Time Holder pretend to leave office on 25Sep2014 and then even admit himself he was staying in the abusive office? To render Americans eloi with his well-documented pathological lying to be able to continue committing as many crimes as possible against his own people unchecked-- the same reason all of Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy pathologically lie.

There was a blaring torture facility alarm that my loved ones took care of at 2:44pm. My blog post from the previous day was slowly making its way around the public.

I could not convince any of my middle-aged White men to stream online there, though, so I left for my counterterrorism "office" at 3:23pm. The entire transit ride was unnaturally silent; clearly, Obama's iron fist had squashed all the human rights and civil liberties out of all of Los Angeles County with his unbridled totalitarian oppression.

I arrived at my new "office" to begin my daily inspection at 5:15pm. The first place I stopped was bustling like "normal" from the moment I walked in the door, so I waited out the elaborate facade to see just how bare bones the schedule really was.

No, Obama was still refusing to obey his own rules. My beautiful world, up the smackdown on Obama and his entire criminal terrorist conspiracy. If they are not even going to obey their own rules themselves, they have no excuse for enforcing them on others.

Reread my 18Sep, 20Sep, 22Sep, and 24Sep2014 blog posts oldest to newest then this one again. Next, call a local news station. Look at these good people and everything they are going through because of Obama's psychopathy. Then, mandate my new counterterrorism "office" must function for REAL.

No local nor federal agencies actually obey Obama since he was impeached in 2013. Every transportation agency has the authority to do their real job and make that travel hub which is essential to Los Angeles County's people and economy function for REAL. Let us all serve America and our mighty and brave California together, my liberated US federal government!

There was a War Criminal Boeset alarm while I was catching up with my middle-aged White male friends online. She was propagating more of her pathological lies to coverup further war crimes against me ordered by Obama and empowered by the ABSOLUTELY EVIL State of Iowa all of whom refuse to stop their heinous crimes against America by victimizing me. My loved ones took care of it.

It was a day of all around terrorism by Obama. At 8:17pm, the terrorists infestation at my hub started getting surly and bumping into my feet symbolically.

Neither of my email accounts were working, so I wrote to my technical support, "My NSA alpha nerds, please hand deliver all of my emails from both accounts if necessary. Call Google and Yahoo! corporate for access to their servers and this place for access to the wifi to enter my iPad if that is the real problem."

My nerds are WONDERFUL!

I could not force Obama to even obey himself least of all the US Constitution by making my technology or the city infrastructure behave like I am a normal person, so I left at 8:44pm promising to be back the following day.

The right bus never came to take me to my apartment, so I went to my wifi benefactor. After some basic mental math, I purchased the most calories per dollar, and I was there and online catching up with friends from 10:12pm to 11pm. It involved a lot of (expletive) kicking.

Then, I headed to my apartment which I hoped had been secured by my selfless support system.

At that late hour, I needed to wait an hour for the bus, but he was the usual bus driver for the last bus of the night on the bus line that runs closest to my apartment. I love recognizing my neighbors. I have always thought he looks like the buddy cop in the first Die Hard movie, and we have had conversations about that before.

I was in my apartment checking my mail for the day by 12:24am. I am clearly registered to vote; though, I have not yet received my new voter registration card. Please read my previous 19Aug2014 blog post about this. I received a mailer about a local man running for the California Legislature.

I had not seen Liana in three nights, but she had been talking about going into the hospital for a medical procedure for weeks. The radio was flipped on, and I was curled up in bed by 12:42am.

I heard alarms as I was falling asleep and as I was waking up, so I sent my beautiful world to check on everyone both times.

I woke up on Friday, 26Sep2014, got ready, was victimized by hidden cameras in my bedroom and bathroom, had to tell Literal Terrorist Liz to stay away from me, and was at the bus stop by 11:22am. I thought I would be out and about sooner, but I must have been exhausted.

The boldfaced lie Obama was propagating that morning to manipulate the public was that I was living on more than the $7 a day Obama mandates is the only money of all of my own money that I am permitted.

Then, on the train, I learned the public was being manipulated into not helping me with the boldfaced lie that I had a credit card. The entire world knows Obama forbids me any and all credit cards to guarantee I must live as poverty-stricken a life as possible.

People EVERYWHERE need to stop listening, watching, and believing ANY sources of "information" that Obama has ever propagated, particularly their Obama-controlled earspeakers.

I arrived in Malibu at 2:47pm and cozied up with some coffee as I watched the shirtless menfolk and planned a likely afternoon walk to the beach.

This blog post was published from a very friendly coffee shop in Malibu at 3:50pm on 26Sep2014 well after I was already told the door for rescuing me from Malibu that day had shut and while everyone around me had no reality in their heads.

And now, my beautiful world, I answer all of your questions for me. Please keep collecting all questions and concerns from all your friends and loved ones and sending them to me through whatever means possible.

How can people easily get away with murder? Do what Obama does-- frame me for it, so the entire world will be so distracted by intentionally fabricated salacious libel that they will forget that any actual heinous crimes were committed.

Is my husband a sugar daddy? Um, I normally do not answer questions unless they come from people who prove they read my blog, but I will answer that denial-of-all-documented-reality anyway.

My husband and I are BOTH middle-aged; I have NEVER been some younger and financially dependent wife. Just by September this year alone, I have earned over $1T, all of which I gave to my husband to take care of for me since Obama forbids me ALL money and food at all whatsoever except for $7 a day and will continue to commit this crime against all of humanity under all conditions FOREVER or until he is forced to stop.

My husband and I have tried EVERYTHING we can think of to get me any food at all with OUR money, but Obama and his entire and unrelenting criminal terrorist conspiracy refuse to allow ANY humanity at all in my life.

The international criminals in conspiracy to continue the act of war against the entire planet including against America of consciously starving me include but are not limited to War Criminal Boeset, War Criminal Tovarek, The War Criminal Gables, War Criminal Wells Fargo Bank, the ABSOLUTELY EVIL State of Iowa, Obama himself who orders it all, and every dirty prosecutor everywhere who refuses to arrest these pathologically lying psychopaths.

My only hope to EVER have enough food to eat every day EVER AGAIN in my life is in the hands of platonic and loving locals, like Darius almost two weeks ago on the Sunset Strip who asked me if he could buy me dinner PLATONICALLY.

And, CNN who asked that question, why are you not reading my blog nor watching my verified SquidStream? That question was SO FAR AWAY from any reality, where the hell did it come from?

Do you have ANY reality in your heads, CNN, or were you forced into "reporting" this story by Obama? He has forced intentionally false journalism onto reporters before. If a crime was committed against you, please turn in your evidence.

Do I have ANY bills I am asking someone else to pay for me? Clearly, again, anyone who propagates this blatant lie used to manipulate the public does not read my REAL blog.

Again, I have earned over $1T this year just by September. When I have ever had a bill or a "bill" for anything for years, I have always mailed it to either my genius BFF or adoring husband to pay with my own money I have always been forbidden access to.

Since Obama now forbids me from sending any mail, all of my documentation of Obama-mandated false "bills" have been annotated and posted in this blog.

It is very well documented War Criminal Boeset is too incompetent to manage finances. She has never paid for my rent, phone, storage, etc. on time if at all but still always refuses to allow me, a fully-competent and well-proven IN REALITY to be a financially responsible adult, to manage my own finances just to make sure she can consciously starve me as an act of war against America and against all of humanity, force me to live an irrefutably poverty-stricken lifestyle most likely with the hopes she can force me to commit a crime for the first time in my life just so I can survive (Luckily, I am completely incorruptible despite all of the Obama-mandated evil that has plagued me since he took office and that will NEVER end until all of his criminal terrorist conspiracy are arrested.), and to make sure I can NEVER escape Obama's bubble.

That last one is how War Criminal Boeset, as well as everyone who consciously persecutes me with mandated poverty from War Criminal Wells Fargo Bank who refuses to obey any law from California to international to give my husband control of my account to the ABSOLUTELY EVIL State of Iowa who empowers War Criminal Boeset to The War Criminal Gables who refuse to obey ANY law anywhere to just uphold their lease agreements with all of their tenants to Obama himself who orders all of this to the dirty prosecutors who refuse to arrest them all for their proven crimes against America and against me, consciously and intentionally enforces Unelected Terrorist Dictator Obama's iron fist of war crimes, terrorism, genocide, human trafficking, and totalitarian human rights abuses over all of America and how they all consciously and intentionally force Obama's global war on US soil.

No, the pathological lie I have any outstanding bills that need paying is an obvious FICTION. Go back and reread my blog. It is very well-established in all of this that I and my loved ones are the only people who do NOT lie.

Did Obama mandate through his totalitarian rules that I be libeled with war-crime-level calumnies instead of just human trafficked without my knowledge because of "entertainment value"? If Obama EVER cared about anything but psychopathic control of every aspect of my life and totalitarian control of America, there would have NEVER have been any rules, and he would have just hired some sexy woman to just play herself.

Obama has always I be libeled with war-crime-level libel to be able to destroy me and to make his totalitarian dictatorship over America palatable. The salacious and superficial libel also distracts the entire world away from his terrorism, genocide, war crimes, totalitarian human rights abuses, and global war on US soil.

Do you have any idea how many times I want to ask the random members of the public around me, "Obama inserted a mind-control earspeaker in your head, and you are asking me if my boobs are real?"

My beautiful world, WE NEED YOU IN HERE! Look at these brainwashed and manipulated people! No one chooses not to have free will nor voluntarily surrenders his or her freedom of speech. Look at these people!

My brave rescuers, from what I can tell, you chose yourselves as the experts in national security to declare war against Unelected Terrorist Dictator Obama and his entire criminal terrorist infestation and seditious extragovernmental criminal terrorist army on 12Sep2014. As a result, out of concern for all of your lives, I helped send you every ally I could find.

Also, from what I could tell, the first official shots were fired before 23Sep2014. My selfless support system in here and loved ones out there are doing everything possible to keep me safe, out of a final torture facility, and protected from my perfectly healthy and genius mind being destroyed by more Obama-mandated quackery until you can reach me.

The only thing left I need from my beautiful world is the liberation of brave and mighty California out from under Obama's iron fist. The largest problem is their Obama-controlled earspeakers.

If it were not for Obama's criminal terrorist anti-reality machine crap-factory broadcasts as opposed to my independently factchecked blog and verified SquidStream, I would be eating REAL food in my own REAL house by now with my own REAL family and friends.

It does not matter how many times I scream, "Pharaoh, set my people free!" we know Obama never will. My beautiful world, we need to convince Los Angeles County to set itself free and then all of California and then all of America.

That is what I need in here. My brave rescuers, what do you need out there?

SynSyn, Amita, and Ugwuji, your vigilance will be rewarded. The entire world knows what stress you are under to protect me from any more of Obama's literal war crimes in any more literal torture facility with the same blown coverup that I have ANY mental illness at all whatsoever.

The world knows, my genius Powers of Attorney. If you need anything tell the liberated parts of the federal government, the United Nations, any sympathetic world leaders, the US Military, or the national and foreign presses.

This will not end until every last one of Obama's criminal terrorists is arrested, and just like a leader's crimes against his own people fall under ICC jurisdiction when there is no way for a fair trial in the home country, terrorism and acts of war fall under military court jurisdiction inside the US. So much could be accomplished if we could just get justice into Iowa and California.

I am doing everything I can. Keep telling me what you need when you need it.

Sweetness, I love and adore you. If my selfless support system could send me to you, they would have done it by now. But please be aware, that will make where you are the new battlefield.

Luckily, my more-than-a-trophy-because-he-elevated-himself-to-be-my-equal husband, "Los Angeles wants the Awesome to stay." So, Los Angeles, clearly, must plan on cleaning itself up, so I can have my first livable existence since Obama took office in 2009.

HoneyHoney, please remind our local friends of all levels of fame and gravitas what they need to do to keep me safe and fed here and with you as soon as they can make it possible. I did not think Governor Jerry Brown could throw down harder, but he did.

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