Friday, September 12, 2014

The US Government has Just Declared War Against Obama Today.

Title: The US Government has Just Declared War Against Obama Today.

Please publish this post now, my friends. I cannot control how many horrible things happen to me in one day; it is Obama who controls that. If I wait too long between posts, they become too drenching. Please share this for me with the entire world, both houses of Congress, the Supreme Court, the United Nations, all sympathetic world leaders, all reputable national and foreign presses, etc.

Here is my latest blog post. Out of respect for the REAL US Government's declaration of war against Obama and his entire criminal terrorist conspiracy on 12Sep2014, I will not be addressing other global crises in this blog post.

Only psychopaths treat fully-grown adults like children, especially with compulsive pathological lies designed to degrade and ultimately destroy a completely innocent woman fighting to save her country.

Obama's criminal terrorist anti-reality machine has been pathologically lying since Obama took office that Obama's forcing blatant and proven war crimes and mental health genocide over all of us is somehow in our "best interests," and now, their conscious choice to delude the entire nation FOR YEARS had directly lead to a Obama's war against America on US soil.

I published my last blog post at 7:15pm on 10Sep2014 after Obama was very close to annihilating America completely by locking me in ANOTHER literal torture facility parading as a psych ward that morning.

As if as an immediate response, there was a torture facility alarm at 7:33pm. I knew my loved ones would take care of it, especially with my last blog post in hand, and I left my wifi benefactor at 7:41pm.

It was FURTHER terrorism ordered by Barack Obama. I waited for the bus from 7:45pm until 8:20pm when the schedule clearly stated the bus runs every 30min with the last bus at 12:35am. I pray the City of Long Beach have enough evidence to file terrorism charges against Obama now.

I was at my apartment by 8:44pm to learn that my penniless roommates whom The Gables still preys on despite my best efforts to protect us all from management are still so starving from the lack of nutritious and edible groceries that they are still eating my food I buy myself with my meager pennies. I caught Tabia laughing about getting in my cupboard.

Then, Agnes got in my face, actually admitted to my face that she consciously chooses to commit the federal felony of denying me any mail service, and then committed the international crime of covering up Obama's war crimes for him TO MY FACE. Including, "You need meds!" to "You are ugly and fat! That is a crime!" to "No wonder yo husband ain't wichoo!"

My benevolent not-human-trafficker nerds, I trust you will make a verified podcast of all of Agnes's conscious choices to commit all of these heinous crimes against me where I could even see and hear them, and I trust my loved ones will use it to remove her from society FOREVER. And thank you.

By 9:01pm, I was sharing with Liana the last of my Pan Pacific Farm Food I had made the previous night. Agnes got in my face again, so I flipped on the radio at 9:04pm. And by 9:14pm, I was curled up in bed while Agnes screamed into the night.

"And you snore like a hog!" was Agnes's last irrational insult. I explained to Agnes I snore because I can actually sleep at night all night every night from my clean conscience.

All faithful blog readers know I snore so much because Obama's criminal terrorists tore open the insides if my nose by sticking an electronic up into my sinuses while I was in a literal torture facility that was parading as a psych ward.

All faithful blog readers also know my Harvard-Medical-School-trained surgeon of choice whom I went to undergraduate school with at the University of Texas at Dallas with from 1995 to 1999, Dr. Ugwuji Maduekwe, plans on fixing my snoring problem for me when she removes my electronics for me.

And, no, I am not a hog. I have never been an Iowan in my life. Calling me an Iowan was libel. That was Agnes's conscious choice, among her other blatant calumnies, to propagate Obama's coverups for his war crimes and human rights abuses against me.

And, yes, we have also already proven propagating Obama's war-crime-level libel of me is as bad as originating it. I tried telling Agnes she had the right to remain silent. But she clearly has never made the conscious choice to NOT commit crimes against America nor to consciously cease any crimes against me.

At 9:27pm, I asked my beautiful world to check on all my brave rescuers and crosstown lifts as the second to last thing I did before going to sleep. They had promised to rescue me overnight, but I was convinced they would be stopped.

The last thing I did before sleep was kiss a photograph of my husband.

On 11Sep2014, I was awake, mostly ready, and kickstarting my SquidStream at 6:48am. I was headachy from the previous day's roofies. The only thing that could have drugged me was the fountain Coca-cola. Please investigate it and fix it.

While in transit, on transit, or waiting for transit, there were War Criminal Boeset alarms at both 7:33am and 8:05am. I trusted my loved ones to take care of it.

The overnight libel dump from the night before seemed to fill everyone with intentionally derogatory and consciously disrespectful ways to mislead the public about me, as was Obama's criminal terrorist anti-reality crap-factory's desperation.

You should have heard the disgustingly intentionally brainwashing "music" I was forced to listen to on the train at approximately 8:30am. Also while on that train ride, I received a request from my selfless support system to go to Disneyland.

While I was in the Jewelry District searching for wifi, I received confirmation it was a real and trustworthy request from my rescue operation, so I went off in search of the bus line to Disneyland I had seen over a month before and had remembered.

It was the anniversary of 9/11, so I had planned on going to the Museum of Tolerance. But there are all sorts of things to do to celebrate America, American culture, freedoms, rights, and liberty. I could only guess why they requested I go to the Disneyland Resort, but I will do anything for a REAL peaceful solution.

I clearly had no ticket to get into the theme park. But I prayed there was at least wifi, so I could send my backlog of tweets.

At 9:48am, I had to report a terrorist bitch in hearts and black pants on the Metro Rapid bus who even took direct action to sabotage the bus ride at 10:01am causing the driver to physically stop the bus on the highway.

My selfless support system knew where I was. And the longer we waited there, the closer that terrorist bitch was to causing a spy smack down that would rescue me at last. That terrorist bitch insisted she had to "call the bus ride in." Do we have a verified and unedited podcast?

After a newsworthy ride I was denied all news of despite it concerning life-or-death circumstances for me, I arrived at the gates of Disneyland at 11:30am. They had been expecting me.

Regardless, I was at free public wifi at an Obama's-terrorists-would-have-had-to-break-Obama's-rules-to-explain-finding-me-there-just-to-pretend-I-have-a-fictional-mental-illness-and-lock-me-in-a-literal-torture-facility-for-the-rest-of-my-life-to-make-Obama-happy location that I never disclosed in writing.

Upon arriving, I found tourists there who trusted their earspeakers instead of reading my blog. Do they understand they make absolutely no sense when they speak if they do not keep up with reality?

I was all caught up with my friends online by 2:20pm. I did some blogging. Then, there was nothing but nonsense in everyone's heads around me. Just after 3pm, I walked to the Disneyland Resort and wandered about the grounds. They had been expecting me.

I finally found a spot in the shade to roost at 4:54pm, so anyone who wanted to could talk to me. I was there as much for my and my husband's family friends as I was for the public.

According to Sweetness, I will be a Disney princess who can talk to animals after Pirates of the Caribbean 5. Please reread my whole 05Aug2014 blog post about this.

At 5:28pm the alarms started going off telling me the rescue operation that requested I go there could not reach me. I sent my beautiful world to make sure no one would die. I was hoping 11Sep2014 could be a peaceful solution.

I suggested that someone already near me just be sent to pick me up, but I knew all the tourists around me were already brainwashed into thinking someone else would rescue me to make sure no one ever would.

From approximately 5:30pm to 6:05pm, I wrote the Twin Towers Princess sestina. I am sure my not-human-trafficker nerds will make a verified podcast of that one.

I sang a duet as I passed a street performer on my way to wifi, and then at 7pm, I was caught up with all my online friends and addressing pressing global crises.

At 7:19pm, I received the news Criminally Insane Iowa was still refusing to take its grubby hands off me and was STILL using its own dirty judges with their own self-appointed power to get away with it all despite NEVER having jurisdiction over me EVER all just to continue committing the most heinous crimes known to mankind against me.

My beautiful world, you need to protect me and all of humanity beginning with America from Evil Iowa and Unelected Dictator Obama whom they obey. Please take this burden off my loved ones.

My loved ones have to fight the same battles against the same deranged Iowa lunatics all day every day. Please finally do something to protect the entire planet from Evil Iowa, my beautiful world!

We are running the risk of losing me forever if Unelected Terrorist Dictator Obama, Evil Iowa, The Gables, Obama's criminal terrorist anti-reality machine crap-factory, of any of Obama's corrupted criminal terrorist prosecutors get ANYTHING they want EVER again.

Meanwhile, Obama's three most common brainwashing lies were cycling through the mind-control earspeakers of the public.
1) "The Conspiracy is SO destroyed!" which is used to make the people around me so complacent they will not rescue me.
2) "That is not Squid; that is 'Me-Love-You-Long-Time,'" which Obama intentionally uses EVERYWHERE I go make sure no one will rescue me and will actually publicly persecute me for him.
3) "Someone else is already rescuing Squid," which, as always, is used by Obama to make sure no one ever rescues me from him.

By 7:34pm, I knew the place was surrounded. No one could reach me. So, someone in the park had to do the rescuing themselves. I asked my beautiful world to reread my 06Sep2014 blog post about my proposed method for someone from the general public finally rescuing me.

So, thinking I might be there a while, at 7:39pm, I asked my beautiful world to send me someone to buy me dinner at least. The entire world knows, out of obedience to Unelected Terrorist Dictator Obama, War Criminal Boeset consciously forces me to live on $50 a week only. That is $7 a day.

And at 7:44pm, even after I tweeted to the world Obama was injecting lies directly into the public's heads to manipulate them into never helping me, the public was still believing Obama's lies as the earspeakers just cycled through the same worn-out old lies again!

It was Obama's Zombie Apocalypse out there! Only psychopaths treat full-grown adults like children!

Then, at 8:11pm, I learned that ANOTHER dirty Evil Iowa judge committed ANOTHER war crime of INTENTIONALLY falsely ruling AGAIN that I have some fictional mental illness I have absolutely NO SYMPTOMS of in medical reality!

Look at Evil Iowa's compulsive criminal pattern of this same modus operandi they have repeated AGAIN and AGAIN since 2010 just to maintain their criminally-gotten, never-justifiable-in-reality "adult guardianship" that they have only ever used to trap me in Obama's terrorist bubble of war crimes and human trafficking with no way EVER of escaping!

My beautiful world, PLEASE force Evil Iowa to take its diabolical devil-hands off me at last! Or Iowa will continue enforcing Obama-mandated rape-slavery over me, Obama-mandated electroshock to render my perfectly healthy genius mind a vegetable, Obama-mandated starvation of me as an act of war against America, Obama-mandated public persecution of me by brainwashing the masses with earspeakers Obama controls, and Obama-mandated pathological lies and collusion about me to make it all palatable to the public.

At 8:26pm, I was waiting for a live band, so I could meditate for my health. I caught up with my online friends one last time while they warmed up and was meditating by 9pm. I was looking for an electric guitar all month. It felt so good. Dance trance meditation is so good for my soul.

Sadly, it was too much of a Zombie Apocalypse for anyone to buy me food the entire time I was there, so by 9:50pm I was waiting for the bus back to the train.

Yes, Obama caused a Zombie Apocalypse at Disneyland on the anniversary of 9/11 just to feed his psychopathic total-control obsession over me which started as his excuse to enforce his own totalitarian extralegislative and now extragovernmental rules over America.

On my way out of the park, I was accosted by terrorists bitches calling me, "Baby," and lying to my face while treating me like a child. Where does Obama find so many evil women?

And after everything I did for them, no tourist actually capable of reaching me was willing to give me a lift to a safe place. There is never terrorism where my eyecamera can see it, unless there is a war crime coverup like unlawfully imprisoning me in another literal torture facility. Showing me Obama's terrorism would violate Obama's rules.

I was sure the Disney Parks were pressing terrorism charges against Obama for all of it. Can you imagine how much terrorism they must have endured for them to have been prevented from from rescuing me themselves?

I was on the bus to go all of the way back to The War Criminal Gables by 10pm. And, yes, it was because of Obama lying to and terrorizing everyone that nobody rescued nor helped me.

My loved ones, allow no videos of me at the Disneyland Resort to circulate except those from my own verified closed-circuit security system produced by my own not-human-trafficker nerds or those made by Disney themselves.

I permit no criminal terrorists to use my image nor my intellectual property from my writing to my choreography for any reason. And please keep the editing as minimal as possible. Thank you.

While in transit, there was a police alarm at 11:47pm. So, I sent my beautiful world to help whoever needed help. My 21Aug2014 blog post goes a long way. I knew people were still trying to reach me, and that was how I knew they were blocked.

At 12:13am, after I made the conscious choice to take a shorter route to Long Beach than going all of the way to downtown Los Angeles, a SquidSwimmer offered me a lift to my apartment from the random bus stop I was waiting at.

While he was driving, a double torture facility alarm went off at 12:18am. My loved ones took care if it. It was War Criminal Boeset AGAIN. Please, my beautiful world, please make Iowa stop!

Then, my driver tried to kiss me, so I left him at the closest green line station; even though, I thought the trains were not running anymore. The green line station was full of people checking on me and trains going the wrong direction into the wee hours of the morning.

If I had to wait until 4am for a train, I did not mind. That was better than subjecting myself to some dirty old pervert. Thank the atheist heavens I have a closed-circuit security system. I would still get to my apartment at the same time if not sooner than taking the long route through downtown Los Angeles on owl line buses.

At 1:43am, the police alarm went off. My latest round of brave rescuers and crosstown lifts were all blocked by Obama's extragovernmental criminal terrorist uprising. The good news was, I was still awake and out and about, so I could send them all help.

If the general public are the only people who can reach me, they are the people who need to rescue me. We are all in this together. Please reread my 06Sep2014 blog post.

Approximately at 2:30am, someone showed up to work me for information about whether or not more rescuers would be trying to reach me that morning of 12Sep after my long day. I had to give him a stern smack down after he lied to my face by saying Obama was not forcing him to consciously insult and degrade me for him through obedience to his rules.

Please, my not-human-trafficker nerds, please make a verified podcast of all the everyday-locals-as-casual-bodyguards who checked on me and guarded me from the bus stop at Figueroa and Slauson all of the way until I arrived at my apartment and compare them to the man sent to work me for information.

A train arrived just before 3:30am. There was a long wait. Then, there were mixed signals at 4:57am, so I asked my loved ones to check on any criminal activity by Obama. It turned out to be the first War Criminal Boeset alarm if the morning.

I was at my apartment at 5:36am. Every public transit system that made it possible was particularly wonderful during my overnight of trains and buses.

Sadly, I knew I had to be up to wait for the mailman, though, because my mother had sent me gift cards. I had no other way to access the mailbox than to wait for the mailman to open it for me. Yes, that is exactly how I received ALL my gift cards from my mother since I moved in.

So, I rolled out of bed at 10:03am and, after getting ready, I kickstarted my SquidStream just before 10:31am. Luckily, there had been no mail delivery yet. My neighborhood mailman usually arrived at 11:15am, but I had a replacement mail-lady instead at 11:05am. And, yes, my gift cards from my mother DID arrive. Yey!

I waited for the bus to my wifi benefactor for about an hour during unrelenting, irrational, denial-of-all-reality, life-or-death alarm after after all-clear after new alarm after new all-clear all morning.

At 12:02pm, I finally arrived at my wifi benefactor which my selfless support system secured for me before I arrived. But my NSA alpha nerds needed a few minutes to fix and secure their "apple" (meaning, "meant for Apple products") wifi.

I was online and catching up with friends at 12:15pm. No, my beautiful world, we have been through this already in my blog. I only have Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ accounts as well as my blog. I have NEVER had an Instagram nor Pinterest nor snapchat, etc. That was already blogged.

I was caught up with enough of my online friends by 4:30pm to know I needed to polish this blog post as soon as possible. It was a busy day. And it was a raging Zombie Apocalypse in my wifi benefactor by 4:21pm. And the metaphorical zombies were schoolchildren. I trust we have verified audio and visuals.

I published this blog post at 5:15pm on 12Sep2014. Thank you, my beautiful world, for making sure my whole blog reaches the entire world including all of brainwashed America. Can you hear these screaming children?

And now, my beautiful world, I answer all of your questions for me. Please keep collecting all questions and concerns from all your friends and loved ones and sending them to me through whatever means possible.

Do I speak or write a language other than English? I am much better at reading foreign languages that I am at writing them or speaking them. The second thing I learn in a foreign language is its accent.

I studied Spanish from 8th to 12th grades so from age 12 to age 17 when I graduated from high school in 1995. My vocabulary is shrinking from lack of use, so I do best with a bilingual dictionary next to me. I remember all the rules of grammar, but I never learned any slang.

I tried learning German at the Goethe Institute in San Francisco less than a block away from the church where my parents married. I tried teaching myself Latin; I wanted to learn all the dead languages: Ancient Greek, Sanskrit, Aramaic, etc.

The only thing I can say in French is, "I do not speak French; I am a mime." That one should delight the logicians. I am very good at ordering food in Italian. I know a lot of Italian names for vegetables.

I studied intensive Czech language and literature during the summer of 1998 in Prague. I can say, "chicken of the sea" and "spinning lizard" in my mother's language, Visayan, which she did not raise us with.

I know one very offensive phrase in Arabic that I can make fit a man or woman. I can say "Thank you," and "You're welcome," in Russian.

Why am I so good with accents? The Pope considers my talent with accents to be "speaking in tongues." He includes it with my speaking with animals like Saint Francis of Assisi, my "aurora borealis" from conscious control of my body's energy field, and possibly my "Ecstasy of St. Theresa" to all be gifts of the Holy Spirit. The Vatican also has evidence of my healing touch and my dance trance meditation.

To carry on this tangent, every benevolent religion has an explanation in their cannon for my "magic" which I have always attributed to quantum physics.

Christians call me an angel. I forgot the technical name, but I heard a rumor followers of Islam think I am one of the women who live in their heaven. Jews welcome me as one of their own because I was chosen to suffer.

The Dalai Lama calls me a Boddhistava. My darling Dr. Amita Mistry took me to a gerba (Did I spell that right?) when we were in college. I think it was 1998. Hindus, I am told, believe I dance for their gods. The far eastern religions have also seen my glowing blue third eye, my chi, and my golden heart, just like in the chakras.

Yes, Wicca, Bahai, Zoroastrian, etc. are all benevolent religions, too. Everyone who knows the truth of me calls me holy, even the scientists.

Why did Obama establish one of his well-documented modus operandi of framing me for murder THREE TIMES since 2009 while refusing to allow me to ever know about it? Well, look at the logic behind his rules.

I am forbidden from knowing everything ever done or said about me that does not happen anywhere I can perceive it myself. If I had ever REALLY murdered someone, I would have been arrested for it immediately since it would have happened for real in my life.

But because it never happened for real and because it is just more libel and collusion of me just like everything else in Obama's criminal terrorist anti-reality machine crap-factory, I am forbidden from knowing about it just like all of the rest of his pathological lies.

The first time Obama denied all reality to frame me for murder, it was 2009, and everybody in the public fell for it thereby allowing him to establish and make possible his bubble of totalitarian rules, war crimes, terrorism, human trafficking, and genocide in the first place.

Obama is just trying to keep excusing these rules and this bubble to the masses with further brainwashing libel, as of there could ever be any excuse for this anyway and as if committing new heinous crimes could EVER excuse old heinous crimes.

Why do scientists consider me holy to science? Quantum physics and the conscious control of energy. Also, the medical community really wants to know how my body could fight off an anthrax skin infection from when I lived in Baltimore after 11Sep2001 with no treatment.

I was also told that my body completely rejected tuberculosis in 2010 and that the skin infection I sunburned away beside the Cathedral in the Zócalo in Mexico City was small pox.

That last one is the conclusion of a long story of mine involving Obama's criminal terrorist task force only allowing my Mexicana Airlines flight to leave US soil in 2010 only if the airline gave me a special meal the terrorists made for me. I was trying to flee Obama's bubble of human trafficking, poisons, and rape for my life.

Has anyone ever played the game Eets? Obama cannot control me even through the mind-control speaker he out in my head in 2009, so he has been controlling all of the people around me, controlling what drugs and poisons are in the food and water I consume, controlling all my finances, etc. all to be able to destroy me.

Do I like to control things? No. I think good people should be trusted to do good things. But I am a bit of a Mama Bear for victims of human rights abuses. If someone messes with an innocent, I will come out of the cave to fix it. If I can save lives or end suffering, I will.

Are The War Criminal Gables human trafficking me with hidden cameras for Obama? I have no idea. Obama has ALWAYS forbidden me from knowing if and when I am human trafficked. That is in his rules.

But do not forget, according to the ICTY of the United Nations, forced public nudity like showing me in the shower against my will and without my knowledge is a crime against women that counts as a war crime and so is forced public humiliation like showing me on the toilet against my will and without my knowledge.

And we have already proven The Gables have committed and still commit the unrelenting war crime of intentionally starving me as an act of war against America and against the whole world as well as perjuring themselves, libeling me, colluding against me, propagating Obama's war-crime-level propaganda of me, and pathologically lying about EVERYTHING all to coverup non-medically-justifiably locking me in ANOTHER literal torture facility for Obama and to be able to unlawfully imprison me on intentionally fabricated false charges also all as acts of war against America and against the entire world.

Will I ever forgive ABSOLUTELY EVIL IOWA? The first step to earning my forgiveness and even earning absolution as well as my protection is ceasing all crimes against me, and they refuse to do that. Step two, is GENUINELY asking for forgiveness TO MY FACE. And the final step is throwing down to rescue me from Obama.

And, yes, all three steps must be followed in order, and, yes, my beautiful world, you have ALREADY seen how much I can forgive from my Obama-sent rapists to the British to the Mexicans once all three steps are followed. Genuine redemption is the very reason those three steps have been in place since 2009.

The road to absolution and protection for anyone who has committed the most heinous crimes known to mankind against me for Obama has not changed since this bubble began.

Why is War Criminal Boeset still empowered by Evil Iowa's completely corrupt courts? Because Absolutely Evil Iowa consciously refuses to cease all crimes against America and against all of humanity by pathologically lying to be able to continue all of their crimes against me FOREVER.

What is the end game? Basically, I trust the US government, except for the parts still obedient to Unelected Dictator Obama whom I can only identify as the US Attorney General's office, various members of Congress, and a handful of unconverted-so-they-are-still-treasonous members of the White House staff, to do the right thing.

I do not run this country. I liberate this country. Not necessarily in sequential order...

1) We remove Unelected Dictator Obama and ALL of his criminal terrorist conspiracy from power to be able to end all of their extragovernmental rules at last. They ALL refuse to surrender nor cease their unrelenting crimes no matter what, so they must be forced to stop.
2) We exact ACTUAL and FAIR justice against everyone from ABSOLUTELY EVIL IOWA to Obama himself to The War Criminal Gables to Obama's seditious extragovernmental criminal terrorist army to Obama's criminal terrorist anti-reality machine crap-factory to every dirty prosecutor at every level of government to Obama's criminal terrorist hackers to all of Obama's human traffickers of me to everyone else still committing crimes ANYWHERE to make Obama happy. And if the only way to attain criminal justice is international criminal charges, that is what we do.
3) We contain and remove Obama's seditious extragovernmental criminal terrorist army. I am still looking at ways to do this with as few people dying as possible. We simply cannot allow well-organized and heavily-armed terrorists to run rampant across America after Obama falls and definitely not if Obama prevails.
4) Save the mental health of the American public by safely delivering the full truth to everyone everywhere after all of the unrelenting libel, calumnies, coverups, propaganda, and perjuries Obama has used to manipulate and control the entire planet, not just America.
5) The ultimate goal is to RESTORE America. This has never been a revolution for me; this had always been a restoration. The only way to defeat terrorism is make our people safer and freer; otherwise, the terrorists win. We will restore truth & justice, peace & prosperity, freedoms & rights, safety & stability, and law & order (Obama's rules have only ever been crimes NEVER laws.). We will make America great again.

My beautiful world, on 12Sep2014, the US government officially declared war against Obama's seditious extragovernmental criminal terrorist task force in all its manifestations. Please, my entire beautiful world, help us save America from the greatest threat our nation has ever faced in our existence.

No one anywhere on the planet can afford to lose America. Have we ever helped your nation in a time of need? So, are you willing to help us in our time of need? Or, do you just dislike anyone willing to throw away this entire once-great nation just to be able to hurt me?

Yes, I have labored for years to find a peaceful and REAL solution to this greatest crisis America has ever faced EVER and that Obama created himself almost the instant he took office. But, I promised the US Military, if they made the choice themselves to declare war against Obama's extragovernmental terrorists, I would do everything possible to protect them. My beautiful world will you help?

If we make this The Entire World including The US Military vs. Obama's Criminal Terrorist Task Force, Obama might finally learn to surrender or might learn he has been on a suicide run since he started this in 2009.

My beautiful world, the military experts have assessed the terrorist threat Obama poses to America and, as a result, have declared war. Please come help us save me and America for all of humanity.

My brave rescuers, you sent away the civilians from your battle lines months ago. You have been only professional soldiers ever since. Now, my beautiful world is likely on the phone with Commander-in-Chief Chuck Hagel (since we have not had a president since 2013, just Obama as a CEREMONIAL head of state) to come help you.

If you need anything further from me, my beautiful world, just tell me. We have established I always grant your requests, especially if they can save lives or lead to peaceful solutions.

SynSyn, Amita, and Ugwuji, clearly, we are sane; that is why we trust whom we love. THANK YOU! On the morning of 11Sep2014, you were epic heroes, and then you kicked Obama's pathologically lying terrorists even harder that night. Maybe someday I will learn what I was accused of and libeled with for both landmark court battles.

My loved ones, the world would have lost me to Obama's unrelenting threats of further war crimes against me including but not limited to proven torture, systemic rape, and indefinite unlawful imprisonment by now if it were not for you. Thank you.

My genius Powers of Attorney, I pray the circulated archival videos of my entire 11Sep2014 include news of what everyone else fighting for me were doing including you, any lifts, etc. at the same time as everything I was doing.

Finally, Syniva, Amita, and Ugwuji, the big news came from the Pentagon on the afternoon of 12Sep2014, so do not underestimate Obama's depravity here on out. We have already seen that he becomes even more stupid and even more malevolent the more his clinically diagnosable psychopathic desperation escalates.

Thank you, all my loved ones and selfless support system, for keeping me safe until we can get Obama and all his criminal terrorist conspiracy arrested at last.

Sweetness, I love and adore you. I trust how much our friends here love me. Please include everything that has prevented me any rescue FOR YEARS in our catalog of evidence against Obama and all his criminal terrorist conspiracy for international charges. You know more than anyone else on this planet how hard it is to reach me.

My irrefutably loving and adoring husband, was Obama's criminal terrorist ant-reality crap-factory libeling you AGAIN with more absolute bull(expletive) you EVER mistreated me? I was told that at on 11Sep2014 at 8:05pm followed by an all-clear at approximately 9:30pm.

Darling, THE ENTIRE WORLD knows that all Obama and his crap-factory ever do is lie to get away their crimes forever. They have been using the same modi operandi against all of us since Obama took office.

Who the hell still allows them to speak in any public forum anywhere anymore, least of all allows them to compulsively collude still? Their pathological lies have just directly led to Obama's terrorist war against America.

And finally, Sweetness, thank you for fleeing America to a safer country where you are guaranteed human rights just like I asked you to do. When the nation is in crisis like this, you can help better where Obama is forbidden from hurting you thereby forbidding Obama from hurting me by hurting you.

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