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That is so Condescending and Derogatory, You (Expletive)Holes! Is There Any Reality in Your Mouths? There is Only Truth and Justice in Mine!

Title: That is so Condescending and Derogatory, You (Expletive)Holes! Is There Any Reality in Your Mouths? There is Only Truth and Justice in Mine!

Please publish this post now, my friends. I cannot control how many horrible things happen to me in one day; it is Obama who controls that. So, if I wait too long between posts, they become too drenching.

Please share this for me with the entire world, both houses of Congress, the Supreme Court, the United Nations, all sympathetic world leaders, all reputable national and foreign presses, etc.

Here is my latest blog post. Calling me "smart" instead of a benevolent super-genius is as derogatory and degrading as calling me "cute" instead of drop dead gorgeous. Of calling me a "baby" instead of Mrs. Or calling something a "twist" instead of a conscious boldfaced lie used to manipulate the public. Or calling something "typical" instead of so heinous it directly caused a global war.

That is honest; that is not conceited. Who is conceited? The woman who suffers unspeakably? Or all of the psychopaths who believe they are entitled to cause her irrational and inhumane suffering at the cost of everything everywhere from global stability to priceless human life?

China. It is in the official agreements between the government of China and the people of Hong Kong that democracy is to be preserved there. Those are China's own laws and agreements since even before their one-hundred-year contract with the United Kingdom ended in 1997.

The people of Hong Kong are justified to stand up and demand the actual laws be obeyed by their own government whose real job it is to enforce the real laws.

China, I am convinced you can work this out with the people of Hong Kong. You are the ones who made the promises to Hong Kong they would remain a democracy after joining China. And I know how important the integrity of one's own word is to the pride and culture of China including the government.

United Arab Emirates. Lookout perverts and both male and female "cultural" mysogynists who irrationally attack perfectly healthy and strong women like me anywhere in the world just to unjustifiably take our human rights away from us!

The women are rising! And we have the menfolk beside us! Repent or get out of our way! This world is OURS, and we will save it from you!

I published my last blog post at 3:50pm on 26Sep2014 before catching up with all of my online friends. Please make a verified podcast of my difficulties making my Yahoo! mail account function from 3:49pm to 3:56pm that day.

I actually had to ask my benevolent NSA alpha nerds to enter my iPad and boot Obama's cyberterrorists out which they successfully did. Yey, nerds' tangible evidence of my existence as a human in the world at all!

The torture facility threats to me were unrelenting all day as War Criminal Boeset empowered by ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa refused to EVER cease compulsively committing the same crimes against America AGAIN and AGAIN as ordered by Obama. My loved ones took care of it all, but we need to help take the burden off them, my beautiful world.

I never finished my cup of coffee at the coffee shop I had roosted in because even the water in Malibu is roofied and drugged by Obama's unrelenting acts of terrorism by poisoning the water supply EVERYWHERE I have been since he took office.

But, I was all caught up with my online friends at 6:13pm. I reminded my beautiful world to stick with my SquidStream and moved from the coffee shop to Paradise Cove.

My beautiful world had promised to send someone there to platonically buy me dinner, but no one could get past Obama's seditious extragovernmental criminal terrorists.

At 7:24pm, once I had finished reading the menu, the torture facility threat alarm went off. ABSOLUTELY EVIL IOWA will never stop. The entire world knows this, so why are you still subjecting my genius Powers of Attorney to listening to War Criminal Boeset's boldfaced perjuries all day and all night every day and every night still?

Please, my beautiful world, force ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa to take its increasingly bloodstained hands off me!

Paradise Cove was a land and sea of lovers and believers, but none of them had any reality in their heads. At 8:30pm, after some witty repartee with the bartender but no food nor drink, I left for the last bus back into Los Angeles.

I needed to check on my new counterterrorism "office," and the only thing that could have kept me away was a real meal and a lift from one of my REAL friends in town whom I may have or have not ever met yet. Or so it would have been if Obama did not escalate his irrefutable terrorism against all of America beyond any recognition of law and order that night.

The ride from Malibu back inland was full of terrorism alarm after terrorism alarm. I sent help as soon as I could to rescue my own rescuers, but Obama still murdered at least one innocent and possibly as many as thirty that night who were all trying to save ALL OF US from him and his iron fist.

My beautiful world, if we cannot pick me up and take me to someplace freer, we need to render where I am free. Please reread my 26Sep2014 blog post about this.

After even more alarms at 10:42pm that made me send help again, as if everyone were not already helping, I was refused a bus ride to my new counterterrorism "office" by the Santa Monica Big Blue Bus system which is explicitly listed as a transit system that is supposed to accept the EZ Transit Pass.

You can ask any Metro System official about that. Obama AGAIN refused to obey his own rules only so he could single me out for as much inhumane suffering as possible, but this time he did it at the same time as killing innocents for disobeying those same rules themselves!

And, he made the Santa Monica transit system his accomplice, so I am sure the City of Santa Monica who loves and adores me will arrest and prosecute that bus driver and whomever told him not to allow me to ride his bus. Thank you, Santa Monica police, for competently if not excellently investigating.

And you should have seen what I was planning to do because Obama had made me angry (Check my heart rate.) by murdering more of my brave rescuers, possibly as many as thirty of them.

I understand why the world gives me so little news of the people I fight so hard to protect dying under Obama's iron fist despite all of my efforts. But do the people who know still tell the world?

I stopped for a snack at 11:13pm, and then I headed off for more late night bus rides into Long Beach. I am honest; you should have seen what I was planning because Obama made me angry. (Check my heart rate?)

The late night bus rides were nothing but alarm after alarm. There were torture facility threats and warnings of further intentionally fabricated false charges against me. I heard a rumor no one could confirm about a spy smackdown, so I checked if they needed backup.

I caught a terrorist on the late night bus out of Santa Monica into Los Angeles who was boldface lying that "It is all delusions." Please submit her image and voice for inclusion in our growing database of all of Obama's criminal terrorist infestation. She fled the moment I caught her.

I asked for my selfless support system to secure The War Criminal Gables before I got there. If they were involved in the spy smackdown or backup for the spy smackdown, I was convinced they would send law enforcement from any level of government to secure The Gables. Obama was just too desperate that night and hitting every panic button he had for me not to plan ahead like that.

At the stop where I caught a connecting late night bus, I asked my beautiful world to double check for any more threats from Obama against all of us. It was a busy night. If I had gone to my counterterrorism "office," I would not have been able to do all of that work protecting everyone.

During my last few minutes of my last bus ride, the urban menfolk were particularly adoring and respectful. I was in my twin bed ALONE, just like all night every night, by 2:42am. I need advice on what radio stations are actually reality-aware and play my REAL friends', whom I have just not met yet, music.

Before I rolled out of bed on 27Sep2014, I gave a test to see if The War Criminal Gables were human trafficking me completely without my knowledge and obviously without my permission; I had a private moment with my long-distance husband.

Yes, my Johnny Angel gave me a some Ecstasy of St. Theresa sugar that morning.

And, yes, The War Criminal Gables are definitely human trafficking me while also in a conspiracy to consciously starve me and to intentionally enforce Obama-mandated war crimes over me to destroy me with the already-blown Obama-mandated coverups I have any mental illness at all whatsoever ALL as human rights abuses used as acts of war against America and while making me pay them "rent" with my own money to be human trafficked, consciously starved, and colluded against by them.

My beautiful world, Obama has rendered The War Criminal Gables and the dirty prosecutors who refuse to arrest them into a new Iowa for me. At least, the beautiful neighborhood can protect me from being raped there.

I was in the bathroom getting ready before 11:20am, and completely disgusted with the fact ANYONE ANYWHERE would allow this to happen to ANYONE, I was at the bus stop by 11:41am.

There were a few all-clears as my loved ones protected America from destruction and possibly all of the world from self-destruction by still protecting me from ever entering a FINAL literal torture facility under orders from Obama to be destroyed FOREVER with Obama-mandated quackery as a coverup for war crimes.

By 12:04pm, I was at the train where the local menfolk were boldfaced sexually harassing me by claiming those total strangers had ever seen my breasts. To my knowledge, no one has EVER seen my breasts but my REAL ex-lovers.

I understand there have been a lot of fat, ugly, White porn stars both male and female paid with taxpayer money by Obama who have pretended to be me that have never even looked like the real me, but I live among these people.

If they were not all brainwashed zombies with defenseless minds, they all would known I would NEVER show my breasts nor any other private part of my body uncovered in ANY broadcast ever.

I arrived at my counterterrorism "office" at 12:55pm where, it seemed, Obama had completely given up on making the place look normal, especially for the afternoon on a Saturday. Do we have a verified podcast of my ride to my first stop?

No, Unelected Terrorist Dictator Obama will never obey his own rules, but it is very well established he will kill everyone else who disobeys them. Who the hell is still propping that (expletive) up with any power over anyone?

The NSA Alpha Nerds vs. Obama's Cyberterrorists smackdown inside my iPad and inside the complimentary wifi at my counterterrorism "office" where all those local people only have jobs because of me continued until 1:13pm as my nerds (and I deserve only the best nerds in the world) battled to connect me to the ether.

Of course, America's nerds won. Among other things, we are the only ones with legal permission or legal rights to do any of this. As they say, " Kissing nerds is a lifestyle choice."

-----Begin Email Content-----

From: "Squid B. Varilekova" (
Date: September 27, 2014 at 2:26:31 PM PDT
To: Dina
Subject: Re: GC

Mom, any luck getting me another Visa gift card, so I can buy ANYTHING AT ALL ANYWHERE? I really need food while I am out and about. I need some basic things from CVS. I could use a new eyebrow wax; it's only $8 in my neighborhood, but Obama mandates I only get $7 a day FOR ALL OF MY FOOD AND EVERYTHING ELSE TOO. Please, mom, PLEASE!


Sent from my iPad

-----End Email Content-----

After noticing my headphones were missing, I relocated to a notorious troublespot of complete inactivity that never even feigned Obama was ever obeying his own rules at my counterterrorism "office" to watch my pre-recorded middle-aged White men from the previous night without my headphones in.

However, while I was catching up with my online friends, the notorious terrorist hotspot actually sent someone to eat food in front of me, as if they did not know I am practically starving all day every day, while everyone there STILL refused to feed me even after everything I do for them.

I made a promise to return the following day and, at 4:44pm, left those people who all clearly need me, just like most of Los Angeles County depends on me, just so they can have jobs.

On the way to the train, the War Criminal Boeset alarm went off as did a warning of further intentionally fabricated false charges against me. Both were ordered by Obama. I warned my loved ones, and they took care of it.

At 7:25pm, I was sitting down with chow mien and Kung Pao Chicken at a randomly chosen eatery for cheap Americanized Chinese food. Something I do when I celebrate kicking Obama's (expletive).

I have a camera in my head. But one of Obama's criminal terrorist bitches wearing white lace singled me out for worse treatment than she would give anyone else in the world by lying to my face and pretending she was in line in front of me. She actually demanded I wait behind her when she was nowhere around when I got in line. Again, I have a camera in my eyeball.

Please release her image, my benevolent not-human-trafficker nerds, and tone of voice when addressing me as well as her audible disgust when the speaker in her head called me a "dove" and a "royal princess of Spain," so we can include her in our growing database of Obama's criminal terrorists.

She actually went out of her way to single me out for special treatment which is a violation of Obama's rules, AND since it was public persecution due to her visible hatred of me she singled me out for, it was a hate crime, human rights abuse, and everything else my genius lawyers can make stick to her.

Stop disrespecting me by degrading me, lying to or about me, and singling me out for public persecution, you damn unamerican terrorists!

Such acts, as are well documented, which are a direct result of Obama intentionally breeding irrational hatred of me since he took office, destabilize the entire world and are what has caused the global WAR on US soil which is no one's fault but all of the evil people everywhere who all single me out for worse treatment than anyone anywhere would ever receive if they were not me.

I left a surprise gift for that eatery on the windowsill beside where I sat and left at 8pm to begin the long trip back to Long Beach. On the way to the train station, I noticed that War Criminal Wells Fargo Bank had been spending millions if not billions of its shareholders' money to pretend they support or even give a damn about me.

Did they give me any money to buy food? No. Did they give my husband full access to my Wells Fargo accounts, so he could give me my own money? No.

Instead, War Criminal Wells Fargo Bank spent its millions upon billions on pathologically lying to the entire planet that they ever gave damn about me or about America, only so they could commit their war crimes of consciously starving me and consciously keeping me unjustifiably poverty-stricken as their way of enforcing Obama's iron fist of war crimes, terrorism, genocide, human trafficking, and global WAR on US soil as long as possible if not FOREVER.

What would I have done if I had just been given all of those millions upon billions Wells Fargo is spending right now to pathologically lie to the entire world? I would have eaten my first real meal in over a year, except for the one my platonic local hero Darius bought me, and I would have served humanity with it.

But instead of doing anything REAL to help me or to serve America and also instead of obeying any ACTUAL law from local in California to international, War Criminal Wells Fargo Bank is spending its millions upon billions to lie to get away with every crime it can get away with.

Just like ALL of Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy remaining, War Criminal Wells Fargo Bank was committing more crimes to excuse and continue old heinous crimes instead of GENUINELY repenting and following all three steps to absolution which is still the ONLY way to earn ANYONE'S forgiveness particularly mine.

On the train at 9:06pm, I was weeping; my third eye was open. If Los Angeles County if not all of California did not stand up to Obama soon and set themselves free, all I could see was war... everywhere.

Could you hear the people sitting on the train? They were spouting irrational drivel under orders from their earspeakers while I wept for all our futures. There was no reality in any of their heads.

Saying, "The Conspiracy is destroyed," does not mean they are actually destroyed nor that anything will ever stop them until you, my beautiful world, finally choose to stop obeying them, remove your earspeakers, and help me.

After being told there was open war out there fighting to contain Obama's seditious extragovernmental criminal terrorist army already, I was in my apartment in Long Beach by 10:17pm and snacking on fresh raspberries (my favorite food in all the world) while reheating broiled pork chops and sautéing green beans in sliced almonds and extra virgin olive oil.

Liana was still nowhere around. I had the radio flipped on by 11:21pm when I curled up in bed with my iPad. I was asleep by 12midnight.

On the morning of 28Sep2014 I tried laying low to give my loved ones time to work through our backlog of charges we need to file, but at 11:04am I heard a mixed signal that we suffered an intentionally false ruling that I have ANY mental illness at all whatsoever. Is this true?

Please make a mental note of this blog post, my loved ones: If this is true AND EVERY TIME THIS HAPPENS, we report and file every charge possible against whatever boldfaced perjurer made the intentionally fabricated false accusation, his or her dirty lawyers, the OBVIOUSLY dirty judge, (I assume) ever-corrupt Polk County, and ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa all for (and in the case of the dirty lawyers, taking money for) covering up and consciously enforcing Obama's war crimes, terrorism, genocide, human trafficking, systemic rape, proven and UN-recognized torture by quackery, war-crime-level manipulation of the public, justification for Obama killing innocent civilians, totalitarian human rights abuses of all of America, and global WAR on US soil.

Yes, that means we include all of them in our growing database of Obama's criminal terrorists for prosecution by the ICC or possibly the US military for aiding and abetting terrorism and committing crimes as acts of war against America.

This bull(expletive) has gone on too long only so those same criminal terrorists can prop up an unelected terrorist dictator and every crime against America, against his own people, and against all of the world he refuses to cease compulsively committing.

There is no justification IN MEDICAL REALITY for even suspecting I have any mental illness nor any psychological dysfunction.

We need their power to do nothing but commit all of these heinous crimes against the entire world particularly against America by "satirizing" me insane and then using what they have already claimed to the courts was "fictionalization of their human trafficking of me for entertainment purposes" as "evidence" unrelentingly all day every day and all night every night taken away from them.

I have a SquidStream now to protect the entire world from all of them with HONEST TRUTH.

My loved ones, report to every authority on the planet, especially international, and press every charge possible in every court in the land from local to international against every OBVIOUS criminal terrorist who EVER pursues the OBVIOUS fiction of calling me mentally ill AT ALL as well as any person from dirty judge to OBVIOUS quack and everyone in between who even humors the well-documented-crimes-against-America-etc.-only-coverup that I have ANY mental illness AT ALL is true.

I finished getting ready and was on the bus by 11:54am. So, at approximately 12:07pm, I was at my wifi benefactor eating Reese's(tm) in ice cream.

There was a mixed signal alarm at 1:01pm that was either a terrorism alarm due to crimes and acts of war against everyone trying to rescue me or ANOTHER torture facility threat to me as an act of war against America. My loved ones and my beautiful world took care of it.

Again, we need to take Obama and all his criminal terrorists' power to compulsively commit all of their crimes against all of us taken away from them!

I was all caught up with all of my online friends at 1:31pm but just kept working.

The national and foreign presses had made a sneaky promise to meet me to ask me any and all of their questions for me any time between 4 and 8pm that day. So, I left for the predetermined rendezvous at 2:30pm.

It was Sunday; the transit was slow. I arrived before 4:04pm. The staff were a land and air of lovers and believers who received a lesson on how much everyone needs their earspeakers removed.

I worked online there performing my ONLY real job of serving humanity while I aired for the kind person the foreign and national presses had decided to send me to platonically buy me dinner in exchange for my answering all of their questions.

I published this blog post at 5pm on 28Sep2014.

And now, my beautiful world, I answer all of your questions for me. Please keep collecting all questions and concerns from all your friends and loved ones and sending them to me through whatever means possible.

What do I need to be able to write? WHO THE (EXPLETIVE) CARES? I NEED FOOD JUST TO LIVE! Also, if I told you, Obama would deny any and all of it to me anymore to silence me. Such is the once-great nation we live in.

My beautiful world, we need you in here! Look at these people who do not even know they need to rescue themselves! They are that manipulated by Unelected Terrorist Dictator Obama's public brainwashing with unrelenting and so far unstoppable calumny broadcasts.

Any and all truth is still forbidden by Obama in America while lies used to manipulate the public are unrelentingly forced on the entire nation through every medium possible.

These people have proven they are defenseless to Obama's manipulation of them with his mandated war-crime-level criminal terrorist anti-reality machine and crap-factory of publicly-admitted "fictionalization of human trafficking."

We need help in here!

My brave rescuers, I hear you underestimated the true depravity of all of the deranged lunatics who make up Obama's seditious extragovernmental criminal terrorist army.

They have been too berserker for the CIA, Delta Force, the Navy Seals, EVERYONE to get past for over two years now. Your leadership may want to speak with the men and women who have been on the front lines from the start to get your brains around everything we are up against.

No, under no circumstances can we allow Obama's well-organized and heavily-armed seditious extragovernmental criminal terrorist army run rampant across America after Obama falls and definitely not if Unelected Terrorist Dictator Obama prevails.

While we are also making sure Los Angeles County and mighty and brave California can keep me safe and fed until Obama's entire criminal terrorist conspiracy comes down (Please reread my 26Sep2014 blog post about this.) and while the international justice system is working on removing everything propping up Unelected Terrorist Dictator Obama, thank you, my brave rescuers, for taking care of your essential role in all of this, containing and removing Obama's seditious extragovernmental criminal terrorist army.

SynSyn, Amita, and Ugwuji, first of all, are you all okay? I have been receiving mixed signals since 26Sep that you are in danger of intentionally fabricated false charges designed to take your lives away with propagated fictions as Obama's act of vengeance against you for telling the truth in courtrooms.

I have received no confirmation nor denial of any of this, so just give me details if you need anything from me and double check on yourselves every once in a while not just on me all of the time.

I love you. The world loves you. Just tell all of us what you need when you need it.

Also, my loved ones, I hate putting more of a burden of charges on you, but the entire world particularly America is being damaged by Lisa Ling's intentionally false "reporting" that being a slut for luxuries is my life.

My first response to her was,"What luxuries, BITCH?" But even after my 26Sep2014 blog post, she REFUSED to stop propagating blatant, boldfaced calumnies about me and calling them "This is Life."

My Powers of Attorney, please ask CNN to take all legal action necessary against Lisa Ling for her conscious choice to commit the crime against America of propagating war-crime-level libel of me with the CNN brand on it.

Ask local to international law enforcement to add her to our growing database of all of Obama's criminal terrorists for prosecution by the ICC. The entire world already knows: Any and all libel of me has been proven FOR YEARS to cause war on US soil and destabilize the world.

Then, my genius loved ones, tell Lisa Ling to have the ovaries to say it to my actual face next time.

I am fed up and disgusted with of all of Obama's criminal terrorist anti-reality machine crap-factory intentionally enforcing and "excusing" Obama's iron fist of terrorism, genocide, war crimes, human trafficking, and literal global WAR on US soil with their compulsive pathological lies about me that they are too chicken (expletive) to stop hiding from me from me behind the internet Obama forbids me from seeing.

Show me and America some (expletive)ing respect already, you (expletive)ing (expletive)ers! There is absolutely no excuse for propagating lies and Obama-mandated coverups for any reason and especially not behind a brand that is supposed to be reputable journalism.

Sweetness, I love and adore you. Thank you, darling, thank you! You took my 08Sep2014 blog post and brought my SquidStream to the world! Heroics like these are why you are this metaphorical queen's champion and king!

My love of my life, I understand some members of the public are worried about Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy seeing all of the "secret" messages I receive.

However, I ALWAYS had a camera in my eyeball ever since Obama took office. Obama's Gestapo has ALWAYS been able to see every "secret" message I have ever received.

Now, though, HoneyHoney, the entire world can see all "secret" messages I receive, so the world knows now who tells me the truth and who boldface lies to me. We have accountability now for everything everyone says to me, including anyone trying to force more Obama-mandated quackery on me.

Furthermore, darling, if people complain my life is boring as I go out of my way to fight terrorism all day every day, they need to read my verified commentary on everything I do (this REAL blog), and all they have to do is show up, platonically buy me dinner, and have witty conversations with me to make my life more exciting. The world has seen what I can do with a conversation.

My hero, thank you for delivering the truth to the masses for me. You have no idea how many innocent lives we can save by giving them the truth that Obama has always forbidden and will always forbid.

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