Monday, September 8, 2014

I am no Anapamu.

Title: I am no Anapamu.

Please publish this post now, my friends. I cannot control how many horrible things happen to me in one day; it is Obama who controls that. If I wait too long between posts, they become too drenching. Please share this for me with the entire world, both houses of Congress, the Supreme Court, the United Nations, all sympathetic world leaders, all reputable national and foreign presses, etc.

Here is my latest blog post. You know Obama's criminal terrorist anti-reality machine only lies, right? So, when they said they were using fat, ugly, White porn stars in place of the real me while acknowledging they were human trafficking me the whole time and acknowledging I have been forbidden from seeing ANY media they use to destroy me, you know they were lying, right?

If it was "too expensive" to broadcast the real me, why did they not just hire some woman to be herself on camera?

Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy created blatant libel porn and forced it down the throats of America while pretending those bitches were me because...
1) Telling the truth about me makes people love me, and they are mortified of anyone anywhere ever caring about me.
2) Obama's criminal terrorist anti-reality machine's mission with unrelentingly libeling and degrading me is only to make Obama's war crimes of systemic rape of me, torture or me, human trafficking of me, human rights abuses against me and America, sexual harassment of me, psychopathic control of every aspect of my life, genocide of America, etc. palatable to the entire world.
3) They will say anything about me and break every law possible to be able to manipulate the public into allowing them to do any heinous thing they please to me.
4) They, just like their leader Obama, lust for power and control. There is nothing they will not do or say to make people obey them.
5) Obama's whole criminal terrorist conspiracy are all criminally insane! Every single one of them from The Gables to Evil Iowa to the libel porn "network" all believe committing new horrible crimes can somehow excuse their old horrible crimes.

The entire world knows the only real way war criminals (against me) can save themselves is by choosing to genuinely go through all three of my steps for forgiveness and absolution IN ORDER. But only the good-hearted who actually deserve absolution ever do.

Planet Earth. In 2009, I volunteered to carry humanity through Global Climate Change. That was the legacy to humanity I had planned on leaving behind after passing away at the age of 137 once I knew the influence my dedicated forum (that I was forbidden from knowing about) had given me.

That is why my husband promised me that once we can all reach human rights, we are going to live off of his money and spend mine on Global Climate Change research and solutions.

According to my reliable sources, my just compensation from all of my loved ones' batting-1000-after-appeals legal activities had recently surpassed $1T that Obama forbids me from having. Luckily for my selfless support system, I have been giving all that money away to my brave rescuers ever since we breached $8B in April2014.

I give my just compensation to my brave rescuers' children, spouses, survivors, families, life partners, etc. A lot of this is born from my need within myself to care for people sacrificing everything to save me and America from Obama.

I never asked for anyone to be willing to pick up a gun for me nor for anyone to die for me. That has always been their choice as full-grown adults. But I consider it my responsibility to keep them alive and to care for their futures. I even provide their legal defense arguments when they need them.

I figured $8B would be enough for my end of carrying humanity through Global Climate Change. We need to figure out how to grow food in a changing climate. We need to be prepared for changes in disease patterns, floods, fires, etc. Cities need to be ready for climate refugees.

And there is also our need to reverse Climate Change. Rooftop gardens on every building in every urban area are just the beginning. Plant life is still all we have to process the carbon out of the air naturally.

I published my last blog post at 8:30pm on 06Sep2014 from a coffee shop in Venice Beach. And immediately afterwards, the torture facility alarm went off. It had been a very productive day, so I could only imagine it would be a very productive night, too.

At 9:04pm while sitting in the coffee shop where I was doing some work by blogging to save humanity, I noticed I was roofied. It was the city water. It was definitely the city water. Obama had committed the deliberate terrorist act of drugging the water supply of the entire Los Angeles metropolis.

Please fix it, my mighty and brave California. This might require picking through every piece of equipment in the waterworks to find where the drugs are entering the supply. But our innocent public including our children drink this water.

Please do not be Iowa. Please actually clean up your city water instead, Los Angeles County. And feel free to use the city water as evidence in your terrorism charges against Obama and his entire conspiracy.

I left the coffee shop at 11:30pm after asking my beautiful world to stick with my SquidStream. I tried to go to two nightclubs on the same block, but one was going to make stand in a long line, something no one ever did to me until after Obama took office. The other was beer and wine only.

When the fire alarm went off announcing no one could reach me to rescue me at Venice Beach, I sent help praying no one would die that night.

I was already at the bus stop when I heard that alarm and was chatting with some men who said they were from Columbia. They were very sweet. They tried to feed me. They even offered to pay my bus fare. California is full of such sweethearts.

In downtown LA waiting for the night bus to Long Beach, though, I was first approached by absolute sweethearts but then by an absolute (expletive)hole. He was stuffing his face with food while talking to me, lying to my face, accusing me of "practicing for a role," denying I have suffered inhumanely all day every day in front of the whole world ever since Obama took office, and then told me he liked Obama.

Please, my dedicated not-human-trafficker nerds, make a verified podcast comparing and contrasting the behaviors of those men for me. Please protect the identities of only the nice ones, including the twenty-something in glasses who flirted with me outside the first nightclub.

We had alarms all night. Fire alarm at 11:32pm. Torture facility alarm at 11:36pm. Fire alarm at 1:32am. Escalation of collusion warning at 1:53am. Police alarm at 2:03am. With every alarm I sent all the help I could.

About the night of 06Sep into the morning of 07Sep,... 1) Why do people keep calling me Jessica? 2) Why do people keep asking me if I have a boyfriend? 3) Why do people still obey Obama's rules around me if they do not genuinely know who I really am?

Please explain to EVERY HUMAN ON THE PLANET that I will NEVER tolerate anyone not acknowledging reality to my face at all whatsoever by going out of their way to disrespect, insult, and degrade me.

I understand there is a constant tug-of-war in everyone's heads around me because Obama's mind-control earspeakers do nothing but inject absolute bull(expletive) directly into their brains to make them irrationally hate me and therefore attack me for him as his puppets. But this is ridiculous!

At 3:14am, at the border into Long Beach, there was a police-and-fire-roadblock alarm. What the hell has Obama done to Los Angeles County?

I was in the kitchen at my apartment in Long Beach before 3:48am when I ate a sliced hard salami, provolone, spinach, arugula, Roma tomato, green pepper sandwich on white bread with two slices of turkey bacon on the side and a bag of popcorn.

Liana and I chatted before I switched on the radio and curled up in bed at 4:42am. I was safely asleep at no time and slept very well.

The sun did not wake me up as per usual on 07Sep, so I slept until 11:39am. I rolled out of bed, got ready, kickstarted my SquidStream, chatted with Liana, then ate some granola in vanilla yogurt with strawberries before walking out the door to wait for a Long Beach Transit bus.

I was at the bus stop before 12:33pm. My loved ones were clearly already busy in the courtroom. By12:58am, I was at the Long Beach Public Library catching up with all my online friends for the first time in days.

I was able to watch some out-of-date NBC Nightly News from the previous day. Twitter was all serious, so I had no one to crack jokes with. I left my free public wifi at 2:31pm for my daily adventure. I hear I make the Los Angeles Tourism Board very happy.

While waiting for the local Long Beach Transit bus, a local woman with a knee injury gave me chocolate ice cream on a stick to keep me cool under the hot afternoon sun.

I thanked her truly and was still snacking on the treat when the 2:48pm torture facility warning went off. My loved ones took care of everything by the time I reached the train station.

The fire alarm went off at 3:41pm, so I sent my beautiful world to hurry and help everyone who needed us. I prayed no one was dying.

I was at the Griffith Observatory by 5:20pm and had a nerdgasm from all of the science exhibits. Eventually, I nestled into a table on the patio off of the Cafe at the End of the Universe for some caffeine and free wifi.

There were crap-factories screaming completely derogatory and intentional untruths about me at the masses there whom I just had to drown out with some good music to reach my all warm, fuzzy, content, mellow, ultra-zen state.

The crap-factories sat directly to my right to intentionally provoke me, but my first caffeinated drink of the day and the love of my California kept me in an embrace of public love and adoration despite all of their intentionally fabricated insults.

Did you see the exhibits I saw? Did you see my view? My mighty and brave California really showed off for me.

At 7:11pm, I watched the sunset from the patio. The sky was beautiful. The weather was a delight. All I needed was my friends.

While I was reveling in love and science glory all evening, my loved ones were dealing with a crap-factory of their own. I wish the most evil place even in human history EVER, contemporary Iowa, would finally just take their grubby hands off me and let me be happy and perfectly healthy in a place that actually loves and supports me. All Iowa has ever done is break every law possible to destroy me.

I finally gave up my perch at 8:05pm, took in the night time view of the City of Los Angeles, then hopped on the shuttle back down the hill. The train ride into Long Beach was the best train ride yet.

My not-human-trafficker nerds, I trust you will make verified podcasts of my evening at the Griffith Observatory as well as one of my train ride. And thank you.

On the bus from the train station to my apartment, the police alarm went off at 10:09pm, so I sent all the help I could. The magnificent show of love all day from my mighty and brave California did not end until I walked in the door of my apartment at roughly 10:30pm and realized that absolutely none of my demands to make The Gables law abiding had been met yet. THOSE WAR CRIMINALS!

I made a plate of turkey bacon to snack on while cooking dinner. I knew my barking dogs were just outside, and I knew Liana was upstairs. I would be fine until I could leave The Gables again for the day.

For dinner, I made some California cuisine tacos. I defrosted and browned some diced boneless skinless chicken breast in salsa verde sauce until seared while sautéing minced garlic, white onions, and green peppers in extra virgin olive oil. I added both to fresh spinach and arugula served in soft wheat tortillas and topped with sliced provolone. It was delicious.

I flipped on the radio and was asleep before midnight.

On the morning of 08Sep, after waking up, getting ready, and eating a bowl of granola with vanilla yogurt and fresh strawberries, at 9:37am, I walked out the door.

I was so headachy and roofied. But my loved ones were already kicking unholy (expletive) in the courtroom. There were alarms of denial-of-all-reality threats followed by all-clears all day long unrelentingly.

My loved ones have actually stopped needing me to hear the alarms for them to fix all the threats, and we all know if they need me, they will give me details. We really need to find a way to give my loved ones some long overdue rest, though. Finally forcing Iowa to leave me alone and forcing The Gables to meet my demands would do that.

It was raining outside but not metaphorically. I tried the free wifi in Scherer Park, but I could not connect. I only had $0.55 left in my wallet after spending last week's $50 (Obama mandates I live on only $50 a week.) on nothing but coffee and food, so I knew I could not afford to pay for wifi. I had considered going to the public library, but I had errands to run on the side of town by the Wells Fargo branch.

I checked my bank balance at 10:51am. We need to destroy Evil Iowa, my beautiful world. The $50 was not deposited in my account yet; it was already 1pm in Evil Iowa; and, it is Evil Iowa that self-appointed itself the power to give War Criminal Boeset control of my finances to make sure Obama could have total control over me. Please help me gain my freedom from Evil Iowa and Unelected Dictator Obama at last, my beautiful world.

At 11:24am, the deposit finally showed up, so at just about noon, I withdrew my humble finances for the week. Next, I dropped a letter to attempt to end War Criminal Boeset's unrelenting Medicare fraud at the post office.

And at 1:02pm, I was sitting in a delicious local chain eating heaping amounts of cheap Americanized Chinese food and sipping on a soda for just $5.40 after tax. I chose the beef with broccoli. I think it is all of the roofies in the city and bottled water that make clean caffeine feel so good. Lovers and believers surrounded me immediately.

I stopped at the CVS to get my thyroid pill prescription refilled. When I do not take my levothyroxine every morning, I get depressed, cry a lot, and gain weight. Also, my hands bloat when after physical exertion. You know, I get the typical symptoms of hypothyroidism.

Then, at 2:58pm, I was on the blue line train into Los Angeles. By 3:55pm, I was sitting in the garden at the Natural History Museum communing with nature and working on this blog post, but the museum closed at 5pm. So, at 6:19pm, I was taking photographs at the beach.

I sat at a table overlooking the irrepressible Pacific Ocean and tried to finish up this blog post. At 7:13pm, I relocated here to access a wifi signal. And this blog post was published at 8:30pm on 08Sep2014 while I was singing along with a bilingual Mexican vocalist named Jimmy Rodriguez.

And now, my beautiful world, I answer all of your questions for me. Please keep collecting all questions and concerns from all your friends and loved ones and sending them to me through whatever means possible.

Am I stealing wifi? No. Anyone with a library card can use public library wifi. It even requires us to log in.

Am I the Queen of Heaven? Giggle. I think I blushed when my neighbor asked me this. Not unless you consider America heaven.

What should the NFL and Ravens do in light of the new Ray Rice video? The then-fiancée and now-wife should have that (expletive)hole arrested! Who the hell tolerates or defends a man like that?

Were I and Dr. Laura Michele Deiner ever lovers? No. But we were very close friends when I was still at Johns Hopkins for grad school during the 2001 to 2002 school year. We had met in 1997 when we both took a summer abroad to study at Cambridge University in the UK. We were pen pals for years after that.

Laura was working at during her year off before her own graduate school career when I was living in Baltimore. We watched a lot of Star Trek Voyager together. She used to drive me into the Maryland countryside to visit pumpkin patches and eat ice cream.

I fasted for Rosh Hashanah with her one year at her request. Our Baltimore klatch included Gwen "Molly" Armbruster and the now-married Sue Lynn Woo Donn.

We even have photos somewhere of the two of us climbing the arched bridge at the Japanese Tea Gardens in San Francisco in our five-inch heels together. I hear my good friend Laura has been trying to reach me for years. I do miss her.

What is my opinion of the Department of Homeland Security? Once, at ORD in 2010, a TSA agent reached out and touched my Kermit doll while he was traveling down the metal detector. I know who loves me.

I am sure the DHS needs the US Military right now. Obama has a literal terrorist army we need to contain and dispose of. I am very happy the federal executive branch is increasingly liberated out from under America's first unelected dictator, so we can all save this once-great nation together.

Am I pregnant? I have never been impregnated in my life. My latest period even ended overnight last night. It is particularly because I have never been impregnated after all of the times Obama has ordered I be raped that I am very worried it is not possible for me to get pregnant at all.

If you go back and reread all of the love letters from June, July, and August 2014 that I tried to snail mail to my devoted husband and that I had to post in this blog for him to be able to read them at all, you will find where I tell him I think we need a fertility doctor.

And those were all of your questions.

My beautiful world, I think we need to get the SquidStream to more people. Obama's crap-factory just keeps manipulating the public for him with all of their lies, so we need faster truth delivery.

The broadcasting equipment is inside MY body, so I am the only person with any legal right to control it or its signal, except for my Powers of Attorney, my husband (What is inside my body is only mine; but the signal leaves my body, so it is half his.), and the NSA to whom I gave legally-binding written permission to use every signal broadcast from my body in a scanned and emailed handwritten letter in 2010.

Every other entity using any equipment inside my own body against my will is a human trafficker. They are using and selling my body, my intellectual property, my image, my name, my voice, my reputation, and my brand all without any consent from me EVER and with Obama mandating I never learn about it.

I know I am SquidStreaming to my SquidSwimmers (my term for watchers of the SquidStream) for free since Obama forbids me any income at all whatsoever but $50 a week. This is why we call it my service to my country and to all of humanity.

I documented my terms for my first ever employment contract with Obama's criminal terrorist anti-reality machine and human traffickers in my 16April2014 blog post, but they refused to make me an employee EVER and said they wanted to stay human traffickers. The terms are non-negotiable. I am the product.

So, we legally SquidStream. It is my right to tell the truth to save humanity from Obama and his terrorism-enabling crap-factory. My beautiful world, please deliver the verified SquidStream that I control (and that never shows me on the toilet, because that mortifies me) to as many people as possible everywhere.

I understand a lot of people are worried about addiction to the SquidStream. Many people have said they just cannot look away. But all faithful followers of my blog know that I am removing all electronics from my body the moment I have enough human rights to replace them with bodyguards.

And, yes, I also promised to fill the gap left behind with legitimate and as-wholesome-as-I-am-in-reality media mostly to make sure no one can ever libel me to destroy America ever again.

As for you, my brave rescuers, there are a lot of different entities out there all secretly trying to reach me. Do you have any way to identify each other and help each other?

Every time I perch on a landmark, the secret agents try to reach me, then the military (which only takes longer because their are bulkier), and then the celebrities once they figure out where I am. Somewhere in there, the diplomats send a rescue.

Look, can you all help each other? I know you are all doing this in secret to make sure Obama's criminal terrorists cannot stop you, but there are so many of you. My mighty and brave California is chock full of lovers and believers. Please help each other. Teamwork, people.

SynSyn, Amita, and Ugwuji, you all are one of the prime examples of what teamwork can accomplish. I am doing my best to lighten your burden. That was most of the purpose of my epic August blogging. As always, if you need anything, just tell me. We are a team. You are my genius Powers of Attorney. I am here to serve.

I would be nothing without my entire selfless support system. My beautiful world, thank you all.

Sweetness, I love and adore you. I learned on 06Sep that Obama recycled all of his less-close-to-reality-than-even-his-libel-of-me calumnies about you. Do you want me to deal with this?

Basically, I would NEVER and will NEVER tolerate abuse from ANYONE! Who the hell do they think I am? My husband, the Mr. Johnny Depp, is the singularly most beautiful human ever and also has treated me and still treats me BETTER than any other human on the planet ever has EVER! And, that is why he deserves me.

Repeating Obama's libel of anyone anywhere is as bad as originating those calumnies! Just like watching or distributing human trafficking is just as criminal as making it.

Beloved, I have no idea what you are working on right now. And I understand that you prefer when I just tell you what to do. But we all know, I have no way to communicate with you without Obama and his criminal terrorist conspiracy hearing everything I tell you.

So, darling, you need to be creative and thorough on your own right now. I trust you. All of humanity trusts you (except for the evil ones). Please remember all of your technology is illegally hacked and monitored. And if you need anything, just give me details. I love and adore you.

Cue the Linda Eder! "I want Shakespeare's sonnets! I want Ooooos and Ahhhhs! I want long-stem roses in a Gucci vase. And I want kisses that go on for days! I want so much more and in so many ways!"

Sweetness, your unfettered love is all I have ever needed. Our love will provide us with everything. To our future together!

P.S. My beautiful world, I am no anapamu.

I Will Walk This Earth Barefoot.

Written 10July2010 by Squid B. Varilekova

I will walk this Earth barefoot.
I will bathe in its rain dancing.
This Terra's fire will carry me
like a bird song through nature's leaves.

I will step not knowing more
than that I step again
on this great, green Earth
on a path ever forward into knowing.

I will dance ever trusting the rain
will always fall to quench
the Earth and Sky and Sea and People.
The mountains yearn to bathe in lightning.

My fire will burn with change and progress.
The sky will dawn in flames of morning
of newness of birth of growth of life.
The Earth will always hold a fire within.

The wind will blow my hair in rivers--
flowing outward from my mind on the breeze.
The air will touch your own windowsill,
So we may sing together.
Yes, we shall sing together.

I will walk this Earth barefoot.
I will bathe in its rain dancing.
This Terra's fire will carry me
like a bird song through mountain leaves.

(c) 2010 Squid B. Varilekova

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